Sleepy's Tom Mison: Ichabod & Abbie 'Will Be Drawn to Each Other' in Finale

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Preview Tom Mison

Witch, watch out.

It’s advice Katrina Crane might want to heed as Sleepy Hollow heads into its Season 2 finale (Monday, 9/8c). Because, as star Tom Mison tells TVLine, Ichabod’s done being Capt. Nice Guy.

He’s got grounds: Mrs. Crane repeatedly tried to kill her husband and his fellow Witness in last week’s episode, and then sucked Abbie back into the 18th century with her.

VIDEO Sleepy Hollow Finale Sneak Peek: The Witnesses Meet Again — With a Twist

After that, Mison says, Crane is done asking politely.

“I didn’t want Ichabod to plead with [Katrina],” he says. “I think there’s been so much of that. I got really bored of seeing a weak Ichabod.”

We chatted with the actor about the season-ender, which includes a lot of ye-olde-school Ichabod (“He’s got responsibility, and there are lives at stake”), recent callbacks to the series premiere (which gave him “a shivery excitement”) and — when he brought it up — the Witnesses’ undeniable connection (“They belong together”).

Read on for all the details.

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TVLINE | In Monday’s episode, it seemed like you played Ichabod more angry than hurt when Katrina sided with Henry. Talk to me about that choice.
This is actually something that I had long conversations with [M.] Raven [Metzner], the writer, about — about how to react to it. Because more than anything, it’s a shock. Any sadness, that will come… I think it would be a really nice twist, along with Katrina having a big twist, suddenly we see a shift in gear from Ichabod and he realizes that his family is broken and he has to fight against them.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Preview Tom MisonTVLINE | Going into the finale, then, is he thinking that their marriage is done. Is he done with her?
There’s a slight sense of questioning what she’ll be like without Henry’s influence.

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TVLINE | The last episode had several callbacks to the series premiere, with Abbie in the road at the end and the string cover of “Sympathy for the Devil.”
Oh man. I hadn’t heard that version of “Sympathy for the Devil.” Raven told me it’s what they were planning, some of it shot-for-shot mirroring the pilot. I got very excited when he told me that. I just watched it. I got the kind of shivery excitement that I used to get at the beginning of the first season, which was such a nice relief to feel that, to just laugh and say “This is so cool” again. I think that’s what a lot of viewers have been waiting for.

TVLINE | Ichabod prides himself on being a man of logic. So when he sees Abbie in the cell and she’s telling him all of these very illogical things, how does he handle that?
He’s got a war to fight. And suddenly this woman — I mean, who knows how many other runaways have tried to appeal to him by throwing absolute nonsense at him? Apart from her terrible clothes, she’s no different. There’s nothing about her that’s worth listening to; it’s just the ramblings of a mad person. And he’s called away in the middle of a battle to talk to her. He knows that there’s another attack coming. He’s very busy.

It’s nice to see 18th-century Ichabod for longer than a five-minute flashback. It’s nice to have a full episode of a completely different Ichabod, where he’s got responsibility and there are lives at stake. I think you also get a greater understanding of why he’s as anal as he is in the modern day, because he’s so used to being — well on the one hand, if you’re going to be favorable to Ichabod, you can say he’s so used to being a decision-maker, having to think on the spot and to use logic. If you’re going to be negative about Ichabod, you can say he’s so used to people obeying him without questioning him. [Laughs] It’s great to finally see that Ichabod and be able to explore the man of responsibility being gradually, gradually charmed by Abbie. If not charmed, persuaded by Abbie… Paul Edwards, who directed the finale, we discussed a lot about how we could find just a little bit of the magic chemistry in the 18th century so that, no matter where they are or what time they are in, there’s something that draws them to each other. Do you know what I mean?

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TVLINE | I do. It goes along with the fact that there have been a lot of lines in the past few episodes reaffirming the Witnesses’ connection and why the way the two of them relate to each other is special.
Yeah, lots. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You can almost see the subtitles underneath: “Stay with us, fans. We’ve got this.”
[Laughs harder] Yeah, exactly. They belong together, whether it’s the 18th century or the 21st century or whatever century. Whether it’s in America or England. Wherever they were destined to meet, they will be together and they will be drawn to each other.

TVLINE | You know, when you say things like that, what people read into it.
Am I ‘shipping?

TVLINE | You are ‘shipping hard.
I have said nothing about romance. Ichabod’s britches are firmly on when I say that. [Laughs] Just because I said they’re drawn together doesn’t mean they’re going to roll around in 18th-century hay together.

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  1. GeoDiva says:

    Glad to see that it wasn’t just us fans who realized that this show had gone off the rails this season. Tom Mison wasn’t happy either.

    • jocasta says:

      I much prefer a more decisive Ichabod. The tough soldier in him is far more attractive than the campy Depp like character we have in the present century. It looks like Tom feels the same.

  2. Taylor says:

    So glad that Tom actively voices his concerns about the season as well. Some of Ichabod’s actions make no sense at all. I feel bad for the actors because they spent so much time fleshing out the charachters to have it flushed down the drain.

  3. Michelle says:

    You can ship with your pants ON, Tom! Lol Nuce to see that he was just as frustrated as we were. ;)

  4. Tom always give great interviews, he always gives good insight to what’s going on with the characters on the show I feel hopeful about the show again. What a shame that the writers wasted a whole season of 18 episodes and finally at episode 17 got off of their asses and did their jobs. SHAME ON THEM !!!!!!!

  5. The only thing I love more than Ichabbie is how much Tom Mison ships it. Cannot wait for the episode tonight – this show HAS to be renewed (we’re attempting to trend Sleepy Hollow finale – capital first letters, spaces, no hashtag – tonight, please spread the word if you can!).

  6. The idea of Ichabod being a little more forceful is almost enough to get me watching again. Almost. But I’m still holding out for a new showrunner.

    • Please watch! The show is in danger of cancellation – if we don’t support it now, there might not be a new showrunner because there’ll be no show for them to run. I’m like 99% sure that if Goffman isn’t out yet he will be soon, as long as the show is renewed. I know it’s a leap of faith and that we’ve all been burnt on this show before but I truly believe they’re committed to changing things and getting the fandom back, all evidence suggest as much.

      This episode will have past-Ichabod being all Captain-y (and hot), it’s got a death that’s quite likely to be Katrina (and either way she’s out, as is Henry and Hawley). Please watch, tweet and support the show, and if it disappoints again it will just get cancelled in the fall instead. But I really think it’s worth saving and has turned a corner. And I’m a cynical skeptical pessimist with a heart of black obsidian.

      • Normally I chafe when someone tells me to “please watch” but dang girl if I didn’t hear sweeping music in the background as I read your comment! LOL! I’m still feeling burned but maybe I’ll tune in tonight in an act of faith.

        • smartysenior says:

          Unless you are a Nielsen family no one will know what you watch. I repeat, WHAT YOU WATCH IS NOT KNOWN TO ANYONE. Amazing how few fans actually get this.

          • marquai says:

            It’s really annoying how antiquated the ratings system is…how do they know that four million people watched the show if watching live for others than Nielson is irrelevant? I’m just curious as to how they get their statistics. Surely millions of people aren’t Nielson equipped, are they?

          • I’m perfectly aware of how the Nielsens work, thanks. I never claimed anything about the ratings.

          • Actually it counts if you watch via DVR (not as much as Nielsen but still). Also from what I’ve learned it also counts if you’re on a college campus. Plus tweeting helps. But it’s easier for everyone to skip the specifics and just get people watching, because every single person who watches might go online and talk about it, might tell their friends to check it out (hopefully on Hulu and FOX website which also counts for something). Hell, unlikely though it is, one of them might even know a Nielsen household. Every bit helps.

            Trust me, I’m read up on how ratings work, this is not my first show in danger of cancellation – it’s not even my first “genre show on FOX” in danger of cancellation, I think this is number 7 or 8 or something.

            @marquai – I hope you’ll still tune in anyway, and at least throw one tweet out that you’re watching. I really think it’s gonna be one hell of an episode.

          • Miss Thing says:

            But they WILL pay attention to social media. If fans could bring back Star Trek, they can bring back Sleepy Hollow.

      • The show is in danger of being canceled because the dude-bro writers told everyone they knew better and alienated people. It’s not the responsibility of others to save their behinds now. Let Fox renew it and clean house an then WOO viewers back with scripts that are worthy and proper promotion. Otherwise even THIS is another bait and switch.

      • Deb says:

        The rating system works only if you live in the states if you live outside of it. It doesn’t count

  7. Tom sounds like a pathetic sell-out actor in his recent interviews.

    • If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. You neither do I know him so why criticize him for HIS opinion. He has a right to say what he wants to say. He was there and not YOU.

    • Lenwood says:

      I am guessing if he was gushing about Katrina I would guess you would be praising him. I see you…..

    • lauren says:

      Psst, girlfriend, your agenda is showing.

    • Lol right because this is the first time he’s said these things? This has all been there since the start – the only reason he downplayed it this season was because of the direction of the show (and he’s made it pretty clear how he feels about that). I’m sure you had no problems with his comments when he was gritting out reluctant support for Ichatrina and the Crane Family Drama storyline.

    • amjm2014 says:

      Why does he sound like a sell-out because he knows how his character should be? We was all tired of him playing whimpy Ichabod we wanted the snarky, cranky Ichabod, self assured person we had in Season 1. I am for one glad he is saying what the some of the viewers have been thinking.

  8. flo says:

    Were any of the actors happy with their characters this season? It’s just good to read honest comments from the actors too, not just the fans. And I’m happy that Tom continuously reaffirms what makes this show so special in the fist place – the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie. That is your baseline. That is what must be protected! I really hope FOX renews this show!

  9. Like the fans, it’s obvious that Tom, Nicole, Lyndie and Orlando recognise that this season is in no way comparable with the first, and are rediscovering that season 1 excitement now that the show is finally back on track.

  10. Betsym says:

    I might be the only one, but I really don’t like Ichabod / Abbie together. I was totally feeling Sharif Atkins’ writer guy in What Lies Beneath!! THAT would make me happy!!

  11. Love Tom Mison, and what a great interview. I’m really excited again about SH. I’m definitely going to watch. I’ll even try to tweet to help although I’m terribly inept at it. lol

  12. dioxinblues says:

    I hope this show gets renewed. Yes, it had a sophomore slump but everyone seems to be aware of that and if the last couple episodes — and the hints about tonight’s final — are any indication, they’ve done a good job righting the ship (and not just *that* ship).

  13. Cam says:

    I am looking forward to the finale tonight and hope everyone, no matter what you thought about this season, will tune in so there can be a season 3!!

  14. 1Maenad says:

    I’m so done with the Katrina storyline, her becoming an evil badass witch is too little, too late. I just want her gone. I’m not shipping Icabod and Abbie, I just love the way they work together as a team.

  15. What the heck happened…Katrina..good..evil..Crane killing her…smiling..maybe he wants to get in on with boring Abby..Don’t to frig up a promising show…done like dinner….

  16. chris christy says:

    I liked icabod and katrina. They waited all those years to get together and then
    they make here evil. Abbey and icanbod good as friends only. I cried when
    they killed katrina. Abbey cold and manlike good partner bad lover
    But still renew. Be unfox like and cancel another good show