Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Revenge, Scorpion, Castle, Mentalist, Flash, S.H.I.E.L.D., Orphan Black and More

Castle Season 7 The Wrong Stuff

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Question: Any info on Castle‘s mid-season two-parter, or any other episodes? —Sandra
Ausiello: So much has already been spilled about the February sweeps event, you instead get this: Matt Mitovich chatted up Stana Katic at HBO’s Golden Globes party, and she teased that Rick and Kate are “going to Mars,” as they (separately?) work a case involving “Mars, spacesuits and space travel.” The episode’s ominous title? “The Wrong Stuff.” #MarsNeedsCaskett

Question: Mom has become one of my favorite shows thanks to its ability to mix the serious with some absolutely high-larious comedy! Any scoop on what’s coming up? —Nick
Ausiello: There’s a surprise cameo on the horizon that will have you screaming, “Jesus Christ!” And that’s because it is Jesus Christ. According to sources, the Prince of Peace will turn up in one of Bonnie’s dreams in this season’s 16th episode.

Question: Longtime fan of yours from the Gilmore Girls days… still bowled over by your appearance on the show! Kidding aside, I have a Mentalist query. What’s the deal with Patrick Jane’s wedding ring from his first wife who was murdered? Now that he’s in a relationship and planning a “Jisbon” future, when is it coming off? —Esther
Ausiello: Ha! That was a funny joke you made at my expense! Here’s your Mentalist answer, directly from EP Tom Szentgyorgyi: “The ring is obviously hugely important to Jane. It will be addressed, but we can’t give away how.”

Question: I love Scorpion, and I’d love to hear any scoop you have about this show. —Sara
Ausiello: An origin episode is coming! “We’ve talked about doing an episode that takes place entirely in the past, where we’d get to see when Walter met all these guys for the first time and put together the team,” reveals EP Nick Santora. “Backstory is important to us, and we love that fans of the show care about it.”

Melissa_Rauch_as_BernadetteQuestion: Any The Big Bang Theory scoop? —Alek
Ausiello: Still no bun in Bernadette’s oven. At least “not at the moment,” says exec producer Steve Molaro, who adds with a laugh, “Bernadette already has a baby in her life, his name is Howard.”

Question: I loved everything about the season premiere of Looking except the lack of Richie! When will he come back? Will he still pursue Patrick? —Julius
Ausiello: He resurfaces in the very near future when he has an unexpected and somewhat awkward run-in with one of Patrick’s BFFs, an encounter that subsequently brings him back into his ex’s orbit.

Question: It’s been forever since you’ve said anything about Shameless. —Christina
Ausiello: Things are not completely over between Lip and ex Mandy. “We definitely have a little bit left over this season where it’s kind of one last-ditch effort – are they are going to make it?” executive producer Nancy Pimental previews. But with Lip broadening his horizons, the female Milkovich “really just represents his old way and his old life, and that’s just not who he is anymore.”

Question: I’ll settle for any Flash scoop you have. —Mason
Ausiello: Any Flash scoop is yours for the taking. “There’s an unexpected, accidental time travel coming up,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg previews. “And it is played both for hilarity and darkness. It happens in an episode we’re really excited it — the first Weather Wizard episode with Liam McIntyre” (AKA Episode 15).

Question: Will Natalie Zea be returning as Winona for Justified‘s last season? —Reagan
Ausiello: For sure. At first, you will only see Winona and baby Willa via video chats, them being in Florida and all. But Natalie Zea tells TVLine that Episode 7 of the final season brings Raylan’s baby mama back to Kentucky, for a Winona-heavy storyline beat.

Ask AusielloQuestion: Anything on the Parenthood finale? —Joyce
Ausiello: Matt Lauria will be back (briefly) as Ryan in the final episode, airing Jan. 29. Interpret as you like!

Question: Can you give this Original Team Arrow fan anything to look forward to? It really feels as though Diggle and Felicity are getting lost among this push for the “suits.” H.I.V.E.? Andy Diggle? Felicity’s father? Anything? —Trish
Ausiello: On the topic of Felicity’s dad (versus her returning mom), exec producer Marc Guggenheim tells TVLine that unraveling that mystery is something the show will do “probably further down the line,” rather than this season. “That said, if everything goes according to plan, we will learn a little bit more about dad” before Season 3 wraps. “But we haven’t gotten to the episode yet or written the actual scene, so no specific promises.” As for Dig, David Ramsey confirms, “You’ll see me back in the Arrow suit” after Oliver turns up missing. That same bleak twist also will raise the question, “‘Why does the team stay together?’ If we stay together. This crusade that began with Oliver has become our crusade, but why? What does Oliver mean to me? Why do I love this guy? Some of those questions will be answered during this emotional examination.”

Question: Are we going to learn why The Originals‘ Esther and Dahlia are so scared of Mikael? —Tom
You’ll gradually learn more about Esther and Dahlia’s feelings on Mikael as the season progresses, but not before Esther makes a pretty big decision: “I cannot say whether she does or does not [transition into a vampire],” hedges executive producer Julie Plec, “But I can say that we learn which choice she made in the very first episode back.”

Question: Hey Aus, in Episode 2.04 and 2.05 of The Originals we saw Klaus and Camille get much closer. Can we look forward to more of their amazing chemistry this season? —Melissa
The chemistry can’t be denied, but don’t count on him acknowledging his feelings for her — or for anyone other than Hope — anytime soon. “Klaus is someone who believes that love makes him weak, and he is terrified of it, yet he’s opened his heart to this daughter that’s filling his heart in a way he never thought it could be filled,” says EP Julie Plec. “Given his hesitation about embarking on too many feelings, I think he’s full up at the moment. There isn’t necessarily a romance he’s going to be interested in exploring in quite some time.”

Ask AusielloQuestion: Any Revenge scoop? — Neil
Brace yourself, Neil… As Revenge showrunner Sunil Nayar revealed to TVLine last month, Ben’s ex-wife will soon be making an appearance in the Hamptons — and now, I’ve got more scoop: Her name is April, and she’s currently working as a waitress at a diner. Described as “pretty-but-scrappy,” she’s become quite independent since splitting from her ex. But the question remains: How will she re-enter Ben’s life?

Question: Any scoop on Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, SVU, NCIS, or Once Upon A Time’s Captain Swan? —Kate
Ausiello: I choose… Column B! Kyle MacLachlan tells us that even though Skye spared Cal’s life in the midseason finale — just prior to her “transformation” — “I think it’s only going to get more difficult” for daughter and father as Season 2 resumes. At least as far as he can tell. “When they hand me the scripts, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the direction they take the character in and what they’re asking me to do,” the actor says. “I like playing his scary side, and I like playing the father and man who has been through a lot.”

Question: Bridget Regan’s “No. 1 fan” here, hoping you can tell something about her Agent Carter role! —Bill
Ausiello: The White Collar/Jane the Virgin actress debuts this Tuesday as Dottie Underwood, “another one of these kind of softly spoken women who comes along and starts to have a relationship with Peggy,” says Hayley Atwell. “But the thing with Peggy is that she can’t really get close to a lot of the people that are living and working outside of her secret life, so we see her struggling to really want to form intimacy with these women…. You see that she’s kind of missing out on being girly.”

MASTERS OF SEX (SEASON 2)Question: Can I please get some Masters of Sex scoop? —Madison
Ausiello: Season 3 will time-jump further “into the ’60s,” Showtime president David Nevins told reporters this week at the Television Critics Assoc. winter press tour, noting that it’s “a pretty big leap” from 1961, where Season 2 ended. As such, when we next meet up with Bill and Virginia, they’ll be grappling with their celebrity status. “Last season was kind of a down period for them,” Nevins noted. “This season will be [about] fame and celebrity, and the effect of what they’ve done has started to have on the world.”

Question: Ugh! I just binge-watched the first two seasons of Orphan Black and was reeling when I found out I would have to wait until April to see more of my favorite clones. Anything you can tell us about Cosima’s fate? Or what will become of Helena? Or scoop on the freaky-looking dude clone doing pull-ups? —Reva
Ausiello: Sarah and that freaky-looking dude AKA Rudy/Scarface are going to have an antagonistic relationship, especially given that he has the 411 on Project Leda while Sarah’s only just learned about Castor. “He knows who he’s talking to,” portrayer Ari Millen says of their confrontation. “He knows her story. And he knows why she’s there. He’s not giving her anything. He’s just going to play the game. He’s just going to have a good time.”

Question: Have you got any exciting spoilers from Grimm? I’ll take anything! —Larsen
Ausiello: Remember how Hank sorta easily accepted the fact that Wesen exist? Don’t expect the same reaction from Wu, portrayer Reggie Lee says, even once the sergeant has fully absorbed the idea. “How he deals with it now, and how [the gang] deal with him, is going to flesh out the next several episodes,” Lee tells TVLine, adding, “It’s so unlike anybody else that has gone through this situation on the show.”

Question: I want to know more about Sadie and Avery working together on Nashville. Please tell me this isn’t going to be a problem for him and Juliette. —Christine
Ausiello:  I’ll let Laura Benanti field that one, Christine. “They have a good energy together,” she tells TVLine, but “it’s not romantic. I go on Twitter, and people are like, ‘Leave him alone!’ Everybody, calm down. Men and women can be in a room and no one’s genitals have to touch. It happens in real life.” Their “purely business” arrangement (you’ll remember that Avery is helping produce the new Highway 65 artist’s upcoming album) will result in “a very rootsy vibe that is different from what Rayna and Juliette have going on,” she adds. “It’s a little more Americana, which I appreciate.”

12 monkeysQuestion: Is Syfy’s 12 Monkeys worth watching? —Janet
Ausiello: Yep. If you’ve seen the 1995 movie, the new series is different enough that it’ll hold your interest. And if you haven’t, the show’s twisty take on time travel — as well as the chemistry between Suits‘ Amanda Schull, who plays a virologist, and Nikita‘s Aaron Stanford, as a man trying to avert a global plague — will quickly pull you in.

Question: Can I get some more scoop about the most recent Blind Item? Pretty please with Smurfs on top! —Kyle
Ausiello: It’s not Scandal. Or any ABC series for that matter. It’s also not Jess on New Girl.

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  1. Letti says:

    I’m so bittersweet about The Originals. The spoilers sound ok, especially because I don’t like Klami. But I’m tired of waiting for the original actors, I don’t like the recasts. Funny thing is they just posted a webclip on Facebook, and there were a lot of comments with like 300 likes, about wanting Nate Buzolic back as Kol, and an hour later they all got deleted, leaving the Daniel Sharman fan comments with 40 likes. WTF?

    • Kayla says:

      Well, everyone has different opinions. I don’t ship Klaus/Cami but I know people who do. And I find Daniel Sharman to be doing an amazing job, I never cared about Kol on TVD and found the character pretty undeveloped. I think the writing and acting for the character is better on The Originals.

      • BeaAnn44 says:

        I don’t really care for Cami’s character at all. And I’m sorry, but I’m personally not a fan of the actress either. I definitely don’t want Klaus and Cami together. I’d be ok with him and pretty much anyone else. But if he just focuses on Hope for now, that’s ok too. I’m adjusting to the recasts. I don’t love them all, but hopefully in time, they will grow on me. Or die and then I don’t have to worry about liking them.

    • lorna says:

      Cami can go. She is so bland. Bring carolibe over so she can quit be annoying on tvd.

    • Cory says:

      I love how The Originals has handled the recasting of the characters. It kinda sucks on one level, but for the most part, it’s worked. I hated the original recast of Esther, the skinny girl, but I *loved* the black witch, in fact I liked Esther almost more in that body than in her original form. The eldest brother too was awesome as the therapist. But I like how even though they’re in new bodies they still got all the original actors back so they could be a part of the flashbacks. So until they get the story in a right spot to have their original forms back I am enjoying having the old and new ones together.

    • Sara says:

      After the mid-season finale I decided to quit the show. Then when the spoiled that they were going to kill off Kol yet again (and keep characters like the baby, Hayley & Cami) it made my decision even easier.

      I wanted to watch a show about The Original Vampires that we met on TVD, and none of them are on the show apart from Klaus & Elijah – but I don’t even recognize Elijah as a character anymore because they assassinated him for the sake of propping up Hayley and they continue to have Klaus do moronic and out of character things (like sacrificing himself to save Cami).

      • Letti says:

        I’m thinking of quitting as well. Nate/Kol and Claire/Rebekah are my favourite Originals. I wanted to see them. But they both got recasted, and Kol might be killed again anyway. I also dislike thee new Esther and Finn never really interested me. And I hate how Klaus and Elijah treat Kol. Make it The Originals for real, without that I won’t care anymore. I’ll rather rewatch TVD season 3.

  2. Tran says:

    Hope Amber & Ryan will have a fairy tale ending or not in the series finale of Parenthood come January 29th.

    • Jess says:

      It is Mindy Lahiri- episode 3.15 to be exact, so soon. I hope and assume they know what they’re doing. Fingers crossed since I love the show!

  3. A says:

    I didn’t think we’d find out about Felicity’s father this season, but I’m still kind of disappointed…hopefully we’ll get more of Diggle’s story though.

    • Shelley says:

      I love the fact that are considering Felicity’s father’s identity and his past. And I’m glad to see Diggle take on the lead of Oliver’s crusade while he’s missing. It makes you wonder if some of the past characters like on the island might be the dad of Felicity. Bringing more complex issues between Oliver and Felicity.

  4. Babybop says:

    Welp, that pretty much confirms (along with a tweet from Mindy Kaling this morning) that Mindy is going to get pregnant on The Mindy Project. I’m not super thrilled about it, but I’ll try and trust her.

    • youngandsinglefostermom says:

      The only hesitation I have is didn’t he say the couple in question wasn’t in a good place? Or did I misinterpret that? But yes, Mindy’s cryptic quotes about upcoming plot twists pretty much secured that in my mind too. I trust her to do this right though, and to not let it ruin the show, however off-timing it seems.

      • Dizzle says:

        I’m leaning towards Mindy Project too, although my other thought was Chicago Fire? I don’t watch the show religiously but aren’t Dawson and Casey on the outs at the moment, and it’s definitely a show that will be around for a few years ratings-wise

    • B says:

      yeah I definitely think its mindy project, didn’t mindy want like 4 kids at some point? She’d have to start popping them out soon if that was something she still wanted. While I’m a bit unsure about the idea of mindy being pregnant on the show I gotta admit morgan would be hilarious as a babysitter/taking care of a pregnant mindy

  5. Tom says:

    Blind item has to be Mindy project. Why else would ausiello mention New Girl?

  6. Pati says:

    I also binge watched Orphan Black in 2 days now I’m dying for any scoop and reading old articles about the show. It is so good, really excited for season 3.

  7. StephonJS says:

    i really wanted the Blind item to be about OUAT’s Regina.. :(

    • Emma says:

      Meh, I thought that at first, but adding a baby to the Regina/Robin/Marian mess would be awful.

      • Meghan says:

        That “mess” is actually resolved. Robin picked Regina. Done deal.

        • kath says:

          Didn’t he just leave with Marion and their son?

          • Meghan says:

            Did Marian say she wants to be with a man who is clearly in love with another woman? Clearly not. So while Robin may have left with Marian (with an a, educate yourself), she doesn’t want him anymore.
            I don’t see them rekindling, and Robin giving up on Regina.
            So, yes, while he left Storybrooke, so that his wife AND SON, wouldn’t be alone in a world they know nothing about, their romance is clearly over.

          • kath says:

            Since it’s highly unlikely that Robin or Maria/on could write or spell, how her name is spelled is irrelevant. It was another 400 years till English spelling consolidated.

          • Meghan says:

            *LOL* Your arguments aren’t making you look any smarter.
            Robin was a born royal, so dismissing that he would be able to write or spell is really reaching. But keep on trying. Looks like I made my points, since all you could comment on was how the spelling is irrelevant. :D

          • kath says:

            I commented on the spelling because the rest of your argument is a ‘chaqu’un a son gout’ affair.

            The rank of earl (e.g. Earl of Huntingdon) is a rank of nobility, not royalty, and in the 1200s, the nobility were generally illiterate. .

  8. Brian says:

    I didn’t get how anyone could possibly think that blind item was about Scandal. No way would a show that is all about shocking moments like Scandal waste Olivia getting pregnant by such a non factor like Jake and not the President.

  9. Emily says:

    Wow, what do you want to bet that Julie Plec sent in that Cami/Klaus question herself? That ship has been dead in the water since day 1, there’s no saving it now. Thank god Joseph Morgan put his foot down and said no more romance for Klaus. Poor guy, they stuck him with a baby, the least they could do was keep him from turning into a lovesick idiot too.

  10. Reagan says:

    thanks for the answer, aus!

  11. Leslie says:

    I am in desperate dire hardcore need for she Law &Order SVU spoilers, particularly anything Olivia wise.

  12. Sheila says:

    I hope the don’t bring a baby into Big Bang Theory. No show has ever been made better by a baby storyline, and it just won’t work for that show.

  13. MontanaMoose says:

    Will Tim Gutterson have a subplot or at least more screen time in the final season of Justified?

  14. Larry says:

    Regarding the blind item, I think it’s Sleepy Hollow wih Icabod and Katrina. It sounds unconventional because the baby might be between Katrina and the horseman.

  15. Rook says:

    I think it’s Dawson on Chicago Fire. Her and Casey and not on solid ground. Ugh I really hope I wrong.

    • Dude says:

      That seems to make the most sense but I just can’t see that show qualifying as one thats covered often on the site. If it’s not Dawson, it really just leaves Arrow, The Mindy Project and Glee.

      • Bwhit says:

        RE: glee they said the show will be around for quite some time. Plus are Danny and Mindy on the outs? I have to catch up now that SOA is done.

    • Bwhit says:

      I’m torn because when she isn’t acting like a child herself, I love Dawson and Casey together. Plus since the beginning of the series, Casey has wanted to be a daddy and we saw how good he did with the Darden boys. Who knows though :)

  16. bb says:

    I’m glad we’re supposedly getting a bit more Diggle on Arrow, but that HIVE part of the question was sidestepped nicely. They keep bringing in new characters and spending more and more time on the uninteresting ones, always promising Diggle and Felicity will get more story “later”. Meanwhile, the show’s been turning into a hot mess. That later is going to end up being “too late” for me pretty soon – if they keep pushing the three Team Arrow members to the background and keep the boring characters in the forefront, I’ll be tuning out.

  17. Wow, the Big Bang execs really don’t seem to be aware of what they’re doing at all…

  18. kath says:

    So many good spoilers today. You’ve outdone yourself!

    The Mom scoop sounds like fun.
    Time travel on The Flash!
    The return of Winona on Justified.
    A Mars trip for Castle?
    And best of all, more Diggle and a hint at Felicity’s father!

    When do we find out about the Blind Item? It’s driving people crazy!

  19. Mary says:

    Think you should add Big Bang Theory to your list considering what you said about Bernadette and Howard, and what’s been previously said about Penny. Unless Amy and Sheldon actually end up finally taking that step and she ends up pregnant.

  20. Dude says:

    ABC eliminates a lot of options (namely Scandal, Nashville and Once Upon a Time). Really, I’d say that only leaves Arrow, Glee and The Mindy Project as shows that fit all of the requirements. I can’t imagine Rachel is pregnant on Glee and I don’t think its anyone on Arrow so I’m gonna say it’s Mindy on The Mindy Project.

  21. Joey says:

    Darn, it doesn’t sound like a very happy ending for Lip and Mandy. That being said, from what we saw in season 3 especially, Mandy wants what’s best for Lip, and if that’s not her, as much as it breaks my heart…

    On the other hand, maybe Lip will just see that Amanda is using him to piss off her parents, and he and Mandy will get back together. :D

  22. herman1959 says:

    So, the Blind Item isn’t Scandal or another ABC series. I’m over it; it’s probably not even a show that I watch. OK, Shonda, I hope you have something good coming.

  23. Briggs says:

    So, we may hear about Felicity’s dad this season or next. That’s what I got out of that. :)
    Aw. Are they going to break up the band? I hope not, I hope Team Arrow contiues to fight crime, but I’m willing to wait… a week? to find out.
    I’m tired, so I don’t have much enthusiasm left (just got finished helping babysit for two small children), but I love that we now have an ep for Barry’s chrono accident. :) I look forward to it. It’s the same week as Arrow’s Nanda Parbat ep, so that’ll be a fun week for me. :)

  24. javadude54 says:

    “Men and women can be in a room and no one’s genitals have to touch. It happens in real life”? Oh, man… Laura Benanti isn’t going to make many friends on the message boards with that kind of talk.

  25. spellblade says:

    I really dont like how the arrow producers are making it seem as though some kinda focus/story on felicity = throwing hints reg felicity’s dad. While that storyline is defo interesting, I want to know more about felicity and some story arc for her in the present outside outside of this dad story that challenges felicity as a character. Hope they dont forget the nemesis storyline they teased abt in the flash zero comics. Iam really missing team arrow scenes. Hopefully the next few epis will have diggle in the forefront leading team arrow. Love Diggle.

  26. I’m going with Deeks and Kensi on NCIS:LA

  27. Darcey says:

    I’ve been seriously irritated by how Wu has been treated on Grimm. He’s almost been driven crazy and no relief in sight. Why not tell him? Hank handled it well after his first encounter. Why not Wu?

    • Jake says:

      Well, I guess IRL a lot of people would have a hard time dealing with a reality like that, and Wu is going to be one of them.

    • Brigid says:

      They did tell Wu on the last episode and he drove away from them.

      • Yeah, they FINALLY told Wu after continually lying to him and even going so far as to let him have himself committed to a mental institution. Let me repeat, they let him think he was crazy. That’s messed up, when they could have easily told him. There was very little risked for them involved, because they are very close to Wu. This isn’t some random cop that saw something, they know Wu and trust him. And he trusted them. They violated that trust, and Wu has suffered horribly because of it. Due to them not addressing it earlier on, Wu has let his fear take root and it is going to be very difficult for him to let go of that. It’s terrible that it took so long for this to happen.

  28. Hope says:

    I dont know I am a Klaus and Cami fan. But I am kind of happy that they are taking their time. I just dont want a love triangle. I kind of miss the bad Klaus. The Klaus that would not give Cami the white oak steak and telling Cami hopes alive. Now I read that Klaus and Elijah will switch roles to protect hope. I can see that. But I think Klaus better start being like he used to be now that Dahlia will come back. I wont talk about my couple on this po

  29. Lisa says:

    So excited for 12 MONKEYS!!!!!

  30. lostie48 says:

    It’s either Mindy Project or Arrow, it has to be. The only possible shows it could be are Elementary, Arrow, The Mindy Project, Chicago Fire, Grimm, and Hannibal.

    Arrow and the Mindy Project are the only ones that I think are covered a lot on this site so it has to be one of them. I want to say Mindy but that show is not doing the best ratings wise so I want to lean toward Arrow

  31. Lia Solime says:

    I just want Klayley. I don’t care about those ships. I just want my slow burn Klaus and Hayley

  32. Peter says:

    Regarding the Blind Item:
    We are given the requirements of (1) a show on Fox, NBC, CBS or the CW (that isn’t New Girl), (2) a show in season 3, 4 or 5 (not on its last legs), (3) a show well-covered by TVLine, (4) a show airing in the first few months of 2015 and (5) a show that features a leading lady who has been in a relationship (but is not married) to a (presumably) main-character man and whose relationship is currently faltering. Based on the networks and seasons alone, our list of contenders is: Blue Bloods (CBS, Season 5); Elementary (CBS, Season 3); Person of Interest (CBS, Season 4); Two Broke Girls (CBS, Season 4); Arrow (The CW, Season 3); The Mindy Project (Fox, Season 3); Chicago Fire (NBC, Season 3); Grimm (NBC, Season 4). We can now look at the leading lady in each show and evaluate. I doubt that it is any of the CBS shows as none of them feature their main female character having been in a relationship and now on the outs. Likewise in Arrow, none of the leading ladies (Felicity, Laurel, Thea) have been in relationships recently. Thus I think the three best contenders are Mindy on the Mindy Project, Dawson on Chicago Fire and Juliet on Grimm. Of these, I think the one best covered by TVLine and which would divide fans most would by Mindy Lahiri, therefore that is my guess.

    • Luis says:

      I’m going with Juliette on “Grimm” – the “changing the DNA” clue seems particularly relevant, given the unfortunate side effects Juliette seems to be suffering from her role in Nick’s “re-Grimming.”

      • John NYC says:

        Agreed, as I scrolled down I was thinking about the puzzle and Juliette and Grimm was where I also wound up.

        I might be slightly hindered by not watching either MP or CF but anyway.

        Demon Baby 2.0!

    • Jonathan says:

      Oh, I sure hope it isn’t Mindy.

  33. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the Scorpion scoop!

  34. Morgan says:

    bahhhhhhhhhhh “The chemistry can’t be denied” sorry but klamille is as sizzling as an iceberg! Seriously Julie you´ve tried to get people to like cami for 2 years now and quess what the majority still hates her and the reason is she´s BORING bland and just pain uninteresting, well Klaus had no problems loving caroline but that didn´t happend RIGHT!

  35. Carolee says:

    Any more information if The Mentslist found a new home or renewed .I will miss the show.I know most actors on the show has other jobs lined up.

  36. Giulia says:

    Sorry I couldn’t read everything, I’m still laughing at you people saying Klamille has chemistry.

  37. macchief says:

    Of course Jane’s wedding ring from his first wife would be addressed. I mean no matter how much some fans, including me, think that Lisbon wouldn’t force Jane into doing something about it, it would be impossible for them to move on together with him still wearing it.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if him still weaing his wedding ring isn’t either hinted at or brought up by at least one of Lisbon’s brothers in tonights episode. That is assuming that she tells them that Jane and her are dating. I mean being a brother to two sisters I would be wondering how committed the guy my sister was dating was to her if he was still wearing the wedding ring from his first wife a decade after she was killed. Though again that’s just me.

  38. rebbysmith says:

    Blind Item: Kensi on NCIS:LA??

  39. Keith Flemming says:

    Huge Ncis Fan with this latest battle in Gibbs life will his second ex wife be the next target and when will we see a Ziva sighting now that Tony is in Love

    • John NYC says:

      Don’t see why the first set of murders involved complete strangers so unless she fit a particular scenario it wouldn’t fit the pattern of recreating incidents from his past. With Tony involved Ziva becomes even more irrelevant.

  40. Cas says:

    I like Klaus and Cami. I do not like her with Marcel. He should be with Rebekah. But the real one. Not the fake stand in.

  41. I am beyond thrilled to know that Digg will be wearing the hood again. He’s definitely THE choice to step in while Oliver is gone. I’m excited to see the team operate without Oliver for a while. I think Oliver often overshadows the others, and it’d be nice to see them all hopefully get some adequate screen time. I’m eager to see Felicity process Oliver being gone (even thinking he’s dead), because we rarely (if ever?) get her POV when it comes to her and Oliver.

  42. I am also super super eager to finally have Laurel suit up. It’s been a long time coming, and I want to see her working with the rest of the team. And considering Oliver hasn’t been supportive at all about her choice, it’s probably a good thing this is happening while he’s gone. I want her to come into her own without facing doubt from every corner (although, I expect the others to weigh in, I definitely think they’ll be more supportive than Oliver would be). I’m actually more excited to see Laurel and Digg interact more than I am to see Laurel and Felicity, and I did NOT think that would be the case. I’ve just really loved the undercurrent dynamic between Laurel and Digg since season 1, and how Laurel was such a point of contention between Oliver and Digg. I think Laurel and Digg have a lot in common, in regards to their ethics/morals/beliefs, and I’d like to see them interact more.

  43. Barbara cullen says:

    Not sure but does anyone else wonder if on Revenge that Daniel is still alive

  44. Jr says:

    Blind item i think its Elementary and its Watson

  45. Angela says:

    Glad to know ‘ The Mentalist’ will address Jane’s wedding band before the end of the series. Jane and Lisbon’s history and relationship is complex and layered and Jane’s reasons for continuing to wear the ring are complicated, but it is past time for it to be gone! I think this season has been ‘ spot on’ and I will miss the show and the characters!!

    • Carolee says:

      I too will miss the characters .They play a very likeness to real people .I think CBS made a grave mistake by not renewing the show more than 13 episode. They should have renewed The Mentslist for a full 8 year. The channel will lose this fan I will not be watch much after Feb 18.I was hoping for another station to picked it up.The actors are so good at their performance.There is so much garbage shows out and no real entertaining just stupid comedy and reality shows. Well this my rant .Hope all the actors in The Mentslist find a job because they are good performers.

  46. tjchurch2001 says:

    I like the idea of new relationships without brand-new characters on “Nashville”, as well as seeing “BIrkhoff” in anything. (Wondering if he now might show up on “Suits”, which could always use some new blood after Louis’ recent change.)

  47. Barbara says:

    Victoria got stabbed in the stomach by Malcolm, how was she unscathed?