Perfect High: 10 Important Lessons From Bella Thorne's Lifetime Drama

Perfect High Bella Thorne

Lifetime’s Perfect High is not your typical ‘girl injures her leg and becomes addicted to heroin’ story. Bella Thorne‘s high-octane drama, based on real-life events, is a cautionary tale about the dangers of drugs. And dance.

Thorne stars as Amanda, a high-school dancer whose life spirals into disarray when she suffers a nasty fall — hence her new nickname, “that chick who fell” — during an intense rehearsal. How far into disarray does it spiral, you ask? Our girl Mandy falls into a seriously bad crowd, whose members demand she feed them her pills. (They’re collectively like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors, only hotter.)

After discovering that her new pals are knowingly doing heroin, Amanda attempts to dance again, only to be stabbed in the back by Tiny Lucy Hale her old “friend” Ali. So it’s back on the H-Train for ol’ Mandy, though she swears it’s only going to be a short ride; “Maybe this will help me get through my audition,” she says while sticking a needle into her arm.

But it doesn’t help Amanda’s audition. In fact, she loses her solo to Tiny Lucy Hale Ali, becomes even more addicted to heroin and watches her new BFF Riley die from an overdose. (Now she’ll never grow up to be a stylist!)

Until Amanda eventually comes clean — so to speak — with her parents, they remain ignorant to their daughter’s obvious gradual deterioration. After one especially wild party, in which Amanda smokes too much oxy and hits her head on the edge of the bathroom sink, she gets away with telling her parents she just had “a couple of beers.” They commend her for her honesty, then turn her over to her doctor… who prescribes her more pills.

Like most Lifetime films, there are plenty of life lessons to be gleaned from Perfect High. I rounded up the 10 most vital nuggets of knowledge:

1. When someone is suffering, they just need to be told, “hashtag get over yourself.”

2. It’s super annoying when people flaunt their injuries on social media.

3. Any friend who uses the phrase “status update” in real life is destined to steal your dance solo.

4. “Facebook is for old people.”

5. Yard sales are apparently great opportunities for stealing from the elderly

6. It’s OK to upload videos of your friends tweaking out, but only if you do it at “upload o’clock.”

7. On the flip side, it’s really not OK to show up high to your girlfriend’s memorial.

8. Never trust your younger brother not to rat you out; he will always rat you out.

9. One mustn’t visit one’s friend in rehab without taking a #RehabSelfie.

10. And, most importantly, never join a dance team. This is what happens.

So, did you enjoy Thorne’s journey down the rabbit hole as much I did? Grade Perfect High below, then drop a comment with the life lessons you took away.

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  1. kiwi says:

    I really think this movie has a great impact on real issues . I got real deep into this as if I knew here prayers for everyone that’s I’ll .

  2. Analyn says:

    This movie is really good and a good life lesson

  3. Phaneshia says:

    This was the most Awsome movie wcer

  4. Emily says:

    If anyone has ever struggled with opitate addiction – this movie was eerily very close many spot on moments. It had some great moments about the total dispare that one goes through, and I think it was very well put together i many cases disturbingly realistic. Yes there are a few glitches, but those are few far between. Kudos to the makers of this movie – they addressed so many sad and desperate realities of addiction – how quickly addiction can escalate, tolerance, chasing that refill dream, the desire for more, the cold hard truth about withdrawal, nodding out, self neglect, spending everything you have and stealing any chance you can get, and how quickly it spirals out of control. I give this two thumbs up. You know a movie is good when you feel uncomfortable watching it because you can identify so strongly with the characters. If you haven’t been through this situation, it may seem dramatic in some parts – but with addiction, the drama is never ending and they nailed this one.

  5. Broanne says:

    Does anyone know if this is being shown in the UK n if it is when ??

  6. Carol C says:

    Loved the “H” score!

  7. Carol C says:

    No sign of this anywhere on Lifetime Canada. Darn.

  8. I really loved this movie it was so cool……this movie is the best from all the other movies from LIFETIME :) thanks to lifetime for putting this awesome movie on TV :)

  9. ROSE SEARS says:


  10. Casey says:

    I was stunned at how great of an actress Bella Thorne was. Great movie. Thank you, Lifetime.

  11. MamaTippi says:

    This movie definitely scared me to the core. Sad to say, but this movie hits real close to home for me. As a person who’s seen thus stuff happen firsthand, I think it’s very realistic. I’m a fan.

    • MamaTippi says:

      To clarify: I’ve never done it, but I have seen family members struggle with addiction and who are still struggling with addiction.

  12. Justine says:

    I’m a recovering addict and this hit so close to home to me. I watched it over an hour ago and still feel the pain in my heart. The actors were amazing, Bella Thorne killed it and Daniela aka Riley was amaZing and played an amazing “junkie”. (I hate that word but still). Blown away. Thank you to the cast for showing awareness and REALITY! This is how it is truly.

  13. Jenna says:

    Really this is a serious addiction and the writer is making fun of it? It’s disgusting.

  14. jackiee says:

    it was phanominal & I loved it 😍😍

  15. valey avalos says:

    Thats one of the best movies i saw i love bella thorner and dancing plus drugs awesome like, :)

  16. Cookcountygeezer says:

    If you put aside the hash tags, the selfies, and the omnipresent smartphones, there was nothing different thematically between Perfect High and the ABC Afterschool Special. Perfect kid has issue, problem starts small, aggravates until the kid goes out of control, friend dies, kid faces parents and deals with the aftermath, cue the phone number for the place to call when you suspect your friend is on drugs. Truth be told, didn’t this show up on one or more of the iterations of Degrassi, but with more polite kids?

  17. Halloween Baby says:

    Randomly coming across this movie and currently being a recovering substance user, I personally thought it was just wonderful!! I recorded it and have now watched it a few times already. It may have been made 5, 10, even 20 years too late, but hey- better late than never! And there will always be someone else, so regardless when it was finally produced isn’t the point. I found it extremely informative for the entire general population. This movie TRULY gives the viewer an idea of what addication may look like, how controlling it can and will be, (even though that is something I feel no current or recovering addict could ever even begin to describe,) and unfortunately, how it can most definitely someday result in death. I found it very interesting to watch the progression during this movie and to actually think back during my active addiction and how it progressed. When Amanda was doing like the best job out of all the girls during practice one day.. and the next day (without any drugs) she barely had enough energy or motivation to dance, keep focused, keep up with everyone else, even remembering her routine which she had been working so hard for and DID indeed have memorized was soo unbelivably hard!! That was all spot on. The relationship and strong connections between Amanda & Carson, oh my.. it was so real to me and so good and sad all at the same time. Another very true, interesting part was watching how Carson is always video taping the 4 having fun, laughing, getting high, just hanging out all enjoying life. But towards the very end of the movie.. once they are all now injecting Heroin, they are all at the park, Amanda and Carson bring coffees for all of them, Carson begins to video.. and you can see they aren’t as into it.. or having as much fun as they once did when he videoed them. And within moments Riley says like okay that’s enough let’s go.. because it “was time to get high again.” Almost all the fun was completely gone- it was now only about the addiction. Same with when Carson was trying to get Amanda to do sexual things for money for drugs. They were so far gone. I really think the writer, producer, & director all did an exceptional job with the entire movie, as well as the main cast!! I will be watching it again tonight for the like 7th time ha! Thank you! :)

  18. aniya says:

    I loved it its was sad at the end the only thing Carson said was do u have any lije wtf your sister just died

  19. jay doy flay says:

    Bella u don’t need. To be on that movie it really hurts to see you look like that can u do me a HUGE favor csn I borrow 250 dallors I live in Paris and need to pay the house bill
    I live on 114 street Paris ,Tennessee Please help me l wold really appreciate it I love you for the rest of my life PLEASE BRING THE MONEY CAYSE IF I DON’T HAVE IT BY SEPTEMBER. 23 I won’t gave a place to live. 😍💝💒🔼😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

  20. Melissa odinas says:

    How do I get this on a DVD?

  21. Ashley says:

    I have watched the movie everyday since i seen it on demand i my self know what pill addiction is byt have never gone to herion i was offered heroin but i refused it but it does touch on real issues on addiction and how quick ine can become addicted even when u tell your self you will not

  22. RMF says:

    I loved thie movie it was really good so good it pushed me to pursue my dreams further…I also own it