The Blacklist's Megan Boone: 'We've Created a Very Epic Finale, One That Is Well Deserved'

As the 2013-14 TV season winds down to a close, all eyes are on the No. 1 new drama, NBC’s The Blacklist, as it prepares to deliver its first finale (Monday at 10/9c). Will fans of the thriller be dealt some long-awaited answers? Megan Boone, who plays Liz Keen to James Spader’s crafty “Red” Reddington, reflects on the show’s success, surveys the “odd couple” at the center of the excitement and offers a hint at a season ender that is “well deserved.” READ MORE


The Blacklist Stars Talk About Secretive Pilot Script, Address The Big Burning Question

NBC’s The Blacklist isn’t only one of the hottest new properties of the fall, it was also a must-see pilot script when development season heated up this past spring.

Even before Emmy winner James Spader become attached to the project …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO Q&A