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Question: Longtime reader here. Now that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries, does that mean Elena will be taking the vampire cure? Thanks! — Kristen
It certainly seems like Elena’s jonesing to take the cure, doesn’t it, Kristen? (Especially after that clip we posted with her dreaming of having children with Damon.) We can’t confirm that Elena will end her run as a human or a vampire, but know this: Damon’s decision to share the cure with her (or not) will result in a “massive fallout” — not just for Elena, but for everyone on the show, according to executive producer Caroline Dries.

Question: Any hope of Nick and Jess getting back together on New Girl?! —Amy
Ausiello: Nick-Jess ‘shippers will get a tiny bone thrown their way in the form of brand new, never-before-seen post-breakup flashbacks in the May 5 finale. [AAditor’s note: The “tiny bone” thing  was not a subtle dig at Nick’s manhood.]

Question: I need some answers before pull all of my hair out. When will we get the next big question-making answer about the relationship between Red and Liz on The Blacklist? —Tamim
Here’s a tiny bone for you involving The Fulcrum, which has caused quite a rift in Red and Liz’s relationship. According to series creator Jon Bokenkamp, that pesky blackmail file is going to play a major role in the season’s final episodes. “It’s less about the information that’s in The Fulcrum,” he says, “and more about what that device is going to do to our characters, and the problems it’s going to create for them.” [AAditor’s note: The “tiny bone” thing… actually was a subtle dig at Red’s manhood.]

AAQuestion: I’m just adoring Emily on The Big Bang Theory. Any word if she will be finishing the season as Raj’s girlfriend, and if Laura Spencer will be asked back for next? —Todd
Ausiello: Unfortunately, Raj doesn’t share your infatuation with Em, a fact that will bubble to the surface in next month’s finale. “Raj is realizing that Emily may not be the right person for him,” previews exec producer Steve Molaro of the May 7 closer. “And he knows this in his heart. But he’s also never broken up with anybody in his life…”

Question: Do you have any Big Bang Theory scoop? —Felix
Ausiello: At the end of next week’s episode, there’s “a lovely and amazing, fun musical” moment that may or may not feature the cast breaking into song, hints Molaro.

Question: After seeing that promo for Arrow, you know what I have to ask: Oliver and Felicity! Holy hot buckets, was that sizzling or what? What can you tell me? I’m dying here. —Justlie
Ausiello: We did our darnedest to make showrunner Marc Guggenheim spill about that (seemingly) sexy sequence airing tonight, but he gave us a cold shower in return. “Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t really talk about that scene,” he deferred. “I mean, I’m excited for people to see it and see what we have up our sleeves, but I want people also to continue to speculate about, ‘Is it real? Is it a dream?’ Because on Arrow, nothing is ever straightforward, and nothing’s ever simple. What you saw in the trailer was certainly not the entire story.”

AAQuestion: Bummed Colton Haynes is leaving Arrow, but I’m happy he’ll be back for one more episode this season to wrap up his story. Any scoop on that? —Carrie
Ausiello: As Guggenheim points out, “Thea was too busy getting ‘killed’ by Ra’s to say goodbye to Roy. So we owed the audience some closure for this love story.” The pair’s farewell will take place in this season’s penultimate episode airing May 6. BONUS SPOILER: Remember that mystery set that was constructed for the finale? Guggenheim teases that it will play host to R’as, Nyssa and Oliver, and will likely not be seen again beyond the May 13 closer, because “it requires a fair amount of green screen work to make it work.”

Question: Could you confirm that Agah Bayar is returning to NCIS? —Zoe
Ausiello: Indeed, I could: Showrunner Gary Glasberg says that Tamer Hassan will put in a “really important” encore in the season’s penultimate episode, titled “The Lost Boys.” An arms dealer who has been featured on the series thrice before, “Agah Bayar has specific information” about an “unfortunate event” being planned by a terror group that recruits young people online. Notes the EP, “He and Gibbs always have good stuff together.”

Question: I’m a big fan of The Flash, specifically Iris West. I was wondering if you could tease anything coming up for her towards the end of the season? —Janneh
Ausiello: Iris will learn the truth about what’s going on with the men in her life “a lot sooner than” the May 19 finale, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals. “How that happens and how it plays out with everybody else is going to make up the core of the last few episodes,” he confirms, adding, “She is not [going to be] happy with Joe and Barry and Eddie.”

AAQuestion: What happened to Lana Delaney on The Good Wife? I thought Kalinda said she took her seriously. There’s also the white card they haven’t explained, and Lana’s FBI job. There are so many loose ends with the Kalinda/Lana story. —Eve
Ausiello: We went straight to showrunner Robert King with your question about the hotel-key-looking rectangle that drug kingpin Lemond Bishop wanted slipped into the purse of Jill Flint’s alter ego. (If you’ll recall, Kalinda instead broke it in half, although her refusal to betray her lady love probably did nothing to alleviate Bishop’s concerns about the FBI teaming up with the State’s Attorney’s office to bring him down.) “That’s really a very good question,” says King, with a chuckle. “I think you should continue to wonder. [That plot thread] is not necessarily in the realm of the Russian assassin on The Sopranos, but it is still alive. Let’s just leave it there.” (By the way, Eve, you’ve got to hit the comments and share what brand of ginkgo biloba you take, because your memory for details is pretty impressive!)

Question: Is there a chance for The Good Wife‘s Alicia and Peter to reconnect romantically in the wake of them aligning against the Democratic party machine? Previews for Episode 20 kind of make it look that way. —Russell
Ausiello: Love, as they say, is a many splendored thing, but Team Florrick has its own unique take on the concept, says Robert King, flashing back to Episode 18. “What was very clarifying was that scene when Alicia and Peter say they’re done with arguing… [Peter] starts getting this look in his eyes and [essentially] saying, ‘Let’s f–k,’ and then Alicia is saying, ‘No, no, no, no, that’s not what this is about,'” King offers, with a hearty chuckle. “They wind up just sitting there and drinking together. They’re championing detente in a very fraught relationship just because of exhaustion. At a certain point the human body has a great and strange ability to numb all the pain, and that’s where Alicia and Peter tend to go now.” Nevertheless, faced with an outside threat, “They aid, support and give strength to each other,” he adds. “Whether that goes deeper is a bigger question.” Michelle King, for her part, offers that, “Whether Alicia and Peter are living under the same roof or not, there is something very real there. We’ve seen a very deep connection between these two people throughout the series.” In other words, don’t bet the entire mortgage on Finn Polmar, OK?

AAQuestion: I was recently perusing the Renewal Scorecard and saw that you have The Mindy Project‘s chances now listed as a long-shot — I’m so bummed! I thought the third season was the strongest yet.  —Briana
Ausiello: Creatively, the show is in tip-top shape. It’s the ratings that continue to be a drag. And the fact that Fox doesn’t own the show — and therefore stands to gain nothing from its syndication prospects — makes the odds of renewal very slim. Having said that, you better believe NBC (which does own the show) will start pitching Mindy to other potential suitors should Fox pull the plug.

Question: Any info about Tyrion and Daenerys’ first meeting on Game of Thrones? —Courtney
Ausiello: I can tell you that it doesn’t happen this Sunday. And speaking of the youngest Lannister sibling and this week’s episode, make sure you stay tuned until the very end: Tyrion runs into a familiar face on his path to Meereen.

Question: That weirdly intriguing, post-divorce kiss between Phil and Carol on Last Man on Earth was probably the most chemistry they’ve had since their fun, pre-Melissa married life. Anything else coming up for them? —Nancy
Ausiello: Something else is definitely coming up for them. And it’s big. And sweet. And surprising. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Question: Hart of Dixie is amazing and I’d love to know your sincere opinion about the chance of a renewal. —Audrey
Ausiello: Still not happening. Sincerely.

hammQuestion: Any scoop on Masters of Sex’s third season? — Emily
Ausiello: When the Showtime drama flashes forward to the mid-1960s, it will introduce a real master of sex — Hugh Hefner, no less. And, since the casting call for the potentially recurring role notes that, in addition to being an smooth operator and gifted schmoozer, the Playboy publisher is 40 during this period, I can’t help but note that Jon Hamm is between series. (Also worth noting: He’d never in a million years do it.)

Question:  Can you tell us anything about Season 6 of The Walking Dead? —Jabari 
Ausiello: Yup. If the recurring character of Delvin turns out to be half as cool as his casting notice makes him out to be, I have a new hero (and you likely do, too). According to the breakdown for the role, the twentysomething African-American cynic is left so dumbfounded by displays of stupidity that it’s nearly impossible for him to admit that he thinks, down deep, people are — or at least can be — decent. Even if they’re idiots. (I love him already.)

Question: Will the audience ever find out what is in the box that Deeks opened on NCIS: LA? I’m dying to find out what “everything he ever wanted” actually means. —Leah-Margaret
Ausiello: I’m going to farm this one out to exec producer Shane Brennan, if that’s cool with you Lea-Margaret. “The mystery of what’s in the box will be revisited next season,” confirms the EP, before cryptically adding, “Will we find out what’s in it? Maybe….”

This AAnd That…
Putting this out there now: I’m going to have a very hard time buying whatever Scandal is selling if it turns out that Jake survived last week’s brutal stairway stabbing.
I’m hearing encouraging news on the state of Stana Katic’s Castle negotiations.
AMC’s splitting-final-seasons gimmick worked for Breaking Bad. It is not working for Mad Men, which (sadly) feels like it’s limping to the finish line.
Arrested Development Season 5 update directly from Tony Hale: “Whether it’s seven episodes or 17 episodes, we would all jump at the chance to return. I, personally, want to know what happened to Buster!”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Andy Swift, Michael Slezak and Kim Roots)

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    I’m ALL IN (poker term) to see if Jake survives on SCANDAL because of that brutal stabbing by Papa Pope’s right hand man.

    • Lizo says:

      I’m ALL in for whatever Scandal wants to serve me. They just love to put us through the emotional wringer don’t they. And we love it hahah. *Grant*ed, I’d have a hard time if they killed Mellie, but otherwise I’m down for anything hHah

    • James R. says:

      I find it completely idiotic that a professional killer could stab someone that many times and not kill them. If he does survive, it would have to be because Papa Pope wanted him to survive. Anything else wouldn’t make sense. Especially since he could have just slit Jake’s throat and been done with it.

    • B says:

      Why does Ausiello call it a “stairway stabbing”? Weren’t they in the middle of OPA?

    • Hbomb says:

      After all the no-doorman, no-security system living, Jake’s death doesn’t seem to be the most unbelievable aspect of this show.

  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the Castle/Stana Katic info. :)

  3. Kim says:

    Woo Hoo Stana! Castle is not Castle without Caskett. Hopeful she can work it out.

    • rowan77 says:

      Stana has no leverage with Nathan already signed to go back. They can do a final season without her (much like how McMillan and Wife did when Susan St. James’ contract was not renewed after the 5th season). It would be different and the chemistry of the show would change, but for one last season, it would survive. I want her to stay on the show. I like how Kate’s evolved and grown – but would I watch if it was just Nathan and no Kate? Yup.

      • John NYC says:

        I expect if they were willing to go that route they’d have officially announced the renewal alongside Fillion’s signing. And they didn’t.

        Perhaps because the network would prefer 8+?

        • Patrick says:

          This. They’ll ride Castle into 10 years. Stana is just dragging her feet. There aren’t a lot of options for her due to her height and age. More height than age. There won’t be a lot of lead actress, big budget projects in her future. She seems to like small projects, and another 2-3 years of Castle would let her do what ever she wanted. Based on her twitter feed, she seems to like travel and new experiences. Two more years at six figures, if not 7, per episode is generational wealth. Its leaving her kids well off, should she go down that path. And, plot wise, the show could write in a pregnancy, or shoot around it, easily.

          • Lena says:

            Her height ???

          • Just one thing says:

            Don’t try to find logic in that argument. Apparently Katic haa to worry about the opportunity to work with the likes of Tom Cruise. Because tall actresses cannot find work. Or something.

          • lkh says:

            Holy crap for the last time–she’s not tall! She’s 5’9″. If you think that’s tall, it’s not. She wears heels and it makes her look taller which is good ’cause Nathan is tall. Listen, if someone is standing on a ladder, and looks taller, they’re not taller, they’re standing on a ladder.

          • wow says:

            Then explain Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron.
            Two academy award winners. Both now millionaires.

          • Lena says:

            Wow this is ridiculous …

        • rowan77 says:

          No, they don’t even have a new showrunner. No show gets picked up without a story meeting with the showrunner to talk about the game plan for next season. Until someone is hired to fill that slot, the show is not going to be officially picked up.

      • Cassie says:

        It wouldn’t survive past two episodes

        • rowan77 says:

          It would go for however many episodes they picked it up for. It’s the final season anyway, so if they go for a shortened season to wrap things up, it will run for exactly that long.

      • Alex says:

        You would, a lot would not.

        • rowan77 says:

          I love how people think, without any hard numbers, that a majority of fandom believes exactly what they believe. Just because a handful of people are vocal, it doesn’t mean they speak for the millions who watch.

          I recall people insisting a couple of years ago that they would stop watching Supernatural if Castiel was going to still be on the show. They firmly believed that they were in the majority with their Angel hate. Then Warner Bros TV made him a regular again anyway, and did the ratings go down? Nope. Ratings went up (I’m not saying that was because of Misha). More people watched the show – even if everyone who said they were dropping the show did – they still had higher ratings.

          Alex, you are more than welcome to have and air your opinions. That’s what these boards are about. Just don’t think that you speak for everyone or even a majority because you have no proof that you do (or don’t).

          • Alex says:

            This is completely different, it’s not like Jensen A. or Jared P. had left for example. And it’s logical that after 7 years, people don’t want to see their show without one of the two main character. I would’ve said the same thing about Nathan. Especially since Castle has been focused on these two characters since the beginning, maybe even too much because now it’s too late to make the secondary characters really interesting.

          • Al says:

            I don’t remember the “angels haters” doing that. However, I agree with your statement. Just like the “angel lovers” boycotted an episode thinking they would make a huge difference in the ratings. It didn’t. :)

    • Just one thing says:

      I actually wish she were leaving, but respect her choice if she stays.

      • Emilie says:

        She probably wants to wrap it correctly. If there is no season 8 “because of her” (I don’t think they would be crazy enough to do it), it would leave a bitter taste for a lot of fans, even the cast, crew …
        And even if ABC would try a S8 without her, she has to know the show would fall quickly because no matter what the title of the show is, it has been about Castle and Beckett since S1 ep1, you can’t remove one of them after 7 seasons.

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t know how confident she is in ABC canceling the show over her absence or the show failing in her absence.
          She publicly says, at least in interviews with sites like this, that she is grateful for the opportunity, and attributes the part she has played as a “small” one. She could just be overly humble in those interviews, but I don’t think she has publicly demonstrated an expectation that the sky will fall without her there – not like so many fans do.
          And considering how ABC has seemed to be acting for the last two years, they don’t seem to see the problem with a Beckett-less Castle, either.

      • lkh says:

        Agree JOT. Hey, I thought maybe you’d thrown yourself off a cliff! No comment on the Castle recap? Was it that bad?

        • Just one thing says:

          I shall never launch myself off any cliffs, ledges or bridges over a television show. Not literally anyway. :-P
          But no, I had nothing more to add that hadn’t already been posted by other people. Truly, the comments here and elsewhere spoke volumes.

      • hello says:

        Me too. i vote for leaving. This season was just silly and tacky. Just a waste of Stana’s talents

  4. rawley says:

    Breaking up the last season of Mad Men was SUCH a mistake. I knew that the second they announced it.

    Also Mindy herself said she’s not worried about a renewal which gives me hope for The Mindy Project. If Fox doesn’t renew it someone else certainly will. It would fit in great somewhere like Netflix or Showtime.

  5. Ken says:

    Twin Peaks / David Lynch / Showtime update please

    • Lauren says:

      almost certain you need to email the guy

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Search TV line’s site there was an article a few weeks back with some updates and I also think Michael put some updates in last weeks (or the week before’s) This AAnd That

      • Ken says:

        There has been no news related from TVLine or Michael Ausiello SINCE David Lynch left and the cast has demanded him or nothing and since Showtime said they would continue discussions. That was over a week ago and time flies in Hollywood. These actors need to work and if you don’t get them now and start filming, they will have to shoot around them, recast, or rewrite.

        • Anthony says:

          All of what you say about actors’ schedules is absolutely true. But none of it is in Michael Ausiello’s control. He can’t publish spoilers the studio isn’t giving him, unless we want this to just become a random gossip site. I’m pretty sure if he had a studio update he could use, it would have been a headline article already and not a part of Ask Ausiello or Matt Mitovich’s spoiler posts.

  6. Sara says:

    Interesting thank you for the scoop!

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m already rolling my eyes at Scandal, Jake living is idiotic

    • AddieM says:

      No it’s not…

    • Grey says:

      This is TV. No one ever dies – even sometimes when there is a body. And to be fair, I’ve seen news stories of people surviving multiple stabbings. Heck, I remember a family firend of my dad when I was a kid that actually survived being shot 19 times!! Yes, 19 times. He lost the use of his right arm from nerve damage, and they had to leave some of the bullets in his body because taking them out would have caused even worse damage, but other than that he basically made a “full recovery.” I remember him coming over to our house and laughing and joking and just getting on with his life. He even remarried later on. Fictional TV aside, the human body is amazing.

  8. Brian says:

    The Mindy Project has to go to Netflix if Fox drops it. I can see that show doing really well on there.

    And I agree about Jake surviving. I know the show is silly, but come on now. Him surviving would tell us Shonda & the writers are nothing but all talk.

    • rowan77 says:

      Netflix would be a great place for it, but they don’t carry any of the previous seasons, so there is no incentive for Netflix to pick it up. They’ll want to be able to show all of the seasons and I don’t know when Universal’s deal with Hulu is up.

    • JustMe says:

      If Fox drops it, I agree SOMEONE needs to pick it up. I finally binge-watched it on Hulu after this last season ended, and after seeing little bits and pieces after New Girl. No idea why I waited so long. It is so good! And I’d hate to not be able to see what happens next. I may already be rewatching every episode… It’s hilarious. Even my husband will watch it with me sometimes.
      As for Scandal, I’m very interested to see what they do. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this Russell (I think was his name?) having expertly delivered the stab wounds to areas he knew wouldn’t be fatal, perhaps knowing someone would be at OPA to find him before he bled out, in order to send a message from Rowan to Jake and everyone else. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Jake dead. At least we only have to wait until tomorrow…

  9. Todd Everett says:

    Didn’t Raj break up with Kate Micucci’s character?

  10. souf says:

    thanks for another click-bait article. Putting Castle in the tittle and giving us no actual news! Jeez! Yeah I imagined that there is encouraging news on Stana re-sining as we haven’t heard anything to the contrary. Hope to get some new information soon.

  11. Dan says:

    I still watch Scandal but feel it’s half the show it used to be during its height in seasons 1 and 2. The days with the client-of-the-week with White House subplots were the best, but dragging out B613 and Papa Pope for FAR too long has ruined it. Alias, Revenge, and now Scandal all prove that incorporating big, menacing, mysterious “organizations” into the storyline almost always hinders a show rather than make it creatively better.

    • Grey says:

      I have to agree with you. And the whole HuckleberryQuin freakiness all got to be a little too much for me as well. Sometimes I think Shonda has a really hard time understanding that less is more. I don’t even watch it live any more, just delayed and then I usually fast-forward through the Papa Pope monologs. I’m trying to hang in there hoping it will swing back around but usually when I allow two to three episodes of a show to pile up – and pretty much have to “force” myself to get caught up – that’s the beginning of the end for me.

      • Larc says:

        This! They started by rationing out truly horrible events. Pacing gave us time to recover and maybe even get a little complacent before the next one. But now we are getting deluged by them at a frequency that numbs more than shocks. There’s no longer time to really digest what has happened before there’s something else as bad or worse.

  12. Georgia Madman says:

    Glad to hear Stana’s negotiations are encouraging. Hopefully the “Nathan threw Stana under the bus” crowd will give it a rest.

  13. Those answers for The Good Wife doesn’t work for me *sad*
    I need to know more about it, like the casting you’ve already announce, or anything about the finale.

    Still waiting for the next episode.

  14. Sara says:

    Honestly, if the Oliver and Felicity scene is a dream sequence, or something like that…that will be the final nail in the coffin for me on that show. They’ve jerked us around so much on them. Get them together, pull them apart, get them together, pull them apart. And this whole League thing is boring to me.

    • Josh says:

      Reviewers who have seen the episode swear it’s real. We will have to see

    • B says:

      I agree. I’m also tired of every single week having a “game-changer”. It makes the individual story lines less impactful.

      I don’t really get the League’s obsession with Oliver. Why do they even care?

      • Rachel says:

        I agree. If Oliver was just left there after the fight with Ra’s he would’ve died. He didn’t magically survive, he had help. So b/c of this I don’t buy/get Ra’s being obsessed with him b/c he survived his sword 😒

    • Rachel says:

      They probably get interrupted and don’t get to the actual deed :/

    • Linda P says:

      You forgot to mention the possibility the effect of Flash changing time and history so that they only think they’re getting together. Later, when time readjusts itself, they don’t remember anything. It’s been done before.

  15. Noel Gourlay says:

    Only decent drama left on TV is Person of Interest. Mentalist was OK as long as it lasted.

  16. Georgia Madman says:

    The “Iris learning Barry’s secret” storyline is like a colonoscopy. You have to have it but you dread it happening. She’s going be all hurt and pouting and won’t for a minute consider it’s Barry’s secret to tell, not Joe’s or Eddie’s. And lives are at stake. She did such a good job with the shapeshifter. Just get this over so we can move on to better things.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree! No more “Poor Me” chicks. I like characters with some common sense who can see the big picture.

  17. Gerald says:

    Vampire Diaries I kept thinking that Damon should share the cure with Elena. Not that he has the cure but that they each take half and see what happens.
    Arrow, Colton Haynes Arsenal also needed closure with Laurel. He and Black Canary worked together a lot when they thought Oliver was dead. They should have given her a chance to say goodbye.
    Great news about things going well with the Stana’s negotiations on Castle.

  18. Emily says:

    THANK GOODNESS! It’s about time Iris West found out the truth. I hope she finds out on her own, and I hope she gives the boys hell. Especially Joe and Barry, because they’ve had months to tell her and she clearly hasn’t been protected by being lied to.

  19. lame says:

    If SK gets the same money and hours as Nathan Fillion, why not re-up for an additional season. Question is will it be for 13 or 23 episodes.

    • John NYC says:

      If she wants more money and shorter hours than Fillion the ratings might not support it.

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think she will ever get as much as he does. And if you take her comments at face value, that’s probably not her primary goal anyway…

      • Cassie says:

        and that’s a shame, because let’s be honest she’s worked harder than anyone on that show

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah. Though I think that, if her loyalty to the show and the network were considered worthy currency, things wouldn’t have unfolded the way they did. That’s show business, I guess. lol
          But I don’t think anyone could realistically expect her to make as much as Fillion, though. And that has little to do with either of them as human beings.

          • Lena says:

            I actually don’t think there is such a huge difference in their salary anymore, why is everybody assuming that ? Well I hope not given how hard she has worked for 7 years …
            Anyway I don’t think either of them will have money problems before a looong time.

          • Cassie says:

            I didn’t expect Emily Deschanel to make as much as David Boreanaz but she does

          • Just one thing says:

            I no zero about their contract situations, but I think it stands to reason that there was significant salary disparity when they started, with Castle being her big break and him being a known quantity.
            For Bones, it was similar, except the premise wasn’t “Booth,” which probably gave ED some more leverage as the show went on.
            When the first ever crazy Castle drama leaked to the masses, one thing people glossed over was that Fillion utilized a well-worn negotiating tactic during alleged contract disputes. I can’t help but think now, upon reflection, that a pay raise was part of that issue. (I truly didn’t think that was the issue.)
            Back then, there was tall online that they – or just he? – had some sort of clause that allowed him to negotiate up. It was never verified. Regardless of what was really at stake, Fillion was thoroughly discussed in the media just like Katic was last week, things died down, and it wasn’t ever brought up by ABC or anyone else ever again.
            All that to say, I didn’t really start caring about cast salaries until that drama was leaked, but it did make me wonder where her updated contact options played into the matter back then – if ever.
            Someone said her most recent contract is seven years old. If so, then we can guess that she’s most recently been paid peanuts for her recent work.
            Not that it’s any of our business. Just more fodder for an otherwise chill show that has encountered oddly publicized drama over the last few years.

          • Just one thing says:

            No = know
            And Long Name McGee, I find it hard to believe that even preliminary discussions weren’t had while they nailed him down. Even before hitting negotiations hard, there’s no doubt they had an idea what he wanted and an idea what she wanted.
            But sure, let’s assume they didn’t start ANY negotiations with Katic until Fillion was signed. Why would they release that information, which implied they’d been negotiating all along.
            Why would elements of the story’s lead have the words “still negotiating” or “still unknown” in reference to her ongoing status?
            Nothing about this situation is black and white, but any reasonable actor would expect to be CONSULTED before their network’s rep starts telling everyone that talks are still going.
            So, either ABC painted a picture of ongoing discussions that hasn’t yet begun (your theory), or they tried to move her negotiations along by suggesting publicly that they were ready to move forward with or without her (most other people’s theory).

          • lkh says:

            Hmmm, JOT a bit of an edge, no? Just to play it safe, stay away from cliffs, ledges and bridges for a time

          • hello says:

            If she sign she will definitely get what NF gets. Why, because fans have spoken and let ABC know they want Stana. She is important or like the other commenter said, they would already have made the announcement to renew.
            If she leaves the show is over and ABC knows this too.
            More importantly her agent knows this.
            This girl has the winning ticket if she chooses to use it.

  20. Grey's Fan says:

    No Grey’s Anatomy news? :( Makes me sad.
    Though I know how you feel about Jake (Scandal) – if Derek doesn’t die this Thursday I will feel very gipped.

    • Bill says:

      Really? Gypped? Why would you think SR would kill off the male lead and one half of THE couple around which the series is built. Also reportedly, Denpsey just signed a 2 yr contract extension.

  21. Fx says:

    Whoa. Iris West has fans! It thought she was the most hated character on The Flash. I still hate her though.

    • Rebecca says:

      Of course you “still hate her”. You’ve probably disliked Iris since Candice Patton’s casting announcement.

      • Ian says:


        Because thats exactly why people hate her.

        I just hope theyll do better by Candace and her character next year. She’s supposed to be the most important female lead, and instead they act like she has no storyline prospects beyond being lied to and being an emotional plotdevice.

        • Isobel says:

          They have the same problem with Laurel, I like Iris more than Laurel, but the writers do have a problem with the original lead female on their shows not being involved with storylines and just being the girlfriend/damsel in distress

      • Fx says:

        Don’t pull the racist card on me. I dislike her because she’s terribly annoying and Barry deserves better.

      • The Squatch says:

        So now if someone dislikes a character…. a Character…. that happens to be played by a person of color that makes them a racist? I haven’t cared much for the Iris character yet either. I see room for improvement once she is more included in the inner circle of The Flash however. Let me guess… now I am a racist too. Or maybe a sexist because I don’t care for a female character. Even though you have no idea what race or sex I am. Wait, I forgot. This is the internet. Everyone must be accused of racism and/or sexism at least once per week for quotas to be met.

    • emily says:

      um excuse you… iris has lots of fans. And no character should be hated on the Flash (except villains) bc their all amazing.

    • Brigid says:

      Yes, I’m an Iris fan and really enjoy her character. I can’t wait for her to find out about Barry.

  22. Teri says:

    If Stana Katic renews, could you please put out any information right away. Castle fans are in a lot of angst over this and this would help brighten the day. Stana is beloved by her fans and we all want to see her amazing portrayal of Kate Beckett continue. Thank you.

  23. Cynthia says:

    I can’t help wondering if Peter knew Alicia’s attorney was in league with the Democratic party when he told her to trust him. I’m also not buying that Kalinda would ever be stupid enough to fabricate evidence. I hope the remainder of her exit strategy doesn’t seem so contrived. As much as it hurt at the time, the way Josh Charles departed was better — unexpected, swift and without compromising the character’s integrity.

  24. … final bid……..’Bye to CASTLE, if no STANA !!!

  25. AKA says:

    Disagree on Mad Men. Also, better scoop please. We don’t need 4 scoops a piece for Flash and Arrow. Game of Thrones was a good step in the right direction, but NEVER EVER mention anything involving the end of an episode because that goes from scoop into spoiler territory.

  26. Bill says:

    A few comments:

    1. Am really pissed that Colton Haynes was written out of The Arrow. Was this at his request? If so I can bring myself to watch next season. If not then I will be hard pressed to continue with this show.

    2. Split season for Breaking Bad worked because it got better with each season. Mad Men has not. It jumped the shark a while ago. It has been excruciating to watch these final episodes, but am doing so only to see how it ends since I’ve watched from the beginning.

  27. Rebecca says:

    Come on, Fitz was shot in the head with a high powered rifle. He survived without any loss of cognitive function or hair. If you suspended belief for that turd, then Jake’s survival shouldn’t be that difficult to accept.

  28. carpathia says:

    Glad to see someone call Scandal out on that. It’s like they don’t have enough confidence in their own storytelling any more. They’re not just selling OMG moments, but fake OMG moments.

  29. Michelle says:

    Glad someone other than me is still wondering “what’s in the box” on NCIS LA…lol..

  30. Grey says:

    “[AAditor’s note: The “tiny bone” thing… actually was a subtle dig at Red’s manhood.]”

    Say what now? :-o

  31. Trish says:

    Just give me Oliver and Felicity getting down and dirty. I am here for it. It’s about time they brought actual chemistry back to Arrow. And Emily Bett and Stephen Amell have it in spades.

  32. Grey says:

    I also love how all the kids on “Scandal” have disappeared again. Maybe the writers should kill off rest of them because they all but don’t exist.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ella was at Cyrus’ wedding, Karen is at boarding school, but whatever happened to Fitz’s baby boy…I can’t even remember his name.

  33. Amy says:

    So excited to see Iris finally learn Barry is the Flash!

  34. Megan says:

    FINALLY! Some Nick and Jess thing coming up! Finally these writers will stop ignoring it!

  35. Helen says:

    Yay Stana! I hope it’s true because no way I’d watch Castle without Beckett. She’s probably my favorite TV female character ever :-)

  36. Serina says:

    I love Kate on Castle, but let’s mix it up with Cote de Pablo. We need her back on TV

  37. Beth says:

    I’m not network/TV savvy. I dont get it.. why doesn’t NBC just air The Mindy Project?

  38. Boiler says:

    The Hart of Dixie thing continues t piss me off. The show is paying for the idiots at the CW who just assumed, apparently, that their current crop of shows would do better and just renewed them. Now they have 2 or 3 shows performing lower than Dixie and they are evidently stuck. There should be a place on TV for a show like this. Unfortunately the networks don’t seem to get that viewership is dropping on all of them and keep putting crap on.

  39. Mike Q says:

    Re: Katic negotiations. Remarkable how much smoother negotiations go when the show essentially announces they can do it without you.

  40. Caroline says:

    Jake is alive. What a huge pack of blehhhhhh.

  41. Kate says:

    I’m so excited to hear that there are encouraging things going on with Stana Katic’s negotiations!!! I hope we hear that it’s a done deal really soon. There would be no show without her for me.

  42. Michelle says:

    Mindy being a long shot is the worst news I’ve had all week.

  43. Daria Aguillard says:

    That’s great news about Stana Katic!

  44. The only reason I think Jake is really dead is because, generally, when a character is killed off a TV show, the actor comes out and confirms they are actually leaving in the following days. We’ve heard nothing from Scott Foley. Although Shonda is generally trickier when it comes to TV deaths.

  45. mooshki says:

    Did you just slander James Spader’s manhood?! BLASPHEMY!

  46. Sunny says:

    Sadly I agree about Mad Men. I’ve watched the first two episodes and it’s entertaining enough but nothing memorable. Seems like nobody’s talking about it, which, even in its more lackluster seasons, it still generated a lot of chatter. They’ve done away with some of the bigger flaws the show bumps up against, but nothing has sparked, either. Don’s waitress (Diane? Diana?) isn’t exactly Bob Benson.

  47. carbono says:

    Great news on the Stana front!! The whole show survives on the chemistry between her & Nathan. I came to the show for Nathan but fell madly in love w/Stana!! This show would not survive for long without them both.

  48. Deanna says:

    The first half of the Mad Men season was, for the most part, boring as hell. I had to force myself to watch it knowing it would be the last season. The second half, so far, is more of the same. Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad were amazing in their final seasons and I hoped for more of the same from Mad Men. Sad to say, but Mad Men is one of those shows that started out fascinatingly, but lost that as time went on. It had so much potential and I wanted it to be so much more. At this point, I’m tempted to simply read reviews of the remaining episodes, then watch the last two. But I’ll probably watch them all in the hope that it will get better.

    Dear God: please have Mr. Weiner give his loyal fans a real finale — one with answers for all the main characters, be they positive or negative. (Cause if I ever see another “artistically brilliant” [stated with extreme sarcasm] Sopranos-type finale in my lifetime, I’ll boil over with frustration.).

  49. Deanna says:

    I so want Jake to live, but it’s hard to imagine how SR could make his survival come across as realistic (unless, in anticipation of her father killing off everyone, they took steps to protect each other in the event of the likely attacks….we shall see). I can’t remember the new African-American actor’s name, but I would love his character to somehow, some way, (some logical way) have turned to the light and be helping Liv & Co, but yeah I know, that’s just not possible). Sigh. He and Liv look great together. I’d like to see her with a new guy – a decent, honest man,but obviously that’d be terrible for the show or for his character who would eventually have to die I’m sure .. or become corrupted somehow. Yeah I know she’s gotta keep having these complicated relationships or it’d be boringgggggg. Love this show.

  50. gs says:

    If NBC owns The Mindy Project, why aren’t they airing it on their chanel? Is it common for networks to air shows other networks own?