Did Empire Get Away With Murder? Will Arrow Pronounce Ra's Right? Who Is TV's Most Ageless Actor? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Community, Empire, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Is there a single Amazing Race contestant who is regretting the Blind Date twist more than Blair (partnered with Hayley “I Told You So” Keel)?

2 | Is Glee‘s Sue Sylvester really not going to suffer repercussions for splitting an uninsured piano in two?

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Portrait of Love3 | How good did Jason Dohring look during his Hallmark movie Portrait of Love? And why hasn’t he been cast in a pilot yet??

4 | So, Good Wife fans, with the big State’s Attorney election upon us, we have to ask: Between Alicia Florrick and Frank Prady, who would you think deserves to win, and who do you think will win?

5 | Did Secrets and Lies cast daughter Natalie too old, or does Ryan Philippe simply read as too young? Also, is Ben Crawford too dumb for words? Wasn’t he even a little curious why Jim Fenton — who turned out to be a reporter — would be so open to helping him look into the Richardsons?

20Qs-ONCEpark6 | Is parking against traffic on a two-way street definitive proof that Once Upon a Time’s Cruella is downright evil? Also, can we get a rule on “poofing”? Like, why lug around Pinocchio’s body if you can just “poof” him from A to B?

7 | Given how loathsome The Walking Dead’s Gabriel is, what fate do you think would be fitting? Perhaps a Last Supper at which the Judas is the main course, prepared and served by Rick and Co.?

8 | Following Rumer Willis’ sublime Dancing With the Stars debut, were the producers hoping to create tension by slowly panning from Bruce Willis to Demi Moore in the audience?

9 | The Originals‘ Klaus sure does like a formal meal invite, doesn’t he? And if Rebekah’s new body is so vulnerable, why not make her a vampire?

10 | Forget this week’s episode of Chasing Life. How insane was the promo for the season finale? And isn’t it refreshing to see a woman on TV frequently wearing flats?

11 | Who is aging better — as in, pretty much not at all: The Night Shift’s Scott Wolf or S.H.I.E.L.D. guest star Blair Underwood? (Should we also fold the aforementioned Ryan Phillippe into this debate?)

Community12 | Did anyone else notice Dan Harmon’s cameo in Community‘s Season 6 premiere? A sign above the bar at the gang’s underground speakeasy said, “Do not serve this man!”

13 | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans, were the Marvel-savviest of you disappointed to see that Bobbi and Mack are secretly working for “the real S.H.I.E.L.D.” and not S.W.O.R.D.? Also, why did it take Bobbi as long as it did to best Karla? And no one in the diner was disturbed by the man in the Hannibal-like mask?

14 | Has The Flash now done enough to make you care about the possible coupling of Barry and Iris? And though Eddie is probably (per promos) going to become evil, aren’t he and Iris kind of cuter together?

15 | Are you hoping someone else on The Mindy Project has a crisis of confidence, if only so there’s a reason for Laverne Cox’s divalicious Sheena to show up again?20Qs-BroadCity

16 | Did Broad City‘s Abbi and Ilana provide the ultimate response to the age-old (and always unwelcome) “You’re so pretty, you should smile” comment from a male passerby?

17 | On Justified, you gotta figure that mine shaft tunnel runs at least a half-mile, if it’s ending beneath Harlan’s main drag. So how quickly did Boyd & Co. reckon they would excavate the rubble and “run off” with their haul? Also, who’s on board for a sequel series starring Kaitlyn Dever’s spunky Loretta?

18 | How hard must Today producers have high-fived each other when guest Jennifer Garner got teary over the two heartstring-pulling segments (widowed dad raising quadruplet infants, little girl beating cancer) that aired before hers?

Empire19 | Did Empire‘s Cookie in Season 1 teach us “how to get away with murder” — seeing how no one mentioned the hit she (regrettably) put out on Frank Gathers’ henchman Teddy in Episode 5? And can we talk about how there is not nearly enough room on the sides‎ for a pool table by Empire’s elevator bank? (Also: Lotsa pool tables on this show.)

20 | Did you fall over with shock when Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity had an actual, honest conversation that didn’t end in soul-crushing disappointment? Meanwhile, TVLine reader Gordon Rick wonders: “Ra’s Al Guhl is talking to Oliver and pronounces his own name as ‘Raysh.’ The very next sentence, Oliver calls him ‘Rawz.’ Why can’t they settle on a pronunciation and stick with it?”

American Idol21 | Will we wind up regretting that American Idol‘s judges used their “save” so early in the season? Or was the idea of nine weeks without the crazy-entertaining Qaasim Middleton just too much to bear? Also, was it just us, or did Jennifer Lopez actually sound pretty great — and look like an animated princess come to life — while performing her ballad “Feel the Light”?

22 | Did Grey’s Anatomy really drag out this week’s “Did Derek cheat?” mystery for a whole episode, and then not resolve it? And who did a double-take when Callie referred to the ‘shipper name “MerDer”?

23 | Lena Dunham’s Scandal visit: Was it what you expected? What you feared? Not as bad as you thought it’d be?

24 | Now that The Vampire Diaries‘ Enzo isn’t even interested in manipulating Sarah to torment Stefan, what exactly is his purpose in Mystic Falls?

25 | The Matthew McConaughey/Lincoln ads are pure parody now, right? Right?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tran says:

    Mixed reactions about number 23?

  2. Gilded Lady says:

    9. Rebekah agreed to the switch in the first place because she was ready to try mortality (she wanted the cure on the 4th season of TVD too). If she wanted to be a vamp again, it’d make more sense to hop back to her body where she’d have the perks of being a 1000 year old Original instead of a new baby vampire.

    • Slowride says:

      And also she promised Kohl to bring him back. If she turns into a vampire, she want have witch powers anymore and won’t be able to do so. This time, it actually makes sense !

      • Slowride says:

        won’t have*

      • AY says:

        Exactly what I was going to say. 1) she wanted to be human and 2) she wants to be able to bring Kohl back. When Bonnie showed up with the cure on TVD last night, the first thing I thought was head down to New Orleans and let Rebekah become human in her original body.

        • Winter says:

          Wouldn’t work she would die of old age a la Katherine last year. The cure turns you human but if you are older than a human should be to survive you die of old age. It would work for Elaina or Caroline though.

  3. stellalunaa says:

    I loved scandal but I personally don’t care for Lena Dunham as an actress, I don’t think she is that great.

    And yes to april wearing flats! Such a nice change.

    Alicia should win he election but prady will win. Alicia needs to be a lawyer again

    • abz says:

      But wouldn’t Alicia still be a lawyer? She’s running for States ATTORNEY! The politics aspect is mainly how she’ll get the position. Also the difference would be that instead of defending all the bad people like she has for many years, she’ll be the one trying to bring them down. Perhaps she may even be the one to finally put Bishop away after many before her have tried and failed.
      I think having her become SA might be a good direction for the show. The alternative would be what? To have her stay at her firm and return the show to full-on procedural format with drama probably arising out of internal conflicts and scheming within the firm which would basically be a repeat of the first few seasons with Will and Diane.
      If she wins SA, I don’t think that she’ll never be seen in court again. They’ve referred to Peter’s first go at being State’s Attorney in the past and we’ve also seen Glenn Childs in court as well.

    • Katrina Scott says:

      I love the Good Wife but I am stuffing a ballot box for Frank Prady. I do not think Alicia winning this election is good for the show or Florrick, Argos & Lockhart. I want to see Alicia back at work with her partners, in court and with her good, bad and crazy clients.

      I’ve enjoyed the election story more than I expected because of that sexy campaign manager, Eli’s daughter and the Krumholtz character. Plus Alicia grappling with how to be who she is and campaign has been very enlightening and of course, any scene is better with Eli in it. I like Alicia and Frank’s friendship. But, I want Frank to win. He needs to win, and truthfully, he deserves to win.

  4. Tom says:

    12 | Did anyone else notice Dan Harmon’s cameo in Community‘s Season 6 premiere? A sign above the bar at the gang’s underground speakeasy said, “Do not serve this man!”
    I THOUGHT that was him.
    13 | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans, were the Marvel-savviest of you disappointed to see that Bobbi and Mack are secretly working for “the real S.H.I.E.L.D.” and not S.W.O.R.D.? Also, why did it take Bobbi as long as it did to best Karla? And no one in the diner was disturbed by the man in the Hannibal-like mask?
    I had been thinking HAMMER. I’m liking the implication that Ward seems to be on their side. I’m not ready to write off Bobbi and Mack yet.

  5. Larc says:

    #23 – I think the Idol Save should be reserved for somebody who has an actual chance of making it to the Top 5 at least. Qaasim’s showy performance antics can camouflage the vocal disaster that is his singing for only a limited time.

    • Larc says:

      Oops! Make that #21

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. He is kind of a one trick pony. And the singing part of his performance is not that great. I was shocked that they used the save on him.

      • Tess says:

        What made it further shocking was that they didn’t save Sarina the week before because it was “too soon to use it” but this week it was okay. Surely even though she had a couple of wonky performances last week she would’ve had a greater chance of redeeming herself than he will seeing how she can actually sing and Qaasim does everything he can to hide the fact he can’t all that well. It really floored me too that Harry had the nerve to call his save performance of “Come Together” the performance of the night when it was far from it. His antics in it were cheesy as all get out – it actually reminded me of back in season 5 when Ace Young pointed to his shoulder scar while singing a line in “Drops Of Jupiter” and was promptly called out by Simon for it. All I could think was if Simon was still there that boy would not have been saved for that mess! You can pretty much put money on it that we will lose a supposed front-runner in the next couple of weeks due to this, a la when Pia Toscano was knocked off two weeks after they saved Casey Abrams in season 10.

        • Temperance says:

          Agreed. Sarina-Joi was an awesome singer… and Quassim isn’t. At all. And his Come Together was a vocal train wreck.

        • Temperance says:

          Oh, but I would say that I’d save the awesome Casey Abrams over the generic (and boring) Pia any minute of the day.

  6. bj says:

    1) That man has the patience of Job. She’s lucky he has a lot of military training and discipline. Most men would have told her off big time by now.

    11) It’s definitely a toss up. Those two are both still looking amazing.

    14) No. I still don’t want Barry and Iris together. I like her with Eddie and I’m still hoping he doesn’t become evil.

    17) lol I was actually waiting for it to blow while Raylan and them were in the room. I braced as they closed the safe door.

    20) lol The battle of the accents ( coming through) maybe – Aussie vs Canadian.

    250 Definitely.

  7. Gilded Lady says:

    And I forgot to comment on 24: Like Alaric, it feels like Enzo was brought back as fanservice, without much thought being given to what to do with them on the long run (a not uncommon problem on this show – see the Mikaelsons in season 4, and Tyler and Matt’s current limbo) And so like Alaric, he has an occasional plot point but you could send him away and it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    • AT says:

      They were on to something at first when Enzo was working so hard to find Damon. This was a good opportunity for him to develop relationships with main cast members. But then he veered off into his sole purpose being to destroy Stefan. Which really didn’t make sense. They’ve failed at making him either a good/believable good guy or bad guy. With Damon they managed to do both. They haven’t figured it out with Enzo.

      He also needs a backstory. They came up with great backstory for the Originals which is why they were so interesting, especially with the unique twist that ripper Stefan used to be buddies with Klaus and dating Rebekah.

      They’re on the same road with Kai now. He’s really interesting but unless they give him more than just show up occasionally to provide snark and help Damon, he’ll soon be as useless as Enzo.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        We are supposed to be getting Enzo’s backstory, so I’m hoping that it will lead to something. As for Kai, even if he survived the week I don’t expect him to last the season as we know Christopher Wood is filming a new pilot. That said, I agree 100%. He became a fill in witch after the merge, which is kinda fun but not sustainable.

        • AT says:

          That was my issue with Bonnie for so many years. She was just the punching bag. She never had her own story other than to help other people (at her own peril…how many times did she die?) For the first time I think she is interesting. Hopefully this whole dark Bonnie will go somewhere.

          • Gilded Lady says:

            I feel like this show has True Blood’s problem: too many characters and no damn clue what to do with them, made worse by this desire to cling onto human characters (like Matt) who’d realistically be best served by getting the heck out of town hanging on because of a need for a token human. TVD hasn’t gone off the rails like TB did, but it’s unquestionably been weaker these past few seasons (though this season is easily best since S3)

  8. Belle says:

    #25 I was just saying that on my facebook page yesterday…those ads are a little creepy even!

    • Grey says:

      Yep. I also vote creepy too. It’s almost like there’s been an apocalypse and he’s just driving around in his Lincoln hoping to find another survivor.

    • Chris G. says:

      I swear he’s trying out for a roll asa serial killer or some type of sociopath psycho killer.

  9. Andy says:

    20. Ra’s, as if pronounced like Ra in the possessive form, and pronounced Raysh as if it were all one word, are both correct.

    • CJ says:

      No, Raysh is absolutely not correct. Ra’s is an Arabic word, and the apostrophe is not possessive – it is a glottal stop. It’s more like “Rah-ets,” believe it or not.

    • abz says:

      I don’t know where they’re getting Raysh from (I read somewhere that Raysh might be the hebrew word); but I don’t know.
      “Ra’s” means “head” in Arabic and “Ra’s Al Ghul” is basically translated as “head of the demon” or “Demon’s Head”. But of course, the Arabic on this show and most shows has always been pretty terrible.
      The apostraphe in “Ra’s” is in place as a substitute for the Arabic letter called a “hamza”. I think linguistically it’s referred to a glottal stop (I’ll have to look into that again). Basically, maybe it might depend on the dialect I guess, but I think commonly it would probably be said as “Raas” Al Ghul (extending the “a” a bit).

      • Delirious says:

        I found this somewhere… It seems detailed enough to be either quite true or mega trolling – I’m into languages, but not arabic. So, here’s what I found…

        the vowel /a/ in ra’s is short. It doesn’t get a macron. (The /u/ in ghûl is long, however, and properly gets a macron.)

        The glottal stop (hamzah) represented by the right-handed apostrophe ’ is a consonantal sound. The left-handed apostrophe ‘To pronounce “ra’s”, you have to get used to making the glottal stop with no vowel sound after it, followed by a vowelless /s/.

        Originally, like all Arabic nouns, the word ended in a short final vowel, so you wouldn’t need to negotiate a cluster of two consonants ending the word. Two syllables easier to pronounce: Ra’-su. When followed by the definite article al-, the /a/ in al- is elided and the final short vowel from the end of the previous word plugs into the /l/. So the Classical Arabic pronunciation runs the two words together and they sound like one: ra’-sul-ghûl.

        When we transliterate the definite article, the standard way is to write the al- in all positions, so that it reflects the Arabic orthography better than it does the pronunciation. This is why sometimes you see the name ‘Abd Allah or ‘Abdallah, and sometimes ‘Abdullah. The final short vowel of a noun changes for different case endings when the word is grammatically inflected. Apart from an Arabic grammatical context, therefore, a word is cited in the nominative case, like Latin or Greek words. The Arabic nominative ends in -u, the accusative ends in -a, and the genitive ends in -i. Three vowels, three cases.

        The word ghûl starts with the sound of the letter ghayn,

        • Delirious says:

          Although, I gotta say… I’ve always liked (and used) the “Raysh” pronounciation myself, so… meh.

        • abz says:

          Yes, Ra’-sul-ghûl would probably be the more formal was of pronouncing it and the way it would be written, but pronouncing in Arabic slang or informally and more commonly would be “Raas”. I’m only recently learning a bit more about Ra’s Al Ghul, but given the meaning of the name, I don’t get where “Raysh” comes from.

          • Brian Bauer says:

            Raysh comes from several of the animated series. At one point, a character refers to him as “Rahs” and another corrects him saying it’s “Raysh” and that it’s a common mistake.

          • abz says:

            I see. Well that means the pronunciation has probably always been wrong for quite some time now, but it just became the most well-known way of saying it I guess.

    • Britt says:

      I can’t explain grammar and pronunciation (not a native speaker) but people from the UK and the US pronounce Hugh GRANT’s name differently and no one said people should just make up their minds and use one.

    • EricW says:

      According to Denny O’Neill, Ra’s creator, he understands pronunciation is a bit all over the map, but he thinks of “Rays” in his mind:


      And my friend, Rebecca, noticed that when Flash did his bit of time travel this week, he uttered the phase, “Oh, boy,” which she I believe rightfully identified as the phase Scott Bakula’s character uttered every time he time traveled in Quantum Leap.

      • shagamu says:

        What’s odd is that it seems the only characters who pronounce his name as “Raysh” are Ra’s himself, Nyssa and the rest of the League of Assassins, so I guess we’re supposed to take it as the correct pronunciation, while Oliver and the other American characters are supposedly mispronouncing it. However, I just tried Google Translator to see how an Arab pronounces the word “Ra’s”, and it sounds closer to “Rah-ees”.

  10. Dee says:

    Regarding #14…at the risk of being jumped on by all the shippers, I honestly am not feeling a Barry-Iris pairing. I like the actors and the characters, but I just don’t think there is any chemistry there

  11. JC1 says:

    #14 – are Iris and Eddie cuter? No, because honestly I just really don’t like Eddie, period. There’s been moments with him I’ve liked, but overall he’s my least favorite of the cast by a long way. And I’ve never been a fan of the Eddie/Iris relationship, whether she’s with Barry or not.

  12. Tina says:

    #22 Go Callie

  13. ProfessorPreis says:

    #4 – It’s Frank Prady, not Bill. And I think he both deserves to win and will win.

    • lori says:

      Completely agree.

    • DW says:

      From what we’ve seen so far Prady probably deserves to win but I think Alicia will win for two reasons. 1. It would set up confrontations between the S.A. office and Agos-Lockhart and 2. It would set up political stories involving Peter and Eli.

  14. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    #7…Father Gabriel had me SMH in that last episode. Rick & Co. should throw him out he’s useless!!! He’s a scary little punk and I hope his fate ends up like sadly (Noah’s) ripped apart!

  15. Sa says:

    22) NO I love everything about last night episode and I can’t wait for next weeks episode. I know his not cheating so it’s going to be interesting to see what happened :)

    • Mary says:

      I agree. To me, last nights episode was so much old-school-Greys so I loved it. Sure they dragged it out, but I loved Meredith’s interaction with the supporting cast. I wish there was more of that. Funny and sad at the same time.
      I also agree there is no way he cheated on her. But not sure why he never called her back.

  16. Luis says:

    11. Whatever Fountain of Youth/Lazarus Pit those two are swimming in, me want some!
    13. I was guessing there was another S.H.I.E.L.D. offshoot involved in there somewhere. Given Adrianne Palicki’s promotion to series regular, I’m not overly worried about Bobbi; Mack, on the other hand, I have my fears about. May I put in my vote for W.R.E.N.C.H.?
    20. Oliver and Felicity had to have an adult conversation at some point during the life of the series. I always thought it was pronounced “Rahs” until “Batman Begins.” I don’t know anything.

  17. Ann says:

    I was surprised that Jennifer Lopez actually sounded good singing live last night. They must have been using special mics that autotune your voice live.

  18. MKR says:

    14, i always loved the relationship between iris and barry, they have great chemistry, not to mention , candice is drop dead gorgeous, and i wish she break up with eddie, i just dont like him at all.

  19. Elibu says:

    5. Ryan Philippe is 40, so clearly he’s old enough to have a 16-year-old, but the fact that he is a young-looking 40 and they cast a 24-year-old for his daughter is the problem. And, yes, Ben gets dumber and dumber each week. I’m losing interest in the show with each episode because I keep thinking he can’t get any dumber and then he does.

  20. Grey says:

    #4. Frank Prady should win so the boring election story can go away and NEVER come back!
    #25. Yes. At first they were just a little dull but now they have become just ridiculous. But hey, I grew up in a Chevy household. I was taught to believe that your Chevy/GM people and your Ford/Lincoln/Mercury people are like the Hatfields and the McCoys – sworn enemies. LOL. So my opinion may be bias.

  21. Maya says:

    19 – Yes! Thank you. I was wondering about that because the writers completely dropped that storyline which was really disappointing because I can’t believe nothing happened once Cookie order that hit!

    24 – Enzo is most useless character on TVD and why can’t they just get rid of him, because as you rightly point out, he has no storyline or purpose anymore. Just let Ripper Stefan kill him or better yet, Sarah

  22. Viv says:

    4. Oh, honestly, I don´t know who deserves to win. Most of the time I don´t understand the U.S. election campaigns (they seem pretty mean). Based on my personal preference: I would vote for Prady. Just because he is a genuine nice guy and I really don´t want Alicia to become State Attorney. But… I can´t believe they would put us through a season of campaigning only to let Alicia lose in the end. We´ll see.
    9. Yes! TO has it´s dinner invitations to TVD´s town party´s. I love those dinner´s!
    13. I don´t care, I´m happy we have an answer. And I´m excited to see where this all goes! And I laughed when Hunter yelled, he takes all his good lucks to Bobbi back. Poor guy. She really did a number on him (still ship them… and I don´t ship usually. Ever.)
    14. Yes, they are cute! And I don´t want Eddie to be evil! Waiting for the positive twist!

  23. Georgia Madman says:

    14 Iris is gorgeous but there’s no chemistry there. She had more chemistry with Oliver Queen. Eddie I don’t care about — maybe evil Eddie will be more entertaining.
    20 The Oliver/Felicity conversation was great and I’m going to watch it again tonight. Which probably means Felicity is going to be killed and Oliver will have to become Ras in order to save her in the Lazarus Pit.

  24. CJ says:

    The pronunciation of “Ra’s al Ghul” on the show has bothered me since the first time his name was mentioned. Oliver is one of the only ones who comes even close to pronouncing it correctly and it is extremely annoying to me as a viewer to hear multiple incorrect pronunciations over and over.

  25. murley says:

    3. I have been waiting for Jason Dohring to get a pilot for so long. Someone has to make it happen.
    6. One of my favorite things about OUAT’s portrayal of Cruella is that they are paying tribute to her terrible driving.
    20. I actually kind of liked the inconsistent pronouciation of Ras on Arrow. It felt less pretentious to have Oliver and company just pronounce it like Americans. I thought it was a nice touch.
    24. Enzo does seem pointless now but he also seemed pointless when he was after Sarah Salvatorre and at least now I am mildly curious about what he will do next.

    • Bwhit says:

      3) or at least have him guest star on House of Lies because I would love to see Kristen Bell’s character give him a verbal smack down, it would be so hilarious! I just love their on screen chemistry.

  26. Rachel says:

    3 – Jason doesn’t seem to age.

  27. Marco says:

    11 That’s still Bianca Lawson. Woman must be a vampire.

  28. Kate says:

    1. I only have managed to watch one episode so far this season and ohmigoodness, you have to wonder what Blair is thinking about himself that this is who he was paired with when you see some of the other blind date pairs. At least the other duo who isn’t getting along, well, they are both annoying.

    7. In a random spoiler, I think he might not meet his fate yet (but I sort of hope he does, there is an exodus of mentor figures leaving Teen Wolf, Scott needs his Obi Wan)

    15. I imagine that’s why they made her related to Tamara as opposed to just being a friend.

    19. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t suffer the dropping plot threads thing that shows have been suffering from lately. Especially if they decide there is perhaps more story by having a bigger chunk of the season with the realignment of the brothers to the particular parent (i.e., that Jamal and Lucious continue to get along).

    20. I wasn’t shocked, they did actually establish a friendship before all the drama started. If they are coming back around to that, it relays the groundwork for an eventual more mature relationship down the road. Especially when Ray decides shrinking is the best course of action or Ray takes a really hard stance against Oliver. I totally agree with the accents. Its one thing when they were all in different places but don’t they notice it when they are all together?

    24. Perhaps just remembering that he is both Damon’s best friend and that he and Caroline are actually buddies.

  29. Mary says:

    15) yes!! I don’t care why they bring her back but those scenes with mindy, tamara and scheena were brilliant

  30. dan says:

    1) It has been painful since episode one of TAR to watch Blair and Hayley’s blind date around the world. I can’t believe he has remained so calm with her constant complaining and “I told you so” comments. Granted, Blair has made some strategic mistakes in their race, but there is no need for Hayley to harp on his mistakes again, and again, and again, and yet again. In the words of Elsa, Hayley needs to “let it go!”

  31. Letti says:

    9. As people already pointed out, Rebekah is only staying in her new body, because she needs its witch powers to bring Kol back. She said she will remain in that body till he is back, and then probably return to her own. Therefore there would be no point to turn her into a vampire. Also, a baby vampire would still be pretty weak, when it comes to strong witches, it wouldn’t help her that much.
    However, as Maisie has a new pilot soon, I predict that Rebekah will have returned to her own body by the finale. (Hopefully this means that Kol is back, and in his own body.)

  32. Whatevah says:

    #3 Indeed…

  33. StrayCat99 says:

    17 – The mineshaft is not the best thought out plot. Boyd is too smart to make those mistakes. It isn’t just about getting away. We have to consider how they would transport 10 million dollars out that fast…in a hole…underground…It is not as if the explosion would be subtle enough to allow them hours to escape.

    The Spinoff should be Art, Tim, and Rachel; Loretta could make regular appearances.

  34. herman1959 says:

    (14) I’ve ALWAYS cared about Barry and Iris together,so let’s get on with it! No, Iris and Eddie are not cuter together because I have felt from the beginning that something was off with Eddie (not to mention that I can’t stand the actor’s voice).

    (20) The fact that the LoA’s head’s name is pronounced 3 different ways (including the way Maseo pronounced it) is crazy and distracting…get it together people.

    (23) The Scandal episode was much worse than I was expecting, and it was not just due to Lena Dunham’s bad acting. I guess I should have know it was going to be bad when Olivia launched into one of her monologues before the credits had even finished rolling. Really, the entire storyline was off… just awful. I’m just not motivated to watch next week.

    (25) Yes, Matthew McConaughey is just playing with us now and laughing all the way to the bank – that’s what I thought when I saw the new one (where he is amused because the rain stopped). But, it’s nice work if you can get it.

  35. 13 | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans, were the Marvel-savviest of you disappointed to see that Bobbi and Mack are secretly working for “the real S.H.I.E.L.D.” and not S.W.O.R.D.? Also, why did it take Bobbi as long as it did to best Karla? And no one in the diner was disturbed by the man in the Hannibal-like mask?

    – Maybe the “real S.H.I.E.L.D.” will turn out to be something else but it does have everyone saying “wuh?” and waiting for the answer. Will Maria Hill or Fury need to interject? Wouldn’t Talbot and the other government agencies know about another S.H.I.E.L.D? They already know Coulson has picked up the pieces from Fury.

    14 | Has The Flash now done enough to make you care about the possible coupling of Barry and Iris? And though Eddie is probably (per promos) going to become evil, aren’t he and Iris kind of cuter together?

    – I rather see where Barry and Linda go and keep Eddie with Iris. The chemistry fits with the current coupling. Of course, we can see all of that with the time travel wrinkle.

  36. Bwhit says:

    5) I think its because Ryan Philippe just looks young for 40, he does have a teenage daughter in real life but that girl does look a little too old for 16. Ben is infuriating at times, running around the neighborhood and conducting his own ‘investigation’ and oh I don’t know, HIDING THE MURDER WEAPON IN HIS HOUSE.
    14) I don’t know that it did enough but I’m warming to the idea of them partly because Iris seemed more invested in Barry than previous episodes. I don’t care either way but I don’t see her and Eddie being long term.

  37. Annie says:

    Should win Prady
    Will win Prady

  38. Angela says:

    #2: Considering the fact that Sue has escaped punishment for so many much more serious actions thus far, probably not, no.
    #8: Oh, it wouldn’t surprise me. But if they were, hey, “Dancing”, I’m not really here for that sort of drama.
    #12: Totally didn’t catch the cameo, no! On the note of the speakeasy, though, I REALLY hope Greendale kept that-I’d be all for a future episode set entirely in that place (maybe they could do an homage to some classic speakeasy-era film or something. That’d be fun :D).
    #21: Eh, nah. If using it now means they have no way to suddenly dramatically bring Daniel back from the brink or something down the line whenever he winds up on the chopping block, I’m good with it. And J-Lo was certainly worth listening to more than most of the contestants’ performances last night, so…yeah.

  39. KT says:

    17. Yes! I Loretta spin-off would be awesome! She’s a great character. If only Dewey Crowe could come back from the dead to be on it with her.

  40. Tara says:

    No, Iris and Eddie are not cuter together. I much prefer Barry and Iris.

  41. lolita says:

    when is Huck gonna stop killing people? it’s getting to be boring.

  42. Kris says:

    TV’s most ageless actor = Dylan McDermott and Ryan Phillippe

  43. Alichat says:

    13) That’s what I was wondering!? Why were there no small children pointing at the man with the weird mask sitting with the loud, crazy man???
    14) No. Not at all. I feel zero chemistry with them, and frankly I feel like Iris only now suddenly likes him because he was moving on…supposedly.
    20) It was needed, and was like someone let the air in the room. Whether they end up together or not, their honest, open conversations are vital to this show.
    22) This story just makes me roll my eyes. We don’t need this story. There are plenty of other stories to tell that don’t involve Meredith and Derek angst.
    23) I liked it. I was really hoping that Huck wouldn’t go down that path. I miss season 1 Huck. I want some semblance of season 1 Huck back.

  44. Rich Abey says:

    #14. Has The Flash now done enough to make you care about the possible coupling of Barry and Iris? Definitely No. Particularly after we discovered that Iris has been sabotaging Barry’s relationships since high school & now ruined it with Linda too (which is especially nasty given that she was falsely claiming to be not interested in Barry at all)

  45. Lynsey says:

    Lena Dunham on Scandal…at least i didnt have to see her naked and i was shocked that she was killed, but then i remembered how annoying she is.

  46. Kristy says:

    Empire’s finale was a mess so I don’t want to think so much about that show now. Having said that, Cookie’s crime still has the potential to be explored in Season 2.
    I like Iris and Barry and see lots of chemistry with them. They both just need to grow up and properly deal with what’s going on between them. Iris and Eddie have no heat but there’s potential if he’s really a villain. That could be any interesting storyline for them before the relationship ends.

  47. Tiffany says:

    20. Did Grey’s Anatomy really drag out this week’s “Did Derek cheat?” mystery for a whole episode, and then not resolve it? And who did a double-take when Callie referred to the ‘shipper name “MerDer”?

    Seriously!?! Yet, somehow, I am still on the edge of my seat. It felt like it was a season finale ending. Though, I have to admit, I really love the evolving sisterhood between Mer and Maggie (who should eventually be her “person”). Last week, I found myself screaming at the end, “Seriously?!?”. This week was the same…

    Loved Callie referring to Team MerDer and I Alex’s reaction was so him. lol

  48. Temperance says:

    #25 – I’m really glad to see it’s just not the people in my household that found the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials ridiculous. The guy is an idiot that’s gone off his rocker (his sanity apparently left with his looks – ’cause oy he looks *rough*), and the commercials are just silly. “I’m Matt McC… and I unintelligibly rumble so I’m cool. Buy this car to be cool like me.” Bwahahahhha!

  49. Jake says:

    The pronunciation of Ra’s Al Ghul’s name is something that has SERIOUSLY bugged me this season on Arrow. There is zero need to use both pronunciations. Stick to the way it’s been said since Batman: The Animated Series.

  50. Radha says:

    14) Yes. I love Iris and Barry and never had any problem seeing chemistry there. I am assuming, since TV Line has asked this question before, albeit in a different way, that most of you find they don’t have chemistry or are just trying to spark debate over a matter already pitting sides against each other. Iris is Barry’s love interest, yet there is media pandering to him and Caitlin. And she and Eddie, along with Barry and Caitlin, are completely boring. It’s not Candice Patton’s fault that she isn’t given anything to do when the writers insist on keeping Iris out of the loop.

    The only other couple that does have chemistry besides Barry and Iris are Barry and Linda. I like Linda. I’d rather her be a main character rather than Eddie.

    But yeah, to ask if Eddie and Iris are cuter… no they aren’t. I don’t like Eddie at all b/c his character is completely boring and out of place. We know next to absolutely nothing about Eddie yet he’s a main character. This is Sleepy Hollow all over again with Katrina as a main character yet she’s barely involved with the Season 1 plot–and then they try to suddenly make you care about her by shoving her front and center in season 2. Ship has sailed. To me, Eddie is the character I like the least on The Flash and if he were to not be on one episode, I probably wouldn’t notice until the show ended–if at all.

    The idea that people keep bringing up “They’re like siblings!” about Barry and Iris just proves to me that haters are going to hate no matter what. Barry goes to live with them at age 11 or 12, already HAS A CRUSH ON IRIS, and people say he sees her as a sister. Iris would also see him as her BEST FRIEND. Never her brother as Joe didn’t adopt him. But nope. Any excuse to rain hate on the couple.

    So yeah, it irritates me when a media site pulls out a question like this, because all you’re doing is fanning the flames.