2015 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

Renewal Scorecard 2015

TVLine’s annual index of immeasurable relief and crushing disappointment known as the Renewal Scorecard has arrived!

From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows are good to return for another season… and which will join Manhattan Love Story over at the MIA Network.

To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the “bubble,” we once again present you with our easy-to-browse cheat sheet.

We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel — including info on full-season pickups! — so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. As a reminder, the eight levels in TVLine’s reliable renewal grid are as follows:

♦ Officially renewed
♦ A sure thing
♦ A safe bet
♦ Could go either way
♦ A long-shot
♦ Essentially cancelled
♦ Officially cancelled
♦ Too early to tell

And now, the Scorecard (use these links to jump to CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW).


American Crime: Season 2 is too early to tell. Officially renewed (midseason).
America’s Funniest Home Videos: 
A safe bet. Officially renewed.
The Astronaut Wives Club:
Series finale aired Aug. 20
The Bachelor: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
black-ish: Season 2 is a safe bet. Officially renewed.
Castle: A safe bet. Officially renewed.
Cristela: Season 2 is a safe bet could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Dancing With the Stars: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Extreme Weight Loss: Season 5 finale aired Sept. 8; Season 6 could go either way
Forever: Season 2 is a long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Fresh Off the Boat: Season 2 is a safe bet. Officially renewed.
Season 2 could go either way. Officially renewed.
The Goldbergs: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Grey’s Anatomy: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
How to Get Away With Murder: Season 2 is a sure thing. Officially renewed.
Last Man Standing: Too early to tell. Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Manhattan Love Story: Officially cancelled.
Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season 2 could go either way. Officially renewed.
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Members Only: Premieres in 2015. Officially cancelled/never aired.
The Middle: Season 7 is a safe bet. Officially renewed.
Mistresses: Season 3 finale aired Sept. 3; Season 4 could go either way. Officially renewed.
Modern Family: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Nashville: Could go either way. Officially renewed.
Once Upon a Time: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Resurrection: A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Revenge: Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Rookie Blue: Season 6 finale aired Sept. 3; Season 7 could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Scandal: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Secrets and Lies: Season 2 is a safe bet. Officially renewed.
Selfie: Too early to tell. Officially cancelled.
Shark Tank: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
The Taste: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
The Whispers: Season 1 finale aired Aug. 31; Season 2 is a long shot.


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  1. Kelly Deeny says:

    I agree with your Scorecard predictions, but hope that REVENGE inches closer to the A Safe Bet or A Sure Thing category.

    • Reality says:

      I think ABC should just announce Revenge will be ending this season within the next couple of weeks or so. Between the continuing ratings decline and weak story lines, it makes sense to let it end.

      • Trish says:

        I like Revenge, but think they need to wind things up this season.

      • the girl says:

        I completely agree on Revenge. If this is going to be the last season, I’ll bite the bullet and watch to the end. If not I may have to let this one go.

        • Peggy Olson says:

          Same, I’m praying this is the final season. Heck, it should’ve ended on season 3.

          • June harlow says:

            I love Revenge and will be heartbroken if we lose it at least bring it back and tie up all the loose ends. Like to see the ones who started this ball rolling pay for their crimes and Emily end up with Jack, love them together.🚻

      • I really enjoy this television show. It is actually my #1 for new shows.

      • Revenge is not as much fun as it used to be but with a title like Revenge writers can only do so much to keep the storyline alive.

      • SALLY BARTOE says:


        • I agree they should keep Revenge

        • Dee VeeDee says:

          seriously ? did you just throw a massive spoiler into your comments ? WayToGo :/

          • Kristoffer says:

            Are you talking about the spoiler that they killed Daniel? Are we supposed to wait to talk about a show until we are sure that every last person in the world has watched an episode? That’s like me asking people to not talk about Sons of Anarchy because I plan on watching the series one of these days when I get around to it. Not to be rude but if you haven’t watched an episode after 2 plus weeks it’s fair game in my opinion.

        • Renee says:

          If they kill many more people off they won’t have anything to cancel. I love(d) the show but too many people are dying. I want it to go back to the fast pace show it once was.

      • Otto says:

        I agree.. this was a series I never intended to watch – a few days before the S1 premiere I saw their web page on ABC and was intrigued. There’s nothing fresh about the show anymore, and it’s time to finish the story.

      • tina beta says:

        i agree

      • Renee says:

        I agree! This show is not what it started out to be. The only hope it has is bringing back Aiden to help Emily, and I’m sure that won’t happen. Let it go with some dignity.

      • I still glad that Forever got renewal for the whole season and I am lighting candle that the show will be renewal for the second season. I am still praying and hope that the writer will get their act together and drop the weak storyline before the fan will be leaving the show forever.

        • You can do more than light a candle and/or pray. There is a group page on Facebook, “Forever (ABC) Fan Page”, where the members have started a petition to get ‘Forever’ renewed for another season. We need all the signatures we can get to make the show’s renewal a reality.

          • aumair sagar says:

            Aumair sagar 923355481951 anyone girls friendshp and marrig i am smrt boy and jab . Age 26 .plese i am no inguor me reply

          • Kathy Smith says:

            I will definitely do that Anna….Thanks for the info.
            I DO NOT want them to cancel Forever…I love the show, and I love Ioan

          • I hope they renew Forever. The show is inventive and the story lines are interesting. It is not cookie cutter like many other shows on tv right now.

          • Mary says:

            Didn’t know that. Thanks! I like this show so much and really want it renewed. Will go to FB ad find the fan page.

          • leprecaun28 says:

            Thanks for the info…..I’ll go look for it and sign the petition…I love Ioan Gruffudd and if they have vampire shows and zombie shows, why not an immortal?

          • SOrms says:

            Thanks. Didn’t know that. I’ll look it up. Like that show

          • berretta says:

            I like forever. If thetes a petition im in

          • Selleah says:

            Thank you for this information ~ Forever is uniquely brilliant, lots of layers, great characters

          • Judy Garzinski says:

            I am hoping and praying for a second season of Forever
            Great concept. I love who don its. I love the cast, especially Ioan

          • Lin says:

            I am going to that page right now. Forever is a keeper and ABC is exceedingly stupid if they don’t renew it and put it in a decent time slot.

          • Sue White says:

            You can also write or send postcards to ABC, and Forever is trending on Twitter (or it was). Help it along in any way you can please. I am doing all I can to save it. It’s such a great show. No gore, no so-called reality. Just a well-written show with a great storyline, a great cast, and an extremely different take on mystery. I love it (in case you can’t guess).

          • Need Forever says:

            Count me In

          • Mary Amer says:

            I love that program. It is the only one that is smart, totally interesting,
            historically curious, and without sick people hanging out. The story of the
            son with the Nazi #’s , the loss of wife, the non-aging man, that is strong,
            with a great heart etc. And it is FUN …wondering what will be next. Only
            thing I watch.

          • Jpooh says:

            I don’t want to loose FOREVER ! This is a great show and it’s been getting better and better!!! I will look for the FB page !!

          • Julia says:


          • Julia says:

            Will try don’t want to lose Forever. love it

          • Oh, please. This stuff never works. The show is gone. You know, this is one reason I record my favorite shows and only watch them at the end of each story arc. I refuse to be left hanging.

            Hey, my favorite shows sometimes get cancelled. I get that. What irks me is that the networks wait so long to make the decision that the program has already wrapped for the season and left us with a cliffhanger that will, of course, never be resolved. Seriously, why the heck do the writers/producers end the season with a cliffhanger when they KNOW there is a good chance they won’t be coming back?????

          • Iris Russo says:

            lease please RENEW FOREVER. I love the premise and we are already losing other wonderful shows such as RESURRECTION and the FOLLOWING.

          • Mary S says:

            Since the Absent Brain Cells network cancelled FOREVER, we are working to convince Netflix to pick it up…Please go to Facebook, Foreverists Group for Forever Fans; all the information is there. Our calls, tweets, emails, etc. are really having the desired effect. ABC is off the map for us, but there are several other networks that are expressing interest. Netflix is the most interested. Please go to the @netflix and help.netflix.com and tell them you really want to see Forever on Netflix. They seem to be showing the most interest, and the more we let them know we want them to show Forever the better chance we have of saving it. And there is a petition at change.org. Don’t forget to let them know that we want to see many more seasons of Forever, not just a rerun of season 1. Thanks.

          • TonyNYC says:

            The fact is that petitions like this carry very little weight. If a show doesn’t have good ratings, it’s a good bet it won’t be renewed. It’s that simple.

            As I write this, Forever has already been cancelled, but it could have been saved I bet if all the petition signers actually tuned in each week.

          • Sue White says:

            Actually most of us did and we’re not just sitting around wringing our hands, we’re doing something about it. Something that is having an effect. Please go to Facebook, Foreverists Group for Forever Fans; all the information is there. Our calls, tweets, emails, etc. are really having the desired effect. ABC is off the map for us, but there are several other networks that are expressing interest. Netflix is the most interested. Please go to the @netflix and help.netflix.com and tell them you really want to see Forever on Netflix. They seem to be showing the most interest, and the more we let them know we want them to show Forever the better chance we have of saving it. And there is a petition at change.org. Don’t forget to let them know that we want to see many more seasons of Forever, not just a rerun of season 1. Thanks.

          • Rose says:

            Pleeeeze keep the series Forever we love the show

          • Mary S says:

            Please go to Facebook, Foreverists Group for Forever Fans; all the information is there. Our calls, tweets, emails, etc. are really having the desired effect. ABC is off the map for us, but there are several other networks that are expressing interest. Netflix is the most interested. Please go to the @netflix and help.netflix.com and tell them you really want to see Forever on Netflix. They seem to be showing the most interest, and the more we let them know we want them to show Forever the better chance we have of saving it. And there is a petition at change.org. Don’t forget to let them know that we want to see many more seasons of Forever, not just a rerun of season 1. Thanks.

          • Suemac says:

            Forever was one of the best new shows on TV! Why do these stations continually keep all the new reality crap and get rid of the good shows???

        • clemie eckert says:

          This show is really good. It’s different and well acted-hope they bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Angie says:

          I could go either way with Revenge, I see why people think it should be wrapped up but I do love it and will continue to watch it as long as there are seasons to watch…. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE both Forever & Sleepy Hollow two new shows that are unique and interesting why would there even be a question about renewal of either show, it should just be a given….. And oh my gosh About a Boy has to be one of the cutest shows EVER please don’t cancel Marcus is the cutest little actor I LOVE this show!!!!

        • katelyn says:

          me to I really like this show its got a sy fi edge to it

        • Julia says:

          I would like Forever to stay around…do enjoy it so

        • suez62 says:

          Lol,,, lighting a candle? What a cheap way to look at a Holy God!!!! Of coarse I should not be surprised, you catholic??? Must be… Just so you know dearie, God isn’t the least bit interested in a stupid worldly television show!

      • I so agree. I lost interest in Revenge 2 seasons ago. I saw a promo for it and saw her father was back. Talk about crazy twists and turns, but not in a good way. It’s almost like they don’t know where to take the show so they throw stuff in. I feel almost guilty for not seeing it through to the end, but I just lost interest.

      • mark says:

        Its currently listed as last season at best

      • lyn says:

        Get rid of revenge keep nashville more interesting ,keep forever too

      • carolgrover says:

        Revenge had a natural finale at the time each person on the photograph had been x’d out. But they had a great mystery and wanted to milk it. So they brought David back to life and messed around with his daughter not wanting to see him. That went nowhere so they turned it into a typical day-time soap. The death of the series has been slow and painful instead of sharp and memorable.

    • Moment says:

      There’s virtually no chance Revenge will ever be renewed. The ratings are diabolical.

      • Kelly Deeny says:

        What can I say? I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl! So until ABC says “no more Revenge”, I’ll keep watching, writing about it on social media, and talking it up to friends and family. :-)

        • Moment says:

          I admire your dedication to the show, I guess you could hope for a miracle. Just after this season they have the required number of episodes for syndication and with it only pulling a 1.1 18-49 on Sunday recently, I think they will call it a day.

    • Kimmi says:

      I have watched it since season 1, and while I still pull it up faithful every Monday morning on Hulu, it’s done. David’s alive. Unless they actually do kill him this time, they’re done. I’d rather they go out with a modicum of dignity than become a total punchline.

      • Maryann says:

        Too late. They lost all dignity when Victoria got out of the asylym alive and David turned up. They should have gotten Emily with Jack last season and called it a day when Emily got her revenge.

        • I will be shock and surprised to read the Revenge got renewal for the fall lineup.

        • Gail says:

          Maryann I have watched since Season 1 and have been waiting for Emily and Jack to reunite. IMO they belong together and if it ends this season I will be really disappointed. I am like Kelly Deeny and a glass half full kind of girl. So I hope they at least give us one more season even if Jack and Emily don’t reunite. I look at some of the shows that they keep on the air and wonder why. I know it’s all about ratings and I’m sure it’s a show that costs more to film compared to a lot of reality shows where they just go to different homes and listen to what’s going on in their respective lives, but I have no interest in watching any of those types of shows or another talk or game show. So still hoping for a renewal. jmho

    • Gail says:

      I hope so too!!! I still enjoy Revenge and imo we still have a lot to find out since David’s return and what he has been up to.

    • Susan Brooks-Cragun says:

      I agree with that, hoping that Revenge gets the sure thing!

    • Amber says:

      Revenge would be perfect if it ended this season to be honest.

    • Tisha says:

      I agree, I like Revenge. It has a lot of excitement and I would love to see what would happen next.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I hope that ABC will renewal Forever for the second season and better yet renewal the first season on the DVD.

    • fan1am says:

      I am really sorry that they lost Jack. I don’t think that there are enough strong male characters to bounce off of Emily/Amanda and Victoria. I still like the show and would like to see Emily’s character continue to develop to the point when she doesn’t need to hide Amanda!

      • Kelly Deeny says:

        Do you mean Daniel, not Jack? I think the challenge is to find a way to blend the two (Emily/Amanda) into one. How can she be both and still be herself? I think that’s the struggle for the character right now, and it’s intriguing to watch.

    • Susan Brooks-Cragun says:

      I agree…. needs to be a sure thing!

    • chris says:

      I to want to know what does it mean to say safe bet is that on the bubble or cancelled. If cancelled I will go to EWTN station only.

    • Dorothy clark says:

      I love love revenge n hope also that it stays on the stupid shows that should b cancelled aren’t n the good ones are like red band society

    • Ellen says:

      Me too..haven’t missed one since Revenge aired…loved Sunday’s …things are
      heatin’ up :)

    • joan says:

      Like revenge. Bring it back

    • Steve says:

      It bought the farm. Sorry.

  2. J says:

    Bones is a sure thing and Castle is a safe bet????? COME ON

    • Katie T says:

      I think that could be to do with contracts. Both shows stars are up for renewal at end of this season so perhaps they think there’s more chance of Emily and David signing on for more than there is of Nathan and Stana given the endless rumours of Nathan not wanting to do more

    • AK says:

      Nathan Fillion’s contract only goes through the end of this season. It will probably be a sure thing once he signs on the dotted line for an additional year!

    • tam says:

      Castle is not a sure thing because the cast’s upcoming contracts negotiations, not because the ratings.

      • Eric7740 says:

        The same goes for The Vampire Diaries, I would classify that as “a safe bet” because the major players contracts are up this year (Paul, Nina, Ian, etc.) and without them there is no show, and with ratings this season, I’m kind of thinking season 6 might be the final season.

      • Vickie B. says:

        I have read both Nathan & Stana’s contracts are up at the end of this season. There’s been rumors they both may want more money.

        • worthymagic says:

          Nathan has already said he wants more money and less work. I’m sure Stana wants more money. Actually, I’m sure ALL of them want more money. This is one of ABC’s more successful shows. I doubt that it will be cancelled. Unlike NBC, ABC seems to be wiling to spend money.

    • Moment says:

      Bones is doing well on Fox and is stable, Castle should also be a sure thing too. Both are highly unlikely to be canceled.

      • NDBit says:

        Uh Bones is… Bones, it’s the real deal- Castle’s a cheap rip off. What’s not to get

        • Beckstle says:

          Yawn. Castle isn’t a rip-off of Bones. The will they/won’t they romantic crime-fighters is hardly a unique one and the characters involved are very different and have very different dynamics. Also, Castle started out doing a major long-term mythology arc. Bones is Bones, Castle is Castle.

        • Maryann says:

          To each their own. I tried to watch Bones but it bored me to tears, but I really enjoy Castle. And romantically paired crimefighters is practically a genre in and of itself. No ripoff here.

          • Sandra Holl says:

            I tried to watch Castle and found it to be too silly at times! Bones is and has been the best crime solving show on Tv! THEY are the real deal! I love the interaction and chemistry between Bones and Booth that goes along with the crime solving! I love the way the writers put the show together and I loved the 200th episode for it’s uniqueness!!!!

          • bill says:

            You Are 100 % correct

        • Jo says:

          I agree. Bones is the best

          • NF and SK fan aways says:

            to me Castle was never about the “crime” it was more about the romantic side and Bones was just that a “crime” show, I like both of them (because of the actors-mainly) and have fun watching both at unique in their own way. Silly at times, serious at times that’s what entertains me.

    • Boiler says:

      Maybe Michael has Bones intel he isn’t telling us. I Don’t blame him!!

    • Beatrice L. says:

      I think it had to do with Nathan’s contract, he only has till the nd of this season, but Im sure as soon as he sign it it will be also a sure thing, both shows are amazing and I think both deserve to go as far as possible :)

    • Grey says:

      I thought this was “Bone’s” last year?

      • michael dobey says:

        bones is doing so well that the network said. that they can do it as long they want to. so if they want to do if several more years and the rating last .it will be on and maybe it will be on for the next five years. who knows. csi made it that far. although , it’s probably getting the ax this year.

    • stay says:

      they’re the same thing both of them are going to get renewed so calm down even though Castle is one of the best shows on ABC and Bones is just ok 😆

    • Spartann says:

      Castle is ridiculous…no Police Department would allow him to “tag” along with a detective let alone be involved in questioning suspects…it’s so unbelievable I can’t stand to watch it!

      • Missy says:

        So is everything else on tv because it’s all called fiction meaning not real .

        no police apartment would allow voiught on Chicago pd to beat people either .

        But again it’s fiction and for entertainment purpose not real life

      • Buddy says:

        Let’s see – they get, in effect, an extra detective at no cost who is very effective in solving/assisting in solving cases and is a very good friend with the mayor. Sounds to me like all the justification you need for staying as long as you want. Your rationale for getting rid of him is?

        • The two lead actor made you wanted to watch the show despite the fact that no police department allow a civilians get involved with any kind of case where the civilians can get hurt.

          • suez62 says:

            Well, obviously you never learned in real life, a lot of rich people can buy out a
            lot of police departments. .lol In fact whole bloody countries! !!

          • tv fan says:

            @Charles David Haskell

            yes there is where i live (in the us-wont tell everyone where) there is a program that allows you to follow cops around-not everyday-but you can. and yes you have to sign a waver and stuff to. Now to to allow it all the time for years no, the program last one month I think. I remember I didn’t get a chance to be in it cause they ran out of spaces.


            I know a few “rich” that could buy out there world-lol but they are like “cheap” when it comes to a lot of things!

      • worthymagic says:

        I’m sorry you don’t like it. You don’t think that most of the shows on TV are “unbelievable”? I’m sure We could all spend a day pointing out the “Unbelievable” things in every TV show, including the “Reality” shows, which are all plenty unbelievable!

        • I know that Castle isn’t believable. When I turn my TV at 10 pm channel 7,I wanted to see entertainment and good storyplot which the show deliver. I look at the eyewitness if I wanted to real news.

        • NF and SK fan aways says:

          very very true i was watching I don’t remember the show and so so many errors, but it’s just tv shows….if i wanted real tv i would go out and live it! even the “reality” shows are staged just to make money…..I know I knew some people who where in one. (i went to school with a few). very few shows or books for that matter get it right on, so just enjoy!

      • carbono says:

        Lol are you kidding me??

      • shirley says:

        Then don’t watch it!!!!

      • shirley says:

        So sorry you feel that way.
        Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t watch it.
        None of us Castle fans would want you to put yourselfout.

    • Jami Djinn says:

      Bones died the moment Sweets did.

      • EL says:

        OMG the B&B stalker? I always expected to catch sight of him hiding under their bed. He was just so creepy with his B&B obsession. Aubrey at least doesn’t constantly pry into his co-worker’s private life and ask really rude questions.

      • Mary Jo DiBella says:

        Amen to that. I stopped watching Bones when they killed off Sweets. I can’t imagine ever wanting to watch it again.

        • NF and SK fan aways says:

          you got that right the show was never the same without him. I know that he was not a “main” character but the show went down (for me at least) from then……I do enjoy it but not as much as I use to…..sorry it’s just not working all that for me.

      • Karen Jonsson says:

        Bones was on years before Sweets ever came on the scene, whyin the world would it die? he did not make the show. Bones is the star. I could see if she or her husband left or even the other originals. But Sweets? Hmm

    • Heather says:

      Agree! The Mentalist has jumped the shark and its retirement is due. Just don’t get how these other two survived. Plots and dialogue are plain silly.

      • I got a feeling that DVR and the fact that overseas sales are what saving this show. I also believe that DVD sales also help saving some show.

      • NF and SK fan aways says:

        I loved that show the “Mentalist” it was another fun show, I will be sad that it is ending but I think that it ran out of stories to tell and without all the actors on that show it was never the same……

    • Sandra Holl says:

      Bones is the best show on TV ! I have tried to get interested in Castle but I can’t get interested! Nathan just seems too silly for me! I love the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz ,& the rest of the crew too! I also like how realistic it all seems! I like how they address issues of life too!!! I need season 11!!!!

    • MissSea says:

      The second “Castle” dies, a “Firefly” resurrection can commence. Fillion is the only one with a tricky series to unload. And technically, Brennan was a consultant before Castle was. ;)

    • ihab says:

      I was going to say the same thing that castle and bones are sure thing while resurrection is a long shot!!

  3. Big Mike says:

    Kitchen Nightmares premieres in 2015? I thought Ramsey cancelled that himself a few months ago?

    • Michael Ausiello says:

      Good catch! This has been FIXED!

      • Moment says:

        You should fix Red Band Society too, virtually no chance of renewal. The extra scripts is typical network spin. I can name a dozen shows that were canceled with low ratings that got these mythical scripts and nothing happened with em.

      • Big Mike says:

        Wow, Ausiello read my comment!! And fixed his post based on it!! I’m smiling waaaay too much because of this….lol.

        I need to get out more.

        • NF and SK fan aways says:

          I know isn’t that great…..he wrote back on one of mine last year and gave extra hints to my fav show! so thanks to him and his hard work!

          • Mary S says:

            He replied to one of mine, also, not too long ago. He sent me a link to an article I had missed. I think that’s why I always ask to see replies to a thread I comment on…and oh, my goodness, don’t they fill up my Inbox! There are some topics, like the return of Longmire to Netflix, that really keeps a thread going strong…
            Thank you, Mike (or whoever monitors the threads) for paying such close attention to us!

  4. I hope they let Resurrection finish out the season.

    • Yes, at least there be a conclusion. For aftermarket value if nothing else. TOO many shows end without a finish.

      • NF and SK fan aways says:

        way true to that a lot of shows just “end” no real conclusion. I think all shows should have one n play just in case.

      • Debbie says:

        I have to say I’m sorry to all the viewers..I think it’s my fault the shows get cancelled…Every time I find a show I really like..IT GETS CANCELLED. I don’t remember all the stations they were on, but I really liked Resurrection..Dirty Sexy Money..The Gates.. Just to mention a few..But I really got into them and waited for the next season to see what happened and they got cancelled. Please at least give us one more show to clean up all the hanging threads.

    • Amy says:

      I just think that they shouldn’t cancel it! I am really enjoying it!

      • Jen says:

        I agree! I don’t want Resurrection to be canceled. It is a great show and after last night OMG. I know it’s a long shot, but it’s such a great show. Keep it!!!!!

    • lechatnoir says:

      it had potential , if only they followed the French version of the show. This season is basically coca cola lite. Last week was just so so .um..

      • sammyfinbar says:

        Resurrection is not based on “The French Version.” The Returned is a completely different show in almost every aspect. They are, however, making an American version of The Returned for 2016.

        • Rigs-in-Gear says:

          “Completely different” is a stretch.

          • Beckstle says:

            Being that they’re based on two completely different books, no, it’s not.

          • sammyfinbar says:

            No, its really not. They are entirely different shows. Different characters, different rules, different styles. Almost everything is different. The idea of people coming back to life is the same, (despite the mythology being different) but by your logic The Walking Dead and True Blood are the same show.

    • Morgie says:

      I keep hoping they will do a season 3. I love Resurrection!!! If anything, finish out this season. Praying for a season 3. Been telling everyone to watch. Got 3 of my friend hooked.

    • chrissykins says:

      I am so hooked on Resurrection… If they cancel it without a proper finish to the story, I’ll seriously be done with ABC! It needs a proper ending, not just having it disappear one day leaving us hanging with no answers about the Returned…

      • Mary Jo DiBella says:

        Just last night I was reading an article on ‘binge watching’, meaning recording an entire season and then watching the shows one after another. The networks apparently hate this. I do it for one reason: I am NOT going to watch a series that is cancelled with a cliffhanger ending. I record them and then, once I am satisfied they won’t leave viewers hanging with unanswered questions, I watch it. Networks have only themselves to blame for this. Don’t start a story arc and then cancel the show halfway through it!

        • noladawn says:

          I do this too. I DVR the shows that I think I’m going to like and then I wait until they get picked up before I watch them. No sense in wasting my time on something that’s going to go bye-bye.

  5. Davey says:

    I am sad that Forever is a long-shot. ABC always cancels their most interesting shows.

      • lechatnoir says:

        The lead John Griffith is the kryptonite of that show . Everything he touches turns into scheisse.

        • Netty says:

          Ioan Gruffudd

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          How can you not like Mr. Fantastic? What’s wrong with you?

        • Kirsten says:

          Really sounds like you know what you’re talking about seeing as how you don’t even know the guys name?!

          • Marc says:

            Perhaps lechatnoir is making a funny or is a big fan. “Ioan Gruffudd” is essentially “John Griffith” in Welsh. It’s sort of like the way fans of former catcher Henry Blanco formed the Hank White Fan Club.

        • annacrome says:

          John Griffith? Really? You don’t even have the courtesy to use his real name? Ioan Gruffudd is a great actor, and well liked by large numbers of fans; women and men alike. (BTW, I know that ‘John Griffith’ is the Anglicized version of Mr. Gruffudd’s name, but I still think it is rude for people to use it, instead of the Welsh version, since that is the form he chooses to use.)

    • Justin Schoenrock says:

      Completely agree. My girlfriend and I really enjoy this show. Its not reinventing the wheel but the characters are likable and has a fun plot line. ABC – If you’re gonna cancel it, at least let them finish the story with a proper finale.

      • Srozie says:

        Agreed! I look forward to this show every week. Abc always does this. Give it another season and see how it does.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, me too. This one’s one of my favourite shows this season and I really don’t want it to be cancelled.

    • Jeanna says:

      Totally agree. Forever is a great show. I hope renewal chances improve for it!

    • Jamie says:

      I agree. Forever is my favorite new show this season.

      • Totally agree!! love this show!

        • Phantom says:

          I love Forever also……we need more shows that are “different”…..too many same type doctor, hospital, and cop shows. This one is very well written, good actors, and both drama and comedy…..family oriented. What more could you ask for in a good t.v. show.

          • I feel bad for anyone who watches new shows. The networks never care about the viewers, at all. I always fear watching a new show b/c I am afraid that I will like the show and then the season hangs on a cliff hanger and it is never resolved (flash forward grrr). I have made it a point to dvr some shows for the whole season b/c of that fear, and watch them in the summer.

            I wish there was a way to let the shows that get cancelled have a wrap up season on Hulu or some other venue that the fans could watch. I bet more people would be willing to watch these new shows. I am sure I am not alone in the fear of watching new shows and the lack of desire to do so.

      • Teresa says:

        Forever is a great shoe- I hope it is renewed.

      • Carolyn Gold says:

        Love it! The dialogue is smart and quick, and the show is pure escapism in a big city setting. In this age of grim reality, sibling wives, zombies, and moans and groans about the economy, we need some good old-fashioned chuckles.

    • Mary says:

      Forever is one of our favorite shows. If it is doing poorly in that time slot they should give it a chance at another time.

    • Kristen says:

      I totally agree too! Why do all the shows I like get canceled so quickly?

    • thebcompany says:

      Agreed, thank you! Good concepts take time to gel and grow!

    • Andi says:

      I don’t even watch most new shows on ABC because I know they will leave me hanging when they cancel them without warning.

    • MandaJ says:

      Right there with you. I am really enjoying Forever. It’s a fun hour of tv. Hoping it nudges closer to a more positive outcome.

    • Amy H says:

      I like it as well. Ok, the premise is a little far fetched and you can put all kinds of holes in it, BUT it’s entertaining. I’m enjoying the Ioan Gruffudd/Judd Hirsch dynamic.

    • Tenney says:

      Count me in with those who loves Forever. It’s not reinventing the wheel so to speak, but it is an enjoyable hour on TV. I really, really hope it does not get cancelled.

      • Fran says:

        Count me in too. Its not that different of a show but it really is enjoyable.

        • carbono says:

          Hate Ioan Gruffudd, he tried to kiss Beckett!! Lol

          • NF and SK fan aways says:

            ha ha ha ha that was funny…..I loved that guy way, before I even knew who-what “castle” was……still love him and the show “forever” is just as entertaining (to me anyway) as “castle” is. silly, fun and unbelievable. that’s what’s makes them great shows.

    • lyssadawn says:

      They have pretty good ratings. So might not happen.

    • chistosa says:

      Forever is one of my favorites this season. I hope it is not cancelled. Interesting and compelling.

    • mewp12 says:

      I love forever./ Maybe it is too intellectual going from different times for some people.

      • Obviously does not take too much to qualify a show as semi-intellectual and too hard to grasp for the average viewer…I’m waiting for loftier fare from the likes of HBO to satisfy my hunger for quality T.V. I am enjoying How To Get Away With Murder it’s the only new show I like,tried The Flash too light, tired of The Arrow (super hero genres are too plentiful on t.v.) am watching The Affair it’s actually pretty good although I don’t see it lasting more than one season. The Originals is lots of diabolical fun thanks to all the plummy accents and actors, story lines are much more involving than for TVD, hope it gets renewed.

        • NOmeth17 says:

          2014 New Shows which I’ve enjoyed have been the strain (fox), legends (TNT), from Dusk till Dawn: the Series, unfortunately Believe (was cancelled but was a great show none the less). I enjoyed the pilot episode for how to get away with murder, for me the show is just a mix of scandal and motive. You can tell that it was written by the same person. That’s my problem with it, both women are fixers. You cannot tell that Law & Order, Chicago PD & Chicago Fire are the product of one person (Dick Wolf) cause each show is unique.

          Now just waiting for State of Affairs!!!
          AND will continue with more GRIMM, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and Dick Wolf.

        • Lori says:

          I love The Originals. I think it’s more adult. TVD seems teenager-ish. I think the actors on The Originals are fantastic, the story lines are smart, and it’s turned out to be better than the show it was spun off from, IMO. I love it and I think it’ll be renewed. And, I’m glad Supernatural will be renewed. Love that show too.

        • grinchy says:

          If you want a shoe that’s semi-intellectual catch Last man Standing ( comedies, if well-written, can be as intellectual as dramas

    • Jami Djinn says:

      So true. This show has potential and I think more people will watch as the season goes on.

    • Ave says:

      Totally agree…It deserves at least a full season to see if it can develop a fan base

      • The Bluelady says:

        But— whats happens to his clothes each time he dies? They’re not left at the location he dies, so, he “leaves” with them intact.

    • julie says:

      Totally agree. Great actors.

      • Emily says:

        It got a full season so there is hope.

      • Kim Berry says:

        My husband and I love Forever!! Wonderful actors!! Love the Henry Abe relationship! Love Ioan and Judd too!! Ioan looks so dashing. Love his accent too! Love the setting, and the story line!
        Wonderful, interesting compelling, fascinating show!! Please keep Forever on FOREVER!! <3 Well for a long time anyway :)

    • I wanted to like FOrever, but couldn’t get through an episode, too many plot holes (how does Judd Hirsch fit as his adopted son with a NY Jewish accent, but Ioan sounds nice and crisp?)

      • Mary S says:

        Ioan’s character began life in England (or one of the UK countries) hence the 200-year-old accent. Jud’s character was raised in New York and got his accent from there. AND, so what? The entire premise of the show is fantasy…do you always look for realism in fantasy shows?
        I don’t. I just enjoy them. I like the storylines and the chemistry between the characters, all of them. My only question is what happens to his clothes when he dies and ends up in the river?? Do they disappear because he did? And they don’t reappear because he is being “reborn” with no physical ties to his life? It’s too complicated to try to figure out, it’s just one of those things that we accept as one of the quirks of his life… It’s not a big thing…I used to ask the same thing during the Highlander series, which I adored so much I bought it on both VHS and DVD! The bodies of the beheaded usually turned to ash, but sometimes they didn’t…and I was always curious about the total lack of response from the public to the lightning show after each swordfight and beheading…but none of those questions made me quit watching the show, and none of the questions I have about Forever will make me quit watching!
        I think it’s called a “suspension of disbelief” when we turn off logical thinking and just enjoy the story.
        I enjoy shows that span centuries and allow us to see pieces of historical clothing and events. Sleepy Hollow, The Highlander, Forever Knight, Moonlight…if you know of others, (none of the rest of the current crop of fairy-tales, please!) please let me know.

        • msminpin2 says:

          You need to watch Outlander

          • Mary S says:

            Thanks for the suggestion…I’ve watched an episode of Outlander; maybe it was just a weak episode or I didn’t know enough of the backstory, but it didn’t grab me enough to make me interested…I did enjoy the accents, I didn’t enjoy the storyline.

          • N. J. Freudenburg says:

            Outlander has authentic costumes and I enjoy listening to the authentic Gaelic and Scottish accents. I have read all of the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon and she appeared in Episode 4. However, if one has read all the books, as I have, it is somewhat difficult to see the characters of Claire and Jamie, as they are not exactly the way the author had described them, and the plots stray somewhat from the books.

        • SJ Parsons says:

          Reign is beautiful visually, the story just beginning, the characters are perfect! Both it and The Originals should be lauded and contracts secured immediately or the CW will fall from one of two top of our to see list channels back down to the one show pony channel for Vampire Diaries which has run its course. And with SHERLOCK, OUTLANDER, DOWNTON ABBEY and THE VIKINGS, unless you are to become once again a one show pony I suggest you listen to retired, disabled and avid tube tuners. Thank you for listening in hopes you keep us watching!

          • cgl says:

            YOU’RE JOKING RIGHT?
            Reign? Perfect?
            Hahahahahahahaha that train wreck is the worst thing to happen to Historical based television in years. An insult to history, in fact.

      • Julia says:


    • Megan says:

      I’m a forever fan. I hope they keep it

      • Sue White says:

        Please go to the fan page on Facebook and sign the petition. Anyone who watches and enjoys Forever needs to help it stay on the air. Please, please, please. Thanks in advance.

        • Mary S says:

          Will someone please post a link to the petition to save Forever HERE, or maybe embedded into the top of the fanpage,where it can be easily found? That way, if someone says “Please save Forever” the reply will be the link, rather than the instruction to go find it buried in a comment far down the FB fanpage.
          Thank you.

          • Sue White says:

            I hope this is a link to the facebook petition to save Forever. I don’t really know how to post links to Facebook but it’s fairly simple to find. Just go to Facebook and search for Forever. You can sign the petition without joining the fan group, but I joined the group anyway because that way you can post on the fan page.

          • Sue White says:

            I don’t know how to post a link but I’ll try to just tell you how to get there:
            Go on Facebook, search for the Forever fan page, there are instructions close to the top of the page how to sign the petition. You can join the fan page or not, but if you choose to, you can then post to the page. I hope this helps and I’d like to apologize to all the folks that will think I’m pretty dumb because I don’t know how to post a link, but I don’t. There you are.
            Hope this helps. I joined the group so I can post on the page. I’ll ask someone to post a link to the page so it’ll be easier for the fans to find and sign the petition. Thanks.

          • Aunika says:

            If you google Forever Renewal Season 2 it should be on the first page of options under ‘The Perition Site’

    • Paige says:

      I totally agree. I think it should have at least one more season to give it a chance to catch on, especially since they just introduced the other guy. Also, what other show are you going to find with two immortals that are so drastically different? I think it is a great show and all of the cast members are delightful.

    • kDarling1974 says:

      Forever is the ONLY show I watch on any of the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS). And now it’s a “long shot”? Ioan Gruffudd is a great actor & a perfect person to become Dr. Henry Morgan. I’m mad that ABC may not renew this show but hold out hope that another network (Netflix?) may pick it up if cancelled. I Love this Show!!

      • annacrome says:

        It’s the only drama I watch on any of the broadcast or cable networks. Ioan Gruffudd is so likeable and charming, not to mention gorgeous. I am a huge fan of Judd Hirsch as well. The father/son (so often comically reversed) chemistry between these guys is a treat to watch.

      • Julia says:

        Please don’t take Forever from us. Our house hold loves it and we talk about it at the library too

      • Julia says:

        Red Band Society I truly enjoyed as well. I am so sad that the two of my three new shows are being cancel.
        I love Forever
        I love Red Band Society.
        Both are great concepts and and a lot of fun to watch. truly enjoyed my time with both

    • pmcd says:

      Agreed. Forever is an excellent show. I do hope it’s renewed.

    • NF and SK fan aways says:

      I know I just got attached to another simi-great show and then it’s a long shot or so….at least it’s different then the rest of the crap that’s coming out.

    • Sue White says:

      Fan page on Facebook. Please sign the petition. Thanks in advance.

    • Aunika says:

      Totally agree! I hope they don’t cancel, it has such a good story tied in with the crime solving!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Saying Bones is a sure thing has made my day.

  7. Beth says:

    The Mindy Project – a sure thing? I hope you’re right!

    • jenna says:

      i love the show but i’m really surprised by this prediction as well! With the low ratings and 15 episode season I had garnered that this would be its final season, hopefully i’m proven wrong!

      • Sarah T. says:

        Wait, Mindy only has a 15 episode season this year?! Say it ain’t so!

        • jenna says:

          unfortunately when it was renewed for season 3 it was only for a 15 episode season :( I haven’t seen anything about an increased episode order so I think thats still in place

      • Allee says:

        Wait is this for next year or just to come back in early 2015? Does this mean TMP got more episodes? Fingers crossed. Love the show so much.

    • Netty says:

      I love TMP as well, I hope they get renewed. Was not aware of the 15 episode season

    • S. says:

      I really really really hope this is true. I heard when they got renewed for S3 that a S4 was almost certain due to that giving them enough for syndication but I dared not assume. The 15 eps was probably just tentative in case there was some problem but it’s actually holding at the moment. Fingers crossed that the rest of the season gets picked up. TMP does well in a desirable demo of young, educated, and affluent women as I understand it. It’s hard to draw that particular group to a show, not that they don’t try all the time. Advertisers like to appeal to them so you wouldn’t go cutting one loose that did well there. I read that about TMP last year so hopefully it’s still the case.

  8. Erik says:

    I still get a giggle out of the fact that Cleveland Show is STILL listed here with Essentially Cancelled. Not at their expense, mind you, just at FOX basically never ever coming out and saying anything. Like “If we’re very still, it will just leave.”

    • Adam says:

      I’m confused why it is on the list at all. I thought FOX announced that it was canceled a long time ago – and they haven’t aired a new episode since May 2013, missing the entire 2014-15 season with no episodes in production or on the schedule, and the cast now moved on back to Family Guy. In what way is it it not fully canceled?

  9. Annie says:

    TVD may be a sure thing but honestly a lot of the fanbase doesn’t want another season.

    • Wtactualf says:

      Stopped watching that show 2 seasons ago. It’s terrible.

    • Emily says:

      The fans just want an ending, and even one of the main actors isn’t coming back. Better to just end it with S6 and let the show go out with the small bit of dignity it has left, instead of letting the network push them into a terrible final season.

      • megalion says:

        Hard to imagine TVD without Damon.

        Too bad the breakup between Ian and Nina devolved into hostility. That seems to be the driving force behind Ian leaving IMHO

        Its my guilty pleasure show even if the plots get way out there. Damon is the most interesting character for me.

    • Letti says:

      I quit last season and unfortunately I am disgusted with the way it is since season 5 (and season 4 was horrible too). I don’t even care if it stays or not, TVD has already lost all of its dignity. For me it’s dead. But I hope TO stays on, I enjoy it pretty much.

    • Netty says:

      There’s also a large fanbase rooting for this show and still watching it. This season seems to be turning things around. Even though TO seems to be a fav, its numbers are still not as good as TVD (even though TVD has dropped in ratings). But I’m sure TO will be renewed as well. Here’s hoping for a at least two more seasons of TVD.

      • MaryAnn says:

        I still love The Vampire Diaries. This is the best season we have had in a long time.

      • Guest says:

        I still love the vampire diaries and i hope it gets renewed for more seasons

      • Ashley says:

        I agree, this season of TVD is much better than last season. The central plot in S4, the whole “cure” thing, was widely hated by almost all TVD fans. That plus the Originals leaving turned a lot of people off. But this season they’ve improved a lot of things. It feels fresh and more intimate than last season. I do think S7 should be the last season though.

  10. I can’t find the news of a renewal anywhere else. I hope TVLine is right!! Bring on season 12.

  11. Heather says:

    What about Motive?

  12. Katie T says:

    Ok completely amazed by absolutely ecstatic that Mindy is listed as a sure thing!

  13. Wtactualf says:

    Really like Jane The Virgin. I hope it gets renewed.

  14. ... says:

    Completely disagree about Cristela being a safe bet. ABC doesn’t own it, it’s getting Neighbors-esque ratings 3-4 episodes into its run, and with Last Man Standing on its last legs, it’s not strong enough to be the lead-in to anything new.

    • Verne Gagne says:

      You’re right. You know more than the people whose job it is to know these things. You have more sources then they do. And they don’t care about their reputations so they just print whatever they feel like printing without doing any research.

      • Fran says:

        There’s always lots of “experts” on these types of articles. Its fun to speculate but some really act like they know things that no one else does :)

    • Carrie says:

      Would love to see both shows renewed as part of a Friday comedy hour. No more reality shows are needed and there is enough blood guts and gore in the real world. It’s nice to see something of a family hour on.

  15. Matthew Weber says:

    really happy about Bones being a sure thing. I really hope Castle comes back for at least one more season (and hopefully several more) but i know that Nathan and Stana’s contracts expire, which i expect is why the show is considered a safe bet instead of a sure thing.

    • John NYC says:

      There comes a time in most shows where that barrier is faced, it’s castle’s turn… I’d also like a couple more years as there’s enough dark procedurals for people to choose from.

    • I hope they will sign a new contract I keep my fingers crossed. Marlow said he wanted to continue and Stana is interested too. Now…..wait for Mr Fillion.

      • NF and SK fan aways says:

        I heard that too, but I think it’s both of them who are…..well ready to walk away. but I also heard that season 8 is looking good, so take what you will with the internet. I just hope that they can wrap it up for me. don’t leave us hanging (like 6×23). I would have been happy if they had ended the series with “Wild West” esp. that had a consultation.

    • carbono says:

      I’m still convinced that this is the last season of Castle. At 1st I thought that maybe Nathan would walk away with hopes of being able to snag a larger role in either the Avengers or Guardians franchises. Now however, I just think that ABC will either just cancel it or try to screw the entire cast by either low-balling them in the contract negotiations or cutting back on the amount of regulars in the cast. Even though the show has performed admirably over the years, ABC sure seems to have treated it like the red headed step child. Even the week preceding the wedding there wasn’t a whole lot of promotion. I would have thought that they would have been able to get both Stana & Nathan on Jimmy Kimmel and/or some of the ABC morning shows to promote probably the biggest moment in Castle history but nope. I think Stana promotes the show on twitter more than ABC does.

      • Matthew Weber says:

        Stana was on the morning shows, and on The View that week. Though I take your point. I don’t think, however, that if it ends this year it’ll be all on ABC. I think that both main actors are thinking it’s about time to move on, especially given that this season has started to become poorly written.

        The question is, do they give it one more year? I hope they do, mainly because it’ll allow them to wrap things up. If they end this year, and aren’t able to know it before they end shooting, and the “series finale” doesn’t wrap it up, I’ll be supremely disappointed.

        • Joy says:

          I’m happy I’m not the only one that thinks the show has been poorly written this year. Has Castles mystery disappearence ever been Completely explained? What did he want to forget? Did I miss that as I wasn’t glued to the show watching as I used to. A shame. It used to be really good.

        • NF and SK fan aways says:

          very true to that…..it’s really sad that some people don’t like this season while others think it’s the best…..I hope that they (NF and SK-mainly) will do what is best for them and not just settle. (that maybe selfish but….). I hate to see the show go but this season to me has be back and forth. no real emotions in the esp, although I love some of them.

  16. Moment says:

    Hawaii Five-O should be a Bubble show, it’s doing poorly on Friday now.

  17. Jennifer says:

    What about Motive?

  18. mdb says:

    What about Motive on ABC? I know it got picked up for a third season on CTV. Will ABC pick it up?

  19. I agree with most of the new comedies being on the bubble. Selfie seems to have the most chemistry. Speaking of chemistry, the two leads on Forever have it and I like the show. I hope it makes it. I stopped watching Mysteries of Laura and Sleepy Hollow is starting to slip in my opinion. Madam Secretary is off to a very good start and I liked the first episode of Constantine. It is difficult to make a commitment to new shows when they are so easily cancelled but it is easy to recognize the ones with good writing though they are few and far between.

    • NOmeth17 says:

      I agree, charles a good reference point is NBC’s Believe. from the new shows this year none stands out excepts for those which have already ended. Legends and the Strain. Now I’m waiting for State of Affairs.

  20. Angela says:

    “Sleepy Hollow” is on the “sure thing” list. That makes me feel good. *Breathes a sigh of relief*
    And “Criminal Minds” is a safe bet. So that’s two favorite shows of mine with good news right there. Woo!

  21. People are missing out on Forever. The casting, writing are A+. This is from a person that did not think it would work. For those under a rock the storyline is about a man who cannot die. It has mystery plots, tongue a cheek lines, back story and someone lurking in the shadows. No, it is not a reality show. Give it a try.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto. And Resurrection is also on the bubble; I can’t believe ABC would cancel both Resurrection and Forever this soon…maybe just one, but which one? The only other new shows I watch are The Flash and Blackish (they’re ok).

    • Megan says:

      I’m a forever fan. I hope they keep it

  22. Kim says:

    Come on–Forever, Resurrection and Nashville–of course some of my favs are in trouble–as always–and garbage like Two Broke Girls remains. I’ll never figure this out.

    • Moment says:

      Nashville is a sure thing because of syndication. It’ll only be 23 episodes away from the 88 episodes Liongate is hoping for after this season.

    • Linda H says:

      Fully agree. Sick of dumb shows like Two Broke Girls yet a truly good show like Reckless not even given a fair chance. Just like Golden Boy last year. Why even introduce them?

    • Gwen says:

      I agree, for some reason the networks take good shows off and put more “reality” crap on. The networks fail to realize that we the public are not stupid and the term “reality” might fit their lifestyle silliness but not the majority of the viewing public. Also the networks don’t seem to have a grasp on what sit-com tv is either. Two Broke Girls I tried to watch twice both times I found that you had to be drunk or something to find anything funny about it, the writers must be related to network head decision makers or something. I hope some day soon that the networks will once again as in the past figure out what the public enjoys watching on TV.

  23. Collins says:

    any news on Playing House yet? i have high hopes that people are finding Maggie and Emma On Demand like i did and laughing their asses off. that show be banging!

  24. Letti says:

    I hope The Originals, The 100 and Reign stays. Also OUaT, but we all know it’s safe. As for Revenge I don’t know. I still enjoy it, but if they run out of stories they better end it, but if they find a fresh new storyline then I’m all in. Anyway I’ll keep watching. :)

  25. Christina says:

    SHIELD is too early to tell? Are we waiting on the Agent Carter ratings or something?

    • Joanne says:

      I think it’s probably because of the continued slip in ratings….which I absolutely don’t get! Not only is one of the best shows, but it has only improved dramatically over season 1 and continues to engage with awesome story telling, fantastic performances and great guest actors. I can’t wrap my brain around why more people are not watching it!

      • Tenney says:

        I agree about Shield, I cannot understand why it’s slipping in the ratings. The first season was a bit uneven at the beginning, but it found itself and is pretty awesome every week now. It has become must-see TV for us. Fingers crossed it gets another season!

        • falafel says:

          Shield is getting much better for Marvel fans, but those who don’t know the Marvel universe are probably not feeling the improvement. They aren’t excited about the inhumans nor care about what Marvel character is Skye going to be.

    • murley says:

      I was wondering if that was a factor as well. I really hope AOS finds its footing in the ratings and that Agent Carter performs well. That couple with the whole Disney/Marvel/ABC thing and the cross-promotional abilities will make AOS worth hanging on to. It has been absolutely brilliant this year.

    • Greg says:

      Please read my thoughts on this towards the end of the comments. There is probably little or no chance of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” being cancelled. Not as long as “The Avengers” etc. are around!

      • Canadian Sports Chick says:

        I don’t see Agents of SHIELD going anywhere. Not with Disney owning ABC and Marvel, it’s just too convinient a property to hold on to.

  26. Babybop says:

    Both you guys and the Cancellation Bear say Sleepy Hollow is certain to be renewed so I can now freak out less.

  27. Sam says:

    Is minsy really a sure thing????? I hope so

  28. Estee says:

    I think Gracepoint is more than a long shot considering it’s a limited run series.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It’s a ten part mini series, therefore not moving into a second season……..I hope this doesn’t mean it’s not going to conclude?!?!

      • Moment says:

        You’d be surprised how many people make this mistake. Limited run does not mean one season and done. In recent years, 24 LAD, OUAT in Wonderland, How to Get Away with Murder, Under the Dome and more were limited run and look at what happened to most of those. If you rate well enough you’ll still be renewed.

        • Lisa says:

          Exactly. With limited run series’, if they don’t fly, they have a clear beginning and end, all wrapped up nicely. However, if they fly, they can take things in a different direction. How to Get Away with Murder is already a “sure thing”. Not to mention, during the summer, we had Murder in the First, which has already been picked up for season 2, yet wrapped up all nice at the end of the season. So, limited run is not an automatic death sentence. They just prepare better for possible cancellation.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            “Limited run is not an automatic death sentence. They just prepare better for possible cancellation.” Brilliantly put.

        • Estee says:

          Thanks for the info. I was indeed mistaken as to what “limited run” meant. However I still don’t think they ever intended to go beyond 10 episodes.

      • johnhelvete says:

        Gracepoint will have a conclusion to “who killed Danny”. Moment is correct that limited series does not mean that a series is a mini series, it is network speak for “cable length season”.

    • Jane says:

      BBC America is planning a Season 2 of Broadchurch which I believe is supposed to deal with the aftermath of the murder. I would imagine this is why it was listed. If Gracepoint had done well I’m sure they would have ripped it off for a Season 2.

    • They are filming a second series of the UK show it’s modeled on. I think they were hoping to do the same with the US version.

    • phoenix381 says:

      Besides, it was a rip-off from the BBC’s Gracepoint which started Season 2 last week on BBCAmerica

      • Dawn Paolella says:

        Hello, Why don’t we hear more about SUPERNATURAL? Its a great show. Its not just a monster show.One of my favorite of all time. Alongside the BLACKLIST?

  29. Chris says:

    I’m loving jane the Virgin. I hope it gets renewed and Scorpions too, Person of Interest is my favorite show I’m glad it’s a safe bet but I wish it was a sure thing. This season is really good so far. I’m surprised Supernatural is a sure thing,

  30. Julie says:

    ABC please renew Forever! Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee!! My whole family loves this show!! Pleeeeaaaasssseee!!🙏🙏🙏

  31. Julie says:

    ABC needs to renew Forever!! My whole family loves this show!! I will be heartbroken if they cancel it……..which usually means it’s a goner:(😥

  32. Tami Fletcher says:

    Of course Forever is a long shot..Anytime there is a show that I like it is destined to be cancelled. Of course I am over than the age anyone cares about.

  33. Mindy Poling says:

    I can’t believe they are Cancelling Unforgettable I love that show. that sucks

    • Kvivik says:

      I was totally not surprised even though I love the show. Season 3 REALLY sucked. Just like Body of Proof’s Megan in its final season, Carrie underwent some sort of personality transplant and by the end of the season I wanted to reach through my TV and throttle her.

  34. Mindy Poling says:

    I hope they don’t Cancel Red Band Society. that show is good.

    • megalion says:

      I’m hoping the same. I really enjoy it even if the setting/environment is very atypical.

      A friend of mine isn’t watching because she “can’t relate to sick kids” which was interesting because our tastes often overlap. I wonder if that kind of thinking is what is keeping people away. Either not relating or relating too much. Or not wanting to think about terminally/very sick kids.

      • Mary Jo DiBella says:

        I would guess ‘relating too much’. I can’t imagine any parent willingly watching sick kids die by inches. I watch TV to get away from my problems and tragedies, not to seek out and watch fictional ones. This show never had a chance.

    • kat says:

      i really like red band society and i really hope that it is renewed, as my friends and i love to watch it. the only problem is that the directors leaked that they might want it to be a multiple series thing where every season they follow around a different group of kids. i have really fallen in love with this bunch!!! oh well i guess if the writing is as good… but a great show nonetheless and i highly recommend it!!!!! lets get those ratings up

    • linda willoughby says:

      Red Band Society is one of the most amazing touching real shows about what just might be happening in some hospital somewhere and shows young people who are vulnerable and strong and who rely o n each other to get through the day. I LOVE THIS SHOW and am praying it doesn’t get cancelled. I record a BUNCH of shows and when this one comes on I watch it first because it is that good. To me this could be real and the acting is very very good.

  35. marilyn says:

    ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, and FOX do not keep me entertained anymore, crappie shows stay on far ever good ones get cancel examples 1. Judge Alex cancel but they kill us with Wendy William get real.

    • TL says:

      The fact that you don’t know the difference between a network show and a syndicated show means you should probably just read books.

      • sammyfinbar says:

        That is such a ridiculous and snobby thing to say! “Because you don’t know the intricacies of the industry, you shouldn’t watch TV”. Do you know how publishing companies work? If you don’t, maybe you shouldn’t be reading books!

  36. herman1959 says:

    Hey wait a minute – Gracepoint is just supposed to be 10 episodes long. What would be the point in cancelling that before we know who did it? Come on…….

    • Fran says:

      They’ll let it finish its run. This is just referring to whether it will be renewed for next year in some capacity. Its technically a limited run series so if the ratings were good enough, they’d bring it back somehow. Kind of like Under the Dome.

      • cdhaskell says:

        I wanted to said my money to buy both Gracepoint and the original version of Broadchurch on DVD when it become available.

        • SillyKat says:

          Broadchurch has a second “season” that will air in UK then we’ll get it. David Tennant plays the lead in both the UK and the US versions. (First major role after Dr. Who). You can probably buy the UK version before it airs here.

  37. bellamafia says:

    Come on! forever a long shot! really???? I love the show, the lead actor is the best,especially with that accent of his. Forever is like a 90s highlander. ABC should consider running forever for two more seasons, and see what happens before cancelling it

    • canadian ninja says:

      Yeah I agree the lead is what is making the show work for me. Highlander meets Sherlock.

      Also Judd Hirsch is nice to see. I do think the flashbacks sometimes stop the show dead and the sooner they let his cop-partner discover the secret the better. Time to kick their long arcs into “don’t get cancelled” mode.

      I need to find out where all his clothes are vanishing to!!!

    • Sue White says:

      Everyone who watches and enjoys Forever, please go to the fan page on Facebook and sign the petition. Thanks in advance.

    • teawithabook says:

      I totally agree. It’s intelligent and multi-layered. Love learning bits of history/geography along the way…

  38. SYTYCD: A safe bet. I hope this is true (and a sure thing would be even better). By FAR my favourite competition show. I can’t fathom how absolute dregs like Under The Dome get renewed. I am an avid Stephen King fan, but this show is an embarrassment. I hope they reconsider and save Forever. Ioan Griffuld and Judd Hirsch are gold together.

  39. auntiemm says:

    NCIS LA a sure thing……really?? I’m watching it live this year instead of Castle but a sure thing?

    • Moment says:

      CBS wouldn’t cancel NCIS LA after launching NCIS NO, the likely scenario is that LA will have a better timeslot next season.

    • Joni says:

      I’m surprised that “NCIS: Los Angeles” is in the Sure Thing category too. The move to Monday night has not been good for it where overall viewer numbers are concerned.

    • Jw says:

      NCIS LA should be a sure thing. Even though there rating have slumped this year they are still better than anything CBS has had in that time spot for years. And when The Blacklist moves to Thursday night hopefully there rating will increase.

    • Ryan says:

      Even with decreased ratings, they wouldn’t cancel it without giving it time at a new time slot. I’d bet that it is doing better than NCIS NO would do if they switched places. I also agree that it will do better with Blacklist gone…I’m not sure about the new CIA drama replacing it.

  40. H.Houston says:

    And let the games begin!

  41. Elissa says:

    Doesn’t Rookie Blue have another half of Season 5 to go before Season 6 premieres? I thought only half of season 5 aired…..

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      There’s some “debate” over whether next summer’s batch is technically called Season 5B or Season 6. Tomato, tomahto. –Mgmt.

      • Elissa says:

        Hmmm, since season 5 got a full season order, I would say Season 5B or maybe season 5.2 should be the name so when it (hopefully) gets renewed again it won’t be confusing! Just my two cents!—Peons

  42. I agree with your scorecard prediction. I can’t wait to see who will be in arrival 9/2015.

  43. daoudi zahia says:

    reign is the best i need to see a 3rd season or i will die

  44. lindae5o says:

    I hope HF-0 manages to hang on.

    • mer-mar says:

      Me too—-We love this show. It has drama and also a real story to it. Not all shooting and blood like the CIS ones (way too many)

  45. matt says:

    I’m confused. Hawaii Five-0 gets more viewers than NCIS: LA. Why is 5-0 “too early to tell” and NCIS: LA “a sure thing?” Someone please explain.

    • Moment says:

      Hawaii Five-O is pulling dreadful numbers on Friday, most recently it pulled a 1.1 18-49. However NCIS LA pulled a 1.7 in a terrible timeslot, that’s why. I think TVline were being far too generous on the show personally, but if they said it was doomed I suspect they’d get a lot of angry commenters ;).

  46. worthymagic says:

    Law & Order: SVU better be A SURE THING and not A Safe Bet. NBC makes me nuts.

    • Robby Horine says:

      SVU is only “A Sure Thing” as long as Mariska is at the lead. Once she leaves, the show is essentially done.

      • arwendaniels says:

        I totally agree. She is that show now and carries the whole thing…

        As for Extant, I was so disappointed in the acting and the cheesiness in finale, I don’t understand why it would continue- the little boy was the BEST ACTOR BY FAR, and he isn’t in it anymore… Can’t believe it’s going for another season.

      • NF and SK fan aways says:

        that show lost me when some of the characters left……yes if she leaves the show does. still watch when I can on that show.

      • Sallie Godwin says:

        Yes once Mariska leaves the show is done for. She is the show

  47. Kathy Davis says:

    Please do not take off Resurrection. That is the only show I watch on ABC.

  48. I hope they keep Forever I really enjoy this show

    • kDarling1974 says:

      I’m with you. I’m absolutely Addicted to Forever! I think it’s how the characters are intertwined yet they have they own little stories. I Love This Show!!!

      • NF and SK fan aways says:

        me too and it is very interesting show!

        • I am definitely an addict of Forever and it is the first show that has been worth watching in a very long time. I am intrigued with the developing relationship that could be developed between Adam and Henry, so many possibilities! I love the marvelous cast as well as the many twist that are potential between the characters. I will be devastated if it is not renewed.

    • Sue White says:

      All those who watch and enjoy Forever, please go to the fan page on Facebook and sign the petition. Thanks in advance.

      • SOrms says:

        I like Forever too, but petitions aren’t going to help. The same thing is happening with Castle & it won’t help. It all depends on the ratings & the heads of ABC. Of course the renewed contracts with the stars count too. If they can’t get Nathan & Stana to re-sign, a lot of fans will be heart-broken, not to mention a lot of other people will be out of a job. That’s a lot of people when you think there’s around 80-90 in just the crew alone

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          and why do you say that they don’t help, do you know that for a fact? I don’t know if they do or not, as for renewal for a show it’s more complicated then you think.

    • Sue White says:

      To all who watch and enjoy Forever, please go to its fan page on Facebook and sign the petition. Thanks in advance.

  49. Kathy Davis says:

    Please leave Hawaii Five O on. CBS is the main station I watch. I cannot live without Hawaii Five O. Let us put it on the safe bet list.

    • vikki says:

      Yes, Hawaii 5 0 is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t make me change stations……….Channel two for now I think is the best……………….

    • mer-mar says:

      I agree. Love this show and can’t wait until Friday night for that and Blue Bloods

    • I agree with you. I love Hawaii 5/0, they are the greastest. Love watching Danny and Steve go at it, they are so funny and entertaining. love Grace and Kono, they are both so beautiful. I wish it would stay on until Grace gets to be a teenager, boy! thet could really get some good story lines from that. They could drive Danny crazy. Please renew it and also, keep it on CBS.

  50. Joe Petitjean says:

    Any word yet from ABC about Rising Star