Grey's Anatomy Recap: Loaded Questions

Grey's Anatomy Recap

If you never thanked your folks for your boring, nothing-interesting-ever-happens childhood, this week’s Grey’s Anatomy probably made you (or at least made you want to).

While Grey Sloan’s docs worked feverishly to save an 8-year-old named Brandon who’d been accidentally shot with his mother’s gun, little Sofia seemed poised to become the prize in a Calzona custody battle. (And just when Japril had begun being civil to one another again, too!)

Did Brandon pull through? Did Sofia’s moms arrive at a compromise? Read on, and together, we’ll search for a little bit of “happy” in “Trigger Happy.” (Spoiler alert: There was some.)

‘WHEN ARE PEOPLE GONNA LEARN?’ | As Owen and Amelia were explaining the severity of Brandon’s injuries to his mother, his playmate Peter and Peter’s mother, the victim’s babysitter revealed that Peter had pulled the trigger — of Brandon’s mother’s gun. “Did I kill him?” asked Peter, traumatized. No, Amelia assured him — though, as soon as she was alone with Owen, he pointed out, “We don’t know that. Not yet.” (Hey, at least he wasn’t going on about Nathan for a minute!)

While operating on Brandon, Alex expressed his disgust at the all-too-familiar scenario. “I have a gun,” said Jo, adding, “It makes me feel safer.” But her non-fiancé — once a shooting victim himself — wasn’t buying it. (By the conclusion of the episode, Jo decided that she didn’t want or need her protection after all.) Simultaneously, Maggie was rocked to the core by the case, as it made her realize both how deeply she’d come to love Meredith’s kids (who made a rare appearance!) and how vulnerable they are. (BTW, good luck sleeping tonight, parents!)

In the end, Brandon did survive. Unfortunately, due to complications in the OR, it looked like he was gonna be paralyzed for the rest of his life. As the hour neared its conclusion — in a heart-ripper of a moment — Amelia approached Peter and made him promise, “Whenever you feel bad about this, I want you to say, ‘This was an accident. I didn’t mean to.’” (Kudos to the casting department for finding the youngster who played Peter — dang!) Off that, Owen confided in his ex-girlfriend that, knowing his sister had been betrayed by Nathan, he’d told her to get on that helicopter. #progress

‘YOU’RE NOT TAKING MY DAUGHTER WITH YOU’ | Over a non-breakfast with Arizona, Callie excitedly informed her ex that she and Penny had found a great two-bedroom apartment in New York, and it was near Preminger, and it was close to some super schools, and… Not so fast. “Somewhere, sometime, you heard me say yes to this,” Robbins interjected. “You heard me say, ‘Yes, please, Callie, take my daughter across the country.’ But I never said that.”

From there, things went downhill fast, with Arizona pointing out that Callie had promised she’d “be able” to visit her daughter anytime she wanted and Torres noting that hello, Sofia wasn’t just Robbins’ daughter. Callie eventually tried to defuse the situation by restating that they were only discussing options. Unfortunately, it didn’t sound that way to Arizona. (Did it to you? To her credit, at least Penny understood that she needed to stay the hell out of the debate.)

Later, as Callie attempted to apologize for jumping the gun, Robbins — after angrily confiding in Richard — suggested that if her former wife wanted to discuss any more “options,” she could do so with her attorney. Along the way, it turned out that Miranda had an issue with Callie’s move, too. Was Torres really gonna sacrifice her career for a (gasp) resident?!? Bailey wanted to know.

‘EVERYBODY WINS!’ | Going stir crazy during his suspension, Ben tried to score some work at Grey Sloan as an anesthesiologist. When he informed Miranda, she had a lot to say on the subject, but that “lot” could basically be boiled down to three words: No freakin’ way! Warren scrubbing in as an anesthesiologist was technically kosher, yet his better half felt — strongly! — that his scrubbing in in any capacity would make her appear weak. Furthermore, if he went through with this, he’d find himself sleeping on the couch. Which apparently was okay by him: As the episode drew to a close, he was serving as the anesthesiologist on a surgery of Jackson’s.

‘THE TEXTS ARE ALL IT IS’ | On a happier note — and yes, there was one; two, even! — Stephanie sent one of her dirty texts to Kyle… to Mer by mistake! As you’d hope and expect she would, Grey gave Edwards the razzing of her life. “Can we skip ahead to the part where this is old?” Stephanie pleaded. (Would it ever get old?!?) Later, after Kyle showed up at Grey Sloan to hang and his would-be lover shooed him away, Edwards admitted to Mer that she wasn’t sure how to bridge the gap between her professional and personal lives. Grey’s expert advice? Just do it — go to Kyle and do the nasty thing that that text had so graphically described. So, finally, she joined the guitarist at a recording studio, and they (wait for it) made beautiful music together. Just as lovely, though a lot less racy, April invited Jackson to join her at her upcoming OB/GYN appointment, thus earning the exes a big gold star in adulting for the week!

So, what did you think of the episode? Are you Team Callie or Arizona? Team Alex or Jo? Hit the comments!

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