Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Flash, Teen Wolf, Bones, Once, Castle, Faking It, Wayward Pines, The Strain and More

The Flash Season 2 Spoilers

How will new faces affect The Flash? What tragic time will Teen Wolf revisit? Who will help battle The Strain? Who’s (finally) back on Bones? Is Castle‘s Kate MIA?! Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any Westallen scoop to help us survive The Flash‘s hiatus? –Kaz
As we all surmised when I wrote this not-at-all-controversial bit, Barry is getting his own “Felicity” because it’s simply too soon for Iris to move on from Eddie — especially since Season 2 picks up right where we left off, with The Flash fighting the wormhole. “[Eddie’s death] is definitely a factor, for sure,” Grant Gustin says. “Barry wants to be there for Iris as her best friend right now. And for Barry, too. It’s too soon for everybody. Some tragic events just took place!” Interestingly, exec producer Geoff Johns added that the aforementioned (and yet-to-be-cast) CCPD noob Wendy Miller won’t be the only one shaking up the status quo when the CW hit returns. “There are a lot of new characters coming in, not just the ones that have been leaked online,” he teased. “And they all will challenge relationships, in good and bad ways.”

Any info about who/what Teen Wolf‘s flashback episode (5×06, I think) will feature, aside from Scott and Kira? —Cecile
Show boss Jeff Davis tells the Inside Line you can expect “a heart-wrenching scene between Stiles and his mother, Claudia, where we learn just how bad things got before her death.”

Anything you can say about MTV’s Faking It? The wait is killing me! –Lauren
I said just last week in this column, I shan’t leave any dead bodies behind. So read on! When the series returns on Aug 31, Hester High is turned on its head as a new principal arrives with a mission to get the school back on track. At the same time, Karma and Amy are trying to put their friendship back together (after Karma learned that Amy bedded Liam), but really — can they ever get past that betrayal? The other burning Q is: Can Shane keep boyfriend Duke from finding out that he’s the one who outed him?

Do you have any scoop on Season 2 of The Strain? –lilslim
Show boss Carlton Cuse shared with TVLine that among Eph’s allies this season is “a very cool new character played by Samantha Mathis” (whom I, Matt, will always associate with Broken Arrow). “She’s a city councilwoman in Staten Island who decides, ‘I’m going to do something about this vampire plague myself.’ She’s amazing.” Cuse also let slip this tease about the show’s Biggest Bad: “The Master might have escaped [in the Season 1 finale], but that doesn’t mean he was uninjured. Let’s just say that.”

Wayward Pines is officially my summer TV obsession. Anything to share? Could Plot 33 be a way back home? –Pat
I wondered the same — for a half-second, before deciding no amount of Pilcher tech could send someone back in time 2,000 years. So I asked show boss Chad Hodge about the mysterious, overgrown parcel of land. “I wouldn’t say it’s the show’s next big mystery, but it’s one of them. And it’s a key to the final chapter of Wayward Pines,” he answered. Bonus scoop: “Someone who you might not be thinking about makes a brief reappearance,” Hodge teases, “and it has to do with what’s going on outside the fence separate from the Abbies.”

Did Graceland‘s Mike actually forgive Paige? Or is he playing her? –Diane
I’m going with Option A, suspecting that in his “death,” Mike saw the proverbial light. “One of the things that fascinated me, as a big Six Feet Under fan, is that Mike was clinically dead for six minutes,” series creator Jeff Eastin says, “and the season does hinge a great deal on what he believes happened in that six minutes.” Which is not to say that a crossover with TNT’s Proof is on tap. “We have not done any spiritual shark-jumping,” Eastin makes clear. “But it does influence the season a great deal, and I think at the end people will be very surprised by exactly how it does that.”

Is Chicago Med a full-season order? –SciFiGuy
As with most every freshman series (spinoffs included), Chicago Fire‘s latest spawn got the usual 13-episode order, and is eligible for a “back 9” upgrade (if merited).

Any scoop on Once Upon a Time? I’m not particular, I’ll take anything! –Allison
I’m hearing that the season opener, not unexpectedly, will pick up right where the finale left off, with Emma having vanished after taunting the disembodied Darkness with the Dark One’s dagger. Where exactly the Savior was transported to, however, thus far remains a closely guarded secret (but hey, that’s what Comic-Con is for, amiright?) Also, it will be sooner rather than later that we meet King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Is it true that Stana Katic isn’t going to be in the Castle season premiere? –Linda
As I quite eloquently put it, on Twitter, over the weekend: “That is a bunch of hooey.”

Anything new about Castle Season 8? –Rachael
Only that I was alllll wrong about the larger purpose of the new tech analyst dude.

I’ve scoured the interwebs for anything at all on Season 2 of Starz’s The Missing and found… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Please tell me y’all have casting news, airdates, plot scoop… anything? –Katie
I asked around for you, and all I can report back is that “the writers are currently writing” Season 2 (which, technically, is a “second installment,” seeing as it is an anthology series).

Will we see Parker Booth anytime soon on Bones, even if it is just to see his reaction to being a big brother again? –Maria
During Season 11, “We will see Parker, definitely,” show boss Stephen Nathan affirms, putting to bed that long-standing issue/conspicuous absence.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. c-mo says:

    Matt, Matt, Matt…how could you ever be wrong?

  2. Val says:

    Looking forward to more Emma’s journey and what we get with Dark Swan, Excited and nervous.
    And her relationships between Charming/Snow, Henry and Hook plays a part in finding/saving Emma. And Emma and Hook relationship now after the big I love you moment and how she is the dark one now.
    And also getting to Merlin and go to Camelot

  3. a says:

    Thanks for the Bones scoop…yeah!! Parker returns!! :)

    • July Lark says:

      Thank goodness, finally, nothing worse than the perfect parents, Booth and Brennan, neglecting Booth’s first born. About time!!!

      • Jo says:

        Happy to hear Parker will be returning in season 11. It’s been way to long.

      • kmw says:

        They haven’t neglected him. He has been overseas with his mom. I too am glad he will be back. I guess Nathan is still the show runner. If he isn’t show runner any more why is he still giving out interviews? Just asking. Thanks for the scoop Matt. As for Castles two scoops why would anyone believe that Katic wouldn’t be in every episode, when they said that she would and interesting news about tech. Should be an interesting fall

        • BnB says:

          Honestly at this point….who’s Parker? LOL
          He’s been gone so much the past 5 or 6 years – they should do a previously on Bones spot to include him. They can’t even acknowledge the passing of Pop’s. He’s been on more the past few years than Parker.

          Parker = zzzzzzzzzz lol
          I hope the new season brings more B&B airtime. It dwindled in s10 – THAT is what needs to pick up!

          • Jake says:

            Agreed – at this point, who cares? It’s not like Parker was a big part of the show.

          • kmw says:

            Also agree that Booth and Brennan need more airtime. Even if Parker isn’t seen they should at least mention him more often, which they used to do, but I think since they got married they mentioned him exactly once. Everyone who thinks Booth is a bad parent to Parker forget Bones skips a lot time and in that time that is skipped Booth probably is with him. So while I still would like to see him, he doesn’t need to be on screen all the time. And yes I really hope they deal with Pop this season.

          • anon says:

            Pops was in one ep S5, one ep in S7 & one ep S9….Parker was in two ep S5, two eps S6, one in S7 & one in S9…now my math isnt that great but even I can count that Parker has been in more eps than Pops in a comparison of later seasons…yet you have no problem recalling 3 ep Pops…interesting…Parker is the leading mans child, he should have a place on the show whether it being mentioned or shown….Booth has THREE kids not two….they can trundle out Max every season, they can sure as hell treat Parker with a bit more respect.

  4. aurat22 says:

    Thank You Matt! You always give us the best Once Scoops! Except now I have ear worm of the “Camelot” song.

  5. Tatiana says:

    Thanks for the Flash scoop! I’m glad Barry will be there for Iris as a friend, that’s what is most important right now. I’ll just have to cross my fingers we get romantic Westallen before season 3.
    Is the new love interest really called “Wendy Miller?” I was so certain she was Patty Spivot in disguise.

  6. TW says:

    Thanks for the Westallen scoop. Guess I’ll just have to sit through Patty & another one the CW’s excruciating love triangles- because that’s exactly what it’ll be.

  7. Mo says:

    Love how fondly you recall the original Wendy spoiler, lol. Sorry if we gave you a headache with our complaints! Just glad it seems like Iris & Barry’s friendship’ll stay strong.

  8. AddieM says:

    Always a fan of new characters and I’d love to see Barry in a rship and not pining after Iris…can’t wait to see the dynamic between the new characters and the old in The Flash

  9. Alexis says:

    Thank you Matt for the WestAllen scoop. It will make surviving the summer hiatus a little easier. Glad to hear that Barry will be there for Iris as her best friend through this difficult time for her. Their friendship is more important right now

    • Rhonda says:

      Nah, I’ll just be happy if Iris gets to have her own life now as a character, but I know she won’t.
      Even though Barry’s in love with Iris, and Linda dumped him for that very reason, he can go and have feelings for someone else now even while Iris is in pain and mourning someone who died?
      WestAllen just isn’t worth shipping anymore. He lied to her for months and would have continued to if she hadnt found out herself. This show treats Iris like garbage.
      She can cross universes and go save the world over in Sleepy Hollow with Abbie and Jenny. I’d watch that show.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I would not be surprised if Emma was transported to the dark one vault in the enchanted forest

  11. prish says:

    2000 years back in time, possibility…I have to check out WP, after all.

  12. Dora says:

    Thanks for the westallen scoop. Glad to hear Barry & Iris friendship will remain strong, hope they become even closer. Also I hope the non leaked characters are Wally and Mama West.

  13. Adelaide says:

    Thanks for the WestAllen Scoop Matt! Glad that Barry will be there for his best friend. I’ll gladly take just friendship for now while they slowly work their way to romance.

  14. Barbara says:

    I’m happy that barry will focus on being a friend to iris for now, I think we can all agree It’s too early for her to get involved romantically with anyone, even if they are meant to be together. thanks for the scoop!

  15. ReverseFlash says:

    Thank you for WestAllen scoop. Happy to hear Barry and Iris’s friendship will remain strong, that’s what matters now for them to be there for each other. Fingers crossed for them to eventually become a couple, because ‘what other girls’.

  16. Leslie says:

    Yes! Barry supporting Iris is what I want to see. I will try to patiently wait for Westallen, but pls don’t drag it out for another season ugh

  17. Ingrid says:

    Thanks for the Westallen scoop !! Since Iris will be grieving, a friendship is all she’ll need so i’m really happy Barry will be there for her. Still meh about the new love interest but we’ll see I guess

  18. paula says:

    still meh about wendy/patty and the flash “having It’s own felicity” I mean we already have a large team flash where everyone has an important part to play. felicity is of incalculable value to team arrow, wendy will probably be as useless as eddie was most of the season.

  19. Lily says:

    I still don’t want to sit through a Barry/Patty thing, ugh. I’m SO not looking forward to that, and I really hope it doesn’t drag out for the entire season. I wish they would have just kept the longtime comics version of Patty, where she was a loser lab assistant that Barry never looked twice at, and not the new 52 series version where she was suddenly revamped into a girlfriend just a couple years ago. The Patty Spivot of Flash history would never get to snatch Barry up before Iris does- ick. If they were going to introduce Patty, I’d rather she show up later, after Barry/Iris are together.

  20. eric says:

    new gf? lol is this oliver queen or barry allen

  21. tom says:

    if they’re not putting barry with iris they should just keep linda she’s fun, like them both

  22. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for the scoop! I’m SO here for a Westallen friendship while Iris is dealing with Eddie’s death. They can get together once they are both ready <3 thanks again!

  23. jesse says:

    barry belongs with iris like in the comics

  24. Katie says:

    Looking forward to more Westallen, Wendy or no. Can’t wait for the day you announce that Wally West is on his way!!!

  25. sarah says:

    thank you for the OUAT scoop :’c also, westallen for life <3

  26. mike says:

    Curious…did you think the tech dudes purpose was good and it turned out bad, or vice versa. Enquiring minds want to know lol.

  27. Nikki M says:

    I’m not really a fan of the the love triangle on the Flash. I do want Barry and Iris to end up together, but can’t the show just focus on Barry saving the world for a season without all the will they or won’t they stuff. It would be nice to learn about Iris’ mother though. Hopefully, they can work that in there too.

  28. WestallenAlways says:

    No one can come between Westallen. Nothing to worry about. They will be together soon enough and be endgame.

  29. danny_b says:

    So looking fwd to the flash I hope we get to see Wally or Jay. Glad to hear about Iris and Barry I know all will be well with them in the end so yes to new heroes and villains and hopefully no soap opera antics that their network is known for. Oh RF do we have scoop on him yet.

  30. aimee says:

    Yeah westallen scoop and one I’m actually ok with. I know Iris has to grieve and I am glad Barry will be there for her as her bff but they better no be mistaken into thinking I will sit through a season long grief arc. Westallen will happen I just want it to be done well (if that too much to ask) bendy balinda etc the same fate awaits them all place holders till the real endgame thanks for the scoop we love you for it even more so since there was no mention of “own”anything. By the way what about Cisco do we know what’s happening with him.

  31. Logan Kelly says:

    I know Michael Socha is no longer part of the main cast, but is there ANY chance of seeing what happened to Anastasia? She was my favorite on Wonderland.

  32. Just one thing says:

    I wonder if the new tech analyst dude spends as much time with Beckett as young Hayley spends with Castle.
    At least have all corners or the fandom equally mad, ya know?

    • lkh says:

      Are we talking cable here? Isn’t that called an ‘open’ something-something or other? :D

      • Just one thing says:

        An open marriage? ABC has had shows that promote that lifestyle for years. It makes for good drama onscreen.
        But somehow I don’t think that would go over so well on a show like Castle. :-)
        I am curious about the tech analyst dude, and if that’s insight into next season’s story arcs.

        • lkh says:

          shhh..Really? That was code. I’m trying to maintain that ‘G’ or at worse that’PG’ rating. tsk. tsk

          • Just one thing says:

            I wish R were here. I’m reading some truly coded messages on Twitter re: this season, and I want to speculate with you guys.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–you get Matt to spring another scoop and you’ll have speculation, discussion, analyses, hypotheses, theories (and hostility) from all your friends, colleagues and crazy ass pack of fans coming out your whatchamacallit (code word).

  33. ciara says:

    I so tired of a sad Iris. I was hoping Barry would come out of that worm hole and we would be in a new TL but here we are with Iris again sad/grieving and to make matters worst Barry’ no other girls’ Allen apparently finds another girl.

    Candice Patton has a beautiful smile, could we see it more often please.

  34. Margaret says:

    Samantha Mathis, though I know she’s had a great career, will always be grown up Amy March from the early 90s Little Women!

  35. herman1959 says:

    I swear, I’m TRYING to ignore this whole new love interest for Barry thing until October, but Matt won’t let me. I’ll give it 5 episodes. If Wendy is not gone by then, I may stop watching live so that I can FF through her scenes. It better not take 3 years to get West-Allen together!

    • ciara says:

      you are giving it longer than I am. . apparently he meets her in ep 2/ I will be watching the first ep live and that’s it. I hate love triangles and I’ve refused to watch any of the shows on the CW for this reason. Earlier interviews suggested they were going to take a different route with Barry & Iris but atlast here we go….. now I’m just pissed that I was duped into this CW hell.

      • Lily says:

        I know how you feel. I agree it’s incredibly frustrating and the idea of having to watch him be with someone else for upwards of probably 10 episodes is nauseating. I really despise triangles now- I prefer it when people are decisive and just take action on what they want. I remember the reason I used to get sucked in to the early seasons of Gossip Girl was because they always gave you enough Chuck/Blair “satisfaction” so to speak, to get you through the waiting periods- they dragged it out and yet they didn’t, because the two of them could be going at it in some way even if they weren’t officially together. But this “slow burn” stuff where nothing happens for like two whole years and they have to be with other boring people for months on end that no one wants to see them with…it’s not the entertaining kind of “will they/won’t they,” it’s just annoying.

        • ciara says:

          you are speaking of episodes..just saw a video where Candice Patton mentioned seasons… That’s beyond nauseating, , I definitely won’t be here for that..

          • Rhonda says:

            And he knows he marries Iris in the future! Wtf!
            He can’t just wait for her to finish grieving?!
            None of this makes ANY sense. She’s going to be devastated, and instead of being devastated the woman he’s supposedly super in love with is hurting, he’ll be rubbing her back because they’re such great friends, and then he’ll be off taking Wendy on dates and getting laid.
            But Iris deserves it, right? She was supposed to drop Eddie like a hot potato after she found out about all the lies Barry had been telling her?
            I am so done.

    • aura says:

      Lol at the Matt won’t let me comment, I feel you about the unnecessary love interest at this juncture. But honestly speaking I think they have only brought this character in to replace Deddie role, in order to delay WestAllen becoming official and I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt that they are doing so, in order to build this Epic romance and not just to create useless, tired and recycled love triangles. Personally as long as Iris shines and I get to see her and Barry’s relationship building then I’ll be able to hold out past October, come mid season finale if they still doing the will they wont they dance, then there will be no question, I’ll give live watching a miss as well. There is nothing I hate more than drawn out will they won’t they relationships especially when it eats into actual character development or takes over the overall plots of shows. I am therefore keeping all fingers and toes crossed that the writers and EPs know what they re doing with them and leave it at that for the time being.

      • Rhonda says:

        You’re kidding yourself if you think Iris is going to get to shine. I’ll throw myself out a window if she gets any real storylines.

        • Katie says:

          I’m torn. I really want Iris to get her own storyline, but I really don’t want you to throw yourself out a window. Please reconsider!

  36. MaggieH says:

    Yes Westallen scoop finally thank you so much. This hiatus has been terrible and I can’t wait for season yeah to Barry and iris getting back to basics I hope to see some angst and tension but mostly I just want fun loving westallen back hold the pining tptb. I also hope I get to see reporter Iris west this season and defo yes to Wally and her mom and a BIG YES to no season long grieving arc I m starting to feel a lot better about season two. So thanks again.

  37. aura says:

    All I have to say is Thanks a million for the ‘good’ WestAllen scoop. *sheepishly* raises hand to admit I was one of those who rolled my eyes at the ‘new felicity’ line but hey ho it’s the CW so I guess I should have expected that. Glad to hear lots of amazing new characters are coming I hope that includes Wally you don’t know how excited I am to see him on screen also some friends or friend for Iris wouldn’t go unnoticed. My thing is as long as the contrived drama stays minimal or nonexistent, and I get to see lots of action and Barry and Iris’s relationship flourish then I’m good. Keep the scoop coming Matt.

  38. mike says:

    Betting the guy on wayward pines is the other secret service guy. Did they do dna tests even? betting not.

  39. Mary says:

    Completely off subject.
    Can anyone tell me when Haven returns?

  40. Buttercup says:

    Thanks for the scoop on OUAT! It sounds like Emma is probably in Camelot. Perhaps that is where the Dark One was created and she was transported there.

    Picking up right where they left off is going to be heart breaking. Watching Killian and the Charmings in the immediate aftermath of Emma disappearing, and seeing them tell Henry–bring on the tissues!

  41. Flash getting its own Felicity please God no 1 is enough

  42. igor fonseca says:

    no brasil vai ter a segunda temporada ? ? e se tem quando e que canal obrigado >.<