Nashville Recap: What a Girl Wants

Nashville Christina Aguilera Jade St John Recap

Every single one of Nashville‘s ladies gets exactly what she desires in this week’s episode — but that may not be a good thing.

While I’m all for Rayna, Juliette, Layla, Scarlett and hell, even Jade-I-Barely-Know-Ya-But-You-Dumped-Jeff-So-You-Can’t-Be-All-Bad-St.-John having their needs and/or wants met, let’s talk for a moment about Maddie.

Rayna and Deacon’s daughter spends yet another episode being a teenage girl (AKA the kind of horrific monster about which kraken and yetis tell scary campfire stories), yet ends the hour with all of her whims catered to and with her parents standing by and smiling.

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People, as a 30-something woman, I know far too well of what I speak: I was that monster. Yet my snappish attitude and perpetual stinkface didn’t net me front-row tickets to a pop show and extra time with my dreamboat boyfriend. (Oh, okay, there was no dreamboat boyfriend — or any boyfriend, for that matter — in my dorky, awkward, slightly Star Trek: The Next Generation-obsessed teenhood. But that’s beside the point!)

Read on to find out how Mads irks me this week — and lots more — as we review “Nobody Knows But Me.”

BABY BUMPS IN THE ROAD | The most important thing first: Baby Barkley’s name is Cadence. I like; do you? It’s music-y but not annoyingly so. Just like her mama, Cadence has a healthy set of lungs and a proclivity to making her displeasure known; Avery is the only one who can get her to quiet down, mainly by shushing her. (Don’t laugh; as a new-ish mom, I can tell you: That shiz works.)

Juliette is sleep-deprived, frustrated and worried that her career has stagnated while she’s taken a little time off. So when Glenn mentions that she’s been offered to record the end-credits song for the Patsy Cline movie (remember that?), she jumps at it… even though she’ll need to write a song quickly to make it happen.

Problem is, her preferred writing partner/producer is busy trying to capitalize on The Triple Xs’ success following the Rascal Flatts tour. As such, Avery spends much of the episode at a Pitchfork interview with the band (it goes badly) and then at a show to fix what went wrong at that interview (it goes well). So Juliette tries to write with Deacon (that also goes badly, mainly because he can’t bring himself to tell her he’s sick) and then hires a live-in nanny so she can work.

When Avery comes home to find a stranger rocking his daughter to sleep, he’s understandably miffed. But honestly, this is Juliette: I’m more surprised that she hadn’t already lined up a nanny (and a baby nurse… and a post-partum doula… and a personal chef… and a personal trainer) before the birth than the fact that she hired a nanny without talking to her husband about it.

The Barkleys briefly argue. When we next see Avery, he’s bringing Cadence to The Triple Xs’ practice and telling Scarlett and Gunnar he has to quit the band. Meanwhile, Juliette sips wine on her private plane (headed to Los Angeles to meet with the movie’s producers) and assures Emily and Glenn that she and her hubby have “got everything worked out.”

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WILL MAKES HIS WAY | Will inches a wee bit closer to coming out of the closet this week, and while this is not a verbatim recitation of how it happens, I stand by its accuracy.
WILL: This track isn’t as great as I thought it was. Maybe we should re-work it.
WILL: Hey, sorry about insulting your work. Want to go to a concert with me?
WILL: I’m so not gay, but I didn’t like it when I saw you with that guy at the concert.
WILL: Actually, I’m gay. And I like you. Do you like me?
HOT SONGWRITER KEVIN: Of course I do, because you are as tasty as a salty piece of beef jerky after a long day on the trail, and I’m going to kiss you in a very hot fashion right now, because YOU’RE GAY.

Nashville Christina Aguilera Jade St John RecapIT’S ABOUT TIME FOR MY ARRIVAL | Pop star Jade St. John (played by Christina Aguilera, who seems very comfortable in the part) is playing a few shows in town, and Layla wants Jeff to help her be the opening act for Jade’s opening act. As it turns out, Jade was on the path to be Mrs. Smirky Turtle about 10 years ago, but she and Jeff ended their engagement for undisclosed reasons. Also important: She wanted to be a country singer, but he steered her away from the genre.

So Jeff crashes one of Jade’s rehearsals (Side note: I love how she acts like she didn’t see him standing right next to the stage. Girl, there are, like, five people in the room!) and says she’ll listen to Layla’s demo if he’ll get her an introduction to one of her favorite country stars, Luke Wheeler. Luke’s not interested, but Jade caves anyway and lets Layla play her gig.

In the dressing room right before Layla takes the stage, Rayna congratulates her on booking the show and wonders how it happened. That’s when the younger woman confesses that Jeff is her manager, which propels Big Red to confront the Turtle while Layla’s on stage. He takes credit for Layla signing with Highway 65, for the leaked iTunes single and for getting her on Jade’s radar. Rayna responds with her usual H65 girl-power take on things — “She’s making this happen” — and calls him “a washed-up bottom-feeder” before announcing that Layla will soon wake up and figure out how terrible he is. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that Layla is absolutely frickin’ killing it on stage with “My Heart Don’t Know How to Stop.”

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MADDIE IS MADDENING | Early in the episode, Deacon brings donuts over to Rayna’s early in the morning, something he apparently does often. Though one should never look gift pastries in the mouth, Ray suggests that he quit the morning visits and move in — he’s there all the time, anyway. The conversation is interrupted by the girls coming down to go to school; Daphne is her usual oddly mature self, and Maddie scowls so hard I’m surprised she can get any words out.

Her behavior continues apace throughout the episode, and Deacon thinks it’s all because of his cancer revelation. But when Rayna happens to catch Maddie and Colt making out at school, she realizes that Maddie’s not sad — she’s sneaking around. (Well, she’s a little sad.) When Rayna confronts her about the lying and the ‘tude, Maddie doubles down and says, “I don’t respect you.” Way to lose your chance to go to Jade St. John’s concert with Colt, kid!

But when Deke comes to visit his daughter while Rayna is watching Layla’s set, he gets her to talk about her feelings and (the far more herculean effort) to apologize to her mother via phone. He gets on the phone after and offers up his own “I’m sorry” for freaking out earlier in the episode, and Rayna tells him he can deal with his illness — which she calls his “truth” — however he likes and she will back him up. Then she has him bring Maddie to the concert after all. (Way to stick to your guns, Rayna.)

So while Maddie and Colt get an up-close performance by their favorite pop star (who later gets her wish and meets Luke, who’s become a fan), Deacon approaches Wheeler backstage and starts to tell his truth by admitting he’s sick.

The next morning, Maddie suggests that her dad move into Rayna’s house. Oh, now that Mads is cool with it, it’s gonna happen? Okay. (Though that shoulder bump that Connie Britton gives Charles Esten truly makes my night.)

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LIVE BY THE PANTIES, DIE BY THE PANTIES | Teddy secures the money his prostitute-on-the-lam requires, but Ol’ Leopard Panties then demands that he deliver it in cash. So he does, and she has a hard time not crying, and of course she’s wearing a wire for the Feds and he’s totally screwed. (He just doesn’t know it yet.)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. abz says:

    What the hell kind of name is Cadence? Definitely not a fan of that name at all. :/
    Xtina did a great job and really looking forward to seeing more of her on the show.
    The Teddy/hooker storyline just feels so out of place in the show. I don’t understand why they give it so much focus. Just because he’s Rayna’s ex-husband does not mean he needs to be featured on the show each week. I’d rather have them bring back Tandy or devote his screen time to some seriously underdeveloped characters like Will.
    I like Kevin and Will together. Hope they continue to follow through and maybe Kevin can really help progress Will’s storyline.
    Gunnar is starting to be much more annoying that Luke Wheeler used to be. Now, that Luke is not with Rayna he’s slowly become a lot more tolerable and maybe even a bit likable at times and Gunnar is just plain annoying. If they keep making his act so childish and continue this nonsense, I hope they just cut the character loose. It is not interesting AT ALL. Watch next they’ll break up Juliet and Avery at some point and start the love triangle between Scarlett, Avery and Gunnar again.

    • Normandy says:

      They don’t know what to do with Teddy since they dropped the Dallas-like aspect of the show (dirty politics and shady businesses) when they dropped Lamar, but since Eric Close is probably in the top third of recognizable actors on the show, they keep giving him stuff to do even if it’s bad. I thought they were going somewhere with Jeff to make Teddy a part of the music world, then for a couple episodes it looked like they were making him the new Lamar, and now we’re back to square one.

      Also, isn’t this entrapment?

      If this were a daytime soap, they’d give him a full pardon for being a liver match for Deacon.

    • Isobel says:

      Not a fan of Candance either, but if the competiton also had Bella maybe it was the best of a bad choice, not that I dislike the name Isabella but twilight has rather ruined it. Neither name I’d really call a daughter, but personal choice I guess, I much prefer Hayden’s daughter’s real name of Kaya

    • GRD says:

      A musical name (as in “chord cadence”). I think it’s pretty and appropriate. And they can always call her Cady, which is cute.

      I just hope her mother doesn’t end up abandoning her. :-( Not a fan of Juliette running off to L.A. without a word to anyone. Seems like they’re throwing all her character development out the window. I know being a new mom is hellish, but still, most new moms don’t get that drastic in their reactions!

      • abz says:

        Yeah I guess. Everytime I hear the name Cady I think of Mean Girls LOL.

        I agree with you about Juliet. I think this attempt at a post-parting depression storyline is seriously undermining all of the progress they have made with her character. Not that I don’t love Juliet’s bitchiness and sass most of the time, but I enjoyed how they balanced it out with her personal growth. Sure, it’s not a shock for her to hire a nanny. But the way she did felt like she was abandonment and she didn’t have

      • abz says:

        Yeah I guess. Everytime I hear the name Cady I think of Mean Girls LOL.

        I agree with you about Juliet. I think this attempt at a post-parting depression storyline is kind of undermining all of the progress they have made with her character. Not that I don’t love Juliet’s bitchiness and sass most of the time, but I enjoyed how they balanced it out with her personal growth. Sure, it’s not a shock for her to hire a nanny. But the way she did felt like she was abandoning her and she didn’t even tell Avery. I just don’t like them ignoring the progress she’s made.

  2. lorna says:

    Poor Avery, he has been such a good guy to Juliette. He deserves a career, too. Hope they can work something out. Juliette also should start treating her employees a little nicer. While Luke and Rayna were not the best couple, he is overall a decent guy, and I enjoyed his scene with Deacon. Teddy is in deep sh……., cannot wait to see what happen. I loved Will and Kevin (?)’s kiss. Interested for the Jade and Jeff storyline to unfold more.

    • april-ann says:

      He wasn’t such a good guy to Juliette last night. I love Avery, but started to hate him a little last night. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this anywhere, I guess it’s just me. No, Avery, you do not get to “make those decisions together” when only one of you is stuck alone with the baby all the time. You want to make those decisions together? Then at least help with the baby for longer than two minutes at a time. All he did was take off, leaving her alone to care for the baby, which had apparently been for weeks. But I think by the end of the episode, he became a more involved Dad – was that just because Juliette wasn’t taking care of her, or because he resented the nanny hiring that much? Granted, not much consideration was put into researching the nanny (part of me thought the nanny would disappear with the baby by the end of the ep), but I do hope Juliette will not come under fire for being an uninvolved bad Mom, because she deserves a career, too. I especially don’t like Avery right now for making me defend Juliette, lol.

      • lorna says:

        Doesn’t he deserve a career? She hasn’t been too supportive. Parenting is a two way street, they do need to sit down and talk their options over. I don’t think Avery realizes how much Juliette is struggling. I am surprised Juliette hadn’t hired a nanny pre-birth, like the article had mentioned. Love her, but she is a bit of a diva.

        • april-ann says:

          Neither should be expected to give up their careers. And yes, parenting especially today requires the involvement of both parents. Good point about Avery not realizing how much she was struggling. I still hated to see him continually walk out while leaving her alone with the baby so much. It didn’t look like he could be pinned down long enough to sit down and discuss their options together, then he had the audacity to say “we should make those decisions together”. I’m not going to like seeing her painted as a selfish shrew who abandoned her baby in favor of her career – how is that any different from what he was doing, and no one’s going to say that about him (especially now that Super Dad brought the baby to work and quit the band. On the plus side, if he’s going to be the full time babysitter maybe he will find out just how hard it is). I really think she loves and cares about her baby and just needed a break, and he sure wasn’t going to give her one. And yes, it did seem out of character for Juliette to not have an entire staff on hand to cater to her (and the baby’s) every whim, that’s the first thing that entered my mind while watching her struggling with it all.

  3. Katy Michaels says:

    Loved Christina on the show. Can’t wait for next week.

  4. Jill says:

    Why oh why is this Teddy/prostitute storyline still happening, and taking up screen time from other characters I actually care about! I like Eric Close, buy he should have been off the show at the end of last season. Still not loving Jeff/Layla. They could go too and I’d be fine, but liked everything else in this episode. Will/Kevin cute, Deacon and Rayna moving in together!! Even Luke didn’t annoy me at all. Oh wait, Gunnar was still annoying this week. They really need to write him better. Looking forward to seeing where they’re going with Juliette and the baby. Glad the writers finally remembered that she and Deacon are friends.

    • jo says:

      The only reasons for the Teddy storyline: Maybe Teddy kills himself and is the liver donor for Deacon? Or he is sent to 30 years in prison so deacon and Rayna can live happily ever after.

  5. IMHO says:

    “LIVE BY THE PANTIES, DIE BY THE PANTIES ” love that line.

  6. Anna says:

    Best part of the show – the shoulder bump! Maddie really can’t make up her mind, the last episode ended her being glad to see her mom and 3 weeks later she’s not talking and making eye contact with either of parents. Well, Teenagers!

    Who else thought the door was going to bust open and the fbi make a dramatic entrance right when Teddy handed the money to that russian woman (she’s not?). Time for Teddy to cut a deal, maybe.

    And why don’t either of Deacon/Rayna have contact pics for the other on their phones? Totally enjoying the family scenes.

  7. Norwegian blue says:

    Is Juliette not nursing the baby?? One minute she’s complaining about being a “milk machine” then suddenly she’s in a tight dress on her private plane to LA. Boy that’s some serious pain and discomfort and leakage in the chest area, completely ignored by the writers.

    • Lucie says:

      How about hopping on a plane 3 weeks postpartum for an extended business trip? Juliette is turning out to be just like her Mom but work, fame and power are her drug.

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  9. Bella says:

    Rayna and Deacon are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Them being together is giving me serious emotions I didn’t even expect – and I’ve been rooting (FULL ON PINING) for them for 3 seasons. The shoulder bump, the kisses in the kitchen… I’m here for all of it. Have them bake cakes, send them fishing. I’ll watch it all. As long as they have some hot scenes in their soon-to-be joint bed too.

  10. JT says:

    Hated Christina’s character. Hope they write her off soon. Sick of Teddy and his criminal dealings. Juliet needs to grow up and stop using Avery as her whipping boy. Need a new love interest for Gunner. Loving Rayna and Deacon together.

  11. I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more Deacon & Rayna…hope there’s more coming up in the last 4 episodes. I could care less about Layla, Jeff , the prostitute, Teddy…Xtina was Ok. Get rid of Luke already, too….the main cast of this show is phenomenal, they are what most of us want to see…I don’t understand why the writers don’t get that.

  12. kn1231 says:

    Another enjoyable episode in my opinion. A lot of people complain about Maddie acting like a “brat” but it can’t be easy to be in her shoes (sick father, grew up believing someone else was her bio dad, mom who is a huge star and travels all the time, typical teenage angst), it’s only going to get worse for her when this Teddy arrest happens. Speaking of Teddy, I’m excited to see him get taken down. He is finally getting what he deserves. I understand Avery’s frustration about Juliette hiring a nanny, but bringing in a nanny should not have been that shocking to him. Most celebrity families have one if both parents want to continue to work. Also, I am ready to see Gunnar and Scarlett back together, if only for the awesome music they produce. I have had “Longer” on repeat since last weeks show! Lastly, I could take or leave the Jeff and Layla storyline, and Will please just come out.

  13. Anlgsp says:

    I didn’t like this episode at all, but that shoulder-bump made up for it all. Honest to God.
    How cute are they? Seriously. Connie Britton and Chip Esten’s chemistry is out of this world, I would sit here watching them read the morning paper for the rest of my days and you wouldn’t hear me complain once. They are everything. Can’t believe they’ve wasted so much time keeping these two apart for the sake of “drama”. Three years people, it took us three years to get here. Unbelievable.

    I like the name Cadence, I like it better than Bella for sure. Still totally not interested in naming baby-javery. Whatever, they’re still going to address her as “baby girl” or “she” till the season finale because they pre-filmed all of this before they started that poll online. *insert palm face*

    I cannot believe Juliette is back to square one. How in the world are they going to redeem her character now? She literally abandoned her child in the arms of a stranger and flew to the other side of the Country. What in the woooorld?! How is she different from her own mom right now? I’m pretty sure they’re gonna justify this with some post partum depression thing, but honestly it’s called depression for a reason. Juliette could not be further from depressed, she’s just being her usual diva self. At the expanse of her daughter. I cannot deal.

    Eric Close….it’s time to go. I’m sorry doll, your time is up. Of course she was collaborating with the Feds, do you think she could have pulled that off for 3 weeks (did anyone else notice 3 weeks have passed by the way? They only mentioned it 348 times in the first ten minutes), come on Teddy, you oughta be smarter than that.

    Maddie was so annoying this week and I’m sick and tired of her parents (all three of them actually), giving her a free pass every single time. Had I told my mom I didn’t respect her when I was 15, I’d probably be still locked up in my room by now. Team Daphne.

  14. Amy H says:

    Why the about face on Juliette again? I know she’s a new mom, and stressed, but she’s off the deep end. I love this show, but they have to stop these “Sybil” transformations of their characters.
    Teddy — if he’s gullible enough to believe the “I need it in cash” story, then he deserves to get caught. Saw that one coming a mile away.
    I like Kevin. Hope he sticks around at least for this season.
    Saw no real point in Jade St John other than to bring in viewers who are Xtina fans.
    Nice to see in the previews that Deacon gets a liver — not as if we didn’t know he magically would. Just want to end this storyline!

    • Shannon says:

      I think they are setting up for a Juliette PPD situation.

    • cogilviesmith says:

      I am so frustrated with the writing for Juliette and Avery post-wedding. I just don’t buy it that these people who went through so much to be together and were so united about becoming parents would suddenly just become caricatures of themselves. The actors have the ability to deal with much better material than this and the show has dedicated so much time to developing them as characters it is just such a waste to have this bickering melodrama take over :(

  15. ChrisGa says:

    I thought it was another great episode, with the exception of more Maddie-whining–she’s a teenager? And what? I get it, her dad is sick, but this behavior’s been going on for the better part of two seasons. The actress is great but the character is, for me, the most relentlessly unappealing on this show(taking Layla’s spot, who I now LOVE).

    The other two I could live without right now are Gunnar and Teddy. Definitely don’t want Gunnar back with Scarlett and I wish they’d wrap up the Teddy story already; I can’t see how the latter’s arc can end any way other than prison or death so get on with it already.

    Loved Will and Kevin and I hope this actually get’s some decent follow-up and isn’t just dropped after a few episodes. Also, Layla has managed to make Jeff semi-tolerable to me and I thought Christina A was great as Jade St. John.

    • charlygirl says:

      I am hoping, given the federal investigation turned out to be targeting Teddy all along, that his earlier embezzlement and fraudulent dealings are going to come and bite him hard. His stupidity and willingness to be led by whoever was doing the bidding on a given day is beyond absurd.

  16. izzieb says:

    I found myself really resenting the screen time they gave to Christina singing. One of the reasons I love country music is that you can hear and understand the lyrics, and most of the time you don’t see a gazillion garish flashing lights burning your eyeballs. I wanted to fast forward through it, but I know they like to put little pull away shots in during “the big song” as the show is wrapping up. So I sat and was mad that we could have been looking at Deacon and Rayna grinning at each other some more.

    Luke is much more tolerable without Rayna in his life. I actually like him now, and want him to stick around. Jeff needs to go. Teddy most likely is going, whether to prison or the not-so-pearly gates (he probably does deserve heaven after all, I mean, he’s guilty of making terribly stupid decisions, not evilly harming people), and Gunnar….. I think I only liked him in the first few episodes where he was bringing Scarlett out of her poem-writing shell.

    Juliette – she’ll come around, although right now it seems like she is back to her Season 1 nastiness.

    Please oh please, renew Nashville!

    • abz says:

      The character is a POP star who is thinking about doing some country music. Her debut song on the show wasn’t country so why wouldn’t you expect it to be big and with flashing lights. It was a pop performance.

      • izzieb says:

        abz: “The character is a POP star who is thinking about doing some country music. Her debut song on the show wasn’t country so why wouldn’t you expect it to be big and with flashing lights. It was a pop performance”….

        izzieb: Exactly. Nashville is not POP, one of the reasons I love it. I wanted that part to be over – I felt like I was missing out on the good stuff with the rest of the (main) cast!

        • abz says:

          It’s not a stretch to see some crossover. We’ve seen Kelly Clarkson a pop star step foot in some country music many times and vice versa with Taylor Swift going from country to pop. I see nothing wrong with having Christina on the show for a few episodes and I think she’s done a pretty good job in the role so far. I’d much rather see Jade than Teddy’s story or any of the annoying nonsense with Gunnar obsessing over Scarlett.

          • izzieb says:

            So, I wasn’t saying it was wrong, I was just wishing it wasn’t there so I could see everything else that I personally do like. I understand crossover – this wasn’t it. I have no problem with the new character being there and adding a new storyline, I just didn’t care for the song and wanted it to end and get back to our usual dysfunction!

  17. RUCookie says:

    How did the case demand NOT sent Teddy’s warning bells off. That was as big of a red flag as has ever existed. HE is STUPID STUPID STUPID. And you know what this means? More, much more, sulky Maddie; I don’t know if I can take any more of her “I don’t respect you.” I would have been slapped if I ever said something like that to my mother.

    Relieved that Deacon is finally telling people. He has to let people in his circle know. There has to be a benefit concert for cancer research or organ donation in the future, right? With all the power players that he and Rayna knows, it would be huge!

    And crazy crazy Juliette… I was on board with the nanny until I say that she left town and didn’t even tell Avery. We all know there is an ugly fight coming. I was relieved when she fixed her blow up about his “stupid/great band” but I don’t think she can backpetal her way out of this one. And Avery quitting is NUTS… I don’t want to see Gunner and Scarlet as a duo yet. The trio sounds great. Scarlet was right, Avery rounds out the sound.

    Did I mention that Teddy is an idiot?

  18. Alicia says:

    Fantastic round up of the ep. Nashville is my favourite show and I love reading your reviews. I just love to see Rayna being happy and it’s clear that it’s Deacon shes needed all this time 💜 them together. So praying its renewed for a 4th season xx

  19. Paloma says:

    Teddy is arrogant, venal and stupid, which has often caused problems for him. But this current storyline takes it a bit too far. How could he be so stupid that, when she asked for cash, he didn’t immediately go with the rest of us and come up with the idea that she was setting him up for the Feds? He must not be a student of history. If he was, he would know that politicians usually go to jail for the cover-up rather than the precipitating action. So he paid for sex. Nobody would think too much of that. It would blow over quickly. But now he’s firmly in to Federal crime of the kind that gets you sent to prison. The only good that will come out of this is that maybe we can finally be done with Teddy and focus our attention on more interesting things.

    I loved Avery bringing Cadence to work. I love how he’s grown since the series started and I know he’s going to be the mature parent in the relationship. Juliet doesn’t have much experience is good parenting and that will provide some drama and conflict.

  20. Lucinda says:

    Your recaps never fail to make me laugh. ..I’m still laughing at the rewind 5 times line from a couple of weeks ago. Love love love Nashville the renewal gods need to get to work on announcing season 4!

  21. Karen says:

    I am not sure where some of this is going. It seems Teddy’s story line is overblown. If every politician who had a liaison with a hooker was prosecuted and put in jail, Congress would be empty (as would most state legislatures) and jails would be even more overcrowded. Do the names David Vitter and Elliot Spitzer mean nothing?

    It could end a career, as it did Spitzer’s as governor (it didn’t hurt Senator Vitter at all and his name was linked to the DC Madam who later committed suicide). What will get Teddy in trouble is the cover up, which is where his actions were far more incriminating. But I think he would have a reasonable defense that he was entrapped. Just find a better way to write the Teddy character off. I like Eric Close, but his character seems to be oddly mismatched for Nashville and I’m liking his story line less and less.

    Juliette could well be suffering postpartum depression. She has been so hormonal and crazy for a few episodes now; this is more than her usual bitchiness. And the look on her face when she was alone in the room with the crying baby was chilling. Hayden Panettiere is such a good actress. I too thought this was going to go much darker. But the whole dust up about the nanny feels contrived. What wealthy professional today — not just an entertainer, but any working woman with the financial means — doesn’t have a nanny? And in the case of a music star, why does she not have a maid and other domestic help? In real life do stars really prepare all their own meals, clean their homes, and do the other domestic chores? I’d say probably not. I’ve even wondered that about Rayna. She always seems to have to find somebody to care for the girls (send them to the father) when she’s on tour. Again, stars of that caliber have live in help — both maids and nannies.

    Speaking of Rayna’s girls, Maddie was simply acting like a teenager. She’s no brattier than any kid would be facing the challenging hand she’s been dealt. Her mother and father have divorced. Then she finds out who her real father is and has to navigate between having two fathers. Then, her mother is about to marry still a different man. Then breaks up with him. And then her real father, whom she is just bonding with gets cancer. And she’s in a relationship with the son of her mother’s ex. What kid wouldn’t be screwed up with all that?

    Personally, I’ve always liked Luke. I thought he acted like a jerk when Rayna won all the music awards but musicians don’t get to be stars without having big egos. But his true decency came out when he helped Sadie last week, and in his reaction this week when Deacon finally told him about the cancer.

    I am wondering how the Jeff Fordham and Layla Grant story line is going to go. Is he redeemable? Or is he really the bottom feeder Rayna thinks he is. I still don’t know how that will go. Every show needs some villains or there’s no dramatic tension. But there’s a part of all of us that likes to see the bad guy see the light and reform.

    Well, this is far longer than I intended it to be. Final question: whose liver does Deacon get? My guess is that Maddie is the donor.

  22. seahox71 says:

    Just a thought, but maybe Teddy finds out he’s been caught and figures the only way out is suicide. Could explain where Deacon’s new liver comes from.

  23. W.R. says:

    Renewals are in two weeks. Take that time to tell ABC that you want Nashville renewed for season 4. Follow @Nashville_S3 for contact information.