Castle Recap: 'Some Mysteries Aren't Meant To Be Solved'

Castle Season 7 Montreal

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick took the lead on the investigation into his months-long disappearance and loss of memory — only to be left with new questions.

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Fast-forwarding to the good stuff: After tendering a $250,000 reward for info about his possible whereabouts, Castle meets newlyweds who noticed him in the background of a honeymoon photo, taken outside a Montreal bank. What’s more, Rick in the pic is talking to Not Henry Jenkins (played by Matt Letscher).

Alexis — who was full of all sorts of smart ideas this week, bravo — suggested that the “38” key found in the lining of Castle’s pants is for a safe deposit box in the Montreal bank. And sure enough, it is. Inside the deposit box, they find envelopes addressed by Rick to Beckett, Martha and Alexis, each containing a memory card.

Returning to Kate at the 12th, Castle plays the memory card from her envelope, and it’s a video of him looking a bit distraught, saying, “If you’re seeing this, I’m probably dead…. I never intended to leave you on our wedding day, it wasn’t my choice… Just know that I love you… Always.”

Castle asks Tory to try to ascertain where the video was taken, and her computer program reveals it to be a building in Montreal. With Beckett off solving the Case of the Week, Rick returns to Montreal by his lonesome. And inside the abandoned building, he is met by a gun-toting Not Henry Jenkins.

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“You weren’t supposed to come back, ever,” NHJ reminds Castle. “You can’t be doing this, asking questions and offering rewards… or you’re going to find out the truth. And you said you didn’t want to remember.” When Castle contends there “is no way in hell” he made such a request, NHJ proves their bond by sharing his knowledge of an unknown incident from Rick’s childhood, something that happened on a February day in Hollander’s Woods at age 11, and marks the real reason Rick wanted to become a mystery writer. Three weeks prior, Rick confided in NHJ the anecdote for just this purpose, in case he needed proof that a trust was shared between them during his disappearance.

“Some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved,” NHJ warns. “Forget this ever happened. It’s what you wanted.”

Returning home to NYC, Rick, Martha and Alexis bat around some ideas about what he went to such lengths to forget — did he witness something unspeakable? — but ultimately rest their ruminations. Then in bed with Kate, Rick debates the feasibility of moving on with life without ever knowing what happened. The topic turns to marriage, but Kate thinks they need “some distance” from this unsettling life event, during which they can “find solid ground together.” As she makes clear, “I’m not going anywhere,” so they agree to tie the knot during November sweeps. Er, in a month, I mean.

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Elsewhere in the episode:

* Working his first crime scene since “returning,” Castle discovers that the “Life’s too short” moral of his story drove Esposito and Lanie back together — to the point that she customizes “sexy,” personalized ring tones on his cell. Speaking of romance: Martha met a man during grief counseling. So if Rick can just “play dead” for a bit, that’d be super!

* Amusing scene where Rick employs Sun Tzu’s The Art of War by distracting an angry Gates with a smooch.

* The Case of the Week was kind of a mess; the motive for murder could be seen coming down Broadway. (On TV these days, it seems that if there’s a warehouse, there’s drug smuggling!) That said, it was good to see The Closer‘s Gina Ravera again. And any theories on who the culprit, “Matt M.”, was named after? (Could have cast him cuter, ahem!)

What did you think of “Montreal” and its few reveals?

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  1. leigh says:

    This is a very interesting mystery. Should be neat to see what Castle really did…or didn’t do.

  2. RBA says:

    So Matt,

    Didn’t Marlowe and Amman say that after tonight we would understand the things they did in the finale, Seems to me that after tonight they really had no good reason to delay other than having something for Nov. Sweeps. They also said that a lot of the questions would be answered, but they weren’t. The way I see it now is that this “new mythology” is nothing more than a sham, and they still haven’t figure out what they want it to be. Tonight they put it off until either the two parter or the season finale arc by which time hopefully something more interesting than the dribble they have put out the last three episodes.

    This arc so far is a failure in my book.. It is so full of plot holes and tired tv tropes that any fanfiction writer would be ashamed to even put his / her name to the story.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I know not of what Amann/Marlowe interview/quotes you speak; I recall no such guarantees/timetables established in any of my Q&As (though, granted, it’s midnight here in NYC/America and my eyes are slits). I suspect that a viewer will get out of this arc whatever they went into it wanting. “Self-fulfilling prophecy” and all that jazz.

  3. Badpenny says:

    I am just not feeling this story line. We will probably have some big reveal later where Castle gets arrested for whatever they did but I am really just not caring. Enough with this “emotionally deep” Castle and back to the fun-loving guy we have known for 6 years. Let’s just get our happily-ever-after and get back to fun stories about two people who solve interesting homicides.

    • N says:

      ^Agree! I don’t want the “New Mythology” if it takes the fun out of Castle

      • lame says:

        There was a change needed after KB’s mom’s case was solved. Fortifying RC image was waaayyy over due. That super smart guy we met in “flowers for your grave’ had long since vanished, NF was waisting his acting skills as the punching bag for KB’s jabs. I would hope we see that super smart, reckless guy whom this series was named after. Let’s go back to the original premise, Rick Castle was sooo much more a guys guy and far more attractive.

        • lame says:

          Oh, and as for this episode, dispite some glaring holes, was pretty good.

          • lame says:

            As for 7.02, this was not your quirky castle plot. It was not the ultra intense plot that we’ve seen. It left more questions than answers. It was truly a strange story, that gives us nothing as to why RC was abducted. How can a man a curious as RC set it aside for now raised eyebrows.

        • Mira says:

          A lot has happened to Castle since he joined the NYPD. Those experiences change a person, especially when he’s gone through so much anguish and struggle alongside Beckett it’s hard to be the man he was when he started out. Expecting him to just revert right back into that old self, almost 6 years gone, is unreasonable. You’re asking that a man, even a character, remain the same throughout despite his experiences. The Castle you knew at the beginning has matured and changed; he’s still the same fun-loving and childish-glee guy, but there’s a hardening around his heart now that comes with seeing the harsh reality of things.

          • Grey says:

            Well said. Very well said. And I find the same people who complain about wanting a character to return to they way he or she was will then turn right around and complain about the character being boring and doing the same stuff over and over again. ??? You can’t win. If the weather is hot people bitch and moan. If the weather is cold people bitch and moan. If the weather is perfectly right in the middle, people bitch and moan. :-|

          • lame says:

            Perhaps the most peculiar shift in this series is that episode 6.23 changed the dynamic, the sentiment of the grand arch of the C/B story. The season six finale was believed to be the zenith, the jubilant culmination for Caskett.
            Now I don’t feel anyone is predicting a joyous affair. The exitement, the expectations are lost this is more like just get them together and get it over with.
            How utterly peculiar.

          • shreya says:

            Very,very well said. The Castle we knew at the beginning of the show was living in a materialistic world where nothing lasted forever. Ever since he began solving crimes with the NYPD, he started to see things for what they really were. He faced the reality where you don’t get to decide the ending. His near death experiences,the look of grief on the victim’s families all made him realize that life is too short and not everything will go according to his way, as in his books. He has matured. You can’t have that ‘Flowers for your grave’ Rick Castle again as he has changed. So along with him we have to change ourselves as well and understand what the writers are trying to show. They have always been practical with their plots. Thus they cannot change a character’s character to the way it was,now that he has undergone this change. We need to understand this.
            As for 7.02, I know that every answer led to more questions but we need to restore our faith in the writers. They have been doing a superb job till now and i believe that they will surprise us again.
            This is my point of view and you can reply,even if you disagree with me.

    • KCC says:

      Except happily-ever-after is the end of the book, “and they lived happily-ever-after. The End” It’s how all the fairytales end. So once we get the happily-ever-after it’s the end of the series. To keep the story interesting you need conflict or problems to overcome. I think they’re going back to their template of having COTW episodes with occasionally an episode about Castle having a flashback or some other clue about his disappearance being revealed. With different people tuning in each week with different reasons for liking the show, it’s an impossible task to keep all the fans happy all the time.

    • huh! I disagree. This thing that happened to Castle is the thing keeping me watching right now! I’m tired of their case(s) of the week.

  4. Tran says:

    I apologize for what I’ve said earlier today about me on an episode of Castle and I crash the wedding and all that stuff I meant a few hours ago and Matt reply to me saying WHAT? It was just a “prank comment” and for that I’m really sorry and it won’t happen again I PROMISE. On the bright side, the one question remains: where does Season Seven of Castle go from here?

  5. r0ckmypants says:

    Total crap. Whenever shows do something like this, I feel like it’s because they write themselves into corners and then just say, “Eh, let’s do this for now and then we’ll figure out what happened to Castle later. Never mind our fans who watch us, promote us, and support us… screw ’em. They can wait a little longer for answers.”

  6. Nicole says:

    I actually like a storyline around castle and not Beckett. So now we know that he was acting on his own accord but there had to be some large reason why he was choosing to do these things. Can’t wait to find out what it is!!!! Liking it a lot so far.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Right? If I had a nickel for every time over the years a commenter bemoaned the lack of Rick-centric stories, carping about how Beckett was given all the juicy dramas/backstory…. Well, here.

      • Fran says:

        Indeed. Though I think I’d rather collect every time a commenter bemoans the lack of chemistry or kissing instead…

        • Fran says:

          And for the record- in case someone tries to jump all over me for saying that- I’m not saying its a right or wrong opinion…. but its most certainly one that inevitably comes up numerous times in every single Castle article. Gotta like those odds.

          • S. says:

            Yeah I’d be able to pay off all my student loans if we took money on that. I have to agree on it being nice that we’re getting increased depth for Rick’s background. He’s been so hung up on Kate’s situation because she wouldn’t be ready to be with him until she’d dealt with it. Well he helped her do that so now they can be together from her perspective, but we can’t forget what Meredith aka “deep fried Twinkie” alleged earlier. That even though they were married, she hadn’t gotten to know him very deeply. Kate was concerned that she might walk into the same mistake. I don’t recall Rick ever telling Kate that Meredith cheated so that’s another thing that tells you he needs to open up more. Meredith didn’t tell Kate about it when she asked the reason for the divorce. The fact that Rick and Kate already have more emotional depth in their relationship than he has with wives #1 and #2 says a lot, but he’s still got his own walls up and still hides things. Not-Henry Jenkins knows about that February day for instance… Caskett gets stronger the more they help each other resolve their issues and we’re gonna see Rick doing that with this new mythology and the fall out from it. I don’t see how this is something to get anything other than pleased about as a fan.

          • lkh says:

            S. nice, I agree with you.

    • Mike says:

      It has made the show much more interesting and fresh. What makes it work is that the writing just picked up a level. For example the whole. “what he saw or did in the woods at age 11”, seems completely unrelated to what he did for 2 months. The story has layers, that can be pealed back and still keeps the case of the week format. This is hard to pull off, it seems the recent trend it to go the “procedural” route almost like a film, this allows for better writing but turns off the casual week to week viewer killing the show in ratings. Castle seems to be a a very good place now!

    • Barb says:

      I took it that he wasn’t acting on his own accord because in the recording he said “I never intended to leave you on our wedding day, it wasn’t my choice”. I felt he was taken and forced to do something that upset him so he didn’t want to remember and asked to be made to forget. Maybe they forced him by threatening harm to the people he loves to manipulate him. He seems to have only told the guy his secret about when he was 11 years old a few weeks ago so it isn’t like it was something they’ve shared knowledge of for years. That’s just my take, I realize it could be something else entirely.

  7. Alisa says:

    I think in next weeks episode they stand really close to each other and you might even think they like each other.

    • skrable2 says:

      Photoshopped. They don’t film scenes together anymore. That’s why you never see Matt do an interview with the two of them together … unlike the weekly interview video from Bones’ dynamic duo

      • Badpenny says:

        What a foolish comment. The difference between David and Emily and Nathan and Stana is that Nathan and Stana are busy during their break. You don’t see David and Emily making movies, They essentially do nothing but Bones.
        Nathan is constantly involved with numerous projects: radio show, animation voice over work, movie cameos, etc. Stana just returned from filming a movie in Greece right before getting back to the Castle set; she tries to do 1 or 2 indy moves during her break.
        Their schedules just to not give them a lot of free time to do press together.

        • skrable2 says:

          You realize that interviews can be and often are scheduled during a week’s worth of filming, right?

          • Badpenny says:

            If those are the interviews you are talking about, as opposed to the comic-con panels and away from work interviews, then I will simply point out that Bones did not do them regularly last year, or any of the previous years either. What is different this year that Bones need to do so much more press? Their Thursday night time slot against football and Grey’s – and that competition shows in their numbers.

          • RBA says:

            No they did do them last year, and they did them quite often. There were countless joint interviews for the premiere, the wedding episode, and for the big finale arc…

          • anon says:

            and I must simply point out…..Emily & David are always doing press/media/videos together EVERY SINGLE SEASON……..Just from the last few seasons alone – they did a SAG panel together last Sep 2013….. they did onset interviews together…..they did press conferences together promoting S9 & S10 premier …. they did a ton of videos together during B&B wedding…..Ausiello did a set visit during S8 interviewing them together…..they did behind the scene features together highlighting upcoming episodes & have done so EVERY SINGLE SEASON….they did onset TVGuide/EW interviews together discussing B&B baby, new house, , Pelant, broken engagement, wedding, Booth in jail. …..they did FOX interviews & press junkets together…..all their comic con interviews together AND thats not even touching on the vast amounts of joint interviews they have done together in earlier seasons … suggest anything different, that it ìs happening more recently due to S10 is simply NOT TRUE when their interviews are on youtube and on media sites for the world to see…also, did I mention they do interviews together EVERY SINGLE SEASON? phew…and you were saying?

          • KCC says:

            I’m sorry, somehow I got redirected to a Bones article comment section.

      • caskett says:

        That might be the ignorant comment I’ve ever heard. If you’ve every watched the behind the scenes videos on their DVD’s or followed anyone who works on the show on Twitter they post BTS pictures of them filming together all the time. As far as David and Emily doing more interviews together that is up to their publicity person, not them.

      • Brigid says:

        That is the weirdest thing I’ve heard. You people create things in your head and than believe them. Creepy!!!

      • Miriam Maurer says:

        Enough with Bones…watch Bones if you want to…I personally won’t because of episode 100 when they ruined it by changing the canon of episodes before it.By the way used to watch religiously!

      • carbono says:

        I truly think that the rumors that they don’t like each other are truly blown way out of proportion. Here is 1 reason why. According to writer Rob Hanning that whole scene in the episode “Still” in the beginning; where Castle wakes her up & she starts to go get ready for work; then she says “wait wait” & runs back & kisses him again was all improvised by Stana. Now if these 2 hate each other that much would she really feel comfortable enough to do that? I just think they’re 2 really different people maybe. I do agree that it would be nice if they would just make a tiny effort to squash the rumors just so people could get over it. It did bother & distract me for quite awhile as well til I saw that tweet by Hanning.

  8. James D says:

    I loved it. I know it’s only been two episodes which is not nearly enough to make a judgement, But this is the internet so i’m going to ignore convention and do it anyway :) I’m loving the Amann era so far the pacing has been so tight in these two episodes and it just seems to have a diffent vibe as a show something very refreshing about it, could just be my own warped brain, but it feels different. I love the fact that they had a case yet they made time for caskett scenes through out the episode not just at the start or end a trend i hope continues. I’m also really digging this mystery it is got me thinking about all the possibilites which is great. I hope the writers can find away to keep it going beyond this season ( there will be a season eight ABC or i will come looking for you :)) I’m ok with them drawing out the wedding because it seems very plausable that a couple dealing with what they’ve delt with to find their center again before taking their next step. With that said if they don’t get married by novemeber sweeps I will get very grumpy. The gates smooch was histarical as was Martha meeting a guy at grief counseling. Love this season so far can’t wait till next monday. I’m pretty sure Castle murdered a dude in the woods back in the day and has kept it underwraps all this time. how crazy would that be marying a homicide detective while all along being a murderer yourself. Just Kidding but i do think he witnessed a murder and never told anybody.

  9. anyone? says:

    I was really surprised Kate wasn’t irate at Castle for taking off to Montreal the 2nd time…I was kind of mad at him for not including her a little more:( That being said, I like appreciate the writers acknowledging that it would be hard for them to go back to being normal immediately after a traumatic episode. I think they left it in a good place…but I would still like to see an apology from Espo!

    • Harvey says:

      I hated the fact that Beckett was having hard time trusting Castle.

      • Alex says:

        Well obviously he doesn’t trust her at all since he has a huge secret he never told her.

      • TacoB says:

        I can’t trust him either

      • suzyku says:

        I totally agree with you, I also hated that kate doesn’t trust Castle! Whenever push comes to shove she chooses to doubt him rather than believe in him and she has to “force” herself to trust him! He, on the other hand, always supports her! I do not like her character, I find her “cold” and off putting and frankly I’m glad they are choosing not to focus so much on beckett, I, like so many other fans, got tired of her and still am!

  10. Fran says:

    I enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing any answers we get in the future. Now that Beckett’s mothers case is done, they needed a new arc and I’m glad it has to do with Rick. Now I’ll just sick back and read all the standard comments that are sure to come…

    • Just one thing says:

      Howdy, Fran. I think you and I used to converse here a while back.
      I’m all for a new arc, particularly one that delves into Castle’s past. And I’ve been pretty consistent in that. I simply would prefer it if the characters didn’t seem to be stretched and contorted to fit said story arc. There are a bunch of holes, cracks and fissures in the story itself, but if the characters actually behaved in character, it wouldn’t feel like the issue is compounded.
      1.) Castle kissing Gates is weird. The fact that she didn’t go apoplectic-thermonuclear? Even weirder.
      2.) Castle acting like a kid in a toy store made sense, even if he was avoiding the issue. The fact that Beckett never called him out on avoiding the issue – to his face – was a missed opportunity for character development/discussion.
      3.) Kate letting Rick take his 20-something daughter into Canada to investigate his kidnapping was a too convenient way to make Alexis “relevant,” despite the fact that there are plenty ways to make her relevant, without having her oddly encroach on investigations.
      4.) Castle going back to Montreal without Beckett was messed up. Beckett not calling him on THAT was another missed opportunity.
      There are a lot of reasons for different fans who like different things to find fault in the storyline. Whether Castle/Beckett kiss enough or touch enough or whatever isn’t a true concern of mine. But I can see why fans would be scratching their heads over the notion that Castle has kissed Victoria Gates on-screen before kissing Beckett since he’s been back. For the rest of us who just want A + B to = C, there’s very little there to grasp.

      • Fran says:

        Hi, Just one thing! Yes I believe we did but I used to have my full name instead :) I’m certainly not going to argue the plot holes or inconsistencies, because I agree they are there. But sadly it doesn’t appear thats something that is ever going to be fixed. I’m still sticking to my guns though and trying not to drive myself crazy over the things the show seems unwilling to change. I still enjoy the characters and there are enough moments that still make me smile and keep me entertained. If that ever stops, that’s when I’ll quit the show. For what its worth though, I enjoy reading smart discussion of the show. Its the gossip and speculative parts that truly turn me off. And well.. Some of the criticism is the same every week…. obviously no one on either side of those issues is likely to change their mind, so it becomes a bit repetitive. Sorry! I truly do think eventually though, people need to decide whether they want to keep watching or not. If you find yourself constantly upset about the show and not enjoying anything it does, maybe its time to quit it? I do get the desire to watch in the hopes that it will go back to what you liked about it before, but I think after this long it becomes evident that the show is what it is now. Why watch something that makes you that unhappy or miserable? Of course I’m certainly not trying to tell people what to do or how to comment, its just my two cents. Im sure lots will disagree :)

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah! I remember we totally had that chat about watching Castle until the end, forgiving it for its imperfections, and all that. For now, there’s still enough there for me to keep watching the show. And I’m somewhat interested in what they’ll reveal of Castle’s childhood trauma and more recent dalliances. I just wish it made more sense, or at least was a bit more compelling. They clearly spend a lot of time carving out these stories, and yet they just don’t quite connect.

          • Fran says:

            I agree on the compelling part. Its not quite clicking for me either. I’m not sure I care enough yet about what his actual childhood trauma was… Maybe its because I assume the show will go back to the regular COTW with little to no real fallout or change in behavior for everyone… Until it’s convenient for them to bring it back up…

          • Fran says:

            And now I sound like a wacko because I say I’m looking forward to it, now I’m saying I’m not….. Hmmm, guess I’m undecided! Your posts tend to do that to me, lol. How about I’m looking forward to seeing any answers we get in the future in the hopes that it will prove to be compelling ;)

          • LOL I understand! Let’s go with “cautiously optimistic” and “open to positivity,” eh? Some Rick Castle depth and drama mixed with the fun and laughs can never be a completely bad thing, IMO. :D

    • Matthew Weber says:

      Yeah, the comments are going to be split as always.

  11. Just one thing says:

    That ending didn’t feel very satisfying to me. I’ve wanted some dark/deep Castle storytelling for a couple years, and it was great to see some nice emotions from Castle. But this story arc continues to feel half-baked.
    Castle saw/did something so gruesome 30+ years ago, and it’s only now coming to bite him on the ass? The people behind this vast conspiracy were just lying in wait, not bothering Castle with the twisted consequences of his sordid past because they knew he had so much to deal with when it came to Beckett’s quest for her mother’s killer? How thoughtful of them.
    But Castle, the man who always wants to know the story, the details, the beginning/middle/end, actually told the guy who may or may not lead us all to the “real” Derrick Storm, “Just erase my memory. It’s better that way.” He also had enough freedom while “kidnapped” to record goodbye videos and mail them to his family. He also knew that one day the whole kidnapping affair would have happened.
    And, not to make it a big Castle/Beckett Competition Thing, but it’s interesting how much Castle hides from Beckett, and it’s not a big deal – yet she’s been expected to disclose every detail, every thought, every doubt along the way.
    Castle keeps key details of her mother’s murder a secret, and it doesn’t compare to her lie. He lies and goes to Paris without her; no biggie. He doesn’t trust Beckett enough to talk about his childhood, or the other major life choices he made as an adult that eventually led to his kidnapping, and it’s cool. He goes back to Montreal without telling Beckett, and she’s cool with it, guys… She’s cool with it.
    I guess I, as a viewer, should just be cool with it, too.

    • skrable2 says:

      Wow. For perhaps the first time ever, I’m in total agreement with you

    • Kourt says:

      Didn’t Castle promise to never go off on his own again. He goes to Paris without telling Beckett and now he races off to Montreal with his daughter instead of her. Lazy writing

      • sigh says:

        Solid observation, I forgot he did promise that… I’m not much of an Alexis fan, but I was at least glad when she called him out at the end for running off without telling anyone.

      • Harvey says:

        With his daughter? He asked for permission that time?

    • Matthew Weber says:

      I think it makes sense that he goes off to Montreal on his own. He doesn’t know what he will find there, and doesn’t want Kate to think the worst of him if he doesn’t like what he finds. I think in Castle’s mind he would rather endure her wrath over not telling her he was going than having her there if he had found out something sinister. It’s a bit shadowy, but it makes sense.

      I also think that it’s okay that Beckett didn’t question him on going alone, as I think that it is exactly what she would have done (she did it several times during the investigation into Bracken.)

    • justsayingokay1993 says:

      This part about Castle hiding things from Kate… Each time he closes up like this or ends up doing things without letting her in, it just reminds me of that time when Meredith told Kate that her marriage with Castle fell apart because he fed on information about her, learned everything about her, but she never quite managed to figure him out, nor would he willingly share too much about himself, and how terrified Kate was because of that.

      I wonder if this will pop up as an issue eventually, especially with him not telling Kate about that February day. I’d “forgive” the writers everything if Castle would open up about that before their wedding, seeing as that obviously is something that shaped his whole life.

      • Yes! I remember being so stoked about that conversation between Kate and Meredith, because I thought that meant Kate would actively dig and inquire about Castle’s past, and we would learn more about him as a result.
        Unfortunately, it was never ever addressed again, and they used it to fuel Season 5’s BS finale arc. LOL
        It would be great if Kate were to remember that conversation two whole seasons later (ha!), and dive into that aspect of Castle’s past.
        For the longest time, they made it seem like Kate wasn’t interested in Rick’s history, since she never consistently pushed from Season 4 onward. Now, it makes me wonder if the creator and his team ever really knew or considered Rick’s history at all. So bizarre.

        • justsayingokay1993 says:

          There were bits that Castle did let slip, like that time he said the name Jordan in his sleep and wouldn’t tell Beckett what it was all about, but in the end he told her this adorable story and how it changed his view of himself. That was one moment where I thought “Okay, it won’t end the same as with Meredith.”

          All in all, there are many holes in the stories here, and well, honestly, with weekly episodes, it would be weird if there weren’t any, but that’s the biggest one for me – Castle’s past and Beckett’s exploration of it. I wish they’d address this issue now, yes, after 2 seasons. :D If possible before the wedding.

          But altogether, I have a feeling the writers will make up for it now, with this new mythology. I mean, if Castle doesn’t open up now, when the story arc finally really focuses on him and not Beckett, then when?

          Not everybody seems to like where things are headed (and oddly, many of those are people who kept complaining about the lack of Castle oriented episodes), but I, for one, am gonna keep an open mind, wait and see how it all pans out. Plus, with the number of discussions only these 2 episodes managed to start, and knowing how the writers and producers basically feed off our desperation and irritation, I think it’s headed in quite an interesting direction. ;)

    • Harvey says:

      Castle hide an important thing because Beckett was shot, all all other were killed, and the guy was saving Beckett. Beckett just took him for granted for a year. And Beckett never asked him about how he feels about his childhood or something, while Beckett’s hiding things like job interview, I mean, wow.

    • Liz says:

      Don’t need to add anything else :D

    • KCC says:

      A lot of your questions are good but I think you’re also making some assumptions. First and what I think is most important is we don’t know the story from his childhood has anything to do with the abduction. Castle revealed it to NHJ as proof that he knew him right before his memory was erased. It was used to prove to Castle that he trusted NHJ enough to tell him something that he never revealed to anyone else so Castle would not pursue the reason for his disappearance. It very well could be, but it has not been revealed that it’s the reason for his abduction. That’s the mystery to be unraveled during the coming season. As for Castles getting more slack then Beckett for their mutual lack of communication, Castle’s sins were life and death situations (Alexis’ kidnapping, Beckett being targeted by hit men.) His justification was concern for the physical well being of the people he loved. Beckett’s sins tended to be more about her “walls” and resolving her issues, not Castle’s safety. Now that their roles are reversed and Castle has some emotional issues to overcome and Beckett has concerns about Castle’s safety, it will be interesting to see how the writers have the characters react.

      • You’re right, KCC. I don’t think what he saw as a boy is directly connected to whatever he did as an adult. But they’re indirectly connected as part of the Big Smoky Mystery under which Rick Castle is now shrouded, and he didn’t tell Kate about either of them. And I guess it’s supposed to be OK, because hey, he didn’t tell Martha or Alexis either, but it’s still jarring.
        And, sorry, but life of death secrets are EXACTLY the one you share with your cop girlfriend. Castle and fans were ready to flog Beckett for lying about relational issues like love and jobs, but no one’s life was at stake.
        The things Castle has lied about for going on three years – or maybe even the whole series’ run (whatever) could’ve resulted in Kate’s death due to ignorance or Alexis’ death due to lack of back-up.
        He straight up says in his goodbye video, “I knew this would happen, I just didn’t know when.”
        What the bloody…?! If Kate had done that, Rick would’ve been expected to and celebrated for leaving her to get thrown off the proverbial building roof. But Kate’s just like, “It’s coo’ boo, I don’t really want to know what you saw and did, either.”
        FINAL HOLE: Did they remove his memory from just his kidnapping, or also the interactions he would’ve had to have with people in the years leading up to it? You know, since he’d known it was gonna happen and all? Does he have entire gaps in his adult memory that prevent him from hashing everything else out with Kate?
        Moreover, do the writers even know the answer to that question?

        • KCC says:

          I guess my argument is that in his mind, Castle kept things from Beckett in trying to do the best thing for her, rightly or wrongly. In the character’s mind if Beckett finds out about Mr. Smith she’s going to do something to get herself killed so he prefers to keep a secret and manipulate her away from her mother’s case. Castle knew he’d have hell to pay if Beckett ever found out, but he would rather live without her than see her dead. A simplistic black or white view, but it’s a TV show so I went with it. As for going to Paris to save Alexis and not telling Beckett, it was a selfish thing to do as far as his relationship with Beckett goes, but I gave him some slack because it was a father doing all he can to protect his daughter and putting his daughter before Beckett. Was it a smart thing to do? No, but again I thought it was true to the character. Beckett’s lies have to do with her relationship with Castle and do not have the same urgency. IMHO.
          FINAL HOLE: I think you’re making an assumption that what he doesn’t want to remember happened before the abduction. While the reason for the abduction obviously occurred before it, I think what he doesn’t want to remember happened after he was taken so there’s no need to selectively erase memories. He connected the reason for his being taken after the abduction, but the connection he made (and referenced in his video to Beckett) was part of his post disappearance so he lost that memory along with everything else that happened between the car crash and waking up in the hospital. Right now he’s clueless as to what he did in his past to prompt this event. I made it sound pretty convoluted there so it’s not your fault if you didn’t follow it. FYI: I do think the writers know exactly what’s going to happen and it will be revealed slowly over the course of the season.

          • Lynn says:

            wow,I follow a lot of the comments about the series “Castle” because I really like the show, find the two leads Katic & Fillion very interesting and enjoy the work of the whole cast. But I do find it amazing to see how instead of enjoying a show, some “fans” seem to like to pit one actor or character against the other! To some, poor Castle should just ditch Beckett because she didn’t tell him about a job interview, or some other guy tried to kiss her! but its just fine that Castle has apparently lied to her and perhaps his own family for years, got angry at her and picked up an airline stewardess, went out with a tv reporter and was caught on the couch with her, (ok he tried not to, really at 6’2 he couldn’t hold her off) sneakes off when he promised never to do it again, and hid perhaps the most important information from Beckett about her mothers murder for months! Seriously??

            And now some complain that Castle isn’t the same as at the start of the series! I should hope not! At least he seems to have matured, Beckett didn’t have to do that. She has always been strong, mature and intense. Partle due to her mother’s death and partly due to the job as a detective. She has seen it all. But she did have to open up, and be more trusting. The writers and the actors have done that to the characters.

            I am looking forward someday when the series ends, (hopefully not for a few more years since it is one of the best shows on tv right now)to re-watching the entire series from the beginning and seeing a great story well told and performed by a very talented group of actors and writers. Who have managed to give us characters who react with a certain amount of realism to the situations they are thrown into and not some soap opera type mishmash.

        • sigh says:

          Wow, I somehow missed him saying “I knew this would happen, I just didn’t know when…” That’s really messed up!

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


            “Kate, if you’re seeing this… I’m probably dead… I want you to know I never intended to leave you like this, not on our wedding day, but I… it wasn’t my choice. I wish I could tell you what’s going on, I wish I could explain, but just know that I love you. I’ve always loved you. Always.”

          • Just one thing says:

            Sorry, that was massive paraphrasing after one viewing. Him saying, “I want you to know I never intended to leave you like this, not on our wedding day…” is where I make my (admittedly huge) inference that he knew this was coming some day.
            I guess I should watch those scenes again, so I get the verbiage right. LOL

          • sigh says:

            JOT – I see what you mean, that was kind of a weird way he phrased that!

            MWM – Is it weird that I feel so honored that you replied to one of my comments? :)

    • TacoB says:

      Your last three paragraphs just summed up my feelings about Montreal

    • John NYC says:

      The woods was just a security question if they ever needed to get in contact with Castle once his memory had been altered.

    • Moshai says:

      Your insightful comments are probably the most redeeming quality about the comment section. And you hit the nail on the head regarding the double standard between Castle and Beckett. Kate doesn’t disclose every single thought she’s ever had to Castle and therefore gets called every name in the book. It’s time to blow up the Caskett relationship because Kate isn’t commited to Castle; doesn’t love him like he loves her.

      Castle lies to Beckett and generally exhibits some of the same behavior that Kate does? Ho hum nothing to see here. There is always some convenient excuse for Castle’s behavior. Hell, most of the time Castle is painted as a maurder, and is somehow actually the victim every time he messes up.

      Having typed all that out, I don’t dislike the Castle character at all. It’s just annoying to see the incredibly obvious double standard on display by some fans.

      • Thanks. And I don’t mean to bash Castle. I actually like him and have been interested in learning more about what makes him tick for years. For more than a couple reasons, he often comes off as 2D to me, and I’m curious about what more is there.
        I just think the writing is often heavy-handed and uneven for both characters whenever it’s convenient for the plot – which is utterly maddening for a supposedly character-driven show ABOUT A WRITER. Lol
        In Seasons 3-5, when they needed an obstacle for Castle and Beckett, they used her walls more often than necessary to create the angst. And when they’ve wanted to do something flashy or action-packed, the characters do whatever is required to get the story from A to B. The characters tend to service the plot, instead of vice versa.
        Beckett fans and Castle fans may always have differences in priorities, but I think a lot of internet beefs and debates stem from character inconsistencies.

  12. Kourt says:

    Boring and horrible episode, but had some good moments. Castle and Gates kissing. WTF. So let me get this straight Castle and Gates kiss, but a dog interrupted Castle and Beckett when they were going to kiss so stupid. I absolutely hated all the of Alexis scenes in this episode. So utterly pointless. No one want see Alexis play detective. My opinion is it should’ve been Beckett who went to Montreal with Castle. Alexis should’ve stayed home and kept Martha company. Why the heck doesn’t Alexis in school? Is she still going to school or did she drop out because of everything that happened with Castle? I loved loved loved the ending scene and the scene with the video message when Rick told Beckett that he has always loved her and that he didn’t intend to leave her.
    I am so confident that within in a months time Castle and Beckett will be husband and wife. I am willing to wait it out unlike some fans

  13. c-mo says:

    So, Matt…a culprit named after you, nice! :)

  14. Alisa says:

    I did enjoy the episode and I am intrigued about the new mythology and where it is headed. I am however extremely tired of the overused trope of the interrupted kiss. At this point it grates on the nerves and is so sadly predictable.

  15. Matthew Weber says:

    I was really worried coming into tonight’s episode. After re-watching the premier, the more i thought about everything, the less I liked where it was going. Especially after seeing the teasers for this week (the kiss). I was convinced that they were trying to make it seem as if an imposter was playing Castle. I also didn’t like that they were blaming Castle for his own disappearance, I thought it would have just been better if it were a mystery they had to solve instead of making it seem like he was involved.

    But after tonight’s episode, I’m back on board. I’m really surprised at how much I liked tonight’s show. While it didn’t really give any answers, it did make me worry less about the outcome. I’m now positive that Kate and Castle will be okay, whereas after last week I wasn’t so sure. I also think after the revelations of tonight’s episode, Kate trusts Castle a little more about what happened, because she now knows he didn’t have a choice.

    Really looking forward to next week’s episode!

  16. lauri5567 says:

    I enjoyed it. I liked Rick and Alexis going together to Montreal after everything the past couple of seasons.
    I wasn’t paying attention to the case of the week so I can’t say much about it.
    I’m looking forward to finding out why Rick Castle became Rick Castle.

  17. Flick says:

    Amazing. This arc is so mysterious and I’d be lying to say if I wasn’t curious as to what happened to him. The whole thing about Castle wanting to forget and then bringing up the story as to why he became a mystery novelist? Ingenious. Just brilliant. Totally redeems to whole amnesia thing. So many good moments in this ep, and I loved how the host grilled Castle on how this whole thing seemed dodgy. Well done AWM.

    Moment well worth mentioning: When Castle was begging to go to Montreal with Alexis – so funny and true to character!

    So I’ll see you all in November! #OneMonth

    • Lisa says:

      Makes me think of Alias when Sydney Bristow finds out she had two years of her life erased and that it was her choice –

  18. Shiloh says:

    Awesome (and funny!) recap, Matt-as always. Thanks! Also, ITA, it was pretty predictable, case-wise. Stil a nice, little enjoyable ep. Really, the mystery behind Castle’s disappearance was the best part though. Thanks again for the great write-up. Stay awesome, Matt.

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  20. Briggs says:

    I want to know two things: What happened to Castle when he was 11? And did it inspire the story that he told Beckett when she asked him why he became a writer in Season 2 (?)?
    Though i find it entirely plausible that Castle would have done that, it what happened to him over those two months was bad enough. Though the mystery is going to drive me crazy, I’m going to enjoy it.
    I gotta ask, though: if you’re one of those that’s hating where the show is going, why are you still watching? All the ‘i’m leaving the show’ comments are unnecessary. I told no one I was leaving any of the shows I’m not watching anymore…

    • lkh says:

      I have always thought that the story he told Beckett about the maid’s son dying on the beach was a variation of something that really happened. Maybe it was a modification of what actually happened in the clearing/meadow whatever when he was 11 yo.

    • lkh says:

      I don’t know but sometimes I think that people who make those kind of comments are those who are more, shall I say, more emotionally attached/into the show and more disappointed when it doesn’t go the way they’d like. They come back for the same reason. Does it really matter that they say that–skip those posts.

  21. DarkDefender says:

    Solid second EP for season 7. Wasn’t expecting any huge revelations, but Castle’s declaration of love “Always”.. And Kate essentially doing the same for him.. Keep this ship righted in my book (pun intended). The COTW was weak by design.. So much to get us up to the mythology speed.. Them picking Matt M as the killer.. C’ mon Mitovich.. That guy blended and was dull.. Clearly it had nothing to do with you. YOU would be sweeps week killer’s name, amiright?
    I hope the story doesn’t parallel Becketts trajectory on her mothers case (complete with PTSD freak outs, generally “it’s my life I can risk it and you have no say” attitude). I just hope we see why Castle copes the way he does (with a quip and a crazy theory or two)… And maybe that mob killing he witnessed as a child finally caught up with him. Either way.. I’d like to know about the GSW & dengue fever tie-in sooner, rather than later. And I’d like Castle character growth to come out of it, but not at the expense of his humor.
    Finally Matt.. Get us some scoopage on the Christmas Episode, STAT! :)

  22. lkh says:

    I enjoyed it more than I thought I would–the Castle part–not the COTW. It was like an annoying background noise or a gnat. The Castle mystery was actually interesting. But he’s still withholding whatever it is that happened when he was 11 yo–he remembers it but still doesn’t tell anyone. Is he going to take heat from the fans for ‘keeping secrets’? I like this Castle character better than the one we saw last season–he’s calmer. When the series first began, I enjoyed the clever dialogue and banter. That kind of went away and we turned to nonsense and goofy behavior and stories. In real life, I already dealt with a teenager…enuf said. I also like the 5 o’clock shadow–thot it was back for a minute there. Did like the denim shirt–cut better. I know it’s ok for men to cry, blah, blah, but is there another emotion when he’s stressed–please? It’s certainly a different type of mystery than Beckett’s mom–that needed a lot of unraveling–this one, finding players pretty quickly. In regard to affection between our stars, it’s been mentioned so many times by fans that I beginning to think, now, that the writers are doing in just to irritate y’all.

    • lkh says:

      ps watched 2 episodes of Homeland, their debrief and then Castle. I think I destroyed several brain cells and it’s after midnight, so I’m not responsible for anything I’ve said, clearly or unclearly (disclaimer)

      and please don’t tell me he got dengue in Montreal–thank you. And they don’t have guns there and tend not to shoot people there. Is it my TV or did everyone look like they had a tan?

    • lkh says:

      pps I didn’t like that banker’s face–what’s with him?

      • At last someone else caught that look besides me!I get the feeling he saw Castle before.

        • KCC says:

          Yes he did. I’m guessing that’s how NHJ knew to wait for Castle in the empty building. The bank manager was asked/bribed to inform NHJ if Castle came back.

        • Patty says:

          I noticed a bit of the banker’s recognition of possibly seeing Castle before.

          • lkh says:

            yes, and not necessarily happy about seeing him again (?)

          • MikaC says:

            Noticed that too. Also thought having Alexis accompany Castle to Montreal rather than Beckett let the writers slide that fact by the characters. Beckett would have picked up on the banker’s interest immediately.

            One other thought — should we really be taking NHJ’s explanation as fact? And who’s to say Castle’s reveal of his 30 year old secret wasn’t drug induced.

          • Patty says:

            MilkaC – Agreed.

      • Shady banker is shady. Though he didn’t just seem to be pensive: he also seemed to have regret and/or pity for Castle. Hope they revisit that later.

  23. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Phew! Much better than the premiere. I still take issue with the timing of his abduction and the way in which they introduced it, etc., but at least Rick dealt with it in a real way this episode. I’m at a loss as to what on Earth the whole thing is about. Obviously, Rick had some freedom and mobility during those mysterious two months. And what could make him so determined to forget and never discover the truth is intriguing. The whole gang, including even Rick, seemed back to being themselves. The episode felt more like classic CASTLE. I hope whatever reveal is coming will be satisfactory.

    I AM curious as to what happened to Castle years ago that he has kept secret. It has nothing to do with his mysterious disappearance, but I’d like to know what prompted him to become a mystery writer. And while he probably should tell Kate, there are many years left for them to learn more about each other. A person doesn’t always think often about past events, no matter how significant. I don’t have a problem with him never having divulged.

    Thank goodness Alexis is back to being mature and is being given something of substance to do.

    I liked the episode.

  24. BetiSA says:

    what the hell is going on with you people, there is nothing can satisfy you, you are really hard to please.
    if the show is centered on beckett “oh no the show is called castle” if the show is centered on Castle “can you stop with his past” if the show if too light “oh no we need more drama” if the show has drama “oh no we need more comedy”. Take the right pill this time and go to sleep.

    Thank you David Amann you make my feel so exciting about this show again.

    • Lisa says:

      This comment deserves a lot of love.

      Preach on! Watch the show, enjoy. If not change the channel.

      Loved the episode.

      • BetiSA says:

        me too! I love this episode, Nathan acting was great!! this season is much more interesting than S6.
        And yes I am very grateful to David Amann for getting rid of those who do not know what they want, getting rid of those who probably when they find a new show they do not know if they are going to like it or not.
        Read tweets David, there you will find the love for our show and how people appreciate what you do!

      • Patty says:

        Amen to Amann and everyone involved with the show!!!

    • KCC says:

      The show is very schizophrenic so the comments tend to be that way. Different people watch the show for different reasons. Some like the comedy and others like the drama, some like the love story and others like the mystery story, some like the stand alone stories and others like the season long arcs. That’s why there are always complaints, after every show someone is bound to be disappointed. I know if they went strictly with a romance I would get bored and stop watching but others would be in 7th heaven. (Complaining about a dog interrupting a kiss? Really?) Personally I like the variety from week to week. It keeps it from getting stale to me.

      • lkh says:

        and that’s ok-right? hmmm, last time the show was bipolar or was that the fans? dx kinda iffy at this point

        • KCC says:

          I’m not saying anyone/thing is bipolar. I think different fans have different complaints not the same fans complaining about something different every week. There is always something for someone to complain about. Ok/Not Ok doesn’t come into it. Watch it or don’t that’s the question.

  25. Lisa says:

    Great episode! I am loving the Castle-centric start to S7. End scene was perfect, he will always be curious Castle but he understands what Beckett was saying about getting answers and how sometimes it can take time.

    Two thumbs up!

  26. Mary says:

    Very good and solid episode. Like others, I didn´t care that much about the COW, I was too focused on the Castle mistery. I still have absolutely no idea about what is going on and I´m loving it, my interest is at its high! And I´m glad that somehow it has links with how Castle became a mistery writter, it´s something that I wanted to know his conversation with Kate a few seasons back:)

  27. Kathryn says:

    Alias anyone? This happened to Sydney in season 3…

  28. KCC says:

    I enjoyed this episode much more than the premiere. The TV reporter calling Castle out on his “amnesia” was great. It showed the writers anticipated the public backlash and admitting the cliché they were using to advance the story. The video he sent to Beckett and the meeting with the mysterious guy that was with him during his disappearance was enough of an explanation to satisfy me for now for this new mythology. It looks like we’re going to go back to COTW episodes with Castle occasionally having a flashback to his suppressed memories of the events that transpired during his 2 month disappearance, which is fine with me. After some initial trepidation with what I consider a poorly executed premiere, I can say I’m looking forward to this season.

  29. So did Castle end up discovering the horrible plans of Extremist Quebec Separatists or Nova Scotian Separatists (Shout out to Archer)? Either way kudos for having him going to Montreal twice and not one poutine remark.

    Mystery’s okay. Interrupting a wedding is pretty much always going to feel cheap and until we get some answers probably still will. That said I am still into it and I get the awkwardness: the hell would you do in that situation? If you actually value the idea of marriage at all forcing it after a botched attempt the first time around just might create additional stress in an already confusing situation. Just don’t fake us out like 4 times please…

    Anyone else what Castle to just flip off the interviewer in the beginning and leave?

  30. Rick Katze says:

    Despite the naysayers, I enjoyed the episode. They are still framing the new mythology.

    While I agree that the Montreal Banker had a strange look when Castle asked if he recognized him, I also found that Castle’s mother meeting someone during the break seemed like it could be more than it seems.

    The loss of memory also raises more flags. practically speaking, I don’t this as being anything very easy to accomplish. Which suggests that there is at least one major player we don’t know about. Rick’s father is the easy guess but I don’t think it will be that simple.

    I also see the wedding during the November sweeps period. Had that immediate reaction when Kate responded to Castle’s marriage idea by saying that we should hold off for a month.

  31. sharky says:

    It was great to see Gina Ravera again. I hope she get’s cast in a healthy series soon.

  32. Lena says:

    I prefered last week episode but this one wasn’t bad
    I just feel like once again, they are turning Castle’s character into a joke, making him ridiculous. The kiss with Gates seriously ?? It clearly hadn’t any purpose, I really didn’t get it. If they absolutely wanted to do this thing they could have waited the “What if” episode at least. But no, let’s make Castle behave like a fool.

    • KCC says:

      You took the kiss with Gates seriously?? He did it to distract the “enemy” (Gates.) A tactic from “The Art of War” per his conversation with Beckett as they walked away. And it worked! Making Castle not a fool but very clever I’d say.

    • DarkDefender says:

      That Gates kiss had a purpose. Rick said it as they walked away.. From The Art Of War. He did it to bamboozle Gates into not being so mad about him using the precinct number for leads.. Which I suspect may creep up again around the Feb sweeps 2 episode arc… And when the phones start ringing again, Gates will be find with it.

  33. Alex says:

    Big drop in the ratings …

    • Fran says:

      They slipped a little bit, as expected from a premiere episode, but definitely not a big drop. They were pretty standard ratings for what the show has been getting.

  34. mine says:

    this episode was way better than he premiere it was good kudos for nathan though he was great

  35. toadily says:

    Love Castle, love the return of Alexis’ smarts, Martha’s humor, the mystery of the mystery writer, the kiss!, Lainie and Espo, and the throwback to Tom Hanks in Big with Castle playing floor piano, so in character to our beloved big kid Rick. So mad at needy, damaged Kate who, after six friggin years from Castle building the Big Love Story, can’t commit herself fully to the man who has undergone a personal trauma and might have been killed. They said they’d revisit marriage in November, but not that they’d marry in November, so maybe a Christmas wedding. Can’t get excited about it until Kate pursues Rick for awhile. Hoping for more intelligent questioning by all the team, and less tearing down of the house that Castle built.

    • lkh says:

      I think he just stepped on it–Ryan was trying to play it. Castle and Ryan tend to be similar–it’s been this way thru out the show’s life. Ryan is a more calm Castle tho.

    • Moshai says:

      Posts like these prove that there is nothing Beckett can do to appease some fans. Everything she does is wrong. Kate is needy and isn’t fully committed to Castle? Did you even watch the final scene? The entire scene was about Kate declaring her love for Castle and how she’s not going anywhere. Both she and Castle just went through traumatic events. Waiting a month to get their bearings is completely normal and does nothing to prove that Kate is committed to their relationship.

      • Briggs says:

        ^^Thank you! The Kate-hate is grating, and it needs to stop. The people who are doing it need to put that energy to use in some other way. Something far more productive.

        • Moshai says:

          Unfortunately Briggs, smalls groups of people that have ridiculous opinion often feel the need to be really obnoxious and loud so they can get people to respond to them. That’s the ultimate goal anyways; they know few will agree with them so they keep spouting off in hopes that others latch onto their little group. Kate saying that she loves Castle, can’t wait to get married, and is going to stand by his side while they go through this traumatic time actually got interpreted by some “fans” (well fan, in this instance) as Kate being needy and insecure in her relationship with Castle. What a world huh

          • Briggs says:

            What a world. *sigh*

          • TacoB says:

            If people expect to see a submissive woman pandering to his man’s needs Castle is not the show for them.

          • toadily says:

            For the record, love Kate, love Stana Katic’s acting, just wanted a lot more support from her and the rest of the team for poor Rick. Your thoughts are appreciated but off base.

          • toadily says:

            Ouch! Call me a romantic, Kate’s doubt about Rick’s disappearance went deeper for me than Espo’s.?And this disappointment in Kate is echoed by many other commentators. We just didn’t like this veering away from the big love story. I’m a huge fan, it’s a minor complaint, relax.

    • Lena says:

      So we find out Castle has a big terrible secret he never told Beckett and it’s her fault ?

      • lkh says:

        well, maybe SHE should stay awake all night and listen to him talk in his sleep! :) Evidently this is a great source of info about him.

  36. 1234 says:

    Last night episode was pretty “meh” but I’m really looking forward to 7×03, the SP was absolutely adorable. As much as the interrupted kiss last night was ridiculous, the interruption in this scene was understandable, and it was a really fun moment :-)

  37. Yawn says:

    Can we go back to the Beckett show, please? If Montreal is indicative of the rest of the season, then I think this is the end of the road for me.

  38. Mike Q. says:

    I, for one, am hating this new direction. For the first time since the show has been on the air, I found myself wanting to turn it off last night. This is just so stupid — they even make fun of how stupid it is themselves in the opening interview. For me, this is ruining characters I’d grown to care about and I dislike the show for it.

  39. Astrid says:

    Loved the episode! It had a bit of everything I love about Castle. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  40. Thoughtful woman says:

    Just my own observations here. As a woman Kate is going to be cautious and patient understanding than when a man is easy going all the time, making irresponsible
    (totally not PR) jokes and finding any opportunity to be silly, there is a great pain hiding behind. A kind of pain which a true partner never proves or pushes into irresponsibly, in fears that by pushing to hard or being to honest about how mush it really does bother her, might damage the relationship and make things more complicated, harder to iron out. Especially when when know that he had no father figure and/or example in his life teaching him what a real man is supposed to be like.

    Everyone involved knows that he is truly bothered by the lack of memory and the loss of two months of his life, so the kiss to Gates, the running off, etc, are not going to be challenged by Kate who is being overly cautions with the hopes of not adding to the pain and confusion. That would be selfish on her part.

    I just hope that what Rick has endured is worth all the drama and lack of trust on his part, and I am looking forward to find out.

  41. lkh says:

    I’m still very curious about NHJ. Who is he? Who sent him to ‘deal’ with Castle?-or did Castle approach him. He seemed, maybe, to know about the ‘event’ in Castle’s life, but we don’t know why. We know that Castle was with him at least for a part of that missing 2 months. We know that Castle asked him to block his memory of the events–but seemingly, not the early trauma. And I didn’t pick up that he was threatening toward Castle. Guess we’ll get more information about those involved in that time period. Wouldn’t Mom (Martha) know something? sometimes I think she knows a bit anyway.

  42. Christina says:

    I loved the episode! I love that with each episode, we delve further into the Castle and Beckett relationship. It was nice to see Beckett reassure Castle that she wasn’t going anywhere and that Castle is going to be there along the ride with her. It’s so frustrating to see viewers nitpick every. single. detail. of this show. Castle was never meant to be THAT serious. Yes, there are some heavy, dark episodes, but for the most part Castle is a light-hearted show that can balance the light, funny moments with the crime. I’m so intrigued in this new mystery and I can’t wait to find out what’s happening. Montreal was a great episode with some really nice scenes for every character.

  43. Jim says:

    The writers tried to do too much in the 42 mins they had – Gates kiss, Espo and Laine, Ryan’s financial troubles, Martha’s date, etc and a CTOW, Caskett along with the Castle back story. And, what’s with Beckett not going off to Montreal with Castle. Caskett sells this show. Seems someone said you have to have a bit for every repeating character on the show in this episode. It was confusing and distracting at the sametime.

  44. bj says:

    One thing I found interesting, that no one mentioned is that “what he saw or did in the woods at age 11″ led him to an interest in writing mystery novels, and when he came back from this 2 month MIA trip he suddenly churned out 2 new novels. And he was in a slump before that. Obviously this mystery has a connection to the original episode in the woods and has churned up his writer’s juices again.

    • Yo Mama says:

      I’ve been wondering about the Raging Heat book being promoted along with Wild Storm in Castle’s TV interview. Veritas started with Castle on a book tour in Chicago, teasing Becket about not being able to return his tux with only two weeks until the wedding. The posters in the background were for Unholy Storm and Wild Storm, both Derek Storm novels. No Raging Heat. When did he have time to have the Nikki Heat book published? Every time Beckett wears her Slim Keith outfit from Time Will Tell, the show’s timeline becomes more confusing to me.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Pretty sure those 2 books were already written.. In fact they also are the “book tour” Castle mentioned last season as occurring in September, which was why the Goldilocks zone might not work for a wedding.

  45. Emilie says:

    If my boyfriend had kissed 3 other women in two years of relationship I would start asking myself some questions …

    • Briggs says:

      None was with romantic intent, though. Or even his idea, in the case of the reporter in season 5. Context is a beautiful thing. :)

      • Emilie says:

        Hmm you can sleep with someone else without romantic intent in that case …

        • Briggs says:

          Really? You took the kiss with Gates that seriously? I didn’t. Kate certainly didn’t. And, so far as we know, Rick didn’t actually sleep with anyone in the last two years. Not that I think anything happened in those two months, either, but still. Context. Keep the incidents *in context*. If you want, I can even find a definition for ‘context’ so that we’re on the same page…

          • Emilie says:

            I don’t care about the context, I just don’t think it’s funny and I definitely don’t see what’s the point of doing this several times. And if it was Beckett who were randomly kissing guys, no matter the “context” everyone would be saying she’s a cheater blablabla. So yes, the kiss with Gates bothered me.

          • Briggs says:

            Then you take Castle way more seriously than a lot of fans do. Unless the plot calls for it, I don’t take Castle’s behavior seriously. Beckett is the straight man of the two, so *of course* it would be taken more seriously if she did it. I don’t know why anyone needs to explain this. My point is, when you take it out of context, it *is* going to look bad. *In* context, it’s actually pretty funny. Context *does* matter.
            That being sad, I’m sorry if this is hitting a sore spot for you, but he’s not cheating. Beckett knows he’s not cheating, a lot of fans know he’s not cheating… so relax it. You may still not, but that’s your choice. I’m going to enjoy my fictional crime drama.

          • KCC says:

            Context doesn’t matter? Then he should stop kissing Martha and Alexis.

          • Briggs says:


  46. Grey says:

    It was men, two by two, with hands of blue. I’m just saying … a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, something happened to Mal, er, I mean Rick. :-)

  47. Nick says:

    Honestly, this episode felt weird. And interesting. But can’t really say I was happy and excited after I’ve been after watching some previous episodes.
    The whole “you decided to forget” thing is a nice twist which I hadn’t foreseen, but I can’t believe that Castle and Beckett will decide to go down that path. As someone as mentioned, the facial expression of the Montreal’s banker was suspicious, when asked if Castle was familiar to him.
    Moreover, what did Castle do in wherever at 11 yo? And when he recounted his encounter with the fake Henry Jenkins to Kate, Alexis and Martha, and explained that apparently he had decided to forget, did he also recount that detail? Because otherwise I’m sure someone – probably Kate – would have asked him how he could trust Jenkins on that.

    I still feel like overall the writers found a cheap way to turn the clock back on the relationship and the personal growth of the two main characters. The excuse is that they needed to introduce new mythology, which makes sense since Beckett’s mother plot is closed, but clearly there was no reason to do this by upsetting the wedding.

    I think I’ll stick around for a few more episodes and see how entertaining it gets, but maybe I’ll give up on Castle after 6 fun seasons.

  48. Tee Oh says:

    I know last week I bashed them pretty hard for using amnesia, but in the show open when they poked fun at themselves for it, I grinned and decided “okay, I’ll see how this plays out.” Hopefully the mix of the Castle mystery doesn’t continue to overwhelm the COtW though. The weekly case was pretty thin, but trying to do both stories in the alloted time was difficult I’m sure.

  49. arial2 says:

    This left me confused on a couple fronts. First, he arranged to be kidnapped on his wedding day, letting all of them think he was dead? Wouldn’t it have been nicer to Kate and the wedding guests if he’d done it, say, a week before the wedding? And why is it okay for him to put Alexis through something nearly as traumatic as whatever he’s running from? You’d think he’d be more concerned about HIS child’s trauma than the average person. Self-centered grandstanding does not bode well for the upcoming marriage. Secondly, wouldn’t it be way better for Castle to get a really good shrink to help him work through whatever happened? He was eleven years old and we know he’s not a sociopath, so I’d assume he witnessed something that he was too young to handle. Perhaps the writers are trying to tell us he IS a sociopath, doesn’t really love his daughter at all and the whole upcoming marriage is a sham. Suddenly Rick is becoming much more interesting. Now that might renew my interest in the show. A new kind of Criminal Minds, but on ABC? The season so far seems way too melodramatic.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Whoa.. Over board much? There is no indication Rick had himself kidnapped.. Just that whatever happened as a result of the kidnapping and his eventual return to the world, involved him taking steps before he came back to make sure he didn’t remember it all.

      • Briggs says:


      • arial2 says:

        Then exactly what had he contracted for? He had to have researched the people who were going to “help” him, had to have known something about how they did whatever they did to him. No, I can’t buy the timing of this “help him forget” scenario. Is he really so stupid as to put his wedding day in jeopardy? I can’t help but think the writers are testing the gullibility of the fans.

        • Briggs says:

          If he were really in on it, would he have really been so gung-ho for the wedding? Rick is just not that good a liar. He was genuinely surprised to see the black SUV, that much I’m sure of. He really seemed to have no idea what was going on. He wasn’t in on it. If they’re good enough to keep him, a famous author, under wraps for several weeks, he’s going to think that they have skills in other areas, too, so asking them to help him forget is *not* a stretch. Not to mention, we still have no clue what happened, or who ‘they’ are, so anything is truly possible at this point. i’m not ruling out anything but his wiling involvement, which anyone who has watched the show for the last six season knows isn’t true.

  50. robin says:

    He was on that talk show promoting both a heat novel and a derrick storm and he said something about research on a book he didn’t write. It had the same title in the previous episode. He explained whyhe wouldn’t have camped on that beach. But he killed off ds at the beginning of the series. Something is screwy.

    • Briggs says:

      That was a reference to a past novel that never came to be. Watch it again.

    • DJ Doena says:

      The interviewer introduced him thusly:

      >Gruesome murders, chills and thrills… it’s what author Richard Castle is known for, and he’s delivered yet again with two new books…

      “Wild Storm” and “Raging Heat.”

      Thank you for joining us this morning.<