The Blacklist Recap: Baby Blues

The Blacklist Liz Death

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Thursday’s episode of The Blacklist. Proceed with caution.

Liz and Tom Keen will have to take a permanent rain check on their do-over wedding.

Following through on the promise made in this week’s teaser trailers, which warned that someone wouldn’t make it out alive, Thursday’s episode of The Blacklist seemingly killed off Megan Boone’s protagonist in a tragic and sudden turn of events.

A brief recap: After their wedding ceremony was rudely interrupted by an attack from Mr. Solomon, Liz and Tom just barely made it out of the church safely, and the car chase that ensued with Solomon’s men landed Liz in the hospital nightclub-turned-ICU — and her baby’s life wasn’t the only one in danger.

Even though Liz and Tom’s daughter was successfully brought into the world via emergency C-section, it was Mom who didn’t survive the operation, due to a placental abruption caused by the car accident. Amniotic fluid seeped into Liz’s blood, causing her lungs and heart to shut down — and just as Liz’s doctors got her into an ambulance, en route to a life-saving solution, their vehicle was stopped by Solomon and his cronies, leaving Liz to flatline on a hospital bed in the back.

Of course, the death could be a fake-out, an elaborate ruse to get Liz out of Mr. Solomon’s clutches (and allow Boone, who is expecting a child in real life, to take a few episodes off). After all, Red has faked Liz’s demise before, in Episode 5 of the NBC drama’s current season, but that plan was admittedly a lot less drastic.

In the meantime, Tom will seemingly be left to raise baby Agnes on his own, setting the stage for an in-the-works Blacklist spinoff in which Eggold will star. (Read Eggold’s exclusive statement about Liz’s apparent death here.)

OK, your turn. Do you believe Liz is really gone? And if so, what are your reactions to her death? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts on Thursday’s eventful hour.

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