UnREAL Recap: There's Something Off About Mary

Unreal Mary Dies Dead Recap Season 1

The following recap contains spoilers for this week’s episode of UnReal.

Ladies and gentlemen, mark down this week’s episode of UnREAL as the moment that Rachel Goldberg officially sinks down between Jenny McCarthy and Chris Brown on the Dregs o’ Humanity scale.

And that pains me to say, because despite all of her backhandedness, manipulation and just-plain-wrong, self-serving moves throughout the season, I like Rachel. But I also liked my old cat Nestor, who was a scratching, hissing jerk to everyone who ever visited my apartment; doesn’t mean I didn’t gladly give him up to a loving family with a bigger house for him to pee all over.

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And after watching Rachel bring an Everlasting contestant’s abusive ex-husband to set, then tell anyone who’ll listen that she’s doing so to offer closure to the battered wife? And then that contestant kills herself?! Sorry, Rach, but you’re one hairball on the carpet away from losing my support.

Read on for the highlights of “Fly.”

MAMA DRAMA | Mary’s worst week ever starts, unbeknownst to her, with Chet betting Quinn that the single mom won’t make it past the week’s eliminations. That prompts the executive producer to have Rachel help Shia produce the episode’s family date, to ensure that the “Grade-A boner killer” of a segment produces some kind of intrigue that’ll keep Mary in the game.

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Unreal Mary Dies RecapThe moment Mary’s sister, Louise, shows up with her kids and Mary’s daughter, Lilly Belle, she takes a look at the wild-eyed blonde and knows something’s amiss. And Louise isn’t even privy to the private interviews in which Mary trash-talks her ex, Kirk, and mixes booze with her meds — which Shia does little to dissuade.

Mary and her very angular eyebrows are so off-kilter by the time the show films the wholesome family date (Adam and Mary making pizza with Louise and the kids), she nastily unloads on Anna who just happens to wander by and pull the kids’ focus — as well as Adam’s — with a sweet bunny Chet handed her. (Side note: Anna must be truly bored in the Everlasting house; only someone with nothing but time and a tease comb would ever get her bump that high.) But Adam makes sure Anna knows that he’s kinda into her, and they make plans to meet clandestinely after he returns from his “romantic” dinner with Mary.

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TABLE IN HELL, PARTY OF 2? | No wait, it gets even more despicable: Quinn locks onto Rachel’s idea of doing something with Mary’s ex and turns it into a full-on visit to the Everlasting set for the creep. Rewind this scene, and you’ll see the exact moment whatever is left of Rachel’s soul packs its bags and leaves for Boca; it’s when she says that Kirk’s visit “could help Mary get a little bit of closure, I guess.” Yeah, temporary closure of one eye when he socks her, I suppose. Rach cements my disgust when she adds, “We’re doing Mary a favor.” Ugh.

That “favor” involves springing Kirk on Mary unawares, which leads to him going after her, Adam and Rachel — the latter saved by Jeremy, much to Lizzie’s dismay. Adam winds up with a shiner, Lilly Beth winds up with extreme confusion about her parents’ relationship and Rachel/Quinn wind up with good footage — and that’s all that matters, right?

ONE LAST DIVE | Mary gets a key before the week’s official ceremony — yay! — then has one more ill-advised interaction with Kirk — boo! — who is physically restrained but does even more damage by telling her she deserved the emotional and physical battery he dished out. So after Louise and the kids depart, Mary decides it’s time for her to do so, too. She puts on a flowy evening gown and climbs up on the house’s roof (“I have a girl on the roof and no camera!” Quinn laments, giving Mother Teresa a real challenge for sainthood), refuses to take Rachel’s hand after she clambers up there after her, and then half-jumps, half-falls to the ground below. Wow, when Constance Zimmer said the show was going to get even darker, she wasn’t kidding.

Now it’s your turn. Do you think Shia’s involvement in Mary’s pill switcheroo will come to the surface before the end of the season? Did anyone doubt that Everlasting would be back for a second season — and, for that matter, were you pleased by today’s news? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mooshki says:

    I don’t know how helpful the spoiler warning is when you have “mary-dies” in the url, lol.

    Excellent episode all around.

  2. Meg says:

    Shia is no saint either. She switched out Mary’s meds with a probiotic and told no one about it. Mary wouldn’t have reacted so strongly if she’d stayed on her meds.

    • Jeri says:

      Agree, I think this started the entire horrible episode and I hope it comes out, although it’s way too late to little for Mary.

    • Benington says:

      I agree as well. Mary was not behaving right all day. The situation with the other contestant and the bunny. Her reaction was way… out of proportion. The conversation regarding Adam loving her and the family moving to England. The entire situation was precipitated by the switch out of her meds. Shia should go to jail for manslaughter for doing that, she essentially killed her….even though that was not her intention.

    • Charissa29 says:

      Yup. You are dead on with that. Angry words are a problem, but changing someone’s melds is CRIMINAL! Shia is terrifying as she apparently has no boundaries and is situationally tone deaf! Rachel and Quinn were reckless and appalling, but Shia deserves prison!!!

    • Curly Girly says:

      I totally agree. You don’t mess with a mentally ill person’s meds!! It’s totally Shia’s fault. Though Rachel didn’t help, I doubt Mary would have been in the state she was if she wasn’t off her meds. Charges should be brought against Shia, what she did was dispicable!!

  3. Evan says:

    Certainly a dark twist, but I’m excited to see the show explore the psychological stress and pain it puts contestants, producers, ad everyone associated with these reality shows through. Of course, this cranks it up to a 13 on a scale of 1-10. I suppose Anna is winning, now that Mary is dead and Faith is “out of the race” so to speak. This show has been a real bright spot this summer and now the new direction it heads in is coming in at top speed, so I’m excited for these last four (only four!!) episodes.

    • Ann says:

      Agreed. I’m really enjoying this show. I hope it gets renewed for a second season, but I’m not sure what they’ll do if they get a season 2 because they’re putting all the good stuff in this short first season! I want more! More backstabbing! More psychological manipulations! More Mean Quinn!! More evil Rachel! Less Chet and Quinn, less Rachel and Jeremy…

  4. Marissa says:

    OMG that was crazy!!
    I really don’t think Rachel should be blamed for Mary’s death… and I would be very upset if she is! If Mary was stable – Shia’s fault – then this wouldn’t have happened… also Rachel did not even want to bring her ex at first…all signs point to Rach though :(
    Rachel was the only person who cared about her in the end… Quinn only wanted the camera on and Chet was concerned about the $50 bet (are you serious??)
    This is going to be a long week!!

    • Fran says:

      Rachel was wrong to bring the husband on set, but I definitely don’t think that Rachel really realized the impact that bringing the husband on the show would have. She also had no idea that her medications were switched and prior to the switch, Mary seemed a lot more stable than the other girls. The person who played the biggest role in Mary’s death was Shia,

    • Scarlet says:

      Rachel definitely won’t be the one to face long-term punishment for this since she’s the lead character. Shia will most likely be the one who will ultimately be seen as the responsible party. She tampered with Mary’s medication which led to her committing suicide.

  5. Dude says:

    I wouldn’t say Rachel went too far as much as I’d say SHIA went too far. I see you Shia! I see you!

    • Curly Girly says:

      I hope Shia gets found out and gets criminal charges brought against her!! What she did was dispicable!

  6. Amina Mbengue says:

    This episode was so amazing!! Don’t forget to share this show with friends and family so we can make it to a season 3 guys!!

  7. Bwhit says:

    Shia switching Mary’s meds and feeding her booze is ten times worse than what Rachel did in my opinion. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I like Adam and Rachel, they both seem the most real when they are with each other. This show is awesome!

    • Lizzie says:

      I think that’s the point of Adam & Rachel being real with each other. At this point she knows him better than any of the other girls. And they obviously like each other. That stare he gave her was intense. But wow I did not see her jumping off the roof! This show looks to be over the top but they are tackling some real issues.

    • Marissa says:


  8. Faith says:

    This one is on Shia’s jealous tale!

  9. schu says:

    If Mary actually dies how could they possibly spin it to not ruin the future of the show? Especially since UnReal itself was renewed, there is no way “Everlasting” would have another go with a literal contestant suicide, am I right?

    • Bwhit says:

      I’m guessing they will put a spin on it and place the blame solely on Mary saying she went off of her meds. It could end Everlasting and bring about a show completely created by Quinn with Rachel doing Quinn’s job.

  10. DDB says:

    Shia is THE WORST. She’s like the assistant dude from the first season of Smash.

  11. Ian says:

    Love the show, but why was this so shocking? With the way the ending of this episode was being hyped, I thought something crazy disturbing was going to happen, not just a roof jump suicide.

  12. brandydanforth81 says:

    So they recyleda CW 90210 huh with Shia(Adrianna) switching Marys( Silvers) meds.

    • Jen says:

      The CW’s 90210 wasn’t even the first to do that plot. Besides, every show “borrows” from every show. There is nothing on any TV show that you watch that hasn’t been done before. In fact, the show itself was far from original considering it was actually a reboot of the original.

    • Dude says:

      My writing teacher always told a story about a student who came up to her and said, “I’m afraid I don’t have any original ideas.” She said to him, “You don’t.” At this point, everything has been thought of and used in one way or another. It’s not about being the first to do something, it’s about putting your own spin on an idea.

  13. Ariana says:

    I honestly don’t see how Rachel can be blamed for this when things started going bad when Quinn pressured Shia to make Mary more interesting. Yes Chet was a huge jerk with No understanding of mental illness but Mary would have been fine if Shia hadn’t given her placebos abs encouraged her to loosen up by drinking alcohol. Any kind of substances only make conditions like bipolar disorder worse and none of that had to do with Rachel. Rachel tried to save her. She was the only one who went on that roof so I’m still firmly on her team.

    • ELjay says:


    • Benington says:

      I agree as well. Mary was not behaving right all day. The situation with the other contestant and the bunny. Her reaction was way… out of proportion. The conversation regarding Adam loving her and the family moving to England. The entire situation was precipitated by the switch out of her meds. Shia should go to jail for manslaughter for doing that, she essentially killed her….even though that was not her intention.

    • Lisa says:

      doubly agreed – Shia is the one at fault here, bipolar disorder is a very serious disease, you don’t tamper with someones meds

  14. Joey Padron says:

    good episode. sad about ending. crew & show are gonna be in big trouble in next week’s episode.

  15. John says:

    I’m not sure about this development. The rest of the season will have to be about this or it will be incredibly unrealistic. Also, it grinds the show to a halt to deal with the fallout of this and there are only 4 episodes left.

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      What if they stop Everlasting and the last 4 episodes deals with the fall out for everyone and next season is a reboot of some sort Adam comes back the girls who are there come back but bring in new girls too? I don’t know just a theory

  16. Nero tTVFiddler says:

    Nice recap Kimberly.

    I don’t often watch these types of series, but UnReal is one of my guilty pleasures (along w/GGTD and Younger). I like the casts in each of these three series, so that certainly helps keep me tuning in.

    I’m not a fan at all (*at all*) of ‘reality’ dating shows, but the people behind the camera and in front of it on UnReal make this series worth watching. I’m a huge fan of both leads – Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer.

    Keep up the good work on these recaps… also, sorry to hear about your cat Nestor. Hey, breakups are always are difficult. ;) Hopefully Nestor’s new family has a good deal going with a carpet cleaning service.

  17. webly3 says:

    As bad as Rachel bringing the husband to the show was, I think that Shia is the one to blame for this death. I mean, purposefully interfering with a bipolar person’s drugs??? That is horrible. And, the ex-husband coming back was really horrible timing. If it would have happened without Mary all crazy, it could have gone down better… meaning that the conversation with Mary wouldn’t have got to her after all.

  18. Luis says:

    My wife tells me I would love this show. Seeing the trailers and reading the recaps makes me think watching it would make me want to gout and kill reality show producers.

  19. Cas says:

    Rachel isn’t the one who messed with her meds. You can’t do that to a biopolar person. I feel like had she known Mary wasn’t on her meds she may have done things differently.

  20. robandco says:

    UnReal never had a better name until this week. Seriously the show is so good. I wish it was like an anthology series with a different kind of reality series for each season. Maybe with Rachel as a link character.
    I hope Mary is not dead. I also hope she’s dead. Because either way the Everlasting can’t survive. I know Rachel is good but how the hell are they going to spin this so it does not damaged the show.

  21. jbj says:

    ITA that Shia is primarily at fault for switching out Mary’s meds and plying her with alcohol. That said, the disingenuousness of Rachel’s idea that Mary confronting her ex would be therapeutic is revealed by the fact that no one consulted the in-house therapist about how to do it safely. What is the benefit of having one if they only use her for background info, at least liability-wise? It’s like that Married at First Sight show, where they claimed to use psych evaluations to match pairs, but they somehow miss that a guy is a violent, drug-abusing psychopath.

  22. Rainland says:

    Here’s my prediction: Shia goes to Mary’s room to retrieve the pill box, Rachel catches her at it and there is a dramatic moment — somehow Rachel is redeemed in the eyes of some because there is another season coming folks! I honestly thought the ex was going to be found stabbed to death in the makeup trailer!

  23. Sarah says:

    I hope this is the end of Shia. She is awful.

  24. Kristina says:

    Interesting. I actually had the opposite reaction; I like Rachel now. Since I don’t hold her primarily responsible for this (that award goes to Shia) I mostly just feel bad for her. Seeing someone jump/fall right in front of you would mess up a mentally healthy person, but with Rachel’s issues, this is probably gonna do some serious damage.

  25. Sabrina says:

    This was a great episode. I definitely did not expect such a big twist and I can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode.

  26. tvwatcher35 says:

    This is the best show of the summer. Guilty pleasure to the max. Shiri Appleby is killing it as Rachel. She’s giving an award worthy performance. So happy it got picked up for season 2. I wonder who comes back and what the storyline for season 2 will be? How come IMDB lists Mary for 10 episodes? Shia is jealous that Rachel is Quins favorite. I hope Shia takes all the blame. I can’t stand her. Then again I could not stand her from day 1. I cut and pasted the following info from the following link below. Thoughts?


    TVLINE | What’s been the most shocking line or scene for you that’s made it to air?
    There’s something coming up in, I think it’s Episode 6, that to me was shocking, [that] I couldn’t believe we were going to do on the show — because it then tells a different story after we reveal something that happens. The ending scene [of Episode 4] with our suitor and the wife of a financier person, I thought, “There’s no way they’re going to keep it,” and they did. And I have to say, it works, because it starts showing you the world. Our show does get dirtier, and it gets darker.

  27. Grace says:

    Shia cut the cameras though. There’s no proof!!!

    • Mary says:

      Aren’t those recording 24/7 though? They can see when they got cut off… and I’m sure Shia’s fingerprints are on the cameras, her room and medicine container… they will probably do an autopsy and see that she wasn’t taking her meds! We know that bringing in her ex was the thing that set her off, but she was super vulnerable and it probably would have happened either way. Shia needs to be held responsible!!!!!!

  28. Gigi Marie says:

    “No wait, it gets even more despicable: Quinn locks onto Rachel’s idea of doing something with Mary’s ex and turns it into a full-on visit to the Everlasting set for the creep. “(Quote from article)

    I don’t mean to discredit the author of the article but I’m 99.9% sure it was the other way around and it was Quinn’s idea to have the ex husband on the show and she talked Rachel into doing it. Rachel was very uncomfortable with the idea at first, arguing that her ex had “beat her & broke Lilly Belle’s arm”(I’m also fairly sure that was the little girls name though if I’m wrong I stand corrected!). Quinn was the one who pushed the idea & convinced Rachel to do it. I think Rachel is extremely influenced by Quinn(maybe she becomes a bit less so as the season goes on but at this point she still is) and I also think Rachel really convinced herself, on the surface at least, that by bringing Mary’s ex on the show & giving her the opportunity to confront him, she was doing something positive for her. She didn’t know about what Shia had done & I think she really did believe Mary was in a stronger place. As the day went on obviously she (and everyone else) began realizing something was definitely off about Mary but again Rachel didn’t know about what Shia had done until it was too late. And I don’t think she knew or let herself fully grasp how dangerous her ex was until she began to witness it firsthand. I agree with everyone else who said if there’s anyone truly to blame her, it’s Shia. Bringing Mary’s ex on the show was clearly a terrible misguided idea but it wasn’t illegal. What Shia did was criminal. Also, well 2 things, Rachel suffered tremendous guilt for what she’d done as well as the fact that she found a way to “redeem herself” but not because of selfish reasons. Just the opposite in fact, the whole reason she wrote the fake letter from Mary to her sister was so that Kirk would not get custody of Lilly Belle. Even Mary’s sister agreed it was the right thing to do & thanked Rachel in the end. And I still don’t think Rachel felt ok about it. I think she felt extremely guilty for the whole thing & in fact was the only one who truly did. All Shia seemed to care about was if she would get in trouble or if she needed a lawyer. I don’t recall her expressing much actual remorse for what she did & she also tried to turn it on Rachel saying “you & Quinn would’ve done the same thing, you have no line”(as in boundaries), etc. sorry my quotes aren’t exact. To which Rachel responded they absolutely wouldn’t have & that was Shia’s problem, that she always crossed the line. And until Shia admitted what she’d done, Rachel was prepared to take full responsibility.

    At the start of the episode after Mary dies, Adam is disgusted by what Rachel did & calls her a monster. But when he realizes she wrote the letter to stop Kirk from getting custody and not as a selfish act, he says to her he was wrong & she’s not a monster. She responds, “yes I am” in a tone that breaks my heart. That’s the thing about Rachel, yeah she’s really messed up, does messed up things, manipulates people, etc but I personally believe she’s extremely conflicted about it and feels quite a bit of guilt in most situations. She wanted to go to the police after Mary died & Quinn stopped her, Quinn even stopped Shia but because she didn’t want the show to get in trouble. Rachel’s ongoing conflict with who she is, who she wants to be(someone who makes “TV that means something & save African AIDS babies) vs her “actual life” of doing awful things & manipulating people for “good TV” is what makes her such a fascinating character. But there are so many glimpses throughout the show of her being a good person deep down & I don’t think her manipulation comes from a place of being sadistic, I think it’s more her only real survival skill. So I have to disagree with the article in terms of Rachel being soulless or however it was put. I even think her guilt follows her somewhat through the rest of the season as evidenced in the scene in the finale with her & Quinn when she brings up Mary’s death again, although there is some speculation that she was actually trying to trap Quinn into admitting it, possibly to blackmail her for season 2.

    Btw what did Jenny McCarthy do that was so awful lol? To put her in the same class as Chris Brown, a woman beater, seems harsh. Did I miss something? Thanks for the article, even though I don’t agree with it all, I found it insightful & interesting.