Castle Season 9 Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Grey's, Once, Grimm, The Flash, Bones, Reign, P.D., Secrets and Lies and More

Is Castle packing his bags? Has Once Upon a Time‘s Belle been tainted? Will an Arrow fave bring sass to The Flash? When will ABC spill more Secrets and Lies? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Among the many rumors about the future of Castle, one of the craziest I’ve seen is that next season will follow Rick in L.A. (months after Beckett’s death), with a new love interest played by Summer Glau. Any truth to this? —Abby
What’s the saying — live by the sword, die by the sword? Sources tell me that the same budget cuts that allegedly led to Stana Katic and Tamala Jones not being asked back for Season 9 also have thrown a wrench in any plan to “move” the characters out of New York City, seeing as a whole buncha new sets would have to be built. So the smart money has Rick and… whomever… staying put in the Big Apple, in the event of renewal.

Any scoop on what will happen next between Grey’s Anatomy‘s Maggie and Andrew? —Semaj
Sounds like a reunion is out of the cards. Speaking with TVLine, Kelly McCreary all but confirms that the ex-lovers will remain just that, although she does hint that there may be some unresolved feelings in the wake of their “abrupt” split. “We haven’t watched either of them process any emotions about it,” McCreary muses. “So, I guess it remains to be seen whether it’s just a done deal … or if there’s some residual stuff to come along.” Regardless, Maggie walks away from the experience a better, more open-minded person, believes her portrayer. “Andrew made her do things to stay in the relationship that made her very uncomfortable — she really had to break out of her comfort zone,” she shares. “Ultimately, it opens her heart up a little bit more and it opens her mind up a little bit more. And that’s a great takeaway.”

Once Upon a Time’s Belle said she tainted her soul because she saved Rumple. Does she regret it? Does protecting oneself or family really taint their souls? —Rebecca
I hand-delivered, as I do, your salient Q to the series co-creators, and Eddy Kitsis answered, “Belle is very distraught because she did something that she never ever really wanted to do,” accidentally damning ex-fiance Gaston to the River of Lost Souls. “In that moment, when it was life or death, she chose Rumple, which obviously says something — but whether she wants to admit it or not is another situation. She doesn’t like being put in that situation and she’s upset that she couldn’t figure a way out, because she reacted in a moment and now has to deal with that for the rest of her life.” As for whether having “tainted” her own soul a smidgen might help foster an eventual reconciliation with her Dark One husband, since Belle now stands on less-high ground, Kitsis says, “We are going to have to wait and see what happens to her.”

Will Longmire be renewed by Netflix? —Joann
Not only was the A&E castoff renewed some time ago, I have fresh intel for you — namely, that Season 5 is currently casting some Irish crime family members whom Walt will take an interest in with regards to a drugs-related murder.

Past Arrow finalesArrow Felicity Oliver Breakup have never been very cliffhanger-y; they tended to be more like a closed chapter. Will that trend continue with the Season 4 finale? —Lauren
Seems so. Showrunner Wendy Mericle says approaching the May 25 closer “was less about plot and more about unanswered questions about character stuff. We’re going to take the team to a pretty dark place [so] it’s much more about, ‘Where are we going to pick these guys up?’ [in the fall]. The character arcs that we built this season, we knew exactly where we wanted every character to end, and it was in a very sort of morally grey place. So they’re asking themselves some pretty profound questions.”

On Game of Silence, will Gil and the warden come face-to-face again soon? —Vanessa
You can absolutely count on a “reunion” for grown Gil and the former Quitman warden, and it will be a big moment.

Hit me up with anything Bones, please. —Carrie
This Thursday’s kick-off for the show’s new serial-killer storyline is an homage to the classic X-Files episode “Home.” Among the Easter eggs to be on the lookout for: “The mixtape the killer leaves behind is titled ‘Home,'” reveals exec producer Michael Peterson. What’s more, in the X episode “you hear Johnny Mathis’ ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ play while the brutal murders are going on,” reminds Peterson. “We do a nice little nod to that with the song ‘Buffalo Gals.'”

Got any Grimm scoop? —Jen
As the season finale approaches, don’t assume that the imminent Wesen uprising is necessarily calling for Nick’s head. “Black Claw would just as soon have Grimms on their side,” explains co-creator James Kouf, who wouldn’t go into detail about how, exactly, the rebellion plans to secure Burkhardt’s loyalty. “Grimms represent more power for them,” he adds, “so it could be sticky for everybody.”

On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agents of SHIELD Andrew Diesany hints as to what May will be doing in the remaining episodes? —Susan
This week, May is (very) begrudgingly put in the (very) difficult decision of possibly determining an Inhuman’s fate, ultimately leading to an overdue heart-to-heart with Coulson. On the (much) lighter side, she is involved in one of the series’ very best visual gags ever. And I mean ever.

Do you know anything about the episode of The Flash that Katie Cassidy will be guest-starring in on May 17th? —Jill
“Like most of the Earth-Two metahumans, Black Siren is under the thumb of Zoom,” EP Todd Helbing tells me. That said, “She’s a very powerful metahuman,” EP Aaron Helbing notes. “She is sassy, strong and capable…. Katie really nailed the performance.”

How was The Flash’s Barry able to “run” to and from Laurel’s funeral (in the Arrow flash-forward) if he lost his speed on The Flash? —Ellen
When crossing over elements between the CW’s DC superhero shows, “Sometimes the schedules don’t line up exactly,” Flash EP Aaron Helbing laments. “Schedules change, and that stuff is out of our control.”

A lot of Legends of Tomorrow fans thought that Sara Lance would learn about Laurel’s death in last week’s episode. When she will discover it? —CLBT
Yeah, there apparently was a “miscommunication” out there, suggesting that Sara would learn of her sister’s death during the April 21 Paul Blackthorne crossover. Which obviously didn’t happen. But the truth will come out, probably in the season finale that takes the Legends back to 2016 (I am betting).

Anything on this season’s final episodes of Chicago P.D.? —Claire
Remember how we told you that Lindsay dissuades Halstead from purchasing a home of his own? Well, “just the simple act of [Halstead] looking for a place to buy really activates her in a way and makes her want to maybe get a little more definition on the relationship,” reveals exec producer Matt Olmstead, adding that the creative team “wanted to get back towards the heat” between those two characters. In related news that should please “Linstead” ‘shippers: There are no plans right now to bring back Charisma Carpenter’s lawyer-turned-marijuana dispensary owner.

You always have theHAWAII FIVE-0 best Hawaii Five-0 intel! Is there any little nugget you held back from the amazing Fall Finale preview? —Belle
Of course I hold things back. I have mouths to feed! In describing how the two-hour finale (airing May 13) leaves things, showrunner Peter M. Lenkov says to expect “smaller cliffhangers, the same way we did last season. It’s not ‘one big jeopardy’ for our people, it’s more sort of storyline cliffhangers, like we did last year with Gabriel.”

Long time no Chicago Med scoop. Fix this, stat! —DJ
Connor’s sister Claire (guest star Christina Brucato) returns this week, but will her brother want to see her? The doc is “dealing with the past, what happened to his mother and that he blames his father [for her death],” exec producer Diane Frolov explains. “He has a hard time really being around his sister because she doesn’t feel the same way. That episode is about his evolution. It’ll be coming off a case…that’s going to help him resolve his issues.”

Will we see NCIS‘ GibbsNCIS Finale Death Spoilers go back to wearing a polo shirt and white T-shirt? —Serena
The mail I got on this topic! I therefore simply had to run it by show boss Gary Glasberg, who acknowledged that Gibbs’ new, more polished look, which he adopted in the wake of cheating death, “was a nice change for us.” That said, “At some point it wouldn’t surprise me if he switches back to the older wardrobe.”

How did it come about for Michelle Obama to make an appearance on NCIS? Was this something specially written for her?—Ozarkat
NCIS boss Gary Glasberg told me that he and his team were already aware of FLOTUS’ Joining Forces initiative when “the opportunity came up to do a storyline that sort of spoke to it and what they offer. And when we started to talk about it, because of the First Lady’s significant involvement, they wanted to participate.” Interstingly, the original plan was for Obama to visit the show’s set, but when scheduling issues got in the way, “To quote what was said to me, they asked, ‘Would you like to come and film in their house?’ which was fantastic,” in part because no other filmed TV production had ever set up shop inside 1600 Penn. “This was never done before,” says Glasberg, “so it was a dream for many of us.”

Any scoop about Lola’s future on Reign? —Michelle
In the coming weeks, Lola and Elizabeth will find themselves becoming unlikely allies and confidants.

Is there any chance that ABC will eventually schedule the second season of Secrets & Lies? Has it been filmed to completion yet? —Denny
The latest buzz is that Season 2 — which stars Michael Ealy, Terry O’Quinn, Jordana Brewster and the returning Juliette Lewis, and wrapped production in early December — might but not find a spot on the airwaves until fall.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Kim Roots and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Thanks for asking the Belle/Rumbelle question Matt! It’s so very appreciated by this Rumbelle fan!

  2. Brad says:

    Haha what a dumb castle question

    • Betisa says:

      I read that stup*d theory everywhere!
      Some SK fans are obsessed with the idea of manipulation. They are using lies to destroy the show and NF reputation.

      • Mary says:

        Nah, the show is already destroyed and not by SK fans or fans of the show. ABC, and whomever helped this stupid decision, did it all by themselves! As for the rumours about NF behavior, well, unless I see concret proof, they are just that, RUMOURS.
        But I have absolutely zero interest in an eventual s9 of a show that won’t even be a shadow of sometjing I once enjoyed. I’ll finish s8, at some point since I don’t know when I’ll be in the mood to see the final destruction of an essential character, and then I’m totslly done!

        • Sherry says:

          Mary I agree, I’d more like to see NF get the bullet and SK stay and hunt down his killer. I also won’t do a season 9 and most likely won’t watch them kill SK.

        • shirle says:

          I am so fed up with what I read about the writer killing off Beckett
          I think I might tape it to watch at a later date when my emotions ar no in such disaray.
          I cannot watch her get killed.
          This is doing a dishonor to the show and the fans.
          My sister stopped watching network tv fir this very reason.
          I am headed in that direction.
          writers- ABC have distroyed what was good programing.
          What a shame- in the name of money.

      • Mary says:

        And actually that “theory “, at least where I read it, didn’t come from a SK – that person claimed to be a huge fan of the show and was thrilled with the spinoff saying it would be called Castle PI Investigations; he claimed to have a “source” who told him that and also that it was SK who didn’t want to renew even after being offered more money than NF! As if!! I didn’t believe a word of course!

  3. Varl08 says:

    Belle Deserves Better! So much. Like what is this relationship, its just taking her down and down.

    • Larc says:

      I rather like the clash of good and evil between Belle and Rumple. He may be a terrible person, but he’s Belle’s and our terrible person. OUAT wouldn’t be the same without the 2 of them trying to make things work out.

    • Lily says:

      Not only does the relationship drag Belle down, it brings out the worse in Rumplestiltskin as well. They are even more dysfunctional, than the Rumple/Cora relationship.

    • gm says:

      I don’t see how it takes her down? Because she crossed a line to save someone she loved like every other person on the show has done? It’s not like she’s covering up murders to shield her boyfriend…

  4. Mary says:

    Funny, I don’t remember Barry running in to Laurel’s funeral in the flash forward. Just that he showed up at the cemetery and told Oliver that he was sorry he missed it. Also don’t think he ran out either.

    • VJ says:

      I just saw the episode again two days ago and he most definitely did ran out.

      • Flashrow says:

        But we have to wait until the next episode ends for making conclusions, because Barry could have back his speed at the end and being on time for the funeral the next on Arrow

        • Lea says:

          Or the funeral simply took place before he lost his speed. The shows aren’t always 100% on sync episode for episode.

  5. Luis says:

    Part of me can’t wait to see what idea “Castle” writers pull out of their behinds to justify proceeding with the series. The rest of me wants ABC to take the show behind the barn and give it the “Old Yeller” treatment

    • Patrick says:

      I can’t imagine this isn’t the ultimate fate for Castle.

    • What they’re doing is completely beyond me. I wish they’d just cancel it now, as you say give it the Old Yeller treatment.

    • Citygirl says:

      After watching Monday’s episode, I came to the realization that the show can get along with out Beckett and Lani. Castle and the other 2 guys can handle a show by themselves.

    • Grey says:

      The thing that upsets me is how they are ruining the love story. If NF and SK can’t work together then so be it but don’t punished the fans. If NF wants a new show then give him a *new* show. Give Castle and Beckett the happy ending both they and the fans deserve and then set NF up with a new show. If he’s good as he thinks he is it will succeed and he’s have a whole lot more fan support. But I suspect he and the showrunners figure the only way to eliminate both Beckett and Katic’s heavy influence/presence on the show is to kill the character. It also keeps Katic from ever being able to play the character again because God forbid there be a Beckett spin-off, etc.

      Please, ABC, I beg you, CANCEL “Castle”!

  6. Oooh, very intrigued by this “morally gray place” Arrow characters are going to end up in. They already are in some ways. Can’t wait to see what the last episodes have in store for Oliver, Felicity and Diggle!

    • pem says:

      Me too. Very excited about the upcoming episodes of Arrow, and pretty curious to see what choices Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Thea, and Capt. Lance make over the course of the rest of the season. Cant wait to see what happens.

    • Josh says:

      I’m thinking Felicity might Kill someone and Diggle might Kill his Brother

  7. Andrew Hass says:

    As for Castle, my guess if after whatever happens to Beckett Castle goes away for a bit and when next season opens he returns to New York which could explain the time jump.As for NCIS, i’m wondering if Gibbs goes back to his polo shirt and white shirt after Tony leaves.

  8. Teri says:

    Well ABC is living in poverty now. Hmmm, they may need to feed the cast Raman noodles next season after they lose all their current Castle viewership! Getting rid of Beckett/Stana will be the worst financial move ABC ever makes.

  9. Jhayne says:

    Was totally confused by the “Arrow” fave mention; I thought somebody else was crossing over. Anyway, I could never buy Katie Cassidy as someone good on Arrow. I kept expecting her to turn bad. She just has that villain vibe. So I have a feeling this Black Siren is a better-fitting gig.

  10. Jason says:

    The continuity of Flash and Arrow has gotten a bit out of sync. Within Flash, clearly Laurel’s death takes before last weeks episode or after he gets his powers back. I’m betting on the latter since you would think someone would mention it. Although, I also thought Barry might mention his soujourn in National City. “Oh, by the way, I went to a third earth and met Supergirl, who happened to be an alien. Just thought you’d find that interesting.”

  11. Bwhit says:

    Whatever happens with Jay/Erin living together, please move him out of his dingy and depressing apartment lol! I hadn’t really worried about Charisma’s character returning because Jay turned her and her low cut shirts down flat, despite her best efforts.

  12. Sage says:

    This castle news just keeps getting worse and worse. And no I don’t believe she was fired for budget reasons! Cancel Castle

  13. Mary Kelly says:

    Oh I hope Gibbs goes back to the older wardrobe! This style makes him look so much older! Love Gibbs (Mark Harmon)..<3

  14. K says:

    Thanks for the Belle question. I’d love to see this explored in the future; the show has missed opportunities with Snow and Emma “darkening” their hearts.

  15. MMD says:

    Matt – does this mean that they haven’t started to film season 5 of Longmire yet? I was so hoping it would start sooner rather than later. Thanks.

    • emma says:

      They are in Santa Fe filming. Cast is regularly posting pics on twitter. And, according to Longmire author, Craig Johnson, the new season and his new book will both be out in Mid September.

  16. thisismenow says:

    At this point, there is an assumption that Kate is going to die….she could be kidnapped at the end of the Season and next Season Castle could have to hunt her down. Then the series finale Stana could come back, the could be reunited and the love story could end on a happy note.

    • Mary says:

      Since I saw in this same site that they heard “several things about how Beckett would exit the show and all of them are less than ideal”, I don’t see that scenario happenning:-(

    • shirle says:

      I’m in your dream world.
      ABC would never allow a happy ending.
      They would notlet her come back to do that to make ushappy

    • paulette says:

      Good Lord do you think Ms. Katic would be so stupid? I don’t know the lady but I am sure she has more self respect then that!

  17. GAIL WOLFE says:

    Where did Undercover Boss go? Previously was on CBS, now can’t find it and read finale is coming? Where is the episodes for this season?

  18. Castle has gotten so lame, since the wedding and MIA … I bumped it from MUST WATCH to DVR status for the last 18 months. Once Kata is gone, it comes off DVR… just kill them both.

    • mazel tov says:

      I suffered through last seasons. This year I watched episodes 1 and 2 and then did what you did. I may have watched 2 episodes since then. The rest have been erased, unwatched, from the DVR. Will do the same for the remaining episodes. Will/will not watch the season finale depending on what info is leaked and what the day after comments reveal.

  19. Patricia Jacobs says:

    RE: Castle This newest rumor can’t possibly be true. Does Mr. Ego even realize he’s destroyed a wonderful show? Does he realize he’ll NEVER get back any of the fans he’s alienated? Does he realize he won’t survive on Castle with sci-fi fans alone? Why is ABC allowing Mr. Ego to make all the creative decisions? Are they that desperate for programming??

    • mac says:

      just a wild guess, maybe Mr. Ego was opposed by Mrs. Ego who both were equally hard to work with till the network opted to just go with the lesser evil?
      Just a wild guess…

      • No stana no castle says:

        Yeah probably not!! I mean come on the creator of castle doesn’t even follow him anymore! Mr.Fillion is a ass and what really surprises me if all his syfy fans watched the ratings should be through the roof

        • emma says:

          If his syfy fans were than numerous, his syfy show would still be on the air and Castle would never have happened.

          • Anonymous says:

            OMG! That just became my favorite comeback line to every NF worshipper who thinks Firefly was great television!
            I’ve seen all of thst show’s episodes and Serenity too. It seriously sucked…and that’s why it didn’t last past 12 episodes.
            And why a grown a– man-child of 45 years thinks it’s his best work….now that is truly a mystery that Richard Castle should try and solve!

      • Gern Blanston says:

        Thank you. I’ve hardly ever run into a situation like the rumors say this one is and it turn out to be completely one person’s fault. Its usually a combination of both party’s egos escalating until a point of no return is reached. Its amazing how quickly people pick sides with only rumors to inform us.

        • ndixit says:

          With all due respect to the sane ones around, the Castle fans I see on tvline are pretty nuts. This is pretty much how it is all that time when it comes to Castle. There are many posters who have their own personal narrative about what happened and will spin all tumors to support that narrative even if it doesn’t make sense.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I came to the same conclusion earlier this season when people were counting how many minutes Fillion and Katic were onscreen together. Now it’s who is following who on Twitter. Some of the folks around here are a little unhinged.

          • Tif says:

            So you honestly think Nathan had nothing to do with her firing?? If you answer yes your delusional! He carries the name Castle, ABC has billions of dollars and they couldn’t have her back for the shortened season 9?? There scene time dropped drastically, those 2 have major problems with one another it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out but in the long run they keep him because like I said his name is Castle

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I don’t know what role Fillion played in Katic’s ouster and neither do you. However, the only major story out there that was published about this on a different website states that it was ABC that didn’t want her back and not only did they not want her back for a possible 9th season they didn’t want her back for the current season. I don’t know whether to believe it or not, but if you believe the part that says Fillion wanted her gone before and yet ABC still gave her a contract for this season you can’t ignore that they have already demonstrated that they are willing to override his wants and needs for their own. Meaning that it doesn’t matter what he wants. It only matters what ABC wants. And for whatever reason they chose to stand with Fillion, I would assume because he has the more widely known name recognition. I stand by my earlier comment that rarely is it ever solely one person’s fault in matters such as these.

          • Well said. It’s a television show for pete’s sake. And really, do you think too many people involved on that show cares what viewers think ?

          • Jen28 says:

            I swear the comments from certain Castle fans are just as insane as from certain NCIS fans–and that includes all the misinformation, rumors, and “facts” that, of course is true, “because I say so!” I used to enjoy hearing what other people’s thoughts were regarding some of my favorite shows, now, not so much. Wow, get a life people……

    • Yoa says:

      All friends of Nathan worked on Castle.
      Is coincidence Summer G (Firefly) is possibly the romantic couple Castle (Nathan)?.

      • ibunightowl says:

        Ugh. I like Summer in general, but a love interest for Nathan’s character? With their history that would be like watching a brother and sister make out. Gross.

  20. mac says:

    So basically Arrow f***ed with all the other DC shows?

    Makes me think that the writers are pulling their arcs out of their butts rather spontaneously without letting the other showrunners know. Shows you what became of that once great show…a train wreck.

    • Glenda says:

      It is crystal clear the EP’s of CW’s comic-verse of Flash&LOT were/are not “covering” for the cluster of shame Guggenheim , Mericle, Sokolowski created with their inorganic farce Arrow World =Olicity is the center of their world , let’s insult and demean the Green Arrow lore…and have no continuity, value, creativity of character rich stories anymore! It’s tantamount to brainwashing, what they write..I pray Kreisberg & Berlanti have the courage to right the soap opera ARROW has become!

      • Katie says:

        Or it could be that trying to sync up the timeline several shows proved to be so much more challenging, which is why Barry also traveling to Supergirl hasn’t even been mentioned on his own show. Just saying. Everything doesn’t have to be because of Olicity. Oh and the soap opera argument is so tiresome at this point and just plain wrong. Arrow has always been a soap opera, with action elements. That’s how the EPs sold it. This is a not a new development.

      • Thad Jones says:

        Whenever someone mentions “inorganic” about Arrow all I could think of is the wannabe vigilante who went to a couple of boxing classes and then shoehorned herself into a great team and diluted it. Glad she’s gone. Now Guggenheim, Mericle and Sokolowski can finally stop trying to figure out how to insert an irrelevant character into scenes and get back to writing for the cast’s great chemistry.

        • mac says:

          Or like the glasses wearing, pseudo quirky, tech genius who could easily outsmart everyone on earth and probably would beat Superman because of the Mary-Sue over 30000 level

          • Glenda says:

            Right–because FeliciGoddess fronted Ra.Aghoulie–the most evil assasin ever ever and sparked the Olibur to become a wienie to love, without humor or his famous wit–(felicitous got that stuff, too) and then the next season her whole family became core characters (ditzy blonde mom–evil genius dad) he just happened to be the comic lore character Calculator, because man –they made Malcolm Thea’s Papa to front her story of brainwashed to kill Canary Sara (a danger to have sex with Olibur, again) first, so the actual true heroine, Laurel Lance, nee Dinah, intended Berlanti/Kreisberg story (and comic lore) became THE BLACK CANARY. But LL,BC (because of great story and multi-layered skill of her portrayer, Katie) threatened the Olibur/FeliciGod teenagers to use social media abusing actor’s personal business (all allowed by a production team BTW)to abuse great characters of a show , along with their built-in loyal audience.

            They killed the Black Canary on an episode showing such failure (keeping Darkk’s idol–hiding a key piece with evident to everyone(but Guggie) double-agent, controlled by greed and Darkk–Andy–that the great soldier/bodyguard John Diggle was fooled by, but Olibur still let John bring Andy to confront Darkk, thus failing, again–while Laurel/BC fell with Olibur’s arrow.
            Then we have to suffer “Dr. saved her” so Laurel could counsel Olibur to allow FeliciGod to become his “Queen” (after they insulted her character growth to admit her one, true, love–Wesley,—-no no no , that’s a good story “Princess Bride”…Guggie had his Arrowverse nuked, killing Laurel with an embolism ! (great hero sendoff) to fill a grave for “Pop”.

            .Now, the next episodes are all about Felicity returning to Save the Team, defeat Darkk, throw dirt on Laurel , while Det Lance gets his new daughter, FeliciGod, and ditsy blonde wife Donna..finds Andy for John to put in the corner..eats the Genesis corn–becomes meta-meta–and the new Black Canary–the Guggie loved Felicity is the center of saving Star City, Olibur and next year, she will save Russia from magic while getting Constantine out of hell! But, it’s organic—no no no–

            Actually, the failure of Arrow, is something the actors that have to make these characters entertaining –are not responsible for–they are good thespians, and will all find better gigs and succeed. The writers and producers should change professions–maybe writing gossip or political speeches!

  21. JScout says:

    I had no idea that Netflix renewed Longmire. I’m so happy. I thought they were doing a one and done Season 4 (don’t really know why I thought that). This is great news. Thanks.

  22. Grace says:

    Love the H50 scoop! I wonder why Chin is in the hospital…

  23. texmike says:

    It seems like all of the Castle news is depressing. The show is about Kate and Castle. When Kate leaves, so do I. Hopefully the show will not be renewed.

  24. Bob Wheeler says:

    Starting to wonder if Nathan Fillion will even agree to come back for a truncated 9th and final season of Castle. In addition to Con Man, and the other voice over work he has, he just signed on to be Simon Williams aka Wonder Man, in a big screen adaptation of another Marvel Superhero. Let me tell you, he is going to have to hit the gym hard for that role, so when is he going to have the time for Castle, unless it is actually in a reduced role and in fewer episodes? I think ABC only wants to continue with the show because they cannot come up with anything better to replace it with (that says a lot about how bad it is getting there). All I ask is that if they do just renew it for a truncated final season, that they just figure out a way to write around Kate and Lanie’s absences without killing them off. The latter is easy. They just give Arye Gross a little more screen time as Perlmutter and then take the rest of the show out of the morgue, possibly putting Hayley and Alexis on the road, and focusing more episodes on just Javy and Kevin. As for Kate, they could have her on a special assignment at 1PP, working with Gates, and just her working late or traveling in the loft scenes, which can be downscaled as well. There are ways to do it without the rash extreme of trashing Marlowe’s vision by killing Kate Beckett off. Besides, the character would probably need some time off and then possibly some different work to do after solving Loksat. The problem is that the writers have already written the renewal finale, and my concern is that they already knew SK would be dismissed, so they have taken the lazy, easy way out by either killing her outright in the finale, or placing her in a cliffhanger peril that will result with her dying offscreen when the show returns. Remember, it was only Marlowe and Miller who said they would never Castle or KB off. Hawley and Winter may have other ideas about that.

    • Mary says:

      Oh man, I’m so tired of the bad news that keeps on coming about Castle! It was the source of lots of fun and now it’s become such a downer! Why should any of us watch anymore? The basic premise has always been Castle & Beckett’s love story-if ABC wants to end that, just give us a happy ending and then reboot some spinoff with a different name, with Castle & Beckett occasionally making guest appearances. If they go forward with a Season 9 after killing Beckett, a time jump may help Rick but it won’t be enough time for the fans to grieve and be able to stomach seeing Rick with another woman-not sure how you come up with a story that escapes being sad and depressing-who wants to watch something like that? Not me :(

      • ibunightowl says:

        My idea was a Derrick Storm series (the books Castle wrote previous to nikki heat) starring Nathan as an “Alfred” character of sorts. Current Castle cast could be in different roles or guest star, whatever.

        It could be a great inside joke to Castle fans w/o killing what they love about the show. But what do I know? I just want a happy ending for them. :(

  25. Lee says:

    I think they should end castle this season Marlow always said it was a love story at heart more difficult with Beckett dead

  26. Obviously, “a man’s home isn’t his castle”, when the leading man shoots himself in the foot by sneakily getting rid of his leading lady! RIP, Castle.

  27. N says:

    I’m waiting for Secrets & Lies

  28. Huh, I like the idea of Castle and Hayley. But then again, I also like the idea I have of bringing Montgomery back into the fold. Yes, this can be done with some creative writing.

  29. Lisa B says:

    I’ve grown really tired of OUAT’s portrayal of Belle. She CHOSE to save Rumple – then blamed him for it. She refuses to let him use his magic for good – even to save their unborn child – because it’s “dark.” Yeah, Rumple has done a lot of terrible, unspeakable things – but at least he OWNS them. Belle is supposed to be a strong, good character – not a whiny, petulant, holier-than-thou character. It’s one of the things on this show that makes me yell out, “WHAT were they THINKING????”

  30. JimN says:

    Interviews of Fillion and the show runners have said that Castle is really a comedy. It hasn’t been in the past. Is a season 9 Castle planned as a one hour comedy?

    • Susan Smith says:

      They have purposely changed the history of Castle and pushed Kate out of the way to make way fr this new version of Castle. Considering the Castle Centric/Castle PI direction it is hard to believe Fillion didn’t go along with the Show Runners vision knowing it would mean Stanas ouster.Sorry I believe he went gladly along with it.Castle won’t last a season without her.I can’t even bear reruns

  31. Dee Ann korth says:

    Thanks for more info about Hawaii five. The picture show chin in the hospital so it looks like the er is going to be busy in season finale. Danny and Steve are also going to end up ther too!

  32. Tmk says:

    Castle is over if no becket. Look at the ratings. ..they dropped tons wen the 2 weren’t working together. I’m done if beckett is gone.

  33. Marla says:

    I sure hope they change their minds about saying that Beckett has died. That’s just horrible and ruins the feeling for any continuation of the show. I’m not sure what they could do but they could do something. They should take a page from The Closer. Brenda got another job but Agent Howard, her husband still remains.

  34. Raven says:

    Die Castle Die!!!!

  35. Marianne says:

    Hey Matt if Kate Beckett was killed off wouldn’t she know she wasn’t coming back?

    • Viv says:

      Good point!
      So there is another way to get a Beckettless season 9 without killing her : divorce? 2 months disappearing act? She’ll be like “Charlie” in Charlie’s Angel and they’ll pretend she’s there but we won’t ever see her?

  36. Lea says:

    Good news about Longmire! Glad to see that Netflix has made such a big hit out of it! As far as Castle is concerned, if they don’t have the budget to keep the entire cast together, they just need to end the show on a positive note for the fans instead of tanking the ratings even further. The new show runners don’t seem to understand what fans want.

  37. Ella says:

    I don’t watch Chicago PD but I’d tune in for Charisma Carpenter!

  38. John williams says:

    Sorry ABC I am cutting my cost I’m not wasting my time and pleasure to watch a load of crap on Castle 9 bring back Beckett and Lanie then I I shall return royal viewer of castle and Beckett

  39. Jennifer says:

    I don’t like the fact that the powers that be at ABC has already made the statement that Stana Katic won’t be back and now in every scene there is talk about her leaving or them leaving for a different view. ABC sucks for a few reasons and #1 is letting the very talented and beautiful Stana Katic and Tamala Jones go and #2 for hinting in every scene that she is leaving. You people don’t deserve to have an actress like Stana Katic on your show. You can keep Molly C. Quinn on there kissing NF’s behind and stroking his ego. That is what he wants anyways any Stana has to much self respect for that. As for Ryan and Espo, watch your back because you two are next because people love you two together and can see you on your own show and that’s not good for NF’s ego either. He wants to be the one and only and if he keeps this up he will be with no show. After May 16th, ABC lost a very loyal viewer on Monday nights at 10pm. I won’t watch Castle with Stana Katic playing Kate Beckett. ABC and NF just screwed themselves and I hope they enjoyed it.

  40. John williams says:

    ABC you need Lanie back because the program is dead

  41. MMD says:

    It constantly amazes me with the greatly fragmented audience, that there is so much drama going on behind the scenes with certain shows. Obviously the powers that be really don’t give a damn about their audience which is proven by their actions. It’s no wonder that so many people are cutting the cord or watching more cable, Netflix, Amazon, British, Aussie, etc. shows. I have so many networks that I wouldn’t even consider watching simply for this reason.
    I’ll take a 6 or 10 episode quality show any day over most of the stuff that is on the major networks and they wonder why they are losing viewers.

    Plus, if there is nothing on there is always the great outdoors, a good book or the company of family or good friends.

  42. Susan says:

    I just have to say it somewhere—I will never watch Castle or reruns again since they are not bringing Beckett back. I’m done.

  43. I have to start off by saying I love the show Castle. I love Nathan and I love Stana. Always have and always will. They are Castle..I have not been happy with season 8. They have been trying to get Kate out of every thing since the beginning of this year. I think that this has been in the works for a while, to get ride of Kate. They have some new actors and they are all with Nathan. Molly acts like she is Castle’s wife and not is daughter, she needs a boy friend not her dad. I am really sorry that ABC is such a fool and thinks that this new show is going to work. Do they know how many fans that they are loosing? These are fans that have watch from the beginning and be with Kate and Castle from the very first. It has not been all about Castle it was with them both. I don’t think the others are worried about there jobs because they
    know they are going to be called back already. They know that there will be a Castle 9. This has been going on for almost two weeks and I still have an empty place in my heart . I would like to say one thing more. These new show runners are full of something. Every week after a new show was on and the numbers were down they would put out a notice about how things were going to change and we were going see Beckett and Castle back together and how much better the show was going to be. Well I have watched all season and nothing changed except
    their was less and less of Beckett and more of Nathan and Molly and Halhey. You have made a decision about what you are going to do, and I have made a decision about what I am going to . do. I will watch the next two shows but I will not watch the last show where you are going to kill Beckett I do not want to remember her that way. I think the bulling of Stana has to be true because no one has stepped up and said that it is not so, the show runners, ABC or any of the cast.

  44. Mary says:

    Matt, I have always wondered how the ratings are compiled…if I’m not an official “Neilsen household” filling out their viewing diary, how do they know if I’m watching live or not? How do they know if I record something, watch it within 7 days, or forget and never watch it at all?

  45. I would like to say how much I Love Nathan and Stana for becoming Castle you all are the greatest. Have loved you from the first show. Season 8 has been a season that I wish I could forget. I have stayed with it all season because the show runners have talked all season about how much better it was going to get with Castle and Beckett and it never did. The whole season was about everything else but Castle and Beckett. Now it is almost the end, I will watch the next 2 shows. I will not watch the last show I will not watch the last show and watch Kate Beckett get shot, I do not want to remember her that way.
    ABC I know that you probably do not care what I think and that is ok but you are going to be the looser and the show runners. You will not have enough fans to follow you with a season 9.
    wish you lots of luck.

  46. Faye Wells says:

    What I don’t understand is if they’re letting Stana and Tamala go due to budget cuts, how is it that they can hire someone else to work with Nathan? I’ll miss Stana and Tamala, but I won’t stop watching Castle. The only way I’ll stop watching is it stops coming on.

    • paulette says:

      Then you are just compounding the problem by giving support to shows and showrunners who have no interest or respect for the loyal fans!

  47. shutuprob says:

    Arrow and The Flash being slightly out-of-sync in their shared timeline versus the episode order isn’t really a problem — it’s not as if Barry’s guest appearance on Supergirl lined up with the development of the power-booster harness gizmo (that isn’t the Cosmic Treadmill) that allowed him to cross universes on his own series, either. Clearly, Laurel’s death happened either before Barry lost his powers (this time) or after he eventually regains them.
    Even in comics, these situations of one series being out-of-sync with another simply result in a footnote or some reference by one character or another that informs the reader of the actual chronological order of both series’ storylines in relation to each other. Heck, in live theater, we do this with French Scene charts, which chronicle the order of entrances and exits of all the characters in bar-graph form by page.

  48. Mary says:

    Stana has signed on for movies very soon, so chances are SHE wants out. People are set on telling false stories about Nathan being a bully, etc. all rumours. ABC wanted to cut costs so decided to get rid of Stana…?What will happen…I they will lose VIEWERS…not just from Castle, but from the other shows on their network as well. They seem interested…only…in “reality” shows. Good luck with those! Any shows left are either reality ones OR shows with background music so loud no one can follow what is being said! Castle is one of the few without that background annoyance…and they’re ruining it!

    • Susan Smith says:

      The new show runners and Fillion want to make it Castle centric and a comedy which suits Filions ability’s. Season 8 has been about the rewriting of Castle History.Putting Kate in a corner and tearing apart her story,reducing her to a booty call.ABC very likely let Stana Katic go because they bought that vision. I have seen many people who admire both Stana and Fillion.The direction of the show makes it hard for me to believe Fillion had no influence in ABC’s decision.

    • paulette says:

      Well Mary! Where do you get that inside info about Ms. Katic and movies? I am sure she will do very well, she is a fine actress but if you don’t like rumors about Mr. Fillion perhaps you shouldn’t spread such nonesence about Ms. Katic! And you may believe the rumors about NF are incorrect however I think his actions or inactions speak louder then words!

  49. Mary says:

    PLEASE let Tony leave happy. DO NOT KILL HIM!

  50. Darcia Larsen says:

    I will be very disappointed in your thought process of taking Becket out of the Castle cast if you go through with it. Castle and her are like the anchors of this series. Please rethink what you are about to do. :(

    • shirle says:

      It is too late. They have already done it.
      They cannot fix whathas been done.
      When you make stupid decisions and lose fans-can’t get them back easily.
      Many are just fed up with the network.
      We all make decisions and learn the hard way.
      Network exc. do that as well, but this will cost them plenty.