Vampire Diaries Photos: Stefan and Caroline's Steamiest Encounter Yet

Vampire Diaries Season 6

One thing’s for sure: The tension between Stefan and Caroline on The Vampire Diaries isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s so thick in this new batch of Season 6 photos, you could cut it with a Traveler Knife.

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No, your eyes don’t deceive you; that’s really a towel-clad Caroline talking to Stefan on the Oct. 30 episode, ominously titled “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here.” So how do Caroline and Stefan come to find themselves in this strange predicament? Per the episode’s official description, Stefan “shows up unexpectedly and needs her help cleaning up a mess created by Enzo.”

This little detour may cause Caroline to miss Whitmore’s homecoming festivities, but something tells me an afternoon with Stefan — “dick,” as he may be — will lift Ms. Forbes’ spirits.

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The new batch of photos also includes a shot of Elena, who asks new pal Liam (Marco James) to accompany her to the maze party, as well as a few pictures of Alaric and new squeeze Jo in what appear to be dire straits.

So go ahead and browse the new photos below, then drop a comment: Are you hoping for a Stefan-Caroline romance? And what’s up with Jo?

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  1. Kelly says:

    Steroline is OTP and Delena is endgame.

    • J.M says:

      I agree. A lot of fans have been waiting to see steroline happen, so all of you saying “eww they make me want to vomit, they just want Caroline to sleep with every guy on the show”. We get it you don’t want them to be together but you all ready got the pairings that you wanted why can’t we get ours. First of all Klaroline, look I know you love them together but they’re on different shows now even the cast of tvd knows that, it’s cool that you still have hope but just think it through and if you still feel the same way then rock on. And delena you can just see they’re endgame they love each other so so much and Elena is a wreck without him.

    • Jessica says:

      In your dreams, sweetheart.

  2. Marie says:

    If Julie Plec has one brain cell left she won’t go for Steroline! Caroline is practically a walking love device. How can you hate your female characters so much a reduce to being available for every male?

    • Carmen says:

      I hate how it’s so forced. Why they just can’t remain best friends is beyond me

      • Maya says:

        Force??? what show have you been watching??? Stefan has been single for a really long time and also Caroline, they have becoming really good friends, and they know each other for a really long time, I really don’t understand why is so hard for you people to accept a relationship between them! It’s natural for a great friendship evolve into a great love, besides Stefan deserves to have someone and Caroline is a great girl, I love her character for me she is better than Elena.

        Bonnie/Damon and Stefan/Caroline interactions are the only reasons why I’m still watching this show.

        • april says:

          i agree.. i love caroline.. one of the reasons why i’m still watching TVD.. i really wish they would do something great with her story and not reduce her to being everyone’s “friend” …

    • I AGREE 100%
      Caroline has so much potential and Julie and writers just heep making her somebody love interest. I can see her having several Storylines but they don’t write anything that can develop her character. I have hope that the whole finding a way to break the barrier of the town will lead to a SL that is more supernatural for Caroline(I think that the writers should kill off Caroline’s mom and have Caroline try to deal with the pain and try to avenge her or have her mom go missing and she tries to find her). The only person I want with Caroline as a love interest is Klaus if they don’t want to write something with them right now then they should keep Caroline single with a kickass Storyline. I always love Steroline as friends and saw them as having a brother and sister relantionship but NEVER romantic. I also find the Enzo and Caroline relationship as a bad rip-off of Klaroline. I’am so tired of them ignoring fans and forcing romantic relationships like Steroline and Carenzo.

  3. Fran says:

    I just want Caroline’s story to not revolve around a man. I understand that’s not going to happen though.

    • I agree!
      Some Storylines I would like her to have:
      1. Caroline mom gets killed by a powerful supernatural and she tries to avenge her while dealing with the pain.
      2. Caroline mom gets kinnaped by something mysterious and Caroline goes on a mission to find her.
      3.Caroline gets a spell place on her by a witch or something old and powerful supernatural that makes her go paronoid,crazy and confused and in a panic attack she accidently kills her mom when the spell is removed she realizes what she has done and guilt comes in and wants to kill herself but can’t. She becomes broken and lost for a while before getting herself in a path of redemption. A path that will lead her to New Orleans.
      4. Caroline deals with a family mystery that took place a long time ago.
      5. Caroline become an Earthly guardian from the vampire diaries novels.
      6. Caroline gets dragged to the place that Katherine was taken too.

      • Bob Jones says:

        Alright everybody, let’s just say ‘No’ to killing Caroline’s Mom

      • Kristen says:

        Wow – these are all great ideas! Wish even one of those would make it on the show- but maybe the writers purposely don’t give her a main storyline because she is considered a secondary character. The focus is always on the 3 leads although it’s nice to actually get more Bonnie these days. I think Caroline would only get a main storyline if she had moved to the originals with Klaus.

      • Elz says:

        You completely understand that #7 goes against the point, and completely undermines your whole post, right? Also, Caroline doesn’t exist in a bubble. Her (longterm) storyline is going to have to intersect with the main plot and the actual leads.

  4. D says:

    Ugh. TVD is now just a boring teen drama. More like Gossip Girl, or 90210. Hell, let’s just call it One Vampire Hill.

    • I wish they would have a real villan again than a vampire hating human or witches that want a home or a ancient vampire/witch that wanted to die to be with his girlfriend but his ex-grielfriend who he lied and cheated didn’t and won’t let it happen. oh and the love birds happen to be doppleggangers. REALLY! TVD NEED THE ORIGINALS!!

      • Geo says:

        Meanwhile, “The Originals” is actually providing storylines that don’t often revolve around “ohmigosh, who is dating who.” It’s a much, much better show that TVD these days.

  5. Michelle says:

    Omg yaaaaaaaaaaas

  6. joyon7 says:

    Ugh.Steroline makes me wanna vomit.I don’t buy it Julie,you said a couple of times that Caroline is Lexi for Stefan.If you hate her so much that you can’t give the girl a storyline without a romance,just kill her.Poor Stefan can stay alone or find another woman,i don’t care.

    • Maya says:

      The whole point of this show is about a girl who is in love of two brothers, so pretty much the entire series has been the storyline of Elena choosing which one of the brothers she is in love with, I mean the whole Delena has been just about their relationship, when she was with Stefan at least something else was going on, so I don’t see any bad thing of Caroline having a storyline with romance in it, and Stefan has been alone for a really long time now, and he had another women remember? the one Enzo just killed, Stefan deserve to be happy and if that happines lies with Caroline so be it, actually that’s the only reason I keep watching this show, I don’t care about Delena, for me they bring out the worst of each other and they are so selfish they don’t care about anything just their relationship, if you don’t like Steroline that’s your problem but Caroline isn’t going anywhere she is not gonna be killed of, the writers know that without her the show is doomed, otherwise she will be in The Originals by now!

  7. mindy says:

    Oh such fun lets degrade caroline by having her naked to what try to entice stefan! this such good writing i can´t control myself!

  8. Sibi Stella says:

    Caroline makes me want to VOMIT.

  9. Lies says:

    steroline makes me want to throwup, they just want them together because they don’t know what to do with stefan and caroline as characters. Easy to push them together so they can keep delena fans satisfied, while stelena and klaroline fans don’t mean a thing for this show. so sad.

  10. Jacinta Chowdhury says:

    Im all for steroline! Im a delena fan and I want them together….but I also want stefan to be happy and caroline is the perfect girl for him

  11. Brigid says:

    I like Stefan/Caroline. Klaus and Enzo are monsters. They are gross and have no redeeming qualities and the fact that she had sex with Klaus was so forced and stupid. Stefan and Caroline deserve some good in their lives instead of getting trashed all the time. Why can’t they just have some happiness together because I see a ton of chemistry?

  12. Sarah says:

    Steroline is a pairing of convenience. It’s obvious that they are pushing Stefan and Caroline together so that Damon and Elena can go back to shagging each other as soon as he comes back from the dead. Stefan and Caroline are better as best friends, hands down. Delena is played out and boring.

  13. Jessica says:

    Steroline is a forced and gross ship. It’s obvious that they are just a pairing of absolute convenience so that Delena can go back to being the abusive and disgusting ship that it is. No thank you to both Steroline and Delena. They both suck.

  14. Iriska says:

    I’m a huge Delena fan but I don’t see a sence in Steroline. They don’t have any sexual tension, they are perfect as friends. This relationship wourld be so forced.

    • Elz says:

      I think a Stefan+Caroline romance would be interesting for the show. If a pairing on a show (especially a pairing as tame and unproblematic as Steroline) makes you ant to vomit, you should visit a doctor. There may be an underlying factor in your illness.

      • Jessica says:

        There is nothing interesting about Steroline. It is forced, forced, forced. Nope, not buying what Julie is selling. Steroline is like kissing cousins. Yuck.

      • Iriska says:

        Unproblematic? He wourld be the 2nd of Elena’s ex boyfriends who Caroline wourld be dating.

  15. maria says:

    all I know if Damon doesn’t come back soon, there won’t be anyone left watching the show.

    • Jessica says:

      The show was losing ratings when Damon is alive. Too much Delena and Damon has been the problems with this show. That’s why the ratings are dropping.

  16. Mindy vickery says:

    I need stelena back so next episode when stefan asked her to marry him I want her to say yes!!! 😜💖💕👍

  17. mara says:

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  18. Tatianya says:

    Okay. For one, caroline should not be with stefan, the whole. Stefan elena and damon triangle should continue, its the most attractive part of the romantic drama that goes on! Plus, i think caroline and enzo would make a sexy pair. Caroline came swooping in as the close bestie like lexy was for stefan, its almost double. So that should stay that way, the looks they give eachother, emotion, romance… Its just not there. So if anything i think stefan should fall for elena again, since she now forgot her love for damon, and damon comes back finding that stefan has elena once again, and the lusty drama continues.

  19. Maurice says:

    I am all for Steroline but maybe she and stefans other girlfriend can have a little jelousy thing going on and fight over stefan and then stefan stops it and tells them who he loves the other person gets heartbroken but later in the show makes up with him and there friends again

  20. nisha says:

    wtf..!! stefan and caroline sucks..they are good friends.. once stefan told to caroline You and me its not gonna happen.(she deserves much better)still its not going to happen. besides, klaus said YOU are beauitful, strong, full of light, i enjoy you.. after all happend between stefan n elena i dont think stefan will love caroline if tat hapen also its SUCKS…!!! suddenly doppelganger fate fantasy comes thy split apart..stefan start over again with elena..whereas klaus he loves her he showed kindness, forgiveness, pity all for her. He afaird that she wont forgive for all horrible things he has done… he felt guilty for killing people.. whenever she appears he feel full of lights..she changed him…stefan has nothing to ask her except how is elena.. they can remain good friends…klaus caroline perfect love…they both care for each other. always klaroline…

  21. subject says:

    Caroline, Stefan have a great relationship as friends since season 2 and I don’t think it’s a bad idea of them being together. But also right know there friend ship is still a little complicated , but seems like Stefan wants to be there for Caroline again and be also friends again .. more to come and up to the Writers who doing really amazing with the storyline in The Vampire Diaries if Steroline will actually happen and could ♡♡♡ . Hope for Carenzo !!!