Revenge Recap: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Revenge Emily David

David Clarke, “a symbol of hope and courage?” That’s what the media’s calling him after Sunday’s Revenge, though it’s totally OK if you still see him as the self-whipping, daughter-attacking, insane beard-having lunatic we’ve all grown to love.

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With Victoria and Charlotte by his side — and Emily in the audience at her most emotionally wrecked — David fed the press his sob story, which they gobbled up like free Molly at a Brooklyn rave. My personal favorite anecdote was that Conrad faked David’s death, then paid to have him contained and tortured. Like, did we not all see Papa Clarke whip himself in the cold open? He may have everyone else fooled, but at least we can all agree this guy’s a raging nut job.

But I’m getting ahead of myself; this epic coming-out speech was delivered mere hours after Emily came face to face (via a two-way mirror) with her father and discovered him to be a lot less dead than previously believed. And kudos to Emily VanCamp; her quivering lip, panicked breathing and single tear made me feel.

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Despite what many commenters have argued, though, I’m still not convinced David knew who he was attacking last week, which means we’ve still got one last half-reunion to look forward to.

Elsewhere in the great state of New York this week…

UGH… DANIEL | OK, I have a few questions about Daniel Grayson: First, what makes him assume he’d thrive in a wealth-management position when his only source of personal income is delivered poolside by his mother, who was literally trapped in a mental asylum not two weeks prior? Furthermore, why are the other people in his life — here’s lookin’ at you, Margaux — so blind to his weasely, man-whoring treachery? And it goes without saying that no good will come from his new deal with Louise (unless we actually get to see him try on the “uniform” she supplied. Should that occur, I might be willing to reconsider my position on the matter.)

Revenge Season 4

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BEN | Show of hands… Can we all just agree that Ben is the worst? He made it pretty clear in his first appearance that he’s a no-nonsense, by-the-books kinda guy, and I respected him for that — but his behavior officially crossed into the “not cute anymore” zone this week. Kudos to the rookie for figuring out that David should be questioned in Emily’s assault charge, but keeping Jack from warning Emily ahead of time? Then barring her from the precinct once the F.B.I. had arrived? Any Emily suitor worth his salt would have bent the rules like Beckham, but apparently Ben isn’t as committed to Operation: Woo Emily Like A Freakin’ Creep as I thought he was. Can she just marry Nolan?

JACK BE NOBLE | Conversely, is Jack not the best this season? I mean, did you see the way he reacted to David in the line-up, then how his heart broke for Emily when she faced him blind? That shiny new police uniform isn’t just an in-case-of-emergency stripper outfit; it’s also a metaphor for the kind of person Jack has become. He would do anything to protect the people he loves, a list that now begins and ends with “Emily Thorne.” Like, if this show was set in a middle school, Jack would spend the entire hour scribbling “Mrs. Emily Porter” in his Marble notebook, while Daniel gets busted for drinking on school grounds. #GreysonPrivilege

Revenge-rs, did Emily’s reaction to her long-awaited discovery meet your expectations? Are you as over Daniel as I am? And what else is on your mind this week? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. iMember says:

    this has only been the fourth episode and this is turning into my FAVORITE season yet! Absolutely terrific episode tonight!!

    Things are going so quickly too I love it!

    • Andy Swift says:

      I have to agree about the pacing this season. They’re wasting NO time.

      • Greg says:

        That’s a good thing. The show may not make it past 13 episodes, so they need to hurry crap up. Maybe the producers already got the word from ABC that it will be a shortened final season.

        • iMember says:

          Revenge is 22 episodes this season. ABC is not going to cut its season short when it’s goning to reach syndication numbers.

          • Greg says:

            They could also just order 22 and then air it whenever they like. I doubt they keep it on Sunday’s at 10 all season if it keeps pulling it 1.0-1.2 demos.

        • Mike R. says:

          They need 22 for syndication, so they will be getting 22 regardless how bad the ratings are, the whole reason it was renewed was for syndication, so you can bet that they will reach the magic 88.

          • johnhelvete says:

            ABC is not going to launch a new show at 10pm on Sunday and they are not going to move a higher rated show from another night to air there either.

          • Hashtag says:

            Hour-long dramas have little or no syndication value (unless it’s the Law & Order franchise). Otherwise, only sitcoms have syndication value.

          • johnhelvete says:

            A heavily serialized drama like Revenge probably has very little syndication value, but CBS keeps selling their shows to syndication (Good Wife, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods,Elementary in just the last year or so) the difference is they are splitting the rights between cable, syndication, streaming instead of making a huge deal with only USA for example to have exclusive rights to NCIS LA. Elementary reportedly is getting around 3 million an episode. The Good Wife 2 million an episode.

          • Dude says:

            Hour long dramas may have less syndication value but that doesn’t stop networks from selling them. So many hour long dramas have been renewed just for syndication recently. Every show on The CW for instance.

          • BillinFla says:

            Actually, ABC should be pretty happy with how “Revenge” has performed so far. It has increased ratings in that time period compared to what the network had in there last year.

            It also does very well in Tivo/On Demand viewing and has actually gained viewers since this season’s premiere. If you are a fan, you can exhale. It will most likely be here all season.

  2. Greg says:

    David hit himself in the cold open (we saw), got himself arrested (on purpose), and made up the story about Conrad so he sort of has an alibi for Conrad’s death.

    Now, the question is…why do all this? Simple. He doesn’t trust Victoria nearly as much as she thinks he does (hence that final convo at the police station) and will now look into everything. That, coupled with the fact that he did recognize the girl in bed last week, though he might not realize atm it is his daughter, and his suspicions are up 100 percent. He is a man on a mission now to figure things out.

    • Alichat says:

      This is what I am thinking as well. Also, when David first began to beat himself, did anyone else say ‘He’s Opus Dei?’ Come on… know you thought it! And why didn’t Nolan or Emily immediately call a lawyer for David? I don’t get that. If I were Jack, I would have suggested it immediately. Nolan has lawyers on speed dial….he couldn’t get one there asap?

    • E says:

      I agree with you. I think he doesn’t trust Victoria so it was a complete set up to have an alibi and to come out to the public. Emily broke my heart and Jack wanting to tell her before hand was so sad. I think David is pretending to be crazy and really has his own plan. Once he had the conversation with Victoria at the police station I’m convinced there is more to all of this.

    • Let’s hope david plays with Miss V’s mind…as she knew all along the real truth…let him languish in prison and have his daughter locked up!!!! The Turnoing of the Shrew..Miss V…what a storyline!!!!!

  3. N says:

    I cried when Ems saw David in the line up! I thought David had become one of those self-flaggalting priests! (sorry for the spelling!)

  4. EMP says:

    Really good ep. I hope David starts playing Victoria while figuring out what exactly has been going on. How much longer will we have to wait for HIM to see his daughter?!

    Not sure how this show can last longer than this season though without getting completely convoluted. I hope they wrap it up with a satisfying ending this season.

    • schu says:

      Same here! I think this has to be the end, they can drag this story out the rest of the season, but after Em is finally reunited with her father I don’t think there is anything more they could or should do with the show. I’m really hoping David is playing Victoria like a fiddle and he and Em have a satisfying conclusion together.

      Anyone else also wondering if Nolan somehow knew all along David wasn’t dead and he was in fact helping him stay hidden this whole time? Maybe that’s too farfetched, but I couldn’t tell if his surprise was feigned or not?

  5. Noah says:

    Emily VanCamp has been the master of the single tear for a LONG time. It first broke my heart on Everwood when she was at the door in season 1 and Ephram told her that his dad wouldn’t do the surgery on Colin. She deserves a lot more credit than she gets!

  6. Kevin Dillon says:

    You all are VERY generous, I will say this is the best episode of the season, but that is not saying much.

    The Daniel story was pointless, and what about Victoria’s other son? If the show focused on a core or did not divulge too much then I would like it more.

    This show NEEDS to end this season

  7. Delante says:

    Emily Van Camp has done it again…ever since the Everwood days she has had me emotionally wrecked in scenes such as that one! I rewatched the scene a few times cause I just felt for her! Even Jack’s reaction affected me. I still feel that David recognized Emily last week in terms of she looked familiar but he may not have known 100% who she was. I am happy that he called Vicky on her BS and is gonna investigate everything himself!

  8. Kim says:

    Loved it! Loved all of their reactions! Very believable. I think the revenge is just beginning!

  9. Jay says:

    Only problem I have with Ben is the writers are trying to include him as this “real world” character, a cop that follows protocol 100% of the time in this overly dramatic and fictitious show. I mean, Nolan’s “THANK GOD, the motion sensors went off” made me chuckle. Who has cameras and motion sensors in their bedroom lol

  10. krisreyes says:

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  11. Sparky says:

    Maybe I have no patience but I couldn’t help wonder why the heck he hasn’t asked about Amanda a couple of episodes ago. He didn’t know anything about Charlotte until Victoria told him but not a word about the one daughter that he was ripped apart from. I get the whole need for drama but if I knew my Dad that I thought was dead was standing a few feet away from me – Hurricane Sandy wouldn’t have gotten me to move from the jail even if I had committed a whole host of illegal things to get revenge. But that’s just me. Plus Victoria professing that David or is Pascale or is it the painter guy from a couple of seasons ago is her one true love; is really starting to wear thin. I kinda wish the season would just wrap up by episode 13 but if they are going for syndication I’m sure I will have to stick around to the end. I kinda want some to wipe that smug grin off Daniels face, would love to see Charlotte locked up and really if Victoria were to kick the bucket would anyone miss her. But most of all it would be really nice to see her reunite with David and settle down with Jack!!!

  12. AveBay says:

    Emily Vancamp was incredible! Really loved this EPs, I just wish that Emily could’ve called out to David during his speech.. If only.

  13. Tricia says:

    My greatest fear here is finding out Nolan knew David was alive all along.

    And Andy, we’ve got to talk. “We can all admit this guy’s a raging nut ball,” no, we can’t. Personally, I think David’s got a case of the Revengies and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  14. namikaze121 says:

    As per the story except for Victoria and Nolan, no one seems to have a tiny bit of brain. Its moving fast. really..? one episode is all it takes to end the total series without loose ends.
    David clarke doesn’t meet the only person(nolan ross) who trust him.

  15. dee123 says:


  16. namikaze121 says:

    I started watching this TV series with name revenge. After season 1 I haven’t seen any of that except for a cat fight between victoria and Amanda(aka emily). Much more soap opera here than in modern family.

  17. namikaze121 says:

    Why hasn’t Emily declared herself as Amanda after knowing her father is alive. The whole point of revenge is no more, why she still has the false skin. I don’t get it. end it already.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I agree that Emily should reveal her identity. I can understand why the writers did not want to do it in the same episode that Emily finds out about her dad being alive though. Emily revealing to the world that she is Amanda Clarke to me as always seemed like the pinnacle of potential big moments for the show, and not wanting to have that moment in the same episode as another big moment is understandable.

      • Melanie says:

        You know it’s a fellony to falsified your identity? She is a criminal, and she broke the law way to many time to be able to just “come out to the world”

        • johnhelvete says:

          Emily did not legally change her name but I recall Nolan using his hacking skills in season 2 to make it look like Emily had legally change her name. I also think very little of what Emily has done could ever be proven in a court of law, especially the take down of the week victims who most of the time did not know what happened to them let alone who did it. Victoria might have proof of Emily’s misdeeds against her, but Emily has seemed willing to go to prison if it came to that.

      • GuyAwks says:

        Because Emily committed identity fraud and, without Fauxmanda alive to corroborate her story, it might as well be identity theft. The cops aren’t just going to shrug that off.

  18. Thanks for finally writing about >Revenge’: Emily Sees David Clarke – Season 4 Episode 4 Recap | TVLine
    <Liked it!

  19. namikaze121 says:

    she got to him first. what the hell ?? If Emily tells david that she is infact amanda, wouldn’t he believe her. Why is it so hard ? This is the dumbest TV series I’ve ever seen.

  20. Jenny says:

    I really think David has something up his sleeve as u all point out. He went into that store on purpose, he know the cops were there so he wanted to get caught. That convo with Victoria was kind of a glimpse that he’s onto her he doesn’t her, I’m glad cause I know Victoria will get hers in the end.

  21. JJ says:

    Now, we’re finally getting somewhere. That was an amazing episode. Fast-paced, exciting, and beautifully acted by Emily VanCamp. They need to dump Daniel’s storyline though. Don’t really care about him and Margaux. They’re annoying and a waste of screen time. Also not feeling Ben at all. He doesn’t add anything to the story. I only really care about Emily’s story at this point, and I can’t wait to see her inevitable reunion with David. I’m hoping they don’t drag it till the end of the season. Team Emily FTW!

  22. Emom says:

    I have been a glued-to-my-seat Revenge fan from the beginning, but this season is already turning me off. I don’t know if I can swallow the new story lines and characters. My pet peeves are:
    How did Jack become a cop in just 6 months, last time we saw him he was being arrested? We still haven’t heard an explanation for that.
    Ben is by far the most annoying male character. Who shortens the sleeves of his cop shirt to show off his muscles ?
    Margo, just can’t stand her character!
    What’s with Victoria declaring every guy that comes along the “love of her life”?
    Nolan not getting David a lawyer or even going to talk to him right away, werent they supposed to have been so close that David asked him to watch over Amanda?
    Where is Baby Carl???
    Who redecorated the Manor in such bad taste?
    I wish they would bring back the glamour and intrigue of the first season. Such a shame it had to end like this.

    • Garrett says:

      Where is the designer who decorated the manor? It’s like pieces of IKEA furniture delivered to the wrong doorstep. Where is Emily’s seashell-beach-rustic style?

  23. Jane says:

    Great episode tonight. I can’t wait until next week to find out if Emily gets to talk to her dad.

  24. tyranthraxus says:

    Jack becoming a cop dosnt make a whole lot of sense in terms of the time it took him, but ever since he became a cop the character of Jack has become 10x better.

  25. Garrett says:

    Revenge is starting to be so, so predictable. More predictions: Emily is NOT going to reveal she’s really Amanda Clarke, because writers need to stretch the episodes (is this how you’re covering the plot holes too?). And no, we’re NOT getting any Amanda-David reunion because that will probably happen waaaaay later in the season, duh.

    And seriously people, “fast pacing”? Am I the only one here sitting in front of my TV, wishing to choke Victoria to death? Why is Emily not getting any upper hand? Grrrrr

    • Tamara says:

      She’s not getting any upper hand because after her takedown of Victoria last season, the scales needed to tip in V’s favour for awhile. When Emily comes back, it’s going to be good and viewers are going to want it that much more.

  26. Winnie says:

    Definitely my favorite episode of the season so far. I actually have no problem with any of the characters for once – last year I found myself impatient with Margeaux at times, while this year I think she has the potential to help advance the story if utilized right. Ben doesn’t bother me, either, and I think he represents a bit of what Jack had going before he started losing more people and things. Bitter Daniel is more interesting to watch than gullible (to Mom or Emily) Daniel, though I am also watching to see the smug wiped off his mug and I am interested to see how needy, possibly unhinged Louise comes into play (but again, execution).

    I hope David did kind of recognize Amanda – or even know in advance – and continue playing the game (but not for long). Nolan was really solid, as always – one to watch – in this episode. Charlotte’s storyline also has potential. I’d like her to become the most empowered individual on the show by discovering her identity independent of her family drama and stay that way. Basically, I know I’m not on the same page as many in critiquing the show, but I’m happily along for the ride. [/rambling]

    What I need from the love of my life, Pascal-er, David-er, anyone…Bueller…Bueller-er, TVLine, though, is to include 2 Nolanisms from early in the episode in the Quotes of the Week feature:

    -The one about calling Jack – “he’s police-adjacent.”
    -The reference to Charlotte as “Little Arson Annie.”

  27. Anna says:

    “Can she just marry Nolan?” Yes please! I don’t get why Ben didn’t even ask if Nolan and Emily are a thing… like, they apparently live together now! And they do behave like a couple, with the bickering and all. So he isn’t even gonna ask if the women he’s borderline stalking is living with her boyfriend or her best friend?

  28. M says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Nolan was acting a bit shady upon learning David is alive? He seemed almost fear-stricken, like maybe he’s been hiding something this whole time. Just a thought, but to me it seemed he was worried for himself more so than Emily.

    • MzTeaze says:

      That’s a possibility. Although I chalked it up to Nolan being a little PO’d that maybe he wasn’t as far into David’s inner circle as he thought. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have known that he was still alive?

    • Tamara says:

      No way would Nolan have known and let Emily continue on that path. That would be character assassination and destroy her and Nolan’s friendship, two of the best things the show has going for it.

  29. Such an amazing episode!!!!

  30. Rebecca says:

    Did anyone hang in to watch previews for next week…I think David will either be killed or injured by the car that hits him and Emily will never get a chance to connect with him…his presence on the show will be short-lived and Emily will really , really be out to get Victoria

    • Andy Swift says:

      Injured maybe, but killed? That would be too much.

    • GuyAwks says:

      I don’t think that will happen next episode but I’m betting David dies in the mid-season finale. It’s perfect- David and Emily reunite, Victoria has lost so she murders David for real and Emily swears revenge one final time. I just don’t see David as long for this world.

  31. kasArden says:

    I am kind of finding Nolan a litle annoying this season, but omg Ben is the worst!!! Write him off quick, please.

  32. Michelle Bailey says:

    Made me FEEL for Emily. David IS alive?!?I’m tuning in on Sunday!! Maybe Conrad’s not dead either. Does this mean Emily has FINALLY gotten revenge now that dear ol dad is alive?

  33. Andrea says:

    I did feel bad for Emily but other than that I was kind of bored. I fast forward through Daniels scenes because I honestly don’t care what he is doing at this point. And I’m not a fan of Victoria having the upper hand here. I hope that Emily realizes that Conrad didn’t torture David all this time, her believing his story kind of threw me.

  34. Maryann says:

    I did not miss a single episode until I stopped watching after the first episode this season. Reading this recap/commentary makes me very glad I’m no longer putting myself through watching this totally failed reimagining of what Revenge started out to be.

  35. Kelly Deeny says:

    I second that kudos to Emily VanCamp for a heartbreaking performance! Yet, I’ll add Nick Wechsler and Gabriel Mann to that list. I’m intrigued by “Jack’s” leaving the police station and not wanting “David” to know he’s on the police force. Was he rushing out to get to “Emily” or worried that he’d spill the truth if face to face with the once-deceased Clarke?

    After last night, I wholeheartedly believe that “Nolan” was as shocked as “Emily” about “David” being alive – though, if it turns out different, that’ll be interesting to watch!

    More and more I’m convinced that “David” is playing “Victoria”. He did leave a roadmap for “Emily” about being framed after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all his way of seeking revenge.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more Vicky vs Ems because ultimately “Emily” will get the upper hand once again. Two powerhouse actresses, ripe material, and loads of possibility equals drama at its best!

    I have a guess as to what will happen once “David” and his daughter are finally reunited, and it would bring “Emily” full circle.

  36. vallikat says:

    I’m pretty sure that David recognized Amanda. I think he set up the whole thing so he would get caught. He knew they’d run his prints and that the whole thing would come out. I think he’s setting up Victoria for some revenge games of his own. One thing though: if they examine him in an effort to vet his story, they will of course see the fresh marks on his back. However, won’t someone question why there are not old scars as well?

    • Kelly says:

      I thought the same thing about the marks bring fresh. Maybe it will tie in to him getting revenge on Victoria. It’s all part of his plan.
      And David definitely recognized Amanda/emily When she was sleeping all innocently. He’s her father, he knows his daughter.

  37. Someone says:

    I loved the episode, but I’m also totally over Daniel. I already don’t like his character and his beats are just irritating filler that makes me have to wait longer to get back to the more interesting storyline going on with Emily and Victoria.

  38. Jamie says:

    Thank goodness for TVLine. This episode was so insane, and I needed a recap. I read another site’s recap first (why? I do not know) and thankfully ended with yours. It was so spot-on and I AGREE that we don’t know yet if David Clarke knows for sure who Emily Thorne is. My jaw dropped during this ep and I can’t wait for the next one. Crazeballs. I keep thinking of the man with the white hair and where he fits in, and how much Mama Clarke was involved these past few years. Weird.

  39. Kim says:

    I don’t even watch “Revenge” anymore but darn it Nick W. is hot in that uniform.

  40. Deion says:

    As others have commented, I think it was pretty clear that David beat himself so that his story about being tortured would stick. Although a proper doctor’s exam would prove that he was a man while not in the best health, had not spent 10+ years being tortured. In any case, no more sneaking around. David has a plan, and I can’t wait to see what it is.

  41. Joan hume says:

    Please tell me why David left the safehouse in last week’s episode and went to Grayson manor.

  42. I watch this show to see Emanda *win*. That needs to start happening again soon.

  43. dmarisa says:

    Seriously..can we talk about Ben? Is it just me or is he giving off an even more gay vibe than Nolan?? His character and interest in Emily is 100% unbelievable. Nolan has a better chance with her.
    And why couldn’t Emily yell.out during the press conference so he could lock his eyes on her and nolan??

  44. Tamara says:

    A couple things I don’t totally understand. If David trusted Nolan enough to leave the infinity box with him to give to Amanda/Emily, wouldn’t you think that he’d be one of the first people he’d seek out after it was out in the open that he’s alive? Also, I don’t understand why Mama Grayson hasn’t run to Daniel and told him about Emily’s real identity. Surely she’d be itching to tell him that his former wife is actually Amanda Clarke.

  45. Bob F. says:

    I hate to say i told you so, but, if you remember, I predicted last week that in some way, we would find that Nolan knew David was alive. I am glad many of you agree. Now I make a new prediction: Nolan & David have been in contact with each other & Nolan gave David the information on how and where to find Conrad that night. David is protecting Nolan & probably knows Amanda is alive and well….

  46. Larry C. says:

    If I hear Nolan call her “Ems” one more time, I will run screaming from house! We don’t hear Emily call him “Nol” or “Nols”. —- Who dreams this s@#t up?

  47. Linda says:

    Why hasn’t David ask about Nolan? Wasn’t he supposed to be David’s ‘right-hand-man’? He’s the one who gave the box to Nolan to give to Amanda, right?

  48. Susan says:

    Does anyone else think Jack looks a bit silly in his policeman’s uniform? I just cannot relate to Jack as a cop! And whatever happened to Jack’s son Carl? What did I miss?
    Also, a bit far fetched is David Clarke’s wounding himself. If he had been beaten for years, he would have scars…not new wounds – especially given that Conrad has been dead a while…

    • Bob F. says:

      Yes, I agree. and since David killed him, he should know that. I wonder if it is some attempt by David to show he did NOT kill Conrad. Some kind of self protection plan, though I am not quite sure how it would work. ..but then this show does work in mysterious ways.

  49. Bill says:

    New showrunner jumped the shark. Van Camp said earlier that she felt that the last season should have been the final and that Kelly told her that he would never bring back David Clarke. You have to wonder how much her heart is into this season.