Twin Peaks on Showtime: Exec Producer Mark Frost Talks Returning Cast, Storyline and (Much) More

Twin Peaks on Showtime Cast

In the series finale of Twin Peaks, the late Laura Palmer looked into Agent Cooper’s eyes in the infamous Red Room and promised, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.”

Girlfriend’s keeping her promise!

Earlier today, Showtime announced that it had ordered a nine-episode continuation of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s seminal drama series, to debut in 2016 — AKA the 25th anniversary of that fateful episode.

Were the seeds for this revival really planted back in 1991? That’s just one of the burning questions Frost tackles in the following Q&A.

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TVLINE | For about two years now, rumors have been circulating about a Twin Peaks revival being in the works. How long have you and David been formulating this?
David and I stayed in touch and remained closed friends throughout all these years. It was about three years ago this summer we were having lunch at [famed Hollywood eatery] Musso & Frank, where we often used to go. And we were just kicking stuff around and we started getting some ideas in our heads about Twin Peaks. Suddenly, it felt like a place we wanted to visit again. And that was the kickoff.

TVLINE | Was Showtime the first place you went?
We didn’t go to anybody else. Showtime was the first and only [network] we spoke to about this. There was a nice sense of continuity there, because Gary Levine, who’s the right-hand man to [Showtime president] David Nevins, was our [creative] representative on the show when we were on ABC. We’ve known Gary a long time. We trust Gary. We like Gary. We had a really great meeting with them. And David [Lynch] really loved the artwork on David [Nevins]’ office walls. And they loved the show. And that’s how it all came to be.

TVLINE | Just to confirm, this is not a remake, correct? It’s a continuation, like TNT’s Dallas?
It is not a remake. The story continues. The seeds of where we go were planted where we’ve been.

TVLINE | In the series finale, Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper in the Red Room, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” That can’t be a coincidence, can it?
When you see it, you’ll know.


TVLINE | Are you looking at this as Season 3 of Twin Peaks?
Not really, but just because my brain doesn’t work that way. I’ve always said that Twin Peaks to me was like a novel we filmed every page of. So this is more like we found another volume of the saga, and now we want to bring that to life too.

TVLINE | Will the nine episodes revolve around a new mystery?
If I told you that I would have to give the Kill command to the Predator drones that are circling your house now. And that wouldn’t be cool. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will the world of Fire Walk With Me be considered a part of the “Canon”?
I think it should be. It’s definitely part of the mythology of the show, and it reflects the work that was done before and it will have some bearing on the work as we go forward.

TVLINE | Is it your goal to bring back as many of the original cast as possible?
Those who want to see old faces, and those would like to see new faces, none of them will be disappointed. It’s far too early to talk specifics about people. We’re not at that stage in the process.

BobTVLINE | In the past 25 years, several cast members have passed away, most notably former set dresser turned scariest TV character ever, Frank Silva (AKA Killer Bob). How will you handle that loss?
I can’t really say. That’s a tough one to go into without giving away too much.

TVLINE | In his book Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks, journalist Brad Dukes explored some of the issues that may have compromised the storytelling of Season 2 and the longevity of the show. There was a lot of pressure from ABC to wrap up the murder, and both you and David were being pulled away by other projects. With both of you fully on board and committed to these nine episodes, would you say that show might lean back towards the heights of Season 1?
That would certainly be our goal and intention… We decided at that first lunch that if we were going to do this it had to be the two of us. It started with us and we felt it was only right if it continued with the two of us. So we pledged right then and there that we were going to write it ourselves, and David said he wanted to direct all of them. And we’ll produce them together. That’s the basis on which we decided to go forward.

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TVLINE Will the new series be a Valentine to hardcore fans, or are you setting out to bring in a new generation of acolytes?
It’s fair to say that there aren’t many shows that have a fan base as passionate and dedicated and committed as our show does. And we’re very grateful to those people for keeping the flames alive all these years, and helping whole new generations of people discover it. So, in a way, this will be of special significance to those folks. And at the same time we hope a whole bunch of people want to come to the party as well.

TVLINE | Will Angelo Badalamenti do the score?
Too early to say.

TVLINE | The TV climate is very different than when Twin Peaks debuted 25 years ago. There was nothing else like it at the time. Since then, the show has inspired dozens – if not hundreds — of imitators. Any concern that the novelty has worn off?
Well, the novelty hasn’t worn off for us. I think we’ll be able to effectively translate that into today’s cultural language without too much trouble.

TVLINE | If it’s a success, could there be more?
We’ve learned never to say never. Anything is a possibility.

TVLINE | What does it mean personally to you to revisit this material 25 years later?
I think for me, and for everybody who took part in this originally, it was — it’s a terrible pun — a peak experience. And the chance to revisit it later in life, and see what we can do now that we didn’t know then, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

TVLINE | The second season was rather polarizing, and some fans felt let down by how the story ended. Are you looking at this as an opportunity to bring the story to a more satisfying conclusion?
It’s our hope that these episodes will give the fans everything they felt they hadn’t gotten the last time we left off.

TVLINE | Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask, how’s Annie?
[Laughs] Funnily enough, I just showed the second Austin Powers movie to my son last night, who asked me about [Heather Graham]. And I said, “Oh, that’s Annie.” And he said, “Who’s Annie?” And I said, “No, no. The question is How’s Annie?” And judging by how Annie looked in that movie I’d say Annie’s fine.

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyle MacLachlan plays Dale Cooper and BOB-Dale. Dale could be Bob’s new face going forward.

  2. “In the series finale of Twin Peaks, the late Laura Palmer looked into Agent Cooper’s eyes in the infamous Red Room and promised, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.”” I’ve never seen the show. That’s really cool, heh.

  3. ggny000 says:

    Gonna take a guess and say Michael has known about Twin Peaks returning for awhile now. Lol

  4. cdhaskell says:

    I can’t wait to see how the writer will tie up the loose end from the series last episode. It will be interested to see how many actor from the series will appear in the 9 episode.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    If Lara Flynn Boyle doesn’t want to return, I say use Moira Kelly. I liked her a lot as Donna in the movie.

  6. alistaircrane says:

    I like the idea that there will be some new faces. The teen characters were a big part of Twin Peaks, so it makes sense to have new/young faces on the show as well. Maybe Bobby and Shelley had a kid?

  7. pamela says:

    It should only come back if agent cooper does imo.

  8. TV Gord says:

    “Coop! What happened to Josie!” I am happy to see that Joan Chen is one of those you’d like to see back! I’d love to see her, ahem, crawling out of the woodwork! ;-)

    • Joey says:

      Isn’t Joan Chen playing the Empress of China in that new Marco Polo show coming to Netflix? Not sure how long her character will be around on that…

      • TV Gord says:

        One of the benefits of these shorter series is that actors can do more than one show per season. Elizabeth Moss did Mad Men and Top of the Lake. To a lesser extent, Alison Brie did Community and Mad Men. Gillian Anderson even managed a hat trick with Crisis, Hannibal and The Fall.

  9. Danny says:

    This is very exciting news! The 1992 film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” was brilliant. Sheryl Lee (who I hope and pray returns for the updated series) was so raw and powerful, she really should have won a Best Actress Oscar nomination. Legendary Piper Laurie might be retired, but she was awesome in the series; Grace Zabriskie as Sarah Palmer, still going strong. Of course, Kyle MacLachlan. It would be great to see all of these folks back. But let’s not forget how so many of these actors were unknown in 1990 (Lee, Lara Flynn Boyle, Dana Ashbrook, Sherilyn Fenn), and now they are unforgettable to TP fans! Woo-pee!

  10. cindy says:

    Will there be some kind of recap or brief summary of the original for us old (literally as well as figuratively fans whose memories aren’t so good; I do remember watching and being addicted to the show but I can’t remember the details or that last scene (or anything else, for that matter) Books often have initial chapters, or introductions that say what preceded the new chapters

  11. murley says:

    I can’t belie this is happening. Very cool. First Arrested Development, then Veronica Mars and now this. Still holding out for Pushing Daisies. I guess a rewatch is in order before next year!

  12. LAwoman says:

    This is such great news and I truly hope Angelo Badalamenti will be involved. Time for coffee and pie!

  13. Joey says:

    I would assume that the former Twin Peaks cast members who guest-starred in the TP parody episode of Psych, “Dual Spires”, would try to make themselves available for this in some form or another, and of course I’m referring to Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, Robyn Lively, Lenny Von Dohlen, Catherine Coulson and Ray Wise.

  14. phandth says:

    I want Denise back more than anything.

  15. Kevin says:

    With Cooper possessed by BOB, I think they should bring back Chris Isaak as Chet Desmond. I think it would be interesting to see how his experience with the Black Lodge (he did disappear after he took the ring, after all) figures into the story.

    Major Briggs ought to be part of the storyline as well.

    If Donna Hayward is part of the new episodes, bring back Moira Kelly. I thought she brought a sincerity to the role that was lacking with Lara Flynn Boyle, whose appearance and attitude changed a little too dramatically during the series (more than could be explained by Laura’s influence, anyway)—and who looks just plain *weird* now.

    Based on the extras in the blu-ray, I’m guessing we’ll see both Ray Wise and Grace Zabriske return. (If they could get Harry Dean Stanton to do a guest shot, it would be hilarious if they included a ‘Big Love’ reference, since he and Zabriske were both in that series.)

    Regardless of casting, I’d love to see the unanswered questions from the original run answered—i.e., what happened to Windom Earle, Leo Johnson, and Audrey Horne; what Ben Horne saw while he was alone in his office; whether Doc Hayward actually killed Horne, or simply injured him; and what happens with the Nadine-Big Ed-Norma love triangle.

  16. Holly says:

    Excited about the return of Twin Peaks. Awesome. I agree with the 15 characters mentioned above you’d like to see return but would also like to see the return of David Duchovny’s character Denise Bryson.

  17. Frank H says:

    Annie is indeed doing damn fine. Hottest 44 year old ever to grace the earth. I sure hope we’ll see Heather Graham return as Annie.

  18. Robb says:

    I have that of twin peaks soooo many times through the years & wished it could come back, I freaking LOVED that show so this really got me excited!! Can’t wait!
    Who’s in for donuts!!

  19. Robb says:

    Oh an I remember having nightmares about Bob!!! Eeks.

  20. Joey says:

    I was just thinking…you want to bring in a familiar Lynch actress who was never on Twin Peaks? I would die to have Laura Dern cast on the show to play Diane, the woman with the FBI that Cooper always spoke into that recorder to.

  21. Kelvin L Smith says:

    Killer Bob could be brought back in digital form, CGI…

  22. PeriwinkleHulaHula says:

    I would really love to see Gordon Cole again – he was just wonderful. I had a weird crush on that character… maybe because he always made me smile.

  23. Steve says:

    About the 15 characters you want brought back: you totally missed Gordon Cole, Hawk, Leo Johnson, the giant … And perhaps most importantly, the old hotel room service server with the bow tie.

  24. Scotte says:

    I know there are alot of fans that say series 2 died once we had found out Laura’s killer, but for 20yrs now that scene with Coop and Bob in the mirror has never left my memory of the show!
    I agree that there will need to be that element of young actors if it is going to grab another genration as well as save some of us still lost amongst the scarlet curtains…

  25. ~^~ says:

    I’m so excited about this, but will be very disappointed if Angelo Badalamenti does not do the score, I feel his music was essential for the feel of the show.

  26. The Cure would be awesome in the soundtrack

  27. Maybe after he completes the new “Twin Peaks” mini, David Lynch can persuade someone to continue his “Deadwood” franchise? He was very upset when that got pulled down. So was I, for that matter. :/

  28. I’m curious as to how many of you fans are happy it is being aired on a pay channel? Doesn’t that cut off a large percentage of the loyal fans who can’t afford or don’t want a pay channel bill? From a business standpoint, huge amounts of profit are going to be lost. I have many friends. None of them are Showtime subscribers. They don’t have the time to sit and get their moneys worth. In my humble opinion, someone dropped the ball by not making the new series more advantageous to the majority of the population. Hopefully it will be on Amazon Prime per episode, or finally on Blu-Ray. I really don’t want to subscribe to Showtime for 9 episodes. How do you, the viewing public, feel about this issue? Thank You.

    • I totally agree. Putting it on Showtime leaves me out. And, I’m a real David Lynch fan, having purchased TwinPeaks the series, the movie, all of the sound tracks and Badalamenti and Cruise CDs, [used on Amazon of course]. Some of his other movies too, And, [drum roll], the Deadwood series, [which David resents HBO dropping]. He’s open to continuing that too, BTW.
      Ok, that’s all I’ve got. :) pip