Grey's Anatomy Calzona Custody Battle

Grey's Anatomy Poll: Whose Side Are You On in the Calzona Custody Battle?

Over and over again in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Callie insisted to Arizona that she wasn’t moving their daughter to New York but merely discussing options. Unfortunately, it didn’t sound like that to Robbins — especially after an East Coast school called about Sofia’s application — so she lawyered the hell up. “You started this,” Arizona said. And now it’s up to us to finish it.

Working for Torres is the fact that she apologized for jumping the gun, acknowledging that she’d let her excitement over the potential for a Big Apple adventure with girlfriend Penny give her ex-wife the false impression that decisions had already been made. Working against Callie is the fact that she never once, for even a second, allowed for the possibility that Sofia would remain in Seattle with her other mom. So perhaps Arizona’s impression that decisions had already been made wasn’t false at all.

What do you think? Was Robbins a little too quick to hire an attorney? Or did Torres bring this custody battle on herself by acting like a single parent rather than a single co-parent? Vote in the poll below, then back up that vote with a measured argument in the comments section.


Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sandra says:

    It´s so ridiculous how these people are suppose to own the hospital yet they keep leaving or trying to leave. THEY OWN THE HOSPITAL.

    • rowan77 says:

      You can own a hospital and not work there. The fact that they own it AND work there was a plus for the medical staff, but hardly a necessary thing for the hospital.

      • James R. says:

        This and I would think working at the hospital you own would bring up some possible conflict of interests issues as well.

  2. Gary says:

    Arizona is a likable character which you can’t just hate even after all the things she has done so let’s round up the list of things Arizona has done to Callie:
    -Left her to go to Africa
    -Blamed her for amputating her leg despite the fact that it saved her life.
    -Refused to carry their child because of her job aspirations (This one is understandable but the fact that she had her doubts and strung the decision along until almost the end made it terrible)
    -Cheated on her
    I think we can all agree that Callie has put up with a lot of things while trying to save her relationship/marriage so I’m gonna join #TeamCallie.

    • Me says:

      Oh please… is a tit for tat? It’s ok for her to taker THEIR daughter across the country without discussing it because AZ cheated after going through a traumatic event? Yeah NO I don’t think so but if we want to compare Ho bout Callie always making AZ a third wheel in their relationship? Or sleeping with Sloan before the plane had barely lifted off?! Or her never listening or having accountability? Or her guilt tripping AZ only what 5 months after she lost her leg?! Come on Callie has been selfish and self absorbed the entire relationship! Damn she didn’t even show as much concern for her WIFE during the plane crash fiasco as she did her friend! Get real your assessment is way off! Way

      • DONNA ZANGARO says:

        I agree

      • Bazinga says:

        Agree and also Arizona did try to have their child once and miscarried. It was in one of those flashback type episodes.

      • Anna says:

        Lmao this is some made up ish right here. Callie was grieving for her dead best friend and father of her child at the same time that Arizona was dealing with her amputation. Callie was hella patient with her wife at that time (she was pushing her like any spouse *should* push their SO to work towards getting better/getting their life back), even though Arizona treated her like crap for the next year and then topped it off by cheating on her. If I was suddenly disabled and wanted to spend all day in bed, I would pray to the heavens that my spouse would use every trick they could pull together to make me fight to get my life back. And Callie did that. And Arizona still treated her like crap AND continued to blame her for that disability even though the alternative was death (and never seeing this child she “loves” so much ever again).
        Also Arizona had been gone for weeks after yelling at Callie, humiliating her, and dumping her in public when Callie tried to get over her depression by sleeping with Mark, so don’t even try.
        I swear, the blind Arizona love from her stans reaches ridiculous levels.

        • Sure says:

          Again please Don’t you even try the Callie stans are beyond pathetic your entire comment NEVER HAPENED! You and your defending of Callie’s bad behavior is worse than her behavior! No absolutely not was it ok for her to selfishly pressure AZ after losing her leg because she wasn’t pressuring for motivation now was she? Nah she was pressuring because SHE wanted SEX! Get real Callie has never been for anyone but Callie! Oh she “yelled and humiliated her in public” lmao ummm you wanna talk about being a supportive partner? Who bout Callie whining complaining and generally being passive aggressive to the point it was taking AZ joy about something really important to her? Yeah that’s what I thought! It’s ok for Callie to screw her friend because she was depressed? Please it was wrong no matter how you try and justify it, it was typical Callie thinking only of herself and AZ must not have been that important if she could go jump her douche friend so soon after their breakup! You need a reality check Callie is only about Callie like last epi ” you don’t get to decide I’m going and I’m not leaving Sofia behind” like its all about her! AZ SAVED SOFIAS LIFE SHE HAS BEEN THERE SINCE MINUTE ONE! But It’s ok for Callie to make unilateral decisions? NOPE

    • Mara says:

      Thank you! So tired of the Callie hate. #Team Callie

    • HQ says:

      I actually like Callie AND Arizona but this shouldn’t be about them. The question for both of them should be what is best for Sofia. Callie is being selfish and only thinking about what she wants, not what Sofia needs therefore I have to side with Arizona.

      Really hoping Callie will snap out of her penny-haze and realize she needs to put her daughter first, not her sex life.

    • Catherine says:

      Arizona actually tried to carry a child but had a miscarriage.

  3. Marianne says:

    How about a both option? Both have done right and wrong. Choosing a side is like saying 1 is a better parent than the other. And neither is incompetent.

    • rowan77 says:

      That’s wasn’t the question, though. It’s not about who’s incompetent because no one is saying either one of them is. It’s about whether Callie has the right to just assume she can take Sofia almost 3000 miles away from Arizona as if Arizona doesn’t have any rights to say where their daughter will live. With a hetero divorced couple, one parent cannot legally move their child to another state without the consent of the other co-parent. Does Callie believe she has more rights as Sophia’s biological mother than Arizona has as the adoptive parent? And in Washington State, is the law of her side or Arizona’s?

      • MzTeaze says:

        The only problem I have is that in a hetero example, Arizona is the equivalent of a step parent. Usually, unless there is a real danger to Sophia’s life, the courts will side with the biological parent. So, outside of the drama the show is trying to create, at best they would be forced to mediate a custody arrangement.

        • rowan77 says:

          Didn’t Arizona adopt Sofia to ensure that in case anything happens to Callie she and Sofia would not be separated? I thought they did that years ago.

          • Siobhan says:

            Arizona adopted Sofia when she was just a baby so she has parental roghts as well as Callie

          • rowan77 says:

            Great! Then Callie can’t leave the state with Sofia without Arizona’s consenter she’s breaking the law. I have a strong feeling Arizona will say no way and Penny gives up her fellowship to stay with Callie in Seattle, paving the way for Edwards to get the fellowship, giving Jerrika Hinton her exit from the show.

        • Yup says:

          Arizona is not a stepparent. Her words were “I want a piece of paper saying Sofia is mine” and Callie agreed. She is a legal parent with options. Im with Arizona.

          • Mike says:

            I”m glad you remembered that. I’d forgotten and I’ve been asking what Arizona’s legal rights were since last week’s episode. Callie’s got a problem then. I’m not sure why she thinks she can just up and move if there’s a legal document saying Arizona’s Sofia’s mother too. Here’s to hoping Bailey’s comment about giving up her career for someone new sticks.

  4. Shaw says:

    I’ve never been an Arizona fan, hated her from the beginning,but with this I agree with her Callow never consider any one in decision to just up and move across the country not even her child’s mother which is wrong on all acounts.

  5. msstargate says:

    Callie had always been one of my favorites but she is wrong wrong wrong in this case. Arizona did exactly what she needed to do. PS….I can’t stand Penny!

  6. noel says:

    I want to stay neutral to c who wins

  7. Just my two cents says:

    Callie is the biological mom. Arizona is the step mom… When parents divorce step parents usually do not have contact with the children. Callie has ever right to move away with her and Marks daughter.

    • Stacy says:

      The question will be if they formed any legal agreements in regards to Sophia. Did Arizona legally adopt her after Mark’s passing? I presume we’ll get answers in the next handful of episodes.

      • nobody says:

        I just keep remembering how pissed off Arizona was when Callie got pregnant with Sofia. Sorry, rooting for the one who ALWAYS wanted her, not the one who came to the party late.

      • jericho says:

        This is my question, I don’t honestly remember. But if Arizona never did, she has nothing. But I also believe that Shonda probably is going to gloss over this fact, so it may be moot.

        • What the what says:

          I think far too many times people get caught up in the legality, mine, yours, ours and what gets lost in all of it is what’s best for the child. Is it a good idea to move a child so young away from everything and everyone they know for a relationship that’s in its infancy? For someone who’s position is only for a year then who knows where the next move is? Is it fair to a child to take them away from the only other parent they’ve ever known, a parent she loves and sees regularly? This isn’t a legal issue in my eyes it’s about the best interest of the child. From where I sit AZ is the only one thinking of this while Callie is (in the words of Bailey) chasing tail across country with little or no concern as to what the impact will be on Sofia…chalking it up as life. If it is just life then she should make the sacrifice and stay in Seattle for the sake of her child until a better agreement/arrangement can be made.

    • Peter says:

      This is just wrong. There’s no definite distinction between the biological and adoptive parents under the law, no matter if they are a straight or gay couple.
      And if the law is not enough, remember that Mark told Arizona she was also Sophia’s mother, as much as he is her father.

      • Just my two cents says:

        But did Arizona ever actually adopt her? We will find out next Thursday.

        • Pamela J says:

          Exactly I am wondering if she did adopt her because even though she took care of Sophia for ?4 years? And her and callie were broken up for part of that time too. She wouldn’t have the legal right of a parent unless she adopted her.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, no. That’s not how this parenting thing works. Two lesbians marry and have a child. (Yeah, I know the order was reversed in Calzona’s case. Doesn’t matter.) They ARE that child’s parents. Not a “step-parent.”

      • Just my two cents says:

        Um, you’re very wrong. Mark was Sophia’s father. You can not have two moms and a dad on a birth certificate. Arizona is only Sophia’s mom IF she adopted her. If she did not adopt Sophia then she is only Sophia’s step parent.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Only children born during a marriage or in the 9 months directly after a divorce are “of the marriage.” Unless Arizona adopted Sofia, she has no legal rights.

    • Tony says:

      I’m pretty sure deep down, this is the attitude that Callie has. She clearly had to stop herself last night from implying so (though I am sure when arrangements were made between she, Arizona and Mark, they agreed they were all equally Sophia’s patents). If this is the case, it says a lot about how Callie feels in terms to how important she thinks Arizona is Sophia. It also confirms all the fears Arizona had about being with Callie from the very beginning. I also get the feeling that if this were Mark in Arizona’s place, this wouldn’t even be an issue and Callie would have shown him the proper respect

    • Karen says:

      exactly, mark and callie are the parents and arizona was the step parent. She has no rights

    • Lois says:

      Erm. I haven’t watched in years but I’m pretty sure Arizona adopted Sofia? That makes her just as much a parent as Callie does.

      • Just my two cents says:

        I do not remember Arizona ever adopting Sophia.. So that would make her just a step parent. If it comes out that Arizona adopted her then Callie is very much in the wrong

        • veronica says:

          There was an episode where I think Stark (maybe someone else) made reference to Arizona not legally being a parent that ended with her telling Callie they needed to get the piece of paper that made her official. We didn’t actually see them do that, but Callie said okay and I believe we are to assume from that and the way they consistently refer to Arizona as Sofia’s mom and NOT her step-mom that that step happened. Arizona is not a step parent.

          • Just my two cents says:

            Unless they never went through with the paperwork… Which would make her the step mom.. Guess we will find out Thursday.

    • Umm No says:

      Ummmm, when you raise a child since birth you are not a step-parent, Arizona has been there since the beginning raising Sophia, blood isn’t the only thing that make you a parent

      • Just my two cents says:

        True BUT a legally is she a step parent (unless she adopted Sophia). A court will favor Callie because she is the biological mom.

        • Siobhan says:

          Arizona adopted Sofia when she was a baby and when Mark was alive

          • Just my two centsn says:

            That is impossible and they mentioned on the show later on that April would like some sort of legal form stating she was the mom… But it never went farther than it that.

        • HQ says:

          Washington is one of a handful of states that allows for three legal parents. Arizona asked for “a piece of paper” making her Sofia’s mother and they have shared custody now so it seems like they went through with it. If she didn’t legally adopt her, she could be considered a de facto parent based on her relationship as Sofia’s coparent for her entire life. This might not get her primary custody but it might at least allow her to put up a fight. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that Callie is thoughtlessly pulling her daughter away from what Sofia considers an equal mother, her home, her friends, her school, and her whole life to follow her girlfriend across the country on “an adventure” without considering how hard this change will be for Sofia. Callie needs a rude awakening.

    • Siobhan says:

      Arizona adopted Sofia when she was a baby

    • Julia says:

      Actually they had an episode where Arizona talked to Callie about getting parental rights written down on paper, so she isn’t a step parent, she’s Sophia’s adopted mother….I think it was the episode when zola came to the hospital while Mer & Derek were waiting to find out if the adoption went through.

  8. Jan says:

    Arizona’s side – Sophia is just as much her child as Callie’s. Callie is selfish by uprooting everyone’s life so she can follow her girlfriend she hasn’t known very long.

    • Just my two cents says:

      She is Arizonas child only if Arizona legally adopted Sophia. If she did not adopt her then she has no rights.

      • Umm No says:

        Excuse me, but even if she didn’t legally adopt her, she has raised Sofia here entire life and it morally wrong to insinuate that Sofia is not her mom, sophia was raised by 3 parents until Mark died. She has two moms and its incredibly cruel to say that just because you didn’t adopt a child, they are not yours. Arizona is apart of Sofia’s life and Callie knows that if Mark were alive he would be on Arizona’s side

        • Umm No says:

          Excuse me, but even if she didn’t legally adopt her, she has raised Sofia here entire life and it morally wrong to insinuate that Arizona is not her mom, sofia was raised by 3 parents until Mark died. She has two moms and its incredibly cruel to say that just because you didn’t adopt a child, they are not yours. Arizona is apart of Sofia’s life and Callie knows that if Mark were alive he would be on Arizona’s side

          • Just my two cents says:

            I agree, but a court will not see it that way. If there are no legal papers tying her to Sophia then she was just the step-parent.

  9. Stacy says:

    Callie’s idea of a discussion is them talking niceties until Arizona figures out how she’ll handle Sophia being in New York. It’s been made very clear in the last two episodes that Callie leaving Sophia behind isn’t an option for her.
    I get wanting to be with someone you care about, but they said I Love You only one episode ago. Callie should commute with the long distance relationship and take a couple extended vacations, not quit her job and uproot her daughter at this point.

    • Sam says:

      This whole thing is so out of character for Callie. She’s really going to leave her career and friends for Penny??
      It’s just filler to cause drama with Arizona.
      Very lazy writing.

      • maltru says:

        I disagree about it being out of character for Callie. I mean, she married George after what, 2-3 months of dating? And she was “willing” to leave her career behind to follow Arizona to Africa (she wasn’t really willing willing, but forced herself into acting like she was willing)- Callie is the kind of character who prioritizes love and relationships. There are plenty of real world people like that too, and sometimes it works out for them and is a great decision, and sometimes it backfires.

        That said, it’s lazy writing because I’m pretty sure Sara Ramirez has another year on her contract with the show so I highly doubt Callie is going anywhere!

        • HQ says:

          I agree this isn’t OOC for Callie but it is reverting back to early, immature Callie and not the cardio badass that she has become. Also, I’m pretty sure Sara’s contract is up at the end of this year so maybe this plot is insurance in case things don’t work out?

      • Anna says:

        Completely agree. I swear, the writers spend so much time trying to make us like Arizona despite the ridiculous crap she pulls that they had Callie to do something wildly out of character so they could once again prop up Arizona’s weak character. Ugh.

  10. ldylkngb says:

    I hate Penny! Just let her go alone!!

    • Marcie says:

      You realize that Callie will decide to stay and Penny will give up the fellowship to be with Calley. Then we’ll all be stuck with Penny!

  11. tahimar says:

    I’ve been on Callie’s side all these years after the cheating. But, Arizona got my vote because Callie is thinking with her V-jay and not her brains and heart. Yet, hopefully this will get Calzona together after they get to their deep bottom.

  12. Lily says:

    Geez, yet another TV couple that can’t stay together? What is it with TV.

  13. T Harland says:

    This is going to be an interesting story line to watch to see how the writers proceed. Arizona has been Sophie’s mother since Callie was 4 months pregnant but what are her legal ties since I don’t even know how legal their marriage was at the time, let alone whether or not Arizona ever actually adopted Sophia when Mark passed. I’d like to believe Callie wouldn’t use all that against Arizona but at a legal stand point, Callie may have all the rights on her side as she is in fact Callie’s birth and legal parent. This could get really ugly.
    That all being said, I love that the two of them are back having screen time together. You can still feel the chemistry between Sarah and Jessica and I’ve missed that over the past years since their characters separated.

  14. EM says:

    I think Arizona made the correct call to get a lawyer. Callie jumped the gun and assumed a lot even though she has realized her mistake and apologized. It seems like she thinks she can do whatever she wants as long as she keeps Arizona in the loop. It will all come down to if Arizona ever legally adopted Sophia. At a dinner party at Teddy’s and Henry’s Arizona told Callie she wanted a piece of paper that officially made Sophia her child and Callie agreed. Remains to be seen if they actually went through with it. #TeamSophia.

  15. irene says:

    legally that is callie’s and mark’s child….did arizona legally adopt her…because if she didn’t then she has nothing to say in the situation but if she did then she can fight…she wasn’t to thrilled when callied got pregnant in the first place and now she wants to play the victim….after she cheated on callie in the first place….

    • Yup says:

      Oh she “wasn’t to thrilled when callie got pregnant” hmmmm I wonder why! Idiot truly first AZ is as much of a parent as those two (forgetting there would be NO Sofia here today without AZ) second Callie waited but a hot second to sleep with that douche and you wonder why AZ wasn’t happy? I dunno try coming back to the love of your life preggo and you weren’t even gone that long! Give me a break you are ridiculous

  16. k says:

    Callie been dating that woman how long?? It makes no sense to move to a new city with a woman your still getting to know

  17. Martina says:

    Why can’t I vote for “none” or “Sofia”? Can’t decide whose “team” I am, because both have their points, but they also both overreacted much.

  18. Yasin says:

    I have a feeling if somebody’s comedy pilot gets picked up, Penny will be staying out and miraculously Stephanie and Kyle will be moving to New York together…

  19. James R. says:

    Neither because this storyline is just idiotic. Seems like it was created at the last second to fill in for another arc that couldn’t be done. Callie is overreacting by thinking she needs to move to New York because she is unwilling to travel there during free time, but she’s willing to make her daughter do just that to see her other mom. Arizona is overreacting by thinking 1 year in New York means Callie is never coming back.

    • Tony says:

      You’re right that Callie is overreacting. I disagree about Arizona. Callie was about to spew some nonsense last night and smartly bit her tongue. Arizona knows exactly what’s going on here and what might happen.

    • BlueSky says:

      Well there is a possibility that Callie will not come back. What if she stays to NY, what if 1cent go to another state and Callie follow here there again, etc…You can’t blame Arizona for thinking like that.

      • James R. says:

        Well if she decided to stay in New York that would be different, but as it is right now, Arizona went straight to the nuclear option in this scenario. The problem I’m having with the whole thing is that neither of them are even trying to talk about it. Callie screwed up and just assumed that she’d take the kid without really thinking of Arizona, and Arizona is overreacting like she thinks Callie is trying to take full custody. I mean the simple solution is for them to split custody of her for 6 months each. Yes it would suck but it’s fair.

        • BlueSky says:

          Well that is their problem “Communication” but Callie said that Arizona can visit Sofia it just means that Callie is taking the full custody of their daughter and how will you do split custody 6 months with each mom, 6 months in NY with Callie and 6 months in Seattle with Az. So Sofia will go to a school for few months in NY and few months in Seattle, thats ridiculous.

  20. Karen says:

    Callie & Mark are the ones in control of Sofia with rights. Marks dead, that leaves the bio mother.

  21. Neither. They are both (as are most of Shonda Rimes’ characters) horrible, horrible people.

  22. G says:

    I thought the episode pretty cleverly showed two side of pre-emptively calling lawyers.

    1- April overhears something, overreacts, gets a lawyer and restraining order, and makes things worse for herself.
    2- Arizona is basically told Callie is moving, confers with a lawyer, but doesn’t act until she sees that Callie is making arrangements before they’ve even discussed the issue.

  23. Larc says:

    I’m on neither side. Wish they would both move to NYC or anywhere else well removed from the Seattle area.

  24. Maybe says:

    They are probably doing this because the actress who plays Arizona is very pregnant. They may do a couple of episodes all about Callie or have Arizona go on leave or something to cope/fight this.

  25. Kaya says:

    I miss Mark.

  26. ame says:

    It’s Callie’s biological, actual child. It’s not Arizona’s kid. So Arizona doesn’t have a dog in the fight.

    • Curious says:

      Are adoptive parents not “actual” parents? Is loving, caring for, supporting a child through his/her life meaningless unless there is a biological connection? Please let us know!

    • BlueSky says:

      So Zola is not also MerDer’s kid because they are not biologically related to her and if Zola’s ‘real’ parents wants her back MerDer don’t need to fight because they’re basically will lose…What a logic you have there, SMH

  27. agmercurio says:

    And what do I care the issue of custody of Sofia?, of course I took exactly 365 days without seeing Grey’s Anatomy.
    What I would like to know is when to return Derek to GA..

  28. Leah says:

    No idea why would anyone would want these two together after all this crap, any reunion is going to be forced and weird IMO.

  29. nashieb says:

    I’m kinda on Arizona’s side. I’d be fully on it if I’d forgiven Rebecca for doing the same to Booth. I’m petty like that, lol

  30. Brent says:

    Can I just be Team Not Penny? Once they wrap up this stupid storyline Penny can get off my tv and we will all be better off for it.

  31. Red Snapper says:

    Arizona has the same rights to Sofia that Callie does. Arizona has been one of her moms since before she was born. I’m pretty sure she adopted Sofia at some point. Even if there was nothing to make it official any good lawyer could make Arizona’s case. She was there from day one and was considered a co-parent by Mark and Callie. When they split they shared custody which shows that Callie considered Arizona a co-parent and not step. In most custody battlle they won’t let one parent take the child out of state away from the other especially if it is an active and loving parent.

  32. Can I just say how ridiculous it is that Callie didn’t learn and is doing the same thing she did with Arizona, leaving and moving because of her partner’s grant opportunities. I mean didn’t work with Africa and apparently she is repeating her mistakes again moving for Pennies career . Sad to watch.

  33. Ray says:

    Arizona has been horrible this year. They made her sleep around, then tell Avery about his baby, and now this custody crap with Callie. I don’t know how same sex marriage will effect this case but i don’t see how the birth mother who was cheated on by Arizona could lose. I cant remember,did Arizona adopt the kid after Mark died? That would be her only sliver of hope.

    • Mary says:

      When determining custody of a child, adultery is not typically factored in. The court looks at what is in the child’s best interest, not which parent has been the most faithful.

  34. Is everyone forgetting… Yes, Mark is Sofia’s other “biological” parent. BUT, long long ago, right after the car wreck involving Callie, AZ, and unborn Sofia, there was a jerky comment that Mark made to AZ while Callie was unconscious… “you are nothing”. She had just moments earlier proposed, but legally she had no decision making rights. Later, of course Mark apologized, but he had a point. Not long after Callie woke up, (that episode, maybe next), Callie and Mark agreed AZ should have rights! Sooo… In the event something happened to Mark or Callie, AZ WOULD have rights. Those rights were never terminated, and still apply even though Mark is gone, and now there’s Penny.
    Oh, and for the record…this viewer is pretty dang ok with Penny going away and never coming back! Can’t stand her! At first I thought I was holding Derek against her, but no, she’s just one of God’s more annoying creatures. Kinda like a gnat, or maybe a bedbug…She serves no real purpose in the food chain!

  35. Mila says:

    For once peolple serm to be on Arizona’s side! Finally :D

  36. It’s been a while since Shonda killed someone off. I think their would be a lot of people, like myself, who would be happy to see Penny be the next victim. Long live Calzona!

  37. Lisa Echerd says:

    I voted for Arizona because Callie didn’t discuss this with her at all. Plus I think Callie is making a huge mistake. I don’t think she is really that into Penny. Maybe it is because I find Penny very blah and just can’t see the attraction between her and Callie. But I agree with Bailey. The department chief doesn’t relocate to be near the resident. Callie has a life in Seattle and this has come out of the blue. Maybe if she had shown some dissatisfaction with working at the hospital or a desire for a change, it might make sense.

  38. CMarie says:

    I have hated Arizona pretty much since her first appearance, but I’m 1000% on her side in this! Just no, Callie. No.

  39. Team Arizona ALL the way,
    Callie is a selfish immature sex addict almost.
    Arizona’s past actions like cheating have no bearing on this case here 3 years later. Callie moved on, fell in love with Penny. What she did back then is nothing to do with now.
    Callie’s manipulative and a bully, always has been. She has no right to try take Sofia away from Arizona and act like it’s no big deal

    I hope Arizona wins and Callie still goes with 1 cent they just make everything worse.
    Arizona needs someone who loves her for her, too bad Callie couldn’t see what was right in front of her face.

  40. Claire says:

    Callie was being selfish in thinking she was just going to take their daughter and move to be with her girlfriend. Sofia has two mothers and expecting Arizona to constantly go across the country to see a child she’s raised since birth showed how immature and completely unaware she is. She spoke to Arizona as if the decision had been made without involving her, and I’m glad Arizona lawyered up.

  41. Kenedi says:

    Assuming Mark’s name is on the birth certificate (considering how close he and Callie were, how much Sofie meant to him, I can’t imagine his name not being on it) Arizona would be at best a stepmom and that’s only IF she and Callie were ever legally married. Otherwise, she’s a live-in lover/roommate.

    • Kenedi says:

      Forgot to add, if there was an adoption then Arizona will have a stronger case but still, imho, Callie’s has the right to take Sofie and Arizona can have visiting rights.

  42. Samantha says:

    Am i the only one that wishes penny would go away and arizona and value would get back together? Lol.

    As far as the custody battle, if she adopted her and has raised her this far as her own, she has as much legal right to her as callie does. I LOVE Callie, but i would never choose a relationship over what’s best for my child. Pulling her away from her family and friends, from everything she knows, to move all the way across the country Just because her girlfriend is going? No. Its not what’s best for the child its what’s best for her.

    Arizona had every reason and right to hire a lawyer. I would have too. I just seriously hope callie stays.

  43. chrisjroof says:

    I can not stand Arizona. Never have. But do think that it’s ridiculous for Callie to think this is acceptable.

    BUT. This daughter is technically Callie and Mark’s daughter, so…

  44. Fido says:

    Torres and Callie are both jumping the gun and I can see the coming eps portraying one as the good gal and the other as the bad gal, then flipping these roles for the next ep, and flipping… and flipping.

  45. Colby(it's a girls name too) says:

    This whole thing is just WRONG. Here’s my thing….WHY in the world is neither of them understanding how much this will impact their future. A custody battle is a nasty thing. Respect, loyalty, and what little love they have for each other left go right out the window as soon as you enter that court room. We already see that in the next episode they are going to start having people “pick” a side or at least rally the troops for support. If memory serves me correct Callie did that once already when she put Arizona on blast for cheating (I’m not saying Arizona cheating was okay). But she, in a rush of emotions, exposed their dirty laundry and for a little while Arizona had NO ONE. Callie told people she DIED just for donations (yes, it was a game to her and she wasn’t thinking) but still!! Like honestly! im not even sure why they didn’t bring that up in the therapy episode cause that was messed up. Arizona was really hurt by that. And now we are seeing the same thing about to happen where ppl are going to want to support one over the other in that hospital. If this goes through (if the writers are just doing what they do best to keep people on the edge of their seat), nothing will be the same. Sofia is not going to understand why her moms (and don’t give me that biological mess, just consider them both Moms for a second here cause Sofia does)can’t sort their mess out. Their friends, depending on who wins, may not be able to face the other knowing they “picked” a side . And Callie and Arizona….their is not a writer in the world who can write that reunion storyline. Stuff will be said in that court room that can’t be taken back. If that therapy episode did not show you how your emotions can get the best of you, your in for one heck of a showdown. I’m disappointed in how this is playing out and I think in general they’ve been through enough already. I get this is just TV, but honesty folks this happens a lot in the real world too and it’s ridiculous when you have 2 ppl, who love a child equally, fight over that same child without remembering who mattered in the first place. THE CHILD. No one wins. That’s my rant and I’m sticking to it

  46. The past is the past and you have to take each action alone. If we all concentrated on what has happened in the past and what is fair/not fair or right/wrong – we would all be divorced with no friends. You don’t just take a kid away from another parent. It is wrong. I don’t want to hear the NOT BLOOD issue. Arizona is just as much her mom as Callie.

  47. what the what says:

    The sad part about this story line and real life situations like it is that its not about the parents; its about what’s best for the child(ren). From where I sit AZ is the only one actually thinking about what’s best for Sofia by wanting to keep her in something stable, familiar and surrounded by people who love her. Callie, on the other hand, is talking about this being how life is. What? No. You do what’s right for your child not for you. And might I add that the grant is only for a year. A year in the life of an adult isn’t nearly as pivotal (not unless there is some type of disaster) as it is for a 5 or 6 year old child.

    For those who say AZ is the step parent…my stepdad (married my mom when I was 8) never adopted me because my dad was still very much in my life but I would have been absolutely devastated if he and my mom split up and I was made to move 1,000s of miles away from him. He was just as much my dad as my dad was and for people to dismiss that over biology completely negates a child’s feelings and attachments which I think is why so many children of divorced parents and who have gone through custody/visitation battles end up so screwed up.

  48. Velocisexual says:


  49. jericho says:

    All this hate… but I have one question. Did Arizona ever legally adopt Sofia? I honestly do not remember. Sofia is not a product of their marriage, without an adoption Arizona has very little basis. I just do not remember a lot of that time of the show since it was so long ago.

  50. Juan says:

    I love Callie and she is one of my fav characters on the show but there is no way in this situation where I think she is right. How is she gonna uproot her daughters whole life and follow her girlfriend all the way to New York and on top of that not have a talk with Arizona about it before everything. If I were Arizona I would have lawyered up too.