The Blacklist Megan Boone Liz Dies

The Blacklist Star 'Shocked' By Tragic Twist: 'I Loved Working With [Spoiler]'

The following story contains major spoilers about Thursday’s The Blacklistproceed at your own peril.

Suddenly, NBC’s Tom-centric Blacklist spinoff is making a lot more sense.

In Thursday’s episode, Ryan Eggold’s Tom was horrified to learn that Liz (aka his almost-bride, played by Megan Boone) died following the birth of their daughter. The tragedy leaves Tom a widower and a single father. It also intensifies the rivalry between him and Edi Gathegi’s Mr. Solomon, the baddie indirectly responsible for Liz’s death and — not so coincidentally — the primary antagonist in the aforementioned spinoff.

Meanwhile, the apparent death of Boone’s Liz comes as the actress herself prepares to give birth to her first child, likely leading viewers to wonder whether the character’s demise is merely a ruse to accommodate her real-life maternity leave. This wouldn’t be the first time James Spader’s Red faked her death as a protective measure (see: this season’s fifth episode, “Arioch Cain.”)

NBC declined to comment on Boone’s involvement with the series moving forward, but Eggold released an exclusive statement to TVLine: “I was as shocked as I think the fans are! I have loved working with Megan, especially as we explored the complicated dynamic in Liz and Tom’s relationship. I’m incredibly curious to see how this deep cut affects Tom’s understanding of the world and what this means for the future of their daughter.”

What do you think, Blacklist fans? Do you think Liz’s death is an elaborate fake-out? Or do you think the heroine is actually a goner? Weigh in below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    This show has really gone off the rails.

    • GUSTAVO ALCALA says:

      RUSE !!!!!! NBC RENEWED IT FOR SEASON 4!!!!!!!!!!!

      • creebhills says:

        well thats nice that means we are in for a show of our lives

        • Brandy says:

          I cried too, but mostly because I felt bad for Red and the baby. I never really liked Liz.

          • Tracy288 says:

            I liked Liz in the first season, but if they bring back the character, they have to have a stronger actress playing the role. Megan Boone just can’t cut it.

          • IQ says:

            I either i cried a bit not for Liz gone but for Red, baby Agnes and Tom. I don’t really like Liz, but i got used to her in the show, afterall it’s sad she’s gone. But will she be back? I love the show.1st episode was shoot two blocks away from my house, the bridge scene in Long Beach, NY.

          • likalaruku says:

            I feel that Lizzy is 50% of the show, my mom thinks she’s 100% of the show. Neither of us will be pleased with a replacement.

          • Robert Bauer says:

            Without Liz, the show will fold. Although I like James Spader, and always have, Liz made the show. (MY OPINION)

          • Chris McManus says:

            My sentiments exactly!

          • Carshena says:

            Me either love Red tho liz not so much

          • leigh says:

            I didn’t care for Liz either

          • I love Lizzie. Please bring her back. Red is having such a hard time as he loves her dearly.

          • Juji Braun says:

            I agree they need a stronger actress if they’re going to replace the Lizzie roll

      • Maryann says:

        Or they could assign someone else to work with Red. :P

      • Mary Ann says:

        The whole premise of the show is the relationship between Red and Lizzy. Without those 2 main characters there would be no show. Lizzy has to come back.

        • MTB says:

          Absolutely Correct Mary Ann. There doesn’t need to be anymore discussion about this.

          • Mas says:

            X files cough cough

          • Dee says:

            Yes i agree with you the whole series has us wondering whether liz is reds daughter and all the episodes are toward that end it wouldnt matter any more if they have cut her out!!! I wont watch anybmore

        • dancmh says:

          Tell that to Sleepy Hollow.

          • Gospino says:

            Not a good comparison. On Sleepy, Ichabod and Abby had zero unresolved, mysterious backstory. OTOH, Red and Liz have a ton of unresolved story dating back to her childhood. The mystery of the show is how Red is connected to Liz and why he cares so much about her. Abby and Ichabod had no such issues. Liz might get killed off eventually, after this stuff plays out, but not now. That would make no narrative sense.

          • jemm2000 says:

            Gospino, I could not disagree more in regards to unresolved backstory/mystery between Abbie and Ichabod on Sleepy Hollow. In addition, the bond and chemistry between the Abbie and Ichabod was more realistic and more crucial to Sleepy Hollow than that between The Blacklist’s Red and Liz. Liz spends at least 15 minutes of almost every Blacklist episode hating Red’s guts. I get that their relationship is complicated but that gets tiresome.

          • likalaruku says:

            Well, I gotta agree with Jemm about Lizz’s fickleness being tiresome; She flip flops on whether she likes or hates someone worse than politicians flip flop on issues.

          • TomV.Red:DawnofBlacklist says:

            Re: comments about Liz’s complicated relationship with Red- seems pretty much exactly how a relationship between a daughter and her estranged, controlling but also caring father would play out. Liz could never reconcile Red’s criminality and manipulative nature with how much he cared about her.
            On the same token, as unsatisfying as it is for some viewers, it also makes sense that a character could tragically die before getting all the answers in life. That’s why it’s tragic- there’s no resolution. I appreciated Megan Boone’s role in the show but feel that Liz could become a much more significant character in death. Tom and Red (the much more interesting characters) will have to settle their differences to help make a better world for Liz’s baby, while also grieving their loss.
            This will either go up in smoke or make for aome awesome TV.

          • Joyce says:

            No female lead makes for a very dull show.

        • Joann says:

          Yes she has to come back her and Red Re the whole show!!!

        • dsand1445 says:

          I agree

        • darla says:

          that is exactly what all of there dedicated fans are thinking no liz no show just would not be the same please bring her back

        • G Reid says:

          I agree

          • carl logan says:

            I love Liz I cry too, need to bring her back I love the relationship between her and red.

        • wisdomofyears says:

          I agree. If she’s gone, I don’t think I’ll watch it anymore; and neither should the rest of you. We have enough sadness in our lives. We don’t need Hollywood adding to it.

          • Sue says:

            No Lizzy No Watchie for me!

          • I totally agree. I hated what they did with Greys Anatomy. I stopped watching! They take Liz out I’m done. If Megan needs to leave the show replace her and we will get used to a new Liz

          • Miss AJ says:

            Wisdomofyears, I can’t agree more! Very well said.

            The plot of the show is the connection between Red and Liz along Red’s big secret (although I’m betting her father). We are supposed to find out that secret with Liz! Without Liz, the plot dies with her.

            It would be like when the actress who played Felicity decided on a drastic change of hairstyle…the ratings were swept in the garbage with her hair!

          • Martie D. says:

            I agree.

          • Liz Keen says:

            Yes. Totally agree. No Liz No show.

          • Cathy says:

            Not watching without Liz!

          • I’ll keep watching, at least at first to see if it’s still good, but I definitely do want Lizzie back. It won’t be the same without her. I SERIOUSLY doubt she’s really dead, though. It wouldn’t make sense to write her out of the story at this point unless the actress were leaving. If she were, she would probably have already publicized that.

          • Roxanne says:

            That’s how I feel about those damn Disney movies. We have enough sadness and death in real life and then to go watch a cartoonish movie and it’s in that too!!! Wtf. How do we get away from it all

          • “and neither should the rest of you. ” Don’t we get to decide for ourselves?

          • Kimberly Curry says:

            Rite on!

          • Lee says:

            EXACTLY!!!!!! I HATE what this show has become!!!! Guess I will just have to keep watching the older episodes on Netflix, and act like none of this foolishness exists!!!!!!!!

        • Barbara says:

          Remember when Mr. Kaplan was sitting on the couch with Red and she said “You won’t lose her, no matter what”

          • anthony donell says:

            and she was alone in the room with Liz – but we don’t know for what and really no other reason for it –

          • Paige says:

            That was my first thought. I told my husband that the line Mr. Kaplan used in the car about her deserving so much more and then set up the whole hospital thing… She’s good at cleaning things up. I think she’s hiding Liz somewhere. They just needed a reason for Tom to go off… and be one the other show. As long as Liz was there, he wouldn’t have left.

        • I agree. He never confessed to Liz his connection with her. I personally think he is her father. I could certainly be wrong.

          • K.Radcliffe says:

            Most certainly her father

          • Fobman says:

            He hasn’t confessed because she’ll be back in the next season. Red needs to discover who the new threat is and can’t do that with Liz in the way (think Frank Millers Batman V Superman). The show hinted at this a few eps back when Red showed Liz a map of the world showing territory controlled by the Cabal and it’s competitors. The cabal surprisingly is not as big a fish as other groups on that map. You’ll notice that the directors number on the Blacklist was not as close to the #1 spot as one might have expected. Red has taken a seat at their table only to have access to their resources for when they have to take on the folks at the top of the list.

          • Yeah, if the writers were planning to kil her of i very much doubt they would have passed on the opportunity to have the big ‘i am your father (or whatever)’ revelation somewhere. Even if it would make for a refreshing breeze of realism to have a central character just die.
            The central mystery can be postponed a few seasons and be ‘i am your grandfather’. Red and Tom can work together to take revenge for her death. Lots of interesting angles.

            I would prefer it if she is dead: i don’t like Liz very much (seeing the writers trying to give her equall footing compared to the experienced hardasses that surround her got on my nerves). And it could be nice to see the writers focus attention away from the drawn-out Liz-Red drama onto some other pairing, perhaps make it more of an ensemble-show.
            Just don’t make it into ‘the Reddington show’: like most scary bad guys he works best in small doses.

        • Mary J. says:

          Yes Mary Ann I agree. I love absolutely love “Red” but the 2 make a couple. If they don’t bring Lizz back the couple has separated and I don’t like divorce :) the two make “The Blacklist” end of story…Plus each episode I’m waiting for “Red” to say, I’m your Father;)

        • Trevor says:

          Hell to da no! Please god let that character be dead!

          • AlanaBeauregard says:

            I could not agree more. Let her be dead and stay dead. If they must bring her back. Please bring an actress who can actually act?

          • Lori says:

            I agree, most people I know who watch the show never warmed up to her as a character and didn’t think she could act. The show definatley can go on without her physically there and their story can still evolve.

        • denise says:


        • Beth says:

          Agreed! Liz has to come back, she and Red are the show!!

        • karen cox says:

          I agree the relationship between Red and Lizzy is the premise of the show. That being said, Is Red the father? It sure did like as though he was. I hope she comes back. I love this show!

        • Nihil says:

          Homeland ?

        • Liz Cavallaro says:

          I agree, the dynamics of Red, Liz & Tom make the show…must bring Liz back!

          • terri2056 says:

            I totally agree all 3 or none. Did anyone else notice that at the cemetery when everyone left Tom bent down and was speaking to the coffin like they may have had air holes drilled into the coffin and he was talking to Liz, who in my opinion Is Not Dead

        • Kizzy has to come back. No one else can play Lizzy. Tom needs Lizzy. The show will lose ratings without the dynamics between Tom and Lizzy and also between Lizzy and Red.

          • Tom is already leaving the show to do a spin off of Black List with Solomon and one of the actresses from How to Get Away With Murder. There is definitely no more Liz & Tom to worry about.

        • likalaruku says:

          As awesome as Spader is, he can’t hold this show on his own. It will fail without Boone, no matter what the Lizzy Haters think.

          • Dodie Payne says:

            I love James Spader but without Megan Boone the show will lose ratings and will be cancelled. I will probably quit watching also. I loved this show. Same as NCIS, with Ziva and Tony gone, the show has ended.

        • Sherrie says:

          I totally agree with that comment.
          for me, the most compelling part of the program is the relationship between Red and LIZ, and all the mystery surrounding it.

        • lgreen says:

          I agree totally

        • Connie says:

          either Lizzy comes back or the show goes away. It’s all about her.

        • Rita says:

          I’m with you Mary Ann…I’m not crazy with the idea of a Lizzie replacement either

        • Maureen Daly says:


        • Lorrie says:

          Very confused watching it tonite. Bring Liz back! If not……I don’t care to watch it anymore. I am serious.

        • molly says:

          I agree, wihout Liz and ed working together, there wil not be a show. I want her toknow Red I her father.

          • Kimberly Curry says:

            I agree with ALL of u Lizzie LOVERS! How can ne of u be Lizzie haters?? She WILL be back. She’s on maternity leave in real life!

        • Tammy LaFever says:

          Lizzy is a main character without her it’s not going to be the same and I probably won’t be able to keep watching it. Alot of people will lose interest. They have to bring her back and not a replacement.

        • Sheila Stokes says:


          • Kimberly Curry says:

            Omg Kay – Finally, someone in here is giving the KUDOS to Mr. Spader. I would use the word BRILLIANT as well. He blows me away w his performances every week! He is the bomb!

        • Kay says:

          Not too sure But I Certainly Hope Not, Liz is special to the Blacklist…along with James Spader HE IS BRILLIANT.
          Love the Program. BRING HER BACK!!!

        • Mary Ann is exactly correct. By not continuing with the original storyline, you now have a totally different story that is not the one we started with. Why can’t they use Liz as say a ghost figure, in order to continue to play out the mystery of Liz. Without that, you really don’t have a show. everyone is already getting tired of just Red. Maybe spin some more stories around Dembe. He is a very unusual character. Who is he, what is his story and background. give us new stuff guys or I am checking out.

        • IBN says:

          This is my favorite show on TV…. I was ad Liz died felt bad for Red & Tom…….However so much of the show was focus on Liz so they need to find a way to bring her back…….

      • I agree with Gustavo. It’s a ruse for sure.

      • Al says:

        I think it is absolutely pertinent to the basic premise of the show that Liz will meet her mother who is also RUMORED to be dead. I think history is repeating itself. Liz’s mother had a daughter, Liz. Liz has a daughter, Agnes. Perhaps Liz’s mother faked her own death for her and Liz’s protection, and now Liz is doing the same thing.

      • Norman says:

        Good. Love the show

      • she’s not ‘dead’. tom, doctor and mr. kaplan faked her death

      • Spack El says:

        I agree, but still doesnt mean her death was faked, again. But, I think it was – she’ll be back.

      • David says:

        I agree. I think that Dembe, Kate and the doc have conspired to take liz out of the equation until the Cabal has been destroyed.

      • Teri says:

        I hope you a re right. I love that show.

      • Lorrie Dunn says:

        yeah. But is Megan Boone renewed also?

        • Bobby G. says:

          Ok, so much has happened and so much is about to happen. With Red ticked off about what did happen to Liz to find out she is alive. That beings a new situation into play. Where’s Tom, is Lizzy okay, and what’s Reds next move. My opinion.

    • Jon says:

      And that’s what makes it so great. I am pretty sure she is alive.

    • Laura says:

      Does no one remember the hushed conversation she had with Mr. Kaplan (aka Kate) after the birth. They conspired to fake her death. This way, her daughter is safe and she can disappear and try to find out who wants her so badly. The only way to make it convincing is not let Red or anyone else in on the secret. Mark my words, she faked her own death. And this also conveniently leaves Tom free for the spin-off.

      • Vip says:

        Well said! I never thought of that. Kate did get onto Red saying something like “you lied to her saying u could protect her.” That may very well be the twist. Kate got pissed. Went over Red’s head…..interesting.

      • 2muchtea says:

        I totally agree…Mr.Kaplan was so angry with Red telling him it was on him(the horrible position Liz is in.) She said something like;you made us all think you could protect her! In that moment I wondered if Mr. Kaplan is Liz’s mother?

      • Mind Blown says:

        Deep down in my gut I think Kaplan is Liz’s Mom….. She watched the birth very carefully. She had tears at several times and she kept Red in check. Think about it. Watching over her daughter thru Red.

      • Joe1546 says:

        Good one Laura… Although I am not a fan of “dream sequences”… I can see a possibility for that contrivance here. Liz is about to succumb to the anaesthesia… We see, from her perspective, Red looking at her, then a fade to black. I, personally, like your take on it!

      • lizzie says:

        I agree, except I see no need for a spin off at all. Just keep Tom where he is, Red would be glad to give him a job so he can see that little girl.

    • Norman says:

      Yes. My wife is hysterical. She hopes Saturday Night Live does not make a joke of this. It’s very serious. I can’t console her.

    • tina says:

      I really wish I could say that you are so wrong, but I just can’t.

    • jmbarry says:

      I am with you there. It’s so unnecessary if Blacklist is going to continue. There’s always an alternative to killing off a character.

    • Pamela Foxx says:

      I agree

  2. Stephanie says:

    Of course its a ruse, but I still bawled my eyes out. Saddest episode of the greatest show on t.v right now!! Red for president!! James Spader is genius!!!

    • Diane says:

      I cried too! Hope it is a ruse or will not be the same

      • Debbie says:

        I cried too but hope her death is a fake that Reds clean up expert organized. The show hasn’t closed Lizs relationship with Red so there has to be more story.

        • Tina says:

          Same here I will not watch! Can’t . I hope your right about Liz death bring a fake. I loved watching the evolvement of their father daughter relationship.

          • Dawn says:

            I hope its a Ruse.We still don’t know the whole story about Red and Lizzie yet!!!!! love the blacklist! What spinoff are you talking a bout?

          • HSF says:

            They kept telling us that Red would come clean about the relationship with Liz. I didn’t hear anything said in the last episode. Did you??

        • Evelyn May says:

          I agree I think Mr Kaplan as they call her faked her death and Red knows nothing. The nurse she brought in with the ventilator gave her something in her I’VE and Mr Kaplan was escorting her stretcher off and appeared to be looking at Liz with the bodybag open

          • My thoughts also…after I processed it for a while. There really is no show without Lizzie and Red together.

          • Lola J. says:

            Great point ….I type the show, and went back and replayed and saw the same thing. Mr. Kaplan is no joke ……..

          • Eileen says:

            I agree. They were doing a lot of face shots on Kaplan during the birth. She also blamed Red for the danger she was in. I think Kaplan faked her death and Red doesn’t know

          • Carey says:

            Dextrose detoxin B. It slows the heartbeat 2 once per minute. Bruce Banner created it as a calming mechanism, but it didn’t quite work out 4 him……that’s my thoughts.

          • m says:

            That was my exact thought. When Liz kicked Red out of the room Mr. Kaplan spoke with her, and possibly came up with the plan to fake her death. I think Red knows nothing which would be a good way to throw off Solomon.

          • Crissy says:

            @Carey I think it’s Tetrodotoxin. Excellent theory!

        • True…Mr. Kaplan is walking with her body…!!

        • Dorene Thornton says:

          I believe Lizzy set this up herself to get away from Red. And Mr Kaplan is really her mother.

          • Bonnie says:

            I thought the same thing!!!

          • SOVO says:

            OMG THAT IS A GOOD THEORY!!!

          • denise schuler says:

            This isy theory

          • kaleese says:

            I don’t think Kaplan is her mother. I think she’s too old and she has quite an affection for Red as well…almost like a motherly figure for Red. If any relation at all, I think Kaplan is Lizzie’s Grandmother.

          • Betty says:

            I believe the same way that kaplan gave something to Liz to put her out. Remember when she said let me go in and speak to her. Then Lizzy who didn’t.want Red in the same room. All the sudden called red over and said she loved him.so I don’t think Red knows. But also

          • Ruby says:

            I think mr. Kaplan is red’s mother and she set it because Lizis her grandmother

        • Michelle says:

          I am with Debbie on this one. That part is not over.

          • HELEN says:

            Sadly I believe Lizzy is really dead The show will not be the same, Does anyone know what Red was to her. I thought he was her Dad for a while but the longer the show went on I didn’t think so..

      • Lisa says:

        I agree!

    • andy says:

      I agree! My wife cried her eyes out and I was in shock! Remember Red said to Karen that he doesn’t want Lizzy to go to a morgue. He wanted his people to take her. Which I believe he is hiding her and she will be back after her maternity leave.

      • Diane Saucier says:

        Agreed. They set this up….the only way to protect Liz was to make everyone believe she’s dead. No one (but the insiders) in the ambulance, Red’s comment about the morgue…it’s a ruse! And a good one. :)

        • Cary emerson says:

          I totally agree it’s a part of the plan so that Meghan can have her baby leave. The shows do Meghan’s character is far too important to the network to kill her off. She us in hiding, just hold on guys. Gonna get better and better!

        • Char says:

          I sure hope so! I cried like baby too! This is the one show I can’t miss any episodes.of!

        • denice says:

          I say , the head lady with the glasses had a plan with the doctor to put Liz in a coma state that made it look like she flat lined, so the lady with the glasses could get Liz away from reddington and be safe. They will bring liz back next season. It gives,her time to have her real life baby.

          • Evelyn May says:


          • Andrea Gary says:

            This what I believe also.

          • Dorene says:

            Agreed. And I think the lady with the glasses is really Liz’s mother.

          • Dmama says:

            I like that thinking. Eye glasses lady told Red he couldn’t protect her. But if Tom thinks she’s dead, he’ll probably leave the baby with Red and go after Solomon. Although Solomon is bad guy, he’s an excellent actor. Since he goes to the highest bidder, maybe he’ll change sides. I’m sick of Lizzy going back and forth with “I hate you Reddington, I love you Redington. ” How many times does he have to prove to you that you’re his whole life? He’s a warped, twisted man who can sit at a dinner table across from you smiling and serving you caviar and shoot you while sipping his wine, wipe his mouth and then smoke a cigar while Denbay and the eye glasses lady clean up the dead body. But he does it all for his Lizzy.

          • F&J says:

            I totally concur Liz is in a safe place hidden away from her enemies. Her death was faked, but is in a coma. She will wake up in the next season. Not to worry trust me on this.

      • Dorene Thornton says:

        I think so to. The show would not be the same without her and there’s to many unanswered questions about her and Raymond. Also who is this Mr Kaplan really?

      • Nancy says:

        OOOHHH Yeah I forgot about that! I was so upset until you reminded me of that! I was about to say I don’t think I can continue to keep watching b/c I was so vested in the relationships of Liz and Red and Liz & Tom that if they give us a complete new story line I don’t think I could get into it after watching since day one.

      • alexa minor says:

        omg you so right i feel like why would he say that he didn’t want her to go to the morgue he wanted her to come with his people i mean suspicious and how mr chaplain looked at her in the body bag i think i see a planned fake death here i think shell come back in the next season and they’ll show liz with red and shell be alive asking red what they should do next

      • alexa minor says:

        i totally agree with what you said i mean they totally planned it out why would he not want her in the morgue if he wasn’t planning for liz to come back

    • medman says:

      I don’t see how it could be a ruse. Respiratory failure is as critical as it gets, and following that birth without immediate intervention, she would be a goner, which is what happened. The respiratory distress was no ruse, and no one, and I mean no one, even if the distress could have been “faked”, could do that to a woman who just had a difficult birth which in and of itself could have killed both the mother and baby.

      I have to believe Megan Boone must want to spend time with her new baby and the father of her baby, so it’s a convenient way to write her off the show. Now Red can go back to being an absolute maniac.

      • agentbeeeach says:

        It could easily be a ruse. Liz could have been injected with a tranquilizer and the doc could be faking it when he said she was dead. He was probably in on it with Red.

        • Evelyn May says:

          I don’t think the Doctor or Red had anything to do with it. I believe Mr Kaplan (the clean-up women) did it. I think her mother did it to get her away from Red. The Doctor and Red showed too much emotion to have known

        • Yes. That’s what I think too. Why would they take her off the show. Unless she really wanted to leave. They killed off Matthew Crawley when he wanted to leave Downton Abbey. But, I hope it’s all lies to keep Liz alive. I couldn’t believe it when they said she was dead!

          • I believe it is a ruse, because she is pregnant in real life and she wants sometime to raise her first child. Plus this is a way to keep her safe from Solomon. They had to make it look believable to the entire cast and fans! Mr. Kaplan is a heck of clean-up woman, but remember she was in charge of the equipment and specialty nurses assisting. Red and Tom along with the FBI are in the dark about her supposedly death! They are keeping this pretty real just in case she doesn’t return to the show!

        • medman says:

          Sorry….respiratory failure doesn’t work that way. You could have an injection to slow the heart, but there is no drug that simulates lung failure. And as I said, even if there was, no doctor who wants to keep his/her medical license would give said drug to a woman who just endured a tramatic c-section that put her life and her babies life in jeopardy. Stop it already. This isn’t the bizarro world.

          P.S. I suppose you think jolting someone with the paddles and performing traumatic chest compressions which often crack the sternum and ribs is part of the “ruse”.

          • Evelyn May says:

            Wake up doc this is the blacklist it’s not realife have you been watching the show?

          • Trev says:

            lol and performing surgery in a nightclub is a good way to keep you’re medical license? I think the doc and mr Kaplan pulled this off as was stated to get Liz out. Medicinally induced intubation is a common practice in pre hospital, if the docs in on it it’s perfectly possible

          • Yup says:

            It’s a TV show

          • Justaperson says:

            Actually there’s a few that could replicate lung failure. Remember in shakespear? How Romeo “died” fer three days? Yeah, The drug existed back then as it does now. All have to do is administer the drug and it could both slow the heartbeat and breathing down to near actual death at a HR of 1 beat per 2 minutes. Now the breathing at this rate could easily be halted to 1 very slow breath for at least an hour or longer in most cases. The heart monitor they could have easily disconnected either by the finger or the plug itself. I am not at liberty to disclose this drug b/c it does have a possible fatality rate. And this is the internet. Not always a good combination. Another thing is they could have faulted the respiratory machine. Not hard really it’s just a program after all. Program is software. Another thing is, It’s a show so there’s multiple ways to fake the scene. I could go into much further detail but, as said before, internet and people sometimes are a bad mix.

          • Nancy says:

            It’s TV dude lighten up…No one could have made it through all those automatic weapons firing at that church either but it’s TV…that’s why we watch to escape real life. Well some of us do…These still too much reality tv these days to really say that for some. It’s TV
            they don’t always live by real life rules. Still X fingers Mr. Kaplan had the plan and Red had to act that way or really didn’t know so he’d show emotion.

          • Doc B says:

            Psssstt….it’s a tv show. It isn’t real. Have you seen some of the things that have happened on that show? LOL

          • Kristy says:

            Umm this isn’t real life, it’s a tv series…anything can happen…I’m glad u know stuff bout medical but this is tv

          • Robert Berkowitz says:

            Seems a similar ruse was played in WHITE COLLAR with respect to Neal’s death. Sure has generated plenty of distraction from “real life” happenings.

          • Pat says:

            In the real life you are absolutely right. However, this is Hollywood, if she needs to come back from respiratory failure she will…

          • Joe says:

            It’s TV show. Actors get resurrected ALL the time.

          • Lisa says:

            They could have given her any paralytic and caused respiratory failure. And indeed, they did. They gave her succinylcholine and etomidate for rapid sequence intubation. Depending on how long it took to get to the death scene, those meds could have still have been working. Although the half life for succ is less than a minute, etomidate can last up to 75 minutes.

          • Ruby says:

            Dude it’s tv not real life. Real medical doctors don’t work in a nightclub tent

          • AlanaBeauregard says:

            Thank you medman! I know some are critical. Maybe the actress wanted out. Don’t they usually keep someone on set who knows these things? To those guessing who Mr. Kaplan is she is Red’s main clean up person. Red also asked her to take them to their place. Apparently he owns a morgue. Plus, the whiny Liz character would have never left her baby even to fake it. I don’t think.

        • medman says:

          And let’s be clear…I’m not saying they won’t bring her back to the show, it’s Hollywood after all, they will do as they please. I’m simply saying from a “ruse” perspective, if this is the way they chose to go, a physician was not consulted for plausibility.

          • Jacob says:

            I agree with your line of thinking there… If she isn’t dead then they surely made it look real.
            It’s not like this is the first tv show to kill off a main character..
            Her death to me seems very possible and could open doors to a whole new plot.. And we may even finally find out what reds obsession with her really was/is.

      • Pierce says:

        Two letters for u t.v.

      • Elizabeth says:

        It’s TV…….anything can happen!!!!

        • CM says:

          Remember the TV show ‘Dallas’ where one whole season turned out to be a dream? This could be one heck of a ruse and I hope it is. As one person commented elsewhere “This is just a TV show…this is just a TV show…”

          • Vicki Beymer says:

            Right… Bobby Ewing was in the shower. I can’t believe someone else remembers that!!!

            But for the record look how many people come back to life on soap operas.

      • Dmama says:

        Lol. That, too, is a possibility. But, you’re right about Red being an absolute maniac! I’ve loved James Spader since he was Stef in Pretty in Pink. His performances have never disappointed me.

      • DL says:

        Come on, this is TV. I’m sure there are any number of ways to explain themselves out of this. They may not be medically plausible in the real world, but that rarely matters when it comes to television.

      • happydog1960 says:

        Yeah, but they sure spent a lot of time focusing on that “epidural.”

        • solarsails says:

          Agreed and my wifes didn’t look at all like that. And I’ve even had them and the needles are small/long and very thin. That epidural looked more like fish aquarium air hose shoved into a pencil sharpener hole. Not to realistic from my experience=rather bizarre.

      • Joe says:

        Women been giving birth for eons and difficulties arose but, never like here. Come on, this is total bull. She strong as ox! Russian! She’ll be back after her birth.

      • Zowie says:

        Like so many here, you’re making a good case.
        however, she;s not dead and the attending Dr. is in on it.
        Had to be. He IS on Red’s payroll ya know.

      • solarsails says:

        I certainly didn’t cry over it. Viewers are taking this much to seriously. Liz isn’t that great of a character. She’s a neurotic, self-centered narcissist and irresponsible to the max with her relationships. She’s a pudgy little spoiled brat. If she isn’t gone, they will move into the sci-fi realm when reviving her from such a faked death. No one could have survived a C-section with such major complications (I don’t think they even had time to sew her C-section shut); then add 6 or more defibs, CPR, oxygen deprivation on top of all of those injuries and at the very least it would result in a coma, retardation or a brain dead body (or all of the above). Throw some crazy fake death drug into it, without intubating her and it would lead to certain death. If she were to come back from such abuse she would be a vegetable- but its show biz and America has been so dumbed down by the faux pas reality that they show on main-stream TV that they would buy into anything… They’ll probably bring her back, perfectly healthy and running away from bad guys, driving at 140mph+, etc. immediately after being revived. Completely back to her anti-social self- so no one out there has a nervous breakdown or suffers from un-necessary PTSD as a result of the show! It isn’t real everyone, its a TV show. Its awesome, sure, but Red is the character that makes the show- without question.

        • AlanaBeauregard says:

          Thank you medman! I know some are critical. Maybe the actress wanted out. Don’t they usually keep someone on set who knows these things? To those guessing who Mr. Kaplan is she is Red’s main clean up person. Red also asked her to take them to their place. Apparently he owns a morgue. Plus, the whiny Liz character would have never left her baby even to fake it. I don’t think.

      • clyn124 says:

        I noticed she didn’t have any oxygen at one point when she was supposedly in respiratory distress. Then they put a mask on her and asked her to breathe before she went out. Kaplan’s in on it with the doc….. He could have faked the flat line by hooking it up to a real dead person :) might have been under the guerney. Red didn’t want her going to the morgue. Kaplan said to Red he couldn’t protect her, so I think she decided to take over and went to tell Liz that.

        • CM says:

          I’m worried about poor Dr Nick after seeing the ‘look ahead’ pictures for episode 319 (next one). He’s sitting in a small room opposite Red in the same way the guy who beat up Liz was before Red shot him dead. Dr Nick hasn’t done anything wrong – I hope he survives that meeting with Red. I’ll be very pissed if Red shoots him.

    • Ida Nelson says:

      Better be a ruse.I am heartbroken!

    • Katt Strait says:

      Me too! Bawled like a baby!

    • Ann Arnold says:

      I was so sad..this show is awesome…and yes James Spader is awesome…but please dont let Liz be gone forever her and Red are the show

    • Lorraine says:

      I bawled my eyes out as well & am still upset. I’m so sad I feel like I am in mourning :_( I couldn’t agree with you more about this being the saddest episode AND it is most definitely THE greatest show on TV…EVER!!! This show CANNOT end therefore Liz cannot be dead as there are way too many loose ends between her & Red & no closure for anyone, fans included. No one or no amount of warning could have prepared me enough for this episode : ( I have been saying Red/James Spader for President for months now lol Oh how I do love The Blacklist and James Spader : )❤

    • Darlene says:

      Me too, cried like a baby, but if you remember, Red did not want her body to go to the morgue…hmmmm

    • Lucy says:

      I never thought of him that way…but maybe he should run for prez…

    • Jim says:

      I totally agree…Spader is brilliant, always has been…
      Liz will be back….has to….I expecting Ressler to die…
      Solomon needs to be exhausted off of the show….

      • Rose says:

        I thought Tom would get killed since he signed a deal to star in a spin off, unless he is going to play the same character. James Spader is my favorite actor, his expressions and acting is the best. Why didnt he tell Liz the truth about their relationship?

        • CM says:

          From what I’ve read, Ryan Eggolds (Tom) deal with the spinoff is that he will return to The Blacklist if the spinoff doesn’t happen or is canceled later. But I too thought it would be one of the Task Force people.

    • Bad Samaritan says:

      “Red for president!”, seriously?
      That being said, he’s still a better choice than Donald Trump.

    • Deborah Scott says:

      So did I!!! I can’t watch if she isn’t coming back! So sad. Very well acted out though. I was sobbing!

    • Stephanie says:

      I cried like it was a real life situation! Liz can NOT be dead! Please say it ain’t so! There is absolutely no show with her and Red together! I hope that her death was staged like before, although if so, this time, will be more realistic due to the fact that we got to see more of what was going on with her childbirth scene.

    • j.grizzle says:

      If you heard what he said this kind of makes sense he told the clean up lady don’t take her to the morgue cause then they would have to mess with her body. But what it is is probably they are using that she is dead as a means to snuff out Mr. Solomon

    • Mary J. says:

      I agree Stephanie! I cried too, saying “No” this can’t be happening. Lizz plays an excellent role and I look forward to watching my favorite program every Thurs nite. Taking Lizz off with unresolved issues leaves us with too many unanswered ??. She MUST come back and yes, James Spader for President. He is a genius, and don’t forget sexy!

    • suga says:

      Mm too!

    • Mel johns says:

      Absolutely.. Red 2016.. I love it.. James Spader is the best actor on the show. He broke my heart when he was getting in the car.. when he nearly fell with grief..and poor Tom.. what will he and baby Agnes do?Saad dayyyy

  3. Dennis says:

    This is very messed up Liz can’t die she is a major player where is the storyline going now and I thought she was the daughter

  4. Katy says:

    Yea i’m out, my fav part of the show was Lizzie and Red.

    • Ethan Bennett says:

      At least watch next wee . She might not be dea . If she is I too will be done watching the show.

      • Evelyn May says:

        I think we have to wait 2 weeks

        • Ida Nelson says:

          I think we will have to wait for Season 4 and NBC is not commenting on Megan Boone’s role or not role. “No comment.”. Long summer!

          • Marsha says:

            I think she is still alive but red doesn’t even know. I think it has something to do with her mother. I believe red is her father and believes her mother is even dead. Can’t wait to see but sure it will end this season with that cliffhanger.

          • CM says:

            I agree it will be the start of season 4 at the earliest before we see Liz again. It makes sense if you consider Megan Boone is due any day now and they probably won’t start shooting season 4 until August – that gives her 4 months of maternity leave.

      • Amelia says:

        I have the feeling we might not know she’s alive for a while. They might be leaving the door open with Megan Boone if she decides to come back (which wouldn’t be until the fall) then she will show up then but if she decides she doesn’t want to come back then she can stay dead.

    • HSF says:

      The entire program is about Red and Liz.. I agree, I”m out.

      • Carole says:

        I WILL NOT WATCH THE SHOW IF LIZ IS REALLY DEAD AND NOT COMING BACK!! It will not be worth it. I was watching to see what happens with Red’s and Liz characters. I cried my eyes out too! Goodness I am pissed off. NOLIZ, NO SHOW. I AM OUT!

        • O'yaya says:

          calm down Carole the woman is on maternity leave WORT case scenario he fake death won’t be revealed until the end of the season.

    • BillinCA says:

      I say don’t sign off until next season or until we see her in articles and TV interviews saying “Cya suckers!!!”. Let the woman have her real life baby, I bet she’s coming back. She would be a fool to leave it, that show has made her name. I don’t see her having a big ego like some, let’s says, some like in NYPD Blue (excluding Dennis Franks, he was smart enough to stick with it to the end).

  5. Stephanie says:

    I was balling watching this episode, I hope they do bring Liz back to reunite with Tom and their daughter.

    • Paco says:

      We’re you “balling”, or ” bawling” watching this episode. If it was the former, you have great concentration skills and are clearly good at multi-tasking…

    • Sharon says:

      Like any good romantic sap, I would have loved for Tom and Liz to carry on, but even more importantly, the relationship between Red and Liz, because there were still so many unanswered questions left hanging with them about her mother. However, rumors have been running rampid since the news of her real pregnancy happened that she was wanting out of her contract. By everyone’s reaction at the end, and yes, James Spader can still make me cry, no matter what role he plays, it seemed pretty finite to me. Not to mention the recent rumors of the new spinoff with Ryan Eggold as the lead. Clearly, he would be hard-pressed to be a major player in both series so I had a feeling something big was coming. But, I’ve been fooled before. I have no idea how they are possibly going to replace her but with Spader as Executive Producer, if anyone can do it, it’s him. I’ll miss her character though. Some people would say she is committing career suicide by cutting out on her first series as an unknown and biting the hand that fed her. Or maybe she’ll have a twin come back someday, or maybe this season is all a dream. Hmmm? 😭

      • Nancy says:

        Ohhh yeah Sharon that brings back memories of 1980 something on Dallas and Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) when the whole dang former season was a bad dream so that could be a real possibility. Yes if Megan was really wanting out of her contract she’s lost her marbles. This show was a hit the way the had it and not many practically unknowns have a major character in a hit tv show. She got lucky getting to work w/ an experienced pro like James Spader.

        • CM says:

          I was thinking the same thing about ‘Dallas’ so many years ago.
          The other thought that came to mind with many thinking Megan Boone is a terrible actress, that maybe a real pro like Spader didn’t want to work with her anymore and engineered her departure? He is an executive producer. Just speculation on my part.

  6. Momo says:

    I hope Liz pulls a Tony Almeida and comes back all evil and badass.

  7. Robin says:

    If she is really dead I think I am done with the Blacklist.

  8. is she is really dead...Hopefully he faked her dea says:

    I will be totally upset if Meagan is dead….

  9. Dp says:

    No. Remington does this to protect her. No way she could not be on show.

  10. tp says:

    Noooo! It has to be a fake out. Come back lizzy….. I love you and Red

  11. Barb N says:

    We can only hope it is a fake death.

  12. Ron says:

    To some extent this came out of nowhere. To another extent, I’m not shocked at all. However, I’m not a fan of this “twist” at all–if she’s really dead. Sure, Liz was not my favorite part of the show, and the show really is Red. But–and maybe others will disagree–her character did serve a purpose for me, and her death (if it’s real; I can see the necessity of faking it, and I’d go along with it) leaves many questions unanswered. Plus, this marks another show I watch religiously that has killed off a main character within a week (Sleepy Hollow). Was this really necessary?

    • Angela says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you! That’s just not right in my mind. Especially being renewed for another season.

  13. I hope that the character of Elizabeth is not gone forever. Hope it is a fake to get the bad guys off the trail and for Red to get Tom away from her. Just not the same show with no Liz!

  14. LaRue says:

    All I can say is WTF? Liz’s ‘death’ is disturbing. I like the Red/Liz thing. Ah well, she might be resurrected for season 5/ never. I agree. Off the rails.

  15. Carol. Sani says:

    Please let this be a twist to get the villans off the trail of Elizabeth. Can’t imagine Blacklist without Elizabeth .

    Love love love James Spader.

  16. Gee says:

    If Elizabeth is really killed off of the blacklist, I’ll never watch it again.

  17. This show is about Liz and Red, you can’t kill off one half of the show without killing the show itself!

  18. Lana Townsend says:

    Very very very disappointed and upset! I thought losing Goren and Eames on Law & Order would kill me, but this cuts deeper. Afraid I can’t keep watching. I feel betrayed-being strung along for 3 seasons wondering who Red was to Liz. Guess what? Who cares?!!!!!

    • Bryant says:

      I agree totally.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. We all love a good cliff hanger but this is outrageous. I’m with ya on the Goren and Eames statement too.
      They need to think up something other than killing off main characters.
      I love Spader but I’m pissed to not find out he and Liz’s past hx. I AM HOPING FOR A RUSE HERE ..Pretty crappie though

  19. kenneth d kilgore says:

    I will not watch the blacklist without lizz. Period

  20. will says:

    It better be a fake out. Who in the world kills off the lead actress. The whole story revolves around Liz. Red,FBI and Tom. I don’t understand the writing in these days. You don’t kill the lead actress and expect it to on.

  21. Patrice says:

    Hoping it’s a total fake out !!

  22. Deborah says:

    If Liz actually has a real death instead of a fake one then The Blacklist will have jumped the shark. The dynamic between Spader and her is irreplaceable and we don’t have enough time to wait for her daughter Agnes to grow old enough to make a difference. Hey TV Execs it better be faked or not only your show will hit the skids but you might be sued for gender discrimination :)

  23. Val says:

    Of course Lizzie is still alive,all a ruse to protect her and the baby.Red’s way of getting Tom out of her life.

    • Ellen says:

      I say you’re right something to do with getting Liz away from tom. Still, did Red fake fainting? Can’t Solomon be killed off soon, pleeeeze

  24. Lauren says:

    Major female lead death was so last week, TV….. don’t need/want it. Good luck and best wishes to Megan, though!

  25. G says:

    I do not like that Megan is gone. She was the heart of the show

  26. Sandra says:

    I do hope Liz’s death is a fake! I love this show!

    • Lola J. says:

      So do I ….I tape it and watch it over the weekend, as well. I sure the TV Exces didn’t do something dumb ….this show is a hit !! Not since “24” have I gotten this invested in a show. We still do not have questions answered.

  27. Janet says:

    I ended up in tears. What a sad episode. Will surely miss Liz.

  28. Mark Hoffman says:

    This could be real or a really good ruse. We the fans must wait. Here’s hoping Megan’s baby is healthy and all goes well.

  29. datdudemurphy says:

    I really couldn’t picture the series going on without the Liz-Red dynamic.

  30. Aimee says:

    I hope it is not real i can’t imagine the show without her. It will not be same without Liz. This is my favorite show would be afraid what it would be like without her. PLEASE PLEASE BRING HER BACK…. Red for president!! James Spader is genius!!!

  31. AJ says:

    Fakeout…I hope!!

  32. Adedwards says:

    DId not cry cuz don’t believe it. Dr gave her a drug to mimic death. Did you see how he looked after he climbed out of the rig? Maybe red does not know and the doc and Tom set it up…..

    • mary says:

      I’m thinking same. I won’t be watching until she returns. No interest now.

    • John says:

      I think you may be on t something here as this would be a great twist and when I think about it Tom was not that upset, WOW .
      Maybe this is to get Solomon and Redington off her trail.
      She can not really be dead if she is we just witnessed two deaths hers and the shows.

    • mooshki says:

      I think it was the doctor and Mr. Kaplan that set it up.

  33. CHER FRANKE says:

    The show and dynamics are over without the Liz/Raymond relationship. She needs a fake death, with honesty about their relationship unveiled, and Liz, Tom and baby on a private island with James Bond type wealth, helping Raymond from afar. And for the love of it, please let Raymond show is love for her and the baby. She can be out of the field but still running intelligence.

    • That’s a great idea! I am sure Meaghan is taking some time for her real life baby. Wishing her all the best! I will be eagerly awaiting her return. Loved James Spader’s acting tonight. Just brilliant. I was crying too, even though I think it’s a ruse also. Great story line for me–as long as she comes back. Otherwise a hefty betrayal to fans. I don’t think they’d risk that unless, hmm, could she come back with new identity and plastic surgery?? Lol

  34. Lewis David says:

    Great episode but I still have a hard time believing Liz has died. She and Red have great chemistry. Does anyone know if Megan wanted to leave the series?

  35. Frank says:

    It may very well be another ruse! Is she reds daughter? Why would you leave a hit show??

  36. Jason says:

    Tom is the last guy who should be responsible for a baby.

    • cialci says:

      LOL! Ya think? He could marry the Russian chick whose whole mission is to kill him off. She would make an excellent stepmother. Your comment made me giggle. :)

  37. Toni says:

    She can’t be dead the show is all about. Her an red I love this show

  38. JJ says:

    When did Tom become such a big deal? Couldn’t imagine a show I’d like to see less than one with him and Solomon shooting up everything. When this show was about “The Blacklist”, the dynamics of the characters, Red and Liz made it a must watch. Now, it’s so convoluted, it’s pathetic, always with some ridiculous enemy. Get back to what made it great.

    • Nancy F says:

      Amen. If Liz is really dead so is the reason for watching. I don’t get the fuss over
      Tom, or Solomon for that matter either.

    • Olivia says:

      Amen to that, JJ.

    • WellDuh says:

      Agree but I dislike the character change in Liz when she is with Tom.. she is a slobbering idiot – I like her better as her bad@ss self – strong and determined, not syrupy and sicking sweet

  39. Betty Carter says:

    Has to be a fake, Liz can’t die, she’s one of the stars of the show!! 😢

    • Nancy F says:

      Last week they killed off one of the 2 leads on Sleepy Hollow.
      I hope this lazy, cheap shock writing sinks the shows that disappoint
      in this way.

  40. Loyce Lloyd says:

    I really hope it is not true, Tom and Liz are the prefect couple the show will not be the same with out her.Love the interaction the have going on.

    • Lana says:

      I like Tom, and I believe in second chances. Red is a strong character. Tom was a weak character at first, but he is beginning to show some courage. When it comes to Liz, I have always thought of her as weak. Somewhat whiny. I believe Liz will come back miraculously, and I believe we will find out the cleaner did it without Red knowing. Why? Because she told Red he could not protect Liz.

  41. mary says:

    I hope Red faked her death. I hope her character will still be a part of the show. I love the whole cast. I remembered early on that Red came forth and admitted he was her father. I just can’t remember the episode. Last nights episode was so intense..I hope Liz is in hiding and comes back with another great story line. I love the onscreen relationship between Liz and Red…I hope James Spader has grown to like acting with Megan Boone. Writers please save her character…she has made the show a hit along with all of the great actors. Sincerely. A devoted fan

    • Shelley says:

      I don’t recall him EVER admitting he is Elizabeth’s father!!

      • Buni says:

        He NEVER has!! In fact in a earlier season finale, Liz asks Red on the phone “are you my father?”. Red replies after a thoughtful pause, “NO Lizzie! I am NOT your father”. I believe now as I did then, that his answer was based on the fact that Red has not “lived” a fatherly life and isn’t her father in that sense. I LOVE this show and watch it religiously, just will not be the same without Liz!! Hoping this is another one of Red’s amazing “take control” of the situation plan. Can not wait to see where this goes!!

  42. Deb says:

    I hope not the show wont be the same without her

  43. Helga says:

    PLEASE bring back Elizabeth Keen! She’s the heart & soul of this show. It wouldn’t be the Blacklist without her!! 😢

  44. dianne says:

    it better be a ruse else I am done and have never missed n episode

  45. Toni says:

    She can’t be dead the show is all about. Her an red I love this show I hope it’s not true

    • maria maragno says:

      They should bring her back. The show will not be the same without her. I stopped watching Gray’s because they killed him off. I hope it was a cover to protect her.

  46. Joyce says:

    Let us hope so. I am so upset right now!!!! Say she isn’t dead….

  47. Alice says:

    I do not miss any episodes. This bothers me a great deal. She was an important part of show and can’t be replaced .

  48. Patience says:

    As an Blacklist fan I truly expect that her death was as a very good plan!

    • ME TOO!! James Spader deserves a co-star that can act.

      • Linda says:

        Agree. Megan Boone’s OK, but not THE best actress.

        • Evelyn May says:

          I agree I think Mr Kaplan as they call her faked her death and Red knows nothing. The nurse she brought in with the ventilator gave her something in her I’VE and Mr Kaplan was escorting her stretcher off and appeared to be looking at Liz with the bodybag open

        • Rob Stavola says:

          Great writing and i think the best episode so far Black List fan,Spader Fan,,

        • Ricky says:

          Come on people, she’s not dead. She’s a MAJOR Character in the show. Besides, Red still needs to tell her that HE’S her REAL DAD! Lol

          • Liz Keen says:

            Ohh!I hope you are right. I just can’t believe that The MAJOR character of the show just die.

        • Margaret McLaughlin says:

          She got worse and worse and the show progressed. I think Spader insisted she leave.

          • Sherri says:

            I disagree. I think megan boone is an excellent actress. The changes in her personality, were dictated by the storyline writers.

          • Liz Keen says:

            OMG!What the hell are you talking about. Megan Boone is an excellent actress.

          • Louise says:

            I agree that Megan is not the strongest actress. Typically a stronger actor would have gotten such a major role. That being said, if Liz is actually dead, I doubt that it was Spader who insisted she leave unless Megan was seriously not taking her job seriously.

    • Margaret McLaughlin says:

      Hope to never see her again. She was awful.

      • Mary says:

        NO NO ,Bring Megan back !!

        • Sharon Long says:

          I agree…we have to find out if Red is her real father. We need her back on the show..After all, the show is about Red and Megan and his list…..the show has to bring her back. It’s one of our favorite shows

          • mamalenf says:

            Watched tonight’s (4/21/16) episode. WTF – made no sense. Can you say Jumped the Shark? Time to move on.