Prison Break Revival

Prison Break Stars Confirm 'Brilliant' Plans for Limited Series

If Lincoln and Michael taught us anything, it’s that solid intel is your best friend when you’re planning a Prison Break.

So we were psyched to hear Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell themselves confirm our scoop from last month that Fox’s continuation of the drama is coming closer to actually happening.

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“That’s in the offing, yeah,” Miller told Michael Ausiello while the actor — as well as Purcell, his castmate in The CW’s upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — were in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.

“Conversations are happening,” Miller added, acknowledging that everything he said was “assuming Michael is still alive.”

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From what we know right now, the continuation would be a limited series revival of the 2005-2009 drama, akin to what the network did with 24: Live Another Day last year.

But yes, Miller’s character did not make it out of the series alive — a detail Purcell says won’t matter.

“I mean, Sara was dead,” he said, referring to Sarah Wayne Callies’ character who died in Season 3 but was revealed to be alive in Season 4 of the original series. “The [concept] that I’ve heard is completely brilliant, so people will be fine.”

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Callies, who also stopped by the suite to promote her USA Network series Colony, noted that Universal Cable Productions’ Dawn Parouse Olmstead is her current boss and was an EP on Prison Break. So…

“If there’s anybody who has incentive to let me sneak off of set for a little bit and cross over to another lot,” such as the revival’s, she said, “it would be Dawn.”

Press PLAY on the video below to hear Miller and Purcell’s thoughts on the revival (talk begins at the 5:35 mark), then hit the comments: Would you watch a Prison Break revival?

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    • kaye says:

      oh derfinitely would love it, my favorite show. had a fit when it ended and Michael was dead. I hope my favorite T-Bag and Mahone will return too.

  1. Oh how I need to see me some more Pretty. And Linc, and Sarah…and TBag. And Sucre. And Bellick…and… yeah, love these guys.

  2. Jon says:

    This needs to happen like yesterday!!

  3. Bwhit says:

    The fact that the three main characters are all talking about wanting to do this makes me optimistic that it will happen. I was hoping someone would ask Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell about this at Comic-Con so thanks Ausiello! They should totally take Victor Garber up on his offer too :)

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m very very excited about this!!!!

  5. SFS95 says:

    phil klemmer is a lesbian soccer mom

  6. diane says:

    Would love a Prison Break tv movie! I thought Bellick died the last season, though. And I never believed Michael died. We assumed he was electrocuted . I think he faked his death.

  7. Mike says:

    Michael Scofield clone!!!

  8. Kynne says:

    so happy. I loved that show

  9. Brenda Byrum says:

    Oh yes! Prison Break- MY FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME! Hope it’s more than a couple of seasons!

  10. stpaulsgay says:

    GREAT! Loved this show, and wouldnt mind seeing MR Wentworth Miller on the screens!

  11. Lizo says:

    Yaaaasssss. A million times yes.

  12. N says:

    T-Bag was my fave!

  13. HanLin says:


  14. SammiD says:

    I would love to see a Prison Break revival! I mean I was giddy at seeing Wentworth and Dom together on The Flash, so to see them together again on Prison Break would be fantastic. When I first heard it was being talk about my only concern was the fact that Michael died. It seems like they have an answer for that, and I always hated that Michael died anyway so it could be great. I loved all the characters, but Michael, Linc, and Sara, are the most important people to get. Although, I’d love to see as many of the cast members from the show as they can. So far it sounds pretty good to me!

  15. BetsyBoo says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Bring back the brothers Scofield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sue Craig says:

    I would most certainly watch this. I loved this series. Bring it back please. Will that creepy little Tea Bag be back too? He was scary but he could really play that part

  17. Steven says:

    what a happiness again in home. I can’t wait seeing SARA play again. my lovely movie that I cant compare to any thing.
    I welcome you.

  18. Stephen McNee says:

    Michael didnt die from the electrocution, he survived and is now being held by the new company in an underground prison (que prison break intro music)

  19. Lizo says:

    I don’t even care *if* they explain away Michael’s death. As long as he’s alive, I’ll ride with whatever haha.
    I’m also totally down for Victor Garber being in it.

  20. Shaan says:

    One of the best tv series ever. Pretty excited hearing the news of prison break revival. Cant wait any longer to see them again. Love you guys…

  21. richyou says:

    im very happy to hear it.. hope new one awesome

  22. Imzadi says:

    I would watch it if the brilliant Rob Knepper (T-Bag) and Silas Weir Mitchell (Haywire) were in it!

  23. Teri says:

    Cannot wait for new show! Also would love love love a revival of prison break!

  24. kirads09 says:

    Please tell me any Prison Break revival will include William Fichtner as Alex Mahone. Just wouldn’t be right without him. One of the most incredible performances I have seen.

  25. paul says:

    best show ever, better than any movie including 24. yessssssssssssssssss bring it back!!!!!!

  26. Helen says:

    Please please please please please please please please…… devastated when Michael died – still in mourning !! Definitely watch a revival – there were so many twists and surprises along the way it would easily work!!!! Please!!!!

  27. Mary says:

    I think this is a great Idea- I would love to see a better ending for Michael & Sarah. I almost stop watching this show in Season 3 when Sarah was suppose to be dead, I was so happy when she came back for Season 4.

  28. Michael & Sarah had a short happiness in the series, I hope they get more time.

  29. Joey says:

    Well, bringing him back won’t be any more convoluted than all of season 4 was. I can’t wait.

  30. Diane Maher says:

    It’s about time! Finally the best series ever will be back on Fox. Can’t wait!!!!

  31. Ange says:

    Oh yeah, I’m definitely in!!

  32. kinrre says:

    Que Bien esta serie es muy buena la espero con ansias :D

  33. tonisha Brooks says:

    prison break is not prison break without Mike he has to come back..i just finished watching it for the3rd time and i still cry when Mike dies. if t bag comes back i think he should b more like Cole when they were in la ..sucre wasn’t always there but he was always right on time definitely should come back..Sarah n linc are definite as well they were Mike’s familyand he did anything for family. I’m so excited and can’t wait for the new season.. i love u scofield

  34. I was so mad when they stopped the show. And now am elated to hear of the revival!
    Can not wait!

  35. Cheryl Stephens says:

    I am so excited for this. Should have happened like 2 years ago. I never thought that Michael died, he was to smart for that. I cannot wait for next year now. This is going to make it the best year ever.

  36. Tony G says:

    I would absolutely love to see the new episodes. Prison break had a story, and great actors who gave life to the characters. It is not often when shows evoke emotion. I sure hope they bring Michael back. Maybe they can have the weak senator from Season 4 come in briefly and say he was instrumental in getting the real Michael doing espionage work, and faked his death with a body double.
    I think many would buy that. Of course as Dominic said, people will like how they do it. Looking forward to the show.

  37. Able says:

    It doesn’t make any difference to me! After 2 years of bad treatment from my cable company, I cut the cord. That was 3 years ago. Now I only watch tv when I’m out somewhere that has it. I don’t miss not having tv; plus I’m not paying $65 a month to big conglomerate cable company to mistreat (bully) every month & that $65 can be spent on things I need or want at business that treat with respect

  38. jolaunda speer says:

    Omg I loved this show and I am super excited for the sequel omg n we he to see lil Michael omg I missed the show I love u guys.

  39. vijay says:

    My favorite is micheal and t bag so i like to micheal in next season this is my favorite show in tv let me know the date of release

  40. vijay says:

    This is my favorite show if the micheal is not dead he is the one who is attractive rolerole in show

  41. Rakel says:

    Ohhh please! Just i’ve finish to see PB last night and i’m a deep sadness right now. You can’t leave us this way more time. We really need Michael’s return and finally happy ending “normal” ending for him and Sara and their kid. Let us see more of PB. We will be gratefull and promiss you it will be more than a succesfull decision. Thanks thank in advance and we’ll be closed to any kind of news. Hope good news

  42. Felix Pobee says:

    Yessssssss all the way from Ghana, West Africa

  43. vanessa says:

    Yes!!! I would love to watch it heck I can wait

  44. DON says:


  45. I am a very busy career person that doesn’t get to watch much TV – I will tell Prison Break was my favorite show and still is at the of 47 !! I watched the whole series again and I am out of my mind can’t wait to see the revival – I saw trailer and I will share you that I am an account executive for Special Operations for the US – so this the best news and story line looks amazing !!!!! Thank you !!! And all the actor you are fabulous !!!