Vampire Diaries Photos: Is Elena Developing a New Campus Crush?

Vampire Diaries Elena Liam

After their little kiss at the lake, it looks like Elena could be going back to Liam for another cup of sugar.

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New photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ Nov. 13 episode find Ms. Gilbert and her fellow med student deep in conversation, though it’s anybody’s guess what the two are discussing. (Either way, maybe Damon shouldn’t be in such a rush to return home?)

Other spoiler-y nuggets from the episode:

* Jo opens up to Alaric about her “tragic past.”
* Stefan, Matt and Enzo go to “extreme measures” to shut down Tripp’s vampire-killing operation.
* Caroline rushes to the aid of her mom, who gets “caught in the middle of a dangerous plan.”
* Taking a cue from Elena and Liam, Tyler and Liv also “grow closer.”
* Damon makes a shocking discovery that “renews his hope” for returning home.

Your take on TVD’s latest pairings? Browse new photos from the Nov. 13 episode, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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