The Originals' Daniel Gillies Dispels 'Romantic' Elijah Rumors in Season 2

The Originals Season 2

As The Originals‘ second season unfolds, Elijah will find himself surrounded by new faces, including a certain female counterpart with whom he’ll be spending plenty of face time — but don’t worry, it sounds like this is one ship that won’t be leaving the dock.

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I’m talking, of course, about Gia (Nishi Munshi), one of Marcel’s new vampire pets we met on the season premiere. Despite multiple sneak-peek photos of the twosome at work and play, Daniel Gillies insists that Elijah will be merely a “mentor” to the budding warrior.

“There certainly isn’t a romantic dynamic happening there,” Gillies explains to TVLine. “I don’t want the fans jumping to that conclusion.”

Gillies adds that training Gia and the other vampires will also provide a welcome distraction from Hayley’s ongoing “identity crisis,” which will continue to drive a wedge between the brothers, as seen in the preview clip from Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c).

“Hayley has far more sway over Elijah than Klaus does; if she tells him to back off, he’ll listen,” Gillies says. “As much as Elijah wants to honor this idea he’s been striving for — the reunification of his family — at the moment, he really just wishes this woman peace.”

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The Originals Season 2

Speaking of that all-important “F” word, there’s also the small matter of Klaus and Elijah’s resurrected parents and siblings wanting them dead. At the moment, Gillies says Esther poses a far larger threat than Mikael — partially because Davina currently has the Mikaelson matriarch by the fangs, but also because the boys’ mother is just that powerful.

“Mikael has always seemed like a threat that Klaus and Elijah could handle if they were able to work together,” Gillies explains. “But Esther is a whole different kettle of fish. She’s not just the most powerful witch in New Orleans; she might be the most powerful creature in their entire dimension.”

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As for the upcoming Vampire Diaries crossover — Nina Dobrev will appear Nov. 4 as original doppelgänger Tatia — Gillies echoes Morgan’s previous sentiments about the flashback’s surprising revelations.

“I think the viewers are going to be shocked, not only by parts of Tatia’s history, but by her history with Klaus and Elijah,” Gillies teases. “I absolutely adore Nina and I’ll take any chance I can to work with her.”

OK, talk-back time: How do you hope this latest Mikaelson family feud will turn out? And are you still holding onto hope for Hayley and Elijah? Browse preview photos, then drop a comment with your every thought below.

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  1. eurysha says:

    I love elijah and Harley I just want them together

  2. pebbles51 says:

    Can’t they be family without the romance inside their own family?

  3. Jess says:

    Don’t you mean Davina has the patriarch by the fangs? Esther isn’t being controlled by Davina.

  4. Ivy says:

    I will wait Hayley and Elijah.

  5. Sara says:

    No, that’s the perfect opportunity to finally get Elijah an interesting love interest.

    I need Elijah to get the hell away from Hayley and find someone new. I want him to move on with his life and I can’t stand him with Hayley.

  6. Hope says:

    Elijah and and Haley all the way

  7. “Davina currently has the Mikaelson matriarch by the fangs, ” Should be patriarch by the fangs…..

  8. Moira says:

    I love Elijah and Hayley together, they are the most beautiful couple :)

  9. Penn says:

    I love Elijah and Haley together and I would enjoy seeing someone with a capacity for faithfulness for once! I hope after all this time he’s finally found the love of his life and Haley finally realizes he’s the love of her life! Yes, people fall in and out of love, but there are also people who love each other forever!

  10. mac says:

    the more Elijah scenes we get the better,
    TO managed to make me dislike Klaus even more and Hayleyis probably the most annoying creature on earth,

    If I had the choice between a show about Elijah and fighting Mikael/Esther/Kol/Finn or about Klaus being a selfish prick again that just wants to be king without doing any work for it and at the same time being Mr. “I want every chick in town” I wouldn’t take the latter.

    Really don’t get how a 3 year old selfish toddler got himself a tv show….

  11. Atiya Spence says:

    If Elijah is giving Hayley space, I am all for it. However that Gia lady better not touch him or look at him. She better be seducing someone else not Elijah.

  12. Isobel says:

    Matriarch is a woman guys, Davina is controlling Mikael who is male, therefore a patriach

  13. zed says:

    I so loved 2×02- great episode! Esther- Klaus exchange perfect! Flashbacks with Kol- wow! Klayley amazing…true consorts!…now to Elijah…he needs time to himself… and he is so interesting all by himself…and he can wait till his true love comes along, which is not Hayley in my opinion.

    I can’t wait for more Mikaelson family shenanigans. And the Tatia flasbacks with both brothers!

  14. Hope says:

    Elijah and Haley all the way!

  15. Tami says:

    Sorry but I just can’t like Elijah and Hayley. I really don’t see the big deal about a relationship that never really was. Plus some people are calling it an epic romance but how can you call a romance that never existed an “epic romance?” Hayley’s scenes with Klaus are better than hers with Elijah and they aren’t even trying for romance, and that says a lot to me about what could be.

  16. Hope says:

    Don’t think so, Elijah and Haley are meant together not Klaus and Haley to me that’s boring and its copying Vampire Diaires

  17. Tyhessia Toure says:

    All hail Elijah and Niklaus

  18. Montana Hinrichs says:

    I love Haylijah!!!!!!! I get Elijah is trying to be all noble and wants her to be happy but why can’t he see that her being with him would make that happen! He needs to be a little selfish on this one otherwise he’ll never know whay could have been. Haylijah forever!

  19. ak says:

    why isnt there any romance happening between elijah and hayley ! they should totally become a couple !! I hope Elijah ceases to be indifferent to Hayley to bring the good side out in Claus (like he did with marcellius )

  20. Hope says:

    I am a Elijah and Haley fan, but I have to admit this season makes me nervous. Don’t mind Gia but not with Elijah maybe Marcel. People think just because they share a couple of episodes they have chemistry, Haley and Elijah built up chemistry all of season 1. I don’t think Elijah is a guy that is going to turn off his feelings for Haley. He does not love easily. But I am nervous about Elijah being kidnapped and I wished Haley would save him because he was the one that saved her and then you have this Jackson back in the picture,

    • Mursini says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you. Elijah doesn’t love easily and he definately has some strong feelings for Hayley and i think in the mid season finale we saw that she has strong feelings for him too. She said that she doesn’t love Jackson but she has to marry him in order to bring her daughter back and Elijah literally sacrificed his own happines with her to make Hope’s returning possible. I think we are watching the <> happening.

  21. Hope says:

    I love Elijah and Hayley together, Haylijah forevs, and it’s killing me how they’re not even talking and I want Elijah to make a move already.

  22. Dorothy Lilley says:

    Haley and Elijah all the way Klaus and Caroline!;;

  23. Lydia says:

    OK, season is over and Haylijah is a endgame. I think Gilijah was much better, but the werewolf can’t forgot what Elijah have more then anybody else-he belong with her. No one other can take that what they have (and still have, but I’m not glad). It will be cool one of them to loose his memory (happened everytime : Stelena, Delena, Vincat…) and they will fall in love again. Like a new begining (Like a Steroline, remember? 6X14 Promo). And klaus&jakson can get married. Don’t be greate? Gia was greate. I want everybody to knows : if that show was mine, GIA WILL NEVER DIE