CW Eyeing DC Comics' Atom Series

Arrow and The Flash may soon have some super company at The CW.

The Powers That Be behind the popular DC Comics TV series are in “very early talks” about a possible show centered on Atom/Ray Palmer.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg revealed that they are working on a “very general idea” related to the character Brandon Routh plays in Arrow.

In addition to his myriad comic book appearances, Ray/The Atom — who can alter the size of his body as well as other objects — has turned up in numerous animated series, including, most recently, Cartoon Network’s Young JusticeArrow marks one of the character’s rare live-action incarnations.

CW president Mark Pedowitz obliquely referenced a possible Atom series during the panel, saying that the network would be “judicious” about expanding its DC fare. “Could there be another hour in that universe? Possibly. As long as there’s no audience fatigue.”

The EPs wouldn’t elaborate on the project after the panel, saying only they weren’t allowed to comment further.

Routh, meanwhile, described playing Ray Palmer/The Atom as “an amazing experience.”

“When [the Arrow role] was proposed, I was hesitant to step into DC world again,” said the former Superman Returns star. “I never thought it would happen and that I would play, in my mind, a pivotal character.”

Other highlights from the Arrow and Flash panel:

* Talking about the multitude of costumed crusaders in Starling City, Guggenheim noted, “Ray is on a slightly different track than the other members of Team Arrow. His connection is through Felicity.” Meanwhile, Oliver is “seeing the crusade grow beyond him,” which ties into the plan for Season 3.

* Star Stephen Amell learned of Oliver’s demise before Season 3 started shooting. “I personally love when there’s adversity for the protagonist,” he said. “If we don’t give other characters the opportunity to shoulder the load, then we give viewers nothing to attach them to. I’m excited for everyone’s opportunity.”

* “I’ve been waiting for this to happen and I’m excited and thrilled about it,” Katie Cassidy said of the transition to Black Canary. “She goes from avenging her sister to honoring her sister to becoming her sister.”

* Why no mask, Dig? “Heroes don’t need costumes,” David Ramsey replied.

* Dr. Wells is “the man in the yellow suit. Yes, I am Reverse Flash,” Tom Cavanagh confirmed.

* Eddie Thawne’s name on The Flash is “not an accident” and his connection to the comic book lore will “pay off big time in back half of the year,” Kreisberg teased.


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  1. ABG. says:

    Meh. I wanted Wonder Woman or something else. Not really loving the character on Arrow.

    • Iconic characters such as Wonder Woman will do best in movies than on TV. TV is for the lesser, yet still, important characters, such as Atom, Arrow, and Flash.

      • Josh says:

        Wonder Woman had an iconic tv series for years…She’s actually pretty tv friendly.

        • In today’s age of the blockbuster super hero movie, they would do much better in a big budget movie than a weekly TV series. The bigger and more high concept the concept is, the better fit a movie is. Atom doesn’t need a movie, the concept doesn’t justify it, while a TV series is much more feasible. Wonder Woman needs the budgets used in such films. A TV series wouldn’t be able to accommodate it on the long term.

          The Carter TV series wouldn’t be as successful today, nor would it be as down to Earth as it was back then. The concept in the comics has grown beyond that. We’re talking the scale of the last two “of the Titans” movies.

      • kath says:

        It’s not a question of being iconic, it appears to be a question of being male. Just look at who was on that panel.

        • It’s not a question of gender, per se. It is a question of marketability. Though shows with female leads can appeal to men and women alike (i.e. empowerment and sex appeal), when it comes to ancillary products, boys don’t want to buy female action figures. For a long time, boys ages so and so to so and so were the primary purchasers. Once women start buying these products in larger quantities than boys do, then you’ll see more shows with female leads.

          • Lizo says:

            Women *do* purchase merchandise. Have you been to a convention in the past decade? It’s a huge myth that women don’t spend money on nerd things. A myth to perpetuate what you just said. Granted, studios could help themselves by y’know making stuff about female characters. Starting first with original content but then also making merch on those properties. Like how they dont put Gamora or Black Widow on products?!? I’m also still waiting for a Laura Roslin (BSG) doll – which they don’t make.

          • They do, but clearly not on the level yet for the numbers to reflect the necessity by the people who make those products to decide to make them. It’s a numbers game, not about gender per se.

          • kath says:

            Currently, women buy 47% of the comic books too, as well as many of the ancillary products. At what point do they start marketing female characters? Or do women have to stop buying the products entirely and stop watching before these shows brass pay attention?

          • They most likely need to buy more, not less, in order to make it worth it. Why would they make a Gamorra figure to sell to 47% of the demo when they can make a Star-Lord figure to sell to 53% of it?

          • WayneAdneyC says:

            It’s a question of…please, I’m getting burn out on the phrase…It’s simple. WonderWoman could work on TV and maybe better on cable/satellite channels. Instead of doing just a TV movie/pilot to introduce her island world as she meets Her Military man…they should focus on her Amazon life for a season or few before transitioning her to the modern world of Journalism and crime fighting. Sorry, if I didn’t put in names of people and places it’s been while since I read the comics.

          • That works better for flashbacks. Comparative cultural analysis of life on Themyscira versus life in a modern American city.

      • Gail says:

        Well Marvel is doing an Antman movie which is their version of The Atom.. I am enjoying the Atom on Arrow and hope he gets his series. I wouldn’t mind Felicity going with him but I would guess that won’t happen. I hope his role expands while Arrow is dead. Perhaps Felicity will introduce him to the others during this period.

        • Felicity would go to the Firestorm spin off, where she would marry Ronnie’s dad, lol.

        • Gail says:

          Looks like Ray and Laurel are featured on the next new Arrowless Arrow.

          The Team’s worst fears are realized when Meryln informs them of Oliver’s death. Meanwhile Ray Palmer tests part of his ATOM suit out and Laurel Lance decides to pursue justice outside of the law by taking up the mantle of the Black Canary.

          What are they going to tell Thea?

          • kath says:

            Why tell Thea anything? Quentin is still in the dark about Sara. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

            Yeah, it was kind of obvious that Laurel and Ray will be taking centerstage when the panel and interviews featured them so much. I just hope there’s enough Diggle and Felicity to keep me watching through this.

      • How very dare you say the Flash isn’t iconic.

  2. Kenter says:

    Omg! Yes! And make it like Agent Carter- limited episodes durng Arrow’s break. Then do one for Flash with Firestorm. Thank you and you’re welcome!

  3. justtobesane says:

    Please. No.

  4. alistaircrane says:

    Bummer. I prefer the Ryan Choi version of the Atom.

  5. LaPiquante says:

    Dagnabbit! I was really hoping for a female lead. I’m still hoping for a female-led comic show. Supergirl or whoever, let’s get some estrogen in thiz bish.

  6. Amy says:

    Best part about this news is it would move the character out of Felicity’s sphere. I think I’d like Ray more if he wasn’t interfering with Olicity.

  7. Lea says:

    I don’t think the Atom is leading character material for a TV series.

  8. JJJ says:

    I think they have enough superhero shows as it is. The CW’s schedule is already packed. As much as I like superheroes, I don’t want it to be to much. Might as well just cancel all the other CW shows, have all superhero shows and rename their network, “The DC”. I think Arrow, Flash, iZombie, and Supergirl possibility being connect to Arrow and Flash is enough.

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah I don’t think all the shows need to be connected to the Arrowverse.

      • Chris says:

        I would have preferred that they keep Arrow and Flash separate because I can’t stand that they want us to believe that those two are connected but there are no other superheroes like Batman or Superman in their universe as well. If they’re going to keep Batman and Superman separated then go all the way and keep Flash and Arrow separated as well.

  9. ggny says:

    Would rather can Katana series or even a Huntress. Give a female a shot

  10. Tim says:

    I think the actor who plays Ray is really good and can act circles around Stephen

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  12. Ben says:

    I’d definitely watch this. I’ve spent most of Arrow wondering if Ray is actually bad (blame Chuck’s use of Brandon Routh for that) and annoyed at him for messing with Felicity/Oliver, and yet despite both of those things I find myself really liking him. Putting him in his own show where he is neither of those things would work really well, I reckon.

    On the other hand, continuing to make him a regular part of Arrow would be ok as well.

  13. Delirious says:


    * Dr. Wells is “the man in the yellow suit. Yes, I am Reverse Flash,” Tom Cavanagh confirmed.

    Why hasn’t that grabbed more attention? It wasn’t clear, at all, if he was actually Prof Zoom, or just someone with the suit (or someone with ties to it, or someone sent from the future, or…), and now we get confirmation – and it doesn’t get better coverage?

    • Ben says:

      They have been writing CW articles all day – I dare say that one is intended to be its own article.

    • WingsStef says:

      It wasn’t totally clear, but keep in mind after Wells noticed that Joe was really digging into The Allens’ deaths, the Yellow streak guy showed up. Could have been a coincidence, but with the other shady things Dr. Wells has done, it does make sense. Still, it is curious that they confirmed it so soon. Perhaps they thought fans should have figured this out by now. I say this based on the character of Angela Petrelli on Heroes. One of the creators said something to the degree of “Her power was shown on the pilot”, in an interview. Some people did not find this clear and Angela using her powers was randomly and basically thoughtlessly thrown it into the show in a random season three episode since they, the writers, probably felt that the viewers should have already gathered Peter got his dream power from her.

      I admit I am not too familiar with the Flash comic, but I just googled Professor Zoom, and it seems that he is listed as one of the Reverse Flashes, so he could be both.

  14. Drew says:

    Ray has been really poorly handled on the show… The entire character has been awkwardly written and has come across as naive, stupid and creepy. I like the character in the comics, but I don’t think he would be my first choice for a spinoff.

    • aunni says:

      exactly…. though i don’t watch the flash ( too sweet for my liking) bt i liked barry the moment he was introduced.

    • Sil says:

      He’s portrayed as awkward with no filter like Felicity. I think he’s adorable. It’ll be nice to see him in full Atom character. This news would be good IMO. I’d watch it.

  15. B says:

    not a fan of brandon routh as an actor so I’m a bit unsure about this…although I will admit he is definitely a better actor than stephen amell

  16. KN says:

    If CBS launched three CSIs, why not three DC shows? Sounds good to me!

  17. uk-usa-tvaddict says:

    I would like them to develop a show with a lesser known character that can be made more famous. The Atom character seems too much like the The Ant Man character. I trust this team to come up with something crazy like Swamp Thing or magic and make it interesting. I am not a comic book reader so I might have mixed up who owns what comic book property.

  18. kath says:

    I agree with David Ramsey, heroes don’t need costumes.
    Too bad the Arrow brass don’t think that Felicity, Lyla and Caitlyn are heroes.

    What a disappointment that panel was. Ray, Laurel, more costumes, less Oliver…. nothing in that interests me.

    • JJ says:

      Tbh I don’t see how they could be considered heroes, they are very much sidekicks. Even speedy who is costumed/in the comic arrowverse cant be considered a hero

  19. Fernanda says:

    Supergirl is coming, but What really happen with the Amazon show? Seriously, I don’t want to see an Atom solo show, maybe put him as special guest star between shows and later Justice League TV show or Teen Titans show will come.

    WB don’t care the TV universe with the Movie universe, If we saw Smallville on TV and Superman Returns and later Man of Steel in the cinema, we could have our TV Justice League and the cinema universe too. Also, there will be another Flash in the cinema and his story isn’t tie with the show. I am the only one who beg an Arrow movie with the TV characters.

  20. blah says:

    So why exactly did laurel need to become her sister when…. We already had Sarah.
    So Arrow killed off a great character so laurel lance can play a poor mans version of her. UGH

    Also Brandon Routh plays Bad so much better then he plays good. So casting him as a hero would be a mistake. Then again anything to take him off arrow in his current form would be great

  21. Watchtower says:

    While the idea of an ATOM series doesn’t turn me off, I think I would also have enjoyed say a “Jack Knight” Starman series featuring The Shade! (or hell even a “Courtney Whitmore” Stargirl series) either of which would be set in Opal City.

    I’d also be game to see all the people that Dr. Wells mentioned “having died” in the Particle Accelerator explosion showing up at somepoint and getting a freaking Justice League going on DC TV in 5 years featuring Oracle aka Felictiy Smoak!

    • jenna says:

      I loved birds of prey, Barbara Gordon is so integrated into the DC universe so I would be really annoyed if that happened. Plus she was an insanely popular character so I imagine there would be a backlash at the change

      • Briggs says:

        Well, they certainly can’t use Barbara, she’s a Batman property, and they couldn’t even use Harley Quinn’s name when they were referring to her. Besides, I’m not such a comic purist that I think Felicity couldn’t do it. Besides, not to put too fine a point on it, but isn’t Barbara back to being Batgirl, now?

        • kath says:

          I’d like to see Sin in a Birds of Prey show. (Actually I’d like to see her as the Black Canary because she’s got the right attitude and background but that’s probably not going to happen.)

          • Briggs says:

            Not saying that can’t happen, but Sin would need to get a superhero ID first. I more think BoP is going to be Laurel, Felicity and Helena (unless they bring in Katana). It’s more in line with where the story is going.

          • kath says:

            Sin is in the comics associated with Dinah Lance, and Felicity doesn’t have a superhero identity either.

            If there is a BoP spin-off, I don’t think it will include Felicity. She’s too important to the Arrow show.

          • Briggs says:

            Sorry, must have not been clear. I meant that there should be an arc in Arrow where they team up. That’s where I was going with that.
            And yes, there is a place for Sin in the BC mythology, but she was her *adopted daughter*. Not a sidekick. That I know ot.

          • kath says:

            But this version of Felicity wasn’t even in the comics at all. Ronnie’s stepmother is a different character entirely.

            What makes the shows work is that they take things from the comics but they also change things around to make it work better on TV. Neither Sara, Moira,Thea or Walter existed in the comics but they really worked on TV’s Arrow.

            I don’t see how a BoP spin-off would work starring Katie Cassidy and Jessica de Gouw unless they got a really strong actress to play Oracle.

          • Briggs says:

            I meant BoP could be an arc *within a season of Arrow*. Please pay attention. And Felicity is already as good as Oracle, might as well carry the name, in my opinion, comic connection or no.

          • kath says:

            Why would they make an arc wtihin a season of Arrow? It’s bad enough having Oliver off screen for three episodes.

            What would make more sense is to have a 6 episode miniseries, either BoP or Suicide Squad, and give Arrow 17 episodes a season so they could cut the filler. A miniseries would give viewers the option to watch or not watch it, depending on whether they were interested in the characters.

          • Briggs says:

            They’d need to do an arc first, to see if there’s enough interest to warrant a mini-series. Seeing as Felicity is already juggling a few people, it’s not a stretch for her to continue doing so. Take care of Arrow stuff, guide BoP out in the field, and toss around ideas with Atom. If they go the mini-series route, Felicity doesn’t really need to go anywhere, since at first, Barbara didn’t, either.

  22. Guest says:

    OMG enough already with the superhero shows! Years back it was all things vampires and werewolves, I guess that era is dying down, since we are now being force fed comics. There’s too many tv shows already based on comics

  23. Ella says:

    Hmm, I don’t think this is a great idea. Not because I don’t love Routh as Ray Palmer (he’s a breath of fresh air) but another DC show might be creatively exhausting and this shouldn’t be like CSI, CSI Miami and CSI NY, which pulls the quality down overall. Plus, can’t they have a love interest of Felicity’s actually STAY on the show fulltime?!

  24. Aleana says:

    Seriously can we get a woman superheroes show do we really need a another male superhero show

  25. Lizo says:

    I’ve enjoyed Routh on Arrow, but if the CW does go forward with another superhero show they really ought to go with a lead character who is either a woman or a character of colour. Seriously?! A third show centred around a white guy. /side eye

  26. Ram510 says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!! We don’t need this at all!! However if prefer this to Wonder Woman

  27. Sheldon W. says:

    I’ve been expecting an Atom series announcement since we got that great shot of the A.T.O.M. suit. I hope that it does happen – this version of Ray Palmer is fascinating.

  28. Michelle says:

    As long as they cut the stalker vibe, I’m cool with this.

  29. Luis says:

    I have some reservations about another superhero show on a network that only has ten hours of original programming in a week. I could see them doing a “Agent Carter” style mini-series, but I don’t the character has enough to sustain a 22 episode per season series.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto. The Atom should just be another character on Arrow. His exploits could take up some of the screen time now given to the Lance family, and it would be interesting to see Arrow, The Flash, and The Atom together in the next crossover. This would also mean more Felicity since she’s the link.

  30. Briggs says:

    I can’t wait to see how they play the Reverse Flash storyline. Things are going to get darker in Barry’s world, I think, if he finds out his mentor is also his enemy.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, and by the way, I can’t believe they just spoiled it. Yes, a lot of viewers figured out who Reverse Flash was, but I would rather have seen it unfold on the show before they confirmed it. Again, I can’t believe they did it so casually; am I the only one?.

      • Briggs says:

        They still haven’t explained his connection to either the guy in the yellow suit or Eddie. Or delved into why he’s helping Barry if he is the RS (on the show itself, not just in the comics). Or how he faked getting paralyzed. When you think about it, they didn’t spoil all that much. Especially since the last scene shows him with the yellow suit in his secret room.

  31. Ceylan says:

    i wonder if there will be a show pitched around every character who will be romantically linked to felicity? will we soon see a brother eye show in the works?

  32. JerryTAZ says:

    Ray Palmer still looks like Superman he played in one flic years back to me.

  33. nathan says:

    Will cw and dc do camo of hawkman and moonknight as part of captin atom human vs pure breed hawkman story line.

  34. Marx says:

    I hope as Atom may gets itown show, DC’s Robin also can have one, and its a chance to bring the bat in. As some of you may noticed [spoiler ahead] Arrow’s character Roy ended up one of its seasons moving to another city using the alias of Jason. Can this be a opportunitty to make him Batman’s Jason Todd?