NCIS Casts New, 'No-Nonsense' Agent Ahead of Michael Weatherly's Exit

NCIS Season 14 Cast Duane HenryOn the heels of adding 24 alum Sarah Clarke to its ranks, CBS’ NCIS has cast British actor Duane Henry to appear in the final two episodes of Season 13, with an option to be a series regular come Season 14.

TVLine has learned that Henry will play Clayton Reeves, a young man who rose above his blue collar roots to become a successful MI-6 agent. Described as “offbeat and fun with swagger to spare,” he has a professional confidence that’s impossible to disregard. And while Reeves has burned some bridges in the international intelligence community, he owns the choices he’s made and is determined to do what’s right. “Behind his steely eyes and a strong, no-nonsense demeanor is a killer smile and a sense of humor to match,” says the description.

Henry’s previous TV credits include the UK series Doctors, The Cut and Desperados, plus episodes of Doctor Who and Law & Order: UK.

“We think we found something really special in Duane Henry,” NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg said in a statement. “His unique blend of charm, heart and athletic physicality is going to be a great addition to the mix. Everyone at NCIS is excited to have him join us.”

As previously reported, Sarah Clarke will also appear in this season’s finale two episodes, playing Tess Monroe, a quick-witted, tough and shrewd FBI agent who recently transferred to D.C. from New York City. Like Henry, she could be a series regular come fall.

Henry will debut in the May 10 episode of TV’s most watched drama, one week ahead of series vet Michael Weatherly’s final appearance as Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

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  1. Edward Swafford says:

    Was this the best they could do?? Come on give us viewers a break.

    • liame says:

      I think you need a break, this viewer is fine with this actor. Go away and watch actors you can identify with and continue to live in that bubble you were raised in.

  2. hot and british, i can live with that

  3. Bob says:

    *yawn*. They need to let it die.

  4. Lauren says:

    I was curious so I clicked on that “physicality” link. God bless you for that, TVline LOL

  5. dragon2heart says:

    its about time this show had a main character under 40. Yes, I know Bishop is under 40 but all I hear when she opens her mouth is “blah blah blah” so she doesn’t really count.

  6. CactusRose says:

    I hope he doesn’t have a British accent so we can understand him. It’s already difficult enough to hear what most actors are saying because they mumble or the background music is so loud!

  7. Bella says:

    I sure like his picture! I look forward to see what they do with him. I can’t see Gibbs giving somebody like this head slap, but who knows?

  8. Jason says:

    They are definitely looking for someone to create some sparks with Ellie. There really hasn’t been any regular romantic tension on the show since Ziva left. I wonder if he did some test readings opposite her. If they do go that route, I just hope they don’t wait too long like they did with Tony and Ziva. NCIS has never been known for thinking long term.

  9. Mike says:

    Looks like they are having two actors try for one spot, and they are not stuck with either. The Clayton Character seems like a better fit overall.

  10. Sherri says:

    Great addition to the show! I’m looking forward to seeing his character.

  11. Welcome aboard, Duane. I’m looking forward getting to know Clayton Reeves and to find out if he’s going to become an agent or will be a liaison.

  12. Jeanne says:

    I don’t care who they got for each new role. It just ticks me off to no end they will be in Tony’s last two episodes. They could have waited to bring them in next season. He’s been there from the beginning and it should be about him not who is replacing him. GG makes me sick.

    • Well you make me sick….. Grow up…. you are judging before it even airs you have no clue what anything details…

    • Erin says:

      I am disappointed too that in his usual fashion, it seems Mr. Glasberg promises that DiNozzo might get a decent story and then it winds up being about someone else. Wonder if Tony’s exit will be much of anything what with two new characters to promote and the usual plethora of Gibbs angst and hero moments that are required. I guess I was delusional thinking that Glasberg actually meant what he said when he promised to deliver an ending that would satisfy.

  13. Seems like a good fit, both do! People have to stop acting like Michael Weatherly was the whole show, I have always seen it as more of a Mark Harmon lead show with an assembly cast! That’s interchangeable! Weatherly chose to leave, no one forced him out! And plus it seems like to me he wanted to be on a show where he was the main character, which is why he’s going to play on a show where he is playing Dr Phil! Which I think sounds really stupid! Maybe you all should be mad at him for leaving instead of the producers of NCIS, sense its obvious that he wasn’t to be the center of attention and he was apparently so desperate for that, that he left NCIS to play Dr Phil! It doesn’t matter whether its him when he was younger or him as a talk show host, its still stupid! I think the new members might bring some freshness to the show!

    • For the record, Michael isn’t going to be playing “Dr Phil”. He’ll be playing a character [if the show is picked up] based on the successful career Phil McGraw had before he became a talk show host.

    • Erin says:

      How do you know it will be stupid? No one acts like Weatherly is the whole show. The way they’ve demeaned his character with the writing they drove Weatherly off IMO. No one who watches now can ever be in doubt that Gibbs has become the be all/ end all character. No one else seems to matter at all but the Glasberg/Harmon team have done a real character assassination on Tony DiNozzo.

      • arial2 says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by “character assassination.” If you mean that the show runners have NEVER allowed Tony to go beyond “frat boy” mentality, then I agree. But, if you mean they’ve done something to make that worse this season, then I’d have to disagree. What they haven’t done is let the character grow from year to year. I saw Tim, Jimmy and Ziva mature and Gibbs resolve some personal issues, while Tony retained the maturity level of a college boy.

    • the cookie queen says:

      I’m glad he will be playing a humorous character. I think the show changed dramatically when Gibbs got shot and returned and acted strange toward Tony. I never understood why he was upset that DiNozzo took over in his absence. Didn’t make sense to me. Let me know owner if u have any thoughts??? THANKS

  14. Andrew Hass says:

    I think it’s nice that NCIS cast an African-American actor.Plus i think this actor and Sarah Clarke i think only one of them will be on NCIS next season as a regular.

  15. Leanne says:

    lets give him a chance. if he is anything like Shemor its a win win. I will miss Tony and wish he wasn’t leaving but it is what it is and I want to see people give him the benefit of the doubt.

  16. Christina campbell says:

    ncis will suck hope it gets ax in 2 seadons

    • Pete says:

      Well thank you – and I hope your favorite TV show gets axed too.

      Seriously, if you think it should be axed, don’t watch it and leave it to those who enjoy it. It’ll be gone soon enough if large numbers of viewers no longer enjoy it.

  17. Pete says:

    As a Brit, I think casting him to play a Brit is inappropriate for this show.
    And sadly he doesn’t seem an especially memorable actor as I have seen him in at least two things already and don’t remember him at all. Maybe he is more memorable for women.

    They had lightning in a bottle with the original cast, Harmon and Weatherly played off each other so well, that it seems impossible for them to capture that again. Weatherly is going to be missed. I hope it isn’t enough to spoil the show, but only time will tell.

    • Bee says:

      Well, they’ve always had a Brit on this show, so this will be the second! Not so weird.

      • Scottish. Mr McCallum was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Scotland is part of the United Kingdom but he’s not from Britain.

        • crimibird says:

          Hello British person here (Welsh). Great Britain is Scotland, Wales and England, The United Kingdom is Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. The British Isles includes the rest of Ireland and the few other islands dotted around. So yes. David McCallum is as British as I am.

        • Bee says:

          Exactly. As crimibird points out, Scottish is British – even if we leave out politics, it’s simple geography. In fact, even if Scotland ever goes independent, it’s still geographically British.

          British doesn’t mean English. That’s just an Americanism. And considering that Ducky is supposed to be a veteran of the British army, the character is also very definitely British.

    • Carm says:

      Why is it inappropriate?

      • Pete says:

        Largely because US citizenship is a qualification of working for NCIS, so he would need to be a naturalized American rather than a “Brit”. It was one of the big issues I had with the character of Ziva – and the new character being a fellow Brit makes no difference to my view about the inappropriateness.
        Others point to Ducky as also being a Brit but, although it hasn’t been made clear on the show, the implication is that like McCallum himself Ducky has been an American citizen for many years – longer than he has been at NCIS.
        If Ziva had never been more than the liaison her position was titled as, and had not been a full part of the team, I would have felt differently. I doubt they’ll do that with this new character either.

        • noone says:

          Not true. Ziva took all the precautions necessary to become a NCIS agent. She earned the designation. I’m quite sure he might come on as a liaison.

  18. Kevin K says:

    Really don’t know much about him but come next season it might be the beginning of NCIS’ downfall. If only John Boyega was a great fit for the role now that he’s busy doing Star Wars Episode 8.

  19. He looks like he would be great in the part. He is a handsome fellow.

  20. chuckfanforever says:

    Why does he have to be MI6 I can see the episodes already as his past comes back to haunt him…Trying to recreate show’s like when Ziva’s (past)did..these were always the worst episodes…Double Yawn!!!!!! I am tuning out after Tony’s gone…

    • noone says:

      Why would he be there if he wasn’t part of the intelligence community? Him being an intelligent officer makes him relevant to the team. Besides the foreign officers are betr than the NCIS agents. Especially in fieldcraft and hand to hand combat. Gibbs are the only one that probably could handle himself in a one on one with Ziva.

  21. Cherie Glover says:

    Duane Henry has some mighty big shoes to fill. We all loved Dinozzo and really hurts to see him go!
    But good luck Mr. Henry. May the force be with you! We will be watching to see if you can pull it off!!!

  22. kath says:

    I find it interesting how cautious they are being with the new characters now that the very popular Michael Weatherly is leaving, introducing the new characters this season and seeing how the audience reacts to them.
    Cote de Pablo was lighting in a bottle for the show; Emily Wickersham is okay but not a draw. The show needs a draw.
    Also more female characters. It’s ridiculous that in season 13, it’s still only two women to six men..

  23. :-) says:

    Oh me oh my thanks for the link and the advice to click the link. I needed that. Yes i need a baywatch scene, a cowboy scene, lots of work out scenes and maybe a male stripper.

    • rr says:

      How about a guy from the Navy,an Indian,a Cop,a construction worker,etc?
      I can let you know where to find that combination if that’s what matters most to you.

  24. kbm says:

    hot and british I think he will be ok, the woman they hired, don’t think so

  25. He’s very handsome, granted, but I see no reason why they’d have a non-American agent on NCIS team. I don’t have any interest in their putting a foreigner on the team, and the members of the American military aren’t going to respect him as an agent. I’ll give both newcomers a chance, but while I’m OK with the actors, I’m not all that keen on the characters they’ve created for them: a foreigner and a pale-Gibbs-copy.

    • David4 says:

      Ummmm…. Have you ever watched the show?


      • Pete says:

        And that was one of the issues with the character of Ziva.
        For which fans were called “hater” and “anti-semitic”. This just proves that many who objected to that character being foreign were not being personal in their objections.

  26. Daniel Beverick says:

    Time to end NCIS.

  27. Joe South says:

    I,m so done with NCIS and I must join the black coddling bunch

  28. arial2 says:

    I say give the new guy a chance before tearing him down because he’s not Michael Weatherly. But, given the history of a few hundred fans tearing down any new character/actor replacing an actor who chose to leave, I’m not holding out hope. The new guy will have to be a great character played by a good actor to succeed, IMO, because Tony has been there since day one. We’ll have to wait and see if MW’s choice to depart affects the ratings.

    • KLS says:

      Agreed. I think people will still watch. Unless the 2 new cast members are truly unlikable and there is a lot less Gibbs, fans will still watch.

    • Pete says:

      I think his departure WILL affect the ratings, but the crunch is how much.
      DiNozzo is a popular character, but there are also many viewers who see little depth to the character and who won’t miss him.

  29. crimibird says:

    Honestly… I wonder if how much the fan hatred of any new/recurring character in NCIS:NOLA this season is why they are suddenly hedging their bets a little on this season. NOLA has struck out on 4 “recurring” newcomers who never came back, landing one (Olivia Brody) while people are asking for recurring characters from last season like Cade and James. They probably are realising that they need to pick the one that most appeals to the fans.

  30. the cookie queen says:

    Yeah he looks good. I’m glad the show is gonna add someone who has a lighter personality. I get down sometimes always heavy storylines,especially the overseas episodes. Also I hope they have Gibbs smile a little more.

  31. Athena says:

    Thank god cote left the show before going down the hill… Thank god Michael is leaving before things are getting worse

  32. John NYC says:

    The last foreigner didn’t work out all that well so my expectations aren’t very high.

    Though I did like the Mick Brumby character on J. A. G.

  33. carol says:


  34. Maria says:

    Very handsome.
    But I still won’t be able to watch without Michael Weatherly. (It may be easier to find a new drummer for Spinal Tap. Tony’s not replaceable. )

  35. chrissie beeton says:


  36. whatever….it’s all about money anyway……………….

  37. Tommy Threetone says:

    I’m disappointed to see MW leave but I’m still more than willing to keep watching NCIS. I will assume for now the producers chose someone more than capable to fill the void. I was so glad when Cote left. I think Emily is a better actress and plays a much better character. So from my POV, cast changes on this show have been OK with me.

  38. Janie says:

    Good job NCIS!! I hope he acts as fine as he looks! Lol!

  39. Michael Byrdell Ortega says:

    If you try to make this a black cast show like NCIS New Orleans, I will stop watching this show as well. The cast dynamic is perfect and change to that dynamic just to be PC in unsatisfactory.

    • noone says:

      Racism exists in American. Lol if you really want to ruin the dynamic and end the show, then cast a Mexican.

  40. Sarah Farley says:

    I Miss TONY Already Their Better NOT KILL HIM OFF Are Their Will BE SOME VERY PISSS OFF FANS . I WANT HIM TO GO OFF WITH HIS OWN TEAM> & He should Have a Guess Spots sometime!

  41. Well….he looks good – more than good!!! But let’s hope he can bring it! It is NCIS after all. I mean, with those looks AND a British accent, it’s not like I’m willing to hit the mute button either. haha just sayin’

  42. Nancy Enis says:

    The new former MI-6 agent sounds promising. Good idea! Some interesting story lines can come from this new character. I still miss Ziva and will miss Tony. What great characters they were. Wishing you, and Tony, great success. Love the show!!

  43. Perhaps a little diversity was needed in the cast????

  44. Lee Bush says:

    Although unattractive in the new comings of the new agents , maybe they will grow on people. Otherwise, would look for previous cameo actor/actress who have been on in previous scenes.

  45. Jensine says:

    I hate to see Michael leave but hopefully his next series will make it.

    • Sarah Farley says:

      I just can’t see Michael Playing ” Dr. Phil” Phil is a Boring Man, ‘Michael is so Handsome I’m Sure Someone In TV LAND Can Find Michael A Lead Roll W/ HIS OWN TEAM “Staring Roll” How About in Hawaii That Would Be UP Tony’s Sexist JOB W/ his own Show.

  46. b. rosa says:

    Tony leaving…new replacement for him who is just like him…I see end of show coming and no imagination in replacing him….Tony is not main part of show, but they really need a new type if character to keep interest…someone funny, but unique. Make the last shows all about him…he deserves that.

  47. Linda Coleman says:

    It’s about time they put some color on the team. I love watching NCIS NewOrleans because of the team they have. Two men and two women would be great for Gibbs new team. I look forward to the next season and I will miss Mike but the show must go on and if we can survive loosing Kate and Ziva we can get pass mike leaving. Thanks for giving us a clean and action packed show for family.

  48. Mildred Roatche says:

    I will miss Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo!😥

  49. Jonathan McCord says:

    Just hope it’s a happy ending for MW. Preferably walking off into the sunset with Ziva. Was glad to hear Ziva’s name mentioned in the next episode. Though, I’m guessing we are not lucky enough for a Ziva appearance.

  50. brenda says:

    I guess they will match him with the blond on there,I love the show but this might do it for me