The Flash Iris Meets Wally West

The Flash Stars Preview Wally West's Arrival, Mistletoe Action, New Power

A Santa Claus metahuman won’t be coming down the chimney during The Flash‘s Christmas-themed fall finale on Dec. 8 (The CW, 8/7c) — but there will most definitely be an intriguing new visitor on the scene.

At the moment, Joe doesn’t know that he has a son, but that will change when he and Iris meet Wally West (played by Dance Academy‘s Keiynan Lonsdale) during the pivotal installment.

The hour is “a lot about family, which is a big plot point for Iris this season, so that’s really exciting,” her portrayer Candice Patton shares. “It’s a good Christmas episode, just like the last one. Good villain, good love and good heart.”

Barry, meanwhile, is facing a turning point in his romance with girlfriend Patty. “Things are shifting with their relationship,” leading man Grant Gustin previews. While their courtship has been effortless thus far, the actor warns that it may be “getting a little harder.”

As the hero’s love life is possibly taking a turn for the worse, Caitlin’s may finally be looking up. She is, in fact, celebrating the holiday “with some mistletoe,” Danielle Panabaker teases with a laugh. Could Earth-Two’s Crimson Comet be the one locking lips with the fellow scientist? Panabaker hints that she has “some fun dialogue with Jay.”

Elsewhere, some of Central City’s most infamous Rogues — Mark Hamill’s Trickster, Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold and Liam McIntyre’s Weather Wizard — make their returns, putting a damper on the festivities. With so many foes to battle, it’s a good thing the speedster has a new trick up his costume sleeve.

“Barry does another thing with his powers that he, in the moment, discovers and that he’s never done before,” Gustin teases. “It’s kind of goofy in a way where it’s very comic book-y. It’s cool.”

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  1. Emily says:

    YES! I’m so excited to hear about Iris finally getting a meaty story. I hope that she and Wally develop a close bond the way they do in the comics, and I cannot wait for her and Joe to meet their long-lost family member. Maybe Barry will even be there for his best friend a little bit? Maybe?

    • Ian says:

      Doubt it. Barry’s “busy.” But you know what? I haven’t watched any of season 2 aside from the scene where Iris meets her mother. I’ll have to watch the scenes where Wally is introduced, just to get a sense how theyre going to handle it. If it does indeed give Iris a better story and more screentime, I would return to the show. But I think its gross she and Linda are friends after Linda’s also dated Barry and will date Wally as well. And I dont want Barry and Iris together anymore. The show treats her too badly for me to still ship them.

      • Ws says:

        Why is it gross for Iris and Linda to be friends? Iris and Barry have not actually dated yet… and she became friends with Linda after she dated him.. so I dont have a problem with it. .. we also dont know that Linda and Wally will date in this continuity.

      • Mik says:

        Actually, Iris and Linda’s friendship this season is really cute. I was skeptical when I found out it was happening, but the writers, Candice and Malese sold it.

        • Emily says:

          Agreed! Westpark friendship is one of the few things I’ve absolutely adored this season. Still crossing my fingers she’ll come back. I would love to see Iris at least introduce Wally and Linda. Even if they never date, he still needs to flirt with her and be shot down lmao.

      • Emme says:

        Iris and Linda together are so cute, but you are so right otherwise – the show has really mistreated the Iris West character and has ruined the Barry/Iris friendship. If the writers were explicit about the very “off” interactions between the two characters, it would work, but because the writers are not, Barry’s “off” behaviors with Iris just seem petty and immature. His behaviors illustrate that he, Barry, was never really a best friend to Iris, just a guy biding his time and that somehow Iris deserves this treatment from her “so-called” BFF because she didn’t immediately reciprocate his feelings? Iris doesn’t deserve this treatment and Barry doesn’t deserve Iris. Patty’s adorable, but the writing (I noticed a lot of women on their writing staff) seems intentionally cruel towards Iris and Barry and Iris and her family becoming an afterschool special.

        • Jay says:

          I don’t know. The elephant in the room, being Thawne, would make things feel a little off to me. Her boyfriend died protecting the city, and he gets the undeserved credit.

          • Emme says:

            Too true, Jay. The writing is not giving Thawne his due, at least in the private conversations… and it feels like it is an extension of this shift from away from the Iris/Barry/Eddie storyline for what seems to be reasons beyond the show. It needed to be addressed before they moved on, but they really haven’t done that and it seems so very wrong.

      • Melody Forest says:

        I think everyone is being a wee bit hard. I’ll admit the concept of linda dating wally after dating barry does seem weird. but the fact that her and iris get along and are friends is sweet i mean it’s rare that you see a relationship like theirs with no hard feelings at all. But as far as Iris/Barry i think they just need a breather after all her probable fiancee died and the city was destroyed you can’t expect them to just jump into a relationship. I do hope that Iris (candice) gets more time on the show that west-allen family spirit that we loved in season one seems a bit empty without her but i think it’ll take some time. (note) If wally doesn’t change that and iris is still absent after he comes then forget everything i just said.

        • Renee says:

          Just a reminder that Caitlin lost her love much more recently than Iris and she’s already kissing and potentially dating another guy. Therefore there’s no excuse to keep delaying WestAllen.

          • Thomas says:

            “Caitlin lost her love much more recently than Iris?” By what? An hour or less? Remember even though Eddie dies in the Season 1 Finale and Ronnie “dies” in the Season 2 Premiere, the two events are only separated by minutes as far as the storyline is concerned. But, I agree that there is really no reason to keep Iris from dating — especially when you consider Caitlin and Ronnie were married; Iris and Eddie hadn’t even gotten engaged.
            (Incidentally, I say that Ronnie “dies”, because I’m not entirely convinced he IS dead. That singularity wreaked havoc with the barriers between dimensions, Ronnie may have ended up in another dimension , but without access to the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. matrix, he cannot return to his home dimension.)

          • Melody Forest says:

            But you have to remember the fact that caitlin took a break from star labs and iced everyone out. While iris was busy pursuing barry. Iris has had no time to mend and move on completely especially with her mother coming back. You can’t just push them together if it was a real life situation think how weird it would be.

        • AOTR says:

          100% agreed. I am annoyed that we don’t get more heartfelt WestAllen moments like we did last season but people need to understand the circumstances. Barry and Iris need time to really get back to a norm with each other. Perhaps a new normal. So I’m seeing where the writers are coming from. But yeah, if we don’t soon see a gradual gravitational pull when it comes to these two becoming incredibly close again, then the writers really won’t have done WestAllen’s story any justice. I am appreciating that they’re keeping her in the loop, and keeping her important with the things she’s doing to truly help Barry this season – even if it is at an arm’s length. Time will tell with how they handle their relationship going forward, but for now (with caution), I’m buying what the writers are trying to sell here…

      • Darrell says:

        If you don’t watch the show every week you have no comment!

  2. Chrisitna says:

    Im so excited for more West family scenes. Hoping iris and wally met and be the best siblings ever. Praying for some westallen scenes

    • Mik says:

      I really want Iris and Wally to be best friends before the end of this season. I NEED that. Iris needs someone on her side. They can bond over their parents lying to them for most of their lives.

      • Emme says:

        I’d rather not see their mother ever again. Drug addict? That’s the best they could come up with? It’s like the writers hate Iris West and aren’t even trying.

        • Thomas says:

          Well, they couldn’t exactly use Iris’s storyline from the comics. In that one, she’s born 1,000 years in the future and was sent back in time for her own protection. And, to be fair, she’s a RECOVERING drug addict — but, you are right, it should not have taken her TWENTY YEARS to contact Iris.
          What I don’t understand is, why did Iris automatically assume that her mother was not going to tell her about Wally on her own? When you haven’t seen someone for that long, it’s pretty impossible to catch them up on everything at once. On the first meeting, Iris has to absorb and process the fact that she’s meeting the mother she thought had been dead for the last twenty years PLUS the fact that that same mother has a terminal illness and would like to make things right. That’s more than enough for the first meeting. I think to go on and add, “Oh, and you have a brother you’ve never met.” is a little much. That could wait until the NEXT encounter.

          • Emme says:

            I wondered how they were going to finagle that comic back story or Iris’, but there were so many other routes to take outside of drug addiction. So many. I’m sure we both could come up with twenty in 10 minutes each.

            Telling Iris about Wally would have completely been TOO MUCH. Again, the writing has been weird. You’re so right.

  3. Kate says:

    Wow, you guys are a bit late with your “news.” Everything written here has been out since October.

  4. Logan says:

    Last years christmas episode was my favorite, I hope this years will be just as good or better. Looking forward to Iris, Wally, and Westallen.

  5. Cilla says:

    Great to hear that Iris will have a more prominent role at xmas. Really looking forward to Wally West, can’t wait to see his relationship with Iris.

  6. Kara says:

    Give me West-Allen, not boring Barry/Patty!

    Excited do meet Rally!

  7. Ann says:

    I love how Grant is called a leading man and Candice is called a portrayer.

    • Ws says:

      Well Grant is the star of the show.. Candice is a supporting cast member.

      • Alex says:

        To the rest of the world, he is…
        To Iris stans, it’s “The Iris”.

        • Emme says:


          To Comic Book Television Show Stans he is, “The Only Way Unheroic Folks Can Pretend to Be Heroic because they aren’t in Real Life”.

          Clearly he is the lead, but enjoy playing victim to like, 5 people…

          • MO says:

            Show is called The Flash. Comic book is called The Flash. That makes whoever plays him the star of the show. Stanning not required. He’s as heroic as he can get without making the rest of the cast pointless.

          • Emme says:

            The idea that there are fans who want Iris West to lead and not Barry Allen is boring propaganda… the new lie that ornery fanboys and fangirls are throwing out there since their efforts to get rid of IW through erasure, maligning, artificially propping up other characters and mischaracterizing IW’s intentions, not to mention personal attacks on the actress since her casting, hasn’t worked as much as they desired. I mean, IW is basically a non-entity on the show… the anti-Iris sect won (unsurprisingly), but that will never be enough for the anti-Iris stans, I guess. Therefore explaining the obvious (The Flash is the lead) is not necessary and will always be deflection/derailing.

          • Mo says:


            Propaganda: you ignoring anything that doesn’t fit your Iris narrative, ie Iris is a supporting character, she’s not more important than other supporting characters.

            Deflection/derailing: you talking about stanning, playing victim and anti-Iris sects in a subthread about how the article described Grant & Candice.

        • FashionMaven says:

          Hmmm this comment is unfair. I don’t think any Iris fan wants it to be the Iris show, but it’d be nice if Iris wasn’t wallpaper this season. Contrary to what you’ve written, CP’s Iris is top billed as the female lead. It doesn’t mean co-lead, so clearly GG/Barry is the lead of the show, but Iris shouldn’t be shoved onto the sidelines either.

          I think the show has too much going on and I think all of the crossovers are hurting it. This season has felt like they are treading water with many characters – not just Iris.

          Also, I thought the way they did the Francine storyline was poor. It was supposed to be about Iris, yet I saw more scenes with Barry/Joe discussing it than Iris herself. Just poorly done. And they couldn’t show us Iris actually investigating her mother? It’s kinda like last season when Iris was doing all of that investigative work offscreen and discovered the connection between metas and the particle accelerator explosion… a lot of that could have been onscreen work.

          It feels like these writers don’t know how to write integrated stories very well. It’s so hamfisted. Even the way LoT has been shoehorned in is hamfisted. Cisco going on a date is the only way they could do that?

          And the only way they could give Patty any relevance before dating Barry was Iris’ metahuman storyline from last season (minus her getting treated like crap for it from Barry and Joe though)?

          The comics are such a rich resource – I don’t know why they don’t stick to them more in terms of characterization. I think the Team Flash dynamic robbed them of that TBH.

          • Rebecca says:

            The thing I’ve learned is that whenever people want to see more of a female character, suddenly fans are accused of wanting the character to be THE focus of the show. God forbid you actually want ALL the characters to be well-written AND have importance in the plot.

            Oh, and good lord… actually discussing Iris West in the comments section of an article written about Iris West with several quotes from Candice Patton discussing the upcoming arc for her character is bad now.

            Who knew?

          • Mo says:

            @ Rebecca

            Fans who keep throwing out leading lady and important to the Flash, and demanding more screen time for a SUPPORTING character is why people think these fans want Iris to be THE focus of the show. Iris is Barry’s BFF, he’s dating Patty. God forbid Iris has to share the show with another female character.

          • FashionMaven says:

            @Mo – again, you’re putting words in people’s mouths. The fact is that CP’s Iris is the top billed female on the show. That’s a fact. Sorry that’s so hard for you to understand or accept. Yes, GG is the lead – it’s his show, so he naturally would get a lot of the time… most of it. But Iris is the leading actress on the show and the lead female character. She shouldn’t be getting sidelined or scraps of screen time. Last season with Eddie on the show as the blocker for westallen, Iris still got her fair share of development. Felicity is the defacto lead now on Arrow. When KC’s Laurel was, Laurel was developed and had plenty of screen time. And now – it’s the same for Felicity. It should be the same for Iris.

            You say that Iris and Barry are BFFs – well, that’s not being shown right now at all. And that friendship is the heart of the show, imo.I think that’s part of what’s missing this season – it’s the heart.

            And it’s not really about Patty – I think Patty illustrates the writers don’t know how to write things in ways that integrate characters naturally. In order to give Patty stuff to do, they basically stole Iris’ metahuman angle that would have easily integrated her into the show in her actual job as a reporter and gave it to Patty. Sorry – I just don’t buy that – and it’s frustrating seeing that Iris development has come to a standstill. Even the storyline about her mother ended up being more about Barry/Joe talking it over than Iris and seeing any Iris PoV.

            It’d be nice if you would stop twisting what Iris fans are saying to fit this narrative you have of us. We don’t want “The Iris Show” – we just want Iris to be treated as she’s billed. Many fans came to watch this show because CP was cast as Iris.

            I think the show has too many characters on it right now – the dialogue is stretched too thin… too many characters to spin off, too many pilots to launch… it kinda sucked the heart right out of the show, imo.

          • Mo says:

            CP is top billed female but still a supporting character. Unless they decide to follow Arrow & turn Flash into The WestAllen Show, it doesn’t mean much. Iris is a friend now and that’s what you see. Their friendship wasn’t the heart of the show last season and it’s not this season. Why the freak out over Patty who is temporary? Iris’ fans don’t like any female linked with Barry and they’re not even dating. Iris and her fans have that in common, that’s for sure. Guess you didn’t see the comments demanding more more more Iris, that they only watch the show for her. Even you. What’s there to twist? They, and you, want The Iris Show.

  8. Alexis says:

    I find it hard to believe that 2.09 will top 1.09 at least not with the way the writing has been this season. I hope Wally’s arrival means more screentime and storylines for Iris. I want to see the Wally/Iris bond like in the comics. I also hope we start getting westallen scenes

  9. Tilly says:

    I’m looking forward to Wally West! I really want some WestAllen (Barry and Iris) it would be so beautiful. That’s the main thing I want this Christmas!

  10. Debbie says:

    Iris West is so loyal, courageous & beautiful, why would she be interested in a guy who dates any female who even slightly shows interest in him? She is way out of his league. And the Barry/Patty storyline is boring, common and trite. Barry’s S2 characterization dismisses his S1 confession of love for Iris. It depicts him as petty & undeserving of her love, let alone her devotion. In S2 so far he’s been an awful friend if not totally disrespectful. The writers may want to re-watch S1; cause this Barry isn’t much of a hero to anyone.

    • Mo says:

      All the more reason for Wally. With him around, Iris doesn’t need Barry.

    • ndixit says:

      This is such a stupid comment and its exactly the reason why some Iris fans are called crazy. She chose Eddie. That was made pretty clear last season. So why exactly isn’t Barry allowed to date someone who likes him?

      • mitch says:

        LOL I thought her reasoning is illogical. Just because Barry confessed his love in S1 and is seeing someone else in S2 makes him petty and disrespectful?!?!?! LOL But IMO, complaining how Grant was called the leading man and Candice called a portrayer is the stupid comment. That is why Iris fans are called crazy.

        • Tai says:

          Yeah, Iris fans are a little intense. She’s good and all. I’m liking her a lot more this season, but she’s not the main character. The show is called The Flash after all. Not to mention, they act like Iris didn’t choose Eddie over Barry over several episodes. Now that he’s dead, Barry is supposed to just jump in there and try and take advantage? Westallen is going to happen. People just need to relax and let it.

      • Emme says:

        This is classic “ship” writing by shows that expect and encourage “shipping triangles”, etc…. Iris fans are not worse than any of the psycho fans who wanted to pair the Flash with others while actually attacking the actress. Like… the actual actress Candice Patton… Is that normal? Are fans typically writing to actresses calling them animals and telling them to die?

        I’m not typically in fandoms, but I’ve gotten a taste of the crazies and Iris fans, are not they.

        Like… I don’t care if Westallen happens or not, but this M.O. of WHINING and EXAGGERATING the behaviors of these fans every time one or two Iris fan say the most BENIGN of things is just … so weak. Please grow up. “Stupid?”… Are you ten? There are worst fandoms in this “show” that need your policing and whining.

        • ndixit says:

          There are more than a few examples of crazy Iris fans on this board itself. And the comment is stupid and I called it that. I don’t have to be even ten to realize that. If you have an issue with me calling out the truth about a comment, than that’s really your own issue. I don’t think all Iris fans are crazy but the reason that people think Candice/Iris fans are a little nutso is because of comments like these and that’s exactly what I said. I don’t deny that some of the anti-Iris fanatics are just as crazy.

    • Brea says:

      Iris had her romance with Eddie during season 1. Barry needs to get some side action instead of another season of pining over Iris. We know they are the end game but getting them together too soon makes them boring. Lois and Clark sucked once the two got married. This show has the chops to make at least a 10 year run.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I think you might want to rewatch season 1. Iris is irrational, sometimes inconsiderate, and I’m pretty sure she gets some twisted sense of delight from leading-on Barry. Don’t get me entirely wrong, she does have her occasional good moment… But she’s lying to herself about her feelings for Barry, there’s multiple scenes in season 1 where she’ll just go quiet and leave, or get defensive when her true feelings for Barry get brought up. And she’s been using like every excuse she can just so she doesn’t have to admit it. She’s the one that doesn’t deserve Barry’s love and devotion.

      And Barry had already told her how he feels, twice I’m pretty sure, he has the right to move on and date other people if Iris is going to be the way she has been. What do you fans expect him to do?, keep begging her? Lol ur all delusional. Your precious Iris is all to blame for the lack of relationship between her and Barry this season.

      • giana says:

        Uh, I think you need to re-watch season 1 if that’s how you think Iris was portrayed. Do you really think the writers decided to write their leading lady as “irrational, sometimes inconsiderate” with only an “occasional good moment”? Not a chance. Which means you’ve been watching with some blinders (or haters) on.

      • FashionMaven says:

        It sounds like you’re saying that Iris doesn’t even deserve friendship from Barry because she didn’t return his affections romantically (given that she was already in a relationship and was loyal to that)?

        That’s… kinda sexist, don’t you think?

        And your characterization of Iris is just not what aired. At all. I thought Iris was one of the most selfless people on the show and she was the one who believed in Barry and believed Barry about the RF when no one else did.

        I think the only legitimate criticism of Iris would be how she responded to Linda’s question (that Linda really shouldn’t have asked though). I don’t think Iris was trying to salt Barry’s game – but since the writers refused to give us an Iris PoV on that, many fans excoriated her for that.

        Pretty sure even if Iris has feelings for Barry now, she’ll keep them to herself. She truly wants Barry to be happy so she’ll likely hold them in and self sacrifice on that one… it’s going to take someone on the outside looking in to tell Iris to tell Barry (and then she’ll sacrifice and keep mum), or tell Barry themselves (the person on the outside looking in). Maybe that will be Wally.

        Either way – couldn’t disagree more with how you’ve described Iris according to what I watched air on the show.

        • Henry says:

          S1 made it pretty obvious that Iris has feelings for Barry but was loyal to the relationship she’s in with Eddie, so my guess is Barry moved on.. For now

    • courtney says:

      So why do Iris fans still ship westallen? lol. Stop getting mad when people ship barry with someone else, and start wishing for a new love interest who you think actually deserves her. I never understand people who hate one half of their ship.

  11. Mik says:

    I am SO excited for Wally. If they do right by Iris and Wally in this episode, then I can forgive most of the rest of 2A. I really hope they don’t cut a bunch of stuff out from the West Family saga in this ep for other stuff.

  12. Jax M. says:

    Not interested in Patty Spivot, when will she leave? Her “relationship” with Barry is so boring.

    It’s about time we met Wally West and let’s hope for some good things for Jay Garrick. His screentime has been stolen by the ridiculous carbon copy Felicity named Patty. Just kick rocks already. We get it Barry needs to be serviced do it and leave.

    • Danyelle says:

      lol that was a strangely “strong” opinion. Its all make believe lmao!

    • Tema says:

      You Iris West fanatics are truly something. What in the world does Patty Spivot have to do with Jay Garrick’s screen time? Absolutely nothing. How ridiculous.

      • Jax M says:

        @Tema Lol. Where in my comment did I mention any other female character or relationship? I’m here for the Speedsters: Barry, Wally, Jay even Jesse and they’ve been blips on the radar because this walking talking wannabe Felicity is stealing screentime. It’s unnecessary when she’s just a love interest who will eventually leave. The show should focus on the greats! They have THE JAY GARRICK and he’s background music. How is it possible to have Jay Garrick, the Crimson Comet is pushed aside for this “nerd” girl? (And I say it in quotation marks because she’s barely pulling it off).

        This is why the show doesn’t have its priorities straight, fans like you would think the only reason I wouldn’t like Patty is because I like another female character. No! Take of your shipper sunglasses! It’s the fact Patty Spivot is one of the most pointless characters in the Flashverse. I suffered through her antics in the New 52 and now I have to put up with her on the show?

        At least her comic counterpart had some personality. All Felicity 2.0 does is follow Barry around with her tongue out and tail wagging.

        Geez! Sorry for being a guy who doesn’t care about whether Barry Allen gets laid or not. There I said. That’s the sole purpose of Patty Spivot build up Barry’s ego. Shes a wham bam thank-you ma’am!

        So get it over and done with and let’s focus on Jay Garrick. You know The Flash they promised would be his mentor at comic con? Not the desperate cop invading the show like an STD.

        If this were Daredevil I wouldn’t have to put up with this or fans such as yourself Tema!

        • Ws says:

          Wow,, Patty is essentially replacing Eddie on the show.. her screen time is unrelated to anything with Jay..

          • Jax M says:

            @Ws no she’s not. Eddie never took up this much screentime and he was actually a series regular. So if he did, it was warranted. She’s a guest star, playing a pointless love interest, meanwhile Teddy Sears, The Flash is not featured in every episode like she is.

            If Barry/Jay had all the wasteful and boring scenes Barry/Patty have he’d would be able to defeat Zoom instead of getting his ass kicked.

            Patty is her to sex Barry and I know it’s the CW so some cheesy random love interest has to be introduced for a little while BUT not monopolizing all the screentime.

            I’m waiting to be rid of Patty Spivot.

          • Ws says:

            Shes a recurring character.. not a guest star like Sears… and she is replacing Eddie as Joe’s partner and a romantic interest for one of the characters.

          • Emme says:

            I think Eddie actually got more time than Patty. Pretty certain, actually, but it’s still early in her development.

        • Shika says:

          @Jax I wish there was away to upvote your comments because this is exactly how I feel about how they are WASTING Jay on the show so far. Patty gets to “accidentally” run into Barry at Jitters 3-4 times in a episode or “lol” at cat videos to people at work because the show wants us to invest in a relationship we know is DOA anyway, but Jay has to 1. Be attached romantically to Caitlin for some reason and 2. disappear for episodes at a time because the show has NO idea what to do with him. I am hoping that once Wally comes in they can finally pull the trigger on Barry/Patty and move the show back towards building the Flash family and fighting Zoom

          • Jax M. says:

            @Shika thank-you! I remember watching that episode thinking, “you have got to be kidding me, does she have nothing else better to do?” Plot twist: Patty Spivot is a robot. She has two modes “OFF” and “ON Barry Allen”. Literally ON him. It’s weird. Hanging out in his lab for two days? Go home! I would not have been this opposed to Patty had she not been such a leech on the screen. Jay has only put on his helmet ONCE! I don’t know if the show is trying to subminally force her into our self conscious by having her pop up everywhere but it’s have the opposite affect on me.

            Where is Jay? He’s in a different Earth with no money! How is he surviving?

            I’m clearly extremely disappointed, as you can tell. They’ve made Jay into a coward who walked away over a difference of opinion. But to be fair Barry’s acting weird this season too. I’m wondering if they got a different writing team or something, who aren’t familiar with the comics or with Season 1 for that matter.

          • Shika says:

            @Jax (idk why i can’t reply directly to your comment) same. I’m so bitter about Jay, and I’m over Barry needing 8 different people each episode telling him he’s the best before he can believe it. Tbh with Patty, if they wanted her to work they should have introduced in the background of Season 1 (like Singh amount of screen time) and focused on her being a cop first and low-low key interested in Barry (sort of a double triangle with Iris/Eddie/Barry and Iris/Barry/Patty with Patty not being a major factor until season 2). Because they didn’t do that, not only do they have to build up Barry Patty as a couple in the limited episodes she’s supposed to be on the show, they also have to build up Patty as an individual at the same time because no one knows who tf she is, which contributes to her taking up screen time and forcing her into cute/awkward situations. It seems obviously to me that they’re pushing along this relationship at light speed with the hopes of getting some big emotional pay off when it goes wrong mid 2b (like the emotional payoff they got with Eddies death), but I don’t think they are going to get the emotional reaction they are looking for. I’m not invested in her. She just got here, and I know she’s not staying so it’s hard to care about her like I know the show wants us to.
            I agree Barry is acting weird. He’s not as fun/happy as he used to be in season 1, and there’s a legit disconnect between Barry and Iris season 1 vs season 2. Whether that’s on purpose (he still has issues about not being the hero?Eddie sacrificing himself) or the writers just suck this season idk. They’ve had continuity issues before. There’s just this dissonance over the whole first half of the season. plots are clashing and not working well together for me. I’m hoping once the crossover is over and they officially spin off LOT it will get better. That will be one less ball to juggle. Jay is (hopefully) getting his powers back, Wally is coming, and (hopefully) Barry/Patty is finally on it’s way to whatever emotional resolution it’s supposed to have so it can finally be over we can move forward.

      • Emme says:

        Do you not believe that the writers are intentionally eliciting these responses from fans? This is basic writing for television. Must some be dramatic about the most basic, normal responses from some fans who are interested in the triangle dynamic? Is this so unusual? I find the scolding and shock, disingenuous.

    • Ws says:

      Patty is actually a character from the comics that was created before Felicity.

      • Emily says:

        Patty in the comics is nothing like she is now on the show. Whereas her show version was introduced on this very site as “Barry’s own Felicity.”

      • Jax M. says:

        @Ws I’m a comic reader I know that but Andrew Kriesberg promoted her, searched for her to be “Barry’s Felicity” and behold his success. The annoying Patty Spivot every Tuesday 8/7c. Who is not like her comic counterpart?

        And what issue are you referring to where Patty resembles Felicity in the slightest? I’ve yet to read one. Enlighten me?

        • Ws says:

          i havent read much of the new 52 stuff… but prior to that she was his partner in the crime lab… more computer stuff… she wasnt a cop like she is in the show.

          • Jax M says:

            @Ws of course you haven’t read much of the New 52 otherwise you wouldn’t have made that comment. That was my point.

            Non comic readers: actually in the comics which I haven’t read she’s…

            Really?! Even pre New 52 nothing like Felicity. Using a computer does not a Felicity Smoak character make. It’s called being a human with computer skills.

          • Ws says:

            She was kindof the geeky lab girl in the comics that I read… more similar to Felicity than the tv show version

  13. Ingrid says:

    I can’t wait for Wally to finally make an appearance and I’m super excited to see his relationship with Iris. Hopefully that will pick up her storyline this season because it has been severely lacking, which sucks because she’s my fave on the show and the first half has been pretty disappointing in that regard.
    Also hoping for a westallen scene. Last season we got the beautiful love confession which was beyond amazing. Hopefully we’ll get a good one in this one too.

  14. Tema says:

    How did Tvline become Iris West Stan Central? What a mess.

    • Ws says:

      Exactly. why are there so many posts that basically say the same thing? The same person with different screen names?

      • Mik says:

        Maybe because Iris’ fans all feel the same way and are really excited for Wally since she really hasn’t had anything to do all season so far?

        • Ws says:

          Shes had about as much screen time as last season… I didn’t much care for her thing with Eddie last season though.. they never had much chemistry

          • Mik says:

            She has had far less screentime and development this season than she did at this point last season. She literally only has one line in the crossover (assuming it’s not cut) and last year in the crossover, she had plenty to do even not being in on the secret. The thing with Eddie was boring, but it did give her some development.

          • Ws says:

            The crossover is about setting up the spinoff show so it will focus on those characters.

          • Mik says:

            There’s a totally unrelated Harrison/Jay storyline in The Flash half of it, but even if it was about setting up that dumb crossover, there’s no reason for Iris to play no role at all when she’s now a part of the team. I’ll be so happy when that spinoff airs and they can stop wasting time on The Flash to develop it.

      • Jax M. says:

        You two are so strange @Tema and @Ws. How about you let commentors comment on whatever they want?

        Talk about Single White Female much? Why are you so obsessed with them commenting about Iris. Even when my comment had NOTHING to do with Iris you were talking about Iris.

        Clearly Iris West is a hot topic. You are all so obsessed with her and what other people say about her.

        Damn, you even have me talking about her now. Girl’s a magnet, I guess!

        • Mik says:

          Iris is a great character who deserves better than she’s getting so far this season.

          • Ws says:

            Are you her agent?

          • Jax M. says:

            Clearly @Ws and @Tema are obsessed with Iris. They can’t stop talking about her. Even when other people aren’t.

            Have they even commented about what they are interested in?

            Like I said, we’ve got a case of Single White Female. Watch out!

          • Ws says:

            I’m not obsessed with her.. just responding to other people.. and i’ve commented on your Jay Garrick stuff down below also.

        • Kate says:

          She’s a magnet, alright. A magnet for obsessive fans.

        • AdM says:

          I’m sorry but Iris is one of the most poorly written characters in these superhero TV shows. Since season 1, I keep waiting for the amazing Iris West all comic book fans refer to and it has not happened yet. Every other character is miles ahead of her in terms of being functional & in development. I do not like Olicity but I like the character of Felicity because she is functional & an important part of team Arrow. The same cannot be said for Iris. She was cast in a Love Interest role and the show does not know what to do with her when she’s not playing that role. It’s very disappointing.

      • mitch says:

        the site may be commented on by anyone without registering so… yeah.

      • FashionMaven says:

        The obvious answer is the simplest one: Iris has a lot of fans.

        Why does that bother you so much?

    • Christina says:

      Why the salt ? :-)

    • fanboy says:

      and the bashing of other characters is not limited to other female characters too. any character who gets more airtime (including the title character himself) is blamed whenever queen iris isn’t the focus.
      oh yeah, that goes for articles too! if candice is not praised, her stans go wild. lol

      • Emme says:

        The only character who has been bashed is the only character whose fans are out there trying to support her, to your chagrin. Like calm down dude. It would happen for any character who had similar treatment since before even the first episode aired. All this faux “clutching of the pearls” from fanboys and girls who are PSYCHOTIC as fans when it comes to their shows, comics, etc…. is just getting embarrassing.

        There are movies about how sadly dependent and vile fanboys and girls are yet… “Heavens to Betsy!” Iris West stans are SOOO shocking! Like stahp. This story you all are spinning is beneath adults and is the tool of weak spirited people. There is nothing lol about that.

    • Emme says:

      … and here we go…

  15. Cyn says:

    Excited about Wally’s arrival. Doubt this year’s Christmas episode tops the last one though. This season has been disappointing to me so far, hope it picks up in the second half of the season.

  16. Hailey says:

    Someone on this board is mad Iris West actaually has fans who are happy and excited about her potential sl seperate from barry how *cough starts with T* how sway. Anyway thanks for this scoop all I heard was Wally and Iris and I am so pumped for this. Not going to reiterate what’s been said already about her lack of sl this season so far no I’m just glad for any good news reference her character. The man in yellow was one of the best eps of the flash imo and I hope this Xmas one lives up to it….no pressure. Thanks again for the scoop.

  17. Can’t wait for Iris and Wally to meet and hopefully some good #Westallen!

  18. Nilani says:

    Iris, Wally & Westallen
    DASSIT !

    Also, suuuuper duper excited to see Keiynan Lonsdale finally debut on The Flash. I watched him on “Dance Academy”, and I loved that show. He’s a great dancer, very charismatic and I cannot WAIT to watch his scenes with Candice Patton, and see what their dynamic is like. They’re both such beautiful, handsome people <3

  19. Abigail says:

    I am excited to see what they have in store for Iris this season. Plus we will get more of the West family dynamic now that Wally is coming. :)

  20. Wally W says:

    Honestly this season has been a bit of let down. I’m disappointed with what they’ve done with Jay Garrick. I was expecting more of a mentor relationship with him and Barry. Jay’s done nothing and has been reduced to a stop gap romance for Caitlin. I hate how sidelined Iris is. Henry’s exit still makes no sense to me, and the list goes on.

    Anyway I’m really excited for Wally West and his relationship with Iris. If they don’t start out that way I hope they develop a close bond. Also hoping this means Iris moves off the sidelines and into the forefront. This may be hopeless but I hope they don’t go the stereotypical route with Wally and make him a deliquent.

    Not interested in Barry/Patty. I’m bored with it it but I resent how Barry/Iris friendship has been almost non existent or rather one sided since she arrived. I get Barry needs to explore this new possibility. What I don’t get is why Barry/Iris can’t be shown as close friends while she’s around. We saw their bond while Iris was with Eddie and when Barry briefly had Linda.

    Caitlin/Jay- Jay Garrick deserves so much better than what the Flash has given him. He’s lost his powers. He cut and ran out on Barry. He’s supposed to be Barry’s mentor but I’m not seeing what he could teach him. E2 Harrison Wells has taken his place. Worst of all they’ve sidelined him to a stop gap romance with Caitlin. I hope the second ha’f of the season is much better for him

    • Ws says:

      This season has been giving Cisco more to do than he had last season and that has taken some of the screen time from the other supporting player.. I’m sure it will even out as time goes on… I do agree about being disappointed with what they have done with Jay.

      • Mik says:

        The thing is, Iris is the lead female character on the show. No one should be taking time away from her.

        • Ws says:

          It is Barry’s show.. The other cast members are all part of the supporting cast… and there is only so much screen time available.. If they want to focus a bit more on Cisco (who didn’t get that much to do most of last season) and a bit less on iris that is there choice.

        • fanboy says:

          no one should be taking time away from her???
          i’m sorry to break this to you but it’s not her show.

          • Rebecca says:

            She’s lead female, dude. I know it bothers you, but it is what it is. And as it stands, if the writing for her character were better, people wouldn’t be complaining about it.

            How that translates to “I want this to be the Iris show” is something that’s in your warped brain. I mean, how dare people want Iris to be allowed to deal with Eddie’s death? Or have scenes with her actual father? Or you know, get support from her supposed best friend, after she’s been actively supporting him over all seven episodes (and the entirety of season 1)? God forbid people *actually* want to see this character that’s lost her boyfriend to suicide, found out her dead mother is alive, AND that she has a younger brother get SOME screen time that actually shows her DEALING with those bombshells. THAT all goes to her character development since those are things happening TO her specifically.

            Plus, the writers managed to do that with Caitlin. She talked about Ronnie’s death, how it impacted her, how she blamed herself, how she tried to move on by working at Mercury Labs, and how she actually moved on by clinging to Jay. That happened in TWO episodes, yet we’re supposed to believe that Iris can’t have that same development for her character?? REALLY??

            But hey… maybe you’re fine with those dangling plot lines. I’m not… it makes the entire show disjointed and in limbo (and I get it because they’re setting up Legends of Tomorrow, but come on… The Flash/Arrow shouldn’t be some 5+ episodes set up for Legends of Tomorrow). Arrow set up The Flash in two episodes. We’re getting multiple episodes on TWO shows setting up Legends of Tomorrow to the detriment of Arrow and The Flash (although Arrow is handling the introductions more organically than The Flash)

          • Mo says:

            @ Rebecca

            Iris is a supporting character, dude. No one is complaining except Iris fans who watch for her and not the show. All that stuff you want to see? On The Iris Show. To repeat the same Caitlin scenes for Iris would be redundant. Caitlin married Ronnie. Iris was still waffling around until Eddie made it a moot point. And as you already pointed out, too much time has been devoted to non-Flash stuff, no need for to waste more on non-essential issues like Iris mourning for a guy she wasn’t too sure about from the time she met him to the moment he let her off the hook. THEN she decided she really wanted him. Huh.

          • FashionMaven says:

            @Mo – at least if you’re going to bash Iris, get your facts straight. Iris wasn’t waffling with Eddie at all. They had decided to be together and were together. She stayed loyal to him (loyalty is a good character trait).

            And funny – some think Iris fans don’t care about Flash overall, when we do. We want it to be better – because we know it can be. Without Iris, Flash has no future. Period. Any comic fan knows that – without her, he’d get lost in the speed force and we’d never get Bart, Don or Dawn. Iris is Barry’s anchor and that’s just basic Flash mythology. We’ve already seen a bit of that with the way Iris helped Barry break free of Grodd and also in the blue spark (HELLO SPEED FORCE) that Iris and Barry shared when he was in a coma and also when Eddie was taken by Reverse Flash.

            Look – I love the Flash show. It was great in S1 (although rather sexist) and it’s still got some rough edges. A major one is them not giving Iris a PoV. We should know if she has feelings “that way” for Barry. Any comic fan who acts like that’s not important isn’t a real Flash fan – you’d wipe out the whole Flash family, lol. And beyond that, we should know how she’s dealing with her mom, having a brother, and Eddie’s death.

            It’s jarring that we got that for Caitlin, but they gave Iris the “Strong Black Woman” trope instead. They easily could have had Caitlin and Iris have a friendly chat about grief, with Caitlin being ready to move on and Iris not yet ready – and bonus, both ladies would have gotten more PoV.

            @fanboy – Iris fans know it’s not the Iris Show. Please stop with that false representation of the fanbase. We just want to see her get a PoV and to know what’s going on in her head. I think the writers aren’t giving us that about Barry because that would move toward WA too fast? I dunno – but they could then keep us in the dark about Barry’s feelings because Patty is there. But beyond that – at least let us know what’s up with Iris’ thoughts on her mom, brother, etc..

            Too bad Linda is gone – I liked her friendship with Iris.

          • Mo says:

            @ FashionMaven

            Yeah she was waffling. What do you call her “maybe” while Eddie was STILL missing? Then Eddie got the jump on her once he was found and let her off the hook. THAT’S when she decided to be with him. But if you want to say she stayed out of loyalty, ok. Doesn’t say much about her love for Eddie, so what’s the point of showing her grief?
            “Without Iris, Flash has no future. Period. Any comic fan knows that”
            See there you Iris fan go again. The show is only loosely following the comics, as if you didn’t already know that, with Iris herself the number one example. Do yourself a favor & just stick with the comic books.

    • Jax M. says:

      Thank-you another person sharing my Jay concern. Where is he? Why aren’t they focusing on him? Henry Allen leaving was silly, he’s Barry’s real Dad, not Joe (who seriously needs to calm down – you are NOT the father as Maury would say).

      I don’t like Jay and Caitlin, not when I was hoping to meet Joan or at least have her mentioned. So much missed potential. And I’m sorry I blame the introduction of Patty Spivot who is the only wasteful addition to the cast this season!

      • Ws says:

        They probably have a certain number of episodes they are allowed to use Jay.. due to whatever deal they have with the actor.. The season has a lot of new characters. I think they didn’t know what to do with Henry Allen but they could have given him a better reason to leave. I would have liked them to have Jay be more of a veteran hero like his comic book version and wish he could have kept his powers… that storyline and creating a new Firestorm (that isnt Ronnie or Jason) are the things that bugged me.

        • FashionMaven says:

          I really think all of the characters on the canvas is causing huge issues with giving people PoV and airtime. I’m kinda glad Firestorm and Kendra are going to be off on LoT soon… that’s three down… but now we’ve got:

          Patty (almost forgot her, eek)
          Firestorm (2 characters) part-time

          Last season it was just Barry, Iris, Joe, Caitlin, Cisco, Harrison, RF, Firestorm (2). More characters got developed, imo.

          It’s the crossovers… it’s just too much, imo.

          And I’m with Jax M., I’ve been disappointed with the lack of development for Jay. All we got to see him do was teach Barry to throw lightning (which Zoom tossed back in his face, lol). The rest is him and Caitlin? That’s one person who should be doing more scenes with Barry. I keep wondering if Robbie Amell leaving made the writers have to start over again with Firestorm – but that was only one episode. And then I wondered if they felt they needed to give Caitlin another love story to give Jay something to do? Why couldn’t Jay be Barry’s mentor?

          I feel like they are just going to be treading water with Jay until Wally shows up and give Jay his powers back just so all 3 can take on Zoom. But the story is dragging.

          Enter Zoom finally kicked things up a few notches – but still… it’s a bit of a Sophomore Slump.

    • Emme says:

      Thank you for bringing up Jay. I’m surprised with how well cast the character is. It’s still pretty early in the season (I know it doesn’t feel that way, right?). I CANNOT imagine their not bringing Jay back to his former glory while giving him the time he deserves. Fingers crossed. Thank goodness Cisco is getting more time, though.

  21. Jade says:

    Thanks for the scoop! Looking forward to Wally and I hope this is an ACTUAL storyline for Iris and not more talking up of stuff that doesn’t really happen.

    Any chance Patty is from Earth 2 so her character has a purpose outside of love interest? Or that Jay will have a storyline outside of being Caitlin’s love interest?

    Looking forward to the back half to see!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Jay will definitely have a storyline besides Caitlin, pretty sure Jay will play a key role in helping Barry with Zoom. No way they introduced the original flash just to make a mockery of him.

  22. Achille says:

    Great news for everyone, I’m excited! Barry’s new power… I love it when they go all comicbooky on us. King Shark was a pure gift to us, didn’t bring anything more to the plot, just plain -amazing- fan service. I am eager to see the crossover but for the action and flarrow fun, I am way more excited about the flash characters’ development in 209 though. Caitlin may actually finish a midseason/season without a broken heart?? More Iris sounds definitely like a good christmas present. Wally is the cherry on top of all that (please writers, don’t make him early New 52 Wally… He’s so much cooler in recent stories, especially in his relationship with Iris!) Can’t wait!

  23. Lily says:

    I’ve seen lots of people wonder why Patty exists on the show this season, and I’d still bet money that the real reason is because the show wants us to know that Barry’s had sex with at least one person before Iris. And I think that’s happening in the mid-season finale, so yay, mission accomplished. But the whole thing is so unnecessary…first of all, why is that such a big deal anyway- just because he’s a guy? So what if we never see him sleep with someone else? And second, if they are so convinced that he needed to be shown getting some experience, they could have easily given him a one night stand and not had to waste SO much screen time on a completely boring, unnecessary character, and a romance that NO one cares about. I know he’s not Oliver Queen, but everyone can have a slip. At least that would have gotten this apparently pressing issue out of the way in like, one episode.

    • mitch says:

      from what i’ve seen A LOT of people like patty and have no problems with her… and i mean in discussions after episode reviews (where you have to be registered in the site to comment; not PR articles like this one where 1 fan could just make up all the same comments against patty using different usernames) i think the “lots of people” claim is inaccurate. personally, i don’t find her boring nor unnecessary. she does get more screentime than jay who is more important but that’s the writers’ choice.

      • FashionMaven says:

        Eh – I’ve seen the authors and moderators here personally call folks out for doing that. Also, there are fans who like Patty and some who believe she’s the result of an all male fanboy focus group and as a result, doesn’t seem like a real person. She’s basically a female Barry – but without any real personality of her own… at least Eddie seemed human.

        Batty just feels like the writers are treading water – and worse, since they have cut out any real westallen scenes with Iris and Barry where it’s not Iris supporting Barry, Barry now looks like all the years he was BFFs with Iris was because he wanted to be with her. When she chose Eddie, Barry basically dropped his half of the BFF part. This season it’s all been about Iris supporting Barry – when last season it went both ways. This season, Barry looks like a jerk and I find that sad.

        Patty seems nice, but she’s so bland because they didn’t bother to give her a personality. They don’t seem like friends – Barry lies to her constantly – so Barry is honestly not coming off well this season in either case except to fanboys who like to self-insert with Barry and are just happy he has a hot girlfriend.

        • Cyndi says:

          “They don’t seem like friends – Barry lies to her constantly –”

          This is so true because Barry didn’t spend majority of last season lying to his BFF. And we all know that a superhero lying to hide his secret identity means he doesn’t think much of you.

    • Kate says:

      The vast majority of people who don’t like Patty are WestAllen shippers like you.

      • Rebecca says:

        It’s funny how people that don’t even ship WestAllen don’t like Patty for the basic fact that they 1) didn’t like her in the New52 comics, 2) aren’t here for a Felicity clone. There’s only ONE Felicity, and 3) view her scenes as forced and suspicious (how exactly does she know the Mardons have powers since Barry traveled back in time and erased everything that happened in 1.15 AND the fact that neither Joe, Eddie, or Barry wrote that they had powers in their reports since the public’s confirmed awareness of the existence of metas came MUCH later).

        Oh, and the fact that she’s practically stalking Barry and accusing Joe of being a dirty cop does her no favors.

        But hey… you think we’re all Westallen shippers…LOL.

  24. Drzzt says:

    The acting and writing in The Flash is so so so bad. Even bad for CW. 2 Broke Girls bad well ok not that bad but still un watchable.

    As for how much my coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour.

  25. Diana says:

    Happy to see there will be a story for Iris. I do wonder how it will all go down. Since she isn’t in the crossover it seems she tells Joe about Wally and then they go meet him all in the same episode? I hope it isn’t squished in. Perhaps the reason why she’s not in the crossover is to search for him. Or maybe he just shows up in the final minutes of the mid-season finale: who are you? Wally West! dun dun dun.

    I hope Iris will at least get a quality scene with Barry. They did mention that Barry would become a lightning rod for Iris as she has been for him, but they’ve hardly shared screen time.

    Will Jay still be here in the second half of the season? I hope so, they haven’t really used him much. Maybe they want Barry to become sort of a mentor to Wally so they cut back on Jay mentoring Barry (I don’t know why though, Barry has so many mentors).

  26. Ben says:

    Episode 2.15 must be epic to keep the ball rolling on this show. Topping “Out of time” will be a treat to watch. Instead of time traveling, maybe he accidently dimensionally drifts to Earth 2

  27. McSatan says:

    Love Iris as a character, but she can’t make up her mind about Barry. Patty obviously is strongly attracted to him. I like her more than fickle Iris when it comes to Barry’s love life.

  28. Kay says:

    So so so excited for Wally give it to me. The Flash went all out during the last Christmas episode so I’m expecting great things while whispering WestAllennnnnnnnnn. But on a serious note I will take Barry and Iris just having an honest open conversation with each other as progress when compared to their travesty of a friendship so far this season. My calender is marked I’m ready for this episode.

  29. Maryann says:

    I love Iris as a character and I love the West family dynamic, but there is zero chemistry between Iris and Barry as a romantic couple. I want to see Iris continuing with her own story lines and contributing to the ongoing plotlines, but she does not belong with Barry romantically.

    But Barry and Patty? Fantastic! Totally sizzling! They have the same type of incredible chemistry as Oliver and Felicity! The tv series is not the comics. I want to see Barry and Patty ongoing, not forcing him to be with Iris because that is what happened in the comics.

    • Logan says:

      Well looks like you’re out of luck, Grant says they’ll start having problems in ep 9. I’m betting Barry and Patty will be over and done with no later than ep 15 and I honestly can’t wait, I absolutely love westallen’s chemistry and dynamic. For me, westallen is the heart of the show.

  30. luis says:

    i have zero interest in west family drama.
    i hope the crossovers are awesome!!!

  31. jw says:

    Race change nonsense is racist.

    • Emme says:

      … and this… is an honest “fan” who doesn’t come up with a million, nonsensical reasons why they hate certain dynamics on the show while pretending people supporting the attacked characters are shocking.

  32. Shika says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic that episode 9 will be a good episode for Iris and a good debut for Wally. All summer the tag lines for season 2 were “Iris West Ace Reporter” and that it would be the season of the West family like season 1 was for the Allens. So far, both Ace Reporter Iris and West family “story” has been severely lacking due to LOT setup and the forced relationship of Barry/Patty sucking up screen time. I’m hoping Wally coming on plus whatever “hardship” that occurs between Barry and Patty finally signals a shift towards the season 2 I was excited about

  33. Mo says:

    I have absolutely no problem waiting for Westallen to be canon, because the slowburn is often the best part. That’s part of what made season one so bittersweet in the best way. Problem is, this season has cut down on Iris and Barry’s friendship, so for me personally some of the heart is missing.

    I hope that Wally’s entrance gives Barry a new reason to interact with the Wests and allows me to see some of the Westallen chemistry I love so much. This isn’t meant as hate against any other character, nor do I think Iris should be the protagonist. I just think that a big part of what makes Barry so endearing is what a good friend he is and how much he loves Iris, so I’d like to see more of that this season.

  34. ana says:

    Ehhh!!! I’m in a wait and see mode when it comes to this show. These writers have shown that they are not interested in writing for Iris. In fact any other female who has appeared on this show has receive better treatment than their ‘so called’ leading lady. Wally West entrance into the show will probably result in even less screen time for Iris. Although how that is possible is beyond me.

    • Mo says:

      She’s a supporting character who should have been a recurring character. Don’t worry about Wally taking Iris time. She’s his connection to the other characters. He needs her as much as she needs him.

      • Ana says:

        not quite understanding your response.. Iris West should have been a recurring character on a show called The Flash? Is’nt she the matriarch of the flash family…IMO she’s the only female character of any importance on this show.

        • Mo says:

          Yeah, comments like this is why Iris fans are called crazy. And they say they don’t want The Iris Show. Riiiiiight. Until CW is ready for wife & baby to happen, Iris is a LI, that’s it. As a recurring character, we’ll see her as needed and not there just to be there.

          • ana says:

            you need to read the comics and see who Iris West is…she is a lot more than a love Interest….that’s Patty Spivot.

          • Mo says:

            But we’re not talking about the comic book, are we? Whatever she is in the comic book, she’s not that on the show is she? She’s his BFF and Patty is his LI. Listen to Iris’ fans, Barry is a horrible person. You should be happy he isn’t stalking her anymore.

  35. Fork says:

    So…Wally is Iris’s brother now?

  36. Katie says:

    I personally adore Patty. I think she’s a great fit for Barry, and at least their’s is a relationship I can understand. They seem to be on the same wavelength, at least, and I don’t really understand what Barry and Iris even have in common? I think she can do much better and I think the show should bring on someone new, someone she has chemistry with. I liked Eddie a lot, but I don’t think he had chemistry with Iris at all. (Oh, and btw, to everyone saying that the same user can register under different times, that’s actually not true. Two different times I’ve seen the writer of the TVLine article call someone out for using more than one user ID)

  37. Sel says:


  38. Brandy says:

    Last season’s Christmas episode is my absolute episode of The Flash thus far so if Candice thinks 2×09 episode is comparable, I’m all in! I’m really excited and anxious to see how the relationship between Iris and Wally unfolds throughout the remainder of season 2–I hope the fact that Keiynan screen tested with Candice to get the role of Wally will mean that the two will share a lot of quality screen time together. With talented actors like Jesse, Candice, Vanessa, and Keiynan, I sincerely hope the producers and writers of The Flash do the West family justice.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      They’re obviously going to be spending a lot of time together, it’s her long lost brother, and isn’t she the only one who even knows about Wally at the moment ? (Besides the mother). Plus Iris hasn’t found the courage to tell Barry how she feels yet, and the writers are probably using Wally as a spacer between Eddie and likely Barry next season. And speaking of Wally, I’m excited he’s joining to show, but if he ends up replacing Barry as the Flash, I won’t be happy about that.

  39. StaceyCambria says:

    Very excited to see the Christmas episode..
    And very happy to hear it will be back next season… My son got me to start watching it but now I make sure it’s taping so I can keep up with the story line… It is the one thing every week we do together.. it’s mom and son time.. Do thank you flash*

  40. Lily says:

    I think if they were going to put the kibosh on Barry/Iris this bad, they should have gone further in 1×15 and actually had them sleep together before time was erased. That way we know something important has actually happened between them and it would give more of an unspoken guarantee that they’d HAVE to get back to it eventually. Right now it seems like they’re trying to forget everything that happened last year.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Lol just saying, if they had slept together before that time change in S1E15 the relationship would likely never happen… Barry would remember it, and Iris would have no idea…Just the kiss that happened in that same situation messed up a lot.
      Re-watch the 2nd half of season 1, the lack of relationship between her and Barry is because she won’t admit her feelings for him, even when Joe, Linda, Eddie, Barry all bring it up to her, she just gets defensive or leaves.

      • Lily says:

        It’d be way more tragic and have far more impact though. It would even work as the reason Barry’s so indifferent to her now- because it’s just too painful to be around her. It would leave a bigger guarantee that they’d go back to them at some point this season.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Barry’s difference around Iris this season is totally justifiable, she turned him down twice already and I’m pretty sure even told him to move on when she was still with Eddie. But he knows she feels otherwise because of that kiss in S1E15. But what’s he to do when every time he tries she gets defensive and things turn awkward. It took a near death experience for her to finally admit her feelings for him, that hasn’t happened yet in this time line, and apparently she doesn’t have to courage to admit it without that.

          • Lily says:

            Well, he’d know 100% for sure if things had gone even further. I’m telling you, it would make the whole thing way more tragic and heartbreaking. And I disagree that his indifference to her is justified this season- it seems like it came out of nowhere. On both sides.

    • giana says:

      What difference does it make if they had slept together or not? Sex in no way necessarily makes something more “important”. Love is love whether they had sex or not.

      • Lily says:

        I actually disagree. I think it’d be a bigger deal, especially because Barry seems to have never been with anyone like that.

  41. Phoenix5634 says:

    @ Lily
    I think that kiss was a pretty definitive answer to Barry about how Iris really feels, but he’s tried to act on it and it just makes things worse between them right now because Iris seems to not have the courage to admit her feelings without a massive tsunami about to kill them all ( the near death experience ). And I agree with you that if they had gone further than a kiss it would be more tragic and heartbreaking, but also more akward and suspicious ( among other less friendly words) if they had slept together before the time change, Barry would be way further ahead in the relationship, and Iris would be left wondering what TF, if u know what I mean… And I kind of agree that its kind of out of no where on both sides, but I think it’s more that they just don’t know what to do at the moment. Iris just rejected him twice and lost her fiancée and is likely very confused and heartbroken. And Barry was just rejected twice and told to move on, but that was before Eddie died, but it’d be pretty inconsiderate to try again right away just cuz Eddies gone now. And what’s Barry to do, reject someone who’s interested in him ( Patty ) when all Iris has done is reject him? And it’d just look bad if he kept begging Iris.

  42. Hal says:

    I’ve read about 50 posts, so far many of you are against Patty, why?

    Look Barry has exposed his identity to just about everyone he meets, any scene where him and patty are talking I keep expecting him to take off the mask and tell her too. this gets to be ridiculous, he doesn’t have a secret identity.

    Patty is needed to keep the “oops I almost revealed myself” factor that’s essential to any Superhero.

    Not to mention I like the actress, she’s fresh, pretty and a bit quirky, she is not a Felicity, she is a police officer and a driven woman trying to fight the Super villains due to her loss.

    Stop the Patty bashing. to be honest the Flash Crew, is way too big, start cutting the herd.

    I hated the fact he revealed himself to Linda, that was beyond stupid, and unnecessary!

    Bring on a different actor to play Flash from another earth, a actor more like the Comics Barry, big, strong, true blonde, now that would be interesting, and please make him wear a better costume, this shows costume is one of the worst in history.

    As for Iris, I like Candi, she’s pretty, but Iris has been a demanding snobby, whiny brat child since day one, she thinks she’s owed everything, nice to see they cooled her down this season.

    Back off Patty, she is there to give a outsider interaction to Barry, which is needed if he is to retain a secret identity!

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I agree with most of your Patty/ and Iris comments. Also if you notice, most the people hating on Patty are Iris fans. She’s not a Felicity by any means, other than they kind of look alike. Someone wrote an article comparing the two in the title of it, and thousands followed suit saying the same. I’m not sure I like Patty, but most the reasons people dislike her are ridicules exaggerations by Iris fans, for Patty stealing Iris’s thunder this season. Which by the way is entirely Iris’s fault anyway.

      • ana says:

        I am an Iris fan and I do not hate nor do I like Patty. She is just there. The character in itself is not important to the Flashverse, so why is she eating up so much screen time? Iris West is important, her story is important, so stop with all this Patty BS and lets focus on the characters that are essential when telling this story and I’m sorry but Patty Spivot is just not one of them.

        • Mo says:

          Yeah, Iris is so important that she’s irrelevant without a speedster.

          • ana says:

            that’s why you Iris haters are called crazy.. go read about who she is and then write a comment that’s logical.

          • Mo says:

            @ Ana

            Not crazy to say Iris is important because of other people and not in her own right. Without Barry, Wally & Bart, would anyone care about her? Or did I miss the decades long run of The Iris comic book?

          • AdM says:

            I think what pisses off Iris fans is that..Iris is on the sidelines yet the plot seems to be going along nicely without her meaning she’s essentially a “useless” character. I’m not a comic book reader but judging from this TF which is a show I love..I have not found Iris that necessary to the whole plot TBH. It makes no difference if she’s in an episode or not.

          • Rebecca says:

            That could be said about Caitlin and Cisco and E2 Wells. Caitlin doesn’t even exist in the Flash comics, she’s a Firestorm character. Cisco hasn’t even popped up in the New 52 Flash comics either. Wells is a new creation for the show.

            Plus, considering Comic!Barry made all his own tech, calculated how fast he needed to run or move his arms on his own, Caitlin, Cisco and Wells are all unnecessary. Comic!Barry is the guy that rebuilt an entire building after reading a few books.

            The ONLY reason they exist in The Flash is the creators wanted to duplicate the Arrow dynamic when they really didn’t need to. Instead, the writers dumbed down Barry Allen in order to have Caitlin, Cisco, and Wells to work as his “team”. They also gave Barry a MASSIVE case of self-doub and constant need to have some dude (Joe, Jay, Wells, Henry) prop him up and boost his confidence (which is getting VERY old now).

            Barry Allen in the comics is a genius. He’s the guy that created his own suit. He created the tech to be able to store his suit in The Flash ring. He’s constantly learning by trial and error and getting faster and faster. He has this innate certainty in his ability as well as his being on the RIGHT side of things. Even when he’s at his lowest, he still manages to overcome whatever came his way.

            And through all of this, his constant is Iris West, his connection that keeps him from getting stuck in the Speedforce. Even when they’re not together, she’s still his anchor. Just as Linda’s Wally’s anchor, and Jay’s anchor is Joan.

          • Mo says:

            @ Rebecca

            On the show, anyone Barry will listen to is his anchor. It’s loosely based on the comics. It doesn’t mean it’s following the comics page for page as you already pointed out. Or did they grow up together under Joe’s, another made for the show character, care in the comics as well?

          • ana says:

            where are you getting this loosely based on the comics, and anyone can be his lightning rod. That doesn’t even make sense. In addition Geoff Johns have said from the beginning that the show will fall in line with the comics.

          • Mo says:

            @ Ana

            I’ll keep it simple: Joe, Eddie and Wells don’t exist in the comics but there they are on the show. Iris & Barry weren’t raised together & Wally isn’t Iris’ brother in the comics. And that’s just the tip of what’s different between the comic book & the show. Sounds like you’re getting the comic book mixed up with the show.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      But I don’t agree with changing Barry as the Flash if that’s what you mean, I’m even worried with Wally being introduced about that. I think I’d lose interest if they changed the main actor/ character. Now with saying that, having separate Flashes with separate interests, that occasionally team up ( like maybe against zoom),but the story stays focused on Barry’s flash storyline, that would be kind of cool.

    • Jax M says:

      Thanks for weighing in “HAL” but how about you just let people have their own opinion on whatever the hell they want? Who died and made you President? “Everyone needs to stop hating Patty” OK because you’ve said it, we’ll comply. Get out of here! Hal Jordan…

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Jax, atleast Hal as valid reasons, you just overreact and become irrational, much like Iris lol, haha I guess the Iris fan “apple” doesn’t fall far from the tree lol. When you come up with a logical answer, please get back to us lol. And try not to just drag another actor down as ur validating point, Iris fans have a tendency to do that…

    • Mik says:

      When has Iris demanded ANYTHING other than that the men in her life now LIE to her about huge life-changing events? That is hardly unreasonable. Funny that you love Patty and she’s been way more whiny about “trust” (from a man who really doesn’t owe her anything) than Iris ever has.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        You know what’s more life changing than being lied to about dangerous situations so she doesn’t go nosing around and get herself hurt… Her being dead becuz she’s just a reporter!
        And she demanded just a few episodes ago that Barry do something to stop Zoom now,( when she knew basically nothin about Zoom ) and demanded he let her friend Linda help (most recent example ).. How’d that go,..her friend was dropped off a building, and Barry was paralyzed. It almost feels like she brought Henry in just cuz she felt guilty, but hey, atleast she knew what he needed that time.

  43. Phoenix5634 says:

    I bet Patty figures out Barry is the Flash whenever Cisco and Wells make that micro-tech flash ring, and she sees it.

  44. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview about the winter finale episode. Can’t wait to see it!

  45. Phoenix5634 says:

    @ Rebecca’s comment above;
    I see what your saying, but I also understand why they changed that from the comics. They took aspects of Comic Barry’s personality and traits and gave them to Cisco ( the tech ), Caitlin ( doctor ) and Wells ( that inner strength, and guidance figure ). And a lot of people love those characters, wells and Cisco add a great dynamic to the show. That isn’t to say future Barry from Eobards time isn’t like the Barry from the Comics, that Barry seems a lot more independent, police chief, and evidence he is a genius, since in the future he creates that A.I that’s in Eobards time vault. And I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of Reverse flash or future Barry. Barry talked about a “void” in his life this season, like future him as already been set in motion.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      And Barry could become a genius pretty quick, with his speed and already high level of intelligence, he was able read and understand the 900 page FIRESTORM documents in seconds. If he started doing that a lot, he’d be the smartest guy on earth in like no time lol.

  46. Phoenix5634 says:

    Anyone else find the Trickster to be extremely annoying? The last episode with him was my least favourite of the entire series so far.

  47. Natalie says:

    I’ve been waiting 84yrs for some concrete proff on an actual arc for Iris and I think it’s finally coming and I couldn’t be happier. looking fwd to Wally’s arrival and Jay getting his speed back speedster family activate!!!!!!!

    • Phoenix5635 says:

      I’m not 100%, but I’m basically certain Flash comics weren’t even out 84 years ago… Which makes ur entire comment another delusional Iris fan…. Seriously just stop..

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Yep, 1940 Jay was introduced as the first flash in the comics

      • herman1959 says:

        It should be obvious that Natalie was employing hyperbole when she wrote “84 years.” In other words, it was not meant to be taken seriously. Lighten up, Phoenix!

  48. Mauve_Avenger says:

    I love Joe’s relationship with Patty. I hope it never changes. Seriously, I am so over her.Every version of her is annoying.

  49. Cyndi says:

    The problem with Iris fans is that when their cult leader sends them on a mission and they bum rush an article “to show that she’s loved”, their posts read like spam.

  50. aura says:

    Funny how commenting on an article about a character that’s apparently not liked/or important to the flash mythos has some folk panties in a twist. Iris West gets cast and fandom spends pretty much an entire year trying to discredit the actor and character, and its ‘crickets’ from all these ‘Patty hate concern trolls’, now Iris fans are rightfully vocal about their love and wishes for the character some folk are pressed to death about it, LMAO you all can stay mad, I revel in your bitter tears. Finally some scoop I can get excited about, the Christmas episode last year was a high point of season 1 hopefully this one brings more of the same. I’m also super curious to see how Wally is characterized in the early episodes. Much to look forward to all round

    • herman1959 says:

      Thank you!

    • AOTR says:

      My thoughts exactly. I don’t hate Patty at all. But I frankly don’t care that people are hating on her. Iris got that and continues to get that treatment. And the neutral people didn’t come to her rescue…but now that Patty’s character is facing a little heat, all these Iris bashers/Patty lovers are are villainizing Iris fans? Hypocrisy much? Iris got way more hate than this. Get over it people or at least admit the double standard…