Vampire Diaries Recap: Twin Shrieks

Sorry Salvatores, but as of Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, you no longer have the series’ most twisted family tree.

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When TVLine spoke with Michael Trevino earlier this week, he promised mind-blowing revelations at the Thanksgiving table — and man, did this week’s episode deliver. For safety reasons, perhaps it’s best just to bullet the shockers.

Ready? Set? WTF!

* Jo is Kai’s twin sister.
* Luke and Liv are their younger siblings.
* Twins are meant to rule the Gemini coven, but because Kai didn’t have any powers, he and Jo weren’t eligible.
* In the Gemini coven, twins merge on their 22nd birthday; the weaker twin dies.
* On the night of May 9, 1994, Jo tricked Kai into thinking they were going to merge in order to trap him in his current prison.

As if all that wasn’t insane enough, Kai now has control over Jo’s powers — she did them in a knife in 1994 — and he totally ditched (a bloody) Bonnie at his coven’s old house! I ask again: Kai, why you gotta be so rude?

Meanwhile, in 2014…

DELENA’S ‘TINY GLIMMER’ | Elena spent the first part of the hour stressing about how to reveal her vampirism to Liam — like anyone thought that would be a good idea — but as things escalated with Jo and the twins, it became increasingly obvious that he could never handle this particular brand of supernatural insanity. “As much as I like you, my life is complicated enough,” Elena told him, before compelling him to forget they ever dated. And whom did Elena turn to mere hours after cutting ties with Liam? Why, a certain brooding ex, of course! She admitted to being at a “crossroads” and to still having a “tiny glimmer of a feeling” for Damon, which is a hell of a lot more than she was willing to admit last week. #Progress

tvd-carolineSTELENA’S ‘LEFTOVERS’ | Stefan may not have been invited to Friendsgiving, but that didn’t stop him from showing up at Caroline’s dorm to beg for leftovers — with a side order of forgiveness. “When Damon was gone, I pushed you away,” he told her. “I knew you were the one person who would sit with me and let me cry, and I didn’t want to cry anymore, so I had to push you away the most.” While this didn’t immediately lead to the epic Steroline kiss we’ve all been waiting for, it was — like Damon and Elena — a step in the right direction. At least Caroline might finally be willing to drop her “I hate Stefan” act and go back to pining! Oh, how I’ve missed the pining.

‘I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU DIE’ | OK, time to discuss potential couple No. 3: Liv and Tyler. I have to admit that before this episode, I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of them as a couple, but after their final scene together — as Tyler held her close and promised to find another way (“I’m not going to let you die”) — everything started to click. She’s a tortured soul with countless dead family members, and who’s more familiar with that story than Tyler?

All right, let’s hear your thoughts on, arguably, the show’s craziest episode all season: On a scale from 1 to 10, how blown is your mind? Are you bummed we didn’t get a Stefan-Caroline kiss? We’ve got two long, TVD-less weeks ahead of us, so drop your thoughts and theories below to help pass the time.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Robert says:

    I know Bonnie put her magic in the bear but why on earth would she stand so close to a sociopath with a knife? I saw No and the twins being related coming a mile away since the last episode. I never liked Damon but I am truly hoping he rips Kai to shreds and Kai feel every moment of pain or at the very least do what they did to the Vampire hunter who was Matt”s friend.

  2. pegasus358 says:

    I really liked this episode, but the dates don’t make sense, unless I missed something. If Luke & Liv were 4 years old in 1994 when Kai went on his murder rampage, how are they only 22 now, in 2014? Shouldn’t they be 24? And Jo– if she was 22 in 1994, then she would be 42 now, and she appears to be in her mid-30s at most. Am I missing something?

  3. Tina says:

    Jesus with the steroline. Give it a rest, we get it. You ship it. Most of us don’t so please for the love of all things just stop shoving ships down our throats!! How about getting back to a show that kept people guessing and no character was safe because someone was always getting killed off. That was good tv. This is just stupid.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol what show have you been watching? Killed off? I mean technically yeah…only to be in a “other world” where they eventually come back. I mean as of right now, how many people have truly died and not shown up again on the show? So far only Elena’s aunt and Katherine have gotten killed off and not come back…this show is HORRIBLE at shocking the viewers and doing something that actually sticks.

      As for Steroline? I like them together, i ship them, so you can hate it and feel like its being shoved down your throat (feel free to stop watching) but i enjoy it, as im sure there are things i dislike that you enjoy, shows arent made just to conform to what the majority of the fans want.

      • Kerry says:

        Lol are you kidding me?? You are talking about The Fanservice Diiaries here!
        As for Steroline,I liked their friendship and I hate this forced romantic bs only to get Stefan out of Delenas way for good.

        • Darla says:

          I know right, and thats why you see 95% of all steroline begging on twitter being done by tweeters with precious delena profile pics

          • Cas says:

            Or maybe it’s because sometimes the best relationships come from people being friends first? Their relationship is more believable than a Damon and Bonnie romance. They’ve always hated each other and now they are starting to be friends. Yet, people seem to want them together which makes no sense.

          • Fran says:

            I will admit to being intrigued by Damon and Bonnie… If only because I think they have such natural chemistry together (something that I don’t see with Damon and Elena anymore but that’s just a personal opinion). I really enjoy their back and forth banter and like that Bonnie doesn’t take his crap or make excuses for him…. BUT I just don’t see how that could ever become a romantic thing. Too many things have happened in the past for me to believe Bonnie would ever go for that. I do hope they stick with a friendship between the two though, I think that could really bring some great scenes.

          • murley says:

            I love Bonnie and Damon together too for the simple reason that they are fun to watch. The banter, each one calling the other out, the honesty in their friendship. Damon and Elena have become stale in my opinion. It is just too overwrought. It seems like all they have left to talk about is how much they love/loved each other. I am bored with it. That said I doubt Bomnie and Damon will ever “go there” but I really hope they have more and more screen time together. As much as I love Damon reunited with Stefan and Alaric I really miss the episodes where he was trapped with Bonnie.

          • Guest says:

            It’s all about timing in TV romance: you start with two people that have a personal revelation, in this case Damon and Bonnie actually enjoy the rest of their afterlife together, then you rip them apart in order to compare how their lives aren’t the same if they are not together, then the next step is to bring them back, to see what happens. The more expectation on their reunion, the more the suceess when it finally happens.

        • Nik says:

          Care and Stefan as friends was great. The whole Steroline thing just feels contrived. I agree with some of you here. Just stop with the Steroline nonsense and let Caroline be
          the cool kooky chick who likes dem bad boys (like Klaus or Enzo) and get Stefan back to being Stefan, a noble, likable dude with a bit of a corn cob up his arse once in awhile.
          That’s the Vampire Diaries stuff that works.

          • Guest says:

            I think they make sense as a vampire-power-couple: she’s talented and he’s resilient. If this was Game of Thrones they would’ve already joined Houses and be glad they are compatible. Since it’s TVD, well, we’ll have a twitter contest I guess…

      • David says:

        Vicki, Ana and Pearl, John and Elena’s mom, Lexie and i’m sure others besides Katherine and Jenna, those are just off the top of my head. What show have you been watching!

  4. Josh says:

    Poor Bonnie. Will she ever win?

    • Ian says:

      Of course not.

      • Guest says:

        Considering her “best friend(s)” is basically searching for so she can give her/them love advices, I’d say nope: Bonnie can never win.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol even when she does (gets home) shes gonna lose again, finding out her BF has banged like every chick in a 200 mile zone to try and forget about her. Granted in a small way its her own fault, i mean she was a pretty crappy GF, a martyr on multiple occasions, just throwing away her own life for others.

      • Guest says:

        To be fair,Bonnie is not in love with Jeremy: at no point during those 4 months together she told Damon about him.

        The 2 of them went on and on about their lives, fears, every single issue big or small and at no point Jeremy came out on the conversation. Even Damon talked more about Bonnie since he came back.

        • Claire says:

          Wait, they never even invited Matt and Jeremt to Friendsgivin?!

        • Alice says:

          When Bonnie comes back, I really, really hope they don’t put her back together with Jeremy. We are talking about a child who, after his girlfriend died to resurrect him, existed as a ghost, was briefly corporeal and then found out she was doomed to die again, was most upset about the fact that she didn’t make her dead all about him. It wasn’t enough he was the reason she was dead. He was mad at her for choosing to tell him over the phone. Because that was what was important?! Jeremy is too much of a Gilbert- let me take this thing happening to you and make it ALL about me.
          While Bonnie has been ill-served in terms of her love interests on the show, I would rather she not have a boyfriend than settle for Jeremy Gilbert.
          It’s more fun to watch her interact with Damon- that friendship has been given more development and feels more real than her romantic relationship with Jeremy. I would be happy with a single Bonnie, playing Tetris with Damon while they grouse about the Gilberts and their mountains of issues.

          • Guest says:

            Even if they do, the back-and-forth between Bonnie & Damon in the 90s proves beyond a doubt that Bonnie is not in love with Jeremy. She has only been sacrificing herself because Jeremy thinks she makes him happy.

  5. luke says:

    bet ya anything the gay twin dies

  6. Danielle says:

    I’m sorry but Steroline is such a bad idea. I’m not saying that just because my Klaroline ship will never see the light of day again but those two……uh-uh. The show is getting a little better but Julie Plec is still ruining it episode by episode.

  7. jerrired says:

    Oddly, I actually really liked this episode. Kai-Jo-Liv-Luke, everything about it is crazy but it’s the most interesting storyline and villain the show has had since Klaus started to over stay his welcome (though now I finally like him again on The Originals). Delena and Steroline continue to be the worst parts of the show (for me at least). I definitely don’t “ship” either, but now they’re both becoming boring, repetitve storylines. And did TVD change history/it’s own history, because why did Caroline bring Stefan a Thanksgiving leftover bag? I know vampires can eat food, but they don’t need it or like it…So that made no sense to me. Alaric, Damon, and Stefan won the episode. See if TVD would stop catering to shipping, it might go back to being quality.

    Luke dying seems too obvious (especially since he’s barely used), but I think TVD is going to pull an old trick out of their hat and have Liv die for shock/emotional impact. I kind of figured they were Kai and Jo’s siblings when we got the opening scene. But the logic and timeline is really all over the place with this story, especially because I thought they said Kai murdered his entire family, now like the majority of them still seem alive. And why would the witches let the murder get in the paper? And how would Jo completely lose touch with her siblings…but know where her dad is?

    Usually, TVD adds weak new cast members (who we all know is just temporary players) but Kai, Jo, even Liam and Sarah, have been really interesting additions to the show. I suspect Liam’s storyline is over, and Kai (sadly) will die soon, but I hope Jo at least sticks around.

    • L says:

      TVD is infamous for their huge potholes however, Kai said he murdered his siblings and left his other sibling for dead which is true. Jo was basically dead and the twins she hid but the rest of their siblings are dead. He probably didn’t want to let Bonnie and Damon know his true plan about killing the twins, so he left the part about them existing out. Seeing as Jo hid her magic , she probably cut ties with her dad and magic altogether and left the twins with him and probably he told them they never had any siblings. Plus they’re witches, not vamps they don’t really need to hide bodies when the cause of death probably looked like a simple human murder and they can’t compel people anyway.

  8. pupa says:

    In TVD is still the year 2012, so the dates are OK :-)

  9. Kalee says:

    I still like this show for it’s clever plotting and pacing DESPITE all the Delena and the groan-inducing Steroline shipping.

    • Kristen says:

      Yes, I totally agree. This was actually my favorite episode in a long time- including all of season 5. Even though I know everyone had already speculated what was coming, I really enjoyed all the reveals and the pacing. It was great! It reminded me of TVD of old, and I agree with the recap that so far Kai and the Gemini coven have been the most enjoyable villain storyline for me since Klaus. The weakest part of course was the romance, especially Steroline. I was cringing hoping they wouldn’t kiss :lol I realize they are pushing it hard, so I am doing best to keep an open mind. Stefan is at least more likable again. Still wish they could minimize the shipping, but I guess it wouldn’t be TVD without it :lol

    • Fran says:

      I’m with you. The Gemini coven storyline is interesting to me and feels like more of what the early seasons did. I just kind of tune out when the relationship stuff is on. Although the conversation with Damon, Stefan and Alaric about Caroline was just creepy. And can Elena come across any more self-centered than she did when talking to Damon about Bonnie? Poor Bonnie, everyone just wants her when they need something.

      • Alice says:

        That last conversation started out so well too! I was like, finally, someone is appreciating Bonnie not as a magical fix-it solution to their problems, or because they have a crush on her and want to bang her, but for being smart and fun and a good listener. And then Elena opens her mouth. “That’s sweet- let’s make this about me.” I mean, I feel like it would be more accurate to say she was asking to help Damon get Bonnie back than the other way around, since at least we saw all 3 guys trying to find a way to get Bonnie back BEFORE Elena once again made it about her, it did imply that the original mission to rescue Bonnie was, in fact, to rescue Bonnie. Because, as Damon explained, Bonnie is awesome.
        That should have been it. They should not have made it “Let’s rescue Bonnie so she can do this for me” or “Let’s rescue Bonnie so I might get laid”.
        But that’s the Gilberts for you- it’s always all about them.

        • 221bsam says:

          I know right?! I just said the exact same thing.

          • Guest says:

            They botched the storyline long before that: instead of Damon claiming back the missing part of himself with Bonnie, or at least the right to claim it back like he tried to with the voicemail to her cell phone, this is all about Damon validating Elena by seeking Bonnie’s perspective.

            It ruined the whole operation to rescue Bonnie and ruins whatever Damon had with her by cheapen it

        • stillmostlylikingtvd says:

          Actually, I don’t think Elena’s comment was meant literally. She doesn’t really want to work with Damon to get Bonnie back in order to get relationship advice from Bonnie. It was meant as an opening for Damon, and a chance for Elena to explore that “glimmer” that she is still feeling regarding Damon without having to focus on a romantic past with him that she may never remember. She is making no promises to Damon, but she is letting him know that she is not closing the door on him. They instead can focus on a common goal – getting back the friend both of them care about—and let the romantic chips fall where they may. Some people have a stubborn blind spot when it comes to Elena. She’s 20 years old and has seen too much life and death in her short existence. She has flaws. She makes mistakes like the rest of us, but she loves her family and friends and tries to put them first. I think she just outgrew the high school sweetheart thing with Stefan. It happens. Like many of the rest of us, she oo is searching for happiness and love, and so people say she is self-centered. How many of us are detached from our own lives? Do we never experience love, romance, boyfriend/girlfriend drama? Yeah, we all work on those aspects of our own lives, and sometimes our decisions disappoint people we care about. Cut her some slack. Love and romance, or the lack thereof, is a focus in the lives of many people that age.

          • AnnieM says:

            THANK YOU!!!

          • Guest says:

            Great point: Now explain to me why on earth would the 190 years old guy that looks like Damon Salvatore be so focussed on Elena’s love life?! I’d get if Damon was a 20 year old but he could be a grandpa’s granpa by now.

          • 221bsam says:

            What I said aside, I will always defend Elena as a character, you’re so right, she’s been through so much, it’s going to leave you a bit messed up. I still think that scene in season three where Elena tells Damon about Rebekkah is so telling about her “she lost her Mum too young & she loves blindly & recklessly even if it consumes her” that is/was Elena.

          • 221bsam says:

            As I understand it, Damon was turned when he was 25, he still feels like a twenty something, just as Stefan will always be seventeen, their longevity is kinda mute. Damon is ’25’ & Elena is (& always will be) 18, makes it easier to process, for me anyway :)

          • 221bsam says:

            Great post!

  10. bluegossip says:

    its 2012 in vampire diaries,
    so lube and liv are it, and jo is 40

  11. Rook says:

    Are we to believe that Alaric isn’t on vervain. Seriously? Seriously?

    • bluegossip says:

      actually TVD main humans rarely take vervain as they never know when one of the main vamps will need to drink from them, also when the most likely vamp to compel you is your best friend you tend to trust they wouldnt.

      • AT says:

        He doesn’t have to be ingesting it. Many of them wear vervain bracelets or necklaces. It stops the compulsion (unless the vamp rips it off) but doesn’t affect the blood stream. I also can’t believe Alaric wasn’t wearing vervain.

    • Winter says:

      Seriously! Take care of yourself dude! You are just going to trust Damon not to compel you? Have you met Damon? I say this as a person who likes Damon but come on man.

  12. ejdax37 says:

    I loved Elena’s line “Liam! and Liam is still in the room!” Like everyone has forgotten that most of the world doesn’t know about their craziness, and that having Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of vampires and witches is completely normal. Liam and Alaric are the only vanilla human invited and Alaric has a huge asterisk next to that. (Former vamp, and use to be dead, not really sure he can count himself in the “normal” category.) I liked the ep as a whole with the exception of wanting to smack Bonnie upside the head. Really what in Kai’s actions made her think he is a rational person? I didn’t see the knife and him getting magic till Stefan pulled it out of the tree trunk, but I fully expected him to drive a huge knife in to her just for the heck of it.

  13. Letti says:

    Sure Elena loves the killer of her brother even when she was compelled to forget it. How magical. And Steroline and everything… #Fanservice

  14. Mark says:

    can’t we just bring Silas back? I know it’s random but he’s just awesome.

    • AT says:

      I kind of agree. Especially when he was involved at the end of last season with getting back from the other side. Basically, once he became a regular witch again he was kind of fun.

  15. Me says:

    I loved this episode! Love Delena to be honest and really like them getting to start there romance in a ‘normal’ way (without her being his brothers girl) Really loved that all the romances and friendships are sort of getting back on track without being the mayor plotline! And really happy about Elena wanting Bonnies advice (she’s gonna be on board with her BFF and new friend dating I guess :p)

  16. Netty says:

    This was a great episode of TVD, it had everything in moderation. It was great to see the guys bond and teasing each other. Where was Enzo though. I loved Delena and I’m happy they had a few minutes at the end of the epi for some quality time. This episode was not overshadowed by Delena/Steroline but there was a real development of a storyline and it’s great that this storyline is about the new comers. I like Kai, he is a great villain, hope he’s not killed off too soon.

  17. Not that I want Caroline and Tyler back together after the way the writers destroyed that pairing but did they really need to repeat one of Caroline and Tyler’s more awesome moments with Liv and Tyler (Tyler with a shirt on this time) – the exact same snuggle on the couch and Tyler protecting the girl, I don’t know it just felt stale to me – like they forgot Tyler and Caroline had this epic romance at one point – maybe next they can turn Tyler and have Liv cradle him, you know if they are going to take more moves out of the Caro Tyler playbook!
    Funnily enough apart from that note i do prefer TVD when its not all about the ships and this episode gave some good supernatural drama, just the end scenes with Delena and Steroline and Tyler/Liv made the episode go from awesome to just cool, TVD please let characters be single for a while, please!

  18. It’s Steroline Leftovers not Stelena Leftovers right ?

  19. SkullCandy_lovah says:

    Steroline? I wish they had a friendly bro-type relationship but actually wanting them to harbor romantic feelings? Please, no. Bromance over romance– in this case ;)

  20. sunce says:

    There are no Steroline fans. Only Delena fans who want Stefan out of the picture. I honestly don’t care anymore who loves who and who ends up with who. To me, Stelena will always be THE couple of the series and no matter how much they try to make other couples “epic” they can never achieve the level of genuine chemistry and pure connection Stefan and Elena as characters had.

    • cc says:

      Hahahahahah. This ship has sailed baby!

    • LucyLui says:

      Even with Caroline out of the picture, Stefan and Elena will never get back together. That is not in the cards anymore for those two, its Delena all the way.
      I’m a DE fan and all my friends are DE fans but none of us ship Steroline, so your logic is flawed. Those 2 had a great friendship and its being ruined by this romantic arc. I think most Steroline fans are former Stelena fans who want nothing to do with Elena anymore.

    • Yunuem says:

      Im a Steroline fan :) and I couldn’t care less about Elena and Damon

  21. Angelaaa says:

    One: why can’t Elena find an original vampire to compel her feelings for Damon back? Hello?? Rebekah’s not dead! Also, here’s what’s gonna happen (in my opinion): Jo is going to get Bonnie’s magic from Ms Cuddles. Bonnie was way more powerful than Jo ever was because she was a Bennett witch, and she and Kai will merge and Kai will die, and Jo will be the new Gemini leader

    • Alice says:

      No to that plan. Bonnie needs her own magic. Poor girl has gone through too much to get it back to once again be left magic-less.

  22. Gerald says:

    It was a good episode, but wow all the revelations were all about the witchy family of newbies to this show. I like them well enough, but lets bring it back to our regular vampire diary family. It is not the Witch Diaries it is the Vampire Diaries.

  23. Winter says:

    Why is Ric not on Vervain? He’s just going to assume damon and Stefan aren’t going to compel him? Has he met Damon and Stefan? Also there are like a gajillon other Vampires out there who could try to compel him! Dued protect yourself.

  24. Becca says:

    I agree that the main people who seem to be rooting for Stefan and Caroline are Delena fans. It’s fine to ship multiple things – obviously – but it’s just a suspicious trend that the same people who want Stefan OUT of Elena’s life, seem to be the only ones who love the idea of pawning him off on Caroline. Personally, I think the writers have trashed that friendship so much this year that it would be super uncomfortable to watch them get romantic. Caroline deserves someone that doesn’t have to be talked into dating her, and Stefan deserves more than getting foisted at the only other girl on the show to keep him out of Delena’s way. Here’s hoping they resolve this nonsense by mid-season and get Caroline and Stefan their own central plots. They deserve more than a lackluster romantic sideplot.

    • Care says:

      Ok.. I’m trying so hard not to comment about “ships” but just a clarification, I am a DE fan since S2 (and active on twitter) .. NO I personally do not like Steroline at all. I love their friendship but it’s just SUPER awkward w/ those two. Idk. They say marry your Bestfriend but (LOL) this one should just be in the STAY BESTFRIENDS category!! Stefan clearly said he doesn’t see her in that way. Poor Caroline. She’s dated all the men in their circle. I think she needs to be single FOR AWHILE. So does Stefan! I think Caroline closing their convo by saying “Thank you for telling me that” (about how he pushed her away bc he didn’t want to cry anymore) is kind of saying.. Alright.. I give up. This really isn’t going to work so thanks for confirming that you only see me as a friend to cry on. Sorry for the long a55 explanation but there! DE fan but NOT a fan of Caroline & Stefan as a romantic couple!! I ship them ..alone. Stay single!!

  25. Winter says:

    I have been completely obsessed with the 90’s TVD soundtrack. I am going to miss it so much. I’ve been listening to Runaway Train nonstop since last night.

  26. davidboy says:

    In my opinion I think jo will get her magic back and merge with kai who will get out and so will bonnie. Elena will get her memories back soon now with Bonnie’s help. Luke and liv one of them is gonna die and matt and Jeremy should be in more episode. Bonnie will bring down the barrier in mystic falls loved stelena but he was her first love and delena is the love of her life steroline is awkward as there best friends but I like as friends becoming more is the best way

  27. Moriah says:

    Is it just me, or is Kai extremely attractive? Of course, I would never date someone like him in real life but I love the craziness that his character portrays. I’m still hoping Stelena will make a comeback. Who knows, with her love for Damon gone Stefan may get a chance.

  28. Fran says:

    What happened to Sarah and her storyline? They revealed that a month ago and we haven’t heard anything more about it since then…..

  29. 221bsam says:

    First off: how do you Americans put up with all those ad breaks?! they completely ruin the continuity, I livestream from England & they drive me nuts!
    Anyway: the episode, love, love, love Damon, Stefan, Ric & Ms Cuddles, I like how Ric has been granted honorary Salvatore status. Though part of me thinks Damon was thinking ahead that they might need a human. Stefan being teased was funny, I think Damon still feels guilty for the way things went, this is just a brother wanting to see the other brother happy. I really liked that Damon was so snarky with Elena, he has every right to be, when she was human he saved her & protected her time & time again, I know she doesn’t remember that but, it wouldn’t be Damon if he didn’t act that way. Elena, I used to really like Elena but just lately I’m finding the character tedious, Liam was just cannon fodder, it was so obvious she wouldn’t have a lasting boyfriend who was human, I know this is the CW but, I really feel that was insulting our intelligence. The end everyone is saying was so cute, uh was it? I love Damon & Elena, I truly do but, this made it sound like she is incapable of making a decision for herself, she is drawn to him, can’t she trust her gut? she asked Damon to help her get her best friend back, isn’t that what he was doing?! another thing, why do people keep asking Ian about Bonnie & Damon? they bonded as friends, awesome, that was fun to watch, I’m pretty sure that’s how it will stay. Damon said Elena is the best thing to happen to him his whole life, he’s not going to hook up with Bonnie when a. she’s Elena’s best friend & b. Elena’s his soulmate. I’ve seen no evidence Bonnie would do that either, I too like that we appear to be seeing a more ‘organic’ if you’ll forgive the word relationship for Damon & Elena, hopefully this will make it stick! (I miss them)
    Stefan, I love how people think about Stefan, he rescued a girl & then to all intents & purposes stalked her because she looked like his ex, yeah, he’s a keeper. That aside, I think Caroline & Stefan would be a mistake, they are great friends, let’s leave it that way. I wonder when Damon’s going to find out Jeremy’s crashing at his place, perhaps he already knows. Thanks to the person above for clearing up the timeline, that has confused me for a while..? I want to know, where did Damon get blood in 1994 land, he didn’t dessicate so, he must’ve found some? another thing, Bonnie died as a human, then she became the anchor so, what will she come back as? I still think Elena will get her memories back when Damon kisses her again, I think Damon is going to have to tell her the worst thing he ever did, if not you can bet Bonnie will, with Sarah Salvatore around, I think it may come up. I don’t see Elena being too pleased Damon compelled Ric either.

    • sara says:

      Really?! So Damon the guy who killed Elena’s brother, almost killed her best friend, killed his brothers best friend for no good reason, fed on her other best friend, turned her brothers girlfriend for no reason other than boredom, etc. is a more of a keeper than the guy who as you said just stalked her for a couple of months?! Lol! Nice thinking there!

      • Liza says:

        so true, damon will never ever beat stefan in being the better boyfriend. Stefan was the best choice she ever made, just that the writers listen to the delena fans so much doesn’t mean that delena is better then stelena.

      • Care says:

        Oh honey you are SO living in the past. In real life, you learn to get over EX’s unless you want to be miserable. It’s called growing up, & moving forward.

    • Jessica says:

      Your post is full of typical Delena delusional nonsense. I can’t expect anything intelligent to come from a Dullena shipper.

  30. Octavious Williams says:

    The vampire diaries timeline is in 2012. The 1st two seasons were one year. Elena’s a junior in high school season one, a senior in season 3, and graduated end of season 4. The timeline is right

  31. Cherry says:

    I think it is time they either get rid of Matt and Jeremy or give them a decent storyline. I feel like Matt has been pushed out of the show slowly season by season and Jeremy seems to be completely absent from the show both this year and last year! Also, why would they not have been invited to Friendsgiving? It’s not like either of them have any family to spend the holiday with. They would definitely have been there!

    On a different note, I really want a Damon and Bonnie romance. There definitely was more of a connection between them two then there is with Damon and Elena right now! Fingers crossed!

    • Jessica says:

      Damon has more chemistry with Ms. Cuddles than he ever had with Elena. Elena have no chemistry. The rain kiss was the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen. It looked like Damon was kissing his sister. It was so gross. My sister was repulsed by it, she couldn’t watch.

  32. Jessica says:

    Steroline needs to not ever happen. And Delena needs to GO ASAP. It’s brought the show down and needs to end. Delena have the chemistry of stale white bread. Even Ian ships Bamon now. Elena has ran it’s course and it’s time to move on. Stelena needs to slowly make a comeback. Delena is a disgusting and toxic ship and they have no chemistry. Delena and Steroline are pure fan service. It’s time to get this show back on track.

  33. Liza says:

    Can’t wait for the bamon reunion!! as for the steroline romance just give it a rest, there is no chemistry there. It is sad that steroline is set up together just to get him away from delena. stupid fanservice.

  34. clmguest says:

    S6E8 was fun as a whole. Loved the Salvatore brothers and Alaric scenes in Portland. So comical. Disappointed that Elena kicked Liam to the curb, but hope that she will not latch back on to either of the Salvatore brothers. Just because that triangle was the original premise does not mean that they have to keep beating it to death. Though Stefan is obviously the better boyfriend (someone she could talk to that was kind to her), she has disrespected him too much. They should not reconcile. I see no reason for Damon to get back with Elena. There was nothing epic about that relationship. All I ever recall them doing was kissing and bedding. That does not make for an epic romance. There are no trials that they have endured and made it through together that binds them. She is not better for being with him. He is not better for being with her. I hope that once Bonnie returns from 1994, that her and Damon’s friendship will be developed by the writers, and they will band together to stop Kai’s maniacal plans (assuming he gets out of 1994). I think Bonnie had more of a powerful effect on Damon in those short four months than Elena had in five years. I’m not necessarily looking for Bamon romance, but hope they have more scenes together as their characters play off each other very well.

  35. Care says:

    What I don’t get….

    1994: Kai gets a hold of that magical knife & now has Jo’s magic.

    Present Day: The boys have the magical knife too… So… WTH? Lol Does present day knife still have magic? Can’t they just deliver it to Jo on a silver plate? Or.. Have Jo hide it again so Kai won’t go after her?

    Isn’t this “tradition” of merging only possible on their 22nd birthday + An eclipse?

    Also- The dad.. Didnt he know that Jo placed her magic in a safe place? He said he watched Jo grow up to be this successful doctor with no magic. Why the hell did he think Kai would come for Jo & her magic? I don’t understand why he tried to kill Jo for nothing. Lol SMH.

    • Sky says:

      He tried to kill Jo because he knew that Kai was going to be out soon and as soon as that happened, he’d be more powerful than Jo and come and merge – he’d have an advantage because she didn’t have magic and so he knew that when Kai escaped, he’d be stronger and be able to merge and kill her and become leader. But if Jo died first, he wouldn’t be able to become merge or become leader.