The Originals Spoilers

Originals EP Previews Klaus/Hayley's Alliance, Warns of 'More Casualties'

Cami’s fate remains in question when The Originals returns Friday (The CW, 9/8c), and she isn’t the only Mikaelson associate fans need to worry about.

“There’s been a serious casualty; before long, there will be more casualties,” executive producer Michael Narducci says. “There will be a game-changing shift in who our enemies are.”

Narducci sees the second half of Season 3 as an opportunity for the Mikaelsons to re-strengthen their family bond.

“Our family, who started the season very much at odds, is now backed into a corner together against this new threat,” he explains. “Some of the people we thought were our allies and friends might not necessarily be thus.”

Speaking of mending fences, Narducci also offers hope for fans of Klaus and Hayley’s relationship, which has been a little tense ever since he helped curse her entire pack.

“We’re going to see [Klaus] have to make bridges with some people he’s fallen out with, and I think the big one on that list is Hayley,” he says. “In order for this family to heal, Klaus has to heal his wounds with Elijah … and Hayley.”

But first, vengeance! (Come on, Aurora did just slash his girlfriend’s throat.)

“[Klaus is] about as angry as we’ve ever seen him,” Narducci says. “He’s the one who kills people’s loved ones, who destroys his enemies and tears them apart. Now, someone has done that to him, and in a sense, it’s his fault. Cami was targeted because she was close to Klaus. There’s an element of rage and an element of guilt he must feel, and I think that’s when Klaus is at his most dangerous — when he wants revenge and he wants to take people down for what they’ve done to him. We’ll see Klaus off-balance, unsure of who he can trust.”

Your hopes for the second half of Season 3? Reaction to the positive Klaus/Hayley news? And do you think we’ve seen the last of Cami? Whatever you’re thinking, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. chory says:

    I love Cami,bring her back or let her not die,Klaus and Cami’s relationship is just starting so pls. pls.

  2. Shaun says:

    Cami is not dead. Everyone knows its a red herring. Cami is going to return as a vamp. Its happening and Klamille is on the rise.

  3. Bwhit says:

    I hope Cami Isn’t dead! I really like her and her relationships with the other characters. I want Klaus and Haley to get back to what they were like at the beginning of season 2. They got along, fought the same enemies and he even teased her and gave her some advice about Elijah. The roadblock in my opinion to them getting to that place again is Jackson. Sure he came around a bit the last episode but I don’t see that lasting.

  4. Kate says:

    I figure they could make her a vampire, but I’m not sure Cami would want to be one like even more stridently than Elena and her family has a bit more of a martyr complex that she could have a longer good bye with Klaus that turns his rage from white hot and grief stricken to a colder rage. And that could be the think that elicits sympathy with Elijah and Hayley, because as helpful as Freya currently is with Hope, Cami helped her when everyone was directly after her. And Elijah could have a pure strategic problem in that he really doesn’t respect them going after their most vulnerable member (yes, there is Hope, but we all know if she was frightened, her witch abilities are right there). This might also cause Marcel to commit more fully to the Mikaelsons because he feels responsible for keeping Cami in this world and Davina could come out of her isolation as Cami was her only real friend.

  5. Helen says:

    I hope Cami isn’t dead. She’s my fave character on the show. Plus I love the relationship between her and Klaus. I’ve been waiting since the beginning of season 1 for them to admit their feelings and kiss. It would be such a missed opportunity to not have them end up together.

  6. Jess says:

    Aurora did a favor to humanity by offing Cami, although as some people have recently pointed out, it was a total “fridging” to propel Klaus’ story, and that’s kind of icky. I’m not a fan of the character and I am tired of death not meaning anything on these shows, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that she’s coming back to fuel Klaus’ manpain.

  7. citizenlen9 says:

    I want Cami to live and be reunited with Klaus. This episode is gonna mess me up even more! Can’t wait to watch Klaus’ rage for the love of his life!

  8. Loren says:


  9. Ally Oop says:

    Where is all this love for boring and annoying Camille coming from? A couple months ago there was so much hate for the character. I still dislike her, thought she was an unnecessary character to the story. I much prefer scenes between Klaus and Hayley. The only time I really liked Camille’s character was when she had that episode with Elijah. I could see her and Elijah making a good couple.

    • tanyan531 says:

      I agree.. I find Cami extremely boring and useless … Her self righteous tripe is annoying … She has been unnecessary since her first appearance and has only grown more useless over 3 seasons… The show is losing depth by having death mean absolutely nothing …What a waste …

  10. katelyn says:

    I want Klayley to get along again. He cares for her like Elijah Cares about Cami..I’m tired of them fighting, b in the same side again and as for Cami, yeah she will love..she will b a vampire most likely

  11. Stacy says:

    Thinking Cami is going to be a vamp but won’t be happy about. She’ll probably blame Klaus and turn dark and become a foe of the Mikaelsons. Hopefully Klaus and Hayley can at least be civil for everyone’s sake, especially for Hope. In addition, with the crossover coming, hoping for some Klaroline. CK and JM have amazing chemistry! Hope Klaroline is endgame, however long it takes.

  12. tanyan531 says:

    I wish they would let Camille stay dead … Besides the fact that she’s a worthless character, the show is already losing any dramatic effect by having death mean nothing… If they can bring back anyone at any time, what exactly is the point? Why care about the wars, relationships, arguments, DEATHS, etc ???? Why should viewers be emotionally invested when death is undone so easily ? I loved this show in the first season but since then, little by little, my interest has dwindled with every “undoing” they have done…

    • loulou says:

      Jackson is dead.

      • tanyan531 says:

        Jackson’s boring butt needed to die and so did Camille.. Camille needed to stay dead… Now once again good girl turned pizzed off vamp … Been there done that… LP’s acting isn’t strong enough to play it believably anyway .. Should have left that trick dead …

  13. Veronica says:

    I think the writers wasted a great opportunity to develop the relationship between Klaus and Cami as a platonic friendship and rushed into a recycled romantic storyline. I know that many people still swoon over the idea of a bad guy falling for a good girl and her being “the light for his darkness” but for me this repetitive scenario has lost its appeal.
    The thing that grabs my attention is the relationship between Klaus and Hayley. It’s been long overdue for them to discuss all the issues that stand between them. For me even now (when they are rarely given any scenes together) the dynamic between the two of them is the most intriguing. Given the chance, they could rise to be one of the most compelling tv couples. I just hope their potential won’t be wasted.

  14. Laura says:

    I just want Klayley scenes. Never have and never will care about Cami

  15. Johnson says:

    Not just that i like cami but i have love her with passion, if i dont see her again, guess the movie will surely suck. Please tell me she didnt die.

  16. Chrisa says:


  17. Belle says:

    Can’t wait for the episode and to see what happened to Cami, I love her character so much. Looking forward also yo how her BFF Vincent will react to her death.

  18. Sarah says:

    More tragic than we think? That sounds horrible! Poor Cami. I hope she comes back and can get through it in one piece.
    Looking forward to Klaus also mending bridges with Elijah and Hayley.

  19. Adeyemi says:

    I hope CAMI stay dead…we’ve missed d dreaded Klaus ……I want less talk more action….#teamKlaus

  20. Pamela says:

    I hope Cami is alive but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was dead, the writing for her character isn’t the best, perhaps she wanted off the show.

  21. Anna says:

    OFF WITH HER HEAD! Cami’s a groupie; following the vamps around & needing to be in their inner circle. She’s quite annoying, and tbh doesn’t even know Klaus. How’s about he fills her in on his days in Mystic Falls.

  22. Stace says:

    More Klaus and Cami interaction…highlight for me….:)

  23. Jennifer says:

    Cami had a whole secret room of dark objects. I think she has some protection of her own like the rings Rick and Jeremy had in TVD. She told Klaus twice in the last episode that he didn’t need to protect her- foreshadowing by the writers. She won’t be a vampire and I’m hoping will have shown she can look out for herself.

  24. Mia says:

    I want Cami back alive. If she is dead, then she has to come back as a vampire. I want to see Klaus take them all down! But please don’t end klamille just as it got going!

  25. bella says:

    I think Klaus needs Cami to balance him out, and she needs him… I feel with him making amends to the people he has done wrong will help strengthen the trust within there family….

  26. Glaiza says:

    Pls bring her back.. I think cami would be a vamp too.. Just a thought :) #bringcamiback

  27. Johanna says:

    I hope that Hayley and Klaus will get together again and that just Camille let Klaus go forever… because this is the only right thing for baby Hope and it’s more entertaining at all …