Michael Weatherly Leaving NCIS: Killer Storyline Revealed for DiNozzo's Exit

An international manhunt for a killer of federal agents will set the stage for Michael Weatherly‘s final NCIS episode.

As first reported by TVLine in January, Weatherly is exiting TV’s most watched drama after a 13-year run, his final appearance being in the Season 13 finale airing May 17. Now, CBS has released the official synopsis for the milestone hour, which is titled “Family First.”


As previously announced, 24 alum Sarah Clarke and British actor Duane Henry will appear in the season’s finale two episodes, as an FBI agent and MI-6 agent, respectively — which is right in line with the storyline above. (Both of the actors have options to become series regulars in the fall.)

“We’re really trying to give everybody something that leaves them satisfied,” NCIS boss Gary Glasberg told TVLine of Weatherly’s exit story, acknowledging that writing out the original castmember is “a huge deal” that required “lots of planning.”

In the procedural’s most recent episode, Tony was prompted to take stock of his “charade” of a life after two mopes who stole his identity remarked to their mark, “You have no life. No wife, no kids, no hobbies, same job, same apartment… Nothing changes with you.”

How do you think this manhunt for an assassin (and maybe First Lady Michelle Obama, as well?) will factor into DiNozzo’s departure?

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  1. I wasn’t before but now I’m worried they’re killing him off…

  2. leah says:

    so is this the witness protection storyline in the may sweeps scorecard?

  3. Innocent says:

    Wow I can’t wait for may

  4. TV Gord says:

    I’m excited about the possibility of Sarah Chalke joining the cast! I could see her fitting right in.

  5. Dee says:

    Is it too much to hope that “former agents” might include Ziva?

  6. Larc says:

    This really doesn’t reveal much. It says generally what the last show is about without giving any useful details. About like a TV Guide program description.

  7. I’d only be content if he went to Ziva.

  8. lame says:

    Knowing GG’s writers the entire spectrum of emotions will be touched ending with a lump in everyone’s throat, goodbye Tony.

    • k says:

      been a fan since it was a spinoff from JAG – when you have actors playing continuing parts, they become part of you – then when they leave, the storyline starts missing something, and with each one that they try to replace – doesnt work.

      Good Luck in your new endeavors Tony – we’ll all certainly miss you!!!!!

      • Betty says:

        Sorry to see Tony leave as I haven’t watch much since Ziva left so I Guess I want watch at all now. Good luck Tony we will all miss you.

  9. Erica says:

    Am I missing something? Where’s the synopsis of the episode?

  10. datdudemurphy says:

    As long as this is a Ziva free episode….
    Tony’s goodbye should be about him. Not Ziva.

  11. Jason says:

    There is no way they kill Tony. If the producers say they want people to be satisfied with his exit, that sure wouldn’t do it. I’m certainly hoping for something romantic since they have consistently denied his character that for all these years.

  12. Michelle says:

    When the news first broke about Michael leaving I said I hoped he was killed off & that it led into the next season with the team trying to find his killer. I’m still hoping that’s the way it goes but would also be happy with him being on some unknown killers hit list & having to go into witness protection too.

    I just hope however it goes that his final episodes are full of action/drama & that he’s not overshadowed by the arrival of the new agents because Michael deserves a huge send off after all his time on NCIS.

    • Erin says:

      I hope the finale is really Tony centric. It’s been ages since his character has been the key player in a big story and this is us Tony fans last chance to see it. I don’t want to see Tony go into a witness protection program and I especially don’t want to see his exit turn into a Ziva story. I’m hoping for one last and long awaited hero Tony story. Hope the writers are allowed to let someone besides Gibbs, namely Tony, be the hero just this once.

      • Nic says:

        Tony’s been the hero a few times, he just didn’t get huge arcs or even much acknowledgment for it – which fits with his character, talk up the little stuff, and keep the big stuff to himself.
        I could see a witness protection program ending working, but like you, I don’t really want to see it. I feel it could far too easily leave us feeling unresolved about Tony’s future and I’d rather his story be wrapped up. Yes, I’d like to leave room for future visits, but I don’t think I could handle a second character//actor continuously being campaigned about to being back.
        Probably makes my feelings re Ziva clear too…
        Overall though, I agree with you. I want Weatherly to go out with a bang with one last extraordinary Tony story.

  13. serena says:

    I wish Ziva will be back for Tony’s last episode!

  14. I foresee and exchange in the very near future. Clayton will come to work with Team Gibbs and Tony will go work with MI6 to be instrumental in the international hunt for the killer(s).
    I like the idea because:
    a. Tony won’t be dead
    b. It would allow for guest/recurring appearances even if it’s via MTAC (and even if “Bull”) gets picked up.

    • I like that idea – very cool, and it would give Tony a chance to explore and connect with his mother’s family in the UK.

      • Nic says:

        Ditto what I TechnoMistress says. I particularly like the recurring appearances via MTAC possibility…
        I’ve seen a similar thing done on others shows, and I have to say… It certainly kept me happy by allowing the characters to continue to be apart of the universe, and not just forgotten about once they’ve left (which happens far to often in my opinion.)

  15. flootzavut says:

    I just hope it’s a good solid episode and a worthwhile send off for the character that honours his whole storyline, not just one aspect of it.

    • darkangel200 says:

      Yes, *this*. I hope Tony’s exit is about Tony’s journey, and true to the 13 year canon of the character.

  16. Jim says:

    Please don’t allow the Obama’s to taint this otherwise amazing show.
    I don’t care if it’s Mishka, Barry. their progeny, or Bo – I absolutely do NOT want my favorite show to stoop to the level of the liberal Hollywood wastrels by parading the politically correct and Patriotically Incorrect First Family.

    • Ange says:

      They are only incorrect because you don’t like them. What a shame

    • mazel tov says:

      Get a life you loser

    • Leia says:

      I like Bo, how can you not like a dog, by the way it’s Malia or Sasha, and we will get a peak of Michelle, but isn’t that about the House and who happens to reside there at present then anything political. They got permission it’s a huge deal and it still all politics. Ah geez.

    • Kathy says:

      It’s sickening how the haters pop up to slam the President and his family every chance they get. Can’t you at least restrict yourself to political sites? Enough already.

      • Anita says:

        When they insert their Nazi agenda into OUR SHOWS they are the ones who bring politics into it! She’s a racist bigot who needs to slither away!

        • The only racist bigot I see is you Anita so please slither away yourself

        • Angela says:

          The moment you called it a “Nazi agenda”, that just proved that we shouldn’t take anything you say on this issue even remotely seriously. Get real.

        • Melody says:

          You poor uneducated soul. You people are like the Nazi supporters who were ignorant to support Hitler back in the day. If you only realized how ignorant and uneducated you sound. I actually feel sorry for you.

        • Sandra dawson says:

          I practically gagged when I saw Obama in the last episode. Unnecessary casting for sure.

      • Taxpayer says:

        It’s being discussed because Michelle Obama may be on the show. It’s not as if someone randomly brought up the POTUS and his oh-so-reticent wife. Many are not slamming the big BO but merely the fact that taxpayer dollars will be spent on extra Secret Service detail to protect her just so she can be on a TV show. Isn’t she busy enough making lunches safe for students everywhere?

      • aprilyn43 says:

        Kathy – Hey the president is a public figure. I don’t like him or Michelle either, but until you said we were haters I was happy to let it alone!
        My not liking Obama doesn’t make me a hater!

      • tomus225 says:

        I TOTALLY agree!

    • Madeline Gibbs says:

      This is a show I have supported from the beginning and yes, they are like family. That is why I would resent any politician or their wives on the show. PLEASE don’t do that. PLEASE?

  17. MArtha Mattox says:

    It is strange I have not seen anything about Tony’s Dad ( Sr). With the topic Family First. Tony leaves so will father. So maybe leaves to take care of his father.

    • Erin says:

      I really hope that Tony doesn’t leave to be with Senior. Again – I’d like to see this finale be about Tony. Not Gibbs, not Senior, not McGee, and not Ziva – Tony.

    • TV Gord says:

      I don’t think so. Robert Wagner was on The Talk recently, and he mentioned that the show could still have him back, even though his son won’t be there.

  18. Andrew Hass says:

    I don’t think Tony will die but maybe he’s presumed dead and so goes into witness protection.That way the door is left open for his return but us the viewers could know he’s still alive but the characters don’t know.

  19. Erin says:

    Just don’t make him go crazy or kill him.

  20. Shan says:

    Where’s Ziva!! He must leave after he finds out Ziva had a kid for him 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • And kept it from him for two years? Denied him the chance to bond with his child during its formative years, experience its first steps, hear its first words, be there for the many milestones that happen in the first two years of a child’s life? How is that even acceptable, much less remotely romantic?

    • Melody says:

      Cliche and ridiculously Mary Sue. This sort of ending would tarnish the show. And as a woman it offends me. Oh and a friendly reminder the show is called NCIS.

    • Catyliz says:

      You guys DO realize it is just a TV show, albeit a great one. Michal Weatherly may be a wonderful person but his character is kind of annoying. Maybe it is time for some more new blood. I cannot believe how mean some of these posts are!

    • Hanin says:

      Extremely agreed! Plus Ziva must be his wife! Then, My Fanfictions will come true!

  21. Conway Enscoe says:

    I think he will be a great loss to the cast. Tony
    has been the “glue” that kept al of them together. It will be hard to replace his character. Every “squad” needs a leader, replacing him will be difficult.. Replacing him in the eyes of his viewers will be the most difficult. haracters such as his are hard to write, sustain, or replace.

    Good luck in your Future “Tony” , Michael…….I know that I will certainly miss you.

    • sadtonyfan says:

      I don’t think NCIS can really recapture the magic without DiNozzo. Despite the current show runner’s constant focus on Gibbs, DiNozzo continues to be the fun of the show. They’ve already shoved McGee to the second in command spot (which ticks me off since they could have at least waited til Tony was gone) but McGee is more of a straight man. Bishop is fine but not a strongly written character. Gibbs is either holier than thou or downright unpleasant. DiNozzo is the heart of the show whether the current ptb can admit it or not. I don’t wish them ill but have no intention of watching a DiNozzoless NCIS. He’s the one character that has kept me tuning in to what has sadly gone from a show about a team of quirky gifted investigators to the Gibbs Show.

  22. Carla says:

    Please don’t kill him off

  23. Now I’m willing to bet money that this is the Witsec item from the May sweeps scorecard.

    Number of cliffhangers involving witness protection: 1

  24. Anita Reed says:

    Dont ruin this show with a Nazi like Michelle. BLECH!!

  25. Whatever the finale outcome for Tonys fate, I just hope he gets some more “hero” moments like season five’s “Requiem”, where he sprinted through a warehouse shooting folk before saving Gibbs and Maddie. that was phenomenal, but I think the action stuff is possibly behind Weatherley now sadly?
    Also, I’m a little – nay – a LOT shocked by some of the hate fueled posts on this article. Thought TVLine & the awesome Mr Mitovich would have quickly deleted those.

    • Nic says:

      That is quite possibly STILL my favourite scene, closely followed by the teams reactions on scene when his car was blown up, supposedly with him in it.

  26. Jeri says:

    1 think Tony is the 1st male lead to go. They habitually recycle the women but Tony is the 1st original guy to leave. He deserves a good show and I wish him luck with it. He will be missed more than any other character could be. Love you Tony!

  27. PAt whiffen says:

    I just don’t know …..
    Surprise me, but don’t shock me !!

  28. dennis murphy says:

    they should kill this polarizing character. He was a terrible wise ass punk on the show. But someone had to relate to the stupid 16 to 18 year olds for ratings. Hey they should have him killed of the same way he got the Director killed early on in the series because of his incompetence.

    • Tracy Travis says:

      He wasn’t incompetent…he was ordered to stay away from Jenny’s solo mission. She knew she was dying and decided to go out with a bang. I’m over 35…and I love the Tony Dinozzo character. He isn’t boring and keeps me entertained…

    • Nic says:

      Do we watch the same show? Also not a 16-18 year, and yet he has long been my favourite character. Other than that… I think Tracy covered it all…

  29. Augustine DAmbrozio says:

    I don’t like the fact that she is in the show she already makes a lot of money from us tax payers.

    • Dianne says:

      Who cares? And, she makes no money from you. Take your political agenda somewhere else. This is not the appropriate time.

  30. Joyway says:

    I feel sad that Tony is leaving, I will truly miss the story lines with his Dad!!!! I am also highly disappointed that the First Lady will be in the last episode! Which all the talk will be about her quest shot on the final show!!! This will take away from ” Tony”. I will be the first to watch his new show, hopefully it will be in a great time slot!!!! Goodbye God Bless!

  31. james bauer says:

    lady Obama goes missing and Tony leaves to find her. Bye.

  32. james bauer says:

    lady Obama goes missing and Tony leaves to find her. Bye.
    not previously commented. so it must be the truth

  33. Mary Doody says:

    this sounds like a going out of business sale. it has been going on so long. please stop the articles on this.

  34. Larc says:

    Multiple agencies will apparently be working together on this case. Tony could get an interesting offer that he likes from one of them and decide to move on.

  35. Mike says:

    Not a huge fan of the Obama’s, but I have nothing against her appearing on the show. In fact, since they are a government agency, if it’s done right it will make it more realistic .

  36. That didn’t tell me anything.

  37. Edna Morgan says:

    Leave Michelle out of it. Please leave it where he could come back later. He will be missed.

  38. Barbara Kunz says:

    A new spinoff series starring ” A VERy Special Agent” Tony DiNozzo

  39. Linda Burns says:

    I really like NCIS and Michael Weatherly and watch every week, but I hope they don’t mess it up by having Mrs. Obama on that particular show, because there are a lot of people saying that they won’t watch the show she is on. Please let Tony have his light shine bright.

    • Dianne says:

      Their loss. People say a lot of things they really don’t mean. If they want to watch Tony leave they’ll watch. If their hatred of the First Lady is so great they can’t watch, serves them right.

  40. Not impressed with the first lady ….this is not an official duty and she should not waste taxpayer money and resources to film this episode. Tony way there for Ziva’s finale and Ziva should be there for Tony’s finale. It is only right.

    • Dianne says:

      Exactly when did they hold the election for the First Lady? I missed it, glad she won the ELECTION. She is not on government payroll, her husband is. She’s the wife of the President it is not a government role. There is no such thing as an “official duty” for the First Lady – there is a perceived tradition role that most First Ladies conform to but nothing official. Plus the show’s paying for it, not the taxpayers. You’ve really gone off the deep edge.

      • Taxpayer says:

        Since she is First Lady, there will be an extra Secret Service detail required to protect her since this is something out of the ordinary. Those agents are paid. Where do you think the money comes from to pay their salaries? It’s called taxes. Maybe you don’t pay them but I sure do. It’s how the government and all of its functions are funded. I doubt the show will be paying those salaries. Whether I like her or not does not dispute that fact. You’re the one going off the deep edge. Shouldn’t she keep her eye on student lunches? If we want to keep politics out of it, she needs to stay home and to her job. Once she’s out of office, she’ll have more time on her hands.

        • TV Gord says:

          She has a security detail no matter where she goes, so this wouldn’t be anything extra. Talk about grasping at straws!

          I can’t believe how childish so many people are being about the First Lady. Do you suppose people were this hysterical when Nancy Reagan was on Diff’rent Strokes or when Betty Ford was on Mary Tyler Moore?

          • Starfyre says:

            Also, don’t forget VP Ford appearing on Saturday Night Live, and Nixon appearing on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In…

  41. Teresa Lebo says:

    I would like this to take him to where Ziva is & after capturing the bad guy Tony desides to stay with Ziva.. Just to see how it goes.. Leaving the option to return to NCIS sometime in the future…. Thanks

  42. Just don’t kill him! Let him go to Zeva and forget Ms. Obama! She doesn’t belong on an NCIS show!!! Please

  43. So sorry Tony is leaving the show .
    I really want him to stay .But if something better comes along then he should go for it . But what ever he does I no GOD WILL BE WITH HIM.,
    May God Watch over your family. Thank you very much for acting, you very good.
    You have made me laugh and cry
    And that’s a good thing. Thank you
    VanessaBuchanan,you FAN

  44. MG3 says:

    Seriously people, get a life it’s only a TV show and not even a good one at that…do you really think NCIS has that much juice?

  45. sheletha Banks says:

    I’m about to cry first zeba now Tony can’t take it I love this show. Can you bring zeba back so she Tony can be together! If they cancel this show I can’t handle it!

  46. Michael Richards says:

    Please advertise when mo is going to be on so I will not waste my time or electricity watching–how to ruin a great show by having her on even for a second–

  47. mrichards1 says:

    Please no MO–tat is the way to ruin a great show–please advertise when she is going to be on so I will not waste time or electricity watching

  48. C kerner says:

    Tony needs to go to Zida. Not get killed off

  49. Uggg…..Weatherly leaving NCIS is the beginning of the end for the show. First DeCota, now Weatherly. Who next? Harmon?

  50. Don Sharp says:

    Hate to see him go. You should bring in. CGCIS lady. (can’t think of her name right now), S would be perfect, could take Diva and Tony’s place. At least she would be te only one who could come close to replace them both..