NCIS: Meet the Female Fed Who Will Join Gibbs' Team for Season 14

NCIS New Cast Member

NCIS will be adding a real pistol to its armory in Season 14.

As first reported by TVLine’s Ask Ausiello — two weeks before Michael Weatherly’s end-of-season exit was announced — TV’s most watched drama is aiming to add two series regulars for the foregone conclusion that is Season 14. And now we have intel on the female of the two noobs.

To be introduced in time for the Season 13 finale, the CBS drama is seeking a “name” actress to play “Tess,” an FBI Special Agent in her late 30s who has recently transferred to D.C. from New York City’s Counter-Terrorism Unit. Described in the tentative casting breakdown as “quick-witted, sarcastic, shrewd” and “two parts bulldog, one part sweet kitten,” the G-woman can just as easily keep up with a group of politicians talking at a black-tie fundraiser as she can truck drivers at a roadside diner. In her mind, sleep and sex are “overrated” while a good martini and a rare bacon cheeseburger aren’t.

A three-time divorcée (because the husbands apparently “can’t keep up with her”) who has no children, Tess is content acting as “Mamma Bear” to any co-worker who needs a shoulder to lean on. Just don’t make her angry, because that’s when she tends to ruffle even her superiors’ feathers.

Which “name” actress in her late 30s would you dream-cast to join Gibbs’ evolving team?

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