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Castle Season 8 Shocker: Nathan Fillion to Return... But Without Stana Katic?

Castle Season 8 Nathan Fillion Staying

Castle will retain its Castle but lose its kings — and possibly its queen — should ABC renew the procedural for Season 8.

An ABC spokesperson confirms that Nathan Fillion has signed a new deal to continue on as the title character for Season 8, if the show is picked up for the 2015-16 TV season.

However, the status of co-lead Stana Katic, whose contract also is up this spring, remains a big question mark.

ABC also confirms that David Amann would not return as showrunner for any possible Season 8, while TVLine hears that both series creator Andrew W. Marlowe and executive producer Terri Edda Miller would likely step away from their producing/writing duties to focus on development.

Speaking to the series’ future with both Fillion and Katic’s contracts in play, Amann previously told TVLine, “Obviously, we’re prepared for whatever comes along, and we’ll adjust as necessary…. In the meantime, we’ll just make the best show that we can.”

Katic meanwhile told TVLine in November, when asked about the show’s uncertain future, “If the character is complete, if there is nowhere else to go creatively, then I think it’s better to stop when you’re on top…. [F]or me it’s about art over finance, and as long as we’re creating something that is compelling and that has somewhere to go, then we’re good to go. And when we find that we’re not… then it’s time for everyone to pack up and move onto the next thing.”

The just-released synopsis for Castle‘s May 11 season finale, titled “Hollander’s Woods,” reads: “A death in the woods draws Castle back to a terrifying and defining event in his childhood. Investigation leads to obsession, as he attempts to unearth answers that have eluded him for decades, all while Beckett faces a crossroads.”

Can you imagine a Castle without his Beckett? If need be, how would you write out Katic’s character?

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    • Just one thing says:

      They confirmed my belief that Fillion is all they care about, then they did what I just didn’t think they’d do.
      Fascinating stuff.

      • Cassie says:

        He just threw his costar under the bus, nice move. And they’re deluded if they think Castle fans want a show without its queen, haven’t they been monitoring the ratings this season?

        • big Castle and Bones fan says:

          must be a NF basher, there is no way that him signing is throwing her under the bus, she might have already made up her mind on her own! and no i don;t think a lot of people will watch without her!

          • Stephenie says:

            That’s what they said about the original CSI
            They went through the whole cast and people still watched

          • DarkDefender says:

            NF signing first actually gives SK more leverage. They need her, since Caskett has ALWAYS (pun intended) been the Castle end game. I am confident she will re-sign, we’ll have a season 8 and all will be right with my Monday night TV watching world.

          • april-ann says:

            If they got the right actress to replace her, I think a lot of people would watch. No one is indispensable.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            we aren’t talking about CSI were people can come and go, the whole point of Castle was writer and his muse……without Beckett no show! unless he gets a new muse and we start again…..


            exactly, i think by doing this (for what ever reason that was) it shows his confidence in the show, might help her think again (if she was really thinking about walking out the door). and if they are willing to compromise to some extant (i have no idea what he wanted) they would do the same for her. I think that this was great move, both for ABC and NF. so maybe this is a good thing.
            we just have to wait and see and it is good to see some progress anyway. hopefully this will work for her too.


            I think there are more Beckett/caskett lovers then there are “just” NF lovers (i could be wrong though).

            in my eyes though it might just be for one more/half season! That’s all that I was hoping for! A way to finish it off on a high note!

          • Kathie says:

            His signing is not throwing her under the bus. He’s saying he wants to continue the show. I really hope she re-signs. It would not be Castle without Beckett! There’s no way they could replace her or have him be without her. Their relationship is more important (to me, at least) than the crime solving.
            I can understand her concern about her character becoming stagnant, without ongoing development. The same would apply to Castle’s character. That’s what worries me about the behind-the-scenes changes. Will the writing be as good? Bottom line for me-Without both of them in the show, it would not be worth watching.
            But none of us has any control over any of it, so we’ll just have to roll with the punches.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            exactly i watch for both and if one doesn’t come back no show, sorry but i do love both actors and wish them the best of luck!

          • gina says:

            I think you’re wrong. I , for one, would definitely watch.

          • sharon demers says:

            stana needs to rember where she was before castle

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            @sharon d

            yes she does and I think that NF (who signed) figured that out! He before Castle was doing all that much and SK needs to think about that but also where she would be if there was no show for her to be on.

          • TAG says:

            I think the show needs both of them. They have one of the best chemistries on tv. There are new directions they can go with them. I started watching the show a couple of years ago & caught up with all the seasons after seeing few. I hope money is not the reason she doesn’t come back & they take care of her contract. Hopefully more Caskett & maybe Cosmo to come.

          • tv fan says:


            I know Cosmo will be a cutie! And I hope that what ever happens they just let us know. I’m really starting to get worried about the silence……I know that the last announcement was May12 but that will be after the show ending season 7!

          • Lizz says:

            You got a Point thEre Dude…👍👍👍

        • Just one thing says:

          Fillion has no control how the news is released. This is just like when “someone” released his no-show day a couple years ago. All network posturing, and anyone in the press would be silly to ignore it.
          But yes, this does disprove fan delusions that they were “negotiating together,” or even close to doing so.
          At the end of the day, this is a business. These two actors are clearly not BFFs, and Fillion’s gotta do what’s best for him. We don’t know what’s holding Katic back from signing. But the fact that Fillion signed apparently WELL before she was ready does suggest that his overall outlook isn’t affected by her presence next season.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:

            exactly, well written. don’t comment unless all facts are in.

          • KCC says:

            She might have been waiting to see what Fillion would do/get. Now she has to make a decision. I expect we’ll hear one way or the other with a couple of days.

        • Jennifer says:

          I agree with you on this one. Without Stana Katic season 8 will not last very long because I don’t believe that anyone will watch it. I know I won’t.

        • How did he throw her under the boss? He was looking out for his well being, and job security. Y’all are just starting rumors that will make the whole fandom go into an uproar. Stop with the drama.

        • emitee96 says:

          Completely agree. No one is going to watch it if there is no beckett!!

          • sydneydeb says:

            Rubbish! I’ll still watch it with or without Katic, she’s not the reason I watch, I watch for Nathan. It’s not been the same show since they got married and agree no one on a show is indispensable, they could go on without her.

          • tv fan says:


            I won’t be watching it without her and no I didn’t just watch for her or NF I watched the the TWO of them, for me this still is a “writer and his muse” and without that there’s no point to the show. Now saying that, she can’t be replaced! They can try it but I think that the ship will be eaten alive by sharks. I hate to say it but for the fans that I know it wasn’t about one or the other it was BOTH. Try it and I think that it will fail sorry. And having seen the finale I don’t see a good way to write her out of the story-line except to have another Beckett which in my eyes will not work well with what fans this show has left. I will try to watch but what he going to do follow Espo/Ryan? not happening, one he’s not even a cop, unless they go back to the PI ach-not my kinda thing week in week out or team up with daughter……
            I think the show only works with all the players. It was a love story after all! and then to really break them up (character wise) I don’t think that it will fly, but then again……I just hope what ever happens to this show it gets back to what the main focus was and right now I don’t see that happening. Good luck to all the actors!

          • tv fan says:


            as for the two not being the same after they got married way true to that! I think they become boring as that part of the show and that’s why some of the episodes are not doing better!

        • John NYC says:

          Unless, as they hadn’t, coordinated their negotiations, someone was going to say “yes” first.

        • Jennifer Rolf says:

          How do you know all the four main characters weren’t in on whatever negotiations have been happening? They obviously look up to Nathan and he has given them no reason (no off camera bashing in interviews, totally supportive of the show, etc.) to mistrust him.

          • Teri says:

            I watch Castle more because of Beckett than Castle. He story has been the more riveting in my opinion.Stana Katic has acted the hell out of Beckett and is extremely an popular because she has always been a Caskett Shipper and has always promoted Castle in the best ways. She is a real gem and think she should get the same pay as Nathan.

        • Arsenal says:

          I’m okay if she doesn’t re-sign. I watch for Nathan Fillion anyway.

          • Melia says:

            I’m not.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            i’m with you and i think about 90% of fans aren’t just watching one or the other. I think they watch for both-they might like one over the other, yes diffidently I fall in that category too-but to say watch “just one” I don’t see how you can. anyway the can’t really stand up without the other sorry. I think that it’s an all or nothing at this point!

        • suzyku says:

          Ridiculous for you to blame him! They have separate contracts!

        • A fan of TV says:

          Explain this comment. How did Nathan throw Stana under the bus by signing his own contract?

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:

            true and he did make the announcement, ABC did if anyone show be blamed for this mess it should have been them not NF.

        • big Castle and Bones fan says:


          i reread the story-it wasn’t him it was reported by ABC so don’t start blaming him again. and she’s not the only one that hasn’t signed on yet, there are others….according to tweeter there a few left as well, some of the minor (as some call them) haven’t…….I think it’s just a wait and see thing. also it was written that NF was the biggest hurdled they had to climb, so that’s a positive sign.

        • Timothy says:

          I agree with Cassie Castle is a great show but don’t think it’s going to last without Stana, as Detective Beckett aka Nikki Heat hope the writers see that and realize there is no castle without Detective Beckett

        • GREGO366 says:

          Cassie, Nathan DID NOT throw Stana under the bus. Contrary, He gave her a HUGE hammer to wield in contract talks. If she does not sign, there will not be a Castle.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            he didn’t say anything anyway, the agents did! anyway how is signing up for more seasons really hurting anyone. I think it helped her, if they are willing to give him some of his demands then she might get some of hers. (if that’s what she wants). I just hope that what ever happens they will be happy!

        • Temperance says:

          Nonsense. This isn’t an ensemble comedy. NF was OK with doing another season or two (which wasn’t always the case) and Stana can decide if she is interested all on her own.

        • TrudiV says:

          I for one want it without your queen. I stopped watching it when the two became a couple. So anything that doesn’t show them as a couple is a vast improvement in my book.

          • Laura C says:

            Agreed TrudiV, although I like Castle and Beckett as a couple far more than I did Jane & Lisbon on the Mentalist, I never cared whether they got together or not. I would also watch Castle withOUT Beckett. I always thought the show was about Castle (named for) and he still has the other guys & Lanie he can work with. It won’t hurt MY feelings if she doesn’t come back. I would have continued to watch the Mentalist AFTER RJ storyline if Jane & Lisbon hadn’t hooked up. Theirs was very cheesy and fake. I think Castle & BEckett were a little bit better matched.

        • Alecta says:

          OK, how did Fillion throw Katic under the bus? He signed. She’s playing hard to get. Cite examples and provide links, please.

        • You are right. No Beckett no castle.

      • John NYC says:

        If all they cared about was Fillion they’d announce the renewal with him signed.

        • big Castle and Bones fan says:

          @J NYC

          he was a major obstacle, (read somewhere) so that’s a big step in getting the show going again.

        • Jennifer says:

          I agree with this statement. Ever since NF signed, we have yet to hear from ABC if the show is being renewed. ABC has to make that call and all NF did was say yes I’ll do another season of Castle. Now with that being said I’m a huge Stana Katic fan and I do believe that she will renew her contract. This whole thing about her not signing yet is coming from everyone but her. Heck she might have signed already and she doesn’t want to put it out there just yet. She is from what I have read a very private person. It could also be a stunt by ABC to gather more attention and make season 8 their biggest one yet. Every show has that one person that people like for different reasons. It doesn’t make anyone right or wrong just difference of opinions. I think we are all team Casket and team Castle.

          • NF and SK fan always says:


            well said on that, we don’t know everything, just what was leaked to us. I don’t see how they would go on without her. Maybe she hasn’t signed and they will not renew without her. I hope that that is the case. The show will not last past three esp if they go without her and to be honest it will destroy 7 years of the show, the whole point was writer and his muse and without his muse…..gone. I watched for both characters and I think that’s how they should end it with both. If they go on with just him it would be a disgrace to the show and to us fans who have worked so hard to keep it on the air as long as it has.

            for me no Beckett\SK no Castle!

          • geordie boy jimbo says:

            hello i totally agree with jennifer myself as an avid castle fan from north east england you probably have read about a possible season 8 and would love stana katic to return to the show if she does not castle would not be castle without castle and kate beckett then the show may lose its appeal along with the ratings i have emailed the programme makers a similar message which is PLEASE BRING BACK STANA KATIC!!!

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            true we do need her (more then most people know) but there are also some others who have not signed as well, it wouldn’t convince them that hard though. I think that ABC is waiting to see if they can get her on board before saying one way or another, if ABC is smarter then I think they are they would realize that without SK/Beckett that the show would lose it’s appeal!

        • Jennifer says:

          I agree with that statement John, if ABC only cared about NF then they would go right ahead and say we are renewing Castle for season 8 with or without Stana. I really hope she does renew her contract for this last season but if she doesn’t then I think the show is over. I watch for Stana more than I do Nathan. I think they both have great chemistry together and the whole cast is awesome. I’ll even say this, before I started watching this show I never heard of any of them. I think this show put all of them on the map. Stana acts the hell out of Beckett and she is the ONLY ONE that can play that part. If they try to replace her it won’t work. They will lose a very loyal fan base. She deserves to get what she wants just as much as Nathan did. I don’t know what he asked for and what he recieved to renew but she deserves something as well. I’ll follow Stana’s career no matter where it takes it and I believe that she will go far. She is bright, beautiful, young and talented. The road is hers to take where ever she wants to go. Let her have her break for a while, let her go radio silent and regroup and reconnect with her family and friends. They all work really hard putting on a great show for us and the need this break. Team Casket/Beckett.

          • Christine says:

            I hope she’s negotiating more money because we all know she deserves it!

          • bobc4012 says:

            Nathan Fillion had another series well before Castle. It was on Fox and was called Firefly. It was canceled after one season (bad time slot) and caused the same uproar amongst the fans. It had NF, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, Gina Torres and others. They later made the movie called Serenity to tie up loose ends. It ranks No. 5 on the TVGuide list of shows that should never have been canceled. See the Wiki – “Firefly” (the TV Series). BTW, it had nearly 5 million viewers when it was canceled – more than a lot of crapola that hangs around forever on TV today.

            He also had parts in movies and a number of other TV shows, including regular roles in a soap opera and a couple of other TV series.

            This is Stana’s first regular role in a TV series. She had bit parts in some movies and a number of other TV series.

          • NF and SK fan always says:



            but what they should have done is just finished the story with a high note and that be that. I just hope that they don’t drag this show down any farther, for me it was one of the best shows and nothing will compare to it. without Both of them the show doesn’t work and will burn up fast then season 6’s wedding did!

      • jamie says:

        that is bs! they love stana and nathan and stana have a great relationship in and outside the show

    • anon says:

      I agree. Hmmm….
      Marlowe/Terri – gone
      Amann gone, seeking new show runner this late in the game?
      Stana??? and her instagrams
      Whose next, Bowman?
      I smell in-house politics.
      Enough with my suspicious mind. I’ll end this with…
      No Stana – No Me watching.
      Watching what exactly? The Castle not so funny comedy hour, please.

      • geordie boy jimbo says:

        i agree with anon above rob bowman or another husband and wife team chad and dara creasey for showrunners? castle without kate beckett unthinkable not only the show may lose both its appeal along with ratings stana has done an amazing job for the past seven seasons and to have her back for a possible season eight and final season will bring castle the ending it deserves on a high i shall say again come on ABC STUDIOS PLEASE BRING BACK STANA KATIC!!!

  1. J says:

    She’ll obviously sign a contract.

    • Meg says:

      That’s what everyone said about Gilmore Girls, too. I wouldn’t say it’s a guaranteed thing.

      • shutuprob says:

        Most actors are more ethical about honoring preliminary agreements than Alexis Bledel was.

        • rowan77 says:

          Alexis Bledel did nothing wrong. She did not promise to do an 8th season. There was no contract. Season 7 was a season too long and she knew it. There was no agreement to do another season. They asked, she thought about it, then said no. It was her prerogative.

          • S. says:

            Well they wouldn’t sign on Amy for a 2 season deal which would’ve gotten us the show creator for a season 7 and 8. I’m not so sure that no season 8 was Alexis’ fault. It was set in motion back in the season 6 negotiations. I wouldn’t blame Alexis for not wanting another year of no Amy (even though Amy basically set it on a path to disaster with the April situation). Amy should’ve signed on for one more year and wrapped it up.

          • shutuprob says:

            Actually, from what I understand, after protracted negotiations, Bledel and Graham agreed with the CW and Warner to do 13 more episodes, the contracts were written up and delivered and Bledel refused to sign it, trying to wheedle it down to eight episodes. At that point — it was late April of that year, weeks after the final episode was filmed and negotiations had gone on for literally months — the CW was so exasperated with Bledel’s last minute reneging that the network walked away. I mean, it was pretty much a situation in which Bledel displayed bad faith, but the network couldn’t do anything but walk away from the table because Bledel wasn’t under contract. You’ll notice that since the show ended, Graham generally refers to Kelly Bishop as her best friend from the show even though for the longest time, it was believed that Graham’s strongest bond was with Bledel. That’s widely been interpreted in Gilmore fandom (well, those of us who read the leaks about how the negotiations collapsed) as Bledel pretty much torpedoing her friendship with Graham for at least a while in part because both Graham and showrunner Rosenthal have stated what they wanted to do in season 8 (Rosenthal even mentioning plans for where they were headed with Logan). Even if I hadn’t read the leak about the reasons for the collapse of the season 8 deal (in an official chat room for a certain double-x-chromosomed competitor of Ausiello), it’s not hard to infer from both Graham and Rosenthal’s own public statements about where they wanted to go with the story if they could have that Bledel is the *sole* reason the show got cancelled.
            I wish that the CW would follow their own precedent and cancel The Vampire Diaries since Nina Dobrev gave them the good faith warning so far in advance that she was going to leave her show. It’s just as pointless to continue TVD without Dobrev as it would have been to have continued Gilmore Girls without Bledel (or, even moreso, Graham).
            Conversely, ABC should let Castle end if negotiations with Katic don’t work out. They *might* have been able to continue the show without Katic after season four and Captain Montgomery’s death as a wrap-up to the storyline about the murder of Beckett’s mother, but since then, they’ve made Beckett *so* much more of a point of view character that, like Chuck becoming about Chuck *and* Sarah, Castle is about Castle *and* Beckett. Castle is even about us understanding Castle through Kate’s eyes and Kate through Rick’s eyes. It’s now a two-lead show the same way that Gilmore Girls was a two-lead show.

    • James says:

      100% agree with Stana will sign. The biggest deal was getting Fillion aboard, season 8 is a certain renewal. I think the change in show runner only helps the show,it gives it a new fresh creative input, and with Nathan and Stana and other great cast members the show will be in good shape. The show needed fresh input and story lines, the people that brought us, Pi, the non wedding and the useless DC arch, seem disconnected with the show!

      • Just one thing says:

        There’s nothing 100% about any of this. The way this news was released to the press confirms a few things, though:
        1.) ABC only cared about securing Fillion before making massive creative leadership changes; doing so last season when things went haywire was apparently immaterial.
        2.) Fillion’s decision to continue with Castle is wholly independent of his co-star’s presence/interest/appeasement/whatever.
        3.) ABC is prepared to move on without Katic (which a few predicted months and months ago).
        4.) I may not have anything on ABC’s Monday night block next season.

        • James says:

          If anything Nathan helped Stana not hurt her, she now has more leverage for a new deal. ABC is not prepared to move on with out Stana, they are prepared to renew the series, she will be on board or they would not be actively looking to find a new show runner now, and resign Nathan. It is a contract that requires agents, lawyers and factors, once done she will be back with the show.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’m not trying to be rude, but on what plane of existence does a scenario, where the actor playing the TITLE CHARACTER signs before his co-star, actually HELPS her at the negotiating table? Wouldn’t logic dictate that him actually waiting on her to sign would give ABC more incentive to appease her faster? Do you honestly think they would’ve done a complete creative overhaul were they not preparing to move forward now that he’s signed?
            Rest assured: I don’t think Fillion “owed” Katic that assistance. I just think it says a lot about his priorities and their working relationship that he didn’t.
            But, as someone who’s been rather pragmatic about all that for years, it’s not really much of a shock that it went down the way it did.

          • Annie says:

            No, to @Just One Thing – and here’s why: If Katic signed first, but Fillion didn’t, ABC would simply cancel. End of show/end of story. Fillion signing first does give her a little bit of leverage, because ABC understands the fans (obviously) prefer Caskett over Castle alone.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–yes, but the public’s response and really everyone, including the cast and show runners know this won’t go with her absent. They might sell a spin off, but not this show and fans will not be happy with her suddenly gone for any reason. My position has always been that the show is about Beckett and Castle is the storyteller. That was over at Veritas. If it was going to end, that was the time.

          • Just one thing says:

            There’s some flawed logic there: You’re assuming that they even tried to negotiate with her first, and weren’t spending most of their time/energy/resources into determining Fillion’s deal breakers.
            Katic said on multiple occasions that there were “other people” who had to make decisions before she was considered. Does anyone think that was anybody in the world but Number One on the call sheet?
            Everyone’s also assuming that a.) Katic was interested in settling early on, and b.) that ABC wouldn’t have low-balled her immediately, keeping in mind that Fillion would’ve ultimately been a more expensive deal.
            Granted, we’re all making a bunch of assumptions here. But I would hope that, if one digs deep into the realm of logic, most fans recognize that there’s NOTHING about the way this news was released that suggests Katic is a priority in ABC’s Season 8 discussions.
            Do they want her to come back? Sure. At this stage, with Fillion signed, do they want her to come back on her own terms? Meh.

          • Just one thing says:

            Sorry, that was directed @Annie, not lkh.

          • Telo says:

            @Annie: if abc understands what fans want, the disaster that is season 7 wouldn’t have happened, with ratings declining.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–I should hope so! Flawed logic!? I’m never logical at all, flawed or not. Thank you very much! :[ hmpf

          • KCC says:

            Speculation is running rampant. All anyone knows is Fillion re-signed. There is no mention how it went down, negotiation strategies, etc. Throw the words “obviously” and “logically” around all you want. You cannot apply “logic” or assume anything as “obvious” without at least a little more information from someone in the know and I doubt we’ll every get that. I’m stationary and the sun moves across the sky, so logically the sun revolves around the earth, that much is obvious, given the facts at hand.

          • lkh says:

            KCC-the sun moves across the sky? That Copernicus! what a joker!

        • Cassie says:

          Exactly that

        • emitee96 says:

          Not true. Even though nathan gas signed doesnt mean there will be a season 8. They probably won’t go ahead if she doesnt sign.

          • Just one thing says:

            Then why hunt for a new showrunner? Decisions have to be made within the next few weeks. In an industry where there are hungry writers with producing experience, ready to take on ANYTHING, they will probably have a new showrunner in place by Monday. Why? So they can announce it before Upfronts.

      • emitee96 says:

        I dont know. After the instagram posts from stana i would be more aorried about her not signing than him. She already seems done but i really hope not!!

      • 1mars says:

        Oh dear, a change in the showrunners isn’t always a positive, look how Stephan Nathan has ruined Bones, taking the emphasis off the leads and onto the recurring characters, not even the other main cast. sigh…good luck to you all, hope it works out for the show.

    • geordie boy jimbo says:

      lets hope so!

  2. Matt says:

    Well GG castle

  3. Allie says:

    This is a no brainer, no Stana Katic as Kate Beckett, no Castle. Might as well start making other plans for Monday night.

    • Ded says:

      Agree 100%

    • Mary says:

      I´m with you on that! If SK doesn´t stay, I won´t watch anymore, it won´t be the show I came to enjoy so much, sadly!

      • John NYC says:

        I’ll give it a watch, if I like it I’ll watch it. If it’s not, nope. Outside the show I could not care less about the celebrity machinations.

    • Jim says:

      No doubt! No Stana, No way! No Stana, No way! No Stana, No way!

    • Just one thing says:

      The interesting thing about how this news broke, is that they run the very real risk of it backfiring due to public outcry.
      Just ask NBC, The Today Show and Matt Lauer how that worked for them…

      • Cassie says:

        How did that work for them?

        • Just one thing says:

          Lol, not well. Even though the “truth” about Anne Curry’s ouster has never been fully divulged, the public made a snap decision based on the evidence immediately before them, and both The Today Show and Matt Lauer spent the next 18 months struggling with damage control.

          • Rex says:

            Nobody liked Ann Curry. It was just your typical internet wanting to laud a non-Caucasian being in a prominent role. But she was terrible from the limited footage I’ve seen and the more detailed accounts from people who watched the show.

            There are underhanded tactics on every show. Most just hide it better than others.

      • John NYC says:

        Bottom line is it’s all about the product, no matter how much self-entitled “fans” think otherwise.

        • Just one thing says:

          To quote Bones, “I don’t know what that means.”

          • John NYC says:

            That the issue is a good show that people watch no matter what brand of soap “the fans” demand in very loud voices.

          • Just one thing says:

            Okay. That’s all subjective, though. The show has undergone natural erosion over the years, but one could argue that some of that is because casual viewers no longer found it to be compelling or interesting.
            The idea that the show could survive a complete 180-degree switch is bold, I’ll give you that.

  4. Me says:

    Is Amann heading back to the X-Files, perchance?

  5. Fran says:

    Oh boy. These comments should be interesting.

  6. K says:

    No one will watch Castle without Stana katic

    • dragons3 says:

      I would, if only to see what direction they took the show. But it would be on a very short leash. I think, if Stana Katic chooses not to come back, they should have Beckett killed in the line. A grieving Castle, continuing to work with her team in her honor, could be interesting. They’d have to lose the comedic touches, though. But. OTOH, a more serious “Castle” wouldn’t be the show I’ve come to know and love.

      • venomwalk says:

        I agree! I would watch the first few episodes to see if I like the direction. However, my interest has been waning since the non-wedding. Similar to Bones in that respect. Sometimes you need a big change to renew interest.

        • PacIslRocks says:

          If Kate is killed off, would Castle be able to work at the 12 Precinct? Would her replacement accept Castle as a consultant? I suppose the new Showrunner and the writers could write scripts that would answer my questions. However, I would not stay to watch as Kate is the reason I watch the show. Castle by himself with his quirky man/child personality and way out theories without Kate there to balance things out would not be enjoyable to watch for me. Love their mind melts, too. However, the show was hinting that she was looking at career and life changes now that her mother’s murder had been solved and now that she married Castle. A couple of characters were hinting that she was being watched by those in politics. Being Captain would allow her to be at her desk rather than the streets. Which would mean she wouldn’t be in harms way solving murders and being in shootouts. A Captain is more probable for a run at a Senate seat (taking Bracken’s former seat would be rich). Also, as desk Captain she could have a child without putting herself and her child in harms way. Castle would stay on as a consultant working with Javi and Ryan (who after 6+yrs as Detectives need promotions, too) while writing his novels based on his wife’s new job. I see her and Castle’s storyarchs allowing them and the rest of the cast to grow creatively. With a new Showrunner bringing fresh ideas and directions will be refreshing. I am very sorry to hear that Marlowe and Miller are leaving the show;however, they may flourish in their development jobs. BTW, I may be the only who thinks this but I believe Marlowe made a mistake in naming his show “Castle”. He had stated that the story was about a writer and his muse so why did he name the show after the male character only? I think that he could have creatively found another name for the show that didn’t tie the show to only the male character. Without the muse there is no show. Anywho, I will finish this long comment by hoping that Stana will sign her contract and that the show will go on with the same wonderful cast ensemble, writers, crew and supporting cast.

          • KCC says:

            You’re right, Castle by himself would not be interesting. I would guess they would introduce another female character for balance. They could reverse the roles and have Castle being the pursued and a new character being interested in him. At first he would be mourning Kate and not interested because he would be investigating Kate’s murder and the new character would just bide her time for 4 years until his “walls come down”. A complete reboot/reversal. With Fillion re-signing, it’s a good thing the show was called Castle and not Beckett or Castle & Beckett or Caskett or whatever. The odds of the show being successful without Katic are pretty slim. I’ll watch just to see how it goes and if it’s well written and entertaining I’ll continue watching. Most shows I watch don’t have Kate Beckett in them…wait…every other show I watch, she’s not in, so this would just be another of those shows.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            interesting…..i don’t see if happening but it’s interesting way of looking at it. FF time! and no one and i mean no one can take the place of Beckett/SK! or Castle/NF for that matter, sorry love them.

    • Sheila says:

      I would! I’m in it for Castle and the mysteries. Their relationship kinda bores me.

      • big Castle and Bones fan says:


        Castle is not really a cop so how is that really going to work,-gates even told him he didn’t have a reason (when Beckett was in DC) to be there when she wasn’t, so how can they pull that off, the only thing I came up with is kinda like what they did in “murder he wrote” how boring would that be without Beckett by his side……I don’t think that it would last. sorry, I haven’t seen to many, if any, esp without her (the whole esp) so I can’t say if I would like them or not , I just don’t see it.

        • KCC says:

          They set it up already: Castle, P.I. He could still consult with the NYPD.

          • Lena says:

            Yes and the P.I arc had such great ratings … It will never work.

          • big Castle and Bones fa says:


            hey i like those esp, for me they were entertaining. it was good for him to try something new then to sit around all day!

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            not working at the 12th he couldn’t but now that his punishment was that he worked off at the 12th with Beckett……

  7. Badpenny says:

    While the show may be called “Castle” it has been equally about Beckett since the beginning. I have no interest in watching one without the other.

  8. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    Matt you got me to freak out on that one, very misleading title. It’s ok though, we can still be friends. I’m sure Stana will sign on eventually.

    • bluefairy says:

      My thoughts exactly! She’s not out, she just hasn’t signed a new contract yet. It’s not such a big deal. Sometimes negotiations take a while. Most probably she will sign a new one eventually.

    • Patrick says:

      Yeah. She can talk about “art” all she wants. She’s a mid to late 30s actress who’s almost 6 feet tall. There just aren’t a lot of options for really tall actresses out there due to the shortage of tall leading men. She’s gorgeous, and talented, but there are certain realities she can’t over come. If she wants to do indies, fine.
      But no one who likes working in Hollywood walks away from a hit show. And that kind of money. She’s negotiating, and she’ll ultimately sign. The money will be too good to pass on, regardless of whatever nonsense she spouts.

      • Just one thing says:

        Is this satire? Are you an SNL writer?

      • Telo says:

        And this is why we need feminism in this world.

      • bluefairy says:

        The first paragraph is complete bullsh*t, but I do agree with the second paragraph. Why would she give up a leading role on a successful show? According to the Cancel Bear, Castle still has pretty good ratings. And since Stana leaving would probably mean the end of the show, I’m pretty sure they’ll give her tons of money to stay. I’m not really worried about this.

      • james says:

        Because Cote De Pablo or whatever her name is didn’t walk away from NCIS. I think she will re-sign, but even if she didn’t I would still watch the show. I just want one more season.

        • big Castle and Bones fan says:

          @patrick and @ james

          the problem with comparing it to NCIS is that the show was a round about show focused on more then one set of characters in Castle it was mainly about the two of them working together don’t have that the show suffers…..

          • geordie boy jimbo says:

            i agree with big castle and bones fan please read my earlier post about the show may lose its appeal along with ratings please ABC BRING BACK STANA!!! in the past i have also seen shows go downhill due to co lead actresses leaving heres two of them mc millian and wife relaunched as mc millan as susan saint james left and laverne and shirley actress cindy williams left after seven seasons leaving fellow actress penny marshall to star in season eight and final season it limped through but not the same.

        • John says:

          How delusional are you? Cote walked way to do other things. She said so herself in interviews.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            i didn’t see the interviews but i thought she (Cote-did i get the spelling right she wasn’t my fav) was tired and wanted to do other things……anyway i don’t see “Castle” show as lucky-i mean they can continue-with out the lead. I don’t see it happening…..now a spin off maybe.

      • De says:

        5’9″ 37 yrs old, crazy to leave, hard to go from TV to Movies, with success . Age will most likely her issue . we will have to wait and c….. I will watch anything with Nathan….

        • dan says:

          Nathan must be incredibly tall then because he is still taller than her in those tall shoes she wears.

          • Just one thing says:

            About 7 or 8 years older, too. But I’m sure no one is saying his options are limited or that he should stay because he’s soooo oooooold.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            i think it’s closer to 8 cause he’s only 8 and half years older then me (that’s a big wow-how time flies)……me and SK are the same age.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:

            i know right! i like her heels!

          • R says:

            At JOT: I wonder if people realize how sexist they are being when they make such comments, or it is so ingrained in society and the industry that their sexism doesn’t even register.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            why sis that comment sexist
            they were just making a comment about their heights so…..read my other responds to this this.

          • Just one thing says:

            @R, I truly think that even in 2015 it’s the latter: People just don’t even realize.
            And it’s not even the statement, “Women are treated differently than men, particularly in Hollywood beyond a certain age.”
            It’s the open-armed embrace of that concept that disturbs me the most.

          • sydneydeb says:

            Nathan is 6 foot 1 1/5 inches tall

  9. Archie says:

    I’d so much rather they cancel the show if Stana isn’t back! In any case Castle isn’t the show it used to be, and as a big time fan from the beginning, I can’t help but wish that they go out in a blaze of glory rather than fading away into darkness.

    • John NYC says:

      If she doesn’t re-sign (and I agree the odds are she will) then I’d watch to see how they met the challenge if nothing else (well, that and I really enjoy the other actors).

  10. Barry says:

    This show will never be back without “BOTH” of its stars — at least not on my TV.

  11. Laura says:

    If Stana doesn’t sign, they have to end it, even if Nathan is on board. Castle without Beckett would be a disaster ..,

  12. Jenny says:

    Who would watch that? No thanks.

  13. Gerald says:

    Sounds like everyone is jumping ship. If Stana is not on board they might as well pack it in. As sad as that is to say.

    • Why would you say everyone?! Penny just yesterday said she wanted 8+, and Molly and Seamus both want 8+, they all like the job security. When it comes down to it, its not all about the two leads – they have to think about their coworkers as well. If they leave, a lot more people than just them are out of work. Amann will be easily replaceable too, I’m not worried about him.

      • Just one thing says:

        That’s a little pollyanna, don’t you think? Everyone in the TV industry understands that a show can end and nothing is guaranteed. Why should any actors, single or duo, have to carry the weight of 100 other entertainment professionals if they’re ready to move on? That’s just not how the industry works.

      • Marie Larsson says:

        “They have to think about their co-wotrkers”??? Really? I’m not sure that anyone outhere with a job is thinking about their co-worker when it comes down to their salaries or to be or not to be. It’s naive to think that. And i for one think it’s unfair to lay that on her. It’s the company that are responsible for their employees, not the employees

        • lkh says:

          Agree to some extent, but I have heard both SK and NF talk about how many people are employed by the show, it’s surprisingly large, at least to me, and both have said that they think about them also losing work.

        • John NYC says:

          Leads often express their sense of responsibility to their crew.

  14. Stacey says:

    Something tells me Stana will sign. I thought she was going to be the easier to resign. I thought Nathan was the hold out. Wow. If she doesn’t re-sign. Will Kate go elsewhere to be a captain, and a long-distance relationship and come back in the series finale or will they have to kill off Kate because it’s a hard to go on but then Castle without Castle would be hard. Very tough position!

    • Julia says:

      I’m assuming that he got a big raise for re-signing. I am guessing that Stana wants the same. Women on television typically get the raw end of the deal, so I don’t blame her if this is the case.

      • Stacey says:

        Nah, I think in this case she has case. The show is Castle, but the duo is the one being sold to fans. I think they would pay if the delay is money. HOUSE was a different case.

  15. Ann says:

    I can’t imagine Castle without Stana Katic.

  16. Maria says:

    I am completely stunned (but very happy) that Nathan is ready to return for another season. But as much as I adore him, this show without Beckett just won’t work for me.

    • How do you know? Have you ever seen an episode of Castle without Katic in it?

      • Lena says:

        That’s the thing. A lot of people don’t want to.

        • Maria says:

          And I’m one of them, without apology. I watch for their relationship and nothing else.

        • John NYC says:

          And yet every other show on television, with the exception of one The Librarian episode, has no Katic at all: and yet, though this may shock, people watch! And in the case of many of them, NCIS for ex. by multiple millions more!

          The writers might not rise to the challenge, but they may, every other show does.

          • lkh says:

            hmmm, don’t know, but did you ever see The Shield? some other stuff, short, like The Closer. so some, yes?

          • Tom says:

            This comment make absolutely no sense.They are other shows without SK ? Yes and … ?? She’s been one of the two main characters of Castle for 7 years, like it or not, the show would fall very quickly without her, just like any show focused on two characters would without one of them.

          • big Castle and Bones fan says:


            i think what was said is that other shows had a lead like SK leave and still people watched.
            in this case though these “other shows” are not Castle, the main focused was the “Two” of them and if one left the show would too-sorry for me there’s no way around that. I don’t really like where the characters where going but both were there, there’s no way if one left! it’s an all of nothing situation. that was the bad thing about getting them together! I love them together but now it’s limited them. hope this all works out soon!

  17. Lisa says:

    Wow, this is NOT good news at all!!!!!

  18. Jessica says:

    This just means she hasnt signed on yet. Now that hes signed I think she probably will too.

  19. Lisa says:

    They need to get everyone on board for a shortened “final” season – they need both Mr. & Mrs. Castle for the show to continue – even if it is just a 2-hr wrap-up episode/movie

  20. axel says:

    The two last seasons has already been terrible, I can’t imagine what it would be without one of the leads.

  21. Lets call this article what it is – click bait. Does TV Line need clicks that badly to put out such a shoddy story?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      We actually do just fine, Denise, but thanks for asking!

      BTW, “clickbait” is when a story doesn’t deliver on the headline. Nathan re-signed, Stana has not yet. Also, our story has details (AWM, Terri) that no other outlet had. So, we in fact over-delivered :)

      • dan says:

        Yeah, but the Stana Katic leaving part of the title…she just hasn’t resigned yet you cheeky monkeys. I pooped a little reading that thinking she was gone for sure. :)

      • Liz says:

        The headline doesn’t say that Stana hasn’t signed yet; it pretty clearly implies that she’s leaving. Question mark or no, the implication is there and the story doesn’t deliver. Hence, clickbait.

        • Badpenny says:

          I would certainly think the question mark (?) in the title implies a question rather then a statement. :)

          • dan says:

            Question marks in headlines are commonly understood to be teasers to lure you into reading the article for the pay off and the answer.

          • Brian Bauer says:

            Agreed. It may be a subtle distinction but without the question mark, it’s click bait. With it, it’s a headline that grabs you.

          • Liz says:

            Absolutely! But I would argue that, as other sites reporting this have done, reporting that Nathan has signed on for another season and Stana has not yet does not require a headline that implies that (or questions whether) she’s leaving with no evidence to back it up. It’s just starting unnecessary drama, and delving quickly into gossip territory.

        • Tess says:

          I agree. Clickbait more than applies. From the headline I figured she was all but officially out the door.

          • DarkDefender says:

            The best thing about this “bait” article.. was that it baited over 230 comments in a couple hours. If we could just get that kind of Castle love during the regular season recaps!
            I have no worries that Katic will sign.. the chemistry will remain – and it will even get better because SK & NF will not be over worked and underpaid… money is a great motivator.
            Amen to season 8 and beyond.

      • lkh says:

        Wow Matt–did you ever get a response! Not bad for a Thursday morning. Who knew, one little question mark :)

  22. Ruth says:

    It would be strange without her I do hope she will do one more I will still watch the show I love it too much but it will be very unusual let’s pray we get a season 8 with everyone back 😓

  23. Dj says:

    Out of the two it would be easier to do a show without Stana. But writing her off and why Rick would want to continue working police cases would be hard.

    • KCC says:

      Not really. Beckett gets murdered and Castle spends years solving it. It writes itself and they already have a template in the first 6 years of the show.

  24. Steve says:

    There is NO Castle without Stana Katic. I watch the show for Stana and Caskett.. If there is no Caskett, there is no show, for me at least.

  25. Lena says:

    What ?? What’s the interest of Castle without Beckett ???

  26. Jared says:

    Renew Forever and give it the DWTS lead out spot. Castle has run its course.

    • Badpenny says:

      I actually agree with you.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Agreed. I love Castle, but I want it to end well, not drag on forever just to earn a few extra bucks. I really like Forever and think it could do a nice job in the post-DWTS slot.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Forever has replaced Castle as my favorite show.

      • Maria says:

        Same here. It reminds me of the early seasons of Castle, except Jo is less grumpy and less serious than season 1 Beckett, and her friendship (with the potential for more) with Henry is very nicely written.

  27. itsmemartu says:

    Is Stana the Blind Item?

  28. aurat22 says:

    While both Nathan and Stana are talented and capable of carrying any other show on their own, I think it would be a mistake to continue Castle without Kate. Better to let the viewers down gently with a happily ever for the characters rather than killing Kate off or having them get divorced.

  29. Livus48 says:

    Wow and wow…….Castle and no Beckett…….. Very sad,very hard to believe …and WHY??

  30. ChicagoDan says:

    Please – this is just hype. If NF has signed, SK will as well. Unlike SVU, there is no way the show can continue without her.

  31. Ponche says:

    And what Castle would do if there’s no Beckett ? Return to being a P.I ? Ugh no please, just end it.

  32. KC says:

    Just cancel it now

  33. Kate says:

    this is literally the dumbest thing that they could ever choose to do. i know they’ve tried really hard to make the show into something completely different – nathan fillion’s comedy hour – but an entire season without beckett is totally insane. i wouldn’t watch. absolutely no point. not without castle and BECKETT.
    i feel bad for stana katic. way to throw her under a bus, abc/fillion.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      Stupidest post by far. And that’s saying something.

    • giggle says:

      Wow, how does Fillion throw her under the bus? It’s usual network tactic to pressure an actor into signing – releasing these bits of info about who signed and who hasn’t. Doesn’t mean that she won’t sign – negotiations obviously continue. Just a usual ABC pressure game. What it has to do with her co-star? Are you one of those who can’t say “Stana Katic” without adding something bad about Fillion?

    • big Castle and Bones fan says:


      so what you are saying is that it’s all NF’s and abc fault that she didn’t (hasn’t) signed.
      what does that say about her, that she has no mind of her own! If she wants or not I don’t know, but she was not thrown under the bus because of them. I love her and respect her choice!

    • John NYC says:

      ? They haven’t chosen to do ANYTHING other than sign one of the two leads to their show while continuing to negotiate with the other lead’s agents.

      And since he’s a star of their show and they have episodes to get watched they announced the good news so fans of the show and others would get some good news to aid in the shows viewership.

      • big Castle and Bones fan says:

        @john nyc

        like you said i think that this was to encourage the fans to hang in there. and this to me gave me hope….but we will have to see how it all plays out! I needed some news something to hang on to and now I have something, a little bit of hope anyway!

  34. Castle sem Stana morre!!!!

  35. Jennifer says:

    Love this show but Castle without Beckett doesn’t work!

  36. Shanna says:

    Wow maybe they’ll managed to make a S8 even more boring than S7 !

  37. Teri says:

    Oh, gosh. I am so nervous. Hope Stana signs. She brings so much enjoyment to Castle viewers.

  38. Alex says:

    Hahaha I actually hope that Stana doesn’t sign, at least I could stop watching because honestly Castle isn’t what it used to be at ALL since the second half of season 5.

  39. Emily says:

    Stana will either sign or Castle won’t have a season eight. They wouldn’t be stupid enough to run it without Beckett, would they? It would flop!

  40. Reba says:

    an episode or two without Beckett may work but not a whole season.

    • Stephenie says:

      So glad we have so many who can see into the future.
      If Beckett leaves, the survival of the show will hinge on how she leaves and who replaces her.
      Personally I love the way they interact. I’d hate for her to go but if she did, I’d still watch that hottie Castle.

  41. BrianR says:

    No Stana = No Castle unless they get divorced and she moves away and he sticks around as a single player nosing in on cases.

  42. jim says:

    Can’t blame Stana…How many shows have survived after losing long term writers. This show is all about cast chemistry…

  43. henry baker says:

    i think its time to end castle the murder of becketts mom has been done castle and beckett got together and married apart from a baby there isnt anything else to write and its a bore if castle is just writing books i lost interest when beckett and castle got together i preferred them b4 they got together

  44. Judy says:

    I love the show Castle. I have watched CSI (taking the path) and Mentalist go down this same path. And can’t forget about Moonlighting and MASH………If everyone is going to bail but one or two, I would rather they end after one more season to give a well deserved ending to the show, and everyone ride off together into the sunset so to say.

    • Tracy says:

      Please! MASH was good until the very end! There is no such thing as a bad episode of MASH but Hollywood doesn’t make them like that any more!

  45. Jerry says:

    Even if both leads eventually sign, I think when you have the showrunner, creator and EP stepping away it might be time to end the show.

  46. Tibo says:

    Sorry but I would be glad if Amann and Milmar don’t come back. It would be good for the show, and these three don’t seem to know what to do since they put them together, and even more since the terrible 6×23. I respect them, I thank them for creating this show but it’s time for them to step away
    But Stana Katic ? How can ABC can even consider a S8 without her ?! Is there really people interested to watch Castle on his own ?

    • dragons3 says:

      It would depend on what they did with the story line, for me. I’m enough of a Nathan Fillion fan, and a fan of Ryan and Esposito, to at least give it a chance before writing it off.

      • John NYC says:

        That’s how I feel: give anything a chance and if I find it entertaining I watch.

        The entire red line: “OR ELSE” stuff is boring.

  47. Lena says:

    What a classy way from ABC to force Stana’s hand by the way …

    • Badpenny says:

      To you it is a TV s how. To them it is a business. The industry is always full of hold-outs. Lest you forgot, it was just a couple of years ago that Nathan did a “blue flu” thing to try and get a shorter work week. It is all just part of the business.

    • Bob Backus says:

      My word, the sun must shine out of Stana’s bum, according to most of you. “No show without Stana” She’s the one holding out. She’s being Suzanne Somers. Most of you must think she’s a paragon of virtue. You must be insane. She’s a good actress and is valuable to the show, but isn’t irreplaceable. Shows go on just fine when a lead leaves. As for the show being cancelled, wake-up! Yes it gets great numbers in total, it just happens to be older numbers, and for some stupid reason there’s the belief that better paid older people don’t buy as much useless crap as minimum wage youths do. So, yes, the show can be canned, especially if it begins to cost more than it’s brining in. And, before you knee-jerk your way into a stupid reply, realize her holding out could be the chief reason it gets cancelled- more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re tired of the show, then stop watching it!

      • big Castle and Bones fan says:

        @bob backus

        yes shows all over the place lose the lead but this show’s not like all of them, it was meant to be one where “writer and muse” work together,…..now if you change the entire story around then she can be replaced other wise the show will not work, sorry……

  48. Mikazuki says:

    “Castle” without Beckett would never work, as you know perfectly well, Matt. It has to be both Nathan and Stana or the show’s over.

  49. Andrea says:

    I more shocked about Amann leaving than anything else. (And Andrew and Terri for that matter as well.) But the show won’t come back without Stana. I think she’ll resign, it just hasn’t happened yet. People just jump to the wrong idea since Nathan signed first. I anxiously waiting for ABC to announce renewals.

    • newcastletom says:

      I always do a double take at the word resign, it’s kind of obvious in this case but when a coach or manager resigns; I’m always “so is he coming back or did he quit” – depending on emphasis on first syllable or the second lol