Post Mortems

Grey's Anatomy: 'Hurt Feelings,' Calzona's Future and Upcoming 'Fun'

The following article contains spoilers from Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

It might take more than stitches to sew Grey Sloan back together after this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. But, according to Kevin McKidd (Owen), who directed the episode in which Arizona won custody of her and Callie’s daughter, it isn’t all heartache and side-eye ahead. Here, he discusses with TVLine not only the aftereffects for the divorced moms but also the good time that’s in store for at least one couple.

TVLINE | The scenes in which Callie and Arizona took the stand almost hurt to watch, the emotion was so right there. How did you prepare?
Yeah, I thought they were amazing, and really, the whole episode is really leading up to those two scenes. Jessica [Capshaw, Arizona] and Sara [Ramirez, Callie] really knocked it out of the park in those moments. [To prep,] we talked a lot about their [characters’] backstory and where they were now, and we also talked to one of the writers, who used to be involved in family law. She explained the protocol to us and how these things go in the real world. That really helped Sara and Jessica key in to the kind of high stakes of the situation.

Grey's Anatomy Season 12

TVLINE | What’s the aftermath like for Callie and Arizona? For the moment, at least, they still work together. That’s gotta be… what’s worse than bad?
Yeah, they try to be professional, but it’s hard when there are hurt feelings like that.

TVLINE | Besides the lovely “payoff” to this story that you mentioned coming down the line, is it safe to assume that we’ll be getting a little more “happy” from other characters — like, say, Owen and Amelia?
Yes. We finally start to get to really enjoy each other, which is a blast to play. Caterina [Scorsone, Amelia] has a blast exploring that levity, because [our characters] get on like a house on fire, so it’s really nice to be able to play all that real affection and step away from the angst.

TVLINE | For the moment, at least.
I’m sure that will come back, but at the moment, they’re in a good space.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you looking forward to fewer tears and more laughs from Owen and Amelia?

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  1. rebecca says:

    Very happy Arizona got custody, but also sad for Callie. This is all very confusing as a Calzona fan.

  2. Mike says:

    This is ridiculous. I’d like to know exactly what the judge’s reasons were. She just took a child away from the biological mother. They don’t even do that when it’s a father vs mother. This is almost as dumb as Nashville last night with Maddie winning emancipation. I guess I get it. It keeps Callie in town. She’ll never leave now. I just think there were better ways to do it than this. :(

    • S says:

      Actually once she became the adoptive mother, their legal rights are identical. Add in that Arizona was keeping consistency for the child’s routine e while Callie was following a girlfriend to a temporary position across the country…
      My issue was the accelerated timeline, because no custody hearing is resolved so quickly.

      • Mike says:

        I was never talking about the legal rights. Of course she’s just as legally the mother as Callie was. My point was that a majority of the time the judge will give the child to the mother(when it’s a married mother vs father). In this case, Arizona would fit the father’s role(even if she’s technically a mother as well). I still say it’s piss poor writing to skip the actual verdict unless they plan to discuss it next week. There were compelling reasons on both sides. We should have heard her reasoning.

        • Pedro says:

          Which is absolutely unfair to the father and normally very sexist.

        • pinky says:

          Even though your statement is (unfortunately) true in a lot of cases, it totally shouldn’t be. And when this happens in real life it’s nothing more than an example of the judge’s own prejudice and sexist bias. I’m very happy that Grey’s served justice the way it should be served – blindly. Callie and Arizona’s legal rights are identical, and the judge only took into account the child’s best interests.

        • bigdede says:

          It isn’t piss poor writing. Meredith’s testimony is, imo, what won Arizona the case. This is Sophia’s home and she has a tribe of women looking after her and her needs. And since Pasty Penny’s job is temporary, Callie would be uprooting Sophia for half a year then moving her back to Seattle. Why interrupt a child’s life like that. This was excellent writing. Also it’s not the norm anymore for only mother’s to get full custody.

    • Jamie says:

      It makes perfect sense. They are both her mother. Callie wanting to uproot her child for her new girlfriend’s temporary job would be a serious red flag. Putting her child first would be doing the long-distance thing with Penny, who will be working 80% of the time anyway.

    • Tony says:

      As I said before, I hope people so hung up over biology don’t have adopted family members.

    • Nikki says:

      Agree, unless Callie was leaving the show. What a shocker.. I also agree about nashville

    • Ugh says:

      Thanks for the Nashville spoiler >:€

  3. S says:

    I was happy when Arizona won custody…mostly because I loathe the Callie/Penny storyline. I also feel like the writer’s have consistently undermined Arizona as a mother while telling us, the audience, not to discredit her as one of Sofia’s parents. I haven’t watched Grey’s for several episodes, but I’m glad I saw Jessica Capshaw in that powerful scene testifying and making the best choice for her daughter and her patient. Amazing.

  4. kn1231 says:

    I thought the right person won for sure. I could not agree more with Arizona about what she said to Callie outside of the courthouse. As someone who use to work within adoption, it was disgusting to me to see a parents legitimacy questioned because they are not a blood relative. I am super happy Arizona won.

  5. Lala.. says:

    Wow is that an actual US law that a biological parent can lose a child to an adoptive one. I get it if the biological parent is incapable/unsuitable to take care of the child. That’s a very odd law.

    • Jamie says:

      A legal parent is a legal parent.

    • Pedro says:

      I don’t think you understand the concept of adoption.

      • Lala.. says:

        No…North America has weird laws

        • bigdede says:

          A biological parent and an adoptive parent have the same rights to that child. Where do you live? Apparently they don’t adopt children where you are from. Because in your country if a crackhead gave her child up for adoption, 15 years later she can just come and take her child back since the crackhead is the bio mother. Sometimes I just wish ignorant people wouldn’t actually speak.

          • NJMark says:

            We’re not talking about a crackhead parent coming back 15 years later. At least pick a more plausible analogy.

        • Pedro says:

          If you think weird means fair and sensible, in the case of this law, that is what it is. Being a biological parent doesn’t magically make you the better parent.

    • Sab says:

      that biological parent couldn’t ask her GF to drop her grant & stay with her in seattle because she loved her so much to ask her to do that sacrifice for her but was ok to uproot her own child & take her away from her other parent so she could follow that GF to the other side of the country so it isn’t hard to see why she lost to the adoptive parent who actually put her child first & by the way has the same legal rights

  6. J_89 says:

    Did anyone else notice that Arizona now has 2 perfectly good legs??

    • Pantherchick says:

      THANK YOU!! I saw it a few times and that’s all I could focus on. I kept thinking where’s the fake leg now???

    • Jay says:

      No… in the final scene where they were walking away, the one was clearly lighter than the other… and she was limping a little. Anyhow, there have been fantastic advances in prosthetics in recent years, so it’s perfectly believable that it looks like a real leg.

    • bigdede says:

      Did you watch that entire season about Arizona getting a leg that looked natural? Or did you just skip that season?

    • Christina says:

      Yeah that weirded me out too

    • Lisa G says:

      Yeah, I’ve noticed it other times this season as well. When she wears heels to work she looks perfectly normal as they don’t try at all to have the foot look different. But the short skirt made it completely obvious they want us to forget all the drama of “the leg.” I kept looking at it whenever they showed her.

  7. Christina says:

    Why does Arizona have two normal legs now?

  8. Anna Segreto says:

    OK. Is it just me but how is it that Arizona can walk without a limb, wear skirts that reveal two good legs? Do the writers think we forgot that her leg was amputated and that she had this huge prostesis?

    • Lisa G says:

      I think part of the issue is that her legs look completely the same. Even if it was an amazing fake the knee shouldn’t look exactly like the other one.

    • Cecilia says:

      I think it’s because Jessica Capshaw is 9 month pregnant and they can’t have her do those tricks with her leg so she hid it as she did in s9. It’s TV. We should just believe it’s a prosthetic and go with it. They did show she has one with Heels in 9.18.

  9. Barb says:

    I’ve been very annoyed with Callie since the start of this storyline. She totally went over Arizona with making plans. I feel that she discounted Arizona’s parental position. There wasn’t really any discussion of options even though that’s what she claimed. It was “this is really awesome and it’s what I want to do. isn’t that great… wow, I can’t believe you’re not on board with my awesome plans!”.

    I’m so happy that Arizona won. It was quite tell-tale when Bailey chose to sit on the other side. Arizona really only presented facts and tried to show she was a good parent. She didn’t try to drag Callie through the mud. What Callie did was unconscionable. And, also her lawyer seemed like a real bitch :P

    • maria says:

      arizona didnt want the baby in the first place

      • mozaya says:

        That doesn’t mean anything. A lot of pregnancies start by accident and the parents then decide if they want to keep the child or not. sometimes it’s just not at the right time so they feel reluctant but once the baby is born, the only thing that matters is if they take good care of it.
        Arizona came back from Africa to find out that Callie got pregnant by Mark. Of course she’s not gonna be thrilled about it! But she came around because she loved Callie and wanted to make it work. from then on she was a parent to Sofia, as Callie and Mark were.

        If Callie had won this case i would have been so pissed because the simple excuse that she’s the biologic parent doesn’t mean everything: should we discard the years Arizona chose to spend loving and caring Sofia because she didn’t gave birth to her? I really liked what Arizona said about being an insult to everyone who adopted or was adopted to pretend that she was less a parent because there was no blood connection. Like said above, Callie decided one sidedly to uproot Sofia to follow Penny, never giving Arizona any say in it. Why should Sofia and Arizona be separated from each other and Sofia taken away from everything that she knows on Callie’s whim?