Power Finale Scoop: Betrayed Tommy, 'Conflicted' Ghost and a Major Death

The final two episodes of Power‘s second season are titled “Time’s Up” and “Ghost Is Dead” — and if you need any more indication that James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s life is about to explode, allow co-creator Courtney Kemp Agboh to educate you.

“The central problem for Ghost is that he wants to be good… but he’s not really a good guy,” Kemp Agboh says, laughing. “I don’t want to say that he’s not good on the inside, because I think he is good on the inside.”

But that goodness is likely to get lost in the convergence of two huge developments: Ghost’s drug-empire deputy is in federal custody, and Ghost’s girlfriend is the Assistant U.S. Attorney who put him there.

Oh, and Ghost’s driver is planning to kill him, for various reasons.

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Omari Hardwick’s character is “very conflicted, and he knows right from wrong. He would like to orient himself in the direction of right,” Kemp Agboh explains. “At the same time, he’s not gonna compromise his freedom, and he’s not gonna compromise his relationships.”

But could that get him killed? After all, at the start of the season, Kemp Agboh forecasted the death of “someone that we have been invested in” — and she now tells TVLine that the unfortunate soul will meet his or her fate this week or next.

In advance of the season’s final two episodes — the first of which kicks on Saturday at 9/8c on Starz — we caught up the EP for all the scoop. Here are some highlights:

PLAYING FAVORITES | “We’ve seen [Ghost] say, ‘I can have my cake and eat it, too,'” the EP notes. “In Episode 9, he actually has to prioritize. He has to pick one person over another.” That decision-making process sets the tone for the finale: “He does some really bad things in the service of the good.”

Power Season 2 Finale SpoilersTOMMY IN TROUBLE | The predicament in which Ghost’s right-hand man finds himself is a rough one — sell out his boss/best friend to save himself? — but Kemp Agboh highlights another awful angle you might not have considered. “If you’re Tommy — and I’ll just give you a little bit of a spoiler here — you were on time for the meeting. You got arrested. Where was Ghost?,” she says. “It’s hard to ignore that you’re the one in cuffs, and so is Lobos. Javier is dead. Lobos’ other guys are in custody. What happened there?”

A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING | Here’s a real shocker: Kemp Agboh says Kanan was speaking the truth last episode when he told Shawn that Ghost was the person who orchestrated his decade-long lock-up. And when you add in that the young driver is in love with Ghost’s wife, Tasha… “Think about it,” says the EP. “If you’re that emotionally invested in someone and someone’s hurting them? And then you find out, on top of that, that the reason your relationship with your dad is f—ked up is that that guy sent him to jail? It’s justification for everything you’re feeling.” (In other words, Ghost may wanna download the Uber app ASAP.)

BUSTING GHOST GOT ME LIKE | Angela only recently — as in, when she realized that Ghost changed his number — got her head together about her lover’s illegal activities. “Up until Episode 8, she was really hoping against hope that Jamie was innocent,” Kemp Agboh says. After that, Angela is praying that he’ll get arrested and that she can play off the relationship — at least, to her bosses — as a tactic to bring him down. “But then the next piece of it is: Does she hate him?” the showrunner says. “Because you can’t turn love off as quickly as you think you can.” Also, just in case you were wondering, Ms. Valdes’ wrong-for-the-right-reasons motivation is still in full swing. “The cloning of his phone is illegal. All the stuff that she’s doing is totally illegal,” Kemp Agboh adds. “There’s a part of her that’s not all good, either. It’s why I like the character, because she does such messed-up stuff!”

WAIT FOR IT | Make sure to put off refilling your popcorn bowl until you’re sure you’ve seen everything Power‘s Aug. 15 season-ender has to offer. “People should watch all the way through the end of the finale,” Kemp Agboh says cryptically.

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  1. Nan says:

    Well if the major characters death is Angela I’m for it…not anyone else. Without Jamie St. Patrick and Tommy there is no show in my opinion so I hope that isn’t the “major” death we are talking about….hmmm…this is a toughy but I love love this show.

  2. Tam says:

    I think the death will be Shawn or Angela. Now that she knows how much further can her story line go?

  3. Marc says:

    I’m thinking Kanan, Shawn or Carlos although I’m hoping that it will be Angela. I don’t see how Ghost can allow Kanan or Carlos to live after they’ve actively conspired to take over the business and Carlos outed him to the Serbs. Angela is no longer necessary to the show because I can’t see her continuing her relationship with Ghost after last week’s episode unless they are going to have her more of the same which is sleeping with him while trying to put him in prison.

  4. Tim says:

    The core of this show is Ghost and Angela’s love story, it would an entirely different show if they kill off Angela.

    • Faye says:

      The story is about James St. Patrick living a double life. Its not about a love story. He has s seduced by the legimate side. Pay attention dude. Don’t you know people are tired of the mistress and want that bitch dead already?

    • TigerLIL says:

      Can you repeat that cause that love story forms the central triangle of the entire storyline, POWER is really about the power of LOVE, most of us not interested in the murder inc side of the drug game, we can catch that on the news…lol

  5. LT says:


  6. Tyra says:

    I definitely think that it’s angela she knows to much.

  7. ericsw says:

    I think it’s Shawn because Angela and Ghost love story have been an major part of the storyline and they need that dynamic to continue with an drug dealer and a FBI involved with each other and he wants to get out of the drug business

  8. sladewilson says:

    If they kill Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, or Angela – the show dies. The whole yin yang thing is Ghost in the middle of Tasha and Angela. Look at it this way also – I’m thinking Shawn because isn’t homeboy on “Once Upon A Time” now? If that turns into a full time gig, he won’t have time for “Power” and lets face it – it just makes Kanan want to kill Ghost all the more. You set me up AND kill my kid Plus if Kanan can flip Tommy to his side, that’s Kanan and Tommy vs. Ghost for next season with Tasha probably playing both sides against the middle. As for Angela – I think she gonna flip on everyone and side with Ghost. Then it really gets interesting….

    • Romebuttons says:

      I agree. Ghost kills Shawn and Kanan quotes the title of the episode as he always does. Kanan – “Ghost is Dead!” and that will lead us into season 3.

      • TigerLIL says:

        Good finally because I’m hoping Ghost is finally dead on his way out the game and into a life worth living. He is getting prepared to easy on out the game, with his family, the love of his life and the business but it is not going to be that easy….

    • Sharon Warren says:

      I agree with Slade Wilson 100%. I’ve seen so many amazing shows lose viewers because writers kill off Key characters in their shows and it backfires. Don’t mess up such great chemistry.

    • TigerLIL says:

      you right truth be told Ghost is in all of the show triangle relationships, killing Angela gonna bring close to the show cause the US government will be on top of your head..they can shut down the import of the powder period…plus the conflict of Angie dating a major drug lord who is living a double life makes the show much more interesting causing she playing with fire too….

  9. that boi says:

    Shawn is going to get killed because he ” loves his ungle G so much” as kenon said last week that hes not going to go threw with killing him. They showed kenon killing someone last week.. Could it be his own son.

  10. StacyD says:

    Just watched episode 209 and I need a drink.. won’t spoil it for you all. A very intense spectrum of drama.. CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT SATURDAY!!

  11. Jannae says:

    Ghost has to kill Kanan!!!!! Kanan killed his own son!!!!!
    There was an underlying love between Shawn and Uncle G.
    That’s why Ghost didn’t kill him. Angela is going to give
    Ghost up to save her ass. Tommy knows Ghost set him up. Tommy is going to
    flip. Tasha is motivated by Ghost’s
    feelings for Angela. She’s deeply hurt.
    She still wants her husband. Ghost must
    wake up from the Angela fantasy. His
    apparent weakness. I see Ghost faking
    his own death to disappear.

  12. Jannae says:

    Ghost has to kill Kanan!!!!! Kanan killed his own son!!!!!
    There was an underlying love between Shawn and Uncle G.
    That’s why Ghost didn’t kill him. Angela is going to give
    Ghost up to save her Azz.. Tommy knows Ghost set him up. Tommy is going to
    flip. Tasha is motivated by Ghost’s
    feelings for Angela. She’s deeply hurt.
    She still wants her husband. Ghost must
    wake up from the Angela fantasy. His
    apparent weakness. I see Ghost faking
    his own death to disappear.

    • Bmj says:

      That’s a possibility . Ghost faking his own death. Preview showed Proctor advising Ghost on disappearing. But then what? Ghost disappear where and with whom? Maybe Miami …Angela comes down. Kanan and Tommy(after he flips & loves Kanan so much) what happens to Tasha?

      • ashley says:

        I don’t think Tommy is really gonna side for real w/ Kanan. I think he’s faking “Ghost set him up” to fake get down w/ Kanan’s team to go back & tell Ghost the plan so Tommy n Ghost can establish their plan.

  13. TigerLIL says:

    This gonna be one a barn burner for the final, Angela got too much storyline to leave the show but she in some serious hot water with the discipline committee, the girl is out of her league, you can’t chase the criminal and sleep with him too. The job she has requires integrity beyond reproach, she on the floor on that scale. Chastising Ghost for his deceit, calling their love affair smoking mirrors naw she out of order on that one. She need to put the mirror up to her own face before she start handing down some rulings on the moral compass, all hands are on deck and none of them are clean…lol

  14. Chris says:

    It will be a season 3?

  15. Will Carson says:

    For a second, I thought Holly was gonna get whacked because she was too stupid to live and be believable. But they killed off someone even dumber. My eye muscles hurt from rolling my eyes from every stupid move this dude made. Later Shawn.

  16. Shouff says:

    Everybody focus on Ghost and kanan but what about the fed boss working for lobos.

  17. I AM SAM says:

    Already saw the finale… Shawn got clipped by his father Kanan, and Ghost killed kanan, and attempted to close down d drug business by killing almost everybody involved, d serb, griffting nd co little did he know that the connect (Filipe Lobos) survived and then tells Tommy to kill Ghost or he will kill Holly and the dog he bought 4 her

  18. Joannespaghetti6@gmail.com says:

    Luv Tommy. My bey, Tommy Tommy tommy! Ever replace ’em.