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Forever Boss Talks Henry's Paralyzing Twist, What Jo Knows, Season 2 Plans

Forever Season 2 Spoilers

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Forever‘s Season 1 finale.

Forever creator Matt Miller has done his part. He’s made a formal proposal to the network. He’s rallied the fans on social media. And now he’s waiting — like the rest of us — to see if his procedural-with-a-supernatural-twist will make like its protagonist and prove unkillable (at least for another season).

“We went and pitched our Season 2, what that would be, to ABC,” he tells TVLine. “It went great, and they were really pleased. They’ve been very supportive of the creative of the show all season long. I think it’s going to come down to their pilots, and their schedule, and everything else.”

In the meantime, Forever wrapped its freshman season Tuesday by tidily putting an end to Adam’s tyranny at the same time it created myriad possibilities for the Jo-Henry relationship. The quickest of recaps: A confrontation in an abandoned subway station led to Adam being paralyzed and Henry dying/disappearing; though Jo didn’t see the moment of truth take place, she found Henry’s pocketwatch and a 1940s-era family photo of him at the scene — and then confronted him with the items at the end of the hour as Abe urged his father to spill his secret.

Read on as Miller breaks down the hour. Topics covered include: John Noble’s involvement in the episode, the scene you didn’t see and why Henry always comes back to life in the East River, of all places.

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TVLINE | So Adam’s theory was wrong: You actually can’t be killed by the weapon that initially killed you.
That’s correct, that’s correct, yes. We wanted to create this idea of a possible kind of MacGuffin that could end your life… Certainly, we didn’t want the show to turn into Highlander, which is that there is this kind of one knife, or one gun, or something like that that can end your life. For Henry, it’s an existential, ongoing, seasons-long question: Can he end his life, and if so, would he?

TVLINE | To be super clear, when Henry sticks Adam with a syringe at the end, it’s just full of air, correct?
Yeah. Excellent! Very good. Yeah, an air embolism in his brain, in the brain stem, that puts him in this kind of coma, for lack of a better word. It was medically researched. I’m not sure that that’s how you would actually do it, but an air embolism in the brain would produce that sort of side effect. We wanted Adam to be catatonic, but also be slightly aware that Henry was there… It felt like putting him in some kind of a medically induced coma was Henry’s best version of revenge.

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TVLINE | Would you have a new big bad come in for Season 2? Would the show maybe not be as mythology-based as it has been this season? What are your plans?
There will certainly be mythology brought into Season 2. How Adam will be utilized is not completely worked out yet, but we certainly feel like there’s more story to tell with Adam. We also want to introduce new characters that add some fresh blood to this world and be able to work in the idea, not only of the mythology, but in the romance of the series and other stories that we want to pursue.

TVLINE | At the very end of the episode, Abe pointedly instructs Henry to tell Jo what’s going on, and then the episode ends. What can you tell me about what might follow?
Obviously, we ended with a little bit of a cliffhanger, in terms of Henry and Jo, and it’s something that we’re interested in pursuing in Season 2. Who will find out Henry’s secret? Will other characters find out? What does that mean for the show? It’s hard to say without giving away any real spoilers about it, but suffice to say, it is something that we have thought about and have a plan.

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TVLINE | Did you have John Noble in mind for this episode when the character of Aubrey Griffin was conceived?
No. I mean, he seems so perfect, right? …Our casting director, Suzanne Ryan, had this idea about John Noble. I’m a huge fan. Obviously, for this kind of a role, he’s on a very, very short list of people that you would just love to have do it. As luck would have it, he was doing a play in New York [where Forever shoots]… Yeah, it was just a perfect piece of charmed casting that worked out for our schedule.

TVLINE | Flashbacks in this episode show Abigail learning Henry’s secret. Why include that now, an episode after we’ve learned she died?
The Abigail-Henry story, we felt like we told a lot of that mythology in Season 1, and then Henry finally gets the closure in present day. But audience always was kind of curious: How did Abigail learn, and when? That’s something that we get to tell and explore in that final episode… She says to him, “You poor man,” and in that moment, she immediately understands everything that Henry has felt and been unable to articulate to somebody, which is she gets that he has this sort of strange, supernatural mysticism about him, but that she also understands, God, what a lonely life that would be, and how difficult of a life.

She understands the complexity of his situation immediately, and that’s why she was the great love of his life for that part of time.

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Forever Season 2 Spoilers TVLINE | Both the series premiere and season finale had significant scenes taking place in and around the subway. I assume that was an intentional callback?
Right… There was also, you should know, a really big scene that we cut out of this episode, between Henry and Adam in the very beginning of the episode on a subway, and it was supposed to be very, very much reminiscent of the pilot.

We had a whole aconite poisoning, which was how the subway conductor was initially poisoned in the pilot, and there was the subway crash. In this one, Henry was able to prevent it from happening. It was a big action scene. We shot it, and like it happens in post sometimes, it took the story in an unusual direction… Once Adam and Henry had a confrontation in Act 1, it set the tone of the episode off in a wrong way, and we wanted to put off them meeting each other until that moment towards the end of Act 2 where Henry realizes that Adam had sliced up that guy in that moment where he comes in.

TVLINE | Last question: As a New Yorker, I’ve always wondered why Henry always comes back to life in the East River, as opposed to the Hudson River.
If you want to know the truth, in the pilot, I wrote it for the Hudson… Our director, Brad Anderson, who actually also directed the finale… He was, like, ‘Yeah, the view’s a lot prettier in the East River, or in Brooklyn, looking out over Manhattan than it is in Manhattan looking out onto the Jersey shoreline.’ I was like, “That’s cool.”… I’m all for the sort of prettiest version of the show. [Laughs] That was the thought process in why it’s the East River and not the Hudson.

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  1. leigh says:

    Such a great ending! Bring on Season 2. Please!

  2. laurelnev says:

    Has this been renewed? This almost felt like a series finale. And Adam could be revived at any time. All they have to do is take him off of life support, and boom! He’s back! I don’t think the injuries carry across lives, do they? And are we SURE that was “Henry’s gun,” and not a dupe on Adam’s part? Wasn’t “the gun” locked in Abe’s safe, away from both Henry and Adam? And what became of Caesar’s dagger? Back in police hands now?

    • zac says:

      That’s why we need a season 2! We need answers ABC!

    • Karen says:

      Those are the exact questions I had! I’m eagerly awaiting season 2, plllleeeaaase renew Forever! I’d never seen Ioan Gruffudd before and I’m totally exam outed of him – even if I am old enough to be his mother. :).

    • Aimee says:

      Presumably Henry is somehow in charge of Adam’s care (forged documents listing them as brothers or something I’d guess) because someone will need to be footing the bill for his care and realistically Henry can’t just ditch him there and never look back because he can’t stay in one hospital too many years until the fact he doesn’t age becomes apparently. So Henry should be able to ensure the machines are never turned off. Of course it’s still possibly like a friend of Adams (if he ever managed to make one) tracking him down and killing him or something going very wrong at the hospital so he could die and Henry will be screwed.

    • Megan says:

      Abe said he left for bathroom breaks and also for lunch it would have been very easy for Adam as quiet, smart, and agile to steal the gun. And while I DESPERATELY want a season 2 I appreciate that if it doesn’t happen this season did have a tidy little wrap up like a movie.

      • Tiffany Warner says:

        Yes, and didn’t the previews the week before show Henry and Abe looking at the empty case that had the gun in it?

    • Staatus Quo says:

      They clearly answered that it was in fact Henry’s gun and no, it couldn’t kill him. They didn’t want it to be like Highlander. It was right in the interview, so at least that was answered.

    • Carole says:

      I just saw on TV Land that Forever was not renewed for a second season….it was canceled. I am sick about it.

      • laurelnev says:

        Yes…the ABC upfronts were held last night. If you haven’t seen it yet, search Twitter for Ion’s (sp) tweet to fans. It was quite nice. I think this show would have done better on Sunday nights, paired w/ OUAT, than it did in its timeslot.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Actually, ABC’s Upfront presentation is on Tuesday. Last night was just a bunch of early announcements.

          • laurelnev says:

            Thanks for the clarification, Matt. Still bummed about Forever, though I’m happy for Shield, Agent Carter, and the Middle.

      • Denise Callahan says:

        I am too! It is a fantastic show with great actors playing great characters. PLEASE cancel the cancellation!

  3. Anice says:

    Loved this ending and the whole season, please have a season 2! #RenewForever

  4. Steven says:

    They need to renew this show. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again they need to renew this show.

    • JeffDJ says:

      Fingers crossed! Love the show.

    • Nan says:

      I’m on the fence about a second season. This ending gave me enough that I can write the rest as I like, but, seeing this cast [love them all] would be great. On the other hand, I’m such a fan of Ioan Gruffudd that I’d love to see him in other projects. Loved him as Hornblower, his stint on Castle etc. and would love to see him in more roles.

      • Well, Nan, there are a lot of us fans who want more “Forever,” and your comment further allows ABC to validate its canceling of the show despite what millions of fans like me want. Thanks heaps! Write your little fanfics, and leave this series to the folks who love it.

        • Dave says:

          So now people aren’t allowed to give their opinion? This is an article about the show, not a fan site or a petition to ABC to renew it. I highly doubt ABC is reading all these posts and basing their decision on what you think.

          • I never said ABC was monitoring this site, Dave, but if you were brighter than a dull light bulb, you would have realized that this article was an interview with the show’s creator, Matt Miller. When you can do better than “Forever” then maybe your opinion would be worthwhile.

          • Dave says:

            I do know what the article is about but it’s crystal clear that you don’t. It didn’t end with post your positive comments to help us get renewed! “When you can do better than “Forever”? What does that even mean? So if we don’t write the shows we can’t have opinions? Get a clue Brette. No one cares if YOU like it. If it was so great it wouldn’t be in danger of being cancelled. RATINGS, not your comments will save the show. I DO like the show and hope it gets renewed.

        • Derp Saderp says:


          The petition to renew it garnered thousands of entries, not even a single million. Go write your little self published books and leave this series to people who love it enough to pay attention to what’s going on.

        • So you are saying that Nan ruined it for the rest of us. I dont think his comments will becomes an issue

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        me too, i loved him in some movie with a talking bird and some dogs i think, anyway loved him for years and hope that i get to see more of him, no matter what happens with forever. love the show by the way, at first i was like how many tomes can one person die and still make a great show. I was shocked! and let’s leave it at that. I really hope there is another season, I want to know if he tells his secret to her and his other friends! The relationship between them is great too, not too much not too less. would hate to lose this great show!

  5. I wonder if they constantly had to pump antibiotics into Ioan Gruffudd every time they need to throw him into the East River.

  6. thor says:

    They must renew this show! So good!

  7. Paige says:

    LOVED the finale. If ABC does the dumb thing and doesn’t renew it, at least there was some closure. Adam contained, Jo in on the secret (at least that’s my interpretation). If ABC does the right thing and gives it another season, avenues to explore. I really think ABC should give it another chance. They have not had the best luck with Tuesday at 10pm. Forever has a following and does okay in its slot.

    • Joanne says:

      Paige, you are correct. Abc should do the right thing and renew Forever and maybe give it another time slot and day. Forever does have a following and fans at times have kept a show alive so maybe ABC will come to its senses and tptb will renew. Over the summer it should be shown again

      • Michelle says:

        I’ve read that Forever hasn’t been advertised that much-is that true? Rather important for a show in a 10pm timeslot. It’s screened at 830pm Wednesdays here in Australia and doing quite well!

  8. Thanh says:

    i’m a doctor and i demand a Season 2!!!!

    • Just Saying says:

      I’m a nurse & I too demand a season 2—an aging nurse at that! Are you ageless?–WOW! What a coincidence! 😊

  9. Mar says:

    The season finale had a lot of unanswered questions and if ABC cancelled Forever right now that would a shame because this show has a lot of potential and it has great writers and actors!

  10. TVNerd says:

    Matt Miller is highly delusional if he thinks Forever will get another season….ABC didn’t want to try another show at that hour so they just kept this as filler for the rest of the season ordering a full season and hoping it would grow to decent numbers but it never did…They could have tried The Whispers but I guess they didn’t have faith in that show or didn’t want to risk another show failing in that problem spot for ABC at Tuesdays 10/9C….They need to stick a veteran in their like Castle or Agents of Shield because Grey’s fixed their Thurs. at 8/7C problem spot.

    • Melissa says:

      Castle?! Castle has been dying a slow miserable death for years now. This show may not be perfect but it’s leagues better than the crapfest Castle has become.

      • yatobu says:

        Just glad there is someone out there who also think castle is crap. Good rating doesn’t necessary mean the show is good. God, I really hope Forever will be renewed. No shows from ABC that I like except this one.

      • Amber Boze says:

        Our whole family love castle lol.but we have also fallen in love with forever now too both are amazing shows with amazing actors :)

      • Tiffany Warner says:

        I completely agree. Castle was delightful and then it lost its way, and it has run its course and is now dragging on miserably. I have 7 unwatched episodes of Castle that I may never get around to watching. I adore Forever. I have little faith in ABC to take the risk though. They’ll give Grey’s Anatomy yet another season and Castle as well, which is unfortunate, because they will stick with the stale and lose the wonderful and fresh that is Forever.

    • Why don’t you keep your opinions to yourself, TVNerd. This is a pro-Forever site!

      • Dave says:

        NO. It’s not a PRO Forever site! It’s an ARTICLE ABOUT Forever. The comments are ABOUT the show. You’re not on a fan site.

  11. Nitemar says:

    Show needs to be renewed and get a new time slot and day..Thanks!

    • I entirely agree you, Nitemar.

    • That other reply I posted was meant to say, “I entirely agree with you, Nitemar. I’m just so mad with all these anti-Forever remarks that I can’t think straight!

      • Dave says:

        Again, if you don’t like the anti-Forever remarks go find a web site that’s actually a PRO Forever FAN site!!! This ISN’T! It’s an A R T I C L E. People are discussing the show. All Comments welcome.

        • Most of the comments on this site are positive about “Forever” except for yours, and you certainly don’t come off as a fan of the series.

          Speaking of delusional, you’re the one who’s delusional, acting like you have firsthand knowledge of why ABC put “Forever” on its Tuesday night schedule. I highly doubt you had anything to do with the series or anything at ABC.

          • Dave says:

            Speaking of delusional I’m not the one who made that comment dumbass. Try replying to the right person.

  12. N says:

    Felt like the series finale…..Please RENEW FOREVER!

  13. Dear ABC, We, Forever fans, Really need a season 2! There’s so much more that can be told and still many questions to be answered. It sucks that the ratings aren’t where you may want them to be but have you stopped to think that there may be many households that have more that 1 person watching the show on one TV? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Give Forever a chance!!

    • Joanne says:

      Jennifer this is so true about more than one person in a household watching. I know my daughters and I watch this show together. The ratings system needs to be updated or revamped. I have always thought how can they really count views, I don’t have a Nielsen’s box. ABC needs to give Forever a second season and maybe move it to Monday night in place of Castle.

      • donnie says:

        I did have a Nielson box but it was recently removed w/them saying something about inaccuracy and that they werent sure when or even if they would b replacing it. I wasnt supposed to tell anyone about the box so as to avoid peep asking me to dvr shows that i wouldnt usually watch to get better ratings but since its gone for now i can say so. My viewing was a representation of about 30,000 peep in my area. Unfortunately i only had it for the first few episodes so i doubt it even had a chance to matter in ratings. Also i too love forever and am hoping for a 2nd season.

  14. dreamzncolor says:

    I really really hope they don’t cancel this show. Forever is one of my favorites! It seems the smart shows get pushed out by crap tv. We need a channel that picks up all of these great canceled shows and continues where they were left off.

  15. Joanne says:

    I enjoy watching this show every week and the chemistry of the cast especially Henry and Abe is perfection. I am hoping that ABC realizes this is a great show and needs to renew. I hope the fans rally too and give Forever a season 2. by the way the season finale was just what I was hoping for. Glad there is a cliffhanger.

  16. Eric Barnett says:

    I speak for all of my family and friends when I say “Please keep it going!” It’s intelligent, well written, meaningful, and interesting in a, for lack of a better word, wholesome format. Which is rare these days. Well done and we hope to see more!!!

  17. Strako says:

    Why is it that only the pocket watch stays behind when even Henry’s clothes disappear when he dies or is that something that is particular with his “curse?”

    • Nicole says:

      I think the pocket watch stays because it somehow connects him to his first life. If the pocket watch was no longer in existence would he still survive? What I really want to know is how did Abe know when he dies? He’s always there waiting for him.

      • jeff says:

        Abes most likely waiting because he realized the gun was gone

      • You just gave me something to think about…the pocket watch. The show has you so focused on the gun and the dagger that I missed that. Everything vanishes but that. It has to be significant. Some have theorized that the bullet killed Henry, not the gun. Would be interested to see if the dagger really would kill Adam. Crossing fingers for season 2.

    • Yep! says:

      I was thinking that as well. The pocket watch was also separated from Henry when Adam drove the cab with him locked inside into the river (Jo saw it in the cab when they pulled it out of the water). My guess is that if it “falls off Henry’s person” and is not in physical contact with him at the time he dies, then it remains where it is. Oddly enough, Henry is so detail-oriented and so attached to his routines and personal possessions that it would be amazing for him NOT to notice that his watch was missing. So yes, a bit of a conundrum there, very much hope that the show is renewed so that we have a chance to explore those facts.

      • I was thinking the same thing!!! Everything else disappears except the watch. He always seems to find that watch, even when he “drowns” he somehow gets that watch back. A watch symbolizes time. Perhaps the watch is what keeps him alike and immortal

  18. chris rudd says:

    rwe raced home to watch forever and our cable was out due to a rain storm we was able to see last 5 min. which was great look forward to watch it on demand but missing it tonight showed me how much i would really miss this great show

  19. Cassandra says:

    This has become one of my favorite shows this year, and I really, really want a season two! I was glad they didn’t end it horrifically, just in case, but I just adore this cast and really want them. back

  20. Wes says:

    I Pray Hard this comes back next season!! This and Castle are some of most decent shows on! Seems like if there’s a good show on, they cancel it!! It sucks they do that! Give this show a chance people!!

  21. Faye says:

    I love the show, characters and actors. Please !!! #RenewForever

  22. Shane says:

    This show is one of my absolute favorites of all time! That is why I need abc to renew it so I can see more Henry in action. I also loved in the season finale when Abe was just sitting there with a gun. That was the best!

  23. rumjungleroad says:

    There’s a lot of interesting ways they can take this show, given another season. The most important part of the show is that we already care about the characters.

  24. Pat says:

    I love this episode. It was exciting and touching. Please, please please renew this show, it deserves a chance.

  25. Mon says:

    Please, please I beg you to make season 2 of Forever. I LOVE THIS SHOW :-D Can you please make another season??? I want to find out in season two if Henry tells Det. Jo his story and if she believes him…I hope she believes him

  26. m3rcnate says:

    Loved the finale. I have always loved and watched these type of shows (real world but a man is mysteriously immortal) and would really like this one to get another season (basically all the rest never make it past S01).
    My only critique is the perfect line for Abe would have been “Tell her, Dad” and the show end on her wide eyed and mouth agape as she processes (and certain things click) that Abe is Henry’s son. (I however get how that would have not been Abe’s place, at that point “tell her” is still unclear enough that if Henry said no, they could still kinda (not really) get away with it).

  27. Eric says:

    I’d be very disappointed if they cancelled this show. It’s original and thought provoking episodes are amazing. There are so many questions to be answered. Sadly there are way too many shows out there that are renewed and they’re mindless reality tv or really badly written and acted dramas and comedies. These shows are popular because of the dumbing down of America and networks don’t want to pay fur well written shows. If the timeslot is an issue try a different time and day if needed, but don’t cancel the show just due to ratings. Give Forever and many other shows like it the chance to grow and market them instead of just giving up. We need strong original shows to watch. I’m constantly amazed what is renewed and cancelled each season. Do we really need a 27th season of the Simpsons or anymore csi and ncis shows? I think not. Same with these horrible Chicago pd and fire as they are all identical. It’s the same show in a different setting. Similar if not identical storylines. We also don’t need anymore reality tv especially renewing shows like American idol, the bachelor, the voice, extreme weight loss, survivor, etc… These are mindless shows that may bring in the ratings to a point, but they’re not educational, interesting, original, and worse yet they exploit the contestants and the viewers as well as make stars out of people who don’t have any reason to be famous. If we had more shows like forever, elementary, the blacklist, and similar we would get a smarter America. They’re thought provoking, intriguing, surprising, engaging, and they help us think out of the proverbial box. The networks honestly should be committed to keep these types of shows on the air. These are water cooler shows that people enjoy discussing and coming up with theories of their own. Networks have been guilty of throwing away great shows early because the mindless viewers have attention spans of gnats. The show Castle is one of these great shows that defeated the odds with an interesting premise and was kept because of chemistry and good time slot. How about not pitting the to shows against each other and if you do understand that people do dvr primetime tv because they’re are so many shows we can be interested in and watch later. That and keeping track of how many viewers watch then online at a later date because they dumped cable as it’s cheaper to earth the shows you like by either going to the network website if available without cable provider info our passing for Hulu and watching them a week later. I think those all need to be considered into formulating the true ratings of a show. Sorry, but we’re in a more technological age, where the stats from Nielsen ratings is seriously outdated. I want to see that matrix before you pass judgements in shows. If people know they can watch their shows later when it’s more convenient like myself then that should be factored in. My DVR records all primetime and all the shows after a certain time of night. People who have jobs can’t always stay up to watch the shows they live because we work. Do we really want to give people the power to keep a show on the air because of outdated technology or ideas especially those people who don’t work. The ones that watch honey boo boo, duck dynasty, and the other mindless shows on tv? I think not. People are tired of getting ripped of by their cable providers so they choose other options. So start factoring ask that into your decisions as well as social media pages dedicated to the shows we enjoy. If you fans are asking for the shows they like to remain on tv, then listen. If I see anymore reality t.v. while you cancel great shows I’m going to only start watching Netflix and cable shows. Stop with the mindless garbage you keep adding and renewing and give the people who actually contribute to America a stronger voice. For instance I’m almost 40 and a successful professional so I want shows to cater to my intelligence as do a vast majority of all viewers 20-60. Just because we are too busy to complain, didn’t mean we’re at all happy with your choices to renew or cancel shows. Without us your sponsors don’t make any money from their commercials as we are the ones with the money and purchasing power to buy their products. So keep that in mind also. Just because our kids may be watching the voice or whatever shows and voting in polls we are the ones that allow them to have their phones to vote and watch those shows. By the time I get home a lot I’m too tired to watch my favorite shows that night so my teenage kids watch their shows while I record my wives and mine and then I spend time making dinner and spending time with my wife and children before bed. Most viewers with jobs/professions and children have a similar dynamic so we must wait to watch or favorite shows since we’re busy providing for our families. So I ask that you consider everything I’ve said and take it seriously as I have taken a lot of my precious time to explain in detail why all networks need to start factoring in all these things when you make decisions that you claim covers our demographic. Especially if your info is based on outdated technology.
    Thank you

    • Nan says:

      A couple of things. Re: Same show different setting, it’s a formula that goes way back to John Wayne’s heyday. El Dorado and Rio Bravo are the same movie. JW, older character actor, good looking young guy and drunkard buddy. As for DVRs, shows are paid for by sponsors. If people DVR they mostly FF through the commercials eliminating the whole purpose in the sponsor’s view. If you don’t watch the ads, you have no voice about whether or not the show stays on air. You’ve broken faith with the advertisers.

      • donnie says:

        As far as im concerned the advertisers have broken faith w/me by insulting my intelligence w/ some of these inane things that pass as commercials coupled w/the numerous false ads we c daily. And actually none of that has anything to do w/ the actual show. Lets stay on topic people. Either for or against and watching or FF tnough the ads r not the same thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

      • donnie says:

        Also by ur reasoning most shows would b in danger considering how many peep use their dvr. Can u HONESTLY say u never FF throgh the ads and if u can then u just dont have a dvr.

    • Very well said. Bravo!

    • Danny Las Vegas says:

      Wow, how long did it take u to write that book?

    • Very well said and very true! I wish you had sent this directly to ABC though, as forever WAS cancelled. I’m so sad and angry at not just ABC, but ALL the networks. They ALWAYS do this. Practically set a show up to fail, get a great but not great enough following against all odds (that they set) and they cancel it. The ratings system needs to go.

    • Harper$95 says:

      Eric, thank you!! You speak for so many of us!!

      You should really re-post your comment to the networks and their individual social media pages. Nielsen’s too!!

  28. Michael Strong says:

    Bring it back ABC! It’s one of the reasons I tune into your station, not to mention it’s one of the best shows on tv, and a great follow up to AofS. I still watch Castle, and your Wednesday night line up, but I could stand to miss all those, I must, however tune in on Tuesday night’s,( after The Flash, sorry!). So don’t fix what’s not broken, you got something great going.

  29. Nicole says:

    If forever is cancelled that’ll be it for me and Abc. I’ve stopped watching all the other shows on that network. I would gladly allow all the other shows I do watch be cancelled if it meant forever could be renewed.

  30. Tahoe Mike says:

    I don’t often like network shows, but I’ve been a fan of this one from the beginning. I hope it comes back.

  31. GeoDiva says:

    Really enjoyed this show and hope it comes back for season 2!

  32. ljd213 says:

    When the second season starts (positive thinking plus fingers crossed). I think Henry will have played the scene where Jo shows up in his mind. She’ll come by with the watch but not the picture. That plays out the tension awhile longer.

    For me, this is appointment TV and the only thing I have to see on ABC after giving up on Castle.

    Do the right thing, ABC!

  33. What a season finale! Let’s hope it wasn’t the series finale as well…
    Do the right thing, ABC: renew Forever for another season!

  34. Amy says:

    Truly hope ABC renews this show, which has gotten better with each episode. It’s Castle-esque, but more fresh and deserves a 2nd Season….Please Renew!

  35. Mina says:

    Well spoken, Eric! My household sits down 2 times a week to watch shows that are saved on the dvr. That is 4 people watching. Count that into your numbers. Castle and Forever are the 2 that we watch first. Then we watch others that he may like better than I do, or the daughter may like better than the brother, but we all watch Castle and Forever.
    As a very busy house, we never have time watch anything unless we record it. We DVR everything, then watch later.
    Please bring on Season 2!

    • Nan says:

      If you FF through the commercials, you don’t count.

      • Jake says:

        Regardless if they FF or not, only Nielsen families count.

      • donnie says:

        Why should our opinions not count if we de cde to FF through commercials for products or services we already use. This is still AMERICA where everyones vote counts not just the peep that watch the campaign ads for politicians.

  36. Adam never tested his theory in the end. It was the bullet that killed henry and not the gun, the gun just fired the bullet. Until the bullet is tested on him or the dagger is tested on Adam this still a valid theory in my book. An it be the ultimate twist that Adam has a way out but Henry doesn’t because the chances of recovering a bullet and make usable is near zero, the gun was a big enough stretch.

    I still think Henry is approaching this from the wrong angle. It isn’t what kills them, it where they go to be healed that should be the question. An it annoying that question hasn’t been ask, my jo will ask it next season in the opening episode.

  37. David Knowles says:

    Adam never actually tested his theory. It was the bullet that killed henry and not the gun, the gun just fired the bullet. Until the bullet is tested on him or the dagger is tested on Adam this still a valid theory in my book. An it be the ultimate twist that Adam has a way out but Henry doesn’t because the chances of recovering a bullet in near zero, the gun was a big enough stretch.

    I still think Henry is approaching this from the wrong angle. It isn’t what kills them, it where they go to be healed that should be the question. An it annoying that question hasn’t been ask, my jo will ask it next season in the opening episode.

    • Michelle says:

      I’ve always wondered… what happened to the bullet that first killed Henry? He only has an entry wound so it would’ve been in his heart when he died… Did it regenerate with him? Would it show up in an x ray? Why is that scar the only one he’s kept? And when he first came back, was it in the ocean-(nearest body of water), and how many more times did he die before he made it back to Nora? He was positive he was still immortal and it wasn’t just a one off/he hallucinated /dreamed his death/ etc. So many questions… We simply MUST have more seasons!

  38. Jennifer says:

    Please bring back season 2 of this great show. I think they have so much more to tell of Jo and Henry. You can’t leave the fans hanging like this.

  39. Amy H says:

    I’d love to see this show continue for another season. It’s got so much going for it, and I love the dynamic between all the main characters. Hopeful ABC will give it a second season.

  40. So many possibilities for season 2, they’ve gotta have one! This is easily one of my favorite shows and I will love it forever due to it unique storyline and amazing characters and everyone one else who is a part of this show!!!

  41. Georgia Madman says:

    It’s my favorite new show of the season beating Flash, iZombie and Constantine. I’d even trade my longtime favorite show Castle to keep Forever. Do the right thing ABC and renew Forever.

  42. Cecilia Burrus says:

    Great reveal. Loved the season and the season finale couldn’t be better! Bring on season 2!

  43. Joey says:

    Love this show. …I really hope this show comes back quickly

  44. I hope this gets renewed for Season 2, it’s a quality show that’ll miss if cancelled

  45. Lauren says:

    Please give Forever another shot. It’s one of the few that shows that has made an impression and one that I actually look forward to watching weekly instead of multi-tasking while it airs. What a terrific cast and a fun premise – Henry is a walking encyclopedia and a philosopher all in one. Loved tonight’s episode but sadly, it did feel like a series many little and big moments.

  46. Rick says:

    Please bring back this show it’s typical if I like a show a lot it won’t get renewed. L.G. could have landed Elementary another show I obsess it’s not in danger. FOREVER is a great show with great characters and some seriously exceptional performances.

  47. Tara says:

    Fantastic Finale – couldn’t have ended better. But there are so many more stories to tell. Need to #RenewForever!

  48. Amber Boze says:

    I absolutely love this show we all need another season!

  49. Ryan Clemons says:

    Hi i have to say i really liked the ending but i do have to say i feel that what Henry did to Adam was a little overkill i mean i get he wanted to get revenge but Henry never seemed this bad.
    I mean yeah Adam was a killer and not really a good person but he also has lived for 2000 years been tortured by Hitler’s people and much more and hell he did not even kill Henry’s love she did it to herself i guess i was hoping for the ending to be of Henry using the dagger to kill adam that way he stops adam and he does not look kind of like the bad guy….but yeah i guess that would not work now…..still good episode but i can’t help but feel bad for adam.

    • Just Saying says:

      The very best of “bad guys” in literature or any type story telling are always the ones who make you feel badly for them or have empathy for them, which was part of why this is such a great show & should enjoys as many seasons as it can keep that quality in its story telling going! Sadly, seems like a 2nd is doubtful! My opinion on your take on Adam’s fate is, after I fully realized what had happened–seems like that was about the best that could’ve happened since it does set up some real interesting story lines & allows a more complete unraveling of the mythology especially IF we are lucky to have more seasons! You see I was always suspicious that “their weapon” would not really kill them. I just hope we get more of this great show, for that and other stories!

    • It was very telling that some of the first words Adam said to Henry in that train station were…take a good look, because this is a good man whose tried to help people and after 2000 yrs this is what that good man looks like. He was telling Henry that just because he views him as bad for his choices and Henry the good guy, you can’t compare the two. Henry can’t judge him till he’s lived as long and faced the choices that Adam has had to make. Most of the killing he’d done was to find another like him and to get his dagger. Not that I condone the behavior, but what would you do if you were alone dealing with torture etc. I think the man is slightly mad because of it and he was warning Henry that this could easily happen to you if you’re alone and more time passed. So I heartily agree with your thoughts on Adam not being completely bad. Would like to see more of him if there’s a season 2.

  50. Ally says:

    Fantastic episode! loved it, hope to see a Season 2; I had questions though, how did Adam get the gun although Abe was watching (without hurting him that is), was it when he went to lunch Adam pulled a switcheroo? And how did Abe know to come to the river this time, especially since it was not an experimental death?

    • Deion says:

      There was a plan. I’m not sure Henry knew that Adam would shoot him with the gun, but he told Abe to be ready.

    • Badpenny says:

      Abe mentions he left to get some food when Henry sees him sitting in the basement. Adam probably got the gun there.