TV on the Radio: New Tracks From The Voice's Tessanne and Sawyer, Idol's Allison Iraehta, Lee DeWyze and More

Reality singing competitions never end. Like an Erykah Badu lyric, they go on and on, and on and on.

That’s why TVLine created TV on the Radio, a roundup of current and delectable tracks from singers who got their careers underway on American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor and other such shows.

On this lazy Sunday, let’s spread the wealth around all three of the aforementioned shows’ alumni. Sound good? Of course it does — as soon as you start pressing PLAY!

The Voice Season 5 champ with the gigantic vocal range takes an unexpectedly subdued approach on this midtempo jam featuring piano and strings reminiscent of peak-era Toni Braxton. Carson Daly, can you carve five minutes out of an upcoming episode to let a larger audience hear this ode to an all-consuming romance?

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You’ll immediately recognize the crumbly, warbly tone of The Voice‘s Season 8 winner on this moody folk anthem with intriguing blues undertones. Who knew the shiny, happy teenager had such a well of dark lyrics, darkly delivered, within him? I dig!

American Idol‘s Season 8 third-place finisher — yes, yes, I know she actually placed fourth, but I still refuse to acknowledge/accept such madness — makes a political call to action on this unbelievably good, bilingual earworm by her killer band Halo Circus. It’s hard to fathom we live in a world where the pink-haired rocker isn’t a household name, but it would probably only take a few spins of this single in major markets to turn that travesty around.

The American Idol Season 9 champ delivers his finest post-show work with this haunting folk track (and equally compelling video). The staccato drum line, the soaring layers of vocals on the chorus, and Lee’s gruff, instantly recognizable tone all prove to be equally satisfying parts of a winning equation.

Idol‘s Season 14 finalist has his coming out party — in more ways than one — on a sexy, thoroughly modern track that would most definitely cause a pang of jealousy with the Biebs, Jason DeRulo and their radio-dominating ilk. To answer Harry Connick Jr.’s oft-repeated question, this is Rayvon’s sauce!

This ballad isn’t exactly new, but The Voice‘s prematurely ousted Season 6 semifinalist deserves some recognition for this gut-punch of a ballad about a woman in the throes of the unhealthiest kind of relationship. With an arrangement as sparse as a desert landscape, the uni-monikered diva delivers a vocal that scorches with the heat of a dozen suns. Hyperbole? Maybe. But take a listen and tell me I’m wrong!

Idol‘s Season 14 semifinalist — who memorably made it to Hollywood Week in Season 13 — brings the funk with a menacing bassline and a soaring, Stevie Wonder-esque melody on this ditty about a no-good lover. If you were convinced Savion never got a chance to show his full potential on Idol, here’s your proof!

The X-Factor‘s pre-fab girl band — remember their adorable take on “Anything Could Happen”? — has become downright ubiquitous on radio over the last two months, and now ranks as the quintet’s biggest hit to date. Until today, however, I’d never watched the related video, which jarringly sits at the intersection of HGTV and the Spice Channel. Whoever invented the cement mixer could never have envisioned this insanity!

Your turn. What do you think of the aforementioned tracks? Which Idol and Voice alum are blowing up your speakers? Sound off below!