It's Time for Katherine Heigl to Return to Grey's Anatomy, and Here's Why

Katherine Heigl Returns to Grey's Anatomy

Having killed off Patrick Dempsey’s Derek, Grey’s Anatomy will be headed into its 12th season this fall with less than half of its original ensemble scrubbing in. But it doesn’t have to be that way, not if Katherine Heigl returns as Izzie. And, if you ask me, it could — and definitely should — happen.

Before you go calling for a psych consult on my behalf, I know all about Heigl’s stormy relationship with the medical drama. Heck, I even wrote a cover story about it during my years at Entertainment Weekly. The thing is, there has never been a better time — for her, for the show, for all concerned — to bury the scalpel.

Think about it.

Heigl is at a career crossroads. Admirable as her attempt at a TV comeback was, State of Affairs wasn’t renewed for a second season. So does she shop for another series? Does she go back to features, perhaps eschewing rom-com leads for a while to tackle meatier supporting roles? She could easily do either. First, though, she should finish what she started at Seattle Grace Grey Sloan.

She wouldn’t even have to return full-time, either. She could suture any old wounds with just a short stint — a scenario to Katherine Heigl Grey's Anatomywhich she was open as recently as 2012. “If they want me to return for an arc, I would love to know where Izzie is now,” she told TVLine at that time. “It’s been a couple of years. I really hope she’s succeeding somewhere.”

Grey’s, too, is at a crossroads, striving to keep longtime viewers invested in a hospital staff that’s comprised more and more of fresh blood. And I get it. Life goes on. I’ve even grown quite attached to some of the newer characters — like Alex’s current squeeze, Jo. Still, the show needs a jolt of old-school energy to improve its vitals going into Season 12, and an Izzie comeback would be just what the doctor ordered. It works storyline-wise, too: Before Alex makes things official with Jo, he should have to make peace with the past.

Now we just have to overcome one obstacle — a formidable one, but not an insurmountable one: Shonda Rhimes. Her feelings about Heigl are well-known. Yet, in spite of that — or maybe even because of it — I’m sure she’d like to finally move beyond this ugly chapter in her and her show’s history. Inviting Heigl to return would afford her the opportunity to do just that. She’s already gotten closure with Isaiah Washington, now it’s time to do so with Heigl. And to be clear, I’m not saying that Heigl and Washington’s situations were identical (or even really comparable).

But you — and hopefully Heigl and Rhimes — get the idea: Forgiveness is good, and truces are great… in this case, especially for the audience.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    OH NO! Heigl’s return to Grey’s should be “bad news” for the upcoming season. State of Affairs deserves to get canceled in more ways than one whether it was the casting or the premise of the series. Time to start complaining boys and girls.

    • Babbs says:

      I totally agree with you. Kathyrn is old news and she needs to go to a soap opera somewhere and learn how to treat people better and learn how to act.

      • Grey’s Anatomy is a soap opera.

      • Her name is Katherine. And with respect, you don’t know her. She might not be your favourite actress, but please don’t believe everything you read. The only people who know what happened back then are the ones that were there. And it was YEARS ago! Would you like to be judged for things that you may have said or done years ago for the rest of your career or life? We have all made mistakes, whether we choose to acknowledge them or not. And we all learn and grow from those mistakes. Come on now, have some compassion and move on. Hating is boring.

        • radmcawesome says:

          Who cares about Katherine H and the proper way to spell her name?

          I don’t care about her behind the scenes behavior or idle gossip. The fact is that there’s no room for the Izzie character in Grey’s anymore. Reintroducing her character is just a step back. It’s not like we’re talking about Susan on ER.

        • S. says:

          You’re kidding right? Years ago? It’s been years long. You might wanna look into what she shot her mouth off about during her career and how her mother is. People who’ve worked with her say her momager is and has always been a huge problem and since Heigl’s not gonna keep her away from her work, it’s probably good riddance on Grey’s. Stop being an apologist willing to defend someone who’s actually difficult. Some actors get a bad rap because they dare use their brain and have ideas about their character that the director ignores to their detriment. That’s what Heigl thinks is happening. That is not what the people on the receiving end of her mother’s yelling think is happening.

        • sillylilnut says:

          you are so right!

        • She stated that she should be taken off of her Emmy’s nomination because the writing did not warrant it!!!! She stated that publicly! To me that’s a career suicide. I mean seriously who does that?! She did not only have a nasty attitude, she actually advertised it! Besides Grey’s Anatomy is still running without her, so I see no need for her return.

      • damroberts744 says:

        Except she was probably the epitome of Grey’s golden era.

    • Annie says:

      This reaction is baffling. Heigl was great on Grey’s. She wasn’t supposed to be a completely lovable character – none of them are, if you haven’t realized yet – and Izzy was great foil. And what exactly does State of Affairs have to do with anything relevant to the point? GA needs help, badly. Shonda needs to distract the more rabid Dempsey fans. Heigl’s free for an extended arc. It makes perfect sense.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        What are you complaining about State of Affairs Annie? Are you confused or living in The Twilight Zone? Stop messing things up in your head about the things I’ve said.

        • Annie says:

          I’m sorry – I honestly have no idea what those words, though I recognize each of them, are supposed to mean, at least not the way you strung them together. Try one more time?

      • You are presuming that Derrick fans were also Izzie fans and that her return will in some way compensate for a very controversial death. I’m not so sure I would make such a presumption.

      • trainwreck says:

        exactly.. she did great work onscreen (irrespective of what is being “said” about alleged BTS drama) .. no to forget that her strong performance was able to get the only acting Emmy for a regular character Grey’s Anatomy ever scored (and that is something to say with cast members like incomparable Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson and Ellen Pompeo). Izzie might have become a less likable character to some people as the show progressed but she was one of the 5 Original Interns!! Her story deserves a closure! #BringIzzieBack

      • But why in the freaking hell would Dempsey fans want her back? They like Derek and Meredith, they couldnt care less for izzie at all

    • AddieM says:

      No No No…she should find other projects, she should not return to Greys

    • shutuprob says:

      Heigl wasn’t the reason that State of Affairs got cancelled — show creator Joe Carnahan was so incapable of collaborating with showrunners (at least two, including Third Watch and Criminal Minds’s original showrunner Ed Bernero) that they quit, in fairly quick succession. Heigl had nothing to do with the creative turmoil behind State of Affairs and it’s likely she earned bonus karma points from the studios just for sticking with the show for as long a it lasted.
      It’s not time to start complaining, it’s time for you to get over your completely irrational hatred of Katherine Heigl.

      • JPNS says:

        EXACTLY ! Almost all of the ‘bad press’ Katherine has received has been the result of innuendo rather than fact .
        Michael : I am sure you have a good heart but man, you need to know there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Shonda and Katherine will ever get back on the same page !

        • Michelle says:

          Sorry, but Heigl turning down an Emmy nomination because she didn’t feel she was given good enough material to warrant one isn’t innuendo. It’s an insult to the writers of the show and the Emmy voters who nominated her in the first place. That’s what started all of her “bad press.”

          • pastywhitechick says:

            She didn’t turn down an Emmy nomination. She chose not to enter herself for consideration.

          • AddieM says:

            If she does not think that Grey’s material is Emmy worthy then she should stay away because obviously she does not respect the writers of the show. I hope Shonda pays no attention to this thread. Izzy was not even that great a character that’s why she was so easy to dispose of her. Both Izzy and Katherine are very unlikable she should go back to do rom-coms

  2. Mark says:

    I would welcome it.

    • Babbs says:

      Why would you? She was disrespectful to Ms. Rymes and who cares about her? She wasn’t a very good actress and she was rude to the African Male doctor on the show. Stay away Kathryn. Go somewhere else

      • Ed says:

        What doctor are you referring to? The only doctor Katherine got into it with was Washington and he had it coming after the what he did. I’m 100% on Katherine’s side with that.

        • Annie says:

          Completely. I just love how certain everyone is that Heigl is so awful – but what did she say? She said she hadn’t been given material worthy of an Emmy in that particular season. She didn’t complain about it – she didn’t say “the writers did the show and me a great disservice,” even – she just respectfully took her name out of consideration. It’s an ensemble show, and that happens – characters get prominent arcs one season, fade into background the next. And you know what? She was absolutely right.

          • Come on, now. I understand that some of the digs at KH are unfounded and/or ridiculous but what else could she have possibly meant by such a statement? It was a clear and nasty dig at both the writers and Shonda. There is no justification for saying such a thing about the people who employ you and write your character. It was an issue that should have been discussed privately, if at all.

          • Lucifer says:

            Oh please, michaelangelo, Shonda throws nasty digs at everyone (even people unrelated to her work). It’s called karma and when it smacked Shonda’s ugly, overinflated ego in the face, she turned into a big baby and fired Heigl. She can dish it out all she wants, but when she gets some of it, especially when it’s truthful, she gets all bent out of shape.

          • Isaac says:

            @Lucifer Shonda had good rights to fire Heigl. Shonda allowed Heigl to take some time off and do two movies and wrote it into the storyline, with every intent of having Izzy return by the end of the season. Izzy was originally written into ‘Sympathy for the Parents’ and onward for the rest of the season but never showed up. Causing a huge delay in production.

            When Heigl stated that she ‘wasn’t given good enough material’, I somewhat agree with it but its not about the material you’re given. A good actor/actress works with whatever material is given to them.

          • Annie says:

            I liked Heigl’s character, and think that she’s a great actress, but how is that statement not disrespectful towards both the writers and the show? You know what’s not disrespectful? The answer is to not saying anything. Not only was she disrespectful, but her words could have damaged the show.

          • AddieM says:

            There’s no ambiguity in what she said or did regarding the Emmy consideration. It was blatant disrespect towards the writers and the show it’s self. KH should not return to this show, it’s clearly beneath her!

          • Antwon303 says:

            Um, Katherine Heigl was not fired. She quit. She asked to be let out of her contract to do movies and Shonda and ABC granted her request. Here’s hoping this post doesn’t get deleted like my other one.

      • I don’t like KH but she was rude to Isaiah Washington for good reason. Coming to her friend’s defense actually helped me dislike her a little less…not, however, enough to make me want her to return.

        • Antwon303 says:

          She fought hard to get off the show and complained about the hours. I doubt we’ll even see her back for the series finale. Katherine put out feelers a couple of years ago about returning as Izzie and Shonda said no thanks.

      • Mark says:

        I’m able to separate the character from the actress. I may not like the actress as a person but I did enjoy Izzy as a character on the show.

  3. Krystan says:

    I’ve always thought a storyline with Alex about using the eggs he fertilized would be good. Truthfully I have waited for years for that to play out. It would be good tv.

    • Sandra says:

      Why on earth would Alex use the eggs?They’re Izzies eggs, he did this for her, because her cancer treatment probably compromised her fertility. Alex can still have children of his own, with another woman?!?

      • Terry says:

        Maybe she was referring to Izzie wanting to use the eggs, not Alex, and I agree that would make a great story line. Talk about ripped from the headlines, cough – Sophia Vergara’s ex – cough.

    • Turn the story around. Have Izzie come back to use the fertilized eggs. THAT would open up a HUGE can of worms for Alex and Jo. Have her also meet up with widowed Meredith who is less broken now than ever and Bailey, who had better be Chief when all is said and done. It would be hilarious if the first person she ran into was Callie too.

      Personally, I think the story telling would be awesome. Izzie has burned so many bridges that she needs to have some real closure like Burke did.

      • I so agree with you. Although I am a fan of Heigl, It’s more that I would love to see her character return. There is so much story to tell there and I think there is strong writing potential for her character going forward. I was really sad about the way she was written out. We can hope :)

    • Krystan says:

      Let me try this for a third time. (It does not show my comment appearing)
      I should probably have been more clear about the storyline. Izzie would want to use the eggs and would have to come to Grey Sloan memorial to retrieve them and inform Alex/ get his permission.

      • Azerty says:

        In the recap of the finale someone suggested to bring back Izzie as Catherine’s candidate against Bailey for chief of surgery. I would definitly prefer that than the eggs.

        • Krystan says:

          While it would be interesting for a surgeon who had trouble finding a job due to her numerous red flags to all of a sudden become a prime chief contender, it is the most unrealistic option. Not that there is such a thing in Shondaland.
          I think they could do the storyline without Izzie actually appearing, but more of an over the phone situation. I believe embryos can only be frozen for a certain amount of time. It could be time for them to decide whether to destroy them or donate them. It would give Jo something to flip out about either way, and Alex a juicy storyline.
          I am definitely open to her (or at least the mention of her) character coming back. I was never a huge Izzie fan, but the storyline would be interesting and finally give Justin Chambers a chance to really do something meaty. Just my thoughts.

        • Anna says:

          Why would she be Catherine’s candidate for chief? She would be at the same point in her career as Meredith, Alex, Jackson, etc. (if not further behind because of her illness and getting fired), so why would Catherine fight for someone who would have only been an attending for only a few years?

          • Krystan says:

            Exactly. She was way behind. If she was eligible then so would Meredith and Alex. There is no way that would fly. It doesn’t make sense. Her ever appearing on Grey’s again is wishful thinking.
            The embryo storyline would be a good one and I would not stop watching just because they had Izzie back for a few episodes. I don’t know why anyone would say that. It would be a vehicle for Justin Chambers, who hasn’t had a lot in the past couple seasons to really shine in. I am a big fan of Alex and Justin is a great actor, I would like to see him have more meaningful story lines.

    • Emily M says:

      I agree, have her come back pregnant with his baby and/or looking for his signature to officially release the eggs to her and a new man. It would create a new story line for him besides being there for Mere.

    • sillylilnut says:

      I agree this story would be great. the old Greys crew were great and all great actors, the show has gone downhill it should return to its roots.

  4. Isabella says:

    I personally would like to see her back just to get closure on her and Alex’s frozen fertilised embryos. It really annoys me that that whole storyline of her and Alex basically conceiving a child (in generalised terms I know) was ignored… Surely Izzie would still want to use these if she was unable to conceive naturally?

    • Grey's Fan says:

      I would think the fertilized eggs would’ve been destroyed when Alex and Izzie got divorced. I don’t think these eggs last forever and if they are unused the proper thing for a medical centre to do is to destroy them.

  5. Jess says:

    Excellent idea. Bringing Izzie back could bring some fresh air to a show that desperately needs it, imo. It would be very cool to see her interact with Bailey, Alex and Meredith again.

  6. LaurenMC says:

    The return of Izzy would be the only reason to tune in next season after the mess that was McDreamy’s unfortunate death (and the ridiculously handled aftermath).

  7. Sara says:

    Um why? What purpose would it be? Most characters don’t even know her. Alex has Jo and Meredith has her new sisters. I don’t see her fitting with any storylines or anyone.
    Plus if you want her to return because Grey’s need someone from the originals back, it’s time to end this show. The finale was like a series finale anyway especially with Alex for the first time happy and Meredith moving in her old house.

  8. Tv fan says:

    I agree with I would like to see iz and I think greys needs an original even for a guest stint

  9. Meg hill says:

    Izzy was the worst. I have enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy so much since her absence. She was a terrible person and a worse doctor. She burned all of those bridges and friendships. I just don’t see the dramatic potential. Everyone has moved on

    • dude says:

      You’re like the only one then seeing as Grey’s is a shell of what it was and even the most people who hated her should be able to admit that the show has never been what it was in its first six seasons.

      • Katie T says:

        Sorry, I must have missed the poll you did of every single person that watches Grey’s from which you came to the conclusion that everyone thinks the first six seasons are the best and everyone would want Izzie back. There’s still 8 million people watching it live every week in the US alone,and millions more all over the world. Just because you think it’s gone down hill and it isn’t as good as it was, doesn’t mean the majority of people do.
        And the fact is, apart from a story to do with the fertilised eggs,there’s no reason for Izzie to come back

  10. Lily says:

    No thank you!!! I’ve never been a fan of Izzie and I don’t want her to come a ruin Alex’s character development and his relationship with Jo in the process.

  11. thisismenow says:

    Wasn’t she written into the episode Death and All His Friends after Katherine asked to come back. Then she pulled out again?Or is that just a longstanding rumor?

  12. connerc says:

    Talk like this probably makes Shonda sorry she didn’t kill Izzie as she has so many others.

    • :-) says:

      Yeah I agree. Probably why she killed PD. Forced closure to stop the request

    • Anna says:

      That’s honestly what I was thinking when she killed Dempsey – that she was probably glad that she wouldn’t have to deal with everyone constantly wondering when they were going to see him again (if Derek had just moved away or something). Killing off the character makes moving forward that much easier.

  13. Eric7740 says:

    I agree 100%!!! Bring back Izzie!!! If Shonda can forgive Isisah Washington, and what he did wasy WAY worse than what Heigl did, I would consider watching Greys next season if Heigl returned, because now that Dempsey is gone, I have no need to watch what happens to Meredith since her soul-mate is gone.

    • Babbs says:

      Do not bring Izzy back. She disrespected Shonda so many times that it is not forgiveable. Dr, Isaiah Washington never disrespected Shonda R, like girl did.

      • Eric7740 says:

        No, Mr. Washington said a racist/derogatory comment, which is way worse than disrepecting someone. He not only disrespected someone, he bullied and belittled them. That is not okay in anyway shape or form!!! Not only that, he never apologized for his actions, Ms. Heigl did.

      • Cy says:

        Lol so after years and years people are painting Isaiah as a good guy! Refresher: HE ISN’T. He called someone by awful words. He had fights with others actors (Dempsey).

        • :-) says:

          If I remember his fight with PD was in defense of TR. The slur was directed at PD. TR and KH capitalized on early reports and IW did a terrible job of getting his story out and mad it worse. TR and KH fought for that horrible storyline of them as a couple. The Greys EPs put up with a lot in those early years because the network wanted them to cater to the talent. Here we are years later. The show stands without all of them. Even if the ratings drop the show is solid for a year or too. So everyone claiming any of your individual OPINIONS speak for all of us you are wrong.

    • Charlie says:

      Shonda didn’t want Isaiah gone, ABC let him go. My guess (and only a guess, as I don’t work there) is that Shonda was vocally unhappy with how things happened, and that led to T.R. quitting and the bad blood with Katherine. Personally I think we all need to let it go.

  14. Chris says:

    HELL NO.

    Alex made peace with the past a long time ago and so should the fans. Katherine Heigl burned the Grey’s/Shondaland bridge. I remember very well the years she was on Grey’s Anatomy and it was constant BTS drama and tabloid fodder because of her words and actions. It made watching Grey’s all the much harder and it was a relief when she left for good. As far as I’m concerned, you reap what you sow. Her career being in the gutter is all her own doing.

    Honestly, I love TV Line, but I’m disappointed that you want this and are putting this out there, Michael.

  15. Lea says:

    HAHA, like Shonda is professional enough to let her feelings go. She just killed Derek Shepherd one of the most popular characters on TV, and Patrick Dempsey McDreamy known worldwide and one of the face of Grey’s Anatomy because what happened BTS. And the way she killed him as a FU to Patrick in the car and in a Porshe. So I don’t see her bring Heigl back.
    Anyway personally I don’t see a purpose for Izzie on the show anymore.

    • Ray says:

      Good point. Shonda has proven she has a vindictive streak a mile wide.

    • Anna says:

      How is it not professional of Shonda to not want to work with someone who didn’t respect you as their boss? If you were to publicly trash your boss tomorrow, they would straight up fire you and likely would not re-hire you in the future. That would happen in any workplace – why would Shonda Rhimes be asked to act differently in this situation as the thousands of other bosses in this country? Just because you are angry that she killed a character that you like doesn’t make her unprofessional.

  16. Ed says:

    Yes! I would love Izzie to return to her original stomping grounds. Would also be great foil for Jolex (whom I enjoy… Despite Jo’s selfishness in the finale)

    • Tom says:

      I don’t think Jo was being selfish at all. She wants her boyfriend…who is a grown man…to want to live alone with her and move forward in a life with her. He was being selfish by putting anyone before his girlfriend.

    • Maria says:

      It really annoys me when I read things like this! Jo is a broke resident and she used all her savings to pay for a loft she wasnt even sure Alex would want to move into with her! She never gave him an ultimatum, she never said you have to choose between me and MeredithMeredith. All she wants is a home with her boyfriend alone where they have their privacy. Meredith was awful to her this season and yet she barely complained because she accepted the deep bond between her and Alex. Jo has been so selfless, even a bit too much for my like. Really can’t see how she is selfish. Alex is so lucky to have her.

    • J says:

      Jo isn’t Alex’s squeeze, they’ve been dating longer now than he’s even known Izzie. And Alex and Jo both with their foster child pasts don’t need for Izzie to come back so they can have an interesting storyline. All the things that Shonda could do with them and their pasts, it’d be a great thing to see two former foster children with all kinds of issues dealing with them and maybe starting their own family. I’m really disappointed in you Ausiello for not seeing all the potential that they have. I can’t even blame you all that much though since the writers have neglected both Alex and Jo horribly this season. Alex was just a supporting character for Meredith and other women while Jo barely got anything to do. The writers seem to have their favorites and these two aren’t any of them which is why they get no storylines. But if the writers finally decided to use the potential they have with them these two would become such meaningful couple. Alex has been my favorite since day one and not in a million years do I think that he would leave Jo for Izzie. Jo has showed him what it feels like to be truly appreciated and loved. No other of his former girlfriends have ever cared about him as much as Jo does and the Alex I know is aware of that. You also once said that you wanted him with Meredith. Seriously, as someone who has waited 9 years for him to find the right person and who had to watch him get screwed over countless times and be treated like crap, even by Meredith this season I don’t appreciate you people wanting Alex with different women all the time at all. Him and Meredith are like siblings and as much as you may not have warmed up to Jo, me and other people love her and we want to see Alex in a long term stable relationship already. There’s absolutely no need for him to screw up things with Jo only to be single again in his 12th season whereas everyone around him is either married or has children or both.

      I’m also incredibly opposed to the embryo idea because with all the daddy issues that Alex had making him have a child out there who he could never be there for? That’s extremely cruel. He’d feel just like his father. No thanks to that.

  17. Dave says:

    I think the better idea would be to bring back Addison.

  18. Jen says:

    Regardless of whether people think she should or whether she wants to come back, Shonda Rhimes would never allow it. Shonda is petty, unprofessional, and will take the grudge she holds for Katherine Heigl to her grave. Katherine has apologized several times for her actions and behavior, but to this day, Shonda STILL talks about it and never acknowledges that Katherine has decided to put her diva behavior behind her and actually be civil and humble. In Shonda Rhimes land, Katherine is essentially dead to her and will never give her a chance to rectify any of it. As I said, Shonda is petty, unprofessional, and will never let go of her grudge. So don’t expect to ever see Katherine back on Grey’s ever again. I’d honestly be shocked if Shonda gave her chance and let her come back. Doubt it, though.

  19. Charissa29 says:

    That would be great! I loved Izzie! Especially during the first few years!

  20. Tom says:

    I actually thought that bringing in Isaiah Washington as Catherine Avery’s idea for Chief would’ve been the shocker of all shockers and a great cliffhanger to end season 11 with. With Patrick Dempsey gone, everyone who Washington reportedly feuded with is gone now (TR Knight being the other one) and he was already brought back once to give Cristina his hospital. How excellent would it have been to have Catherine Avery say I have someone else in mind for Chief only for it to be Burke moving back to Seattle and competing with Bailey for Chief?

    • Ed says:

      If Isaiah were to return full time then I’d be 100% gone. What I want to know is how Shonda can get past what Isaiah did but can’t even remotely considering moving on with Heigl even though what Isaiah did was way worse IMHO anyway

      • Allison says:

        The difference is, Shonda never wanted to get rid of Isaiah, ABC made her because of all the bad press surrounding his repeated comments. Sometimes people forget it wasn’t just one incident with him. He made the original comment that everyone heard about supposedly during an argument with Patrick Dempsey, then they did all the “we’re moving past this, we’re one big happy family again” press stuff, Oprah, etc, and then Isaiah made another similar comment. That was when ABC said enough is enough, write him off, he’s more trouble than he’s worth. I’m not condoning what he said in any way, but he didn’t bash Shonda, the writers, or the show, Katherine Heigl did, that’s why it’s unlikely Shonda would bring her back. The 2 situations are totally different. If Shonda all of a sudden left and gave control of the show to someone else, which would never happen, then I could see them possibly bringing Katherine back but I don’t see it happening as long as Shonda’s in charge, there’s too much bad blood between them.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I don’t want Burke back but I would love for Catherine Avery to come up with a great candidate for Chief of Surgery. I really don’t think Bailey should be Chief. Also, how is that fair to the other doctors? Shouldn’t other people be able to apply for the job?

    • Amy says:

      Since Isaiah is on The 100, it’s unlikely to happen that Burke would come back.

      • H says:

        The 100 is not returning till midseason so he could guest star, but he would move to Milan with his wife because her parents live there.

  21. Para says:

    no thanks

  22. wickedbruins says:

    It could be interesting if Izzie ended up being Catherine Avery’s choice for chief. If she was successful in her career elsewhere, she could be the outside candidate. That would be one of the ways I would reintroduce her to the show anyway.

    • Meg hill says:

      Based on her past performance as a doctor, there is no indication that she would be qualified. She’s a barely competent surgeon. I wouldn’t watch that. It was hard enough when she wasn’t arrested for cutting the LVAD

      • Brit says:

        Omg! This times a million! I just re watched the lvad debacle and was annoyed all over again that they ever let her step foot in that hospital after that.

  23. Karen says:

    This is pointless because Shonda Rhimes is the biggest problem on the Greys set she’s the reason TR wanted out, she destroyed Izzie’s character to make KH lash out, she spiteful killed Derek to punish Dempsey. She is the worst and ruined the cast and show she had.

    • Shay says:

      True!!! Plus Katherine apologized.

    • Babbs says:

      You both are delusional. Shonda can do anything she wants, duh… it’s her show and she needed to get rid of TR and Izzy

    • Tpugh55 says:

      I feel the same way Shandra Rhimes is the person who destroyed the show. I feel if they bring back KH it makes sense to see how her and Alex would deal with the Jo and baby eggs situation. Tpugh55

  24. Deion says:

    Ok. You have swayed me. MY main beef with Heigl was leaving the show without letting them give Izzie any resolution. I love the idea that at least ONE of the women who have screwed Alex over coming back and resolving things. Shonda, do it for the story. Don’t let your show go out with this massive thread hanging. If Heigl is willing to come, reach out. You can take shots that Shondaland’s new show got renewed this year and hers didn’t.

  25. ellajwade says:

    I can’t see Shonda doing this whether it was good for the show or not. Personally, I think it is a great idea. But Shonda rules and she seems to not like KH. IMO, Scandal and GA aren’t worth watching anymore. Can you say bloodbath?

  26. Ally Oop says:

    I think it would be awesome for her to make a return. I could see viewers, angry at the departure of Derek, not being able to resist the urge to tune in. Despite the offscreen shenantics that occurred, Izzie was my favourite character on Grey’s and when she left I was far from happy.My only concern is that she and Alex had so much chemistry, a short guest stint might refuel the Alex/Izzie fire. Of course, if this coming season is Grey’s swan song, Heigl could return for one last season and she and Alex could be together at the end, even if she only makes a one-season or half-season committment. The return of a favourite character worked for ER (remember when Carter returned) so it could work well for Grey’s.

  27. Erin B says:

    I would love to see it, but I agree with others that it probably will not happen. Maybe if the ratings take a big hit this fall, Shonda would consider it, but I think there is too much bad blood there.

  28. Shay says:

    Totally agree! Izzie was a great character till Shonda decided to destroy her character!! First with Georges bulls*it then she was again good and the words thing the Denny ghost sex. Her exit was awful and it was kind of revenge from Shonda to make us hate her and it worked for a lot of fans.
    Katherine said some things (she was right for some things) but she apologized. What she did is not worst than What Isaiah did or some other actors. The hate toward her is insane and inappropriate. People need to move on. People make mistakes. And they deserve a second chance. Plus a lot of rumors are false. Katherine is professionnal (Justin Chambers words) she’s still friends with some of the cast…
    I miss the old greys so yes I’ll watch again even if the show should stop!

  29. Japril says:

    thank you very much tor this article … I want Izzie to be back for years now … she should be the outside runner for the chief position and at the end of the day I will always believe that she is “the one” for Alex … I want them to start a family together … maybe I’m alone with this opinion but I don’t care …

    • Chris says:

      Who the heck would vote for the person who cut a patient’s LVAD wire and stole an organ?? She also didn’t regret it and said she would do it again. That’s not someone who should be leading the surgeons. It’s someone who should have her medical license revoked.
      Alex is in a relationship with someone who he loves and makes him happy. What’s great about it is that Jo truly loves him as well and doesn’t treat him like a doormat, unlike Izzie.

  30. luli says:

    If I hadn’t been rewatching the show I wouldn’t give Izzie a second thought, and even as I’m watching it again, and I like, I don’t want to see her back. I would rather have other characters back, say Addison or Cristina (i know this one is kind of impossible, but a girl can dream). I would like to see some couples reunite, more about Meredith and her relationship with Amelia and Maggie, more Alex and Meredith, more April 2.0 (cause she’s badass), badass bailey, Stephanie(has been a good comedoc relief these past couple of episodes)…. Just new storylines, and not as depressing as the ones we had this season.

  31. dude says:

    The ONLY way I’d watch Grey’s again, is if they brought Izzie back. She’s the only character on the show I still love that isn’t dead. Shonda has handled herself pretty classlessly and disrespectfully when it comes to the Heigl situation, especially considering she won the show an Emmy but I think it’s high time for her to just be a big person and invite her back. Izzie needs closure and anyone who’d put her own petty problems above making the best show and giving the fans what they want, doesn’t deserve to have a show, nevermind four.

    • speedy says:

      I honestly can’t understand why she’s gotten so much hate for what she said…that season, Izzie’s storyline was awful, and yeah, maybe she shouldn’t have said anything, but I’ve always respected actresses/actors who admit a show’s shortcoming more than those who espouse its virtues no matter how much crap they put on the air. Izzie is one of my all-time favorite characters. I stopped watching when she left and I am still bitter about how they wrote her out, so yeah, I’d probably tune back in for her. You’re totally right about making the best show–killing Derek off was a dick move and at this point, I expect Grey’s to end with Meredith’s death.

  32. Lauren says:

    I would love it! But we’ve all seen how Shonda Rhimes treats actors she doesn’t like. I just don’t see her getting over her grudge.

  33. Robi says:

    I would have been so happy If she had come back a couple seasons ago but now I just feel like the show has moved on. There are so many new characters that I’m interested in (Maggie, Amelia, even Stephanie with her new interns) that I think there is no more room for her. Not to mention the fact that Shonda Rhimes would never do that. She just killed off Derek with no problem, so it looks like she is sticking with her “no time for nasty people” policy.

  34. Mik says:

    I’m all for it! Great time to have Heigl return. Plus I need closure on that whole Alex/Izzie relationship.

    • aph1976 says:

      Plus Alex could be gun-shy about marrying Jo because of his marriage to Izzie.So maybe if Izzie came back Alex can get closure on the relationship and it even helps him move forward with Jo.If Izzie comes back to Grey’s i hope she doesn’t try to get Alex back because that ship has sailed.

  35. Vic hastings says:

    It’s a win-win.

  36. Kelly says:

    I think the return of Izzie would be great and welcomed! Why not? Isaiah Washington got to come back. Except Shonda would have to think about the good of her show, the narrative, and the fans to even consider getting her stubborn head out of her behind enough to be open to the possibility.
    Wishful thinking! But I support it.

  37. J says:

    Jo isn’t Alex’s squeeze, they’ve been dating longer now than he’s even known Izzie. And Alex and Jo both with their foster child pasts don’t need for Izzie to come back so they can have an interesting storyline. All the things that Shonda could do with them and their pasts, it’d be a great thing to see two former foster children with all kinds of issues dealing with them and maybe starting their own family. I’m really disappointed in you Ausiello for not seeing all the potential that they have. I can’t even blame you all that much though since the writers have neglected both Alex and Jo horribly this season. Alex was just a supporting character for Meredith and other women while Jo barely got anything to do. The writers seem to have their favorites and these two aren’t any of them which is why they get no storylines. But if the writers finally decided to use the potential they have with them these two would become such meaningful couple. Alex has been my favorite since day one and not in a million years do I think that he would leave Jo for Izzie. Jo has showed him what it feels like to be truly appreciated and loved. No other of his former girlfriends have ever cared about him as much as Jo does and the Alex I know is aware of that. You also once said that you wanted him with Meredith. Seriously, as someone who has waited 9 years for him to find the right person and who had to watch him get screwed over countless times and be treated like crap, even by Meredith this season I don’t appreciate you people wanting Alex with different women all the time at all. Him and Meredith are like siblings and as much as you may not have warmed up to Jo, me and other people love her and we want to see Alex in a long term stable relationship already. There’s absolutely no need for him to screw up things with Jo only to be single again in his 12th season whereas everyone around him is either married or has children or both.
    I’m also incredibly opposed to the embryo idea because with all the daddy issues that Alex had making him have a child out there who he could never be there for? That’s extremely cruel. He’d feel just like his father. No thanks to that.

  38. N says:

    I’d love to see Izzie return. Closure for Iz and Alex fans. Life is too short!

  39. Luis says:

    The only way she’s coming back to GA is as the victim of a horrific bus accident, with Shonda making a cameo as the driver.

  40. Beatriz says:

    I would like her to come back. I loved Izzie.

  41. I’d rather they brought George back from the dead and followed him as he haunted the hospital. Izzie was never a character who I cared for, even before I knew what an ass KH is in real life.

    • :-) says:

      Lol I thought about a ghost George also since it seems we want to bring people back just because. He, Denny, elis, the dead interns, and Scott Foley’s character can haunt the hospital intervening on behalf of hopeless patients.

      I also want to see the return of the elevator as the heavenly gates. I loved that

  42. msemmyjones says:

    I’ve never been a huge Izzie fan. I never hated her, more I was pretty neutral on her. Some of her story lines during her five years on the show were interesting, but other than being super bummed for Alex, I didn’t feel like the show suffered at all from her absence after she left. Her character had run its course – it even felt like she had slowed down in her progress as a doctor (though some of that can be contributed to her cancer.) All that being said, bringing her back COULD prove to bring some interesting story lines. Particularly with regards to Alex. I know some people mentioned the frozen eggs – that could certainly provide some drama. But I don’t think she’s needed. And in fact, there are very few people that her presence would really mean something to. Meredith, Alex, and Callie really. Maybe Bailey and the Chief. So. I don’t know. I guess I’m still just neutral. I wouldn’t hate it if it happened, but I don’t find it all the compelling or necessary either.

  43. Dennis says:

    OMG I was just thinking the same thing the other day. Michael I share the same sentiments, you are so right!!!!!!

  44. They killed the wrong Grey. Seriously. When they killed Lexie at the end of season 8, Meredith was overdone. There’s nothing more to tell about Meredith. And she’s no longer eyecandy, she looks like she’s pushing 60.

    • Katie T says:

      Firstly, saying Ellen Pompey looks like she’s pushing 60 is ridiculous!
      Secondly, you do realise the reason they killed Lexie was partly because Chyler thought she’d taken Lexie as far as she could and also she wanted to spend more time with her children?

  45. Ray says:

    Rhimes backed Isaiah Washington during that whole gay slur scandal until ABC basically forced her hand to fire Washington. There was never any bad blood between Shonda and Isaiah.

  46. e. says:

    Frankly, I’d rather see Isaiah Washington. At least he’s spent the years since trying to prove he’s not an asshat. Heigl has just been wearing that hat proudly.

  47. Nitemar says:

    Shonda Rhymes just got rid of Dempsey, she doesn’t want anymore headaches on the set, and Heigl was a major pain to her, and she has been very vocal about it..

  48. CJ says:

    I guess an update on Izzie would be nice….Bring back Finn!

  49. Jesse says:

    I’ve always wanted Izzie to return, whether it be full time or for a few episodes. Addison too, like in a flashback of the funeral or a permanent place on greys again. Seeing Christina is always wonderful too lol.

  50. David says:

    Katherine Heigl should not be welcomed back, nor should she be cast on anything until she gets her ego under control. She’s an ungrateful hack, and she incorrectly thinks her acting ability outweighs her attitude. It doesn’t