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The Voice Semifinal Results Recap: Did the Right Four Artists Make the Finale?

Who needs fingernails, really?

With four artists headed to the guillotine during the The Voice Season 10 semifinal results telecast — and only two of ’em truly, definitively, predictably safe — the urge to nervously gnaw my fingers almost overpowered my mother’s anti-nail-biting scolds from my childhood.

Carson Daly tried to distract us by offering a performance from incoming Season 11 coach Alicia Keys (her new song’s pretty good, but was she really singing it live?) and one from OneRepublic (shouldn’t those four minutes have gone to Tessanne Chin and her hot new single?), but all I could think about was “Will Alisan/Adam/Bryan/Hannah make it through?”

I knew there was no way every member of my personal Top 4 would be taking the stage next Monday, but a boy can still hope, right?

Ugh. Now I’m stalling like Carson. Like a frat guy prepping for a kegstand, let’s doooo this!

Top 3 Vote-Getters — Sent Directly to the Finale
Adam Wakefield (Team Blake)
Alisan Porter (Team Xtina)
Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell)

Bottom 2 Vote-Getters — Instantly Eliminated
Shalyah Fearing (Team Adam)
Paxton Ingram (Team Blake)

“Save Me” Performances for the Last Spot in the Finale
Mary Sarah (Team Blake) — Carrie Underwood’s “Something in the Water” | Grade: D+
Bryan Bautista (Team Xtina) — Miguel’s “Adorn” | Grade: A-
Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam) — Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” | Grade: B (the guitar was hot, the vocal kinda perfunctory)

With Bryan the clear winner (to my ears) I took to Twitter to try and save him…


Alas, though, after a few weeks of my #VoiceSave hashtags lining up with America’s, my efforts were in vain… and People’s Former Sexiest Man Alive got another reason to celebrate. #ugh

Mary Sarah
Bryan Bautista

Twitter Saved
Laith Al-Saadi

What did you think of Season 10 Semifinal Results? Did America send the right four contestants to the finale? Who got your #TwitterSave votes? And who’s your pick to win it all? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Angie_Overrated says:

    Did the right singers advance? For once in the entire history of the show, I’d say these are precisely the correct final 4. I’m speechless. This so rarely happens. No Jake Worthingtons anywhere to be found. Color me impressed.

    • Timmah says:

      I’m glad Alisan and Laith made it, but Hannah and Adam bore me to tears. Would have rather seen someone with less technical ability but with a more interesting voice and style like Mary Sarah or Bryan get through. It’s all moot though because it’s pretty obvious Adam is going to win.

      • Alex Kawa says:

        It’s not 100% obvious that Adam will win. I think he will win, but Alisan undeniably gives him a run for his money. Laith and Hannah only have to fight for 3rd place; there’s no way they can overtake Adam and/or Alisan.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          Exactly, next week Alisans choices are going to be what she truly is. She will pick wisely and there’s also self written songs so her song will probably be excellent. Adams win is not a forgone conclusion

          • OhMy says:

            I agree with some of that. But I think you mean you hope she will choose wisely.

          • Bob Bury says:

            I’d like to hear Alisan doing The Rose. I’m pulling for her.

          • scott says:

            Personally I’d like to hear Hannah do The First Time Ever I saw your Face(Roberta Flack). That could be special if she connects well with it. Adam should do Green Grass and High Tides (Outlaws). This could actually blow the roof off. Laith should do Still Got the Blues For You (Gary Moore. Good song vocally and can show off his guitar skills.

          • The Beach says:

            I hope she will but I’m not so sure. If she and Xtina put their heads together I fear a total bombast in the works. Xtina wants to win…at any cost…and she will throw everything but, and maybe including, the kitchen sink at Alisan to see that she does.

        • scott says:

          Exactly. It’s definitely Adam vs Alisan. Hannah vs Laith. And each.

        • jaime banquez says:

          I agree 100% that Adam should win but if the producers wants Aisan she will, regarding Laith he his a musician. an artist and a singer all four has great future !!!
          Porter all season was singing, cry baby, cry and more cr, screaming too much to impress, Fearing parents should talk with Mr. Davis ( Whitney and Hudson Mentor) he will finish her development !!!!!!

        • Vance V. says:

          Seems like the men in the final 4,,,, have longer hair than the women.

      • JM12 says:

        Laith and Adam W both bore me a little bit. I can appreciate their talent, but can’t love it. Gotta root strongly for the women this time.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Adam isn’t my favorite, but Hannah I love. Everything about her. Just love.

        • JM says:

          Agree. She is my favorite, too, which means of course that she won’t win. But at least she made the finals! So shocked when her name was called third.

          • Annie says:

            I, too, was shocked that Hannah didn’t have to sing for the save. I do like her but I thought Bryan would have been in there instead. My top 4 choices were Adam, Alisan, Bryan & Laith.

          • Jaszy says:

            That just goes to show that even though we love Hannah, we didn’t have much faith in her making it any further. I’m pretty sure all of her fans thought she was going to have to sing for the save! I thought that as well. I was for sure that she was a goner, but America pulled it out and got her in the TOP 3 with the votes! Yes! Can’t wait for next week. I want her to win, but that’s unlikely. But I hope she gets 3rd place, instead of 4th. Laith can get 4th place.
            Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! Lol…

          • Jaszy says:

            I mean, everybody underestimated her and didn’t think she’d make it this far. Even Blake said that Hannah has been under the radar, she was never a true front-runner, like those 2 I can’t really stand (Adam and Alisan). But look at her, she’s been the most consistent, yet she’s improved. She is 100% deserving of the win.
            I have to say, the performance that made me absolutely fall in love with Hannah was her TOP 12 performance Something’s Gotta a Hold on Me. I liked her before, but this performance sealed the deal. I loved everything about it. Her vocals weren’t pitch perfect, but it was still great. The way she looked, the way she moved, just loved it. I don’t even particularly like that song, but Hannah made me like it. I couldn’t even get the song out of my head a week ago when I re-watched the performance over and over again on Youtube.

        • GregK says:

          Hannah is so adorable, hard to believe I’m saying this, but it does not matter what she sings as long as she does it well.

          • Smokey. says:

            If she just sings nice old ballads , no matter if well done, she won’t have any shot at all of challenging for the win. She has to do something powerful , unexpected, controversial and perform it like she’s gone GaGa on the unsuspecting public. Otherwise, she’s just another blonde singing a nice little fill song, while her competitors race past her, going for the big win.performance.

          • jaime banquez says:

            Because she is so beautiful, smart and talented, she look like a superstar buy down humble…….why not……she is sexy too !!!

          • jaime banquez says:

            Hannah is so beautiful, smart and talented, she look like a superstar but humble…….why not……she is sexy too

      • Lizzie says:

        I hope that Adam will win, but the clear favorite of the producers and the coaches throughout the season, has been Alisan. They’ve pushed her at the audience hard enough to create some backlash, but she’s still the one that the show wants to win.

        • Studio B says:

          I agree that Alison has been the “frontrunner” since this season started . . .However Adam has had a very strong run on itunes as well, is on Team Blake,, and men seem to get more votes than women, ; as mentioned by others on these threads. Laith did not make top 3 by votes and had to be twitter saved to make it to top 4. Hannah should pull enough of the vote from Alison, to let Adam slide into the winners slot.

    • Melanie M says:

      I totally agree. I really liked Bryan but both Laith and Hannah have been more consistent during the live shows and Laith earned that save

      • davmon says:

        I think you make a fair point. I am very pleased by the night’s outcome. Five IMHO seemed about equal coming into tonight: Adam, Alisan, Bryan, Hannah, & Laith. Adam was both deserving and on Blake’s team. Alisan was deserving and had been hyped all season. Hannah had improved more than anyone and was as deserving as Alisan. Bryan & Laith were just as deserving, but 5 is not 3—so two were gonna havr to fight to be the 4th. And Mary was precisely the best of the bottom 3 and was deserving of the slot in the Instant Save. I was not surprised by her failing to do another good performance in a row; she just has not shown us that ability. Especially with this being short notice. Bryan did well, but had more inconsistency than usual. Laith was superb and deserved getting the last slot in the finals. Never mind the great guitar work, his vocals were great on that one!

        • Collin says:

          I mostly agree with everything you said. The only thing I would dispute is you saying Mary didn’t have the ability to give back to back good performances. IMO she did just that the last couple weeks. She had a strong night last night. 3rd in my rankings. She just didn’t pick the right song tonight. I must say a D+ is a rediculously low grade for her. But then again it’s very clear that Slezak is not a fan of country music. But you’re right. Laith was the class of the field in the save me performances. I’m happy with the results as well.

          • debeliah1012 says:

            I think D+ is about right, she was very pitchy, and I love country music. But that is a monster song to attempt and I think only Carrie Underwood really has the chops to pull it off, Mary Sarah just does not have the vocal chops that Carrie does. I think it was overly ambitious for Mary Sarah unfortunately.

          • Collin says:

            I do agree with u about not singing Carrie. It never ends well for anybody. Carrie is on a different planet than everyone else when it comes to vocal ability. That being said… Judging by other renditions of that song in these competitions it wasnt that bad. I’d give her a B-. I guess it’s just the way you look at it. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to compare it to Carries version. If you compare any of these contestants to the greats no one would deserve better than a D+. I mean Carrie on AI wouldn’t have compared to Carrie 2015.

      • I’ll second that motion. ‘Consistency’ COUNTS.

    • Tomas Torvo says:

      I’m with A_O, a good final four. All have real talent. Looking forward especially to Laith in the finals. It will also be interesting if Alisan can hold back the screaming next week. Happy there are no half-octave singers like JW and SF in the finals.

    • danin says:

      Oh Angie! Hannah Hannah Hannah. And I am w/you on final 4 if even I cannot take Laith’s particular voice on a regular basis. He IS can proficient guitarist & committed singer.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        We got our wish. :o) I jumped up and screamed when she got called third. I was not expecting that.

        • analythinker says:

          I clapped and clapped. Was SO prepared to hear Mary and pout, heh (not bc I don’t like her, just tired of the Blake vote).

    • Melinda says:

      No no and h…. NO

    • YL says:

      So glad you miss Jake so much after all these years. Jake Worthingtons Jake Worthingtons Jake Worthingtons…….its about time you move on with your life. He is long gone and doing his own thing. Why do you need to criticise somebody when he is no longer in your way to your happiness and pleasures!

    • Lena says:

      Best final four in the history of the voice. If anyone but Adam wins it will be the most interesting season of the voice so far. I want Allison to win and break the girl curse. Hannah is my favorite but it’s almost impossible to catch up to those two at this point. The fact that Hannah made into the finals is the cake for me. If she gets runner up or winner that would be the extra bit of icing on top. Nevertheless I will keep voting for her and Allison. This is the first time, since season 1 with Dia, my favorite from blinds made it to top four…

      • Jaszy says:

        I do agree with you on this being a good final four. I know that Adam’s probably going to win. It’s so obvious. I don’t like him, but he’s on Blake’s team, he’s a dude, and he’s a WGWG + WP…so there you go.
        That would be so amazing if Hannah could pull out second place, let alone first. I mean, talk about an underdog moment. She truly is the underdog compared to Adam and Alisan.
        I want a girl to win as well. I’m so sick of the guys winning time after time after time.
        Vote for the girls, people! They deserve it just as much as the boys do, if not more so.
        Hannah has EARNED her spot, majorly. She has never had a bad performance.
        She is deserving of the title of the Voice. But alas, that would only happen in dreamland.

        • Troll says:

          Dream on — but don’t play that song, way tired of the song,, but go Hannah, be a dangerous woman, just like Ariana (Grande).

      • daynamonet says:

        Just out of curiosity, would you have thought it was the best final four in voice history if Bryan had won the twitter save?

      • Lena, the best I agree

    • Just one says:


      • Just one says:

        This was supposed to go under the very first comment. Agree that this is the right top 4. They all deserve their spots in the finale. I would love to see my favorite, Laith, win but feel all are deserving at this point. Next week will be interesting and fun to watch.

    • JM12 says:

      Laith is talented and it is def good to have someone different on the show. And he may be a stud on his own original songs. But he hasn’t given me something new that I didn’t even know I wanted, plus I like his guitar playing more than his voice. Bryan felt much fresher and different to me, so I would have gone with him for the save.

      All that said, I’m rooting for Alisan next week. :-}

    • JM12 says:

      Conveniently, it still somehow comes down to each judge having 1 singer. Hmmm.

      • Rita says:

        That almost never happens on this show anymore. Usually Blake’s fans get two of his people into the finale.

    • scott says:

      I couldn’t agree any more. I don’t think I’ve ever had a top 4 that I envisioned since the start of live shows. For whatever reason, I forgot there would be an instant save and I don’t know if Laith was necessarily 4th in voting prior to the Instant save performance. I am so glad there was and Laith showed he was far and above better than Mary Sarah, and Brian. I actually feared for Hannah getting the 3rd spot and glad she didn’t have to go head to head with Laith. This is going to be the most heated finale I can recall. Season 2 comes to mind

    • analythinker says:

      Yeah! Great job, America! Historically speaking, though, if someone from Team Adam is up for save, they will get it (unless they suck, tremble, or have nervous breakdown). A bit surprised Mary Sarah didn’t get through, though, specially since she’s for once in the Top 10 of iTunes. I really thought she had this in the bag.

    • Angie, I so agree with you. Yay!

  2. Evan says:

    This was pretty much the lineup I expected. A finalist for each coach, made sure by the fact that Laith performed last in the Twitter save sing-off. Alas, I was thrilled to see Hannah made it through without having to be saved. I wonder if the competition between Adam and Alisan is closer than most are expecting. Should be a great finale regardless.

    • danin says:

      Yesss,Evan..she didn’t have to duke it out!! What an utterly refreshing moment. I just love her..and am thrilled and grateful I get to hear her sing again next week.SHE is refreshing and manages to refresh those old tired songs each week. She has earned, more than earned, her right to a magical, enchanting, killer song next week!

      • Ani says:

        Tired old songs? Beautiful classics, I say–and the originals are hard to top!

      • Jaszy says:

        Yeah, man that’s what I loved about last night’s episode. I just hollered and started clapping really loudly like an idiot when Carson called her name. I was for sure he was about to call Mary Sarah’s name, but then I heard Hannah Huston. Oh, that made my day yesterday. That girl should win! She’s not going to win. But I’m so glad she still made it to the end.

    • scott says:

      Hell yeah its extremely close! Accumulated itunes since the lives apply in the finale and I’m pretty sure they are even there. So this weeks theme, song choice song choice song choice. Oh yeah, and nail it!

  3. Laith blew them away with his guitar solos and deep lush song stylings. It was obvious he was going to get that save.

    • Mike says:

      I agree this is the best top 4, but should Laith’s guitar solos matter? This is called The Voice after all.

      • Collin says:

        It definitely should matter. That’s who he is as an artist. I also don’t think it’s a advantage or disadvantage. Some people like that sort of thing and some don’t. I would much rather see each artists true artistry than have some edited version.

      • Sandee Gunsalus says:

        My thoughts exactly Mike-Laith should not have been allowed to play guitar but only to sing for his performance…Bryan was so much better!

      • scott says:

        I think he’s an above average singer combined with his guitar work that got him this far. If he wasn’t singing as well as he is I don’t think his guitar work would help him. But it’s definitely an equal combo.

      • Timmah says:

        Don’t be fooled by the title of show. Craig Wayne Boyd and others have disproved it.

      • Oscarpig says:

        If it’s only the voice then how come the performers get tons of orchestration by others that influences the outcome. Laith does his own orchestration. That is a plus especially since he us a truely incredible musician

    • davmon says:

      There was simply no question….Laith!…My fave songwriter, Dylan, and the greatest cover of a Dylan song ever, Jimi Hendrix’ All Along the Watchtower…compressed to the available time frame…and delicious! He got back to his rich low-country pocket; and when he went to the highlands, it was much fuller and also rich. Great vocals. And great guitar licks—which, by the way, was a jazz variation on Hendrix’ arrangement. He gave homage with occasional Hendrix sound but did his own riffs and tightly compressed Dylan’s harmonica solo (which became Hendrix’ histrionic guitar masterpiece). He really did make it about the vocals. Win or lose, I am so proud he did that. And he did win, so great! [One of my Top Ten songs of all time.]]

      • Laith did that song justice.His leads are always tasty & to the point of the melody.Im a 30 year guitarist & know a little about it.I like that hes there in the finale it gives me hope for this show.I agree with the other 3 picks also.

      • tobywillygal says:

        I really thought Shaylia (Sp?) thought she’d be in the final four and I half expected her to be too. But once it was revealed that she didn’t make the cut for the 3 Twitter save, I thought Bryan would take. That was until I heard Laith play and sing All Along the Watch Tower!!! What a way to win the save!! The singing was great; the guitar playing was awesome and he picked one of the most badass songs in history. I wasn’t sure he’d make the final four and I still think Alisan is the best choice but I am rooting for Laith to get second place. Adam is decent but he does the same music week after week. I feel like I’m always listening to the same song each week. As for Hannah, I liked her at first but somewhere along the way she seemed to become very full of herself, cold and with a bit of a hard shell. Pharrell, who I love, always says how humble she is and he’s said it so often that I wonder if he knows she’s not relatable to many of the viewers.

    • Lena says:

      I wasn’t sure who I would be tweeting to save. The only one I BADLY wanted in top four was Hannah, and she shocked many with third guaranteed pick. I never voted for Brian or Mary, only once for Laith. But his Twitter save performance blew me away and made me forget about the Adele song! I must of tweeted to save him like 20+ times! It’s actually the first twitter save I ever participated in… must say it was lovely.

      • Scamp says:

        1 tweet counts per Twitter account. You can retweet someone else’s tweet instead of creating your own tweet, but still…only 1 tweet per acct is counted. Same thing with iTunes. Just buy 1.

  4. xtjmac510x says:

    As much as I enjoyed Bryan all season, I enjoyed Laith as well, so I can’t really be mad at this Top 4. Each coach is represented and all four of them are (arguably) incredibly talented so I think this has a chance to be a really fantastic finale. May the best person win.

  5. I have never appreciated a recap more. In the ER getting stitches at the exact time they were about to announce so I missed it.

  6. Jaszy says:

    YAAAAS! She pulled it out! Hannah Huston PULLED IT OUT! YES! I’ve never screamed so loud in my life when Carson said her name. I was like “Hannah you’re going home. I don’t want you to, but you’re leaving. And it’s unfortunate….” I literally feel for these contestants…had butterflies in my stomach…especially for Hannah. My heart was pounding but she’s in the finale! Whoo!
    I just wanted her to make it to the finale. She doesn’t have a chance at winning against WGWG (and PP as others have mentioned) Adam Wakefield.
    But I’m so happy she is in the finale! Yes, girl. At least she’s one of the lucky ones to make it to the end. I’m rooting for you Hannah. Please let a girl win again for once…preferably Hannah.
    Adam Wakefield cannot win!
    Hannah Huston MUST WIN! She’s the dark horse in this competition!
    HANNAH, pick your songs WISELY next week! PICK THE RIGHT SONGS! Please!

    • Eurydice says:

      Adam might be white, but he hasn’t had much of a chance to be “with guitar” – maybe WGWP?

    • joy says:

      I agree from the first night I wanted her to be in the finale. I knew Adam would and am happy about that as well! I don’t care for Alisan but I like Laith.

    • Collin says:

      I was about the same way! Maybe to excited as I stubbed my toe on my coffee table!! LOL. I was very happy she was in the top 3 and didn’t have to sing for her spot! Judging by iTunes results, you’re right, she probably doesn’t have a chance to win. But at least we get a chance to listen to her one more week on this show! There’s nothing to say she won’t go on and have a great career afterwards also. It’s been proven time after time that you can have success without winning these shows. For me I would be happy with a Hannah, Adam or Laith win. Not a big fan of Alisans. It’s going to be a great finale!

      • Jaszy says:

        Yeah. If she didn’t make the top 3 and would’ve have to sing for a spot, I don’t think she could’ve beat Laith…that’s assuming that Mary Sarah would’ve made it through to Top 3.
        Doesn’t mean that I think Laith’s better, there’s just no way Adam wasn’t going to have somebody in the finale.
        Hold on…Collin, is that you? I didn’t realize it was you until I started writing this sentence. For once, we agree on something. Lol…
        Hannah FTW!

    • Scamp says:

      The differences in what “pulled it out” and “pulled it off” conjures up or implies may surprise you.

      • Jaszy says:

        And I knew there was going to be some people on here with their minds in the gutter. I thought I might address that in my original comment, but I didn’t want that one sentence to interrupt the flow of my post. No, Scamp, Hannah does not have male private parts, okay?
        And, yes, I did really mean ‘pulled it out’, as in she pulled out a win to making it to the finale.

    • analythinker says:

      PHARRELL, please do your job right!!!! We count on you!

  7. I go back and forth on Shalyah and Alison. I love Shalyah and think she could have gone on to do amazing things.. and I hope she still does. I understand Alison’s story and her drive… I also understand that public’s desire and need to always back the biggest underdog… but sometimes backing the most talented person is the best answer. I like the top 4 – I’m just not sure I love them.

    • Patti says:

      I would have loved to see Shalyah & Alison go head to head in the finale. I just can’t believe that she didn’t have the fan base to get her there, b/c she certainly has the talent. I was extremely disappointed to see her & Pax, as well as Brian go. My top 4 picks were Alison, Shalyah, Pax, & Brian. So now all my hopes are pinned on Alison. I will really miss Shalyah & Pax. In my opinion, in addition to their amazing talent they were both beautiful inside & out.

    • Maria says:

      I totally agree with you! I love Allison and Shalya! I think she left too soon. I hope she goes on to do amazing things as well. I think will be hearing her real soon!

    • tobywillygal says:

      I have really liked Alison from the beginning but I thought Shalyah was incredibly talented especially for being 16 yrs old…unreal! I think she was extremely shocked not to be in the top four and even more so, that she wasn’t even chosen to sing for her life. I wonder why she didn’t make it?? Her version of Jennifer Hudson’s song was incredible and she sang well throughout the competition. I wonder if she was from a small town and didn’t have a big fan base?? I haven’t seen anyone else mention it so far…..any thoughts?

  8. Eurydice says:

    I’m happy. Laith was a surprise, but he’s what makes The Voice different from AI. Should be a good finale.

  9. MissMolly says:

    I hate the Twitter save. While I can’t say that any of the top 4 do not deserve to be there. I’m a little skeptical how each coach has an artist in the finale. On a positive note it should be a good one! Hoping that Pharrel does not saddle Hannah with some tired overdone reality show song. Which is what I’m afraid is gonna happen.

    • Troll says:

      Good golly Miss Molly, I’m leery of Pharrell picking her songs too,, , but she slayed a questionable song-choice yesterday,and I agree with some others who believe that Hannah has pulled a portion of Mary Sarah’s voters over to her.

      • danin says:

        Troll, where have you heard or read Hannah has pulled some of Mary Sarah’s voters!?? That would be great if true!

        • joy says:

          It’s true. I watch the show with seven other people who were all for Alisan and all seven quit voting for her two weeks ago and are backing Hannah.

          • danin says:

            Nice! But the question was about hearing some of Mary Sarah’s fan base voting for Hannah. They were/are quite different.

        • Troll says:

          I heard it on the grapevine. Also over a cold one at the Pub after the show last night. They been talkin’ bout getting Hannah over to the wild side of life. When a man loves a woman, yuh know………..

      • MissMolly says:

        So true! I just feel there are way better songs that will make people go DAMN Hannah! But don’t ask me what those are, cause I don’t have a clue!

        • danin says:

          Well I know what those songs are. Hannah had two or three YouTube’s up prior to her launching on The Voice. She was totally in singer song writer pocket. Not big R&B at all. But she so slayed w/Allen Stones,Unaware in the blinds that Pharrell or whoever kept guiding her down that path as there were a good handful of others in the singer-songwriter lane. Now,that was a wise choice on Pharrell’s or whoever’s part. Blue-eyed soul is still titillating when well done,which can do! Pharrell or whoever really needs to mine some R&B diamonds for Hannah . I have been writing them to Pharrell on twitter,Hannah too on FB,Twitter & Instagram. I can write them til I am blue in the face..hahaha..they’ll never respond.

        • scott says:

          A tender song like the First Time I Ever Saw Your face with just a slight adjustment in arrangement if at all. But a good deep ballad that’s not overdone should do the trick

          • Kbella says:

            I’d like Hannah to sing “Misty Blue.” And I think Adam should sing “Maybe I’m Amazed.”

      • JM12 says:

        I am leery, too! Predict Pharrell will make her sing Stand By Me by Ben E. King or something equally unsuitable. Which she will then have to overcome to make up for his lackadaisical coaching.

  10. Toba7 says:

    Yay! Mary Sarah gone. She needs to get real. Too bad about Bryan…

    • davmon says:

      Yeah, but at least Bryan got to shine last night. Tonight, he channeled Marvin and was good. Then there were a couple of loopy low-to-hi transitions, some more Marvin, and some wobbly pitch late. Not his best. B level at best.

    • Teresa says:

      Never was a fan of Mary Sarah

      • tobywillygal says:

        God no! I couldn’t understand how or why she was voted in week after week. When she sang I beg your Pardon, I never promised you a Rose Garden which is such an old dreary song, I couldn’t believe that anyone would vote for her. Then when she sang her last song spending most of it behind a curtain or shower curtain I thought it looked so stupid I couldn’t imagine anyone would vote for that.

  11. AuntCammy says:

    Wow what a cliffhanger at the end.Loved Laith’s performance so happy he won the save. On to next week now for another nail biting show. Is Alicia Keys stealing Audra Day’s look?

    • 2young2bwise says:

      When I saw Alicia’s outfit, I wondered if Xtina had chosen it for her. I’ve never quite figured out why she thinks her cleavage is appropriate on a show watched by kids as well as adults.

      • bluedog says:

        So agree 2young… we’ve been mystified by Xtina’s need to make her cleavage the focal point of her ‘look’… one would think she’d want people to focus more on her artists & her skills as a coach… it has seemed an incongruous choice for this particular show & it’s probable audience… you’d think the Producers would have had something to say about it. It’s all very strange… & sad somehow.

      • tobywillygal says:

        Xtina always dresses inappropriately with either major cleavage or too short skirts. For once she actually looked nice in a woman’s suit w/o displaying all her goods. She looked much more classy.

  12. danin says:

    O Hannah, Let my love adorn YOU!! What a an ecstatic moment for Hannah& all of us who love her!

  13. Troll says:

    Just from itunes sales this week compared to the group as a whole, the elimination of the first 2 by vote count – was not surprising……….. You have to wonder who actually got the 4th place actual votes though…………And once you get into the twitter battle and the show closes before much can be said,,,, wonder if it might have been a really close battle of tweets between Laith & Bryan.

  14. Bernard says:

    I loved Bryan leading up to the Semifinals, but I honestly don’t get the hype over his Semifinals performance or his Instant Save performance. I get that his performance of Hurt was emotional, but this is a vocal competition and his vocals were a mess. I’m a singer myself, and I get that sometimes people go off key or pitch to show emotion, but if you’ve studied the technique enough you can really tell when it’s intentional and when it isn’t, and I could clearly tell that he was struggling on a technical level, not just an emotional level. And even if I couldn’t, the look on his face after he finished had “that wasn’t good, was it…” written all over it.

    Then both Mary and him had really bad song choices for an Instant Save. Neither of them had any kick to them, neither felt like a ‘fight for my life’ kind of song. On the other hand, Laith’s song was strong and powerful and showed that he wasn’t going down without a fight, which certainly helped.

    • Lily says:

      Agree completely.

    • Davey says:

      Laith really seems the same to me in every song he does. I like what he does but I couldn’t sit through an hour of him.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I love Bryan’s instant save performance tonight.
      His performance last night? Oh no. That was not good.

    • Toba7 says:

      I loved Shaylah, great energy but often enough off key. I hope she gets training and has great success. Bryan is full of feeling, love him but he was also off key. Hard to download off key songs. Not a fan of Alisan, chipmunky quality to her singing, lacks authenticity (as does Mary) and screeches.Don’t appreciate the manipulation of coaches/producers to annoint a singer like Alisan the winner from the start. She is talented and on key but I would never choose to listen to her songs.

    • I thought Bryan started weakly on Monday night, but then as he warmed up, he locked in and sounded great. But not great enough, I guess.

  15. So happy that Alisan (should win), Adam (runner-up), and Hannah (worthy of being in the finale) moved on, but why not Bryan? :/

  16. Collin says:

    I’m satisfied with the results. Very happy with Hannah making it. I knew Adam was definitely safe so I’m happy my top 2 are in the finale. I thought Laith was the best in the Twitter save performances. So he definitely deserves to be in as well. This was the final 4 I expected till last night when I thought Mary out performed both Bryan and Laith. But she wasn’t as strong tonight. I have no idea why she choose that song when it was quite obvious what was working best for her. Traditional country. Song choice bit her in the behind tonight! Bryan did better tonight than last night IMO. But it wasn’t enough IMO. In the end I like Adams comment “he’s something we haven’t seen before” on why Laith is special. That’s why he got my vote tonight. He definitely is something we haven’t seen before. It’s a breath of fresh air and he has the chops to go along with his stellar musicianship.

  17. Rissa says:

    Methinks most of The Voice’s audience is unfamiliar with the sheer willpower of Nebraskans to win any and all online voting contests involving one of their own. I legitimately will not be surprised at all if Hannah wins this thing.

    • danin says:

      Man ,I hope you’re right about Hannah,Rissa.

      • carlos salas says:

        Me to. I adore Hannah.
        But Adam wins it all with Laith in second, Hannah third and Allison 4th.
        Mark my words.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          It’s more likely this
          1. ALISAN/Adam
          3.Hannah (hopefully)

          • Collin says:

            I agree. The top 10 iTunes multiplier is big and Adam and Alisan have been the only 2 consistently in the top 10. It’s going to be one of those 2 unless one completely unravels. Which I highly doubt will happen. I just hope it’s Adam!

    • Troll says:

      I see this leading-up to a really interesting battle for the win now – and with Hannah gaining, getting feisty in her performances,,…..,Mary Sarah gone,,,, Bryan and Shalyah out-of-the-picture —– not everyone that still decides to vote –is going to automatically jump on the Adam, Alison or Blues-man wagon…….. I like them all, and enjoy Laith’s music a lot, as guitar man myself. It’s going to be fun to see what cards/song choices they use net week. Hannah had been playing middle value cards, surprised she was still on the show,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then suddenly pulled the Ace of Diamonds on them and knocked-out Mary Sarah,Bryan and almost Laith.

    • This!!! Go Hannah! #nebraskalove

    • Lena says:

      I will LMAO if Hannah wins through the sheer power of Nebraska! I love Hannah though, so wouldn’t mind if that’s why she wins!

      • Rissa says:

        It was literally Hannah Huston Day in Nebraska yesterday. On Monday nights, a bunch of bars and restaurants don’t show sports on tv; they host big Voice watch parties. The entire state is completely enamored with her, myself included.

    • Jaszy says:

      Wow, wouldn’t that be something? That’d be a true underdog moment. She deserves to win though. Though it hurts me to say this…they kind of all do. But obviously, I prefer it to be Hannah.
      In my mind: 4th: Adam, 3rd: Laith 2nd: Alisan 1st: Hannah…but of course, that will never happen.

      • Smokey says:

        It is rumored that Kris Allen won Idol in his year, because a group of people in his home state, put-out info on how to power-vote through using methods Idol had for voting at the time — and mobilized thousands of people to do it for hours and hours……..Also, the Southern States seem to be more receptive to banding together behind a contestant through publicity willingly generated through their home-state news media; and while Nebraska is not a Southern or populous State, sounds like the dedication is there.

        • Jaszy says:

          I’ve heard of this. I’ve been a huge fan of Idol since the beginning as well.
          Yeah, the Nebraskans may be dedicated, but dedication isn’t enough when people are going crazy for Adam Wakefield for some odd reason.
          Hannah won’t win, but I’m a dedicated voter from TN anyways.

        • tealeaves says:

          A book about Idol dispelled that rumor. It says Kris Allen won by such a wide margin they could have thrown out every single vote from his home state and he still would have won. People forget that Kris was never in danger his whole season and his top 3 performance of Heartless was a huge success.

    • joy says:

      I’ll be happy as long as Alisan doesn’t win!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wth ain’t no way Shalyah should have lost that ridiculous. She slayed her performance last night.

    • Tammy Smith-Foyt says:

      I totally agree!

    • Patti says:

      I so agree with you. I can’t believe she didn’t have more fans. I would have really liked to see her in the finals and feel she really deserved to be there. Amazing talent and beautiful inside & out.

      • JM12 says:

        Keep in mind that she could have lots of fans AND still not win. There are millions of voters! I hope she sees it as a win that she came this far out of so many contestants. She – and all of them – should be proud.

    • tonythetank says:

      too young.

  19. Sandee Gunsalus says:

    The show is called The VOICE for a reason-it is about singing-not extraordinary guitar skills!!! Bryan sang clear & on pitch his entire performance, yet Laith won because of his guitar, not his vocal skills!!!!

  20. Carfield says:

    I have not watched the show yet, as I am in the West Coast. The Voice seems to care less about those viewers don’t live in Central Standard Time or Eastern Standard Time zones.

    But I just realize that we finally get a Voice USA Finale with each coach having one artist! That is a Voice First! I am pretty sure that Adam never imagines that Laith will represent him in the finale. We all sort of write off Pharell after the live show begins, but Hannah peaks at the right time. Of course we expect Christina will have Alisan, as well as Blake with Adam. With four solid artists, I expect a good finale, and I am also sort of excited to see what singles will the four of them get. I am so happy that some corporations (Nissan maybe) are sponsoring a single for each of the finale artist.

  21. Polarvortex says:

    So why was Pharrell giving a standing ovation to Bryan while Christina was sitting? Have I missed something? I’m also happy for Hannah and Laith and I hope they come up with something amazing for the finale!

  22. kevstar says:

    I’m happy that. Hannah made it. She is so much better than Mary Sarah.
    Wished it could have been Bryan instead of Laith. Oh well.

  23. Ex voice watcher says:

    The voice is very racist I saw that tonight it needs to be taken off the air.No black have never advance nor won

    • Voice Fan says:

      Ex Voice Watcher, it is not true that a black has never advanced or won. Javier Colon and Germaine Paul, the first two Voice winners were black. And Damien was in the finals. Teschanne Chen, a Jamaican, won one years. The color of skin has nothing to do with a singing competition.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        To be fair, Tessanne isn’t exactly black. She self-identifies as a multiethnic Chinese Jamaican.

        • Kbella says:

          Whatever one calls him/herself, it’s really about the perception of the public. Lots of people are saying that because Laith is Arabic or Iraqi or whatever, he isn’t “white.” Um…he’s white.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            But she’s less than 10% black. She’s far more caucasian and asian than she is black.

          • Kbella says:

            Yeah, but did the voters perceive her as black? If one wants to argue about whether or not the voters are racist, all that really matters is how they perceive the contestants. While I’m sure there is a segment of voters who vote according to their racist beliefs (they’re unavoidable, unfortunately) I tend to think it’s really mostly people voting based on who they like most as a performer.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I would be very confused if the voters believed her to be black. She’s only marginally black, she looks Chinese, self-identifies as multi-ethnic Chinese, and her last name is Chin. If people somehow want to interpret all of these datapoints as “she’s black,” then I don’t really know what to say.

          • Kbella says:

            I didn’t really know who Tessanne was but I just looked her up on the interwebs and clearly she isn’t black. I forgot how this conversation led to this point but I think I was trying to point out that if there are voters voting based on race, it’s going to be based on their perception of the singer, not necessarily the singer’s actual ethnicity, if it’s not clear what that is. Unless the singer makes a point of declaring their ethnicity or voters go to the trouble of investigating that.

            Anyway, I hope the majority of voters are voting based on the singing and not race.

      • Patti says:

        I agree Voice Fan that this show is not racist, and even if racism were the cause (which I don’t believe to be the case), the blame would lie with America’s voters wouldn’t it? I myself was so disappointed to see 3 of my fav 4 go home tonight. I loved Shaylah, Pax, & Brian, and feel they deserved to be in the finals along with Alison Porter. But then again that is just my opinion. I also see how these coaches are really pulling for these artists to make it and not just their own. Even though they want one of their own to win, they also totally support the others and encourage them and even tell people to vote for them. Definitely not the show’s fault. Sometimes that just the way the cookie crumbles. I was extremely sad to see Shaylah, Pax, & Brian go home tonight, but life goes on, and I’m sure this show has, & maybe will continue to help them in there careers.

        • Voice Fan says:

          Patti, you are absolutely right. It is America, not the show, that votes for the contestants. To tell you the truth, I am color blind. I vote based on the songs the contestant sings and don’t pay any attention to the color of their skin. I didn’t even realize that all three singers who went home were black until now. I thought Paxton, Shalaya and Bryan were all talented but they are pop singers. I prefer ballads. I like country, blues, gospel and blue grass. I voted for Javier Colon, Jermaine Paul and Damien because I loved their voices and the songs they sang. I didn’t care what color their skin was.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Tessane Chin? Jermaine Paul?

    • Just sayin' says:

      hello? season 1: Javier Colon

    • joy says:

      Season 1 was won by a black R&B singer and Blake was his coach!

    • davmon says:

      [1 of 4] Last season, I raised concern about possible racist tendencies in voting. Thus, I consider your assertion to be serious and deserving of a fair and careful response. But you point to no evidence trail; you seem to be reacting merely to no black in the Final 4. In my study of this, I find insufficient evidence to warrant your full-throated conclusion, at least for this season. First, I would point out that the show is formatted by producers who always have one black coach in four and who showcase songs and music from the varied black music traditions of blues, jazz, gospel, r&b, soul, funk & contemporary blended forms—probably multiple times every night of the show. Artists are pre-filtered by talent scouts, then 48 are chosen in the Blinds by coaches. A high percentage of non-white singers routinely are among the 48; I have seen as many as 12 or 25%–almost double the number of African-Americans in the population. So the show does not seem at all racist in conception or implementation. The problem is us, the American public—and whether the occasional societal upswings in racism impact voting on the show!

    • davmon says:

      [2 of 4] Season 8 was a stunning display of inclusion: 5 blacks made the Top 12, 4 were Final 6, and one reached the Final Four….My main concern was Season 9, when coaches put 5 blacks in the 24 for the Lives (like the previous) but ZERO were among the 8 voted in by public and only one was coach-saved; America voted that one off the show from 12 to 11. That was ugly. Plus, the black coach lost the first two out, from 12 to 10. What was going on? I noted the election rhetoric last Fall got strident in attacks on “the other”. And yet, at the same time, an openly gay guy made the finals! That was different–and a plus for diversity; yet there were clear & concerning racial undertones in the voting…..Anyway, I had a wary eye on this season. But coaches put 7 non-whites in the 24 for Lives—wow! Then, only one was voted in by public—uh oh!. But then coaches added 2—whew!. Then an uncomfortable 3 rounds saw the black coach lose 2 of the first 3 out—what?. Sorta like the previous–yuk. However, the 3 black artists were on other teams—and all reached the Semifinal 8—yay, I guess! Certainly, 3 of the last 8 was a huge uptick from the previous 0 for last 11 season—for sure!

      • davmon says:

        [3 of 4] And now? It is 0 for 4 in the finals—bummer!….But even statistically, one realizes blacks are not 1 in 4 in the wider population; they are 1 in 8 —so one should not expect a black artist to make the finals every time. That said, we know that blacks are well-represented in music historically, for reasons of opportunity & talent. So then consider the quality of the 3 black artists who reached the Semis this season. I feel Paxton was due for departure. Young Shalyah showed a lot of promise, but struggled to be consistent, especially as the talent pool got smaller and better. IMO she was # 7. Which leaves Bryan, the best vocalist early on, but did not shine as bright in live competition as those in our final 4 became more consistent. He hurt himself with some unimpressive songs. But I felt he was always top 4 or 5. Adam & Ali were a lock, so his chance for the 3rd slot was 30% at most–Hannah got that. In Instant Save, Mary was off key, Bryan was less consistent, while Laith was fab–and the obvious winner.

    • davmon says:

      [4 of 4] So, this season, really, there is only the troubling oddity of Pharrell losing 2 of the first 3 in the 12, after losing the first two the last time. Otherwise, there is really not a big story here to point to obvious racism. Around the margins, there may have been enough bias so that a less-consistent Mary ended up in 5th and Bryan in 6th via Instant Save. But neither of them was gonna catch Laith with his powerhouse turn and take the 4th slot. Most of us realize Bryan has amazing talent. Yet, over course of season, all in the top five had about equal success. I was glad that 4 of them made the Final 4. While I am sad the fifth could not make it, I am grateful that the show gave him a long showing on national broadcasts which might jumpstart an actual career. Bryan truly has as much upside as any of the competitors. He had a good run and an outstanding Monday night solo. Be happy for him. Be happy for Paxton & Shalyah, who remarkably got this far. And be happy for the group of 4 who still get to sing & strut—one more time. As Pharrell often tells his singers, it is not how long you last or when you leave, but about making the most of this opportunity provided. All of the 8 Semifinalists can be proud! And we should be proud for them!

  24. Melinda says:

    I’m through watching the voice. Not sure who is voting but it’s definately not people who know music

  25. Voice Fan says:

    I was happy to see three of my four favorites – Adam, Laith and Hannah – make it to the finals. I was disappointed but not surprised that Alisan Porter got in the top three instead of Mary Sarah. I thought Laith would win the sing off. He is more experienced, more powerful singer, performer and an overall musician. And he still has three singles on the top of the I-Tunes blues chart ahead of BB King and other blues greats. I think it will be a good finale because all four coaches have a horse in the race. I am rooting for Adam but I would be satisfied if anyone won but Alisan. I think the other three are all better singers than her.

  26. They could have eliminated Hannah and Laith right now. The real horse race is between Alisan and Adam.

  27. JW says:

    Is this the first time every judge got a contestant to the final?

    • Seth says:

      No, Season 1 did as well. However, that was a product of design as no coach could have multiple finalists that season.

  28. Janice says:

    I cannot bear Hannah with her wanna be faux soul voice. Sorry but she’s a pretender. Laith is a really good guitar player. Adam is a yawner. Punky Brewster mostly screams all her vocals. That leaves Bryan who is the only singer who could stand up in the real world. He has it all. Talent, charisma, looks. We all know what a dismal track record The Voice has had with finding a bonafide star. He was it and America once again blew it. The season ends for me tonight. Mediocrity wins again. Sigh. Peace out. Mike drop.

    • Jaszy says:

      How the heck is she a pretender? There is more than one “soul voice.” They don’t all sound alike. Hannah is more blue-eyed soul. White artists who sing soul music bring such a different, pleasant perspective. Blue eyed soul music is some of the best music I have ever listened to. Hannah is a soul artist, but I also think she could pop.

      • Troll says:

        Hannah has shown a versatility in what she can step-up to and do. Some of the others got too far into the talent show pandering of big diva or falsetto mod crooner songs or their coaches undermined them with dumb decisions.

        Hannah has run the maze that the show threw her into, and is already a legitimate top 3 by America’s vote this week.

        So even though she’s not exempt from placing 4th next week, she has become a competitor.

        If she sings & performs a straight flush, hot song-choice next week, she could scare hell out of the non-believers. Lightening could flash, viewers could get-off the couch and run wildly in the rain. Y’all be there :)

      • Janice says:

        I love blue eyed soul too. But Hannah doesn’t have it. Reminds me of someone in the Miss America pageant who is a decent vocalist trying to be soulful. She is Pop at best. And forgettable.

        • Jaszy says:

          You can’t tell someone what they are. If Hannah likes soul music and she wants to sing soul music, then she is a soul artist. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Yeah, she could also be a pop artist, but she’s also a soul artist as well.
          And there are many different artists of blue eyed soul and they all differ: James Morrison, Citizen Cope, Diane Birch, etc. Need I say more?

          • Jaszy says:

            Forgot about the great Joss Stone. Now that is some blue-eyed soul music at its finest.

          • Janice says:

            Sorry but the truth sometimes hurts. My truth tells me she is not a soul artist just like- try as he might- JZ is not country. He could try it and say he was- but guess what? That’s not his gig. Saying it doesn’t make it so. Hannah might indeed win. If she does,congrats. But she will never be a soul singer and that’s ok.

        • Jaszy says:

          Says you. But we can just agree to disagree. She’s a soul artist and she’s a pop artist. But for you to suggest that she’s pretending for whatever reason is ridiculous.

    • davmon says:

      Wow, Janice! You make a strong case for your point of view. But let me try a strong but measured response: Faux soul…maybe accurate…but why pick on Hannah. Alisan is the same. Not to mention Xtina, Maria, Whitney, Alicia–a lotta soul wannabes….And who in this business is not a pretender? There is no knowing. Even the authentic can become jaded. Or they lose the edge. They end up on the has-been circuit to make money. Is that a sin? Are they supposed to kill themselves young with overdoses–to stay forever iconic?…Laith is darn good as singer and guitarist! We agree. More power to him!…Adam is an amateur with a natural distinctive voice, who is trying to find his musical persona. Some works well, some not so much. Who besides the Beatles, the Stones, CSNY, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Carol King, and a handful per career ever put out entire albums of all-good new material? Most good singers and bands have more than a few also-rans on every album put out. So give a kid a break!…I have taken my turn at bashing Alisan for her thin upper range and high-note screeching. But on River and Bayou, she gave as about as good as it gets on a tv singing show–in the realm of Sawyer’s Man of Constant Sorrow, Koryn’s Make It Rain, Jordan’s Chandelier. I was harsh because I knew she could and should fix it. But no need to go wig out on her. She is not all bad. She just indulges the overreach too often; and if you are on Tm X, whattaya gonna do?!!….I agree Bryan may be the most talented vocalist. He showed it before the Lives. But after, he seemed a bit less consistent in the live shows, while Laith, Adam & Hannah got better and very consistent. So he left the door open. Part of it too was his song choice, which was less mainstream. Still, he was plenty good and stayed in the top 4 or 5. And that is where he is ended up–in 5 instead of 4! But be happy for him that he got this national exposure and that you and I got to enjoy his elegant stylings. I loved it….But in the end, I felt those five were virtually equal, so any 4 of them was ok with me….Try to enjoy the flowers along your path and toss the pebbles that get in your shoe to the side–and don’t throw away your shoe, because the path is ever pebble-strewn.

      • Collin says:

        Davmon’s response is perfection. Applause. Mic drop. The end.

      • Russ says:

        Very nicely said. One thing I would like to point out was Bryan was losing to Mary in the twitter save. So she really finished 5th and he ended up in 6th.

      • There’s another Janice on this board? Maybe I should requisition for a name change *lol*.

      • bluedog says:

        Standing “O” davmom… perfectly expressed… perfectly “strong and measured”!!!

      • Janice says:

        When Hannah becomes a star/household name, like say Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard…etc. then let’s talk. It ain’t gonna happen. She’s forgettable and average. I enjoy flowers just fine thank you.

        • davmon says:

          You may be right. Nothing you said was inaccurate. I just like the kid and don’t think she is any more faux than those I mentioned and many others. Besides like I said about Adam, she is trying to find her musical persona. Let her try and have fun with it! At worst, she can go home and be a great teacher again. But thanks for raising good points, Janice, I enjoyed your clear-eyed realpolitik.

        • Collin says:

          Janice… You’re absolutely right. The chances of Hannah having a career like the artists you mentioned above are very slim. But that is true with any contestant. And that is true when comparing most of the artists currently on the radio today to Kelly and Carrie! The truth is no one really knows what will become of any contestant from this season. We all might have favorites. We all might hope that one or more of the contestants will “make it”. But no one actually knows for sure. Not even the label heads that land the winner or who might sign someone else. The odds are definitely against any contestant from any year of any show! I see you seemed to like Bryan. I could say the same thing to you about Bryan. It could be said about any of the contestants. It’s actually a rediculous comment IMO!

          • davmon says:

            Your comments caused me to reflect on what it means to “make it”. I really have a dim view of “superstardom” and pursuit of “fame”. When I think of the youthful talent on The Voice who have excited my interest—like S7’s Taylor John & Reagan James, S8’s Sawyer F, Mia Z, & Koryn H, S9’s Amy Vachal & Madi Davis & Krista Hughes, and S10’s Adam W & Hannah H, I do not wish a high-flying success. I feel a more modest success making meaningful music, playing smaller venues, having fans who care about artist and music, and making enough money for a comfortable life and career. Superstardom is like winning the lottery, whether Powerball or a professional sport draft; after a whirlwind of money and fame, five years later, you find yourself with mismanaged finances (if not broke), a wrecked life, a personality change, self-destructive tendencies, and sychophants for friends. That is one of the ironies of success in a hurry….Just some thoughts.

    • MOMMAHOLLA says:

      Season is over for me too. Hannah blew it, Paxton or Shalyah instead of her and Bryan should not had to be in the saves, a travesty to say the least. I can’t wait to support Bryan in the real world too!

  29. davmon says:

    Thank you to Blake devotees who clearly did not push too hard for a promising but erratic Mary, thereby allowing the top talent through. And when she had to perform on command, her inconsistency was there to behold. Her breath power was weak; then she got and mostly stayed off pitch. An unfortunate end for a lady with good but limited vocals. She has a career as a studio backup singer, if nothing else. Maybe a retro lounge doing Brenda Lee and Connie Francis….Poor Pharrell did a remarkable job of giving honest feedback without throwing shade. Emphasizing her intensity and fighting spirit. He politely avoided talking about tonight’s nervous and shaky performance. So much was off pitch, I would not want to score it. She deserves respect for having this long run and giving us so many good moments.

    • joy says:

      Look, the young girls that backed Mary Sarah didn’t do it because of Blake. Frankly, I don’t know why they did it. I love country and disliked every performance she had. I think she has some talent but needs some serious vocal coaching because her lower register is really bad but her upper register has promise. I don’t see her having a career until she can correct that. For some reason she garnered a large group of young girls that followed her. I have yet to meet anyone that voted for her and I live in Nashville.

  30. Bill in Raleigh says:

    My final 4 came through. If I had to spend my own money for a ticket to see any of them sing though, I’d only pay for Hannah and Laith. Their music blows me away.

  31. Jess says:

    No. Not watching any more. ‘Murcia is lame.

  32. Yes, the right ones made it… Bryan was very inconsistent, with more disappointing moments than great ones. He could have made it, would be fair with his potential, but the four that advanced have a stronger body of work. I´m glad that at least we got rid of the weak links ( Paxton, Shalyah and Carrie Underwood third rated version).

    • Lena says:

      I’m surprised Bryan made it as far as he did. The only time I didn’t mute his performance in the live rounds was when he did my favorite Xtina song, “Hurt.” He always sounded pitchy to me. I’m very happy with the final four. I’m interested in watching all of them except Adam, who bores me. I want Hannah to win but Allison is more realistic. Though I would take listening to Laith over Adam any day. All this said, I don’t hate Adam -just don’t want country WGWG to win. He DOES have the most annoying speaking voice!

  33. Phil Stickney says:

    Adam Levine has just the right songs for Laith. He’s a magic man. Don’t throw Laith under the bandstand. The dude drips with ability,musical savvy and an A-list voice. However, Hannah nails it.

  34. joy says:

    Yes. Great final 4. If I disagreed with any, it would be Adam. However I think they were the right top 4.

  35. They got it right…..So glad Mary Sarah and Paxton didn’t make it. they were the weakest.

  36. Jaszy says:

    Hannah needs to sing a Diane Birch song…something like Rewind or Fire Escape. Those songs are in her lane…soulful w/ a pop touch.
    I think she’d also sound great singing a slower version of Rachel Platten’s Stand By You, like stripped down and everything.
    Or maybe she could go with something like Florence and the Machine’s What Kind of Man.
    Of course, these suggestions would only come true in my dreams.

    • nedsdag says:

      Thank you! Hannah would bring the house down with What Kind of Man or even You Got the Love. Come on, Pharrell, make this happen!

      • Jaszy says:

        Yes, honey. The girl could slay so many songs. Pharrell just don’t know how to pick ’em. Let me be the coach! Lol. But I’m pretty sure Hannah’s going to be choosing her own songs next week since it is the finale. And she better slay!

  37. M J says:

    The name of the show is The Voice and the guitar playing should not have been allowed or emphasized.
    How this guy won over Bautista cannot be justified. Real talents went home. I don’t know if I’ll watch next year as it doesn’t seem to be about ‘real’talent!!!

    • Rachel says:

      He auditioned with the guitar and has been true to himself throughout. His reply about the guitar being an extension of his voice makes perfect sense to me and it’s gotten him this far. Can you imagine someone telling Stevie Ray Vaughn to put the guitar down? These are artists not puppets.

    • Collin says:

      If you want to talk about “real talent”, Laith has twice, if not more, as much talent as Bryan! The guy is a solid vocalist and stellar musician. What’s wrong with seeing the full artistry of a contestant? Laith is a breath of fresh air. Something this show has never seen in a finale. For the record I really like laiths voice. It’s not just about his guitar playing! It’s nice to see a different genre of music being covered also. Not just the same old r&b, pop, country and soul musicians we see every season week after week!

    • Bernard says:

      You say that, but Bryan also relied on a sappy sobstory to have a chance at this, and those go a lot further than flash guitar solos in the American eyes. And yet he still didn’t beat out Laith. Laith won fair and square.

    • Melanie M says:

      The Voice has always allowed musical instruments. They have just never had a guitar virtuoso like Laith before. He thoroughly earned his spot as he has been more consistent during the lives than Bryan and he obliterated the competition tonight with All Along the Watchtower

    • davmon says:

      Really? So, it is ok to play an acoustic guitar or keyboard and even overproduce the staging with background singers & dancers & smoke n mirrors & shooting flames & light shows & even a quartet or orchestra…but please do not let a guitarist play an electric guitar (Here that Bob! Don’t plug in at Newport!), especially if he is really good. It might unfairly affect the audience’s experience of the song and thereby unjustly affect voting. Right? Whereas singers & dancers & smoke & flames &lights & orchestras are…uh…what?…to help the audience experience of the show and keep people from being bored? It has nothing to do with voting? Yeah, right!… And what about montages? singing order? pimp slots? inclusion (or not) in promos? All that is fair and just! But not that devil’s pitchfork–begone with that!…[Yawn!]… What’s next? People are saying the earth is not flat!…that the pyramids are not granaries!…that dinosaurs are not mythical beings!…We really need to ban all such heresies!

  38. Bernie says:

    No way that shayla should be gone or that laity should have to compete to stay alive. The fix is in 4 coaches -1 contestant from each. Producers picks

  39. tom says:

    I hate that Laith is still in the running. In my opinion he should NEVER made it out of the battle rounds. In fact if I had been in one of those red chairs during auditions I would have never turned around for him. He grates on my very last nerve.

  40. Sydney says:

    Very curious to your thoughts on Adam W throwing shade to Laith on Twitter. He deleted it afterwards but he tweeted #VoiceSaveBryan and #VoiceSaveMarySarah and that those two earned the respect of their fellow contestants and deserved the spot. No mention of Laith. Thoughts?

    • Collin says:

      Hmmm… That sounds shady! But then again Laith is Adams biggest threat for votes. I would say he’s in it to win it! Probably could do it in a less shady fashion though.

    • I noticed that Alisan tweeted American to save Mary Sarah (and even called her “my sister”) as well as her teammate Bryan. No tweets for Laith.

      • Collin says:

        Interesting… I guess the contestants should be able to have favorites also? But on the other hand if I were a contestant I probably won’t vote for anyone. I mean the goal is to win right? Besides if you do vote it seems you could be bringing extra criticism upon yourself. Not sure what to think of this.

  41. Big Dan says:

    Well darn it. I was hoping Mary Sara would make it through. I’m happy for Laith though.

  42. Ann says:

    As usual, the voice dissipates into a popularity contest. Adam is the only one in the final four who is worthy in my opinion. How is Hannah even there? Alisan started out the season great, now she only shrills. Laith……really? Checking out….see you all next season!

    • Troll says:

      All of these shows are popularity contests right from the very start. . One persons great singer, or great back-story,,, is another persons annoyance, Best to have a shot of Whiskey or Wine, before watching.. It’s all good! Can even dance a little with your bae.

  43. Jaszy says:

    I wanted Mary Sarah to make it through. The unfortunate thing was that she just never lived up to that fantastically, amazing, splendid blind audition of hers. She was never that good again, at least, in my opinion. The fact that she was also lacking a strong lower register didn’t help her either. I have no doubts that she will have a career in country music. She just needs to work majorly on her lower register.
    But if it came down to Hannah or Mary Sarah…I would choose Hannah all day.

    • Collin says:

      I agree. But I thought she really turned it on the last couple weeks. I actually had her ranked 3rd behind Adam and Hannah after last night. She picked the absolute worst song tonight. It should be a rule that no one can do Carrie Underwood! It never ends well. In the end Laith earned it. But I would much rather see Mary Sarah in the top 4 than Alisan. I don’t care for Alisans tone at all. Just personal preference. I’m afraid it’s going to be a screech fest next week for her. Xtina is going to make that happen! I would love to see a Adam/Hannah final 2. But going off ITunes. I seriously doubt that’s going to happen.

  44. Lily says:

    Laith earned that save…well done. The incredulous look on Bryan’s face was priceless…. My gut tells me Adam is going to win it all, though.

  45. Ani says:

    All these comments, and not the usual talk of a Blake and his country bumpkin voting bloc keeping Mary Sarah in the competition. Blake is still fun to watch and his contestants did well, but I’m wondering if his current romance has cooled down the voting fervor of all his fans. Maybe that’s why we have a great final four with one contestant from each of the deserving teams.

    • Lena says:

      I didn’t even think of that! Yeah, Blake’s romance explains a lot. Everyone should thank Gwen for our awesome final four!

    • pdamico says:

      Both Bryan and Mary suffered from poor song choices Tuesday night. If only Bryan had saved the Beyonce for the semis…

      I’ll be fine with either an Adam or Alisan win. I’m still confident that Bryan is headed for big things and that Laith will continue to enjoy a well deserved, niche following.

  46. willie says:

    The right 4 are in finally

  47. robert kelly says:

    there was one person that acually brought everything this year that kept me watching shalia..had the only powerhouse voice this year so now theres noone i like left it now frees up two days to do something else..maybe the new x factor will be better..maybe the voice should just end already

  48. TinLV says:

    Bryan was better than Laith tonight.. but over the whole season, Laith has been better and more consistent.. That said.. I don’t understand Hannah making the finale.. Bryan is miles better than her.

    • Lena says:

      Hannah can sing perfectly and has her beautiful unique tone that I would recognize on the radio. Bryan is pitchy and sounds like generic R&B hot guy with swag. Bryan is cool. Hannah is genuine and adorably awkward. Guess which I prefer.

    • Toba7 says:

      Bryan: love him but he is often off- key that’s why.

  49. John Anthony says:

    What a rigged show! Mary Sarah topped the billboard charts above two of the finalists all season! Give me a break. They wanted every coach to have a performer in the finale. This show’s worse than politics as far as crooked goes!

    • JM12 says:

      Sorry – she just wasn’t that good. She has one sweet spot high up in her register and is otherwise weak. Tonight’s Carrie Underwood song was a mess. And that’s TWICE this season that Mary thought she could sing Carrie . . . and failed.

    • William Pendleton says:

      Totally inaccurate. Al Saadi has done much better the past few weeks. He still has songs from previous weeks listed.

  50. marissa_j says:

    Bryan was robbed. The Voice competition may start off being all about the best vocalist, but it didn’t end that way. Alisan and Adam ok, but there were better vocalists than Hannah and Laith. Btw, I get that people love Hannah, but for true soul/r&b fans, her growl-reliant, pony-tail swinging, inauthentic interpretation of Percy Sledge’s classic left much to be desired. I blame Pharrell for a bad song choice and not telling the truth.

    • JM12 says:

      Kinda agree with you, Marissa. I think Bryan’s song choice tonight didn’t help him. Bet there are a lot of voters who don’t know it. But the fact that he sang it anyway impressed me.

    • Caroline says:

      Agree! Thank you for saying it.

    • I want to say “He’ll have a great career” regardless, but of course people say that about most of these music show contestants. We know “Promise” made #1 on the iTunes latin chart so he’s already shown he can sell. The right producers and songwriters behind him and he could go very far. (Here’s hoping.)

      I really was hoping he’d make the final four.

    • Janice says:

      Truer words never said. On point. Bryan was robbed. Since The Voice has had zero success – even though they’ve had some of the best talent show vocalists, maybe Bryan losing is a godsend and a big label will sign him. But Hannah will be forgotten a month after the season ends.