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The Royals Renewed

The Royals Cast Weighs In on Premiere Twists, Teases More Season 2 Secrets

The Royals kicked off its second season Sunday, ushering in the era of King Cyrus and exposing more dark truths about the Henstridge family’s reign. (Side note: Am I the only one craving swan up in here?)

TVLine spoke with the E! drama’s stars — Elizabeth Hurley (Queen Helena), William Moseley (Prince Liam), Alexandra Park (Princess Eleanor), Tom Austen (Jasper) and Jake Maskall (King Cyrus) — for the scoop on what the rest of Season 2 has in store for us, but first, a quick recap of Sunday’s events:

Still reeling from Simon’s death, a single Eleanor — sorry, Jasper, but “mother’s vagina” really is a deal-breaker — re-embraced her party girl ways before reuniting with Beck; Helena blackmailed an innocent young suitor into romancing Cyrus’ freak-show daughters; Prudence and her “barely palatable poon” returned to (unsuccessfully) extort her baby daddy; and the Duchess delivered some foreboding words to her daughter: “We killed one of theirs, they killed two of ours. The question is: What do you plan to do about it?” (Seriously, though, who set the freakin’ lawn on fire? Not cool, guys!)

THE HEIR IN THERE | Following the finale’s baby bombshell, a very pregnant Prudence revealed herself to Cyrus this week — their first of several uncomfortable encounters to come. “There’s a lot more revealed about [Prudence’s] personality, her ambition and the lengths to which she’ll go to protect the bun in the oven, as it were,” Maskall explains. “We have a great storyline, and I say some really nasty things to her. I’m vile!”

ISN’T IT BROMANTIC? | With Marcus out of the picture, Liam got a new bodyguard (and potential new BFF) in Jasper during the premiere. “It’s very man-on-a-mission,” Moseley says of the duo’s plan to bring Simon’s killer to justice. As for their developing dynamic, Austen explains, “Marcus and Liam had that buds thing from the get-go. Liam and Jasper aren’t necessarily buds to begin with, but that definitely develops.”

the-royals-season-2-19NO-PHELIA | Despite Ophelia’s brief appearance in the Season 2 trailer, there was no sign of Liam’s ex-girlfriend in the premiere, and it doesn’t sound like we should be holding our breath for a big, romantic reunion. “Ophelia will always have a special place in Liam’s heart,” Moseley says. “It’s one of those star-crossed romances. Her world and his world just don’t go together, sadly, and he had to make a decision for his family. He had to put his love life and his personal interests aside. Obviously, there’s always hope, a feeling that the past will come back — but right now, it’s just not the right time for Liam.”

BODY(GUARD) HEAT | Speaking of relationships, don’t expect to see Eleanor cozying back up to her former bodyguard anytime soon. “People say they want them together, but I think what people enjoy more is watching them try to figure out if they can be together,” Austen explains. “That’s what a lot of this season is about, the two of them figuring out if this is something that’ll ever work. Jasper starts the season believing it’ll be easy, but he finds out very quickly that it won’t be.” Adds Park, “She’s pretty angry with him, and she tells him to leave her alone, but she enjoys that he’s staying nearby.”

And while we’re on the subject of party-girl Eleanor, watch Park and her co-stars explain to TVLine the process of filming those infamous weed/coke scenes of which we’ve all become so fond:

DUCHESS OF DRAMA | Lastly, there’s a lot more to Joan Collins’ devious Duchess than we know, and Hurley can’t wait for the audience to finally be clued in. “Helena tells Eleanor a lot about her background this season, both with her mother and about how she came to marry the king,” she teases. “In doing that, we find out a lot about the Duchess. In Season 1, everyone thought she was fabulous; no one knew why she has such an aggressive relationship with Helena. I have a line where I say, ‘I’ve waited 30 years for this moment — for the people to finally know who my mother is.’ And you get to know by the end.” Adds Maskall, “It’s a great reveal.”

Your thoughts on The Royals‘ premiere? Hopes for the rest of the season? Grade Sunday’s episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Mary Kate says:

    Great premiere. Love this show and its ridiculousness!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m drawing a blank. Who is Beck?

  3. Alyse says:

    Ophelia is only going to be in one episode. I wonder why they wrote Ophelia off the show? Especially since she played a big role in season 1. I like Jasper as Liam’s bodyguard and am glad he admitted his feeling for Eleanor. I like Beck, so I like that he’s back even though it won’t be for long.

  4. Mick says:

    Though Ukweli is on to better things his absence was deeply felt. As well Manpreet. It feels like half of the recurring cast in gone.

  5. tallsy says:

    Where was Marcus? Where were Liam’s girlfriends? Why was the budget cut so much? The whole thing was very choppy and too many plots I don’t care about. Get rid of the clutter. We have one mystery – who killed King Simon. Also, I know King Simon died but it’s way too serious.

    Of all the non-Jaspers, I did find Beck the best (or at least the hottest) so I’m ok with this love triangle.

    • Luli says:

      Yeah… Half of the actors left. One of King Cyrus’s sister (they had her as if she was in an accident or something..? and she was my fav of the two), Marcus, Ofelia… They had budget cuts or something?

    • Alyse says:

      The actor who played Marcus has a role on the blindspot now. I was wondering why they wrote off Ophelia too. She was a main character and a series regular, while Gemma was just a recurring character. Who killed King Simon was reveled online in a deleted scene, but I feel like they may change who killed him.

    • GuyAwks says:

      I just binge watched the first season and these were my exact thoughts. The best characters have either left or been killed off. The show just feels hollow and dark compared to last season which is a real shame. Not to mention the whole conspiracy investigation angle doesn’t bode well for the future.

  6. Mel says:

    That’s weird they’re cutting out Ophelia for the most part. She was a huge part of S1. Maybe the actress didn’t want to be on anymore or something.

  7. BrianR says:

    If they don’t get Merritt Patterson back on as Ophelia it will be a big fking mistake.

  8. Dawn says:

    Actually I was thrilled with the episode…
    I’m kinda glad Opheila isn’t back, she was boring. Gemma was more fun as a character. Totally okay with Marcus being on Blindspot bc I LOVE that show. Princess Elenore is my fav character. She has such depth and layers while trying to not have them. Joan Collins is hard to read emotions wise…too much plastic surgery, her face doesn’t move. Cyrus and Helena are great frenemies. But does Helena know her true love was murdered? Is that who she’s really mourning? Love jasper and Liam’s new alliance too…..