Grey's Anatomy Recap: War Is Hell

Grey's Anatomy Recap

In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona had their day in court. And, as we knew that it would have to be, it was hard. As in emotionally draining, tearing-your-guts-out, excuse-me-while-I-go-cry-in-the-corner hard. And yet there was something even rougher than the proceedings: the verdict. Who wound up with custody of Sofia? Read on and find out.

WORST CASE SCENARIO | Early on in “Mama Tried,” Callie and Arizona — and their lawyers — attempted to arrive at a compromise that would keep Sofia’s fate out of a judge’s hands. But, failing that — epically — the exes were left saying literally, “See you in court.” (Through their attorneys, of course.) Before the hearing got underway, Her Honor offered Calzona the same out that she offered every couple fighting for sole custody of a child: “Are you both sure you want to proceed?” Alas, they both did.

After Owen testified on Callie’s behalf, nailing it, and Andrew described how happy Sofia was with Arizona, Penny took the stand. At first, she did really well for Torres. But then… oy, then. Not only was Blake unable to remember what she’d last seen the little girl wearing, she incorrectly guessed the grade Sofia was in. As a result, it didn’t appear to the court that Penny knew her lover’s daughter very well. (Which, hello! How could she? She only met Sofia half a dozen episodes ago!)

Later, Callie’s lawyer got Bailey to reluctantly admit that Arizona’s schedule was unpredictable. The following day, Robbins’ attorney trickily got Meredith to imply that, were Sofia to go East with Callie, she’d be losing the village that it takes to raise a child. Next, Torres’ lawyer used Arizona’s (many) nights out with Richard against her. All told, it was starting to look pretty grim for Robbins.

When Callie took the stand, she tearfully recalled the traumatic day that Sofia was born. In fact, “being a mother is the reason I’m still alive today,” she said. During Arizona’s turn, as she was passionately arguing that she was every bit as much Sofia’s mother as Callie, her phone kept ringing — it was Alex calling her to Grey Sloan to save the baby of a newly readmitted Jenny, the teenager we’d met in “I Wear the Face.” Knowing what leaving now would cost her, Robbins still excused herself to go to work. Sofia would be okay one way or another. But, without Arizona’s help, Jenny’s baby wouldn’t make it.

The following day, to Calzona’s mutual surprise, the judge awarded Arizona sole physical custody of Sofia. To put it mildly, the outcome wrecked Torres. “How did this happen?” Callie cried, clinging to Meredith rather than Penny.

IN THE PLUS COLUMN | If there was one positive side effect of Calzona’s custody battle, it was that it seemed to inspire Jackson and April to want to work out an arrangement well ahead of their child’s arrival, lest they ever find themselves putting up their dukes in court. (God knows we’re well aware of how ready Catherine always is to lawyer up!) Miraculously, the exes’ discussion started out civilly and remained that way, even as they divvied up his and hers holidays with Baby Avery. (Hell, it went so well, it was practically a love scene!)

LAST CALL | At the bar with Jo and Ben, Stephanie — feeling guilty about the way that she broke up with Kyle and sorry that she did it all — was tipsy enough to want to drunk dial him. It wasn’t such a hot idea, though. When her ex was readmitted to Grey Sloan with possible meningitis, he made it clear that he didn’t want anything more to do with Edwards — personally or professionally.

So, do you think Calzona’s judge got it right? And how impressed were you by Japril, once again adulting so beautifully? Hit the comments!

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