The Royals Season 2: Liam and Eleanor Seek Revenge in New Trailer

It’s every monarch for him/herself when The Royals returns to E! on Nov. 15.

A new trailer for the Mark Schwahn-created series’ second season finds Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor plotting to take down King Cyrus — and they’re certainly not his only enemies. In this one-minute video alone, Queen Helena threatens to castrate him and Duchess Alexandra (returning guest-star Joan Collins) smashes a glass vase over his head.

Also on tap for Season 2, as seen in the new trailer: some lady-on-lady action, a few not-so-idle threats and, of course, a whole lot of excessive partying. One thing you probably shouldn’t count on, however, is an Eleanor-Jasper reconciliation. (“Mother’s vagina? Deal breaker!”)

Hit PLAY on the new Royals trailer above, then drop a comment below: What do you hope to see in Season 2?