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Outlander Boss on Jamie's [Spoiler], Season 2 in France and Why [Spoiler] Went Full-Frontal in the Finale

Outlander Season 2 Spoilers France

Warning: The following story contains spoilers from Outlander‘s Season 1 finale.

The credits may have rolled on Outlander‘s brutal Season 1 finale, but the aftershock of the violence against Jamie Fraser “definitely carries forward,” series creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore says.

If you missed the episode, Moore is referring to Jamie’s repeated rape and emotional torture at the hands of Black Jack Randall, who was later taken out of the picture by Murtagh’s brilliant plan and a herd of cattle. (Full recap here.)

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Though Claire sets Jamie’s broken bones and tries to soothe his troubled mind, “The reverberations of this will echo throughout the second season in the relationship, his development as a character and how he deals with certain story points,” Moore adds. “Absolutely.”

When TVLine talked to the Outlander boss about the merciless episode, we also asked for some spoilers to tide you over during the droughtlander that lies between now and Season 2. Naturally, we kick off the discussion with a question about nudity. (Oh, you know you want to know…)

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TVLINE | Outlander has gotten a lot of press for being one of the few series willing to show full frontal male nudity. What was behind the choice to do it in this episode?
That was mostly just decisions you make [during editing]. I remember not really caring one way or the other what I saw… It was OK in certain moments, and then if I saw their penis in this other shot, it might distract me. It might be like, “Oh, look, they’re showing it!” [Laughs] And that’s just not the right idea.

I think we only left one cut in there that’s full frontal of just Tobias [Menzies]. It’s the one where he gets up and walks away. It’s not really about anything else happening in that moment. It’s a quiet moment. He’s literally just getting out of bed, and he’s walking across the room. It wasn’t taking you out of the scene, if that makes sense. There were other points where you just decide, “No, if I use that angle, I’m not even listening any more.” You’re just kind of going, “Wow, look.” That was the wrong note to sound in those scenes.

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TVLINE | When Claire confronts Jamie at the abbey, you’ve portrayed it as less of a fever dream than it is in the book. What went into the decision to play it straighter and to have Jamie more mentally present in the moment?
It was just more about translating and adapting the material. On the page, it becomes more surrealistic… It’s a wonderful passage of the book. I know we’re going to get some criticisms from fans who will miss it, because it was such a great, really well written section, but making it literal changes it.

When you suddenly start getting into literally making surreal television, what are the shots, and are we in a [computer-generated] world, and are they floating? You just start getting into all these discussions that I felt instinctively were going to take you out of the story instead of keeping you in the story. Very early on, we said, okay, we’re just going to play it more grounded. We’re going to play it more real, and just let the actors carry it through.

TVLINE | Claire and Jamie are off to France for Season 2. Talk to me about how the show will look next season.
They’re going to Paris, and they’re going to be dealing with the French aristocracy. So you’re already in a completely different planet than where we were with Season 1. Scotland is about heavy stone, rough wood, dark tabletops, smoke and candlelit rooms, and now you’re in world of gilt, fine China, glassware and costumes that are made of silks and bright colors.

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It’s going to be a whole different tone, a whole different…playing the story as much more political. We’re dealing with the Jacobite Rebellion. It’s much more about deception, and lies within lies, and the gossips and the surroundings of Paris. And dinner parties, and going to the court of Louis the XV — and if you know those books, there’s St. Germain, and there’s Master Raymond, and there’s more of an occult feeling to a lot of that stuff. [Plus], she’s pregnant, and he’s got the aftermath of Jack Randall.

In probably every which way you can think of, it’s going to be different than Season 1 was, which I think is one of the strengths of the series overall: its continuing evolution.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about how Jamie and Claire will navigate that world?
In a lot of ways, [Parisian society] is more familiar to him in certain ways than you would anticipate, because he is a laird in his own life, and he has lived in France, and he speaks the French language. It is a somewhat familiar culture to him. He does know his cousin, Jared, who runs a wine business, and he’s been to this place. Claire also speaks French, and she’s adapting in a different way, but she still struggles with the roles woman in these times, even in French society.

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TVLINE | Do Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan speak French?
Caitriona definitely does, because she spent quite a bit of time in Paris, and Sam is learning French. I just heard him at the table read the other day, and I was pretty surprised. He did quite well.

TVLINE | Can you speak to whether Season 2 won’t be quite as true to the structure of the novel Dragonfly in Amber as Season 1 was to its source material?
It’s just a complicated process of adaptation… The Paris section [of Dragonfly in Amber], the plot is not as clean and simple as the plot was in Book 1. Book 1, for a big chunk of it, is Claire going back in time and trying to get home, and then she’s trying to find Jamie, and those are very clean narratives.

The Paris section of Book 2 is just more complex. It’s about many more ideas, other characters coming and going. They’re involved in something that’s more complex Diana [Gabaldon] shifted points of view, herself, in Book 2. So that alone just makes it a more complicated task to make the adaptation. So, yeah, we’re still struggling with the same things, with trying to be as true to the book as we possibly can while making it a television series. We always just try to do our best.

TVLINE | Does it start in the 1960s, like the book does?
That, you’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. ninergrl6 says:

    I know they *just* started filming it, but do we know when season 2 starts airing?

    • JustMe says:

      Well, it premiered last August, so let’s hope it will be back again this August! Fingers crossed!!!

    • dman6015 says:

      Everything I’m reading says Season 2 is in 2016, running straight through, no breaks.

    • Pat says:

      Terry had posted they film until Feb 2016. So I’m assuming they edit etc after that. So maybe Spring? I was thinking 6 months after they stop filming, but someone pointed out they can edit after each Ep, but my understanding is they shoot “out of order” so they’d have to edit it all to firm all 13 episodes, then it worked all be ready to release. .just my best guess. . The sooner the better imho. Lol

  2. JAO says:

    Looking forward to Season 2!

    • MLPR says:

      Not me. I absolutely hated the book as I’ve said in a comment after a different article. If you’ve not read Dragonfly, I wouldn’t. It’s awful, and I’m hoping that Moore changes most everything so that I will continue to watch. I guess the main plot points are fine, but the new characters are crap and having dinner parties occur in almost every chapter is nauseating. Please change some things, Mr. Moore!

      • Lavendershrub says:

        You’re talking rubbish. Dragonfly is an excellent book, a good and very different follow up to the first one. What on earth is nauseating about seeing dinner parties? They had a very serious purpose relevant to the story.

        • MLPR says:

          Nothing is relevant to the story. If Paris never happened, they would still be in the same situation at the end of the book.

          • Lavendershrub says:

            Dragonfly is extremely relevant ! It is to do with the Jacobite Uprising !

          • liz says:

            It’s a great book. Without it how do they meet the Bonnie Prince? How does Jamie become so infamous?

  3. Alichat says:

    I really did want I see the book version of Claire going into the darkness with Jamie…the fever dream. I know it would have been a hard scene to write, map, and film but I think it would have been amazing if they could have pulled it off. And I am curious why they left the ‘Alexander’ moment out of the prison scenes….since it ties to season 2 in some respect. It could be touched on later I suppose. And I hope they start season 2 as the book starts just because I liked the moment of WTH?? that I experienced when reading it.

    • Janie Monroe says:

      See, I thought that whole fever dream stuff in the book was just too strange and hard to follow so I personally was very happy they only went there lightly. I guess I have forgotten what the ‘Alexander’ moment was in the book? I tend to not like shows follow books though exactly so that is just me. I was also hoping it would just lead up to the 1960s but I bet they will start with it.

      • Anna says:

        In the book while or after Jaime is raped, Black Jack telks him he wants Jaime who he starts calling Alexander to tell him he loves him. Claire hears this and makes a connection that Alexander is the name of one of Black Jack’s. brothers.

        • Drew says:

          I can see why it was left out. In the books, that line didn’t really go anywhere. We know that he has a brother by that name, but there is really nothing that explains why he would use that name in that moment.

          • Alichat says:

            Really? I thought it showed that there was most likely something dark either in Randall from childhood or introduced to him in childhood and it involved them both. I thought we’d see it in the episode after the promos had Randall making that statement “you think I can not control the darkness” because it was the moment that proved that statement wrong. Right after that he started wailing on Jamie with the whip, and Jamie says he became crazed.

          • Drew says:

            Maybe. I thought that there were implied meanings when I read that line the first time, but nothing in the next book really grew out of that moment. Alex seemed to exist outside of Jack’s darkness, making that line seem more out of place.

          • Alichat says:

            I am surprised that the episode didn’t upset me as much as I thought it would, but I think that’s because it wasn’t as bad as the book. And I have spent the last few weeks wondering what they would show and how they would show those scenes, so I kind of prepared myself for them. I did have an anxious upset stomach as the episode was starting. And what they did include was truly tough to watch. Sam Heughan was phenomenal. I can understand why he’d need a few weeks to decompress from this episode. Caitriona was great as usual, but Tobias Menzies…..I have a strong desire to cause that man bodily harm. I really did want I see the book version of Claire going into the darkness with Jamie…the fever dream. I know it would have been a hard scene to write, map, and film but I think it would have been amazing if they could have pulled it off. I had envisioned them dancing between him going berserker on Claire and berserker on Randall….with Randall slowly fading from the room. But again, a hard scene to map out visually. I am curious why they left the ‘Alexander’ moment out of the prison scenes….since it ties to season 2 in some respect. Plus since they had Randall say the line about Jamie thinking he can not control the darkness he inhabits, I thought for sure we’d see that scene since it proves he can not. It could be touched on later I suppose. All in all, an overwhelming and tough episode….very well done considering the subject matter.

          • Alichat says:

            Ok…..not sure what just happened there Drew…..but my reply to you didn’t post. Instead my post against the recap was reposted??? What in the world?? This site does not like me sometimes. LOL!
            What I had said was that what you said is true. They never really explain what may have happened to them or between them. It is never really fleshed out, even when he approached Claire, of all people, asking her to help Alexander. It speaks to the level of attachment to that brother, but doesn’t explain the why. And I just reread that passage in the book where Jamie is telling what happened, and he said that Randall called him “Alex”, not Alexander. Which got me thinking, do you think Randall is referencing Alex MacGregor and not Alexander? I think I made the assumption he meant his brother because Claire immediately made that assumption. But if I’m wrong, and Gabaldon meant that to be a reference to MacGregor, then it makes complete sense that it wasn’t included (except that it would have been a good moment to show Randal doesn’t have control.)

          • Drew says:

            Ah! Alex MacGregor makes much more sense! I had forgotten that character’s name and had to look him up. But that works a lot better than Alexander. The line being cut from the show is probably a good choice.

        • fabcamilla says:

          No Claire does not make any definite connection with Alexander Randall, some readers do. There is at least one other Alexander in the book , Alexander Mac Gregor who could just as well be connected to this .. or any other Alexander not met in the book

          • Anna says:

            Well Claire is the one thinking about it after Jaime tells her what happened between him and Jack Black in the prison. Sounds to me like she is the one making the connection, not the readers.

          • cegluna says:

            Please a refresher as to who Alex MacGregor is? It’s been quite some time since I’ve read the book :)

          • Alichat says:

            cegluna – The doctor who treated Jamie’s back after the whipping at Fort William gave him a bible that belonged to Alex MacGregor. He was a 18-19 yr old prisoner at Fort William who died about a month before Jamie was brought there. Two weeks before he was to be released, Alex had a “private conversation” with BJR. A week later, he hanged himself. Jamie always said he owed Alex MacGregor a debt.

          • cegluna says:

            Thanks Alichat!

        • Lavendershrub says:

          Jamie please, not Jaime

  4. Janie Monroe says:

    I am just happy there is a show so I want them to do whatever they need to do to insure its continuation. It has to be done in a way that they feel keep the show on the air. People need to get over this whole idea it has to be just like the books or we may end up without a show.

    • Jan says:

      I don’t think there’s any danger of us ending up without a show. Tons of people subscribed to Starz for this show alone. But I agree with you that people should try a little harder to accept that the show will be different than the books. I say this as someone who has read the books countless times.

  5. Drew says:

    I am behind on watching, so I can’t comment on the episode itself. But speaking about the filming process, I have been cringing at the thought of filming these scenes. I’ve read the book and the material itself wouldn’t be fun to film. But filming the Starz version with full on nudity… I can’t imagine that being comfortable at all.
    I’m sure that there were all sorts of methods for making it appear one way while the reality was much easier, but even with normal sex scenes, there isn’t usually full-on nudity. The part of me that obsesses over behind the scenes elements is curious about that process, compared to one of the normal sex scenes (which usually involve some amount of covering). If only to get my own mental images out of my head.

    • Jan says:

      There was a brief half second of full frontal nudity, not in the context of a sexual act. He’s just walking across the room.

  6. StopTheMadness says:

    Had to fastforward through part of the season final. If more exposure to the graphic rape I go from avid
    watcher to total avoider. What garbage. If there is more such please let me know and I will take my viewtime elsewhere and never darken your door, ever again.

    • Drew says:

      I am on book 4 now and that rape was easily the most difficult part to deal with. There are other uncomfortable events, but nothing as graphic or disgusting that I have read.

    • Marcie Sugden says:

      Anyone that is a true fan of the series knows that this part of the book HAD to be shown in the television series. It is very important to the series. This is something Jamie and Claire have to deal with through out the entire series. The dream sequence is great in the book. But I cannot imagine trying to bring that to life in the time allotted, without leaving other things out. The prison sceanes were very grafic and hard to watch, that being said, they were also very grafic and hard to read in the book. I think they did a fantastic job the entire season, tonight being no exception. They were able to keep it relevent in every scene. I cannot wait for season 2! I have been an avid fan of the series for 20+ years now and am so excited to see it come to life in such a great way!!!

    • CJ says:

      24 hours after watching the finale of outlander and my stomach is still in knots! I absolutely HATED the finale. If this is a prelude of what is to come, I just lost my obsession with Jamie and Claire. I don’t think the episode NEEDED to be that graphic to follow the story. Disgusted and Disappointed.

    • Bon says:

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. God, what is it with people like you? Not all stories come wrapped in a pretty little bow.

  7. Linda says:

    I read the Outlander series and am impressed at how well the series is faithful to the books. I absolutely love this series and am looking forward to season 2. Thank you to everyone involved in making this wonderful series.

    • Jan says:

      I agree with you. It was a blast to see the world come to life. Colum’s room looked EXACTLY as i had pictured it, but Lallybroch looked nothing like it had in my imagination.

      • Lavendershrub says:

        It was smaller than I thought it should be and they didn’t have Colum’s amazing big cage with trees with little birds. To me too Lallybroch’s rooms were too small. It didn’t look a bit like the drawing in the Companion book.

  8. Liz says:

    CAN’T WAIT!! God, it’s Droughtlander all over again…

  9. Kelli says:

    I LOVE this series as I did the books. So glad there will be a Season 2 and I hope many more.

  10. Bob Vogel says:

    My wife and I are 60. Love outlander. The sexual brutality of the final episode was to much for my wife who couldn’t watch it. I thought it went a bit over the top. The series is so interesting I don’t think it needed to be that brutal.

    • CJ says:

      I HAD enjoyed the series as well, and wish like hell that I had followed your wife and completely skipped finale. It was far too graphic and violent for ANYONE to enjoy. 24 hours later and my heart is still heavy. I don’t want to watch this show anymore.

      • It was a difficult episode to watch, indeed, but, having read the books, I knew it was coming. It does shape Jamie, as it does any rape victim. Was it only so offensive because it was a man on man rape? Rape is horrible and should be shown that way. I wonder how many would feel so angry if it had been Claire that was raped? I would suggest you get the books, read them, and then decide whether this is the show for you. I have waited 20 years to see them come to life, with all the good, bad and ugly.

        • DeLin says:

          I agree with you Cathie.
          I’d never heard of these books till a year ago.
          Now I’ve read all 8 books & a couple of novella’s at least 4 times.
          Ive studied the histories, cultures & languages in them … Because the story is so profound & provocative.
          When I found out there was going to be a television adaptation AND Ron Moore was “the man” I was estatic.
          I watched the TV series with friends we made it .. Dinner & Outlander 16 episodes!
          I say absolutely awesome job!
          The series is a compliment to the books!
          The difficult & brutal details of the last 2 episodes are totally important to the storyline, the reverberations of this rape in the prison ECHO throughout the series & mold Jamie into the man he becomes! The experience gives Jamie the compassionate understanding needed to help the ones he loves get through trials of their own in the times to come.

  11. cegluna says:

    Ron Moore did these scenes justice. I found the book scenes more gruesome; his take on it was not at all over the top.
    Starting season two as per the book (time wise) seems like a complicated process and I’d not be surprised if he decides to proceed on the continuum.
    It’s gonna be a long 8+ months, but based on the wonderful job done with season one, it will be well worth the wait.

  12. Carla says:

    I think outlander is a great show
    And can not wait till it’s back..

  13. Nadine Luna says:

    Deborah Anne Wahl should play Brianna

  14. Ruby says:

    Well I absolutely loved this series. Did not read the books. The last two shows were too difficult to watch. Had to constantly change the station. Way too difficult.

  15. froman1960 says:

    It is amazing to me how many people complain at the graphic scenes of a male rape, yet, don’t batter an eyelash when it’s a female being raped or abused. It’s time those scenes continue to play on because it happens in real life and eventually, you’ll become as desensitized to it as all the other violence in real life, TV, books, movies, etc. I was surprised, but also happy that finally, they were not just showing the women, but gave equal exposure to the men too. And BTW, I am a woman in case someone is thinking I am some perverted male wanting to see such acts and the naked male body. Don’t mind seeing more of Jamie though. He’s my only reason for watching. LOL.

    • Kathy says:

      I’m not so sure it’s as much male vs. female rape here, at least not for me. I think it’s more of how graphic it was. I’m not a prude – really. I have male and female rape in my own books (The S.T.O.N.E.Series by Tess O’Connor :), sorry) but it is more of a narrative; as it is in Outlander. It’s from an objective POV, Jamie telling Claire, not a subjective one where we actually see it. Does that make sense? It almost seemed a bit gratuitous. We all know what happened to Jamie, we don’t need to see it front and center – at least not that much. Having said that, the acting and directing were superb.

  16. kay says:

    I was not looking forward to the finale for 2 reasons. Didn’t want it to end and knew this episode would be very difficult to watch. I’would not watch this episode a second time,it was excruciating difficult to watch ! Sam H, is an excellent actor, as all Outlander actors are. And, Jamie is well , easy on the eyes, as is Claire. So, looking forward to next season!

  17. anafraserlallybroch says:

    Reblogged this on Ana Fraser Lallybroch Blog.

  18. Mrs.K says:

    Amazing show!! Brilliant editing and great storyline. I just love it and cant wait for season 2.

  19. Susan says:

    A show based on fantasy….. blatant misogyny, porn, rape of women! What kind of sick mind calls this entertainment?

    • lorischmitt says:

      I do not have a sick mind at all, and I am enjoying this show. I am an adult and have seen many naked bodies, and I would not consider what was shown as “porn”. I have read the books, multiple times, and I appreciate how they have made this love story come to life.

    • Erm, excuse me but it is set in a period when women counted for little – Don’t put 20th/21st century values on what is being shown. At that time, it was enshrined in law that a woman was OWNED by her husband and he could do more or less anything he liked with her and get away with it. It happened in that time, fact – live with it.

    • Dave Allen says:

      Have you accidentally posted to the wrong thread? You’ve described “Game of Thrones”, not “Outlander”.

      Outlander is one of the best-researched historical fiction shows ever to be produced – it’s consultants all have Ph.Ds or MDs in the appropriate subjects. The female characters (almost w/out exception) are strong, smart, indomitable women, and NONE of them have actually been raped (sexually assaulted, yes, but not raped). All of the uproar is about the MALE lead being tortured and raped.

      • cegluna says:

        What Dave said! :)

        • Carla says:

          I like the show totally
          You are confused about Outlander you need to watch it from the beginning..
          Can not wait to see the next season
          Does anyone know when that will be …

          • cegluna says:

            2016, rumor is Spring.
            And as to Dave being wrong, the original commentator described Outlander as “blatant misogyny, porn, rape of women” and that is a more accurate description of GoT. Outlander is historically factual so yes there was misogyny in that time. But there has been no female rape in season one; female assault yes. And the porn comment is laughable.
            Watch GoT – a fictional world where misogyny, and rape run rampant and 9 out of 10 episodes will have one scene easily considered pornographic.

          • Carla says:

            To whom answered me (Spring )
            I hope so…
            I am totally happy that some many people feel the way I do.
            Outlander showed the truth…
            What happened and what does.

    • Linda B. says:

      Susan:As a history teacher and historical author, my answer to you is: The kind of mind with enough intellectual curiosity to understand and love history.

  20. J Rehe says:

    Enjoyed watching the story unfold in Outlander and was surprised that Claire equally has an abusive or fighting nature to give strength to the storyline and also to Jamie. In all eras there will be atrocities in which the strong shall prevail and give strength to those that love and follow. She is one heck of a woman to stand by and be the strength to bring back her man and that is what you should take from the graphic/brutality not the mindset of a feeble, demented man like BJR

  21. julibell says:

    for Roger I feel the priest from Vikings that was killed by Skardsgards character would be a good fit, he has the coloring green eyes and height.

  22. Amber2 says:

    My husband and I watched the Outlander finale last night on iTunes and I was so impressed with the adaptation. It was different from the book and very hard to watch but it was so beautifully done. And the acting… I hope Sam and Tobias got paid extra for that… I don’t know that I could view it again anytime soon but while I cringed during the bad stuff I’m glad I watched it. Ron Moore was quoted as saying he wanted to capture the honesty of the story without either hiding anything or making it gratuitous. He succeeded in that. Wow.
    Verra much looking forward to season 2.

  23. Levy and Sheehan would be great in the parts of Brianna and Roger!

  24. Susan Treglia says:

    Just can’t get enough of this series. Acting is superb on every level,season 2 can’t get here fast enough!!

    • Tineke Bune says:

      But when will it be shown, I suppose it will be at USA-TV much sooner than here in The Netherlands…here it only was on HBO on demand, so I have absolutely NO INFO at all.
      I am eager to learn more about it and no, I have’nt read the books, never knew they excisted !
      It’s sad that there is more than 1 year between serie 1 and the new serie 2 … what an unpleasant feeling…missing Jamie that long lol

  25. Sharon Grant says:

    I just implore Ronald Moore to maintain the heart of the books which is the love between Jamie and Claire, both physical and emotional, that comes through regardless of time, space, tragedy, war, and challenges. It is about never ending love that survives. As long as we have that, I think the readers among us as well as those new to the stories based on the series will be happy. I am not interested in a whole season of Black Jack Randall, no matter how magnificent Tobias Menzies is in that role. Book two was largely about getting past him both physically and emotionally, not having him a central figure. Please don’t lose Claire and Jamie in the attempt to keep Black Jack front and center. He has played his part. Let go.

  26. Sharon Grant says:

    I hope this doesn’t appear twice. I implore Ronald Moore not to lose Jamie and Claire and their great love for each other both physical and emotional in his quest to keep Black Jack Randall in the story line. No matter how talented the actor who portrays him, Black Jack has done his damage and this second season should be about leaving him behind not keeping him front and center. Yes he necessarily appears at least twice so that Jamie can find resolution. But, I am currently on book 6 of the series book and as far as I can see the love between the two central characters is still the heart of the stories. It is about love surpassing all obstacles whether time, space, tragedy, war, challenges of a new country. Please keep the heart of the story no matter what other adaptations have to be made.

  27. Linda A. says:

    I read that a rep from STARZ said Outlander would follow ‘Black Sails’, much as it did this year and would run straight through it’s (13) episodes. So if that’s true (and nothing is carved in stone), it looks like about a year away.

  28. s.i.l.k.e says:

    For Brianna I clearly and exclusively see Poppy Montgomery. About Roger I’m not decided yet…

  29. Lorraine Shaw says:

    I expect to be treated as a loyal fan of the Outlander books and series. The date of the start of the next portion of the series should have been listed at the end of the present series…..not make us wait to find out how long we will have to wait. I expect to be treated with respect…not like a child.

  30. Michael Richards says:

    Great great best series ,watched all 16 in two weeks can’t wait for 2

  31. Joan says:

    The only good thing about the Outlander’s pause between season 1 and season 2 is that it gave me plenty of time to read WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD, the only one of Gabaldon’s novels I hadn’t yet read. Now I have to wait all summer long for Outlander season 2, Ahhgggh

  32. JJ Dickens says:

    I have no intention of watching “Dragonfly in Amber”. Jamie and Clair belong in Scotland and all the time travel and Frank and time passing etc will ruin the series for me.
    Having not read the books ” no intention to as I dislike that genre” my opinion will upset Diana’s fans. I apologise to you. I know you love the books. My opinion is solely based upon the Starz production.
    I wonder how many viewers such as I will cease to watch. Should be interesting.

  33. My wife and I are avid Outlander viewers! I even wore my own kilt for one of the last shows of season 1!!! I was surprised when I saw the male nudity and couldn’t believe it. I was like “WHAT THE BLLLEEEEPPP!!!”

  34. Brianna says:

    2016. Who can wait that long. They tell us that Claire is pregnant and then they say hey see you in 6 months. I haven’t read the book, so this is the only thing that shows me what is actually going on. I hope that it is April soon can’t handle the wait. Counting the days!!!!