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Fear TWD Midseason 2 Finale Post Mortem

Fear the Walking Dead EP on Chris' 'Breaking Point,' Alicia and Jack's Future and the Back Half of Season 2

Miss Part 1 of TVLine’s midseason finale post-mortem interview with Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson? Catch up, then join us for Part 2.

As our midseason finale post mortem with Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson wraps up, he reveals whether Chris was really going to murder Madison and Alicia in their sleep, hints at a crossroads in Travis’ path and a reunion in Alicia and Jack’s future, and addresses the possibility of Connor having become a very ticked-off one-armed pirate. And that’s just for starters!

TVLINE | So Chris… WTF happened? One day, he was troubled; the next, downright dangerous!
The thing with Chris is, you’ve got a kid who is a child of divorce, he has a lot of rage directed toward his dad, he’s very alienated and alone, and ironically, with all the s— going on, that’s his greatest fear: to be exiled and to not be understood and to be judged. So if you start with that, in terms of his psychology, then you throw that kid into the apocalypse and confront him with the death of his mother at the hands of his father, he came out of the gate this season not terribly stable.

TVLINE | And it was downhill from there.
Right. That [instability] gets exacerbated by his discovery of the dead and how to kill them. He finds an outlet for his anger, so there’s a certain catharsis when he’s putting down the dead at the Geary house. Travis sees that and knows this is potentially step one down a very dark path, and it worries him. But he’s also just shot Chris’ mother in the head, so it’s not as if he can actually parent. So Chris is in a very strange place where he doesn’t have, initially, someone to connect to who really understands him. He’s really kind of rudderless and lost. When he gets to Episode 3 and he’s forced to put down that man on the plane, that’s incredibly traumatizing for him, but it also speaks to the philosophy that he’s beginning to take on, and that will manifest itself in the back half of the season, which is that in this world, it’s what you have to do. The big transition for him is going from putting down the dead to putting down the living, then trying to justify and rationalize — with Reed in Episode 5. If there’s a breaking point for him, it’s that. In killing Reed, he’s basically signaled to everyone else in the family that he’s crossed the line. I mean, it’s murder, and they’re now looking at him as a murderer. So I think the level of confusion he’s suffering… that’s a lot of noise in his head.

TVLINE | Is he just plain crazy at this point?
I don’t know if I’d say he’s completely crazy, but he is overwhelmed and lost. When he goes into Alicia and Madison’s room at the end of Episode 6, I don’t think he’s trying to kill them. I think he’s trying to go back and complete what he began in the previous scene. He wants to promise Alicia, “I wasn’t trying to hurt your mother.” But then he sees the knife [that the women had handy as] protection from him, and he gets lost in that. If that gunshot had not gone off, I don’t think he would have hacked up his stepmom, but that gun did go off, and he freaked out and ran. And when Travis finds him in Episode 7, I think he just doesn’t know if he can control himself. And part of what we discover in the back half will be Chris trying to come to terms with himself in this world.

TVLINE | I assume it will be a challenge for Travis to keep it together, not just for Chris but for himself.
In terms of understanding and adapting to the apocalypse, Travis has now killed some of the dead, but he’s still trying to hold on to something. In the back half, specifically, that will be his son. So how that relationship develops or evolves is going to have a lot to do with how Travis and Chris make peace with — or don’t make peace with — the apocalypse.

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TVLINE | Settle something for me: Was Alicia just playing Jack the whole time, or was there something real potentially developing between them toward the end?
I think there was, but also, look, if she wanted to go with him [rather than her family], she could have. When she goes to the deck at the end of Episode 5, she’s looking for an escape that doesn’t necessarily involve him.

TVLINE | She’d come a long way from, “Hi, total stranger on the radio, we’re on a fancy yacht, and here’s our location.”

Speaking to Jack on the radio in the premiere, obviously, was a big mistake. I know a lot of people [in the audience] were groaning at it, but it really set us up for her to be a little bit more manipulative and a bit more worldly when it came to this relationship with Jack. It’s another step in her evolution.

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Fear TWD Midseason Post MortemTVLINE | Yeah, kidnapping isn’t really an ideal opening move.
[Laughs] Right. But, under other circumstances, who’s to say?

TVLINE | Talking Dead hinted that maybe Connor survived being bitten on the arm by Reed. Any chance he’s now a very angry amputee? 
No, he’s gone. If you’re bitten, that’s it. You’re not gonna see a turnaround. Of Connor’s group, there’s something interesting about Jack to me and his relationship with Alicia. Alex sort of vanished into the ether at the end of Episode 5, and I’m curious to know where she went. But Connor, no, you will not see him again.

What do you think? Will Chris’ family ever be able to trust him again? Will Jack come after Alicia? Hit the comments.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Die show!!

  2. DJ Shiva says:

    Please do not try and hook up Alicia and Jack. He manipulated her so his crew could steal her boat. This is not cute.

    • William Luke says:

      I agree, he was part of the gang that held her family hostage, and he did nothing to redeem himself at the end. Hopefully she was just conning him, because her and her family would have every right to kill him under these circumstances.

  3. Mark says:

    “in Episode 7, I think he just doesn’t know if he can control himself. And part of what we discover in the back half will be Chris trying to come to terms with himself in this world.”

    The writers had the perfect opportunity to write off the father and son from the show and we are lucky enough to get more of them in the back half. Please make it full episodes of just them too.

  4. Child of Divorce?! I would think a Zombie apocalypse would put that in perspective !!!

  5. C says:

    I hated jack! I honestly believe that bringing him back as anything other than an obsessive psycho villain type would be truly unbelievable and it would kill Alicia for me. The complain’s I have with this season is that they have hopped all over and never gave us like true grit of the character(if that makes sense). They sent Chris from a sniveling little brat to a murderous lunatic and I’ve only seen or heard 5 minutes of his character like all season. Alycia wasn’t a dumbass girl before the apocalypse and season 1 proved she was protective and loyal so why make it appear for even a single solitary moment that some random dbag that kidnapped and assisted in potentially murdering her fam could convince her to stay with him? That was odd and just plain stupid. Madison and Travis just went from being strong for each other to acting like a divorced couple that hates interaction. Nick went through no withdrawals which is fine but for the self proclaimed “street smarts” could’ve fooled me with his behavior in the episodes in Mexico with that psycho woman. And I’m still waiting to learn anything about ofelia. I know she can be valuable for the group I wish they would throw them more into survivalist mode than inner-family drama. This is a great cast the sets are great lets get to the nitty gritty. I don’t care about a bratty kid who has a chip on his shoulder because mom and dad divorced. Definitely don’t care about an effing random murderous stranger trying to convince a girl to ease his loneliness. A wasted opportunity with strand storyline. Season and a half buildup for an episode and a half to ruin it

  6. luke says:

    The Walking Dead became successful because it had Frank Darabont at the start to set its course in the right direction. If these guys want this show to become “anything”, they better give Frank a call.

    • MTMSLG says:

      I couldn’t agree more. This show is rudderless! I get it, there’s a zombie apocalypse, but how many shades of crazy characters can one show handle?