Scandal Series Finale Olitz

Will Scandal End With 'Olitz'? Did Castle Make a Baby? Can Arrow's Thea Destroy Darhk? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory!

1 | Isn’t it a little weird to watch Grimm‘s Adalind being so nice? Is anyone else just waiting for the other Hexen-shoe to drop?

2 | “Black Jeopardy” was moderately amusing on Saturday Night Live, but can we get a 12-month moratorium on game show sketches?The Walking Dead

3 | Walking Dead fans, are you feeling Abraham and Sasha as a potential couple? Also, how much do you wanna see the bloopers from this scene?

4 | We admittedly barely understand half the mumbo jumbo Once Upon a Time served up as Emma tethered the sword to dying Hook, but perhaps our biggest question is: Why was Darkness shown oozing from Merlin?

5 | On Madam Secretary: Given the success of Elizabeth’s Cuba self-penned remarks, remind us again what she keeps whiny speechwriter Matt around for?

6 | Which Quantico mystery do you want the answer to first: what happened between Simon and the twins Castle, or what Caleb is up to at that religious cult?

7 | Does this love scene imagery, as Castle fan Kimberly suggests, signal that a baby is on the way?

8 | Did Supergirl go a whole episode without one mention of Superman aka Clark Kent aka “your cousin” aka James’ “friend in blue”…?Dewey Crowe

9 | Who in the Scorpion/Justified Venn diagram overlap needed a moment to recognize “Dewey Crowe”?

10 | Who wore it better: Jane the Virgin‘s Magda, or Arrested Development‘s Buster?Jane the Virgin11 | Should Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Rosalind give Phil a second chance? Or is being accused of being a HYDRA stooge a deal-breaker? Also, are we to assume the cloaked figure Jemma ran into on the planet is the powerful Inhuman HYDRA hopes to bring back?

12 | Um, how did The Flash‘s Iris get in contact with Henry if he didn’t have cell reception in the woods to call Barry…? And does the Grodd CGI actually look better in daylight (as in the final scene) versus dark, muddied, indoor scenes?

13 | Chicago Med samplers, place your bets: Who will hook up with a colleague first — new stud Dr. Connor Rhodes or the caring Dr. Will Halstead?

14 | Does no one care that Joe and Lance aren’t in the Arrow/Flash crossover, either?

Arrow15 | Given how unwell Arrow‘s Damien Darhk looked after he tried to kill Thea with his powers, will she be the key to taking him down?

16 | Why does Nashville‘s Rayna insist on giving bratty Maddie everything she wants? And wouldn’t the sweetest outcome of this record-label situation be for Maddie’s album to flop? (Though we wouldn’t wish that on poor Daphne…)

17 | Are you surprised at how, ahem, “revealing” Casual Eliza CoupeEliza Coupe’s Casual arc has been?

18 | Grey’s Anatomy’s craziest storyline ever: that Arizona would have any trouble picking up women? And with a whole holiday season to go before the show resolves its cliffhangers, do you think Jackson will tell April they’re through… or they can get through this? And will Jo accept Alex’s proposal?

19 | Given the big Scandal break-up, are you now thinking that the series finale, whenever it rolls around, will end with Fitz leaving office… and Liv waiting for him in Vermont? On a semi-related note: Is there any cash bonus ABC can pay out to Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn et al as recompense for appearing in Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s abysmally unfunny Scandal High?

20 | Does Sleepy Hollow‘s Joe get the award for the fastest, smoothest transition of a new character into a series’ core group? And what do you think has become of Agent Mills?the-blacklist-liz-stranger

21 | Considering her death was only faked a few weeks ago, wasn’t The Blacklist‘s Liz being devil-may-care about talking to (and/or seducing) strangers in the fall finale?

22 | Is it only a matter of time before The Big Bang Theory‘s Stuart brings up the fact that he wasn’t a part of any of the group’s Thanksgiving plans?

23 | Were you disappointed that Judy Greer’s Mom character wasn’t an addict, thus limiting the odds of a virtuosic return?

24 | We’re all thinking it, so we might as well ask: How did Billy Eichner lure Meg Ryan out of hiding?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    I think the darkness was coming out of Merlin because at first he was tethered to the sword by Arthur and then Emma took it out of him to save Hook….but what I am wondering is does this mean Merlin is dead?

    As far as Quantico goes I would like to know more about Caleb especially since he revealed he was part of a cult that his dad saved him from….so now is he back into it or is he trying to infiltrate it to get access to the main leader to get back at them for what they did to him…if that is the case glasses are not a good disguise…

  2. Bwhit says:

    13) I’m betting there will be something with Natalie and Will and that will be the drawn out slow burn because of her being pregnant and being a single mom. I think Rhoads will at some point hook up with the med student. It wasn’t quite obvious about pairings like it was with Fire (Dawson and Casey) and PD (Lindsay and Halstead).

  3. 15 | Given how unwell Arrow‘s Damien Darhk looked after he tried to kill Thea with his powers, will she be the key to taking him down?

    I wonder why she didn’t take the opportunity to take him down immediately, or at least tranquilize him. She just ran off!

    • blah says:

      Because she thinks he’s the key to curing her need to murder people

      • Sarah says:

        Yes but wouldn’t it have been easier to figure out a way to cure her using Darhk if she say actually had Darhk locked up? She could have tranquilized him and then they could have asked the Flash for the use of their meta human prison to keep him locked up while they figured out how to use Darhk’s power to cure her. It would have ended the story far too soon, of course, so I understand why they didn’t go that route but it did make Thea look a bit incompetent to have it play out that way.

        • Yeah I’m thinking Darhk wouldn’t be able to be contained at star labs. He’s not a meta at least one made in the explosion and if magic and tech stories have always taught us, they usually don’t tend to work out too well around each other. Also despite how pained he was I doubt she’d have the opportunity to use a tranq on him.

  4. Larc says:

    16- If Maddie’s record were to flop, it would be somebody’s fault other than hers. She isn’t the type to ever see herself as the cause of a problem.
    19- The happiest ending for Olivia would be far from Fitz and her not giving him even a second of thought. She can do better. In fact, she would probably have a harder time not doing better.

  5. Ian says:

    3) The only problem I could have with them as a potential couple is the Rosita of it all. I thought we were supposed to think Abraham and Rosita had deep enough feelings for each other. But Spencer’s also around, so probably Rosita won’t end up alone at least.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Personally, I never got that they cared all that much for each other romantically, but that they were a convenient lay in a world of slim pickins, and enjoyed each other’s company.

  6. Kate says:

    6. I think because to whatever sense time plays into how well we know someone, I want to know what Simon does to get “kicked” (he never actually was) out of Quantico more than the cult. I also don’t think it has to do with the twins, neither seemed particularly bothered by him when they traded off. If anything, he may have just been kicked out before they had sorted through the fact that he liked the twin that didn’t like him and not the twin who did. I suspect that was a bit more of a, if we get a back half, this would be a fun backstory, but let’s just leave it vague until we know with Caleb’s story.

    22. Though, to be fair, he may have been invited to the dinner that Penny and Leonard were cooking, just not to the earlier events. I don’t care about them but I understand there are parades and games that happen before the two o’clock arrival time at my sister’s house.

  7. Tom says:

    23 | Were you disappointed that Judy Greer’s Mom character wasn’t an addict, thus limiting the odds of a virtuosic return?
    Nope, but I do hope she’s not just a one off character, she’s such a great actress

  8. Jane says:

    9 – How about the Justified/Flesh and Bone venn diagram recognizing Dewey Crowe?

  9. 8. I didn’t even realize that they didn’t mention him, but the episode did finally feel like Kara was becoming her own superhero!

  10. Patrick Maloney says:

    8. I didn’t even realize they hadn’t mentioned him in the episode, but the show did finally feel like it was allowing Kara to become her own superhero!
    11. I would guess that the Hooded Figure was the Inhuman but I think it is now possessing Will!
    12. Any way you look at it, it is still a giant friggin’ ape that is bumbling around the streets of Central City!
    14. Quentin’s absence from the Legends of Tomorrow crossover makes me even more suspicious that he’s the killer!
    15. As a Thea fan, I would love it if she played a vital role in taking down this season’s big bad!

  11. Maria says:

    The last 3 Castle episodes remain on my DVR, unwatched. If I hear that they are having a baby then that’s it for me.

  12. Bigdede says:

    Simon and the twins are the most interesting story on Quantico. I thought that was a flashback of Caleb with that cult. His hair was super blond and I know he didn’t stop at the stylist before joining a cult

  13. Bridget says:

    10) Option 3 – Killian Jones of course

  14. Mommaknowsbest says:

    25. How much longer do we have to live with image of Rollins in childbirth agony until L & O: SVU returns?? I hope not until January!!

  15. blah says:

    8- Clark and Kara are both much more interesting when they are together. They are the only family each other has, and the only people who understand each other’s life. DC Really needs to let them bring in superman as a regular/reccuring character. (Zach Levi would be perfect given supergirl’s tone)

    16- Nashville really needs Juliet back for this maddie arc (Get Well Soon) Because Juliet as the mature voice of reason in Maddy’s life when she doesn’t listen to her mom has been great for every character on the show when they have previously done it.

  16. Jakay says:

    16. I would like Maddie and Daphne to each get a solo album, with Daphne doing just fine and Maddie being a big flopola on her own. But she would still blame her mother (or Daphne) somehow. You gave her better songs! You gave her better promo! She got better label support! You wanted me to fail! I guess the only way to go is for Rayna to sign Daphne and work on her album while letting Maddie O’Big McBaby go to Sony and do the big flop on her own. See ya, kid! Have fun!

  17. Katie says:

    22.) I doubt he was invited to Thanksgiving dinner, considering Howard still isn’t all that crazy about Stuart, and Stu is pretty low in the pecking order. Yes, he’ll find a way to sneak in the fact he wasn’t invited at the right moment to make at least one of them feel guilty about it. (I vote the first AND only one to feel real guilt will be Bernie!) To me, Stuart seems like a bit of a, IDK, “groupie” or something along those lines. He is really irritating. OMG, I still can’t believe what Leonard did to make up for reading Penny’s journal!! Funny, yet frightening and makes you feel dirty all at once! Therapy, I need therapy!!!

  18. Alisha says:

    18| Arizona not being able to pick up women is absolutely ridiculous. Kinda like her not being able to afford her own place without a roommate. Whet?.. And JUST by how sure April was that Jackson would end it, Im gonna say that he wont & would wanna work on it (yaay) & I really dont know abt Jolex. I love Alex but I totally understood where she was coming from, even though she could have said it in a more mature way, she doesnt seem to be a priority for him. So maybe she says no?..

  19. Mr. Tran K says:

    Number 7 – really think that’s Stana Katic’s Beckett.

  20. A fan of TV says:

    I’m pretty sure Jackson and April get their isht together, cuz I’m pretty sure I remain alone in my belief that they should split.

    I’m definitely not alone in thinking Abraham and Sasha came out of left field. I’m not diametrically opposed to them together, but there was no slow burn, nothing to indicate they were even remotely the other’s type, but I also don’t think it’ll last long as one or both of them will probably die before any sort of epic love can build there.

    I’m wondering if Rayna and Deacon’s parenting has to do with feeling like a) Daphne’s dads in prison and her sisters a beep so she deserves a win, b) Deacon’s making up for 14 years of lost time, and c) Rayna’s still making up for 14 years of lying, maybe thinking that the number she did on her daughter’s sense of identity, even if her heart was in the right place, is partially to blame for Maddie’s bad attitude. Or, its just script set-up for some drama down the line. I’m not even sure the album gets made the way Maddie’s going full diva all the time…

  21. puma says:

    25. Was I really the only one who noticed that at the end of this week’s episode of Scandal, Lizzie Bear showed off her remarkably unblemished back which kind of means she has access to the best plastic surgeon in the world considering Huck basically skinned her last year.

  22. lame says:

    Marlowe did say back in season 3 that the series would end when Beckett has a baby.

  23. Jen says:

    5. Can’t wait to see MS kick that security dude’s butt out the back door of the White House. I’m thinking we won’t get a scene where he is escorted out of the White House by two Secret Service Agents and he carrying a box of his stuff. That is my dream scene, but heck, however he goes is fine with me. All along I thought he was the one responsible for the virus on A1, but with the writeup for this week,it’s looking like it was someone else. Too bad. I’d have loved it if it had been him. (Tell us what you really think Jen hahahaha)

  24. Blurgh says:

    Regarding ‘Castle’: how is the sun rising over Beckett’s back a symbol for a baby?

  25. DJ Doena says:

    TBBT: When Penny didn’t know her husband’s birthday, wouldn’t the perfect comedic counter have been the question about her maiden name?

  26. Drew says:

    8. No. Dean Cain turned over all of his Superman research in order to keep Kara.

  27. partisan says:

    are we to assume the cloaked figure Jemma ran into on the planet is the powerful Inhuman HYDRA hopes to bring back?

  28. Sheldon W. says:

    12 a) good question and b) yes he does – best CGI of the series so far.
    15. Well, duh! (and I’d be willing to bet that Ollie’s magical island tat might come into it, too.)

  29. LL624 says:

    7. Let’s hope so.
    19. Let’s hope not!

  30. Anna says:

    18) It seems pretty clear from that “cliffhanger” that Jackson and April are going to work it out – he was so adamant about ending their marriage, but then he slept with her, talked to Callie about counseling, and now he wants to keep talking about what it all means? Yeah, they’re going to reunite in the second half of the season.
    And I used to really like Alex and Jo, but I kind of don’t want them to get married anymore. Alex has finally grown up (he has really proven that this season), and now Jo is just way too immature for him. Instead of blaming other people for things that don’t go her way, she really needs to get it together and stop acting like a teenager. She’s basically been stomping her feet and whining all season instead of handling her problems like an adult. I thought Steph showed so much maturity by being the bigger person and forgiving her, but Jo doesn’t seem like she’s getting it. And if she really doesn’t like the way that Meredith is treating her, then she needs to stand up and say something. Or step it up at work. Yelling at her boyfriend about her boss being mean to her is just childish. Learn to handle your problems!

  31. C. Bartlett says:

    As for Scandal, who gives a flying potato whether Olitz ends up together. They are agents of Satan. All they do is sacrifice human life for position and power and are never brought to justice. No one is spared not even unborn children. Most spiritually dark show I ever had the displeasure to catch for one season.

  32. Robin says:

    18) Arizona is not the same women she use to be before she lost the leg. So yes she has trouble picking women. I think everyone that has lost a leg could understand that it might be a problem to start over and when is the right time to tell the “date” about the leg.

    Japril will work out there sh*t. Because they’re getting the storyline I have wanted for calzona for 3 season now. Them communication with each other on screen and we get to see them take baby steps.

    Jolex: Jo will say no but by the end on the season he will ask again and she will say yes.