Scandal Recap: State of Affairs

Olivia Pope Scandal

Jake, Fitz and Olivia working together? No doubt about it, Thursday’s Scandal was doomed from the start.

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The trio’s goal was simple: Gather evidence against Rowan and bring him into custody at any cost. The plan, however, was less simple, as Fitz and Jake spent much of the hour barking at each other like, well, Fitz and Jake. It wasn’t until Olivia offered herself up as bait — “I’m the shiny object” is so the new “I’m the scandal,” by the way — that the plan actually came together.

(And please note: no one said it was a good plan.)

A 7:30 dinner between Popes was to be the perfect trap, and everything was going according to plan — that is, until Rowan went into monologue mode. At first, it sounded like your run-of-the-mill Rowan speech, like he was reading the most threatening passage imaginable from a yet-undiscovered book of the Bible. But things got real when he revealed that not only was he aware of Olivia’s plan to trap him, but his men were picking hers off one by one outside the restaurant. In fact, he was so ready for action that even the top-secret files David Rosen was asked to acquire turned out to be blank.

And just like that, the most terrifying father on television got up and exited the restaurant. He also, allegedly, exited Olivia’s life, but we all know that bloated puppet master can’t stay away from his little girl for long. And with Mama Pope returning for next week’s winter finale, I’m smelling one ugly family reunion in the works. (Hmm… I wonder what they’ll put on their t-shirts.)

Huck ScandalWHAT THE HUCK | Meanwhile, OPA broke the No. 1 rule of problem-fixing and chip-eating: Never double dip! Despite being hired by Lizzie Bear to find out who bugged her phone — hint: his name rhymes with Myrus Meene — Olivia’s team chose to side with the bugger and start spying on her. They discovered she’s been having an affair with Vice President Andrew Nichols, which you’d think would have been the most shocking moment of their evening.

But no, that honor goes to Dan Kubiak breaking into OPA’s surveillance van, only to have Huck squish his head against a broken window and let him bleed to death. And naturally, because Huck is biologically incapable of catching a break, his son witnessed the entire thing. (That ought to go over real well with his mom. And the courts. And the police.)

BOOM CLAP | A car bomb nearly claimed Andrew’s life at the top of the hour, but that explosion paled in comparison to the one that went off in Mellie’s heart, as she renewed herself — and her body — to the Vice President in a moment of extramarital passion. “I’m not the person I was, but if you will give me a second chance…” she pleaded, clearly unaware that Andrew is side-boning Lizzie. (I really hope Mellie DVR’d this week’s episode because there are quite a few things going on she should be made aware of ASAP.)

Other moments worth discussing:

* The only thing stranger than imagining Cyrus going “three rounds” with Michael last week was watching their angry sex scene tonight. I’ll be OK if I never again hear Jeff Perry’s voice barking, “Turn around and bend over,” but sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever stop hearing it.

* Has anyone ever told Fitz that “no” means “no”? His whole bunker-encounter with Olivia (“Kiss me” / “No” / “Come on, you know you want to”) reeked of frat-boy entitlement. That kind of attitude isn’t getting him any closer to Vermont, let’s just say that.

* It was nice when Olivia told Jake, “Don’t ever talk about me and another man and the sun ever again.” It’s nice that they still have a thing.

All right, Gladiators, sound off: What are your predictions for next week’s winter finale? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. aadil says:

    Joe Morton is amazing but I hope they end his story for once this season and lets move to different villain next season or second half of the season

    • Andy Swift says:

      Maybe that’s why they’re bringing Khandi Alexander back, to pick up where he left off.

    • Meh says:

      Sadly, his monologues are becoming eye role inducing in their frequency which is too bad because he’s a wonderful actor and I have enjoyed his character.

    • Guest says:

      I hope he’s not killed off, they need to shelf him and bring him back in later seasons. Rowan is amazing, best villain. Love his monologues the best. He’s the only one who can pull them off on that show.

      • abz says:

        No, that would be awful. When they end him, I want them to end him for good. He’s become I tired character with poorly acted monologues. I hate his monologues so much. Every single episode. He needs to just shut up and not talk ever again.

  2. Kae says:

    Fitz might as well have pissed on Olivia’s leg to mark his territory

    • Andy Swift says:

      “Don’t piss on my leg.” / “Come on, you know you want me to piss on your leg.”

    • billie says:

      I thought Jake told Olivia she wasn’t his girlfriend? Is she only his girlfriend when Fitz is around?
      Also after Jake lying to and betraying Fitz at every turn, NOW they’re not friends?
      so they were friends
      when Jake came on the scene and double crossed Fitz at Papa Pope’s orders
      when Jake kept lying to Fitz while pursuing Olivia
      When Jake taped himself having sex with Olivia as evidence in the mission to separate Fitz and Olivia
      when Fitz got him out of the whole and he started chasing Olivia again
      when he told Olivia Fitz killed her mother
      when he told Fitz he was in charge after Fitz made him command
      when he slept with Olivia knowing she was seeing Fitz and announced it to Fitz and all of OPA
      when he left Washington with a woman who said she was in love with Fitz, the very week Fitz’s son died.
      With friends like Jake, who needs enemies?
      I can’t decide if the show writers think viewers are stupid or just really forgetful and super hypocritical.
      I’m beginning to think the whole thing is some sort of experiment on their part to see how much shady behaviour a love interest can get away with as long as he’s single, helps Mellie preserve her marriage and is unpleasant to Olivia. the ‘mistress/jezebel’ in many viewers eyes.

      • the girl says:

        Olivia is definitely only Jake’s girlfriend when Fitz is around.

      • Anna says:

        Yawn, please lay off the Jake haterade or the Fitz kool-aid, whatever you pick but give up one of those drinks!

        • jackie says:

          Give up the Fitzkoolaid for goodness sakes. He drinks like a fish and he acts like some entitled little bratty kid. “I’m the President of the United States!”. Well then act like it and ummmmmmmmm………..has he forgotten that he KILLED VERNA THORNTON??? He freaking SMOTHERED HER in her hospital bed for goodness sakes!! So his acting all entitled and offended is some serious psycopathy dude!!

          • Austin says:

            Verna tried to kill him first, TWICE. and last i checked it was Jake crying about being called Captain and crying about you are not my friend, yeah you think? Friends don’t sleep with friend’s leftovers. Such a second fidlde idiot

      • Mike R. says:

        And Fitz is any better, like come on, the whole shipping on this show is ridiculous, because Olivia deserves better than both of these guys.

        • SweetTweey says:

          Why do people argue that Olivia deserves better? The ball is in Olivia’s court and has always been in Olivia’s court. She, not Fitz, drives the relationship. Even at the beginning of the affair, Fitz gave Olivia an option (go to your room and close the door and we’ll pretend this never happened – and what does Olivia do – she walks down the hallway to Fitz room) If Olivia really wanted to leave Fitz she could. She could have just went back to the Island with Jake after Harrison’s funeral. She could have made a commitment to Jake instead of throwing him little pebbles. In season 2, when she thought the relationship between her and Fitz was over, she made a commitment to Edison and even had an engagement ring. Fitz got shot and once he recovered, she started her fling back with Fitz.

          Olivia Pope gets what Olivia Pope wants and what Olivia Pope wants is Fitz. When Olivia Pope stops acting that she is still in love with Fitz and is prepared to give Jake (or even a new guy) a serious shot, then I will agree that Olivia deserves better.

      • Guest says:

        Fitz is married! He needs to stay with his wife….Jake is redeemable unlike Fitz. He is a terrible father, husband and President. Very insecure and cannot function at all without Liv. Everything else in his life stands still when he’s not with Liv. Pathetic!

      • Imzadi says:

        When Fitz got Jake “out of the whole,” did he put him in the half? The quarter? The third?

      • Nathalie says:


    • niloofar says:

      exactly Kae, Fitz is losing points every week. at least Jake doesn’t force affection out of Olivia

      • Austin says:

        she’s not in love with Jake and they both know it why would Jake force affection? Olivia gave as much as she received in that kiss thrusting her body, as much as she doesnt want to admit is she still wants him and Fitz knows. Hence the smirk

        • Sawyer says:

          actually the other way around. Jake/Olivia will end this show standing in the sun. They are Gladiators. Jake” line Excuse I am talking to my girlfriend was priceless.

          • SweetTweey says:

            But did you notice after Fitz left, Jake said I know you are not in love with me, I said those things to make him (Fitz) jealous and Olivia did not correct him. And on the way out, she had her tongue so far down Fitz’s thought, he had to pull away. lol.

            If Olivia ends up with Jake, which is always a possibility, she is gonna cheat on Jake with Fitz. Even if she gets with Jake, then what? His navy career is over, B613 is gone, what the hell is Jake gonna do. If he works at OPA, can he take direction from Olivia? Jake likes being a hero and prides himself as a protector so him working at OPA in my opinion would never work. As for a government job, he can forget it.

      • Austin says:

        I use to love Olitz but at this point I don’t care who Olivia ends up with I’m just freaking over the triangle like two teenagers fighting for the prom date. Put Olivia with Jake and give The president another Amanda Tanner for all I care. LOL

      • Jake says:

        Bingo or Yatzee Jake does not force himself on Olivia. Team Jake and Olivia.

        • Austin says:

          Fitz never forced himself, he teased her and she fell for the bait. she actually initiated the kiss, you will see whatever you want though apparently

    • niloofar22 says:

      exactly Kae, Fitz is losing points every week. at least Jake doesn’t force affection out of Olivia

    • SweetTweey says:

      I think you got it wrong. It was Jake who was marking his territory, trying to get Fitz jealous. As a matter of fact, Jake said this to Olivia. Fitz didn’t say a word.

    • jackie says:

      OMG toooo funny and way too true! LOL!!

  3. lolita says:

    I i i???How does her father always knows what is going on? David just can’t catch a break everytime he sticks his neck out he gets screwed. The vice president and that blond woman are after Fitz,i wonder why.

    • Cheyenne says:

      The sole link is Jake. He know where David was storing the files and he knew about the plot to kill Rowan. Draw your own conclusions.

      • billie says:

        Oh. oh. So you think the writers are going there? Would explain a lot. I was just saying, I’m not sure people are meant to like Jake, so that would make sense.

      • Ginger says:

        you are on to something here! but i just can’t see shonda making jake the villain, she likes him a whole lot! LOL

        • kim says:

          It would not make Jake fans happy, but it would be brilliant story wise to find out that Jake is playing Olivia , Fitz, and Rowan. It would also add more depth to his character, instead of being today’s choice but tomorrow’s left overs.

        • SweetTweey says:

          I agree. But if the wrters had the balls to make Jake the villian it would be more interesting than this silly love triange.

          Jake has always wanted to kill Rowan to the point of obsession, even before the “Little Gerry incident’. Wouldn’t it be something that Jake is using Olivia to get to Rowan?

      • Anna says:

        Hmm, who would have thought in S1 and 2 that Tom was B 613? Maybe that other bodyguard but not the “loyal” Tom. My point: Command has people at his beck and call everywhere, Command is more powerful than Fitz, Command seems to be the true leader of the free world. The minute, Fitz got black special ops involved, that ambush was foiled. I wouldn’t put past Rowan to have put a tail on Olivia but also David, even before David being summoned to the bunker. Rowan’s job is to keep tabs on every political decision-maker in the country. So Rowan could have known for a while that David used to do some regular trips to a certain warehouse. Last but not least, do we really think that Rowan would have missed on Jake sneaking out of ACME Ltd, tons of files? The minute OPA brought that place to its knees in S3 by shutting out the server, Rowan must have known his fortress was not impenetrable. He’s always 2 steps ahead, that’s what makes him a formidable opponent.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Good point. The only way to take out Rowan is make it a solo job. He’s got too many spies in too many places.

        • Gwen says:

          I totally agree. Command is all knowing, all seeing, all controlling. Yes, even over Fitz or whomever is sitting in the oval office. Not sure if Jake is still ‘in’ with him, but I suppose Jake might be a better option to Command for with Liv than the married Fitz. Lesser of two evils. I dunno. I DO know that the second they DIDN’T allow Jake or one single person take out Command alone, their plans were foiled.

  4. Ginger says:

    Great episode last week not so much this week. watching grown men (one who happens to be President) fight over a woman is not entertaining or realistic, move on already!!! UGH

  5. Cheyenne says:

    I’m betting Rowan meets his end in one of two ways:
    1) Mama Pope shoots him dead, or
    2) Olivia shoots him dead.

  6. whowho says:

    Honestly I’m sick of Olivia’s father. Can’t they just blow him up and be done with it?

  7. Tran says:

    I enjoy Joe Morton’s work when he was in such movies from Terminator 2 to Speed but his performance on Scandal is the real reason he won an Emmy. Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s Fall finale.

  8. Alice says:

    Could someone please remind me who Dan Kubiak is and why Quinn was doing surveillance on him?

  9. aura says:

    Fitz is gross

    I am PISSED they are ruining Andrew. Someone can’t be a good guy on this show?

  10. Mike R. says:

    Rowan has been great, but it is time for the show to move on, he is a bad guy and Olivia knows it. I still hate Fitz, will Shonda ever let this stupid love triangle die, Fitz can never really be with Liv while he in office, and hopefully Liv knows she deserves better than that. Jake isn’t much better but at least he treats her like an equal.

    • jackie says:

      And can we remember that good ole Fitzy KILLED Verna Thornton???? And are we to also forget that Sally KILLED her hubbie?? I swear their White House is like murderer’s row. Cyrus pimped out his husband. I mean seriously??? Enough w/Rowan who’s apparently more powerful than the President and who can murder whomever he wants. OK.

      • Austin says:

        no one has forgotten, he killed Verna to save Mellie Cyrus and Hollis from prison and also because she tried to kill him twice and almost succeeded. Everyone on this show is a killer, what is your point? Jake is the hero?

  11. Myrtle says:

    Usually I don’t learn article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do so!
    Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice post.

  12. Ross Diamond says:

    Rowan must have Olivia’s every move and word monitored – after she went to visit Jake in the Pentagon lockup, he confronts her while she is swimming; then after she visits Tom, he was waiting back at her apartment (which he has keys for). That explains how he knew about the plan to get him at the restaurant – Rowan has her phone and/or her apartment bugged. But then the files get switched to blank paper – I think that was Rowan who has spies in the Pentagon as well. They have taken it way too far with Rowan, he has to go. In the preview for next week Olivia said “I want the kill shot” – she must have meant Rowan. But that would be too predictable, so I bet Mama Pope will be the one to get him.

    • Cena Gomez says:

      Only 3 people knew about Olivia’s plan and my guess is Jake told Rowan he was getting set up. Jake wants Rowan dead. Fitz and Olivia wanted him arrested. So next week Jake is going to manipulate Olivia into killing her dad. jake is a snake and I can’t wait for the writers to expose him.

      • Sharie says:

        That doesn’t even make sense. Your Fitz delusion is getting to you. Jake clearly does listen to Olivia…and he has hope to due to the bunker scene. But Papa Pope is too legit!

  13. Larc says:

    Far too much was crammed into this episode, IMO. There wasn’t pacing, only wild running. Too much happening too fast is numbing. Events that should have been shocking weren’t so much.

  14. vinsh says:

    I’m soooooo sick of Rowan and his “monologue” mode. It’s like he never had a “normal” and believable conversation with any other character since the beginning of this season. Everytime he opens his mouth it’s like he’s patronizing the person who faces him and tries to earn a second Emmy for “greatest awesome authoritative speech provider on television”. After a season and a half of this, it now sounds exaggerated and boring.

    • Guest says:

      He should win another Emmy he’s awesome. Rowan is by far the best villain on this show since it aired.

      • abz says:

        Uh, no. Don’t even know how he got the first Emmy. His monologues are awful and tired. He needs to go. Aside from Fitz, he’s one of the worst parts of the show.

  15. Overthinking says:

    C’mon writers….you expect us to believe that a kid is hanging out at night without permission and the mother does go livid and call the cops about her missing son?! And what is up with sending a kid to get icecream alone at night. Sheesh who is writing this stuff!!!!

  16. Tyler says:

    Newsflash! People over 40 have sex. Leave Cyrus alone.

  17. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention Gladiator Nation! The following is a recap of ‘Scandal’ 4.08 – “The Last Supper,” courtesy of TVLine:

  18. Joshua says:

    I wish Rowan could have been economical with his words this time around. All he need to say is “I’m Command b****h, I know everything”. The B plot of the show (Elizabeth story arc) seems to be coming together well.

  19. Ann says:

    I can’t believe that neither Huck, nor Quinn wear a gun on them. Even Abby has one. Also, how is it possible that the snipers outside were shot? Don’t they wear bulletproof vests?

  20. Louise says:

    Oh dear. I am just not rooting for anyone on this show. There is no single person I care about except maybe Javi and his mother, and look what happened there. Also, O melts like butter every time she is face to face with Fitz and I just don’t see the chemistry anymore. SO much more with Jake. The difference between this and say, Breaking Bad, is that in BB there was always Hank, the moral backbone of the show. Hoping Mellie will be that, or David finally.

  21. sawyer says:

    Loved Jake/Olivia and silver spoon Fitz scene in the bunker. Scott Foley and Kerry Washington have way more chemisrtry than Fitz. That is why Shonda made him a regular on the show. People who are still on the Fitz and Olivia bandwagon are just fooling themselves. Jake really loves Olivia. I think Olivia loves Jake. President just has Power most women dig that, just ask Clinton

    • SweetTweey says:

      Not really. As I said previously, if Scott Foley had been cast as Fitz, the show would never had made it past the 1st season. The chemistry between Fitz and Olivia is sizzling. The phone call between Fitz and Olivia last week sent critics and fans into a fenzy whereas Jake and Olvia’s love scene had people talking more about Olivia’s boots.

      Truthfuly I would love to see Olivia get with Jake and see how it plays out. Personally, I think Olivia would be bored out of her mind. Olivia loves politically powerful men and likes to be a player in that world. Both Fitz and Edison (who I was rooting for) understood this about Olivia, where I don’t think Jake really does. Also, Jake is not politically powerful and has no influence in Washington. What the hell is Jake gonna do after B613 and Rowan is gone – “stand in the sun”? If Olivia really wanted that, she would have stayed on that island. Notice how Olivia is piecing together her old life back, taking on cases and getting her groove back.

      • Anna says:

        I’m not gonna lie: I prefer Olivia with Jake and just can’t stand Fitz. HOWEVER, YOU ARE SO RIGHT about this: “if Scott Foley had been cast as Fitz, the show would never had made it past the 1st season. The chemistry between Fitz and Olivia is sizzling.” I still think Olitz’s toxic though :-P.

        • SweetTweey says:

          I think both relationships are toxic. I wish Olivia and gotten on that plane by herself and when she came back to D.C. with a clearer head, she would not have dealt with either man. I wish Olivia, Abby and Quinn could have a real “sister girl” type friendship where they can all go out for drinks and Olivia gives herself the chance to at least date “normal” men. Instead of this stupid love triange, I wish they give Olivia a friendship like the one she had with Stephen, but a female friend.

    • Austin says:

      This comment was so funny watching Scott and Kerry is like watching paint dry. Tony and Kerry have more chemistry in their phone calls than Scott and Kerry do in a naked love scene. You think Olivia loves jake, hmm who knows. We do know that she has told that that she is in love with Fitz and loved him on many occasions. Poor guy

  22. matt says:

    This show is so different than Season 1 where it seemed like a procedural with a scandal of the week to fix…Then somehow it turned into a melodramatic Washngton based soap with little realism. I like the latter but it went through a huge evolution

  23. Anna says:

    Liv, inadvertently, tipped her dad off when he called her to check in on her, after she missed their weekly dinner. When he was telling her about how normal it is for families to fight and make up, she said: “I doubt that Jake would be very forgiving.” There! Rowan learned right away that they were on to him. In “Baby made a mess”, I don’t remember if Rowan learned about Liv’s visit to Tom (I don’t think so, otherwise he’d have killed Tom, before Liv’s henchman poked Tom’s kidneys). So far, in 4×07, Rowan just knows that Liv isn’t convinced that Jake did it. However, in 4×08, by pointing out Jake’s grudge against Command for his current predicament, she let the cat out of the bag i.e. we (Liv, Jake and Fitz) know you killed Jerry and Harrison.
    After that, how easy was he for Rowan to guess their next moves. Fitz having already stated, when Jake was arrested, that the murder of his son would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, Rowan knew that no matter what the president would follow due process. So an in camera trial was the only next legal option available and who can organize this? The US AG, David Rosen so just put a tail on the guy. However, I wonder when he intercepted the real B613 files and replaced them.
    Re Liv’s sudden interest for a dinner with Dad after bawling her eyes out, please you can’t play a player! He knows his daughter, she doesn’t easily cry and isn’t the kind to admit her mistakes to her father. Besides, didn’t she prove in S3, when Command was brought to the Pentagon, that she wouldn’t mind seeing her father killed if that’s what should be done?
    Rowan was absolutely right: the black ops’ murders ARE on Liv.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      You are right. Also when Liv phoned her dad “crying” she said something like they are both fighting over me. Which let Rowan know that Fitz and Jake had been in contact recently. Since Jake was supposed to be locked up in high security and Fitz was still supposed to believe that Jake killed his son then there would be no reason for them to be in the same room together. So how could they be “fighting over Liv”? I think Rowan worked it all out then and knew the dinner would be a set up.

  24. tadpole says:

    I hope Jake and Olivia do not get together. It’s time for him to go to an island for good

  25. Ozma says:

    This is the dark magic of Shondaland.

    In her shows there are ridiculous situations made worse, people you want to root for doing things you can’t root for, great actors using their skill on horrible plots – and you want to just drop it because – (yes it’s TV so reason can be suspended, but) COME ON this is RIDICULOUS.
    But you can’t.
    Because we just need to find out what going to happen.

    2 grown men, essentially fighting over a woman- 2 powerful, gorgeous men who don’t need to be fighting over a woman, even if she is equally gorgeous and powerful.

    A gorgeous and powerful woman who has got a serious job to do but is caught up being torn between 2 men, who are either ALREADY MARRIED, or a KILLER… one spied on you, the other hired the spy to… well, spy. Both lie to her, then reject her, but then want her back within a few episodes.
    It’s madness. I should stop.


    Well done Shonda and Co. Well done.

    • Nathalie says:

      * Has anyone ever told Fitz that “no” means “no”? His whole bunker-encounter with Olivia (“Kiss me” / “No” / “Come on, you know you want to”) reeked of frat-boy entitlement. That kind of attitude isn’t getting him any closer to Vermont, let’s just say that.”
      By Andy Swift / November 13 2014, 7:52 PM PST

      When did she say no? She must have gone away. Why did she kiss him?

      • Nathalie says:

        * It was nice when Olivia told Jake, “Don’t ever talk about me and another man and the sun ever again.” It’s nice that they still have a thing.”By Andy Swift / November 13 2014, 7:52 PM PST.

        Are you sure that they have a thing? Perhaps she ist saying” Dont’t ever talk about my sex or my love live with Fitz. She is perhaps upset with what he is saying, no? Time will tell.