General Hospital's Anthony Geary to Exit: 'I Don't Want to Die on the GH Set'

Daytime Emmys Winners 2015

The next time General Hospital‘s Luke leaves town, it’s going to be for good. (No, really.)

GH vet Anthony Geary will exit the ABC soap for good when his current contract is up, he tells TVInsider.

Geary will shoot the daytime drama through late June; his episodes will air through late July.

“I’m just weary of the grind and have been for 20 years,” says the Emmy winner, who has won eight trophies for playing Luke Spenser since 1978. “I really don’t want to die, collapsing in a heap, on that GH set one day. That wouldn’t be too poetic.”

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Geary says he made the decision to leave in January.

“So that’s why the series is bringing back Genie Francis’ Laura,” who was Geary’s character’s romantic partner for many years, you say? Not necessarily.

“Genie and I agreed several years ago that the love of Luke and Laura had run its course,” he says. “They have children together and a very storied history, and there’s definitely still love there, but I think they’re toxic to each other at this point.”

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Geary tells the site that once he’s done being Luke, he’ll reside in Amsterdam, where he’s spent much of his time over the past few years.

“There are still some surprises, the usual twists and turns and interesting guest stars coming up before Luke leaves town,” Geary promises.

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  1. aurat22 says:

    He has earned a long & happy retirement. Thank you Mr. Geary for all the wonderful years of entertainment!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Wish him all the best.

    • Robert says:

      I agree with your good wishes and honor to his hard wor. I will not deny I will miss him and his brilliant acting as Luke,whom he made into a multilayered character.

    • Wilda Kerney says:

      You hit that right on the head!!! And what better place to retire than Amsterdam where pot is legal and can help with his pain. Will miss that face of his!!!

      • Lellingw says:

        I think he enjoys the low key culture due to his sexual orientation and the Mormon culture back home.

        • Phyliss says:

          Why even bring up sexual orientation??? What’s the deal with that?

          • Sweet Pea says:

            Because the person who wrote the statement felt like it. There is such a thing as freedom of speech, or did you forget that?

        • Sherberr3 says:

          You do know that SLC Utah has a huge LGBT population right? Like second to San Francisco per capita, not that it even matters. Most of us could care less.

    • Lellingw says:

      i need a Luke/Laura reunion and don’t think it ever run its course. Do I want her to leave with him? No but it would be great to have a nice Luke back who had morals, took care of his children and yes even fed the dog.

      • Cathy says:

        My thoughts exactly: yrs ago, got used to his rough and tumble life after a while even though I cried when he and Genie F Split as Luke & Laura. OH! THAT FIRST WEDDING! :)

    • Tony`me another fan, its june 4/2015 and watched GH for the better of 40 years. You are a brilliant actor, when your on the screen I only see you. After your performance today that wtas probebly filmed a while age, me I had tears. I wish for you all the happiness in this world. God bless you ..

  2. Clandestine Green says:

    He has been difficult to watch this last stretch…obviously ill and in pain. Hopefully they will do something good with Genie Frances bur, given the current regime’s disrespect for GH’s history..that seems unlikely.

    • LT says:

      I wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion of “the current regime’s disrespect for GH’s history”. They have done more than any other team to highlight the legacy of GH.

    • Kim says:

      Good for you I agree craptini has come in and destroyed the very essence of gh. Look they murdered one life and now gh. This god awful screw you to the fans since 1963 it s their motus operandi . I wish Tony the best he deserves it. Now we’ll be flooded once again by the inept invaders and the influx of no,talent newbies . And you wonder why OUR original cast is out the door. Not wit the likes of Roger whores himself Horwith like a dime store hooker. ho out and plastic I. A bleach bottle West lest we say boring all get Easton. And the god awful nails on a chalkboard Gati . The worst slap,in the face to all the original loyal fans since 1963 .

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    GH continues to be ABC Daytime’s biggest problem not even The View of all people. Really hope that Luke Spencer is going out with a bang in Port Charles.

  4. I hate how he spits on the Luke and Laura love story NOT because I liked it (I preferred Scotty/Laura) but because so so so many viewers loved it. Hell it was the most watched wedding on Daytime and still is.

    • Dude says:

      He didn’t spit on it, he simply said that it’s run its course which it has. He didn’t disrespect it, he said they have a storied history and that they’re better off with other people. All true. I think most people would agree he’s better with Tracy at this point in his life.

      • Bernadette says:

        I definitely enjoy Luke and Tracy at this point in Luke’s life and I was a super Luke and Laura fan.

        • Pamela Dawkins says:

          I was a Luke and Laura fan for years but have since come to respect the Luke and Tracy Union but hate he had to run out on her and break her heart yet again. It been a ride Luke and I wish you the best in your retirement. Job well done. But please GH don’t kill him off justg in case he has a change of heart!!!

    • Clandestine Green says:

      I think Geary as well as the current showrunners have a disrespect for the GH legacy but I think it would be strange to see Luke & Laura together. The age difference is so telling at this point with Geary’s poor health. He looks like her grandfather. I want more for Laura

    • Network says:

      How does his opinion on something constitute “spitting on” a story?

    • NotHardly says:

      It’s always so interesting to see how people interpret statements. It’s run its course = spitting. I think it’s actually kinder to not BS Luke/Laura fans into thinking there’s going to be some grand romantic send off, when there isn’t going to be.

    • aph1976 says:

      I dpn’t think Anthony Geary had a problem with Luke and Laura’s love story but he just thinks their time as a couple has passed and they may no longer fit together.

    • Lellingw says:

      I agree. And I do think he “spit” on it. Geary has been so obsessed with bad Luke he basically destroyed everything Luke ever stood for because of his own values. Luke was a character who valued marriage, love, family and kids. He cared about having a wife and raising kids. He wanted to have wealth but not to the point of doing bad things to people. Now he is a drunk who cheats on his wife, didn’t care for his children and now thinks he killed his parents rather than being a victim of poverty and circumstance.

      • Jen says:

        Maybe he’s a drunk who cheats on his wife because he started out as a rapist? He had his time of “doing bad things to people” and likely never truly turned that around.

      • Morgan says:

        I disagree about Luke standing for and valuing family, love, marriage and kids. Luke has always been a drifter. I agree he cares for his family, but it was Laura that pushed him to finally settle down in one place and raise their kids. Before that, it was always about his next adventure. That was the kinda draw initially with his former friendship with Sonny. Luke has always been a bit selfish and unfortunately it cost him. Anthony Geary played all sides of Luke outstandingly for years.

    • Lisa Bailey says:

      good one katie !

    • Lisa Bailey says:

      good one katie !
      and its been like’ he’s been dieing on the the show ”so- long” over !!!

  5. bj says:

    Maybe we can have Genie back now, after he leaves.

  6. BrightLight says:

    Longtime viewers have sensed this for a while and even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the long, drawn out Fluke storyline, I will miss the Luke Spencer I grew up with. While I shipped Luke/Laura with all my heart in my younger years, I completely agree that the story had run it’s course much like great long marriages do. I actually love Luke with Tracy as much as I loved him with Laura. Now TG can spend all his time in Amsterdam which I know he’s probably thrilled about. I wish him all the best!
    Frankly as long as Genie is around AFTER TG is gone, I’ll be fine. There are so many stories that the writers could do with Laura being back in Port Charles and it’ll give Lulu the chance to actually have scenes with her own mother.

  7. Brenna says:

    As a Luke and Laura fan, I am not real thrilled about his comment (as I was hoping for a reunion) but I do agree they have become toxic. The writers have not done them justice over the years.

    • Lellingw says:

      i need a Luke/Laura reunion and don’t think it ever run its course. Do I want her to leave with him? No but it would be great to have a nice Luke back who had morals, took care of his children and yes even fed the dog.

      • aph1976 says:

        From Anthony Geary’s comments i think he hated that version of Luke where he took care of his kids and even fed the dog.My guess is Geary never saw Luke as a family kind of guy with a 9-5 job.As for Laura i think she’s coming back to be part of Luke’s exit story and then i could see her staying in Port Charles after he leaves.Plus there are a lot of male characters GH could pair Laura up with.For example she could hook up with Sloane and be in a triangle with Anna.

  8. Lulu says:

    Did you just cut & paste Michael Logan’s interview with Geary?

  9. N says:

    I love Luke!

  10. kitty says:

    i don’t know why they are casting Jake or Jason with the home wrecker and adulterer aka “miss goody two shoes”, Elizabeth when Sam is the prettiest and best actress on that show..come on Jason belongs to be with Sam!!!

    • Sue says:

      No – No – No!!! I am so sick of Sam. Her voice drones on and on… monotone. Dresses like a skank. I always loved Jason and Elizabeth. The truth will come out and let the pieces fall where they may!

  11. B.T. says:

    Why does he need to go to Amsterdam now that pot and gay marriagei are legal in some parts of the US?

  12. aph1976 says:

    I wish Anthony Geary all the best in his life and he’s deciding when to leave GH and not have the decision be made for him.Plus i did have a feeling that Geary might be leaving when i heard that Genie Francis was coming back to GH because if Luke leaves it is right he shares some goodbye scenes with Laura and get closure to their relationship.

  13. Wow says:

    Weary of the grind? Try being a coal miner, Geary. Or driving a metro bus 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Or stocking shelves at WalMart on the graveyard shift for minimum wage. Yeah, the “grind” of being on a TV show part time must be AWFUL.

    Good riddance.

    • You’re an imbecile. These actors work 12, 14 even 16-hour days for weeks at a time, and on their hours off they have to learn twenty to fifty pages of dialogue sometimes overnight. Usually they’re in makeup at 6AM. GH shoots far away from his home meaning he is probably up at four every day. He isn’t comparing his actor’s life to a coal miner’s, you imbecile. He is simply saying that it a hard schedule and he’s burnt out and tired of it. Can you get a hold of yourself and not freak out about coal miners because Tony Geary is worn out from busting his ass in his own way for forty years? Jesus Christ.

  14. Erin says:

    I hope that they bring back Lucky and Ethan and somehow bring back the original Lulu. It would also be nice if they could get Robert to come back as well…..we will see what they can pull off for his retirement….but as a long time fan its time and he deserves it!

  15. Paula Allen says:

    I can’t imagine it’s thrilling to play the same character for 100 years, let alone the same part of the same couple. He’s great, he’ll be missed!

  16. valerie says:

    I have watched General hospital since I was 15, I have been a fan of Anthony Geary for years, his health is more important that, you will be greatly missed.

  17. happy retirement,you have earned it,you made us all hate you,good acting

  18. Lane Larson says:

    So glad for you! Please be happy and keep yourself healthy. Pick and choose what you want to do.

  19. cynthia matali says:

    You have served us well! We will miss and remember you always! Much Love and Happiness in your future ;)

  20. Nina says:

    Sad news about Anthony Geary leaving GH…too many good people have left. No longer have much reason to watch the only soap I’ve been with from the beginning. I wish him well…he is a great actor and made watching GH fun.

  21. Josie says:

    Wishing you a very happy retirement, you will be greatly missed on this show you have been a part of our lives for so long will sad to see you go. Thank you for being such a super actor and a part of General Hospital as well as being a part of everyone’s life who watches. Thank you for all the great and wonderful years of entertainment and enjoy your retirement which you well earned God speed and keep you well

  22. Glad he is finally retiring, he has been on the show 37 years, he was off for awhile years ago, his character has gotten so ridiculous over the years, and as for his marriage to Tracy, never cared for them as a couple. Relax and enjoy life AG. Wish you were gonna be on with Genie.

  23. B.T. Kidd says:

    Thanks Tony, for 37 years of unparalleled excitement & entertainment. GH will never be the same. You will be greatly missed. Enjoy life & be happy.

  24. Loretta says:

    Anthony Geary has ridden this pony hard and he’s putting it away wet. I get it! Thanks for the memories and enjoy Amsterdam.

  25. Nancy says:

    I grew up with Luke and Laura

  26. Pam says:

    Well dang, he is the ONLY reason I check out that show…maybe Laura can generate some interest….so sad they cannot be together! Could Luke stop by for a quickie? ahem

  27. Kathy Helms says:

    This will be such a sad day for GH and the long time fans like myself. Have a happy retirement and enjoy life!

  28. Sylvia says:

    Anthony will be missed but I would imagine he is ready for retirement. It has been a lot of good years seeing him play the part of Luke. I wish him happiness in the future.

  29. I will for sure miss him. I’ve been watching him since before the wedding. Every time a certain song ia played on the radio… a couple of notes into it and damn that’s the song that played when Luke raped Laura in his club.

  30. Donna says:

    Please don’t leave for good. I have been watching GH since I was 17 in 1978. I was upset when they took my other 2 soaps away….One Life to live and All my Children. GH is my absolute favorite and won’t be the same without the hand some Luke Spencer.

  31. been watching GH for about 40 years. I, for one , will miss Tony Geary very much! He was fantastic on the show, whether he was playing a bad boy, a good Boy or a drunk! Good luck, good health and enjoy Amsterdam. I love it there !

  32. sharon says:

    Luke will be missed. I have watched G.H. since it began 1970 something. Good Luck.

  33. Janice Dupey says:

    Have a great retirement, we will miss you. It would be great if they bring back Lucky for an episode or two before he leaves. Thanks for all the good years. ;)

  34. Karen says:

    Happy Retirement Anthony Geary. You deserve it. Gonna miss Luke.

  35. tami says:

    Your a wonderful actor and we will miss you immensely but you deserve your time to be free of Luke now.

  36. I am a long time GH fan and this saddens my heart but it is a well deserved retirement. Good Luck & Thank you Mr. Geary for all these years of you making GH entertaining along with your other co-stars you will deeply be missed.

  37. Joan Monda says:

    Thanks, Mr. Geary, for giving us such a wonderful character for such a long time.. I’m hoping the rest of your life is filled with love and happiness…

  38. Janis Kuhn says:

    Luke Spencer I’ve watched GH since before you came to the show and let me say…you were the best thing that happened to GH. I will miss you terribly! Have a wonderful life you deserve it!!

  39. Luana Schoening says:

    Anthony Geary, thank you so much for being there on the GH when raising my family, and when I got sick you were there which was like coming back home on TV. So entertaining and nostalgic. From beginning to end, I love that you are finishing what you started. Please take care of yourself! 🌻

  40. dj says:

    Enjoy your life in Amsterdam. It’s a wonderful place to live

  41. Doodles says:

    He has been living in Amsterdam for some time with a special someone, I hear. I wish him well. He’s a fabulous actor, and I’d like to see him doing other roles. He would have been great on Mad Men.

    GH is the last of the ABC soaps. The small screen is becoming smaller. I think that they are about to cancel GH. That’s my opinion. It’s changed a lot, and my favorite story lines are no longer on the show. I’ve been watching since 1977 when I was a child. Best wishes to all.

  42. kirads09 says:

    Been quite some time since I tuned into GH. But I have always loved Geary as Luke. Pretty much made the show for me.

  43. HDS says:

    I have considered Luke tiresome for 25 years. I do wish him well wherever he goes but I am really glad he is, at long last, leaving forever. Too bad he didn’t leave in time to save Duke.

  44. Ashleigh says:

    I never understood how Luke RAPING Laura became such a great love story! It was disgusting! They did the same thing on Days of Our Lives with Sami & EJ… He RAPED her, and then it’s a LOVE story????? I know these are soaps, but give me a break with Rapist storylines that become love heroes! It’s utterly disgusting! Enjoy Holland, Tony.

  45. Julie says:

    Won’t b the same….

  46. Susan S says:

    I miss you already!! And I will miss the electricity that only you can bring to the screen. Have a happy retirement and enjoy life. You deserve it!!! ox

  47. Laura Haven says:

    He will be missed very much! …but if he leaves, who’s going to come up with one line quips? He makes it a pleasure to watch GH! Even though he’s not on in the spring thru Sept., at least I know he’ll be back so I keep watching. …but he has earned his retirement! Thanks, Mr. Geary, for all your years of entertainment!

  48. Peety Woll says:

    My best wishes for Tony in everything he does! He remains one of my all time favorite GH characters and he deserves to do whatever he desires. Even if it leaving GH – we’ll miss him and think of him often, but no one needs to make threats of never watching again. Just wish him well.
    Hugs & kisses Tony – Be happy and enjoy life.

  49. zagkat says:

    He’s really never been around until the latest storyline which ended up making no sense at all. It lasted so long I could really care less about Luke anymore.You really messed up his character.

  50. deb33ont says:

    Still can’t get over the fact that Jason left, went to another “soap” just to replace him with someone new. This guy’s ok..but not the real one we all Love..BRING JASON BACK. Michelle (Nina) is leaving to re-join Y&R & now Luke’s leaving for good. Not sure this 30 yr old love affair I’ve had with this show will go on!