Vampire Diaries Recap: The L Word

Vampire Diaries Damon Elena

“He was my boyfriend, I loved him and he died.” That was Elena’s mantra on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries as the heartbroken doppelgänger struggled to erase the love she felt for Damon. But was her major purge a success?

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Sadly… yes. By zoning in on the exact moment Elena realized she could love Damon forever, Alaric was able to systematically pull apart her feelings for him. And while the whole experience was expectedly gut-wrenching — That dance! That kiss! — nothing compared to the main event, or as Twitter reffered to it, #WhenElenaKnew.

Elena took us all back to the third season premiere, to her birthday, when she’d all but given up hope of being reunited with then-Ripper Stefan. Damon gave her Stefan’s necklace with no regards to his own feelings, and she remembered it as the most selfless thing he’d ever done.

So how does Elena feel about Damon now? “He was Stefan’s brother. He was a monster. Then he died.” Oof.

Elsewhere in time and space…

After remembering memories, it was ultimately her birthday that she knew she loved him. He gave him the necklace. He gave her the one thing that gave him hope about her and Stefan. It hurt him, but he did it for her.

Vampire Diaries Elena DamonWHOSE HELL IS IT, ANYWAY? | While Elena attempted to erase her past, Bonnie and Damon were busy living theirs. A stroll through town revealed that the duo has apparently travelled back to 1994 — as if that wasn’t already obvious based on Damon’s flannel shirt and the Collective Soul on the radio — and is doomed to repeat the same day over and over again, Groundhog Day-style. (Personally, I don’t know why Bonnie and Damon are in such a rush to get back to the present. If I found out I was stuck in the ’90s, I’d slip into a half-buckled pair of overalls, pop on an episode of Family Matters and call it a day.)

But the real kicker came at the end of the hour when Bonnie and Damon realized someone else had completed their crossword puzzle for them. (Seriously, who else is in the house?! And why they gotta be so rude?!)

LOOK WHO’S COMING TO RUIN DINNER | Meanwhile, in present-day Georgia, Enzo and Caroline “reluctantly” teamed up to crash Stefan’s first official dinner date with Ivy, though it felt like more of a double date if you ask me. The evening took a nasty turn when Enzo decided to stab Stefan in the hand — and not even with a proper stabbing fork — which triggered a full-on vampire throw down. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more uncomfortable, Stefan overheard Caroline reminding Alaric that Elena first fell in love with Damon while she was still dating Stefan.

vampire-diaries-enzo-stefanThen, as she often does, Caroline turned the situation around and made it completely about herself. “You couldn’t tell I was falling apart without you?” she asked Stefan about the countless voicemails she left him during his absence. And when he told her he deleted them in an attempt to move on from his former life — which is understandable, given what happened — she called him a dick and stormed out.

As Caroline cried over Stefan in the car, Enzo snapped some sense into Stefan… by snapping Ivy’s neck. I guess it was getting a little crowded in there. (Does this mean they’re even now?)

SHADY LADY | Over in Mystic Falls, new roomies Matt and Jeremy found themselves fighting over a girl — more specifically Jer’s new bed buddy Sarah, who confessed to stealing a car from her old boss. (Side note: Jeremy may be making terrible life decisions right now, but at least he looks damn good doing so.) And like all heavy drinkers in Mystic Falls, Jeremy is merely trying to mend his broken heart, which we learned by listening in on his tragic voicemails to Bonnie.

In other local news, Matt’s new mentor Tripp was revealed to be a member of the Fell family — yes, that Fell family — but unbeknownst to Matt, Mr. Fell had a truck full of vampires which he drove straight into the sun, proving he’s no friend to the fang. (Time to find a new mentor maybe?)

All right, TVD fans, let’s talk: Who finished Bonnie’s crossword puzzle? Who is Sarah’s alleged father in town? Browse photos from upcoming episodes below, then drop a comment with your theories.