The Vampire Diaries Recap: Homecomings (and Goings)

Vampire Diaries Damon Returns

And then there were two.

Thursday’s Vampire Diaries booked a one-way ticket home for a lucky resident of Kai’s Personal Hell — but what’s a long-distance trip without a little turbulence?

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Allow me to back up a bit: After attempting to shake off Kai — or, rather, turn him into a “douche kebab” via the aid of a pickaxe — Bonnie and Damon busted out the Ascendant and prepared for lift-off. Unfortunately, Kai’s like the herpes of TVD enemies, so he returned with a vengeance. A brief scuffle ensued, sending Bonnie to the ground and Damon, well, back home. (Sorry, Kai! Better luck never.)

The final moments of the episode treated viewers to a Damon-Stefan reunion so emotional it hit me right in my imaginary uterus. The hugging! The drinking! And were those tears coming out of Paul Wesley’s eyes? I think so!

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And now, a random ‘shipper note: Did anyone else catch that flirty little exchange between Bonnie and Damon before he was sucked into the portal? “I’m sure there’s about a billion people you’d rather be here with,” he said, to which she breathily replied, “Not exactly.” It was an exact reversal of their banter at the end of the Season 5 finale, and a major treat for all those Bamon fanatics out there. (Are they out there?)

Regardless, Damon wasn’t the only one getting his flirt on this week…

BABY, I’M A-MAZE-D Elena — who still refers to Damon as a “serial killer,” despite Stefan reminding her how much she loved him — decided to give Liam another chance, allowing him to escort her to the Whitfield Homecoming Corn Maze (which really made me miss the Mystic Falls High decade dances, but that’s my issue). Their date was proceeding relatively smoothly, until Tyler swerved off the road and drove straight into the cornfield, leaving a trail of bloody co-eds in his wake. Liam’s heroics in the chaotic aftermath clearly struck a chord with Elena, inspiring a big goodnight kiss at the end of the evening, followed by a game-changing declaration: “You were a hero tonight, an absolutely jaw-dropping, out-of-this-world hero; that‘s my type,” she told him, apparently unaware that she was also describing her two fanged exes. (But I digress…)

Vampire Diaries Alaric JoCOMPEL ME NOT In other coupling news, Alaric — who, as Elena astutely pointed out, is “one hoodie and three missed haircuts from becoming Professor Shane” — went on his first official date with Jo, which was rudely interrupted by Tyler’s little accident. That’s when things got kind of crazy: At the hospital, when Alaric realized that Jo was falling for him, he went into panic mode, compelling her to ignore her feelings for him… only it didn’t work! Why didn’t it work, you ask? That, my friends, is a damn good question.

LIV AND [TYLER] LET [SOMEONE] DIE | All right, back to Tyler, who came this close to reverting to his wolf-y form this week. (Remember, kids: One kill and it’s were-city!) Fortunately, Liv took the proverbial bullet, ending the life of the guy Tyler hit with his truck so the death wouldn’t be on his hands. As for all the other people he hit in the corn maze, Tyler has Liam to thank for saving those lives. (Maybe he should follow Elena’s lead with a little thank-you sugar. No? Just me?) Either way, Liv’s sacrifice pretty much solidified #LivTyler as a couple, as Tyler delivered a big speech about she saved him, etc.

vampire-diaries-caroline-towelTRUNK CASE OF THE EX | Racked by guilt over Ivy’s newfound vampirism — she had a freakin’ Etsy store, man! — the ever-predictable Stefan did exactly what we figured he would do: put Caroline on babysitting duty, correctly assuming she’d bend over backwards to help him at a moment’s notice. But his plan suffered a hiccup when Ivy grew restless, snapping Caroline’s neck and running into the night to feed her cravings; it hit a second hiccup when Ivy was vamp-napped by Tripp, as Caroline helplessly looked on in horror. At least one good thing came out of the whole situation, though: Caroline finally told Stefan off for dumping Ivy on her and trying to skip town. It hurt my Steroline-shipping when she told him she wanted him gone, but now that Damon’s back, methinks there’s hope for these two after all.

TVD fans, your take on this week’s episode? What’s up with Jo? How will Bonnie get back home? And do you approve of Elena and Liam? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nara says:

    I really Caroline forgets about Stefan. he treated her like trash for so long and in my eyes he can’t just simply make up with. Respect yourself girl! No need for an jerk in your life

    • Fran says:

      Do you think he treated her badly for a long time? I only noticed it this season but remind me if I’m forgetting something. But I agree Caroline needs to respect herself more… but that’s the writing for you. Caroline has so much potential and it frustrates me that they keep making her act this way.

    • I totally agree with, though I do get why she would have a soft spot for him because he did make her, and I am fully for Caroline developing into her own separate person.

      • Baileigh says:

        Actually, if you are referring to who sired Caroline it was Damon not Stefan. Elena and Bonnie pleaded with Damon to feed Caroline his blood following the car accident (at the end of season one?). Damon’s blood did heal Caroline of her injuries however, his blood was still in her system when Katherine killed her.

        • Samantha says:

          Elena asked him not to feed Caroline his blood it was only bonnie that wanted him to. I hate Caroline and Stefan together.

    • Netty says:

      Stefan knows what he wants and its not Caroline, why is he the bad guy because he’s not falling at her feet. She is too needy and whiny.

    • Guest says:

      I just knew it, same as I knew Damon was just going to go back to his heavy-drinking/meaningless brawls lifestyle while Bonnie was stuck in hell with a psychopath. I just hope Damon has a great time while Bonnie is repeatedly tortured in the afterlife.

    • Selima says:

      Amen. She needs to tell him off more. He was a jerk!!!!

  2. phuong says:

    I do love my ships but for vampie diaries all all want more is some brotherly love from damon and stefan please stop focusing one delena, stelena or any ships that they have out there I hope Bonnie comes back they keep sacrificing her for everyone else when you think about she has already died like 4 times give her a break. Csroline has to stop trying to help stefan out and find her own happiness cause stefan is treating her so bad

  3. Kayla says:

    Caroline is too good for Stefan. I liked when they were just good friends. Why does every show have to have every character fall for each other? It’s sort of incestuous. They had good chemistry as friends. Personally, I’d rather see Caroline back with Matt. I know I’m in the minority with that one, though.

  4. I says:

    Caroline’s dad (played by Jack Coleman) was impervious to vampire compulsion, too. Maybe whoever taught him how to do it taught Jo, too?

    • But than that begs the question, how are the two connected? Unless I’m missing something because honestly I find her the most boring aspect of this show until now, which is unfortunate because she’s an amazing actress.

    • AnnieM says:

      I was thinking, maybe she knows about the existence of vampires, and takes vervain.

    • Jj says:

      Buy Alaric is an Original vampire. Resisting compulsion from a regular vampire is a totally different thing. This is, or should be, uncharted territory.

  5. Fran says:

    More Damon and Stefan please! Their relationship is what has always been so compellong to me. Please, please dont bring back Delena, at least for awhile. Elena seems so normal now and its so freaking nice to see her without a Salvatore brother. I kind of like this new Stefan who does things for himself- but I’m not crazy about how he’s treating Caroline. I’m not a fan of Steroline at all but I have a feeling they are having Stefan act like this for a reason. He’ll probably end up admitting that its because he was scared of his feelings for her, or some crap like that. I want them both to be happy but wish they’d stay friends. And once again, poor Bonnie.

    • Annastasia says:

      i have to disagree with u i think that elena was a good match for damon after all she brings out the goodness in him

  6. Jess says:

    Bonnie!!!! Damon has to do anything to bring her back. She was very nice to him. She is the one who always sacrificed her life to save the others. Please bring her back Damon. I prefer Caroline alone than see her with Stefan. Stefan stops treating her like a doll or a puppy. She was supposed to be your friend. I remember when got killed my Tyler, she cried a lot. You must be nice to her.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      I cant say Im a fan of the writers plotting here. They had a golden opportunity to set up a longer story in the ‘1994 era’ and then have effectively kneecapped that story after 4-5 episodes? It could have easily have run for 10 episodes.

  7. Jess says:

    Bonnie!!!! Damon has to do anything to bring her back. She was very nice to him. She is the one who always sacrificed her life to save the others. Please bring her back Damon. I prefer Caroline alone than see her with Stefan. Stefan stops treating her like a doll or a puppy. She was su your friend. I remember when you got killed by Tyler. She cried a lot for you. Please be nice to her!!!

  8. This was the first episode this season where I was actually interested in what these characters did and found them, dare I say, likeable.

    • jess says:

      It was different seeing elena in a different way, it’s fun for now, but I do miss damon and her together. Bonnie needs to come back, like im not having it. Poor girl dies all the time. Stefan is not himself, I get it, I guess. But let’s see what happens, I missed the brothers bantering each othr so im glad damon is back

  9. Dmac says:

    Oh look Bonnie sacraficed herself again…who didn’t see that coming.

  10. Rinnie says:

    I’m amazed at the way the writers always manage to screw Bonnie over. How is her life always about sacrifice ??

    • Ian says:

      This was supposed to be her Grams’ gift to her for being a selfless person, and she gives her ticket back to life to a jerk who’ll forget her in 2 seconds.

      How could i have possibly thought things might be different this time?

  11. Kira says:

    TVD has a chance to rectify a lot of mistakes from the past 2 seasons. That end scene with the Salvatore brothers actually brought me to tears. I hope at least for a while they focus on their relationship. Give us all the brotherly scenes we’ve been wanting!!! I hope they don’t jump straight back into Delena. Give Elena time to grow because for the first time in a long time I actually like her. No love triangle just a girl trying to figure out her life. Let Delena SLOWLY find their way back to each other and have an actual romance instead of that toxice mess they had become. As for Steroline, I think the biggest reason Stefan is treating her like crap is because he is devastated over losing Damon. Plus he’s scared of their feelings for each other. It doesn’t make it right but man is he messed up after everything he went through with Damon and Elena. I’ll cut him some slack. We’ve forgiven Damon for so many things. Stefan deserves the same. I honestly didn’t expect to like Liv and Tyler but I do. They’re taking their time with their relationship and I love it!!!! Also loving Alaric and Jo. She’s a breath of fresh air. Plus the whole not being compelled thing is very intriguing. I’m hoping Damon finds a way to bring Bonnie back. I loved Bamon!!!! Instead of being a puppy on a leash like he was with Elena he actually acted like the real Damon. Their chemistry is so much fun to watch!!!! Wish they had given those two a shot a long time ago but oh well lol I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Kai which I’m ok with as long as B is with him. Overall I give this episode an A. Kind of felt like the TVD of old and man have I missed that!!!!

    • AnnieM says:

      I agree with everything you said.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. Except, please, let’s not go back to that Delena mess. I already couldn’t stomach the upcoming episode promo, and they had what? Literally all of 30 seconds screen-time? I don’t know what’s happened for me to hate a pairing so much from wanting them to happen really badly for about 3 years? Eh, I don’t care…I’m just ready for Bamon, and not sorry for it!

      • Kira says:

        For the record I’m not a Delena fan but no way are Plec and Dries going to walk away from the “greatest most epic love story of all time”. I don’t see it but those two women are obsessed with Delena. I prefer Damon as far away from Elena as possible but I’ve given up hope that will ever happen.

    • murley says:

      Totally agree with everything you have said. I am excited at the prospect of more scenes with the brothers together but I am really sorry to see the Damon and Bonnie dynamic end (for now, I hope). I really didn’t like the way they wrote the Damon and Elena relationship but if they want that to be the ultimate couple they do have an opportunity to start over and write as a good relationship so I hope they do that.

  12. Britt says:

    I cannot stand Liam. I like that this new Elena is very upbeat, but at the same time she is still living a delusional fantasy. What people go through in life makes them who they are. I’m just hoping she gets her memories back soon before it breaks Damon’s heart. If they don’t end up together fine… But she needs to move on in a “normal” (whatever that word could mean for a vamp) way and not because she was made to forget every real thing she felt for Damon.

    • S says:

      You only can’t stand Liam because he’s not Damon. I think the point was that she was not moving on and she realized it and did what she needed to do so she could. People are annoyed that she wanted to be compelled because they want Delena all the time.

      • Chris says:

        Even though I am a Delena fan, that’s not why I was annoyed that Elena wanted to be compelled. What was really disappointing for me is that after everything she’s gone through she was supposed to be stronger and deal with her loss just like everyone else had to do, instead of needing to be saved (again).

  13. Bonnie fan says:

    I’m so frustrated right now. Bonnie/Kat was finally getting good material this season and now, this happens. Once again, Bonnie sacrifices herself for someone else. WHY couldn’t they have just kept them both over there or sent them both home? Why did they have to free Damon only to leave Bonnie behind? It makes no sense outside of the “Bonnie always gets screwed over” pattern. Plus, they had so much story potential with the 1994 hellscape. Why end that only 5 episodes into the season? Such a waste…

    After everything Bonnie did for Damon, he better make it his MISSION to find a way to get her out of there. Even if Kai keeps her alive on the off-chance he can use her again, there’s no way he doesn’t torture her. Someone that psychotic would not let her “betrayal” go unpunished. So they need to get her out of there, ASAP.

    • Tike says:

      I agree Bonnie better be brought back by Damon. The writers keep on killing her off and sacrificing her!

      • Kevin says:

        don’t worry, both Kai AND bonnie are staying around; and what bonnie did was truly heroic; the real heroine of this show is bonnie

        • JC says:

          Hell Yes! Bonnie has and will always be TVD’s moral compass along with Alaric and Matt. They keep the other characters grounded :) She better come back!

      • Baileigh says:

        If Kai tried numerous times to kill himself and failed, I am inclined to believe that the same goes for Bonnie. As long as she remains in 1994 she can’t die.

    • Jawny Smassh says:

      I agreed

    • Alice says:

      The thing that bugs me the most about Bonnie getting left behind is that now the show will have no problem going episodes without Kat. At least when she was stuck with Damon we knew we would get Bonnie scenes because TVD won’t go an entire episode without showing Ian Somerhalder. I don’t want it to be like last season where, living or dead, she just disappeared for episodes at a time.
      I’ve loved how much Bonnie we got this season.
      And while Damon better not completely regress and forget about her now that he’s in proximity to Elena’s honeypot, I kind of want Bonnie to rescue herself. I’m sure Caroline, the only one who was trying to get Bonnie back, will be extra manic about it now that Damon’s back and has proven they aren’t dead-dead, and I have no objections to some frantic work to try and track down the Gemini coven or something. But I kind of want to see Bonnie go all Sarah Connor and get herself out of there. But that would require the show to devout a lot of time to Bonnie- without Damon. Tricky.

  14. christine says:

    We all know bonnie will come back she is after all a very powerful witch. And I totally agree more Damon and Stefan. Elena needs to focus on herself for awhile. And I hope Alaric does find love that’d be awesome.

  15. Lina says:

    Oh my god oh my god! This episode was crazy! I NEED to see what happens! And I kinda hate how everyone’s just moving on so quickly :( like Tyler from Caroline and Elena from Damon.

    • Emmy says:

      Well, I mean in Tyler’s defense it had been a while since the end of their relationship by the end of last season and put the time jump between seasons on top of that, it’s understandable. As for Elena, Stefan might have spilled the beans to her but she still doesn’t remember loving him, so for her it’s almost as is if she is moving on from Stefan and their relationship ended two years ago.

    • cherylle1980 says:

      After she slept with Klaus…that was inevitable.

  16. chris says:

    Damon better make his way to the Gemini Coven so they can come up with a way to bring Bonnie back! I am loving this #Bamon action! And I can’t wait to see Jeremy’s reaction when he finds out that Bonnie isn’t dead!

  17. Rook says:

    I’ve never cared for Tyler’s storylines after he became a werewolf. I thought he should have died a long time ago. But him and Liv is making both of the characters more interesting to me, hope they keep it up.

  18. Jawny Smassh says:

    Bring my baby momma bonnie back love her

  19. Jawny Smassh says:

    Sister gal had to be wearing vervain other wise Alaric compelled would have work

    • wendie says:

      Totally agree, I thought it was obvious that was the case. More likely she had consumed it as if she was wearing it, Alaric might have come in contact with it. Maybe a safety precaution in the hospital in case hungry vampires come looking for blood? :)

  20. Dew says:

    There is a “w” missing from the word “Racked” in the line that’s supposed to be “Wracked with guilt”. A rack, no “w” is what one puts on their car or wall, for example, to hold bikes or snowboards. Wrack, with a “w”, is when one is struck by emotion.

  21. Kristen says:

    I really enjoyed this episode too. Even Tyler whom I had lost interest in for a long time was intriguing again. I think he and Liz have great potential. As for Bonnie, it seems to be a recurring theme with her constantly sacrificing herself. I wish they kept the 1994 storyline with her and Damon a bit longer. Their chemistry was so unexpected. It was so refreshing. I hope Damon does whatever he can to get her back. I loved that end scene with the brother as well. I am so glad that it was Stefan who got to reunite with Damon first. The only storyline I have been disappointed in is Caroline’s. It’s tough to see her regress like this and Stefan walking all over her. They had such a wonderful friendship. I know he is grieving and they will probably have him do a complete 180 later, but right now it’s definitely hard for me to root for Steroline.

    • Alice says:

      Their friendship was so cute, and had such potential. But yeah, at the moment this is not a supportive relationship for Caroline and I want her to stay away. Of course, Stefan reuniting with Damon also proves Caroline was in the right this whole time about their being hope for Damon and Bonnie. So I hope Stefan, now no longer grieving, makes a pretty spectacular apology.

      • Cas says:

        The fact that some of them thought there was no hope was ridiculous in the first place. C’mon how many people have returned from the dead now? How many crazy things have they seen? Oh but lets just not bother looking or trying anything because that requires effort. The only time they put effort into something is when Bonnie or Damon is around pushing them to do so and they are being attacked/hunted by something.

        • Fran says:

          Love how people forget that Stefan did spend time looking and was, in fact, the only one who actually did so. We didn’t see it on screen but they’ve made that fact perfectly clear. So what does he need to apologize for? Because he wanted to move on already? Caroline was looking for a way to get back into Mystic Falls more than she ever actually looked for a way to bring Bonnie and Damon back. And as far as these characters knew, the other side was IT for dead people to come back. They didnt get to see that Bonnie and Damon were stuck in 1994. And honestly, sooner or later they needed to have these characters deal with death and not have it immediately be “oh, we’ll just get them back, no big deal”. They’ve all fought for each other in the past all on their own, without Bonnie and Damon pushing them so I don’t understand what you mean by that.

          • Cas says:

            You’re right. I’m sorry I keep forgetting not to comment on these forums because everyone freaks out.

          • Fran says:

            Oh for goodness sake, its called responding to your comment with a different opinion, not freaking out. That’s what these posts are for you know.

    • Samantha says:

      Damon and bonnie have had chemistry in other series she just ends up hating him again after. I hate Caroline and Stefan togeth and Elena and Damon

  22. spindae2 says:

    Jo is obviously Kai’s younger sister. Good episode. Didn’t expect Damon to return so soon. Poor Kat she is destined to Limbo.

    • Amanda says:

      OMG! That makes sense actually! I never thought of that. That would make total sense… and then we have someone to help bring Bonnie back. Genius!

  23. Ian says:

    So the second Damon gets back, its all about Stefan and Elena, and Bonnie’s completely forgotten about. That girl is better than all these lovesick idiots on this show combined. Kat brought me to tears with her performance tonight.

    And where’s Luke? Is it fair his sister gets all the screentime because she has a spare vagina for one of this show’s spare hunks floating around? Why have a gay character at all then?

    • jag says:

      Originals is doing it ryt now. Luke go to New Orleans and make a luv triangle with the vamp and the werewolf (dont know their names sorry). It’ll be interesting and it also work for Julie since she treasures luv triangles.

  24. Kira says:

    Im not liking the whole Elena and Liam thing. Simply because yes, elena may have thought damon was blinked out of existence but hes back how is this going to affect damon&elenas relationship y’know with her being compelled to think he was a douchebag -.- also, I dislike the fact that bonnie didn’t come back. Damon and Stefans reunion however was beautiful.

  25. hello says:

    I really hope this doesn’t mean Bonnie is gone

    • WayneInNYC says:

      I doubt it. They clearly showed that the ascension device stayed behind, albeit in pieces, after Damon got whooshed home. She will have other chances to get home, ince she’s reliving the same day over and over.

  26. Lies says:

    Bamon bamon bamon o m g! This could be the most romantic tv couple ever on tv! Bring her back! she can’t be dead right? kai is the new badguy for this season so he needs bonnie to get back to the real world! Hope delena will stay apart for a while, let damon have some fun! Epic defan moment think the best one i have ever seen.

    • Annastasia says:

      delena is way better than bamon i mean i want bonnie back as much as everyone else but their not a good match i think that jermey and bonnie are a better match and u know it

  27. S says:

    Why is it that Bonnie is always sacrificing herself for everyone else? And it kind of irks me in the previews for next week that Damon doesn’t seem to even care to try and get her back.

    • bree says:

      Yeah! That pissed me off too! Like: uh, hellllo? Forgetting something?!

    • Baileigh says:

      The preview for next week clearly showed that Damon is captured by the local supernatural city watchman/vampire hunter, I doubt that he doesn’t care about Bonnie he just has more pressing issues facing him.

  28. WayneInNYC says:

    I have to say, I found the last two seasons rather difficult to get through, but this season the show seems to have regained its former sense of awesomeness.

  29. Fran says:

    I was a little annoyed at the way Alaric treated Stefan this episode…. I didn’t quite buy that.

    • yash says:

      I agree. I mean he is so angry with him.. that he wasnt looking for ways to bring damon and bonnie back.. Look Alaric himslf he too is trying to build a life for himself and if stefan tried suddenly he is bad!
      Stefan is AWEsome

    • Baileigh says:

      What Ric told Stefan needed to be said, Stefan may have started out looking for a way to bring his brother back but he quickly gave up. It was Ric’s confrontation that forced Stefan to realize that he actually did feel the loss of his brother from his life. Before his confrontation with Ric, Stefan was running away from the life he had shared with his brother in Mystic Falls.

      • Fran says:

        Oh it wasn’t that I didn’t agree with that part- I do think Stefan was running away from his grief and pain. But its the way Alaric tried to compare his short friendship with Damon to a hundred year relationship between brothers. And I guess I’m getting a little sick of everyone getting on Stefan for giving up and not continuing to look, while they’re not actually doing anything to help either. Its just feels kind of hypocritical to me.

  30. Netty says:

    Its so good to have Damon back, he should now try and win Elena heart, no compulsion from Ric please, Delena needs a fresh start, none of that messy r/ship they had before. Something that most fans can root for.
    But first they should focus on repairing the brotherly bond, I had really missed Stefan and Damon. That embrace at the end was better than any other ship on TVD. I’d love to see more of that. And please keep Caroline away from Stefan, she is exhausting.

  31. Cas says:

    So how come with Caroline and Stefan were about to hook up people cried and said “why can’t this show just keep people as friends?” But now everyone is okay with Damon and Bonnie? Talk about double standards people. i enjoy them together just as they are. No need to make them romantic. It’s a good brother sister type deal. Damon is very protective of her just like a brother would protect his sister.

    • Fran says:

      What double standards? Where do you see that “everyone” is okay with Damon and Bonnie? Some people like it, some people don’t…. The same as every other relationship on the show.

    • Sarah says:

      Why do people keep mentioning Damon/Bonnie as a brother/sister relationship when it’s anything BUT… face it, most people actually see the chemistry between them now. Like even I was all for Delena at one point (until S5 when their relationship became such an epic snorefest). Finally the writers are actually utilised the brilliant chemistry between Ian/Kat. Trouble is, they’re just gonna regress back to the contrived Damon/Elena rubbish.

      • Netty says:

        Most people??? Where’s the poll??

        • Sarah says:

          Except, I said people, and not ‘most’ but that was cute of you, I guess…

        • Cas says:

          I think she is referring to the people who tend to comment on these articles when she says most. Generally when I talk to people about it nobody is for it. Maybe that’s just the people I know though.

          • Sarah says:

            Well, I was one of the people, or just that I didn’t see it? But I think in the right context, it could have worked, but no point getting my hope up for a romantic sl at this late in the game; I’m not that naive. Just wish they could keep up the dynamic between the two. I’m a fan of how they can interact together without losing what makes them interesting as individual character which unfortunately is where they failing with Stefan/Caroline.

          • Netty says:

            Steroline is so messed up, I don’t know if it will ever be repaired. Bonnie and Damon interact well and have had a great bond because of their ordeal but that’s not to say there’s chemistry and definitely nothing about their interaction suggests they should be in a r/ship. Bonnie needs to get back to Jeremy.

    • Cleo says:

      Agreed! Like a brother, no need to make things sexual between Damon and Bon, I mean the idea of them being romantically involved is twisted and makes me feel sick.

  32. yash says:

    The Highlight of this episode was THE DEFAN MOMENT in the end.
    But what Alaric said to stefan was wrong.. Y was Alaric not looking for ways.. he took a job and is trying to get on with his life
    and if stefan does that its suddenly something bad!.. And stefan was still miserable without Damon….. !
    but stefan and Caroline relationship.. writers r screwing it.. As we all know Stefan will not treat people like trash

    • Donna MaMa says:

      amazing that this part of the show was never mentioned in the recap, it was totally left out. took awhile for someone it mention it.

  33. Remy says:

    I’m calling it now. Elena will choose to keep her Damon memories forgotten. Just when Damon is ready to give up & let her live her life without him, someone will dagger Alaric, & Elena will be forced to get her memories back.

  34. Nate says:

    I think Jo is the sister Kai was talking about

  35. Jenny says:

    The last scene was perfect I must have seen it 10 times. I was hoping Damon would first encounter Stefan and not Elena.

  36. Emmy says:

    I really want them to take the time to mend the friendship between Stefan and Caroline. Now that Damon is back, I don’t want Caroline to just automatically forgive him because “he was grieving”. Stefan should have to grovel just a little bit first…nothing extreme, but the situation definitely deserves a nice sit-down face to face apology. But I predict that won’t happen and instead maybe he will save her from some kind of danger and all will be forgiven…I just want to see Stefan acknowledge that he hurt her and not be so selfish.

  37. sophia says:

    Damon and Stefan being brothers ? Damon and Bonnie being the new refreshing and entertaining relationship this show needed ? Elena back to her compassionate independant self ?
    TVD’s writers found the golden ticket to bring more viewers , how long before they destroy that and bring back toxic delena taking 90 % of the screentimes ?

    • Amadeu says:

      next week, it will be all over!

    • Sarah says:

      UGH. I feel you. WHY, OH WHY did I have to enjoy this Damon/Bonnie so muchhhhh. I wish I really didn’t because I’m definitely going to peace out if they keep forcing this contrived Delena rubbish. These last few episodes of the different dynamics, and interesting storytelling has really vamped (no pun intended) this show and we are going back to square one? In the words of Jack; ‘we have to go back’.

  38. Sarah says:

    TVD writers if you’re reading this somehow…please, PLEASE, do not ignore the Damon/Bonnie dynamic! Honestly, the most refreshing, and enjoyable scenes have been because of them. The fact that you guys held out on us on this pairing for this LONG is pure evil. That scene in the cave was brilliant, and perfectly well acted and I honestly never thought I’d see the day I get a happy flutter over these two.

  39. Jessica says:

    Damon and Bonnie have the best chemistry. Delena is garbage in comparison.

  40. bamonforever says:

    I WANT BAMON TOGETHER, I love them. Screw elena, i hate her.

  41. bree says:

    Elena is getting more like Katherine…. like shes smooth and sneaky at the same time. I dont really like her character anymore. But Bonnie made the episode. I hope she comes back. Because if she doesn’t I dont wanna. Watch tvd anymore. But I know she will. Damon wouldnt let her stay with that physco ki. Am I right?

  42. Atikah Nizam says:

    Stop treating people like trash Stefan.


    How did Damon have alcohol when Kai broke them all?
    Weren’t they all full of vervain ??

  44. Staci says:

    I think that Damon will do anything he can to get Bonnie back there. And for him, not Elena. He knows how much she sacrificed for him and I think he truly cares about her. I would like to see Caroline with Enzo. Those two have great chemistry with a love – hate relationship. Elena without a Salvatore is good I think – for now. I think eventually, those two will find their way back to each other. I like Alaric with Jo. I think she might be a werewolf. Does anybody remember a time in the past seasons when a werewolf was compelled? I don’t.

  45. Hope on Bamon says:

    Damooooooooooooooon just FORGET about Elena.



  46. Selima says:

    I LOVE BAMON!!! I’ve waited 5 years for this…. Where should us shippers direct our comments so the writers like Julie Plec know that we’re loving them? I tried finding Julie’s real facebook page but there was more than one… I just comment on the Vampire Diaries fb page. Any other suggestions would be great.

  47. zed says:

    Bamon is the best thing that has happened this season! I hope really that he will find a way to get her back somehow! I love their dynamic- there is so much fire there! Bonnie is in the hell hole now with Kai- but she can easily kick his a…! Bromance Defan! Yes- that was the best part of the episode! They really should work on redeeming Damon regarding Stefan! And the brothers should put family above all ie the girl! (Elijah and Klaus at least tried that at one point, right?!) Caroline and Stefan- I just don’t see him falling for her- she is a bff to him, like Lexi was- but I just don’t see them being one! Caroline and Enzo have more antagonistic fire!
    Elena- should just concentrate in finding her way to herself, and if she dates a few random people -so be it! But the whole Delena thing- no more, please!It was not an epic love thing- just Damon’s fixation with Katherine look-alike! Isn’t it about change this season and them all growing up?!

  48. Elodie says:

    I can understand the fans who are tired with Delena but let’s take a look at the past. Delena is the major force if not the unique force that drives Damon’s actions…way more powerful than strenghen his relationship with his brother. What will he do apart of trying to get back with her ? Saving Bonnie of course…I don’t think that can be enough to keep him busy for an entire season…

  49. sara says:

    this review is insulting and sexist. damon and stefan’s reunion hit you right in your imaginary uterus? since when do only women have emotions and since when does the uterus have anything to do with feelings anyway? you really should be more careful with your language

  50. Dora says:

    Eleana has to go back with Damon. They were good together.