Why Was Nashville's Cash Obsessed? Thrones Delivers Bad Nudes? Did Arrow Double Distract? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, Blindspot and Arrow!

1 | So, did The Originals‘ Detective Kinney (played by Jason Dohring) make it out of the finale alive…?

2 | What was more jarring in this week’s highly emotional Outlander: the real-looking baby Faith or Jamie’s Bastille beard?

3 | When was the last time Saturday Night Live had you erupting with laughter as hard as the shocking/dark “Farewell, Mr. Bunting” twist did? And which Weekend Update correspondents would you rather see cut from Season 42: Somebody’s Mom Deenie (played by Kate McKinnon), or Michael Che’s neighbor Willie (played by Kenan Thompson)?Game of Thrones

4 | As much as we’re for Game of Thrones nudity equity, did it have to come in the form of that tight shot of the acting troupe player’s (wart-y) nether regions? And does Rachel Weisz have a sister we don’t know about?

5 | Was Penny Dreadful‘s Vanessa/Creature-centric episode a stunning artistic achievement, kinda dull, or a bit of both?

6 | How many characters on Fear the Walking Dead would you have preferred to see bumped off instead of badass barber Daniel?

7 | When your Billboard Music Awards cohosts need to spend the first several minutes reciting each other’s resumes, maybe you aimed too low? Also, was Celine Dion’s “The Show Must Go On” a chilling anthem about resilience, or just this side of “Too soon”?

8 | Creepiest deformed mug: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Primitives, Orphan Black‘s baby or Preacher‘s Arseface?

Agents of SHIELD Orphan Black Preacher

9 | Given the exceptional quality of Veep Season 5 thus far, have you totally forgotten that the Emmy-winning HBO comedy changed showrunners?

10 | On Fox’s Gotham, how cool was this image of Strange 20qs-gotham-strangewatching the Freeze vs. Firefly duel? How funny that Tonya Pinkins played Gotham’s Ms. “Not Miss!” Peabody and 11.22.63’s “Always Call Her Miss!” Mimi? And if that final image was (as some suspect) Thomas Wayne Jr., who is famously an Earth-Three baddie, can we expect a #Flotham crossover?

11 | Though we can totally understand why Blindspot‘s Weller is furious with Jane, what exactly is he arresting her for…?

12 | What was best — that Person of Interest’s Harold sang…. that he sang in a brogue… or that he sang, in a brogue, a Twisted Sister song? (That said: Why Twisted Sister?? A bit random.)

13 | On Containment, was Jake’s “This is crazy, but I love her” confession indeed crazy considering that he and Katie have only known each other for nine days? Or do the dire circumstances under which they met make it more plausible?

The Flash Jesse Quick Wally West14 | Were you surprised the Flash finale didn’t feature any hints of Wally and Jesse’s potential speedster futures? Also, how did The Man in the Iron Mask get to Earth-One’s S.T.A.R. Labs?

15 | TVLine reader Katie C asks about Fresh off the Boat: “Would Backstreet Boys have been popular enough for that restaurant in the early 90s?” Meanwhile, we want to know how Eddie was able to access HBO’s free preview weekend if Jessica got rid of cable?

16 | The Real O’Neals is going to drop the awkward romance between Eileen and Vice Principal Murray when it returns for Season 2, right? Right?

17 | While we applaud Starz’s ambition to take on Sunday night, isn’t it a bit sad to lose one of the precious few sources of original, scripted Saturday programming?

Arrow18 | During Arrow‘s final battle, how distracting was Damien Darhk’s too-tall, too-lanky stunt double (whose face was even in clear view a few times)? And is anyone concerned about the welfare of Darhk’s orphaned little daughter? (Shall we pencil her in for a Season 16 revenge plot?)

19 | On Nashville, what exactly was Cash’s impetus for encouraging Maddie to cut herself off from her parents? Shouldn’t we have gotten some kind of bead on that in the series finale? Maybe some kind of Single White Female twist?

20 | Were you expecting Law & Order: SVU’s Barba to get roughed up or killed every time he was approached by someone other than a main cast member following Munson’s indictment?

21 | What the heck did Wayward Pines‘ Theo do to deserve being put on the other side of the wall – especially considering his medical skills could’ve come in handy for the town’s tiny population?

22 | When The Americans‘ Elizabeth told Philip the rest of the Don op was up to him, didn’t you think he would go in as Patty’s angry boyfriend, not her grieving brother?

23 | How do we put an end to unnecessary after-shows? On the flip-side, which series is actually in need of one?Limitless Ratings

24 | Yes, “demo is king,” but isn’t it kind of amazing that CBS in the past few years alone has cancelled at least five dramas (Limitless, CSI, Person of Interest, Intelligence and Vegas) that were averaging 10 million weekly viewers?

25 | Homeland spoiler alert! Is Quinn’s improbable survival bound to qualify as the show’s jump-the-sharkiest moment to date?

26 | As entertaining as The Late Late Show’s “Drop the Mic” bit might be in principle, will the digs at James Corden always (and only) be about A) his weight and B) his ratings? For variety, maybe the battle should instead pit celeb vs. celeb?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    I am going to be VERY upset about Limitless for quite awhile.

  2. Mbailey says:

    Personally, I found penny dreadful to be riveting and moving. Kudos to all involved

    • CAN says:

      I agree! Plus, it was the first episode that I didn’t end up with a headache trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

  3. Steven says:

    I hope they cut Michael Che all together. I just don’t find him funny.

  4. 1. I think he did. Vincent mentioned that he is recovering.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Yeah I’d forgot about him till he turned up again, so I wouldn’t count the character out just yet, he’ll reappear again. Probably just when I’ve forgotten about him again

  5. Sammy says:

    I dont understand why nashville go 21 eps this year n revenge got 23 to finish up. Also y did modern family get 22 eps wen for six years they got 24?

    • Jess says:

      The older a show gets, the more the per ep cost goes up particularly for the talent. The best way to cut costs is to reduce the episode order. And it could also be that the cast is looking to find more free time, and the episode cut was to accommodate that.

      • Lorna says:

        Frienda with one of the Revenge actors. A couple wanted out but some were more than willing to continue.

  6. Bwhit says:

    1) Vincent said he was ‘hurt bad’ but that was it so I’m not sure what if he’s dead or Vincent found a vampire to help him.

    19) I just assumed that she wanted to ‘manage’ her and then steal from her when she hit it big. I was surprised, given what a pot stirrer that Autumn is that she didn’t pay some paparazzi to catch a photo of her in Gunnar in Aruba just so Scarlett could find out through a tabloid

  7. Kevin K says:

    11. feel really bad for Weller and Jane. 12. does anyone know Michael Emerson sings in real life? 25. Peter Quinn may have pulled a Jon Snow on us. 26. Drop the Mic is becoming a NEW fan favorite on The Late Late Show with James Corden (watch out Carpool Karaoke)

  8. maregolden says:

    #4. Game of Thrones wenis shot, I was especially surprised because I thought that actor was a girl. lol

    • Curly Girly says:

      Me too! LOL. I have no problem with nudity in shows, but this was totally gratuitous and not needed, it did nothing for the plot. Did they do it just because we hadn’t seen a weenie in a while???

    • ScottJ says:

      People complained because there hadn’t been any and now they complain because there was one. It was perfectly reasonable that the character was half naked at the time (one of the women was too),although perhaps we could have done without the close-up. But full credit to the actor who was happy to do it.

  9. bluji says:

    24 – The other big networks would be really glad to have (more) series with 10m viewers, methinks. Sort of odd.

    • nabocane says:

      CBS is a network which does not deserve the bounty that it keeps getting, and then discarding. 10M viewers a week is nothing to scoff at, no matter the demo. ‘Intelligence,’ ‘Limitless,’ are examples of incompetence at the top in terms of poor decision-making; CSI is an example of bad showrunners who hamhandedly alienated what fan favorites were left in the cast and drove them away. A billion-dollar property, and the brainless dolts didn’t have a clue what to do with it. CSI: Cyber was a frakking embarrassment.

    • Lexi says:

      Absolutely correct!!! And CBS doesn’t get it…

  10. 15. The series has to be up to 1996 by now because that’s when the Bring the Pain special was released on HBO. Backstreet Boys’ first album was released in May of 1996, but the song they were playing at the restaurant came out in September of 1995. Since the band is also from Orlando, it made sense for them to be playing the song at the Orlando-themed restaurant at that particular moment in time.

  11. 17, Yes, don’t forget Orphan Black has moved from Saturday’s this year as well!!

  12. VJ says:

    20.) I was worried for Barba when they released the premise for the final two episodes a couple weeks ago. I thought for sure Raul Esparza was leaving given his somewhat spotty appearance record this season (they will do more courtroom scenes next season, right? Please!)and because – for me – he is the best part of the show. I was worried at the end of last weeks episode, but I made the huge mistake of watching the promo for the finale. Seriously and I can’t stress this enough: NBC IS THE WORST WITH PROMOS! It was soooo clear who was gonna die and that all the Barba stuff was a fake out. Still a great season finale! Peter Gallagher and Andy Karl were top notch.

  13. Over It says:

    #6 Every single freakin one of them.

  14. Eli says:

    Why does Eddie, a kid in Florida in 1996, keep saying “hella” which is a distinctly Bay Area slang term?

  15. Murica! says:

    The stunt double for Damien Darhk was ridiculous! He looked nothing like him. Way too tall.

  16. Laura says:

    6 – Chris and Travis. They can stay gone and the show will be infinitely better for it.

    //hoping that Daniel isn’t actually dead

  17. dan says:

    24) Wow, didn’t realize that CSI and Intelligence both averaged 10 million viewers. I don’t remember Vegas at all, it must not have lasted very long. Still sad about Limitless. How can a mess like Quantico be renewed while Limitless gets cancelled? (I know: different networks and different expectations, but Quantico got worse each week while Limitless got better.)

    • Steven says:

      Vegas starred Michael Chiklis and Dennis Quaid. It took place in the 60s and was very off brand for CBS.

  18. Boiler says:

    Any “question” about Nashville has to take into account a couple things…1: For some reason they believed they were going to be renewed. 2: They seem to expect to be picked up elsewhere and some of the outstanding questions will be answered. The campaign to keep this show going one of the bigger ones I have seen in a while and hope successful

    • izzie b says:


    • MMD says:

      It was the same when A&E cancelled Longmire but I think it was picked up by Netflix within 48-72 hours. There was absolute outrage and then the internet went nuts with excitement. I have never seen anything like it. Hope the same happens with Nashville although my hopes are fading the more time passes.

      I haven’t been following it the past year but planned on getting caught up this summer.

      Longmire was the one and only show I ever watched on A&E – to me now, it’s as if the network doesn’t even exist.


  19. Max says:

    #3 – Time for Kenan Thompson to go, period.
    #16 – I like Vice Principal Murray and hope they up his status to regular.
    #22 – If Philip had shown up as the boyfriend, there would always be the doubt that he was the father of the “baby” instead of Don.

  20. A fan of TV says:

    Celine’s version of The Show Must Go On is nearly as epic as the original (she’s performed it in concert for YEARS) and, considering what Freddie wrote the song for and the fact that, like Freddie, his family, friends, and band mates, Celine and her family had years to prepare for Rene’s death. My take is not too soon at all.

    Saturday programming speaks for itself, IMO. People go out, and DVR what they’ll miss, and skip through the ads. So if you can’t sell ad time you can’t justify Saturday programming on broadcast TV. Sure, some people stay in and watch TV on Saturday nights, but they could certainly hold a few shows on their DVR and watch those, instead.

  21. Claire says:

    19) I thought that Cash wanted to be responsible for Maddie so that she could make a career for herself and get all of the perks of Maddie’s success without Rayna and Deacon trying to stop her. She became the supervision to what was really an unsupervised minor and that gave her power and status too.

    • Curlyone says:

      That’s exactly what I thought about Cash…her names spells it out for us…she tried to cash in on this opportunity through Maddie’s success. The more successful Maddie became the more chances she had to get her big break in the music industry too!

  22. Longmire4ever says:

    I am very UPSET about Person Of Interest.

    High quality programming canceled on an antique low quality network.

  23. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    8) The baby for sure. I had to turn my head it was so creepy.
    10) That whole scene was cool, and I love Tonya. She and Dr. Strange are a hoot!
    21) Bad writing. The writers need him in the van with the rebels for the story so they make it happen, logical or not.
    24) I watch/watched several of those shows and am really disappointed in CBS. I still can’t believe that another cable channel like USA didn’t want Limitless. Makes no sense.

    • Matt says:

      The main issue with Limitless moving to a cable channel is that the per episode cost would have to be scaled way back to meet the budget of a network like USA and still would likely only get a series order of between 10 and 16 episodes. That might not have been achievable or attractive to the producers of the show.

  24. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

    Fear the Walking Dead
    It is my hope that the show will recast the entire show over time…hopefully by the end of season 2. This is, without a doubt, the worst cast show on television. With all of the buzz surrounding The Walking Dead, the show could have had its pick of B List TV actors. Instead, they chose the Talent-Free Kim Dickens and the three most anoyingTEEN actors this side of The OC.

    • Chris says:

      Actually only two of the three younger actors are annoying. Alicia deserves to become warrior queen Lexa and rule over everyone in FTWD land. She’s terrific.

  25. izzie b says:

    19.) Both Cash and Autumn needed to be slapped and we were cheated out of that! #bringbacknashville

    • Bwhit says:

      Instead of Autumn saying they were fired, I wanted them to walk off stage together and say, ‘we quit’.

  26. John says:

    11. Lying to a FBI agent during an investigation, even if the information isn’t relevant to crime, is a felony. There maybe conspiracy or accessory charges as well.

  27. byron says:

    5 – Penny Dreadful was breathtakingly beautiful this week.
    6 – Anyone who doesn’t like Fear the Walking Dead’s characters should not watch. I personally enjoy the show because I don’t expect them to make it what I think it should be, and just let it be what it is. Always perfect? No, but i find it entertaining, interesting, and thought-provoking. And I think neither Daniel nor Celia are dead…
    8 – I audibly gasped at the reveal of the baby on Orphan Black. That doesn’t happen to me often in these days of ‘we’ve seen it all.’
    10 – I thought the same thing when watching Gotham, that was a great shot!
    11 – We asked the same thing aloud when he arrested Jane, hahaha!
    12 – Person of Interest: Everything awesome, all the time. Cannot believe it’s almost gone… :(
    13 – It’s crazy because of who he was until all this happened, but Katie is pretty lovable… :)
    24 – CBS has clearly lost it’s collective mind, and I relatively hate them.
    26 – Most of what James does smacks of desperation, to me; hence, yes, that rap battle bit would be much better as you propose, IMO.

  28. Annie Sisk says:

    25. Yes. Unequivocally, indisputably, inarguably YES. BIG ol’ cheat.

  29. Larc says:

    19- Who knows what the writers were thinking? But it seemed Cash was pushing Maddie in hopes of riding her coattails into a lucrative career that had so far eluded Cash. IOW, I think her motivation was totally selfish.

  30. DJ Doena says:

    Re: Flash

    Season 3 has got to be a huge felgercarb for Barry, with dimensions of Biff getting the Sports Alamanac in 1955

    Without Nora dying, Barry doesn’t come to live with the Wests. He’s never going to look for strange phenomenon, so he will not go to Starling City to investigate the theft of the centrifuge which was intended to make more Blood Men. Who’s then going to save Oliver in The Scientist / Three Ghosts?

    This has implications for the entire Arrowverse and I’m not sure the writers are up to the task to deliver on that.

  31. PatriciaLee says:

    20. I was. The husband never gave it a thought, and he was surprised anyone would. (I just asked him) 24. Vegas was a fantastic show, and they did wind it up in a cool way. However, we would love more! Of course Person of Interest as a save-a-person-a-week, again, would be appreciated, but not this Samaritan thing dragging on and on. Limitless blew it when they made Sands a villain, so fix that and come back, I say. CSI-anything-anytime-anyplace.

  32. Leslie Voight says:

    I wish Barba would’ve gotten knocked off. And brutally.

  33. Vfan says:

    #10 There is also someone claiming to be Thomas Wayne on Earth 1 in the Batman comics. He’s also known as Lincoln March and is supposedly Bruce Wayne’s long-lost brother who eventually leads the Court of Owls.

  34. NP says:

    This seaon NBC has my ire for canceling a ton of shows we love even though I know they weren’t pulling great numbers. But overall it’s CBS who axes shows I love for no good reason – the viewership is high. I still miss CSI and Vegas was a great show

  35. Tom says:

    3 | When was the last time Saturday Night Live had you erupting with laughter as hard as the shocking/dark “Farewell, Mr. Bunting” twist did? And which Weekend Update correspondents would you rather see cut from Season 42: Somebody’s Mom Deenie (played by Kate McKinnon), or Michael Che’s neighbor Willie (played by Kenan Thompson)?
    I thought I had remembered seeing this was supposed to be Kenan Thompson’s last season? Maybe I misremembered, or I’m in a parallel universe or something. Regardless, the one I really don’t want to see them do anymore is bar mitzvah boy Jacob. Never once have I found that one to be funny.

    And yeah, it’s been awhile since they were really hilarious like that
    8 | Creepiest deformed mug: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Primitives, Orphan Black‘s baby or Preacher‘s Arseface?
    Sweet merciful FSM that baby for certain.
    23 | How do we put an end to unnecessary after-shows? On the flip-side, which series is actually in need of one?
    Maybe watch more scripted television? As far as I’m concerned, only Walking Dead, Fear, and Preacher need them. Maybe American Gods, but I don’t see how that could happen.
    24 | Yes, “demo is king,” but isn’t it kind of amazing that CBS in the past few years alone has cancelled at least five dramas (Limitless, CSI, Person of Interest, Intelligence and Vegas) that were averaging 10 million weekly viewers?
    Um, all I know is I have mixed feelings about Intelligence. I never did give it a shot. A lot of me was fearful it might get more popular than Chuck, what is currently one of my top 3 favorite shows of all time, after Firefly and Pushing Daisies. Though I liked the idea of weekly Meghan Ory again. But I’m also glad it meant the possibility of more Ruby/Red on Once Upon a Time.

  36. fiberlicious says:

    8: Definitely arseface, but in general re: Preacher – WTH did I just watch????

  37. Pat says:

    #18 The first thing that I thought of after Darkh died, was the thought of his daughter retaliating, but she is just a child. So either there is a super duper time jump or yes,we will have to wait for Season 16.

  38. KT says:

    #3: Could we please, please, please get rid of Willie on the Weekend Update? Not funny.
    #24: CBS is the worst.

  39. A fan of TV says:

    Nothing at all on Homeland is more JTS than Carrie’s baby. Nothing.

  40. Ange says:

    11. Fraud maybe?

  41. Travis says:

    15. Season one was based on the time frame of 1995-97 so if we add a year for season two and assume a 1996-98 time frame, BSB very well would have been big enough especially in Orlando where the group was based.

  42. leo21 says:

    11 – I think she was being arrested for fraud but he would have a poor case. He would have to prove she knew at the time she knew she wasn’t Taylor.

    19 -That was what was missing. The storyline would have worked better if there had been a deal made behind Maddie’s back to deliver her to that record label.

  43. Speaking as someone who knows few poeple who watch the same shows she does, I appreciated aftershows because I can connect with other fans that way.
    That being said, do reality shows need them?

  44. datdudemurphy says:

    Pretty sure that the Bruce doppelganger is Lincoln March….considering they are doing the whole Court of Owls thing.

  45. Marco says:

    24. If by amazing you mean absolutely stupid, yes, yes it is.

  46. Shelly says:

    For #14, Flash, I figure Cisco opened a breach to Earth 2 so they could get the man in the iron mask and free him. As for Jesse and Wally possibly being speedsters now, I hope they do something with that next season, but it’ll depend on how much the timeline changed and/or if they can get back to the “real” timeline where the accident that knocked them out happened.

  47. NRQ5 says:

    4- At least there IS some male nudity in GOT….baby steps, but steps nonetheless.
    8- Creepiest? Orphan Black’s baby. A.O.S.’s primitives are a look TV has tried before and Preacher’s Arseface kind of cracked me up.
    16- Eileen and Murray’s snog fest on The Real O’Neals was kind of funny in a campy way. As long as they don’t prolong it as her new romance because….no, just no.
    20-Yes, I thought Barba was going to get his butt handed to him more than once. Glad he didn’t but it was a build up to nothing after all so not sure what the writers were doing there.
    24-CBS is probably run by a bunch of drunk soccer moms who make these decisions to cancel good shows when they’re high on the hooch. The symbol for the eye network should be a bloodshot eye because they’re clearly neither sober nor functioning on all thrusters when they do that crapola.

  48. mommaknowsbest says:

    Here’s my question: did I miss the answer to the Blind Item about two-three months ago about a long-lost character showing up in his/her show as a complete surprise? If I did miss it, will someone please tell me who it was and when it happened??

  49. P.F. says:

    Bring Nashville back!!!

  50. Lisa Echerd says:

    19. Why was Cash obsessed? Because Nashville’s lousy writers thought it would be a good idea at the beginning but never thought it through. Cash was yet another knew character to have no depth and thus we couldn’t possibly care about her. They did this continuously and run a well-cast show with a good premise into the ground. Another question, why was Luke suddenly interested in the ex we had never seen and he had constantly criticized who apparently didn’t care for him either? Hopefully if someone else picks up this series it will be with new writers.