Suits Mike Deserves Prison

Does Suits' Mike Deserve Prison Time? Is The Flash's Jay Lying? Is Grimm's Eve Better Than Juliette? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, The Flash, Suits and How to Get Away With Murder!

Hawaii Five-01 | Hawaii Five-0 fans, can we talk about Steve’s roaming black eye makeup? (At one point, it was twice the size and prac- tically on his cheek!) Also, was anything funnier than Grover growing more and more steamed about everyone else scoring a last-minute Valentine’s dinner rez?

2 | Could it have been coincidence that Second Chance featured a “dead pool” storyline the same weekend that Fox’s Deadpool movie hit theaters?

3 | After everything she’s done, does anyone actually feel bad for Sleepy Hollow‘s Pandora in her bad marriage? And did the show do the right thing by reuniting the Witnesses so quickly?

4 | In just a few weeks on Grimm, isn’t Eve far more compelling a character than Juliette ever was?

5 | How braindead are The Walking Dead’s walkers that they didn’t notice that guts-smothered Rick & Co. had pristine, clean, unblemished faces?

Vinyl6 | TVLine reader @_Fagundes asks: Did you spot Vinyl‘s boom operator accidentally left in frame?

7 | Did Castle‘s Sunday episode really trot out, like, half the old One Life to Live cast and not make a single in-joke?

8 | Did Good Wife‘s Ruth overstep boundaries by encouraging Alicia to “cash out” on her marriage? (Shouldn’t Alicia be coming to his conclusion on her own, anyhow?)

9 | Not a single person on the Grammys team questioned closing the show with Pitbull? With special guest Robin Thicke? Speaking of that performance, did Sofia Vergara jump her own career’s shark by appearing as a sexy taxi? And at what point do people just stop inviting Lauryn Hill to stuff?

10 | We could believe that The Fosters‘ Jesus doesn’t know who Shirley Temple is, but pianist Brandon? Really?Flash-iron-mask-hair

11 | Are we in agreement that The Flash’s Man in the Iron Mask is a dark-haired blonde whose skin is white on the neck but black on his hands? (Speaking of the mystery prisoner, why did he not just spell out letters on the glass? And was he trying to convey that his name is Jay, meaning the Crimson Comet hanging on Earth- One isn’t who he says he is?) Also, can Zoom win some awards for costume/character design? Or does “Candyman” Tony Todd deserve half credit for providing that creeeeepy voice? Finally (!), was that the least populated hospital ever that Jay saved?

12 | While Agent Carter’s zero matter is very cool to see in action and all, does anyone have a grasp on what exactly it is and why it does what it does?

The People vs. OJ Simpson13 | How obsessed with the case was The People v. O.J. Simpson’s Marcia Clark that she had the defendant’s initials hidden in her bangs?

14 | Show of hands: Who gasped/threw something at the TV when American Idol‘s Jennifer Lopez re-wrote history and said she and her fellow judges “thought [Haley Reinhart] was gonna win” Season 10 — when in fact J.Lo rarely gave Haley a glowing critique and was clearly on board with producers’ pre-determined Scottie/Lauren finale? Also, which returning All-Star were you happiest to see dueting these past two weeks?

15 | On Arrow, the list of people who know of William’s existence is rapidly growing — Barry! Malcolm! Thea! — so exactly what harm would it do for Oliver to loop in his fiancée Felicity, who can surely keep a secret? And if Samantha never cashed Moira’s check, how did the authorities get a photo of it?

16 | Who has been least utilized this season: Parker Young on Arrow or Jason Dohring on The Originals, who both appear so intermittently and for a couple of measly moments that you have to hope it’s because they’ve found better gigs?

Teachers17 | What happened to Teachers‘ Hot Dad (Ryan Caltagirone) — and can we please get him back on every episode for the rest of the season?

18 | Younger: Team Josh or Team Charles?

19 | Is Suits‘ Mike being selfish by asking his friends to lie in court? Like, are you starting to feel like he should go to jail? And at this point, is there anyone who doesn’t know Mike didn’t go to Harvard?

20 | Did Scandal’s Mellie and Olivia read the hashtag wrong and think Thursday was #NationalDrinkShineDay?

HTGAWM21 | Was HTGAWM’s Bonnie looking very Paris Gellar-esque in this week’s flashbacks? And what possible excuse can Frank offer for killing Lila Stangard that would prevent girlfriend Laurel from immediately breaking up with him — and then reporting him to the police?

22 | How long before Big Bang Theory germa- phobe Sheldon goes shopping for a new mattress after discovering Howard and Bernadette conceived their first child on his bed?

23 | Mom spoiler ahead: Which is more likely to blow up in Christy’s face: the rest of her friends learning she ignored Jodi’s call, or Marjorie finding out the group kept Jodi’s [spoiler] a secret from her throughout the reception and her honeymoon?

24 | On London Spy, why didn’t the multi-national alliance to suppress Alex’s “End All Lies” software simply have Danny killed? (Well, aside from the fact that we then wouldn’t have had a series!)

25 | Isn’t Elizabeth Banks way too big a star to be shilling for a Realtor site?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Luis says:

    4. I love Eve and how the writers have reintegrated Bitsie Tulloch into a much more compelling character.
    11. Tony Todd, not Keith David, was the “Candyman” and is the voice of Zoom.

  2. Magali says:

    8. No. Because Alicia should have come to that conclusion for herself 3 seasons ago.

    • PREACH! I said it before and I’ll say it again. Alicia did what many people do who are told what looks right not what feels right. Peter has never had her back, and for all her empowerment it really does boil down to the fact that she’s played the good wife. She’s done everything right (infront of the cameras) to save face. She forgot herself, she told herself it was for the good of her children, her husband…even for the american voters. Her mother called it, her brother called it – Kalinda may as well of with all the side-eye looks she gave her when Alicia insisted on talking about Peter. They dragged it out to this? And for what? There wasn’t any life to the story of her and Peter, after she decided to stay with him. It got dragged out for too long, and it’s a shame because everything that made her and Peter’s relationship a viable jeopardy just became dull. Maybe if she’d left, then they could have explored the possibility of her falling back in love with Peter come the final season.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    25. I can’t get enough of Elizabeth Banks and the commercials.

  4. ScottJ says:

    24. The alliance didn’t know exactly what Danny knew, and they didn’t know who he’d told. Without some certainty around those areas the safest approach was to totally discredit him and / or stop him doing anything. Plus yet another body would only raise more questions.

  5. Shar says:

    #26 – am I the only one who is annoyed that Big Bang is turning Penny back into the wine drinking bimbo she used to be? Would anyone miss her & Leonard if they went on a very long trip for awhile?

    • Larry says:

      I would Penny and Leonard are two of my favorite characters

      • Larry says:

        and bimbo really?

        • Shar says:

          Sorry but I stand by that—

          – no mention of her good job, always drinking, outfits getting a little slutty again and now she and Leonard are goofy ( ie. the horrible Valentine’s Day cupid thing)
          She seems to be de-evolving, regressing back to early Penny.

          • everart says:

            I agree, Penny and Leonard barely have anything to do anymore, they’re now secondary characters, and getting less interesting.

      • TeeshaWills says:

        I agree 2 this. Leonard and Penny are my favorite as well. But I admit that I’m not happy with the way they’ve been written. They are basically just supporting the other couples. Where’s their story?

    • Stacy says:

      Her style last season was completely atypical from Penny and was not marked by a character evolution. Yes, she got a big girl job and the wardrobe to go with it. But her super femme, flirty, girly wardrobe was replaced with boyfriend jeans & flannel shirts. It didn’t strike me as Penny at all.

  6. Erik says:

    25) I like to think she’s just a fan of money and is willing to do just about any role for the right price. (Not that that is a bad thing, more power to her)

  7. GraceM says:

    My question for Big Bang is when were Howard and Bernadette alone in the apartment and why would they be in Sheldon’s room? Or even in Lenoard’s room?

    It’s not like they live five hours away and had to sleep over.

    • jj says:

      uh you don’t need to sleep over somewhere to have sex there. They explained on the show. They were visiting, he was coming out of the washroom, she headed to the washroom, and then they had a quickie on Sheldon’s bed.

  8. tallsy says:

    16. Re: Parker Young. All of Hollywood has underutilized him so why not Arrow too.
    19. I like Mike/Suits a lot, but even for a very good lawyer, this show is beginning to remind of the expression that graveyards are filled with indespensible people.
    24. The plot is not London Spy’s strength. Spoiler Alert: It somehow manages to get worse.

  9. Falcon says:

    #21- Right, SHE LOOKED JUST LIKE PARIS GELLER!!! The wig/ CGI came together perfectly. I was impressed, especially because we all know what Liza Weil truly looked like a decade ago. It also added to my personal fantasy that Paris ended up in Law School after all, fell in with Analise Keating, and changed her name. Soooo….
    #18- Team Charles, All the way.

  10. Daphne says:

    16. To think Jason Dohring is not recurring on iZombie for the pathetic use they make of him on The Originals really makes me sad. Need more Dohring on my TV!!!

  11. Erin Lowrie says:

    #11. Kudos to the show on Zoom, he is seriously one of the scarier bad guys on TV with his voice and the way his mouth is! And I was thinking the same thing about Jay saving people at the hospital. There is no way that there weren’t more! I am totally stumped on the guy in the mask and who Zoom is. Jay has to be involved somehow though.

  12. Kate says:

    18. Team Charles all the way!!

  13. John NYC says:

    “12 | While Agent Carter’s zero matter is very cool to see in action and all, does anyone have a grasp on what exactly it is and why it does what it does?”

    Agent Carter is part of the Agents of SHIELD world: in which there is that creepy pillar stuff that transported Simmons and the other pool stuff that let Fitz go to her and the Ward Inhabiting, oozy stuff. So….. nothing good?

    • Badpenny says:

      I assume this is going to tie into the upcoming Dr. Strange movie and the Darkforce Dimension and Dormammu.

    • sanchopanza says:

      I also figured it was transporting the people to that “other world”, where possibly they died long ago, of old age, starvation, whatever. The entity that is now inhabiting Ward maybe used them up one by one or they died trying to fight it.

      • Hannah says:

        no. as I recall there’s an interview in which the Agent Carter EPs ‘disown’ SHIELD and say that they don’t share plot points or continuity with it. poor SHIELD, no one will own up to being a part of it. I bet the Marvel execs haven’t even seen it since S1 along with much of the rest of the public. It’s really the shame of the century.

  14. #19: Does Mike belong in prison?
    Love “Suits” but yes, he should go to prison. And Jessica, Harvey & Louis should be disbarred and jailed too, as well as Donna and Rachel and anyone else who knew and didn’t tell. Anita Gibbs might be questionable in her pursuit but that doesn’t make her wrong.

    • Avery says:

      Do I think Mike should go to prison? 1,000 times yes. I love the show but I’ve had one major problem with the premise of the show since Jessica, etc. started finding out, which is, “Why would Jessica etc. put up with having Mike there, when all it does is screw them too?”

      I feel like the show is in a no win situation because: 1. If Mike goes to prison, there could be a time jump but where does the show go from there? 2. If Mike avoids prison but is formally barred from practicing law, where does the show go? 3. If Harvey threw himself on his sword for Mike & went to prison, where does the show go? 4. BUT as a viewer, if Mike got off scot free, I’d be upset that he got away with it (and I say that as someone who likes Mike, save for the last few episodes).

      • swanjun says:

        I fail to see just what is so special about Mike that all these people went out on a limb for him. I haven’t seen all of season four yet, but… having gotten rid of Mike (he had a job as an investment banker) what ON EARTH made Jessica take him back?!?

    • KCC says:

      I don’t know that Mike belongs in prison for fraud (selling drugs, yes). He deserves a felony conviction and probation and everyone else deserves to lose their licenses to practice law and probation as well. In the show they always win and are portrayed as being super lawyers but flawed individuals. This whole case against Mike is based on an anonymous tip. Not a single client has pressed charges because of the fraud Mike and the firm are committing. It would be difficult to give prison time when no one was hurt by the fraud and in fact all their clients apparently got their money’s worth of legal work despite and maybe even because of the fraud. The injured party is the system because someone without a license can kick so many licensed lawyers’ butts.

    • Kristen says:

      I’m only going to say no b/c I love the show and want to continue seeing Harvey Specter on my tv screen. :) Lol

  15. Dee says:

    Can’t stand the wigs, and I don’t like Eve. She is boring.

  16. Terri says:

    Yes on Elizabeth Banks…thought the same thing myself!!

  17. Kim R says:

    14. American Idol – as soon as JLo said it I thought, well that will be in the recap for sure. Haley & Reuben were the 2 I loved seeing the most.
    15. Arrow – tell her already!
    19. Suits – I don’t know how they are going to get out of this and have it seem logical. And it is starting to tip the scales in the “rooting for him” department by him asking so much of people.
    22. TBBT – I think it will happen as soon as he has a bonfire with the old one. :)

  18. Bwhit says:

    13) I’m not even watching that show, but kudos to whoever came up with that question! I’m trying not to lose it at my desk from laughing so hard.
    15) The check reveal was just as annoying as Samantha’s ridiculous demands and Oliver going along with it. Why didn’t they just have him followed on his trips to Central City, and dig into who lived in the house he was visiting frequently, or something along those lines?
    19) I love Mike Ross but yeah he’s been breaking the law for a number of years so he should go to jail…. I just don’t want him to! I agree it’s selfish to keep asking people to lie and whenever someone asks if it’s true he doesn’t even give a vague response, he just shakes his head or blinks in agreement, I guess I don’t get that logic. At this point it will be, who doesn’t NOT know that Mike isn’t a lawyer instead of how it has always been.

  19. Lilly77 says:

    #15. Arrow has lost me. Oliver never learns, still keeping secrets from the wrong people, it just doesn’t make sense anymore that he does that. He has to know what it will cost him. There have to be other ways to plot the series rather than ‘Oliver keeps another ill advised secret’.
    #24. They would have just killed Danny. I pretend the series was just one episode long, as the first episode was brilliant, then it was all downhill.

    • suzyque says:

      #15 – Yup, every year he has to learn the exactly same lesson about trusting his team and not keeping secrets. And this time they dragged Thea down with him. So glad its all going to blow up in his face next week!

  20. rowan77 says:

    8. No. I think she felt stung by the subpoena and she saw how sad and detached Alicia was on the campaign trail. Now things are going to go to sh-t for Peter and Ruth is being a good person for giving Alicia a heads-up.

    12 not really and no.

    19. Yes. He’s being totally selfish. He’s a brilliant lawyer, but he broke the law. That said, Trevor is a d-bag. Mike covered for him and put his life in danger for him more than once. And he’s too much of an asshat to help the man that could have sent him to jail at any time.

    22. I think he did between the last scene and the end credits.

    23. I’m on board with Christy not telling Marjorie about Jodi until she gets back from her honeymoon. That happened to someone I went to school with. Her maid of honor was killed driving back home from the wedding reception. The bride and groom were not told because they would forever have a shadow over what was supposed to be a joyous time. This way they can still remember the happy memories of the honeymoon and wedding. Giving Marjorie and her hubby the ability to live a week without heartbreak is a gift. And EVENTUALLY Marjorie will see it that way. As for Christy ignoring Jodi’s call for help, I wondered why she didn’t connect the two last night and feel guilty.

  21. Joe says:

    23) she did not blow off her call she said she could not talk right now, ( in real life christy would have ask if she was ok before hanging up ) but this is for ratings, I think she will be hating herself ( which and her sponsor will be upset with her for keeping it from her, and that will push christy to the edge

  22. Luis says:

    19. I could never bring myself to watch “Suits,” despite the presence of goddess Gina Torres and one of my favorite character actors, Rick Hoffman, because I am insulted by the premise of the show. The idea of someone as arrogant as Harvey flouting the law and rules of ethics because he knows better than anyone, and suffering no real consequences from it, is disturbing to me. A permanent ban on practicing law might have been a harsh judgment for Mike, but this response by Mike and Harvey, which put the careers of everyone at that firm at risk, is unconscionable. I get the actions of Jessica, Louis et al., who are basically conspiring in order to save their own skins. Mike should absolutely go to jail.

    • Jane says:

      I quit half-way through the first season because the premise was just too stupid. The liability for the law firm was such that no reputable attorney would have ever gone along with it. I know that it is just TV but unless a show has a sci-fi/supernatural/fantasy element there should at least be a modicum of realty built into the show.

      • Susan Smith says:

        Castle has lost a couple of Million fans since November because of the rewriting of characters and unbelievable story arcs

    • swanjun0 says:

      Rick Hoffman is brilliant on Suits.

  23. pecola says:

    10. Not surprised at all to discover Brandon doesn’t know Shirley Temple…he might be the most self absorbed kid on television. That kid is the worst.

    19. Yes, Mike should be in jail…and Harvey, Jessica and Louis should be, at the very least, disbarred. The longer the trial goes on, the harder it is to imagine a “plausible” version of Suits when its over.

    20. I love Mellie and Olivia palling around together, but I’m not sure how Mellie managed to type anything after finishing all that hooch.

    21. Laurel can’t go to the police because Frank knows about her role in covering up Sam’s murder but I suspect their relationship is done. It’s just as well…I like the chemistry between Karla Souza and Alfred Enoch.

  24. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    #8 Well, Alicia hasn’t come to the conclusion yet on her own, and I think Ruth knows something Alicia doesn’t. So it wasn’t totally out of line.

    #23 I completely missed that. I thought she was ditching a call from Jill, not Jodi.

  25. CIP says:

    19) I love Suits but I think enough is enough. The writers/producers put themselves into a corner when they started revealing the secret to everyone. I know Mike is one of the leads but I don’t think he should practice law anymore.

  26. Marie says:

    #18 Team Charles

  27. Susan says:

    4. You could make Bitsie Tulloch Cinderella and it wouldn’t matter to me. She still can’t act and those “startled” eyes creep me out. Color me Team Caroline!

  28. Weezy says:

    Maybe the best set of questions/observations ever!!!And that’s saying something…

    #3 No I don’t feel sorry for a mass murderer who VOLUNTEERED to be treated that way
    #4 No doubt. I think they finally realized Juliette is not the best actress and it was getting harder and harder to justify her existence on the show. Since her hubby is a writer or director or whatever on the show, I’m thinking that’s why they created Eve instead of just killing her off. I have to say I am happy with that decision because I love the actress when she is playing a robotic killer.
    #6 No…good catch. I did think the show was awful though.
    #11 Great questions….pretty much the exact things I was asking as I watched
    #12 Yes I have been waiting for an explanation for awhile
    #13 Hilarious!!!
    #14 I didn’t gasp because a)I have never watched American Idol or any other stupid reality competition AND b)I try not to get too upset with unimportant things like entertainment
    #15 Yeah it’s just getting stupid now. He’s going to look like an a@# when Felicity finds out the truth. Plus he knows that Malcolm knows about the kid and is pissed off. Which leads me to believe they are setting us up for a Malcolm/Arrow collaboration again. Just like when Malcolm was secretly helping him out before. I think they conceived this whole elaborate plan by Thea’s hospital bed before the showdown with Nyssa.
    #16 Yeah I was really surprised by both. And when they use them, it’s throwaway stuff. I personally think Parker Young’s character might secretly be a part of H.I.V.E. How else do you explain his absence from the “debate” episode (besides the fact that maybe the actor had an obligation elsewhere…maybe a new show).
    #19 Yeah he should go to jail. The second he got arrested he should’ve come clean. But I guess we are supposed to overlook this because he was willing to quit law to protect everyone and because he thinks he’s smart enough to win. Pretty sure they wouldn’t have a chance in real life with a case like this. Of course the way defense attorneys are portrayed on TV is downright laughable anyway. Everyone familiar with the criminal justice system knows that the prosecution are the ones that never play fair.

  29. Gern Blanston says:

    #19. Personally, I don’t think that he should be in jail because over the course of the show he has shown himself to be a much better lawyer than most of the highly educated lawyers that he has come across. If he was fumbling cases and his clients were worse off for having hired him then I would agree that he should have some kind of jail time. But, all of his clients were better off for having him as a representative, so no.

  30. Gerald says:

    11. Funny I didn’t think of spelling the letters on the glass. That would have made a lot more sense.
    15. Yes tell her. Thea should have known better.
    19. Yes it was a weird thing they would do a mock trial in front of the 12 people in their office who didn’t know for sure. Because after this Mock trial and Harvey’s cross he sure doesn’t look good for going to Harvard.

    • angel says:

      #19 – Not only was the mock trial a ridiculous idea for the reason you stated, but now each of those people who just learned the secret and may have already been on the list as witnesses for the prosecution, will either have to admit they know, lie, or plead the 5th.

  31. Daisy says:

    In real life Mike should go to jail. In TV world, no. That would end the show and its premise. No jail for Mike!

  32. Jennifer says:


  33. Erin B says:

    #18 – Definitely Team Charles. Josh is fun for now, but I think she has much more future potential with Charles. Not saying it’s an age thing, but she has a lot more in common with Charles.

    #21 – I was surprised by Frank’s admission. I thought he would have given up the secret about helping to cover up Rebecca’s murder first because while bad, at least he wasn’t the one who killed her. My interest in that show wanes, but this has me very curious for next week.

  34. Larc says:

    #14 The Idol judges, especially JLo and Harry, have been disingenuous repeatedly this season. JLo’s outright lie about S10 didn’t surprise me at all. I enjoyed seeing Haley and Chris Daughtry most.

  35. Grace says:

    #1 The Grover running gag really cracked me up! The black eye was funny, too. I thought the whole episode was a lot of fun.

  36. Mak says:

    18. #TeamCharles…even though I like Josh too

  37. Jason says:

    4) Considering the fact that Juliette was just an ordinary person and Eve is a merciless Hexan Beast terminator, she sort of has a leg up.
    5) The walkers can barely see anything. Rick’s group wouldn’t look like anything other than big blurry shapes. The same as the teeming hordes surrounding them.

    • sanchopanza says:

      5. Walking Dead – Right. I think they operate mostly by smell, which means the disguises work fine. It takes a very bright light (like fires at night, or the gas bonfire Daryl made), or very loud noise (like the horn on the semi) to attract their attention. Vision takes uses parts of the brain they don’t have.

  38. herman1959 says:

    (11.) The best TV Q ever! Credit to whichever tvline staffer wrote it.

    • sanchopanza says:

      Also credit to the writers/producers – if their goal was to keep us guessing, they achieved it in spades. Nobody’s sure.

  39. Stacy says:

    18. Neither, Team Josh Charles.

    23. How long until Christy implodes from the first one?! I so love MOM!

  40. Marci says:

    “3 | After everything she’s done, does anyone actually feel bad for Sleepy Hollow‘s Pandora in her bad marriage? And did the show do the right thing by reuniting the Witnesses so quickly?”
    I don’t feel sorry for Pandora at all. She’s evil.
    As for the Witnesses being reunited so quickly, they shouldn’t have been separated in the first place, given the show’s diminishing ratings. People watch for Crane and Abbie’s amazing chemistry together. Stop separating them!

  41. Marci says:

    4 | In just a few weeks on Grimm, isn’t Eve far more compelling a character than Juliette ever was?
    I always thought Juliette was pretty much dead weight on the show, especially the weeks after she emerged from her coma not knowing who Nick was. I really hated Hexenbiest Juliette and was happy when she was killed off. Eve is certainly more compelling, but I still don’t like her.

  42. Jerri says:

    I’m sure rather than have Mike go to jail, the writers will send him off to some secluded place where he’ll separate himself from society and become a lumberjack.

  43. iceblast says:

    I haven’t watched one episode of Suits yet, because I have been waiting for how they handle Mike not really being a Lawyer. Why couldn’t he have just past the bar.

    How they handle the whole Mike situation, will make me decide if I watch the show.

    Only a piece of paper is the reason why he’s in trouble. How about they send him to jail, but in a way that it doesn’t effect him being a Lawyer. While in jail, he passes the bar, and then the show time jumps forward to after he gets out, and he can be a legit Lawyer.

    I haven’t watched the show, but from what I’ve heard, he’s a good Lawyer, and deserves a pass. If he doesn’t, I think it will ruin the show, and will also end the show.

    Every case he worked on will be called into question, it will be a huge disaster.

    They need to find a cool, but believable way to get him out of trouble, for the sake of the series over all vibe, and rewatchability.

    • H. Stark says:

      By this time Mike could have passed the bar 20 times over. Make him do time served on this show and be done with it.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      He can read law in the states of Virginia, Vermont, Washington and California, then take the bar exam, like an apprenticeship. The State of New York has reading coupled with one year of law school, then one can take it, with Maine and Wyoming having similar combination requirements. There are ways to write the plotting with these real world facts in existence. I got all this from a New York Times 2014 article. This must be a current topic in the field.

  44. PatriciaLee says:

    19. I find it fascinating to see how they are going to write themselves out of this mess. Sometimes, I wonder if they are making some kind of point about lawyers needing a law school to practice, since it used to be different in Abe’s time. Other times, I wonder if they are hoping to be cancelled before they have to come up with a satisfying resolution. But they write too good!

  45. Marie says:

    18. Team Josh-they are a good pair considering the circumstances.
    23. The phone call-it was probably a cry for help.

  46. kirads09 says:

    #12 I am not an expert on Marvel. But isn’t Zero Matter the same stuff Shield is dealing with the Kree stone/portal stuff?

  47. Eran says:

    8 – Not at all. It struck me as a moment of hyper realism and genuineness on Ruth’s part. Of course Alicia *should* come to this conclusion on her own, but we’re all human – and how easy has it been for any of us to just walk away from the longest, yet most toxic relationships we’ve been in (those of us who have)? Rationale often takes the passenger seat with these cases.

    23 – I think Mom is very cleverly and beautifully setting up Christie’s relapse. The fallout from this tragedy will be severe and from a dramatic POV, it would make for fascinating (and I’m sure also funny) television to watch the roles reverse and have Bonnie for the first time be the one who’s more together than Christie and would have to help her out of rock bottom. If any of you remember the wonderful Rude Awakening, Sherilyn Fenn’s character had her relapse right after her best friend overdosed.

  48. AKA says:

    I think Mike is one of the most unlikable protagonists on TV and I feel like Suits has to continuously make their antagonists as slimy as possible to make you root for him. If the DA prosecuting him was a normal human being, I’d wonder how many people would want him to skate for skirting the laws for years.

    I mean really think about the situation Mike has been in. He is extremely lucky that Harvey gave him a chance to be more than he was and yet he shows very little actual appreciation. Remember when he put Pearson Specter on notice in S4 for a slight disagreement with Harvey? Or when he later went after Harvey personally to win the subsequent battle for control of his client’s company that he caused? He also is very insecure, on several occasions he has been a total jerk to Rachel for no real reason and it amazes me that she just brushes those off. When I see scenes like that, I really think these two are never going to make it long-term.

    And finally, he has an ego bigger than Harvey’s IMO. And honestly, less deserved than Harvey’s. The entire reason he is in this predicament is because he wanted to go for partner when everyone, including himself, knew it would be a bad idea and put him in the public light.

    So yes, personally I am rooting for Mike to go to jail.

    • swanjun0 says:

      I really don’t like Mike at all. I do like Harvey. Even as he is portrayed as glib and distanced, it’s clear he truly cares about people. What upsets me most, though, is what this ruse will do to Louis. Okay, yes, he willingly overlooked it in his desperation to become name partner, and that was wrong, but still. Fallout for him will make me extra peeved at Mike.

  49. Kir Rich says:

    19. Like all lawyers, Mike will get off on a technicality, get a slap on the wrist, told to go to school and continue doing what he always does…

    • swanjun0 says:

      Maybe he’ll do that one year mentioned above by Patricia Lee, and that’ll be season six, then the series will end with him becoming a legit lawyer.

  50. Frill Artist says:

    19) Yes, he should go to jail. The producers should know when to end a show. It’s one of the reasons Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows of all time. I like when shows have a definite ending in mind instead of just dragging things out. Harvey, Louis and Jessica should also be disbarred. Basically, the show should end with the law firm falling in this sort of tragic manner with a light romantic twist being that they can now spend more time with their romantic partners while doing something else in life. (Harvey to Donna, Mike to Rachel, Jessica to the black guy I don’t know his name, Louis to strict white woman I don’t know her name etc).