Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The 100, The Flash, NCIS, Castle, The Strain, Galavant, Supergirl, POI and More

Will The 100‘s reunion not be a happy one? Why is Castle on the move? Will The Flash meet a female speedster? Who’s new on The Strain? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

The trailer for The 100 looks amazing, but Bellamy and Octavia don’t look too happy with one another. How worried should we be? –Mary Kate
Very. Bellamy will make a decision that will no doubt upset plenty of people. But his sis is particularly angry at him given the relationships she has formed since landing on the ground.

Anything about the Clarke and Lexa reunion on The 100? —Rasha
The much-anticipated moment happens under unexpected circumstances, and Clarke isn’t so happy to see Lexa following last season’s betrayal. But a better question might be: What does the Grounder leader want from Clarke now?

Any new faces coming to either The Strain, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural or Once Upon a Time? –lilslim
I choose from Column A… and Door No. 4. For Season 3, The Strain is adding the recurring roles of Kroft, a Navy SEAL team leader who finds himself hunting strigoi (and curiously, the actor must be “comfortable with prosthetics”), and Kate Beckett Nelson, an NYPD captain in charge of a squad of combatants. Once Upon a Time meanwhile is casting for Episode 15 the role of Captain Silver, the commanding (and sometimes bullying) boss of a merchant ship.

Got anything on my favorite comedy Fresh Off the Boat? –Lillian
The Huangs aren’t slowing down on holiday celebrations despite already delivering memorable Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas installments this season. “We just finished shooting the Chinese New Year episode,” Constance Wu tells TVLine. But, the actress adds, the family’s traditions will face some challenges “in Orlando, Fla., where there’s not much of a Chinese population.”

Who was the singer fargo-finale-carof “California Dreamin'” in the Fargo Season 2 finale? –Dave
That apropos tune — punctuating, as it did, Peggy’s dream of serving her prison term with a lovely San Francisco view! — was a Bobby Womack cover.

While I’m really enjoying the direction the Rosie/Villa relationship is taking on Rosewood, things seem to be moving awfully fast. Can you say how close they will become in the near future/season? —John
“We are definitely moving fast with Rosie and Villa,” EP Todd Harthan acknowledges. “In today’s TV landscape, you can’t slow-burn your stories. We have to keep them intense, juicy and satisfying. So our plan is to keep them in the fast lane but to surprise our audience with the bombs that go off between them both personally and professionally.”

Can you please give usNCIS some spoilers on NCIS‘ Tim McGee?!? –Katrin
Lest anything in their romance go smoothly, McGee come February will struggle to figure out what to get Delilah for their first Valentine’s Day living together. Bonus, non-McGee spoiler: Also in the back half of the season, Ducky will have to complete an autopsy remotely when a murder occurs among a group of deep-sea divers who in turn must spend several days in a dive chamber with the deceased :-P

Any scoop on Galavant? I really enjoyed their first season! —Emily
On the good news/bad news front, ABC’s midseason musical-comedy continues to be the most fleeting half-hour of television in all the land. The season opener kicks off in grand fashion with a marvelously meta look at the “new season” facing each character — including Vinnie Jones’ Gareth, who’s unhappy with his lack of a royal title – as well as the modestly rated show itself (cue dig at The Celebrity Apprentice). The return of Once Upon a Time‘s placeholder also features a visit to The Enchanted Forest… and that’s all I will say about that.

How about some non-‘shipper scoop for The Flash? –David
I can report that for Episode 16, the CW hit is guest-casting the DC Comics character of Eliza Harmon, whose TV incarnation is described as an “exceptionally bright scientist” with a “split personality a la Jekyll and Hyde.” In DC lore, Eliza was a Lex Luthor-created speedster, hmm….

Matt, I was wondering if you could give us some more scoop on the “crazy” Flash episodes. –Arena
At the time we spoke to EP Greg Berlanti, he wouldn’t/couldn’t shed much light on the aforementioned Episodes 13/14 — “We haven’t made them yet” — but it sounds as if the cast will have their hands full bringing to life a far-out premise! “I don’t know if they’ll work,” Berlanti admitted. “When we do wacky stuff on that show, I never know if we’ll be able to pull it off. Usually, the actors are the ones who sell it.”

I would love to know if and when DirecTV’s Billie & Billy is coming back. –English
I asked around for you, but there is still no word on the status of Season 2.

I’ll take anything new Castle Recap Season 7 Episode 21you can tell us about Castle. –Rachael
Episode 14 will send Rick, Alexis and Hayley to Los Angeles to investigate a murder that has ties to an NYPD case. Also in that hour, we discover that a familiar face — though not Kate’s (yet?) — may be linked to Castle’s wedding-day vanishing.

Are there any Reid stories coming up on Criminal Minds? –Deane
As first reported by TVLine, Reid will be back in a big way in the midseason premiere, which is titled “Entropy” and airs Jan. 13. In that episode, the BAU implements an elaborate strategy to try and take down the “Dirty Dozen” hitmen ring, with Reid playing a central role — when he’s not on his “hot” date with Aubrey Plaza, I reckon.

Do you know if Sue will be getting a boyfriend soon on The Middle? Like maybe that Logan guy? –Amy
The answer is “no” and… “in her dreams”? Because at this time there are no plans for Sue to land a fresh fella, seeing as she will continue to crush, hard, on Logan.

Was Fish Mooney’s gotham-indian-hillbody in one of the Indian Hill containers at the end of the Gotham midseason finale? Because it looked like her from the back of the head. –Joe
It did kind of look like Fish from the back, with the edgy hairstyle and all, but as you can see from this screen grab of the reverse view, that was a younger woman (no offense, Jada!) floating inside the chamber.

Now that Supergirl‘s Hank Henshaw has revealed he is J’onn J’onzz aka the Martian Manhunter, any chance we will see any White Martians? –Vanessa
As a matter of fact, in Episode 11 — aka the third after the break — “We have a visitor from another planet who’s a White Martian,” David Harewood reveals. “There are two Martian species — a Green Martian species and a White Martian species — and the White Martians, in our story, are responsible for the death of the whole of the Green Martians.”

Will Person of Interest really have a satisfying ending? The showrunners have made so many promises and many of them turn out to be not true. –Elena
First of all, way to see that glass as half-full, Elena! Secondly, there has been no official word that the truncated Season 5, whenever it arrives, marks the series’ farewell run.”I dont think that’s really up to us,” EP Greg Plageman said when I asked for a status report. “But we have always felt like there was more story to tell” — up to and including a seventh season, he insisted. That said, co-showrunner Jonah Nolan assured, “The way we are crafting the season is that if this is it, if this is the end, I don’t think anyone’s going to leave unsatisfied.”

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman and Rebecca Iannucci)

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  1. LDS says:

    Another Beckett-less Castle episode? I guess they’ll never learn

    • dcq says:

      How does having 3 characters is LA translate to a Beckettless ep? This scoop in no way states that Katic won’t be in the ep. There may still be scenes at the precinct intercut throughout the episode. Slow down before latching onto a small detail that is no way confirmed to rationalize your anger at show runners over something that hasn’t happened.

      • KLS says:

        Thanks for this.

      • Kelly says:

        But it sounds like Beckett and Castle won’t be working the case together which is what most fans tune in to see. :(

        • John NYC says:

          I tune in to see what actually was produced. And Castle still delivers entertaining television, imho.

          That reality usually a far cry from all fan crazed nonsense that gets dreamed up.

          • Ellen says:

            Exactly John! It’s amazing how some fans can foresee the whole episode from one little tidbit. Don’t people have other real life things to worry about?

          • Disappointed says:

            I think you’ll find that the majority of viewers would give the reason they watched the show was because of Castle and Beckett solving cases TOGETHER, with the added layer of their romance, Ryan and Espo were also important elements, but Alexis was a bit of a sideshow. What started to happen during S7 and is far more obvious in S8 is that the core premise that made the original show successful has been destroyed, for whatever reason, and we now have Castle 2.0. You don’t give up on a show that you’ve sat through 150 episodes after just half a dozen, but I think as more people realise that there can never be a return to what attracted them in the first place now that Beckett is Captain and Alexis has been elevated to supersleuth they may find something else to watch, and Hayley has got to be just about the most pointless character ever. And that “voice” that Hawley said was missing from the show that she would be adding, well I think the show was doing fine without it.

          • Annie says:

            Well said “Disappointed”. It has come to the point that when Alexis and Hayley are featured in an episode or preview I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t enjoy the episode. Hayley is annoying, it makes no sense why she was instantly trusted (same can be said for Vikram), she brings nothing to the show and takes time that would be better spent with Espo, Ryan and Lannie. And, the emergence of Alexis as super sleuth this season is also completely lacking in interest or rationale. The girl needs to get a life rather than constantly lapping at Daddy’s heels.
            I fell in love with the Castle/Beckett love story and the amazing chemistry between Fillion and Katic. The refusal to showcase them this season is leading to the slow, painful destruction of a show I once couldn’t miss.

            As an aside. The last time Castle went to LA on a case, “To Live and Die in LA”, was one of the best episodes ever. There is so much a return visit by Castle and Beckett could lead to (can you imagine a conversation dealing with how they both felt the last time they shared a hotel room in LA?!?!) But, instead, we get Castle and his wanna be Charlie’s Angels. If this is the direction the show is taking after the winter break I don’t think I will be watching. What Hawley and TPW are doing to this show is just too sad.

          • Ira says:

            Interestingly enough it was AH who wrote “to live and die in LA”.

          • Disappointed says:

            And by admitting inprevious interviews that a happily married couple isn’t interesting enough, and that after 150 episodes they done just about every COTW they can think of shows his lack of creativity (L&O SVU & NCIS are still going strong with far more seasons than Castle and with a much more limited pool of subjects). The first part of the season was him revisiting the WTWT and secrets of S4, now we’re about to embark on a rehash of S5 where they are trying to hide their relationship, they tried to do a sort of do-over of Always and now he’s going back to his idea of sending them, well one of them off to LA for a case. It ranks as one of the best episodes of the series first time round but I fear this one isn’t quite going to be as good, can’t see how it can be with Beckett left back in NY. The only episode that has come any where near the show I used to enjoy was Hanning’s The Last Seduction, and even that had too much Hayley.

          • star says:

            then why r the raings so lo9w then???? have a answer for that????

          • SO says:

            I agree with you. All shows have episodes that aren’t so great sometimes. I hope it’s continued in spite of the hate comments because they don’t agree with the story line. Social media has spoiled a lot of good things, especially when the PTB listen to them.

          • shirley says:

            Certanley, one can understand our concern.

        • It may SOUND however, but what it actually will BE might be something completely different.
          Your point – that the majority of people you know/have seen comment online – that “Castle and Beckett working cases together, while being physically together, in the same room, is why fans watch” and that that possibly is not happening in this episode is very different statement from LDSs statement that this spoiler means that “Beckett will not be seen in this episode at all”.
          (Though based on this spoiler they will be separated by miles, so they will have to communicate and do theory-building using modern technology (phones, etc). But what the first poster said is too wild/incorrect a conclusion to make based on this tiny spoiler. By no means does this spoiler mean no Beckett at all. (this ep can be just like the airplane case last season, or Alexis in Paris ep earlier… where they are separated, but communicate with each other all the time”)

          You can like or dislike the direction the show has taken, but making this kind of a conclusion like LDS made is just silly. This spoiler does not mean “no Beckett” in the ep,, even if it means “no Beckett and Castle working side-by-side, in the same room, for part of the episode”.

          • Disappointed says:

            I don’t expect Beckett to be totally absent, as she was in Cool Boys, but Castle and Beckett do not interact on screen like they used to, and I think the show is the poorer for it. Beckett and Castle did not share a scene face to face In Plane Sight and I think it resulted in a weak episode, I don’t find Alexis as this know it all as a particularly enjoyable character, far better if she’d been packed off somewhere with just the occasional reappearance for family gatherings. Hopefully Hayley will stay in LA.

        • kath says:

          I’m hoping that the producers didn’t have time to work in the “too much Alexis/too much Hayley” feedback before they wrote and shot this episode.

          All I want out of Castle is Rick and Kate living and working together, Martha, Ryan, Esposito and Lainie, and less Alexis and Hayley. Is that too much to ask?

    • Vanessa says:

      I don’t think it’s that they’ll never learn, I think they just don’t care. They’re running the show into the ground because someone wants it the way things are, so it isn’t going to change.

      • Joey says:

        The next episode is tone deaf airing on Feb 1st, let us remove the music and singing and rename it fan deaf. For the simple reason that is what our show runners are, they will not hear what the fans want. They told us at the beginning of season 8 that the split will allow them to go places they could not go before, and they are right . The lowest ratings ever and more then likely cancellation in May. They are doing a fine job, more than likely going to try to vote themselves a People Choice award in January. Take a look at Castles ratings at Zap2it.

        • star says:

          the showrunners motto is see no castle hear no castle say no castle. thats about it

          • lindag413 says:

            I find it so hard to figure out if they hate just Kate or the marriage or …..dare I say a successful show that had a great duo fighting crime and a team that was wonderful and worked so well together.Sooooo they add 3 new characters,get rid of Tory and shorten every interaction I used to look forward to.Some of the old shows that H/W had written were quite good,what happened to them is what I want to know,I do know Hawley quit when they had Rick and Kate get together….so why did they let him come back?Did they know what was going to go down and thought it was a good thing?Can that be true?
            I do not accept the they do not get along so this is the solution,that rumor is old and they are well paid professionals,enough said.

          • kath says:

            I think they hate the idea of a happily together couple because they lack the imagination to write for that.
            I prescribe a holiday viewing of MacMillan and Wife and Hart to Hart to give them some ideas on how it can be done.

          • lindag413 says:

            Spoiler Alert for the Soup…..Nathan it was a joke I know but it is what everyone has been saying anyway and you now know why Castle ratings have tanked.Catch the soup finale everyone.

    • Pey says:

      What’s gotten into Hawley? Is it Beckett or Stana who he hates?

    • ndixit says:

      I doubt it will be Beckett-less given it is connected to an NYPD case. Just Castle and Beckett separated, as per usual this season.

    • Anonymous says:

      When Hawley and Winter — both experienced Castle writer-producers — were named as new showrunners, “I started to feel the character would be safe in the next chapter of Castle. I felt confident that they knew the story, the character — Terence has been on the show since Day 1, and some of the most interesting episodes for my character were penned by Alexi — and while they are eager to shake things up and aim at telling challenging stories, they would also protect the integrity of the character.”

      Wonder what Stana really thinks now? Been absolutely deafing…her silence. No media interviews about Castle since this interview came out in Deadline in July.

      The lowest rated episode in Season 7 was In Plane Sight. The daddy/Alex show. Good Lord…will they never learn?!

      These guys (AH and TPW) are complete morons and should be fired. ABC Studios and ABC execs have no backbone.

      Kill this thing before it gets any worse.

      • Ira says:

        Stana and Nathan should do a Q & A. Questions submitted in advance to weed out nasty and personal, but allow fans to ask them as Producers, story line questions

      • I love the Castle-Beckett working together dynamic, so I loved the earlier seasons (s1-s6/7), but I also love the Castle-Alexis stories and everything else that is going on this season. I love that they found a way to give the “side characters” more storylines.
        be it for creative reasons or because the main actors wanted/needed more free time (and so it is turning into more of an ensemble show than two-leads show) or else.

        The Caskett love-storyline was told, and it was in the center for a reason, but I think it is wonderful that now that they are in a strong relationship the show has shifted focus to include stories that revolve around also the people around the two leads.

        Example: I have always loved Ryan & Ryan/Jenny stories, and I have always knows I get one, max 2 stories per season with them, and I have been fine with it. But..I would be fine with more, too. Just like I am fine with currently Alexis and Alexis/Rick focus.

        • Anonymous says:

          Rhianna, I agree I just hope they get to the Loksat solution soon and don’t drag it out the whole season we are already in episode 14 and they are just starting again on Rick’s disappearance that gives them 8-9 episodes to wrap everything up in a nice bow to end the show. Since IMO this is the final season.

      • Anonymous1 says:

        Anonymous, you are completely correct I have asked the same questions silence by Stana and Nathan was asked on Kimmels and he avoided answering. I just hope when they do kill the show it ends better than it started.

        • Ira says:

          I hope that when Castle ends, that someone in the cast or crew right to tell all about the show including the last seasons whether it be 7, 8 or 7,8 and nine. Maybe then we will get definitive answers to some of the behind-the-scenes questions that were occur in these discussion groups.

      • star says:

        no, this is as ABC has directed the show to go, as to why ??? who knows???

    • Joey says:

      Looks like Rick and Kate are not completely back together by episode 11. Will the show runners even?

    • Joey says:

      What is really sad about this is it looks like by episode 11 Rick and Kate are still not completely back together. Maybe that will happen by episode 22.

    • shirley says:

      I think the writers have not gotten the idea yet.
      Would someone please let them know how we fell

  2. NDFan says:

    That Castle scoop is going to make heads explode.

    • Angela says:

      I read it and immediately was like, “Oh, this’ll be a fun comment section tonight…”. And I don’t even watch that show :p!

      • Jeri says:

        No kidding. The answer to every blind is always Bones and Castle and the commenters are always disgruntled and b–chy. They never learn that they are not the writers that made the shows hits to begin with. So boring, there are other shows with fans also. Although I am a big Bones fan and sometimes Castle fan, I trust the producers and writers to do their things.

        • Angela says:

          Eh, in their defense, considering the blind item from this past summer regarding a split on a show turned out to actually be about “Castle”, I don’t blame those fans for being a little paranoid about other blind items as a result. You are right that it’s not wise to always jump to conclusions, though, and unfortunately, people don’t seem to pay close enough attention to the information in the Blind Item articles a lot of the time (they’ll suggest comedies when the blind item specifically states the clues refer to a drama, they’ll guess newer shows when the clues are tied to an older series, etc.). So that explains some of that, too.
          I’m personally with you in overall trusting TV show writers to do their thing. Sure, there’s episodes/seasons I might not care for as much, and I may have my own personal ideas of how I would’ve liked certain storylines to go. No show is perfect, after all, and criticism is fine and necessary. But there’s a vast difference between that and just constant griping week in and week out to where it seems merely talking about the show is raising the blood pressure of those who aren’t happy with it. I’ve never been so angry with a show that I completely dropped it altogether, but if that ever did happen, I’d just quit watching and move on to something that didn’t get me so angry. But obviously other fans handle that stuff differently, so…*Shrugs*.
          There’s also the fact that, from what I have seen of “Castle” discussion in some of these sorts of articles lately, the comments have gotten weirdly personal and gossip-y, and if one’s getting to that point, I think that’s a clear sign they really should step away and take a serious breather for a while. It’s one thing to criticize a show’s writing and storylines, another entirely to start attacking other fans or fanning flames regarding cast rumors.

        • star says:

          in that case, i have some land that needs selling in hick co. its beach front property.. lol lol

        • shirley says:

          I’m a big Castle fan and do so hope your correct.

    • Disappointed says:

      LOL The perfect spoiler to encourage people to tune back in after the Christmas break¿ Just like the first S8 promo (emphasising Castle’s new role without Beckett) and the “family business” poster (revealing Castle’s “new” partner i.e. Alexis) probably helped the stellar ratings when the new season started.

  3. Cornelius says:

    God I hope POI has a decent ending if this is its last one cause too many shows get cancelled too early with unanswered questions and it’s really irritating. Also, can’t wait for The 100 to return it looks really good!

  4. Diz says:

    I would like CBS to give POI an air date!!!! GET IT TOGETHER CBS! Come on!

    • JenJ says:

      What is also weird is how POI Season 4 has been held up in getting to Netflix. It was promised back in September, then some lame excuse finally came from Netflix about the techs seeing a problem, and now no one wants to answer questions about this series. I know that it is running on WGN right now, but still, if that is the issue, surely someone thought about all of that before Netflix was promising the series. I’ve already seen Season 4 and am eagerly awaiting Season 5, but I know of people who never saw it until I raved about how good the series is and are now waiting for this. And meanwhile, what the heck is up with CBS and this series? Where is Season 5 and why all of the secrecy???

  5. Diana says:

    Thanks for The Flash scoop! Really curious about those episodes now. Could it have something to do with Earth two, or maybe even the future or original timeline? Eliza Harmon sounds interesting, but they sure like their scientists.

  6. StephonJS says:

    Captain SIlver.. or Should I say Long John Silver is coming to OUAT

  7. Dj says:

    So is the face in the Castle episode his stepmom

  8. AVansh says:

    “The showrunners have made so many promises and they turn out not to be true”

    Um, no. When have Nolan and Plageman ever lied?

    Ugh whatever. I think they’ll deliver on their promise that season 5 will be a satisfying end for the series. Now if only CBS will give us a premiere date. #maybesomeday

    • Irrelevant says:

      “Any character can die at any time.” Unless it’s Shaw.

      “This will never be a show about romance.” Unless it’s Shoot.

      “We aren’t interested in grinding out 200 episodes.” But we’ll happily take a season 7.

  9. Angela says:

    I am so looking forward to that “Criminal Minds” episode. I’m still wondering if this girl Reid’s on a date with won’t turn out to be some sort of undercover agent who ultimately winds up helping him and the team with whatever goes down in that episode. Sounds like it’ll be one heck of an intense hour, whatever happens.

  10. vp says:

    All there is to say, is that I hate CBS, if they cancel POI. Hate, hate, hate!!!!!

  11. Court says:

    Alexis needs to grow the hell up and needs to stop being around daddy all the time. The girl needs to develop her own ambitions, goals and dreams. She needs to stop clinging to her daddy’s side. another Beckett less episode no thanks. Alexis needs to go to back to college

    • John NYC says:

      Beckett will be in the episode.

    • lurker says:

      In comment to your “Alexis needs to grow… and stop being around daddy… to stop clinging to her daddy’s side” I remember a dialogue between Alexis and Castle with Castle whining and clinging in some very early season. Alexis said in objection to her father, “No, I should never leave. We could be father daughter version of “Gray Gardens”. Castle said, “Ewe”. And here we are in season 8 with that almost exactly.

    • star says:

      well ABC thinks otherwise, and that is why she i8s where she is, poor girl, at least they pay her for the trouble they r putting her through.

  12. Leanne says:

    Watch all the Castle crazies go crazy when they realise there’s another Beckett-less ep. Watch all the conspiracy theories fly. When instead it’s probably already negotiated with Ms Katic to have the time off. Gets popcorn.

  13. Kelly says:

    OMG! All I want to see is Rick and Kate have a discussion about what almost happened between them the last time they were in LA…but Castle will be there with Alexis and Hayley! Are they trying to drive fans away? All we want to see is Beckett and Castle together but they seem determined to give us anything but that.

  14. Vanessa says:

    Anyone surprised that a Hawley-penned episode is all Castle, Alexis, and Beckett’s replacement?

  15. Charissa29 says:

    Can’t wait for The 100!!!

  16. Murica! says:

    I hope this won’t be POI’s last season. That show is just amazing!

  17. Sandra says:

    Would love to know if Catherine will be back on H50 and if she and McGarrett will live
    happily ever after.

  18. Beckstle says:

    Is Castle deliberately trying get itself canceled? Seriously, I want to know if ABC get a tax write-off if a long-term popular show suddenly bombs. If not, given what the ratings have shown about that “Castle Missing” story arc and the story structure being presented, what they’re doing is completely insane.

  19. Josh says:

    Jessie Quick is a Female Flash why can’t she just get her powers?

  20. Rebecca says:

    “Any non-shipper scoop for The Flash”……sure, Jan.

    The 100 sounds delicious! I’m Team Bellamy!

  21. Mak says:

    Thank you Matt for an Iris/Barry free scoop….

    • Rebecca says:

      Man everyone has a hard on for them? Can’t even help but bring them up can you @Mak the power of WestAllen. You claim you don’t want them but here you are talking about them? Lol.

      • FashionMaven says:

        What’s funny is that CP apparently filmed a LOT of scenes for ep 12/13 and I believe 14… so it’s not like Iris (and Barry) won’t be heavily involved anyway. I wonder what for though… apparently it’s a “crazy” set of episodes… should be interesting.

  22. annek says:

    Oh, look at all the Castle and Beckett scenes we’ll be getting. Cant wait…sigh

  23. Fran says:

    Can’t wait to see Castle’s 100!!!

  24. Rosemarie says:

    Oh hell no they can’t cancel Person of Interest!!! One of the best show’s on TV!

  25. Gaby says:

    [Heavily sarcastic tone] Yes, cause that’s exactly what Castle fans want to watch. Please, keep going down this path, you guys are doing a great job!

  26. Jeri says:

    Thanks for a great column Matt!

  27. Troy says:

    At this point I don’t care if CBS cancels POI or not (which, let’s face it, is happening), I just want a damn premiere date.

  28. You know I love the spoilers you provide, though I have to call a bit of BS on the Reid spoiler, only because it is basically what the press release said for this episode that was published today. :) :) :)

  29. Cant wait to see The100 sideline its best character Raven to its worst Lexa again sigh def will skip that racist show

  30. John036 says:

    Ugh, cannot wati for Lexa’s death – as it’s bound to happen this season. She started off so interesting (tat twist in her first episode was AMAZING) but I hate how she was side-lined to be Clarke’s romantic interest (well, I wouldn’t even call it a romantic interest because it’s not like the feelings were the same in terms of Clarke), and I HATED that she basically switched sides every other episodes.

    It’s clear that the only reason they brought Lexa back was so that they could pander to the Clexa shippers.

  31. datdudemurphy says:

    Great question about Billy and Billie….that show was a huge surprise. Very entertaining.
    Hopefully a second season is going to happen.

  32. Jon says:

    I could watch Castle and Person of Interest forever!!

  33. Waleed says:

    Funny thing is that #Castle ep 14 is written by Showrunner himself. (who is in denial about the poor storyline & ratings). this season made me hate the entire series.

    This show is lost!

  34. lame says:

    I have complete confidence in the writers of both POI and The 100, in keeping their shows fresh, imaginative and exciting.Some writers seem to have a broader clearer vision and the ability to realize their final product.

  35. Mike says:

    Castle should have ended around season 4. I felt like it ran out of gas around season 5. Most shows in my opinion have to tell me where there going after about season 5. Around season 8 if they last that long they have to justify its storytelling. Castle hasn’t done that.

    As for the 100. I feel they have got the best writers around. Also it only goes between 13-16 episodes

  36. Lisa says:

    Excited about OUAT!New pirate?Hook’s enemy?

  37. Bob says:

    So glad there’s More castle and Hayley there a lot better feels like castle is better with her

  38. John Z says:

    yeah, Castle sounds horrible .

  39. steven says:

    White Martians on Supergirl? Sounds like the Imperium.

  40. I have fun with the Flash, but dang does Barry unmask to darn near everybody.

  41. mooshki says:

    If I were writing for Castle, I’d want to keep Castle & Beckett apart just to thumb my nose at all these nutty ‘shippers. Caskett are not the be-all end-all of the show.

  42. Thanks so much for The 100 scoop! I CANNOT WAIT for it to return!!

  43. Jennifer says:

    Well the show runners stop messing with Beckett and Castle’s marriage and chemistry. I’m not saying that Beckett won’t be in this episode but come on, saying we will see a face that is not Kates (yet). What does that even mean. That some how she is responisble for his disappreance on their wedding day. You have already told us he was out saving the world with an old college friend. As lame as that story line was it’s best to just leave S7 behind and start fresh. Bring back the reason why people love to watch Castle. Also while I’m on it Alexis has turned into a very little know it all type of person. I mean come one, she spent how many days with Lanie as her trainee and all of a sudden she knows all about dead bodies, she helped her Dad on a few cases and now she is a top PI. Get the girl/woman into her own career and leave her there.

    • John NYC says:

      “we will see a face that is not Kates (yet). What does that even mean.”

      Probably that his dad was involved in the disappearance or his step-mom, anyway someone we’ve already seen on the show versus some stranger yet to be introduced.

      I’d hope for the step-mom, she and Beckett had some interesting scenes.

  44. Eric says:

    Do u happen to know who is in the grave on arrow showed Oliver and Barry. looking at a headstone k say it’s Thea or someone else not felicity!!!

  45. Janice Watson says:

    Castle is my all time favorite show, but I do not like it that they haven’t finished the story about Kate and Castle’s separation! PLEASE writer’s, wake up and do not continue to spoil this show! If you can’t write, step down and let someone else who knows the show, take over! Castle and Beckett only work well together!!!!!

  46. JImN says:

    TPTB at Castle don’t listen to the fans at all. We say we want more of Fillion and Katic working together and in 14 they effectively write her out of the show. Won’t be watching that one.

  47. Phoenix5634 says:

    Honestly thank for you the “ship” free Flash and Supergirl scoops, sounds very interesting, can’t wait for shows to come back from break. Sounds like Hank is going to have an increasingly significant role on Supegirl, and I bet this new speedster scientist girl is the missing connection to Eobards ( reverse flash ) origins, I know it’s coming eventually.

  48. B.W. says:

    At some point around season 4 or 5, someone, I believe, must have pointed out that the show was ‘Castle’, not Beckett. Since then, I’ve seen the Beckett character torn down, can0on demolished, etc. JMO, of course, but sure looks like someone wants to be rid of Beckett, they keep Beckett & Castle apart so much, while adding characters that make so sense having, as well as Alexis, whose canon was also destroyed, now a partner in what seems to be ABC’s desire for a new show, ‘Castle, P.I.” Personally, I’ve lost the show I loved, a writer and his muse solving crime together.

  49. annek says:

    No interest in watching AH and TPW dismantle To Live & Die in LA, just as they have with previous storylines from the past. No interest in watching Castle do that without Beckett, in interest in Castle PI and certainly no interest in LokStat or 2 months of missing memories.
    What writing school did these guys attend and how badly do they hate Marlowe?

  50. Linda Giza says:

    Dear Santa
    All I want for Christmas are 2 things.
    1 Kate and Rick together again for good A Writer And His Muse
    2 I want Hawley and Winter in the unemployment line for Jan.1 2016
    And the second part of that request is bring back the Miller,Marlowe team and please bring Castle back to its former glory.
    And the lump of coal part of this can you please make Vikram disappear… it any way you have to….thank you.