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Question: Had Castle not been cancelled, how was the show going to explain Stana Katic’s absence as Kate next season? You previously (and ominously) hinted that none of the options being bandied about were good. —Bobbi
Ausiello: According to sources, one scenario had Kate surviving the season-ending shootout, but everyone — Rick included — would think her dead. Why the ruse? I divulged that little tidbit in the latest episode of Ask Ausiello Live!

Question: Were you shocked/surprised with any of the cancellations announced on May 12? I know viewers were, but I’m wondering if the bloodletting even managed to get to you and others who are “in the business.” —Amy
Ausiello: The Nashville axing took me by surprise (primarily because of this), but the Castle cancellation floored me. I thought at the very least ABC would pull a Bones and bring it back for an abbreviated final season, especially after its sister studio went to all that behind-the-scenes trouble (and sustained so much heat) to make a ninth season cost-effective.

SupesQuestion: Is there any hope for Supergirl’s Kara and Winn/#Karwin shippers? —Tony
Ausiello: Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn, was glad to see the CBS-turned-CW series dial down his character’s puppy-dog pining — “I don’t know if we need to see it in every episode, like we did at the beginning of the season” — but says, “I  certainly think that it’s not over.” Nor will “losing the girl” get any easier. “I think it’s going to be little difficult for him to him to see basically his two best friends together,” Jordan says of the Kara/James coupling. After all, “He and James are super-close now, and they all work at the same place!”

Question: Any scoop about Supergirl Season 2? And when I say “any scoop” I mean: Will we lose Cat Grant now that show is moving to Vancouver? —Bruna
Ausiello: You may lose her for an episode or two (or three… since there’s no way Calista Flockart will be moving to Canada full-time), but I highly doubt you’ll lose her completely. CW prez Mark Pedowitz confirmed that Flockhart “wants to continue with the show.” Now all sides just need to figure out the scheduling.

Question: Are Shelby’s parents actually dead on Quantico? —Derek
Ausiello: Let’s ask EP Josh Safran: “It is open to interpretation. She definitely tells that to Alex, and then Miranda is told by an agent that that story checks out. But whether that story is true or not is something that we definitely will be looking into.”

Question: Any hints on who is going to die in this week’s season finale of Chicago P.D.? —Dayna
Ausiello: You are, Dayna. As co-star Marina Squerciati predicts, “Oh my God, when you see the ending, you’re doing to die — not once, but twice! It is the worst, most horrible, gut-wrenching, dramatic ending ever.”

Grimm - Season 5Question: Do you have any scoop on Grimm? —Jordan
Ausiello: David Giuntoli is expanding his role on the show. The actor tells Kim Roots that he will step behind the camera to direct his first episode — Season 6’s third installment. “They’re moving it up to the first [to be shot], so I have time to prep it,” he tells TVLine, adding that during his time on the show, “I’ve been so compelled by what is going on behind the scenes. I know the show as well as anyone else.”

Question: Please tell me we haven’t see the last of Penny on Grey’s Anatomy. She became my favorite this season. —Andrew
Ausiello: Seeing as how she and Callie are sort of a package deal, I can confirm that we’ve seen the last of Penny. For now, anyway. Shonda Rhimes left the door wide open for Sara Ramirez to make the occasional guest appearance as Callie shuttles Sophia back and forth between New York and Seattle, and I suppose Penny — and her portrayer Samantha Sloyan — could tag along on one of those trips. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

Question: I’m going through Fuller House withdrawals. What can you tell me about Season 2? —Joyce
Ausiello: OK, Joyce, here goes: D.J.’s getting another new man in her life when the Netflix comedy returns, but this one is no threat to either of her current suitors — because he’s gay! (But don’t tell D.J. that. She thinks they’re hitting it off, and we don’t have the heart to upset her.)

Question: So excited that Reign is getting a fourth season! Any casting scoop? —Jennifer
Ausiello: Well, we already told you about a few new faces coming to the CW series in Season 4, but one more couldn’t hurt: The show is currently casting for the role of Leesa, Catherine’s “plain Jane” daughter. Despite her considerable power, Leesa is the least favorite of Catherine’s children, and underneath her dark sense of humor is a legitimate desire for her mother’s affections. That said, you can expect her to inflict plenty of her own “emotional pain” upon her arrival.

Question: I’m a huge Gotham fan and my favorite character is Selina Kyle. I would love to see her get her own arc next season and more screen time. Any idea if this might happen?? —Z.M.
Ausiello: I don’t know about Selina getting her own arc, but Matt Mitovich says that the final image from tonight’s Season 2 finale in part hints at possibly interesting times ahead for Bruce Wayne’s No. 1 gal. BONUS SPOILERS: Looking ahead to Season 3, a trio of new roles are being cast, each possibly marking the arrival of another DC Comics character. The series regulars being added include a villain who “learns people’s secrets and manipulates them to do his bidding” (which sounds like the previously rumored arrival of The Mad Hatter) and a young villainess “who uses her sexuality to entrap men” (a la Joan Collins’ Siren on the 1960s Batman series?). There’s also the recurring role of an ambitious young journalist named “Valerie” — which we’d like to think is casting-call code for Vicki Vale, though her late-20s age range makes her markedly older than Master Bruce.

TLSQuestion: Can you hack into TNT or corner the showrunners and give us some scoop (preferably hopeful) on Rachel’s fate on The Last Ship? This 10-month hiatus has been long to wait without some relief from that cliffhanger. —Meghan
Ausiello: Can you wait 10 months… and 90 seconds? Because that’s how far into the two-hour Season 3 premiere (airing June 12) that Rachel’s fate is revealed. (Also, having seen the first hour, I can say that she is not the only Nathan James hero whose mortality you should be worried about.)

Question: I know Awkward‘s future is kind of up in the air right now, but if Tuesday’s finale is really the last episode, will we be satisfied? –Ashley
Ausiello: Honestly, Ashley, I’m not sure I know you well enough to say whether you’ll be satisfied. But I can assure you that the one-hour episode works overtime to tie up the series’ loose ends, especially those of a romantic nature. And for those fans who refuse to give up hope for a sixth season, there’s definitely a sense that these characters’ stories are continuing — but in what form?

This AAnd That…
Something besides patients may have gotten cut toward the end of Grey’s Anatomy‘s 12th season: Martin Henderson told TVLine in April that “more information comes out in the second-to-last episode” about whether Owen’s sister could be alive. But, um, we don’t remember any new intel being revealed. Do you?
If you weren’t already convinced that the role of Augustus that The Walking Dead is casting is really Ezekiel aka the “king” of The Hilltop community that eventually Richardjoins in the Alexandrians’ war against Negan, here’s a little extra proof: We hear the show is now looking for an actor to play Rogers, a straight-talking horseman who sounds a lot like His Highness’ right-hand man, Richard. (Fearless prediction: Next they’ll cast Ezekiel’s tiger.)
Look for Jane the Virgin to tackle the A-word in Season 3. Given that Xo really doesn’t want to have a baby, especially not one belonging to Esteban, you better believe that the abortion option will be broached. “I think that Jane can discuss that with, hopefully, a sort of candidness and honesty that we think that it deserves,” executive producer Jennie Urman tells TVLine. “We, obviously, have somebody in our family, Alba, who would not be in favor of it, and Jane and Xo would feel differently. So we’ll have to see who wins out.”

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